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The U.S.S. Enterprise NCCD was a Galaxy-class starship and the flagship of Starfleet. The fifth starship to be named Enterprise, she was commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

With a total of 42 decks, the Enterprise-D was twice the length and had eight times the interior space of the Constitution-class ships of over a century earlier. She carried a combined crew and passenger load of 1,

Defensive systems included 10 phaser banks, photon torpedoes, and a high capacity shield grid; there are some 4, power systems in all aboard ship.

Full acceleration time from reverse, sub-light impulse through nominal top warp speed, warp 9, was milliseconds. The ship achieved maximum speed of warp maximum when pursued by the entity known as "Q"; at warp its engines had passed the red line.

By Stardate , she had already logged tens of thousands of light-years since setting out around Stardate after Jean-Luc Picard formally became her first captain on Stardate

An average day aboard ship, according to Lieutenant Commander Data, included four birthdays, two personnel transfers, two chess tournaments, a secondary school play, four promotions, the celebration of the Hindu Festival of Lights — and a birth and wedding. Some 13 planets were represented among the ship's complement as of Stardate

During the Borg incursion of , Decks were sliced open by the enemy during the final battle over Earth and requiring a refit at Earth Station McKinley which lasted weeks. It was far less damage than the kamikaze warp-driven collision Commander Riker had readied as one last recourse, however. During that refit, the starship received a phaser upgrade as well as damage repair and a dilithium chamber articulation frame.

It off-loaded the original three Runabouts and the first arriving officers at Deep Space Nine.

The U.S.S. Enterprise-D was destroyed in after an attack by renegade Klingons breached her warp core. Although the saucer section separated before the breach, the force of the explosion caused the section to crash on the planet Veridian III. Fortunately, losses were minimal.


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For other uses, see Enterprise.
For the mirror universe counterpart, see ISS Enterprise-D.

USS Enterprise

The USS Enterprise (NCCD), sometimes referred to as the Enterprise-D, was a FederationGalaxy-classstarship in service to Starfleet in the 24th century. Under the command of CaptainJean-Luc Picard, the Enterprise served as the Starfleetflagship for seven years. In addition to being the Federation flagship, the Enterprise was also the flagship of the Starfleet 16th Fleet, and it, along with the ship, was based out of Starbase In , the Enterprise was destroyed in a military engagement over Veridian III. Due to her storied career, the Enterprise secured a place as a famous starship in Federation history. (Decipher RPGmodule: Starships; WizKidsmodules: Tactics, Attack Wing)

Service history and disposition


On 4 October, the Enterprise was commissioned. (TNGreference: On Board the USS Enterprise)

The ship was built in the Sol system at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in orbit over Mars; the vessel's warp drive was designed by Dr Leah Brahms with CommanderOrfil Quinteros supervising the overall construction. While under construction, the starship's warp nacelle was the site of multiple murders which were not discovered until (TNGepisodes: "Booby Trap", "", "Galaxy's Child", "Eye of the Beholder"; TNGvideo game: Echoes from the Past)

The Enterprise transferred to Earth Station McKinley for final systems completion and shakedown. On 23 February (stardate ) Captain Jean-Luc Picard took command of the ship at the order of Rear AdmiralNorah Satie. (TNGepisode: "All Good Things", TNGreference: On Board the USS Enterprise)

The Star Trek The Expanded Universe RPG book All Our Yesterdays states that the ship was launched under Picard's command in

Following her launch, the Enterprise proceeded via Starbase 52 to Farpoint Station to pick up the rest of the crew. En-route, the omnipotent being Q made first contact with the vessel and challenged the crew to prove their worth in being so deep into space by solving the mystery of Farpoint, the crew succeeded in discovering the station was in fact an alien lifeform, which they promptly freed. (TNGepisode: "Encounter at Farpoint"; TNGnovel: Reunion)

Just as the Enterprise departed, a Borg sphere arrived through a temporal gateway from during the Battle of Unimatrix The sphere prepared to attack, but was destroyed by the newly-arrived USS Premonition. The Premonition departed immediately to prevent further damage to the timeline. Captain Picard remembered this encounter for 12 years. (TNGvideo game: Armada)

Following the Farpoint incident, the Enterprise embarked on its mission to explore strange new worlds and seek out new life and new civilizations. During its first year, the Enterprise was transported a billion light years from the Milky Way Galaxy by an alien known as the Traveler. (TNGepisode: "Where No One Has Gone Before")

Later that year, the Enterprise made official first contact with the Ferengi, and later was hijacked by a group of Bynars who took the starship to their homeworld to use the starship’s large computer core to backup their planetary computer. (TNGepisodes: "The Last Outpost", "")

On stardate , the Enterprise visited Tigan, under the invitation of ChancellorLomac, unfortunately Lomac was knocked from power shortly after the Enterprise arrived and the new administration was less happy to have the Federation visit the planet so fired a gravimetric pulse at the Enterprise. The pulse generated a gravimetric wave which pushed the Enterprise across the galaxy at high velocities. The Enterprise was only able to break free and return to Tigan to rescue its away team by using the slingshot effect to jump back in time and re-enter orbit before they could be fired on. (TNGcomic: "History Lesson")

Before the end of the year, the Enterprise returned to Earth to thwart an alien conspiracy to take control of Starfleet HQ. (TNGepisode: "Conspiracy")

Following this successful mission, the Enterprise made its way to the Romulan Neutral Zone to investigate the destruction of several Federation outposts. Initially, their destruction was assumed to be the work of the Romulans, however after making contact with the Romulans for the first time in 53 years, they discovered both sides installations had been attacked. These incidents were later found to be the work of the Borg Collective. (TNGepisodes: "The Neutral Zone", "Q Who"; TNGcomic: "Operation Assimilation")

On stardate , the Enterprise was sent to The Armada, on the Maltese asteroid belt, to investigate a series of crop failures which threatened the food supply to the surrounding sector. (TNGcomic: "Space Seeds")

Later, the Enterprise transported AmbassadorFenton Lewis to the planet Lorca, to stop a Ferengi takeover of the planet. An away team led by Captain Picard was lost, and a second one, led by CommanderWilliam T. Riker, was sent down to the planet. LieutenantGeordi La Forge was placed in command of the Enterprise. Both away teams were successful in their missions and the Ferengi left the planet. (TNGnovel: Masks)

Also in this year, the Enterprise, with the USS Yamato, discovered the Iconian homeworld and destroyed an Iconian Gateway to prevent the technology from falling into the hands of the Romulans. (TNGepisode: "Contagion")

However, by far the most notable event of the year was official first contact with the Borg, courtesy of Q. (TNGepisode: "Q Who")

Towards the end of , the Borg returned to Federation space and the Enterprise was dispatched to try and hold off their vessel while Starfleet mustered its forces at Wolf In an apparent stroke of fortune, the Borg seemed fixated in pursuing the Enterprise so that they might achieve their goal of assimilating Captain Picard. For some time the Enterprise was able to hide from the Borg in the Paulson Nebula, however the Borg eventually drove the ship out using magnetometric guided charges. Soon there after, the Borg succeeded in capturing Picard and assimilating him, giving him the designation Locutus.

The crew of the Enterprise attempted to stop the Borg by modifying their starship's deflector dish to fire a high energy pulse. Unfortunately, Picard was aware of this plan and the Borg had already adapted. As the Enterprise fell behind, the cube (endowed with Picard's knowledge of Starfleet defenses) proceeded to Earth, easily defeating the fleet of thirty-nine Starfleet vessels awaiting them.

The Enterprise was eventually able to catch up with the cube and rescue Picard. Using his link to the Collective, Data was able to implant the command 'sleep' into the Borg drones on the ship causing them to regenerate en masse, in turn causing the cube to self destruct over Earth. (TNGepisode: "The Best of Both Worlds")

Following the battles with the Borg, the Enterprise returned to Earth Station McKinley for refit and repairs while the crew took some much deserved shore leave in early (TNGepisode: "Family")

On stardate , following a brief engagement with the Cardassian ship CDS Trager, the Enterprise worked with the Gul of that ship, Akellen Macet, to track down a rogue Federation starship, the USS Phoenix, which had been attacking Cardassian vessels. (TNGepisode: "The Wounded")

Later that year, on stardate , while Dr. Leah Brahms visited the ship, the Enterprise became the temporary adopted mother of a space-borne lifeform. (TNGepisode: "Galaxy's Child")

Towards the end of the year, the Enterprise led an armada of ships to create a tachyon detection grid to prevent cloaked Romulan ships delivering supplies to factions in the Klingon civil war. (TNGepisode: "Redemption")

On stardate , the Enterprise collided with a quantum filament, resulting in severe damage and a loss of all power. Fortunately, the crew were able to restore power before antimatter containment was lost - which would have destroyed the ship. (TNGepisode: "Disaster")

On stardate , the crew of the Enterprise fell victim to a Ktarian mind controlling game and almost handed the ship over to Ktarian control. Fortunately, through the efforts of Lieutenant CommanderData, EnsignRobin Lefler and Wesley Crusher, the Ktarian plan was thwarted. (TNGepisode: "The Game")

In mid, the Enterprise was shortly captured by Romulans from the experimental warbird IRW Syrinx. The Romulans took the Enterprise to the quarantined world Hermeticus II, where the crew rediscovered the USS Independence, which was lost 30 years earlier. Hermeticus II was revealed being a starship inhabited by the Ambimorph, who saved the crew of the Enterprise and destroyed the Romulan ship. (TNGnovel: The Romulan Prize)

On stardate , the Satarrans also attempted to take control of the Enterprise with somewhat more success, using the Enterprise to destroy a Lysian destroyer before the crew of the Enterprise, whom the Satarran agent on board had induced a state of amnesia in, regained their memories and retook control of the ship. (TNGepisode: "Conundrum")

Towards the end of the year, on stardate , the Enterprise once more returned to Earth, to investigate the discovery of a duplicate head of Lieutenant Commander Data. (TNGepisode: "Time's Arrow")

Early in the year , the Enterprise was charged with transporting Kommandant Ghud to trial on the planet Wyath. Due to strict rules in Wyath law on the timing of trials, Ghud had to arrive in a tight schedule, so when the shuttlecraft Goddard failed to make its rendezvous with the Enterprise, the starship had to continue onto Wyath regardless. Fortunately, Ghud volunteered his engineering expertise to help find the shuttle; devising a system which triangulated the sensors of the Enterprise, Starbase and the sensor array on Wyath to pinpoint the unique materials the shuttle crew had in their possession - Worf's baldric, Ro Laren's earring and Geordi La Forge's VISOR. Upon detecting the shuttle, Commander Riker was dispatched in another shuttle to retrieve the away team, while the Enterprise continued on schedule for Wyath. (TNGcomic: "Light of the Day")

On stardate , the Enterprise tracked a distress call from the USS Jenolen, to find the crashed ship on the outside of a Dyson sphere. There the crew rescued Captain Montgomery Scott, suspended in the transporter beam for the previous 75 years. (TNGepisode: "Relics")

On stardate , Edward Jellico temporarily took command of the Enterprise while Captain Picard conducted a covert mission to Celtris III. (TNGepisode: "Chain of Command")

On stardate , the Enterprise delivered crew and a complement of Danube-classrunabouts to the newly re-christened starbaseDeep Space 9. Later that year on stardate , the Enterprise returned to DS9. (DS9episode: "Emissary"; TNGepisode: "Birthright")

On stardate the Enterprise travelled to Arkaria to undergo a Baryon sweep in the Remmler Array. (TNGepisode: "Starship Mine")

On stardate , the Enterprise was sent to intercept a Garidian Scoutship, which was about to cross the Neutral Zone. The Enterprise arrived just in time to save a group of Garidian fugitives who were escaping the Garidian government and were pursued by the Garidian WarbirdAsiram. Captain Picard answered their request for asylum, and convinced the Garidian captain named Pentara, who was the mother of one of the fugitives, to return to their territory.

Soon after that, the Enterprise received a distress call from Mertens Orbital Research Station orbiting Cymkoe IV. The Enterprise arrived in time to save the station from a power core breach and faced its attacker, a mysterious probe with would later be discovered as Chodak technology.

After the incident at Cymkoe IV, AdmiralReddreck ordered the Enterprise to Morassia to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a Federation scientist, Dr. Vi Hyunh-Foertsch. The crew managed to reveal illegal activities of one of the planet's inhabitants. Furthermore they managed to get a trace on the Garidian fugitives' trail for the Fifth Scroll, an ancient artifact that could change Garidian politics forever.

The Enterprise discovered the Fifth Scroll on Frigis, after discovering a colony of Garidian descendants of the Followers of the Lawgiver. Shortly after the Garidians left the Enterprise to return home with the artifact, a Romulan fleet entered Federation space, attacking several outposts and apparently heading towards the Z'Tarnis Nebula. The Enterprise encountered several Romulan warbirds and engaged at least one ship after responding to a distress call from the USS Ayers.

Starfleet Command ordered the Enterprise to investigate the Romulan invasion. The crew discovered that the Romulans were looking for an ancient Chodak weapon, known as the Unity Device, which they believed was hidden in the Z'Tarnis Nebula.

After the first wave of the Romulan invasion, another hostile force crossed the Neutral Zone, once more destroying Federation outposts. The Enterprise intercepted one of the alien ships and discovered that the Chodak were behind the second attack.

First Contact with the Chodak was established on their former homeworld Allanor, where Captain Picard was able to locate the position of the Unity Device. The Enterprise arrived in the Z'Tarnis Nebula to make sure the ancient weapon would not fall into wrong hands. Soon after that, Captain Picard was able to send the Unity Device into another dimension. (TNGvideo game: A Final Unity)

While on patrol, the Enterprise-D was contacted by Montgomery Scott aboard the Goddard, who requested access to their library computer. While aboard in guest quarters, Scott accessed logs from the original Enterprise crew, including Spock's calculations for time travel aboard a B'rel-classKlingon bird-of-prey. After departing the Enterprise under false authorization, Scott's vessel, nicknamed the Bounty 2 utilized the Arhennius star to slingshot back in time, with the Enterprise following, where they discovered an alternate timeline, mistakenly caused by Scott when he rescued James T. Kirk from the USS Enterprise-B before he was drawn into the Nexus.

The Enterprise met the D'Zidran, commanded by that timeline's Tal who was advised by Guinan. The D'Zidran put out an Alliance fleet-wide alert and located Scott and Kirk aboard the Wisdom, under the watch of Supreme Arbiter of the AllianceSarek. The Enterprise was able to avoid the threat of the Borg Collective, who now controlled much of the Alpha Quadrant, including the Sol system, and with the assistance of Guinan, determined that they needed to return Kirk to the Nexus. The Enterprise transported Kirk back moments before a fleet of Borg cubes destroyed the Enterprise, but the timeline corrected itself and everyone awoke back in the normal flow of space-time without knowledge of the events in the alternate timeline. (STnovel: Engines of Destiny)

On stardate Enterprise issued a warp embargo throughout Starfleet and other governments, based on findings by Hekaran astrophysicists. This resulted in a local velocity limit of warp factor 5, bringing daily spacefaring and commute somewhat back to the 22nd century; major starship redesigns were made, including the Intrepid-class vessels. For this reason and rifts generated in areas of space, "environmentally friendly" provisions were made. For example, the Enterprise-D, in the following year, before her loss, reduced power output while orbiting Amargosa. Internal shipboard lights were lowered or altogether deactivated, allowing solar light to shine through decks with the windows, reflected from the nearby observatory. (TNGepisode: "Force of Nature" TNGmovie & novelization: Generations)

On stardate , the Enterprise was sent to the Devolin system to try and recovered the wreckage of the USS Pegasus before the Romulans succeed in achieving the same goal. Racing against the IRW Terix, the Enterprise located the Pegasus but was forced to use an illegal prototype interphasic cloaking device the Pegasus had been the test bed for to escape an asteroid the Enterprise had been trapped in. (TNGepisode


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Our model pulls elements from all three of the models and is designed to look as much like the onscreen version as possible.

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1701 star d trek

USS Enterprise (NCCD)

Fictional starship from Star Trek

USS Enterprise (NCCD), or Enterprise-D, is a starship in the Star Trek media franchise. Under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, it is the main setting of Star Trek: The Next Generation (–) and the film Star Trek Generations (). It has also been depicted in various spinoffs, films, books, and licensed products.

The Next Generation occurs in the 24th century, 78 years after the adventures of Captain James T. Kirk and the starship Enterprise. Andrew Probert's Enterprise-D updates Matt Jefferies' iconic s Enterprise design, depicting a ship supporting a larger crew on a longer mission "to boldly go where no one has gone before."

Development and production[edit]


Paramount Television Group and Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry announced the development of a new Star Trek series in October Because the Enterprise had been "just as important to [the original Star Trek] as Kirk, Spock, and McCoy," the new ship was critical.

Whereas Captain Kirk led a five-year mission, the new crew would be outfitted for a mission of at least 10 years. To sustain such a journey, the new vessel would be twice as long, eight times the volume, and include the crew's families. Roddenberry also wanted the ship to depict an improved quality of life for its crew: it would be brighter, less militaristic, and have sleeker and more refined interfaces than the original Enterprise. He wanted the Enterprise to convey a harmony between science and quality of life.

The Enterprise's registry was originally NCC. The 7 became a G to be consistent with the new USS Enterprise, with registry NCCA, at the conclusion of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (). A February revision to the Next Generation writers' manual specified the show's Enterprise as the NCCD, carrying a crew of and their families; by March, the crew complement was 1, and specified the show occurring 78 years after the original Star Trek.


Artists Andrew Probert, Rick Sternbach, and Michael Okuda were among the earliest Next Generation hires, and they had worked on Star Trek films. Probert, a concept artist, focused first on the bridge because that would be a frequent filming location. Roddenberry envisioned the bridge as having a forward viewscreen four times larger than in Star Trek, and for there to be a conference table on the bridge itself. As production design continued, the table was shifted to a conference room adjacent to the bridge, and an open bridge design formed. Probert designed a transporter to be near the bridge, but Roddenberry preferred that it be further away so characters could have conversations on their way to the transporter room.

Knowing the bridge would need to match up with the exterior design, Probert pinned up a "what if?" painting he'd made shortly after finalizing the Enterprise redesign for 's Star Trek: The Motion Picture as a referent. Unbeknownst to Probert, story editor David Gerrold took the image to a producers meeting. The producers liked the design and directed Probert to make it the basis for the new vessel. The sleeker lines and rounded contours that informed the interior design also influenced the exterior. The ship's many windows are meant to allow the crew to be in touch with their environment.

The new Enterprise retains the hallmarks of Matt Jefferies' design for the original Enterprise: a saucer section, engineering section, and a pair of engine nacelles. Probert did this in part to assuage skeptical fans who were concerned about the original Enterprise being "replaced". The design instead shifted placement and proportion: for example, the saucer section was enlarged and the warp nacelles shifted lower. Slanting the nacelle support pylons forward conveyed a sense of intense forward movement. Fans got their first look at the Enterprise in the July issue of Starlog.

Probert's design did not originally include the ability for the saucer and engineering sections to separate, and producers rejected his initial concepts for incorporating it. Probert said his biggest design challenge was creating a ship that looked as good in two pieces as it did in one piece. He had meant to add landing gear to the saucer's underside as he had with the film franchise Enterprise, but he got "distracted" and never added them.


In October , producers began planning the show's sets, including efforts to reuse props and materials from the film franchise. The films' engineering, sickbay, corridor, crew quarters, and bridge were redressed for The Next Generation. To save money in the first season, the observation lounge's windows were covered with carpet to become sickbay; a new lounge set was created for the second season. A multipurpose set that served as the cargo bay, shuttlecraft bay, holodeck, and gymnasium was built from scratch. While the bridge "seems immense," the set had the same foot (12&#;m) width as the original series bridge and was 2 feet (&#;m) longer. A lounge set was created in unused soundstage space after the first season: producers realized their existing sets were workspaces, and they wanted an area to depict the crew at rest.[20]

The production crew did everything possible "within reason" both to recreate first-season sets and to imagine futuristic upgrades for the series finale, "All Good Things" (), which presents the ship in three different time periods. Some props and details, such as the first-season conference room starship models, had been saved and were reused for the flashback scenes. Sets for the future scenes reused props from other episodes that posit the Enterprise's appearance further in the future.

Filming models and visual effects[edit]

Producers were aware that audiences had grown accustomed to the cinematic quality of models and effects in the franchise's films. They considered using only CGI models and effects, but anxiety about whether the vendor could consistently deliver high-quality work led to that idea's rejection. The producers turned to Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), who had worked on the Star Trek films, for the "Encounter at Farpoint" pilot.

In March , an ILM team led by Greg Jein and Ease Owyeung began building filming miniatures based on Probert's designs. They created two models for $75, a 2-foot (&#;m) model and a 6-foot (&#;m) model that separated into the saucer and engineering sections. The models were made of fiberglass and cast resin over aluminum frames, and neon lights and incandescents provided the models' interior lighting. ILM created several stock footage shots and effects, including the Enterprise's jump to warp. The warp jump was featured in the show's opening sequence, but most of the other shots were too static and "didn't pan out."[23] New Enterprise shots were created as necessary for each episode, and effects supervisor Robert Legato had over such shots in his library by the seventh season.[23] Legato disliked filming the six-foot model: its size made it hard to shoot for long shots, and its lack of surface details—some of which were drawn with pencil—made it difficult to use in close-ups.[23] Jein supervised construction of a four-foot (&#;m) miniature for the third season that was more detailed than the first two.

Transition to film[edit]

The Enterprise's saucer section plummets into a planet's atmosphere in Star Trek Generations(). The crash landing sequence was inspired by an illustration in a technical manual for the show's writers.

Production designer Herman Zimmerman had more freedom for Star Trek Generations than he had on previous Star Trek films. Producers wanted to ensure Generations stayed true to the television series while also taking advantage of the film production's scope and budget. Interiors were relit and received several cosmetic changes, such as redesigned consoles, metallic accents, and replacing backlit displays with monitors. Some changes, like enhanced detailing and a redesigned bridge ceiling, were necessitated by the film cameras' higher resolution. The increased budget allowed for the creation of sophisticated new sets, such as the stellar cartography lab.

John Knoll led ILM's visual effects for the film, including an all-CGI warp jump effect for the Enterprise.[30] ILM rewired and updated its six-foot Enterprise model for the saucer separation sequence. ILM made a foot (&#;m) saucer section model to "crash" into an foot (24&#;m) planet surface model. An inch (46&#;cm) model of the saucer's forward edge was used for close-ups of the crashed ship.


Bridge stations as seen at Star Trek Experienceat the Las Vegas Hilton

Starfleet commissions the Galaxy-class USS Enterprise in under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. The flagship of the United Federation of Planets, it is on a mission "to boldly go where no one has gone before." The crew explores the galaxy and makes first contact with several new species, including the Q Continuum and the Borg. A pair of two-part episodes depict a shift in command—to William Riker in "The Best of Both Worlds" and Edward Jellico in "Chain of Command"—but leadership reverts to Picard at the end of both arcs. The Enterprise also briefly appears in other franchise spinoffs: the pilots of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine () and Star Trek: Picard () and the finale of Star Trek: Enterprise ().

In , as depicted in Star Trek Generations, the Duras sisters attack and heavily damage the Enterprise. A warp drive coolant leak causes an explosion that destroys the stardrive section, the saucer section crash lands on the surface of Veridian III and is damaged beyond repair.

The Enterprise is itself a protagonist in The Next Generation.[32] Each episode's opening voiceover, which states that "these are the voyages of the starship Enterprise," frames the narrative as belonging to the ship rather than the crew.[32]Jonathan Frakes, who played first officer William Riker, said, "When we negotiate our contracts, Paramount's company line is that the ship is in fact the star of the show!"[33]

Critical reaction[edit]

io9 ranked the Enterprise-D as the fifth best version of franchise's Enterprises, with Popular Mechanics calling it the third best and SyFy ranking it the second best.[34][35][36] said the Enterprise's brief appearance is the highlight of the opening scene of Star Trek: Picard's first episode ().[37]

Cultural impact[edit]

In October , the six-foot Enterprise miniature was auctioned at Christie's, along with other models, props, costumes, and set pieces from the Star Trek franchise. Its projected value was $25, to $35,, but the final sale price was $,—the most expensive item in the auction.[38]



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