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The length is perfect ,StephanieThe length is perfect , covers entire bed from view. It's like frosted plastic so you can see light. Easy to open and close. Light weight. Affordable. For the price does the job! Comes assembled!4

It"s beautiful and functions perfectlyBettysueIt's beautiful and functions perfectly in my space.5

Great room dividerLaDonnaWe used this room divider to block off the downstairs from our cats when needed. We turned it upside down so there is no space for them to crawl under. Worked great as it is quite a bit heavier than you would expect but not too heavy to move around when needed. It stands on its own and isn’t wobbly5

A very practical and well made productShalin M.A very practical and well made product. That said mine was slightly damaged out of the box.5

LovelyLizWell made, well-designed.5

Great!MINKAYGreat look and it gives homey privacy.5

polished, aesthetic background for WHF meetingsCAROLi only regret i hadn't bought this a year earlier! it is an interesting, but not distracting, polished background for WFH video meetings. this screen is out-of-the-box ready and space efficient. it easily folds away and tucks away when not in use. the Risor, a small folding 'TV tray' and a beautiful orchid plant make a professional, elegant backdrop for video meetings. in less than two weeks, it has SAVED a lot of TIME not spent on rearranging and tidying the area behind my desk (storage shelves, which i'd been emptying and then replacing stuff back to before and after meetings, every time!). plus, it LOOKS so much NICER than the shelves, even when i'd 'arranged' them. the Risor is not heavy, easy for me to move (i'm under 90 lbs) and seem easy to keep clean and pristine. i am not sure of the longevity of the panels, which are a plastic material - but not 'cheap' looking plastic, again very nice quality. i hope this lasts many years, because i plan to take good care of it. i'm delighted with this purchase.5

Confirm one box broken when arrivedVIVIAMOne box arrived broken ,this Risor had a litlle problem but my son fix it5

Easiest Setup EverRichardGreat news! No assembly. Just make sure that you have a large enough vehicle to carry it home. I couldn't be happier with the purchase. It is well constructed, however a bit on the pricy side, time will tell if it was worth it. Make a great background for your conference calls.4

Very Nice Product....!JohnGreat quality, looks super in our conference room, maybe a tad pricy but this was overridden by the fact that it comes out of the box fully assembled, we like it.....!5

Perfect!ChristinaGood size and works great hiding things you don’t want to see. Also looks pretty when light shines through it.5

A bit pricey, but excellentKojoI wanted something to cover a French Door that opens to a large back yard. This is perfect. It lets light through, but blocks vision. And, if I decide to put up curtains on that door, I can move this to another part of the house. I've also seen it used for a streaming backdrop.5

Perfect for Virtual School SpaceDebIt worked perfectly to block off an area in the living for virtual school. My 9 year old isn't distracted and has his own little space to work in.5


perfect background for google meetingsremiperfect background for google meetings5

Lets Light Through, Easy to AdjustZeb007Picked this up for a background in the home office, with all of the virtual meetings occurring this provides a great easy to maneuver background video screen. The translucent panels allows light through so it does not darken the room. Just take it out of the box and open it up. No assembly.5

elegant! looks nicer in persondianezElegant and with minimal new item off-gassing from RISÖR divider!! I'm very happy with the appearance and it allows light to pass thru at the same time offering privacy. I'm using it to separate my kitchen from my living room- studio apt I originally bought a traditional style shoji manufactured in China & it was fuming with chemicals it gave me a headache - I returned it.5

Impressive.27jackFirst, I was more than glad to get this at a great price, apparently, because it was returned. (A very, very minor scratch that could have been made by the buyer while unboxing the product. That was all.) I use the word impressive, because it is fairly large and works well in a large space, and the somewhat simple design keeps it attractive without drawing away from the rooms. Use the divider's frames to add pictures or color to the spaces.4

SleekMo3bkModern design , sturdy wood frame love it ! Use it in my kitchen:dinning room to hide ugly storage boxes my husband stacked, it is very versatile and neutral sleek design. Later I can move it to a different part of apt, Great value and the look of mid modern without breaking the bank!5

BeautifulKtownGBeautiful and sturdy. Very elegant on any room even an office or meeting space.5

Sours: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/risoer-room-divider-white-black-70182191/

White ROOM DIVIDER & SOUNDPROOF Curtain Cotton Effect Snow MC720

White ROOM DIVIDER & SOUNDPROOF Curtain Cotton Effect Snow MC720

Moondream Room Divider

Moondream's reversible 4-in-1 Room Divider Curtains use our own patented technology (U.S. Patent N° 9475260) with 4 layers of strategically assembled materials to obtain the best results in sound insulation that can be achieved with a fabric curtain: identical blackout fabric on each external side, one metallized thermal-insulating lining layer and one thick cotton layer inside. The curtain absorbs and stops the passage of sound waves and also provides a thermal insulation against heat and cold as well as a 100% blackout effect.

The room divider curtain can act as a wall to muffle high frequency noise such as voices. As the curtain looks identical on both sides, it is the ideal replacement for a door or as a mobile partition wall. Create an additional room and block out the surrounding hustle and bustle with just one draw of the curtain.

Our product has been tested by independant laboratories to confirm its sound, thermal and light insulation perfomance:

  • Noise insulation: Sound energy is divided by eight, reaching a drop of up to 9 decibels (1). Reverberation of sound in the room is also reduced and creates a quieter atmosphere, e.g. for a surface area of approximately 215 ft² the reverberation time is reduced by 0.4 seconds (2).
  • Thermal insulation: Up to 37% reduction of heating costs in winter (3) and a drop in temperature during summer (4).
  • Light insulation: 100% blackout effect for improved sleep quality.

(1) Test performed by the CEBTP laboratory in accordance with European EN ISO standard 717-1, report no. BEB2.F.6011-2 dated 04/27/2015
(2) Test by the Experimental Center for Building and Public Works Research and Studies (CEBTP), experimental report no. BEB2.E.6039-1
(3) Test performed by ENVEHO test report no. M101 dated 09/02/2009
(4) Test performed by ENVEHO test report no. 154 dated 05/25/2010

The curtain fabric has been produced without any harmful substances.

oeko tex.png


1st layer: 100% Polyester / 2nd layer: 99.99% Polyester, 0.01% Aluminum / 3rd layer: 100% White Recycled Cotton / 4th layer: 100% Polyester (same as 1st layer)
Curtain fabric with international OEKO-TEX® label, certifying that it has been produced without the use of any harmful substances
8 Grommets (1.6 inch inner diameter, rust proof, reinforced top section without stitching)
Heavy fabric for a lovely hanging effect and small discreet stitching to appear seamless
Products are made in Europe (Poland) with the utmost care
Dry Clean only

Sours: https://www.moondreamwebstore.com/room-divider-curtains/white-room-divider-curtain-cotton-effect-snow-mc720-292.html
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The 8 Best Room Dividers of 2021

Final Verdict

Overall, we recommend the Esright Bamboo Room Divider (view at Amazon) for its durable, stylish construction and relatively low price. If you're looking for something similar that's more affordable, we recommend the Cecilia Rattan Folding Room Divider (view at Wayfair), which comes in four different colors and panel configurations.


The first order of business is to identify the right size divider for your space. Most modern room dividers measure just under six feet tall, but lengths vary depending on the number of panels and their individual widths. If you're looking for something that's more decorative, a smaller three-panel divider is probably all you need; if you're trying to designate different areas in your home or you need a divider for privacy, there are options that go up to eight panels wide.


If you live in a studio apartment, a room divider can change the entire flow of your space, giving you distinct areas instead of one open room. There are also storage room dividers, including ones with built-in shelves and others that double as bookcases, that offer even more functionality for tiny spaces. If you're just looking for something decorative, you have more flexibility to choose a divider for its aesthetics—many options today are upholstered in colorful fabrics, or finished in trendy materials like rattan.


Room dividers aren't cheap, and you should expect to spend at least $50 on a free-standing one—although most are closer to $100. Prices go higher based on the construction and size, with six-paneled options (unsurprisingly) costing more than three-paneled models. If you really can't spend more than $25, consider buying a tension rod and curtain instead, to create a similar yet airier effect.

Sours: https://www.thespruce.com/best-room-dividers-4799997

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Divider white room

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Build A Wood Room Partition/Divider Step By Step Time Lapse

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