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Pixel Art Drawing Bases

Sketching a Large Base

Bases come in all shapes, sizes and styles. So before I start to draw a base, I think about the type of base I want to make. Usually I have a doll or project in mind, so that generally narrows it down a lot.

If any keywords or ideas come to mind, write them down, or sketch the basic idea out.

For me, I’ve chosen: Girl, anime, jump, schoolbag.

Hopefully I can show the workings of a few bases in this tutorial, but I’m going to start with a larger anime-styled base.

Step 1

First of all, I draw a circle. It doesn’t have to be a perfect circle, I just scribble the rough shape of one ^^ This will be the placement for the head.

Step 2

Yes, a stick figure. If you find drawing bodies difficult, try using a stick figure to begin with, as a basic skeleton. It will help in determining the proportions you want to achieve.

I usually draw a line for the shoulders in, then draw a curving line for the spine. At the bottom of the spine, I add lines to indicate the hips. Then, I add sticks for the legs and arms. I indicate the hands and feet with oval-type shapes.

Check that the proportions are as you want them. If the arms/legs/body are too short/long, don’t be afraid to change it now. You can even change the size of the circle if you think the head is too big.

The stick figure should show the overall pose you are looking to achieve. I wanted one of the arms to be up, as though she was holding a strap on a backpack. I also wanted the pose to be off-balance, as though she were between a jump and a run.

Step 3

Draw in the jaw-line. I’ve chosen your very typical anime jaw-line. You could round off the chin, draw a different jaw shape, whichever you like.


Step 4

Now we can begin drawing shapes around the skeleton. It’s probably easier to draw them in a different colour to the stick figure, so you can differentiate each piece properly.

Sometimes I split the body into 3 parts, chest, middle and hips. But in this case I’ve only done the two, splitting it at the waist.

Most of the pieces I draw for the body are just cylinders – some are tapered towards the top or bottom, such as the lower leg, tapers inwards towards the ankle.

Step 5

Hopefully a simple step – remove the stick figure and you should be left with your body sketch.

Here I’ve also added a couple of things, notably, the shoulders and neck.

I also removed part of the circle on the head (where it was going into the face area) and added an ear.

Time to check that you’re happy with the overall base look. If you’re not, make some changes.

You will be able to change other things later (like thinning down parts of the arms/legs or body), but if you’re not happy with the pose, it’ll be a big pain to change that XD




To change the default base view options follow these steps:

  1. Go to File > New > Select Drawing Template > Create.
  2. Click Place Views > Base View.
  1. On the Component tab click Open > Navigate to an Inventor part document > OK.
  1. Change the Settings on the Component, Display Options and Recovery Options tabs to the desired default values.
  2. Click OK.
  3. Click File > Exit Autodesk Inventor.
  • Repeat steps 2 to 5 for an assembly file and a presentation file before closing Inventor.
  • The values will be written to the registry when Inventor is closed.

To deploy Base View settings on several computers, copy and paste the values of the following keys while Inventor is not running:

The last used settings are stored in 3 Registry Keys:

  • BaseViewDefIPT, for part files
  • BaseViewDefIAM, for assembly files
  • BaseViewDefIPN, for presentation files

They are located in: HKCU\Software\Autodesk\Inventor\RegistryVersion[xx.0]\Applets\DrawingLayout\Preferences\DrawingFormat.

Each of the listed bits represent the last used status of the following Base View dialog controls:

  1. Thread feature
  2. Interference edges
  3. Tangent edges
  4. Foreshortened
  5. Hidden line removed
  6. Shaded
  7. Standard Part Hidden Lines (IAM only)
  8. Include Surfaces
  9. Include Meshes
  10. All Content Center Invisible
  11. Not used set to 0
  12. Not used set to 0
  13. Not used set to 0
  14. Not used set to 0
  15. Not used set to 0
  16. Not used set to 0


Warning! Changes made to the Windows registry happen immediately, and no backup is automatically made. Do not edit the Windows registry unless you are confident about doing so. Microsoft has issued the following warning with respect to the Registry Editor: "Using Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious, system-wide problems that may require you to re-install Windows to correct them. Microsoft cannot guarantee that any problems resulting from the use of Registry Editor can be solved. Use this tool at your own risk."


Inventor Products;
  1. Aviano air base
  2. Humminbird 360 installation manual
  3. Logic pro ipad

Watch me Draw

So continuing what is starting to become a habit of talking about controversial topics in the art community I decided I’d tackle the long debated topic of using bases to make art.

So today I will be sharing my thoughts on that. For those of you who don’t know what a base is I’ll tell you. “A base is when someone makes a non-graphic nude character typically anime with the intent of it being for other people to download it and use it as a base for drawing hair and clothes onto the character.” The idea of using bases gets some artists really pissed and they go into these rages of why bases aren’t real art and they put no effort into them. While artists that use bases get mad because they’re being told that their art that they feel they put work into is fake.

I’m actually going to argue for both sides. Explain why each side sees this the way they do and then at the end give my own input on it.

First I’m going to explain the side that is against bases. (I’m going to talk as someone who is ranting about it might.) So I sit here for hours upon hours working really hard on this piece of art that I put my soul into and then you just go off and download a professionally made base and then put 20 minutes into it and you get all the glory and nobody even cares about what I’ve made. You don’t even put work into it. You have no talent what so ever and so you just steal someone else’s piece of art and claim it as your own. You make it so hard for people like me who are trying to build a following from art, because you steal all the attention with art you didn’t even make! When the time comes that you try to be a “REAL” artist and make money you’re going to crash and burn and I’m going to be happy.

Now lets see the side of the artist making art with a base. (Again going to go about this as someone who is ranting.) SO I just finished all my homework from school, which was really stressful. I just want to relieve a little stress and have some fun. I just want to make something really silly and fun and share it with people who might also find it fun to look at. So I go and download either a MLP base or even this cute anime base. I make my little character. Maybe I even turn this base into one of my friends. I post it to the internet and I even have some people who think it’s really cool, but I have other people calling my a talent less idiot. They are saying that I’m not a real artist and that I’m going to crash and burn when I try to turn this into a living and that they will laugh at me. I was just trying to have fun. I don’t really care about being this big time artist. I just wanted to share some of these fun pieces I made with the internet and give them a laugh. I didn’t think I’d make anyone mad. I want to make these because I find them fun to make, but I don’t want people to be mad at me. I was even thinking of making pieces that were completely mine, but now I don’t think I want too.

Right here I have just showed two sides of this debate. You can see how both sides can be made really mad from this argument. However, I find most of it is that people who disagree with bases don’t understand why people make base art. The “Featured Image” at the top is a base piece that I made. I don’t typically make base art pieces, but I just kinda wanted to see what it was like making a base piece. And you know it was a lot of fun. I get that the piece isn’t really completely mine, but I still had fun making it. Most of the time that you see a Base artist (An artist that makes pieces with Bases) Yes I called them and Artist. Most of the time you see a base artist they don’t really have a goal in their head to be an amazing artist and be making a living off of art. They make them because they want to have some fun. However, there are sometimes artist (Again they ARE artists) that make base art and actually do want to be artists when they get better to which I have something to say to both sides of this. People against base art. Don’t be telling them they are talent less. You can remember a time that you were a young artist and even the smallest criticism made you want to quit art. By telling base artists that want to move into a realm where they make their own full pieces, but are scared of making bad looking pieces, that they suck and aren’t real artists you kill the only chance of them growing as an artist. I’ve met many amazing artists who got their original interest from making base art. Now on the other side of it. Base artist, if you don’t care if you can ever make your own pieces and just want to have fun. Don’t stop, just keeping doing your thing and don’t give a dang about what other people have to say. However, if you are a base artist and you really want to move into making your own pieces, just don’t be scared. I get it. You don’t want to show the world your terrible art. Then don’t show people yet. Keep it to yourself until you are a little more confident of it. And yes it won’t look as good at first, but making a piece of art that you can say you made. I made 100% of this piece. It is mine! That is just an amazing feeling that you don’t quite get with base art.

So my final verdict is that base art is real art. A lot of people make it just for fun. They don’t care about getting better. They just want to make silly art and nobody should stop them. If you are a base artist and you want to get better at art you really should just make the leap into non-base art. Once you get good enough it will look better than any base piece you could have ever made, because base art is very restrictive and can only take you so far.

I hope that was helpful for both sides of the debate and that we can all just live peacefully together in the world of art.

Like this:




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