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Cable Railing Systems by Stainless Cable & Railing Inc.

Cable Railing

CableView® railing systems are defined by the craftsmanship, value, and enjoyment they provide.


We build quality products, using durable, low-maintenance materials, including marine grade 316L stainless steel. Our state of the art in-house fabrication ensures quality control and allows us to accommodate the specific needs of any project.


As both manufacturer and retailer, we skip the middleman entirely. This allows us to offer our customers economical, factory-direct pricesfor premium products. Our durable systems will stand the test of time, providing dependable safety.


Your deck, loft, staircase, or porch railing is an integral part of your home, providing safety, visual appeal, and a great view. Simply give us a call or fill out our estimate request form, and we'll handle the rest. The clean lines and versatility of cable railing emphasize your view.

Cable Railing Kits • Cable Railing Systems • Cable Railing Supplies

At Coastal Cable, we have been installing cable railings, and offering cable railing supplies, cable railing hardware, cable railing kits, and cable deck railing for many years. In an effort to reduce costs, we invested in our own swaging equipment and began buying cable and fittings in bulk. We soon realized the mark up on cable supplies is absurdly high so decided to offer cable to the retail market at reasonable prices. Visit our shop page to view all of the cable railing supplies and tools for purchase.

We offer DIY cable railing or cable railing kits that can be ordered in “ready to install” strands or in bulk wire and fittings. If you’re willing to do a little of the labor crimping on your own fittings you will maximize your savings.

Coastal Cable operates the installation side of cable railings as a contractor specializing only in cable railings, so when you call you are talking to experts in cable railing who know their products, who install them everyday, and know what works and what doesn’t. All of the pictures in our gallery are of cable railing systems we have personally installed in and around the San Juan Islands, Washington. 

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Viewrail Named IBS Award Finalist
With a sleek and modern design, wire railing is the leading option for alternative railing on decks & stairs. We build components with precision and source materials from marine-grade stainless steel, so even the hardware is corrosion resistant. The durable wiring is a sturdy solution to secure your deck and stairs safely. Buy, get a quote, or check out some completed projects!
Cable railing for decks can be ordered with special tools & components to mount it on level surfaces, and stairs can be mounted at an angle. It’s simple for the DIY homeowner to install horizontal cable railing systems into a deck or staircase. With an industry-leading powder coating process, cables are the perfect steel cable fence for your indoor or outdoor project.

Cable railing is a versatile system that comes with dozens of customizable options. Order the posts in either aluminum or stainless steel, and make them your own with one of our powder coats. If your project is located on the coast, order custom-made exterior metal railing to hold up against salty sprays. Cable railing posts can be mounted into many different surfaces, such as wood, composites, concrete, and more.

When to Use Aluminum or Stainless Steel for Cable Railing

If you’re looking to install a new system, you are probably wondering what material you should use. StairSupplies offers two different metal options: aluminum and stainless steel for cable railing. Both materials are highly durable and look great after installation. Aluminum is less expensive and it is also lighter, making it a bit simpler to install. Stainless steel however is denser and has more tensile strength which combines to provide a strong and sleek system for your railing project.

Our stainless steel posts for cable is available in 304 stainless steel. 304 is ideal for most guardrail systems. It’s durable with a beautiful brushed look.

All of the cable railing wiring and components are made from stainless steel.

DIY Installation Resources

Our cable railing systems are code-compliant and simple to install. Once you know the basics, tensioning lines of cable to posts is a process that any DIY homeowner can do. Get inspired by browsing through a few of these cable railing projects, then read our step-by-step guide on how to install cable railing.

Cable Railing Install

About Our Cable Rail for Decks & Balconies

Cable railing is perfectly suited for decks and balconies, particularly if you have a great view to show off. The thin, minimalist design of the wire cable railing system keeps your focus on the landscape beyond. Metal wiring is a safe guardrail for elevated decks or balconies — when tensioned properly they will keep your guests completely safe. The deck railing keeps your views wide open, while sleek cable lines allow the breeze to flow through.

Flexible and simple to install, our cable railing systems are ideal for deck renovations or reconstructions. Stainless steel balcony wire is built to withstand outdoor weather conditions of all kinds. Pair the guardrail with wooden posts and metal accents for a sleek, modern look. Each component of the cable railing systems is built to last through the life of your finished project. We support many different flooring options for outdoor decks and balconies: wood, composite, concrete, and many more.

From start to finish, our guardrail is simple for the DIY-homeowner to assemble. Each metal post arrives on the jobsite pre-drilled for simple installation and pre-engineered to meet stair railing code. Stainless steel components are specially designed to fit the metal and wood posts on either leveled or angled runs.

Learn more about cable railing, or start planning your project with the Cable Railing Guide.


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DIY Cable Railing - You Can Do It!

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