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Updated 24/02/2020

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Welcome to the Powerplay Guide!
Powers, Gameplay Mechanics, Governements and everything you need to know to support your allegiance as best as you can.

Have a look at our Background Simulation, BGS Guide.



Introduction to Powerplay

The Powerplay feature launched in June 2015.
This is a feature that allows players to pledge allegiance to one of the Powers of the galaxy, to support their political efforts. Lead campaigns, prepare systems, then launch expansion phases and control your systems to protect your Power’s interests.


If you want to join in, you will have to choose your allegiance to one of the eleven Powers in-game.
These Powers control and exploit many systems in order to benefit from their workforce, commodities, ships and other services that they propose.
These added values are called Command Capital, or CC.

Every Thursday, the Powerplay Tick takes place at 7am GMT and takes into account all the players actions from the last week.
A full week is called a Cycle.


The more systems your Power owns, the more powerful it will be!
But beware, these systems have maintenance costs(Upkeep), and having high Upkeeps could put your Power at risk if you don’t have enough Command Capital to manage it properly.

Managing a Power effectively requires the most advanced management possible from the community in order to:

  • Prepare systems with low CC Upkeep & high CC production values (Subversion);
  • Run Expansions into new systems that have been prepared, in competition with other interested Powers (Expansion);
  • Control the systems you own to repel enemies and assist with the general administration (Control);
  • Monitor the other Powers to counter their plans and turn them to your advantage;
  • Be strategic in Diplomacy to create alliances with other players, factions and powers.

You got it: Powerplay is based on the management of the Power’s Commands Capital and its systems.

The feature, although quite complete and well thought out on paper, has a lot of gameplay and mechanics issues that require updates.
Frontier had made plans to gather the community’s feedback, but no fresh information have been released for the past two years.

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The Powers are established political & economic groups big enough to be noticed in the galaxy of 3305.
In our time, the different types of Powers could be represented by Microsoft, the European Union or even Guinness for example.

  • The Major Powers, are the four major factions of the game: The Federation, the Empire, the Alliance of Independent Systems and more recently Colonia. The latter is only rarely represented in-game because it is only three years old with only 750 inhabitants in 3302 up to 450,000 now in 3305.
  • The Powers are represented by Tier 1 NPCs. They are very important characters with whom we can not interact directly. They belong to a big organization, for example Felicia Winters of the Federation, Denton Patreus of the Empire, Edmund Mahon of the Alliance or the Independent Pranav Antal. Independents do not belong to a Major Power, they follow their own goals.
  • Minor Powers are the minor factions of the game that are important enough to be represented on one or more systems. For example, Remlok Industries is an economic corporation and has its own minor faction.


Federation - Zachary Hudson

  • Name: Zachary Hudson
  • Age: 87
  • Details: Zachary Hudson is currently the President of the Federation, since June 2 3301, after the disappearance of former President Jasmina Halsey. Hudson, like the rest of his party, believes that the government has a responsibility not to impose too much burden on the members of the Federation, as evidenced by its policy of reducing taxes. This policy is popular except among those who counted on government support before he was elected. Hudson is not afraid to explore military solutions to problems. He is an advocate of personal freedom at all costs, demanding individual responsibility for oneself. He supports the CQC championship simulation for the recruitment and training of the Federal Navy. He has always supported the armed forces and approved additional funds to modernize and expand the federal fleet to counter external threats to the Federation’s borders.
  • Special Module:Frag Cannons Pacifiers – Large frag cannons in a focused shot for better aim and efficiency.
  • Governments:
    • Patronage, Feodal
    • Anarchy, Prison Colony, Communism, Confederation, Cooperative, Corporation, Democracy, Theocracy
    • Dictature
  • Powerplay Ranks:
    • II – +20% to bounties in controlled & exploited systems
    • III – Special Module
    • V – +100% to bounties in controlled & exploited systems
  • Ethos: « We might not fire the first shot, but we will fire the last. »
  • Exploitation Bonus
    • Controlled systems: Imperial slaves prohibited, shipyards have Vulture / Eagle / Dropship, 10% discount on weapons, 30% more security.
    • Systems Empire / Alliance / Independents: 40% less security because focused on the Federation
    • Systems Federation: 10% discount on weapons, 20% more security.
  • Preparation: Combat
  • Expansion: Combat
  • Control: Combat

Federation - Félicia Winters

  • Name: Felicia Winters
  • Age: 76
  • Details: Felicia Winters is a pacifist used to media. She advocates education and communication to provide her people with a better standard of living. Felicia had never planned to lead the Liberal Party, but this role had been entrusted to her because of the disappearance of Starship One and Jasmina Halsey. She is the main opponent to Zachary Hudson.
  • Special Module:Pulse Disruptor – Pulse laser causing many dysfunctions to the target’s modules.
  • Governments:
    • Corporation
    • Anarchy, Colony, Confederation, Dictature, Democracy, Theocracy
    • Cooperative, Communism, Patronage, Feodal
  • Powerplay Ranks:
    • II – +10% influence in controlled & exploited systems
    • III – Special Module
    • V – +100% influence in controlled & exploited systems
  • Ethos: « We should do what is right, not necessarily what is easy or popular. »
  • Exploitation Bonus
    • Controlled systems: Imperial slaves banned, food production and medicines tripled, 20% more security
    • Systems Federation / Independents: Imperial slaves banned, food production and medicines doubled, 20% more security
    • Systems Empire: Imperial slaves cost 10% more
    • Systems Alliance: Imperial slaves banned, food production and medicines doubled
  • Preparation: Social
  • Expansion: Finance
  • Control: Finance

Empire - Arissa Lavigny-Duval


  • Name: Arissa Lavigny-Duval
  • Age: 62
  • Details: Arissa Lavigny-Duval is the daughter of Florence Lavigny. Yes, she is Emperor and not Empress because the title remains the same. Arissa Lavigny-Duval is the current 16th and current Emperor of the Empire since October 18, 3301. She has a reputation for tackling difficult problems head-on. Its policy is built on honor and focuses on the fight against corruption. She is the biological daughter of Emperor Hengist Duval, half-sister of Harold Duval and aunt of Princess Aisling Duval and Hadrian Augustus Duval.
  • Special Module:Imperial Hammer – A railgun tri-shooting green ammunition.
  • Governments:
    • Patronage, Feodal
    • Anarchy, Prison Colony, Communism, Confederation, Cooperative, Corporation, Democracy, Theocracy
    • Dictature
  • Powerplay Ranks:
    • II – +20% to bounties in controlled & exploited systems
    • III – Special Module
    • V – +100% to bounties in controlled & exploited systems
  • Ethos: « Building a future through the rule of law »
  • Exploitation Bonus
    • Controlled Systems: Bounties and fines doubled, Bounties rewards increased by 20%, Security improved, Black markets closed.
    • Systems Federation / Empire / Alliance / Independents: Bounties reward increased by 20%, value of items sold to black markets increased by 5%.
  • Preparation: Social
  • Expansion: Combat
  • Control: Combat


Empire - Aisling Duval

  • Name: Aisling Duval
  • Age: 29
  • Details: Aisling Duval is the granddaughter of former Emperor Harold Duval. Aisling is very media-centric and does a lot of censorship in order to present her as a better person and put forward a young and powerful Empire in order to gain the trust of her people. Despite her youth, the “Princess of the People” enjoys considerable support from the population. Unlike other representatives of the Empire, she is opposed to imperial slavery and founded a charity called Stop Slavery Stupid, who then merged with another anti-slavery organization and renamed Unchain, countering the actions of Zemina Torval. She also has a strong dislike for narcotics and believes that they should be made illegal in the Empire, at least in part because her mother, the artist Imogen “Eccentrica” Gabrielini, died of an aneurysm caused by a overdose of drugs shortly after Aisling’s birth. And it’s pronounced “Ash ling” ;p
  • Special Module:Prismatic Shield Generator – The most powerful shields in the galaxy, and the slowest to regenerate
  • Governments:
    • Communism, Confederation, Cooperative
    • Anarchy, Colony, Corporation, Democracy, Dictature, Patronage
    • Feodal, Theocracy
  • Powerplay Ranks:
    • II – +10% influence in controlled & exploited systems
    • III – Special Module
    • V – +100% influence in controlled & exploited systems
  • Ethos: « As a people, we need to look forward to the future and not be held back by some of the practices of our past simply in the name of tradition. »
  • Exploitation Bonus
    • Controlled Systems: Imperial slaves prohibited, 10% value bonus of high value goods, Improved security, Greater production of high value goods. The activities of the imperial factions are amplified by 100% while those of the Federation are attenuated.
    • Systems Federation / Empire / Alliance / Independents: Imperial slaves prohibited, Greater production of high value goods.
  • Preparation: Social
  • Expansion: Finance
  • Control: Social

Empire - Denton Patreus

  • Name: Denton Patreus
  • Age: 52
  • Details: Denton Patreus is a Senator of the Empire. He is known to be manipulative and perform blows in the back. He is however very rich and powerful thanks to his company Silver Universal PLC; he has a very large army at his service. He likes to control what he undertakes, not hesitating to give a large sum of money for it. He is allied with Senator Zemina Torval.
  • Special Module:Advanced Plasma Accelerator – A Plasma Accelerator causing less damage and firing rapidly.
  • Governments:
    • Patronage, Feodal
    • Anarchy, Prison Colony, Communism, Confederation, Cooperative, Corporation, Democracy, Theocracy
    • Dictature
  • Powerplay Ranks:
    • II – -10% price of weapon modules in controlled & exploited systems
    • III – Special Module
    • V – -90% to ammunition in controlled & exploited systems
  • Ethos: « The imperial navy provides the ultimate societal safety net, something the federal government should take note of. »
  • Exploitation Bonus
    • Controlled Systems: Legalized Imperial Slaves, 10% off imperial ships in the shipyard.
    • Systems Empire: 30% value bonus of high value goods, 5% bonus on the purchase of high value goods.
    • Systems Federation / Alliance / Independents: 5% discount on high value goods to cover new taxes.
  • Preparation: Finance
  • Expansion: Combat
  • Control: Combat

Empire - Zemina Torval

  • Name: Zemina Torval
  • Age: 128
  • Details: Zemina Torval is a Senator of the Empire. She is very good at commercial affairs and has large companies on her territory, especially her mining corporation Mastopolos Mining. She is a traditionalist and insists on the importance of imperial slavery and the need to care for her imperial slaves. Zemina has a large military fleet, but prefers diplomacy to force when possible. However, she should not be underestimated because she is able to strike powerfully in the shadows with the help of specialized mercenaries.
  • Special Module:Mining Lance – A Mining laser useful in combat… not that much in fact, but heh.
  • Governments:
    • Cooperative, Communism, Dictature, Feodal
    • Anarchy, Colony, Confederation, Corporation, Patronage, Theocracy
    • Democracy
  • Powerplay Ranks:
    • II – +5% trading profits in controlled & exploited systems
    • III – Special Module
    • V – +50% to Rare trading profits in controlled & exploited systems
  • Ethos: « Those who treat their slaves badly should receive the same. After all, how can they work properly if they are not cared for correctly? »
  • Exploitation Bonus
    • Controlled Systems: Legalized Imperial Slaves and cost reduced by 10%, imperial ships available in all shipyards, production of mining commodities doubled, 10% discount for mining goods.
    • Systems Empire: Production of Imperial slaves doubled.
    • Systems Federation / Alliance / Independent: 5% discount for mining goods.
  • Preparation: Finance
  • Expansion: Finance
  • Control: Secret

Alliance - Edmund Mahon

  • Name: Edmund Mahon
  • Age: 118
  • Details: Edmund Mahon is the current Prime Minister of the Alliance and the head of the Alliance government. Borned on the Diso system, Mahon is a career-oriented politician with a solid academic background who is familiar with the Alliance’s political system. Although some of his counterparts lacked leadership or ability to lead the disparate elements of the Alliance, he is known to be able to work within the system to get things done. He is also an expert in ensuring that the concerns of individual systems are properly represented within the Alliance, which is considered very attractive for new member systems. Mahon is considered by some to be the greatest leader the Alliance has known since its creation.
  • Special Module:Retribution laser – Fixed Class 1 only, not dealing a lot of damage and causing the target to overheat… but it’s bad and doesn’t generate well heat because of the weapon being class 1 only. And let’s leave apart the low damage.
  • Governments:
    • Corporation
    • Anarchy, Colony, Confederation, Dictature, Democracy, Theocracy
    • Cooperative, Communism, Patronage, Feodal
  • Powerplay Ranks:
    • II – +5% trading profits in controlled & exploited systems
    • III – Special Module
    • V – +50% to Rare trading profits in controlled & exploited systems
  • Ethos: « The Alliance stands as a unifying force for Independents systems with the common ethos of an individual’s rights. And any Independent system has the right to retain their independence. »
  • Exploitation Bonus
    • Controlled Systems: 20% discount on the hull reinforcements and cargo racks costs, Production of agricultural goods and equipment quadrupled, 5% discount on the price of agricultural goods and equipment. The activities of the alliance factions are increased by 100% while those of the Empire and Federation are attenuated.
    • Systems Empire / Federation: 50% less agricultural production, 5% higher agricultural prices
    • Systems Alliance: Foods are 10% more expensive, production of agricultural goods quadrupled, 10% discount on the price of agricultural equipment.
    • Systems Independants: Foods are 10% more expensive, Production of agricultural goods quadrupled, 5% discount in the price of agricultural equipment.
  • Preparation: Finance
  • Expansion: Finance
  • Control: Finance

Independent - Li Yong-Rui

  • Name: Li Yong-Rui
  • Age: 107
  • Details: Li Yong-Rui is the CEO of Sirius Corporation and its government division Sirius Gov. He is a member of the Li Dynasty which has been part of the Sirius Corporation since it was founded almost 800 years ago. Yong-Rui holds a Ph.D. in physics, politics and economics. He has almost infinite access to money and advanced technologies. Li is different from other powers because he prefers to buy new star systems rather than take them by force.
  • Special Module:Missiles Pack-Hound – A great salvo of missiles
  • Governments:
    • Corporation
    • Anarchy, Colony, Confederation, Dictature, Democracy, Theocracy
    • Cooperative, Communism, Patronage, Feodal
  • Powerplay Ranks:
    • II – -5% ships rebuy in controlled & exploited systems
    • III – Special Module
    • V – +200% profits to Exploration data in controlled & exploited systems
  • Ethos: « With enough data, we can predict almost anything. »
  • Exploitation Bonus
    • Controlled Systems: Production of high-tech goods doubled, 10% discount on high-tech goods, All shipyards have Cobra, Asp and Python, 15% discount on the ships equipments costs.
    • Systems Federation / Empire / Alliance / Independents: Production of high-tech goods doubled, 10% discount on high-tech goods
  • Preparation: Social
  • Expansion: Finance
  • Control: Finance

Independent - Pranav Antal

  • Name: Pranav Antal
  • Age: 80
  • Details: Pranav Antal (known as Simguru Antal by his supporters) is the leader of the massive Utopia movement. He managed to maintain the original Utopian Commune after inheriting from his father Simguru Rishi Antal, master of transcendental technology and former leader. As heir to Rishi’s legacy, Pranav has a lot of weight on his shoulders. He promises his people that they will live in a state of dream, peace and where happiness reigns supreme. He refuses to fight himself, but many supporters of his cult are happy to sacrifice for the glory of Utopia.
  • Special Module:Enforcer Cannon – Powerful Multicanons firing higher caliber at a slower rate.
  • Governments:
    • Cooperative, Communism, Dictature, Feodal
    • Anarchy, Colony, Confederation, Corporation, Patronage, Theocracy
    • Democracy
  • Powerplay Ranks:
    • II – +5% influence in controlled & exploited systems
    • III – Special Module
    • V – +100% to bounties in controlled & exploited systems
  • Ethos: « Peace and prosperity through the advancement of ethically aligned technology. »
  • Exploitation Bonus
    • Controlled Systems: Bounties and fines doubled
    • Systems Federation / Empire / Alliance / Independents: Bounties and fines increased by 50%, Black markets pay an extra 10% on goods sold.
  • Preparation: Social
  • Expansion: Social
  • Control: Secret

Independent - Archon Delaine

  • Name: Archon Delaine
  • Age: 56
  • Details: Archon Delaine is the king of the pirates of Kumo Crew, one of the most influential criminal syndicates in the galaxy. Archon came to power at the age of 15 by brutally beating Kumo’s pirate lord. During the first 20 years of his reign, Archon Delaine faced a steady stream of challenges from newcomers and other crews. Each challenger was shot down and with each victory, the legend of Archon became bigger and bigger. He has restructured the Kumo Crew to become one of the most influential criminal syndicates in the galaxy that obeys every single one of his orders. Archon Delaine is known to be a brutal and merciless dictator.
  • Special Module:Cytoscramblers Burst laser – Pwerful burst laser against shields, deal no damage to hull. Great for piracy.
  • Governments:
    • Communism, Confederation, Cooperative
    • Anarchy, Colony, Corporation, Democracy, Dictature, Patronage
    • Feodal, Theocracy
  • Powerplay Ranks:
    • II – -20% to bounties and fines in controlled & exploited systems
    • III – Special Module
    • V – -100% to bounties and fines in controlled & exploited systems
  • Ethos: « A person only has the rights they can hold on to. »
  • Exploitation Bonus
    • Controlled Systems: All drugs, slaves, narcotics and medicines are legal, very strong increase in the production of weapons and narcotics, their prices are reduced, security is halved, a black market is opened if it is not there already and pays 10% better.
    • Systems Federation / Empire / Alliance / Independents: Security is halved, black markets pay 10% more for sold goods.
  • Preparation: Combat
  • Expansion: Combat
  • Control: Social

Independent - Yuri Grom

  • Name: Yuri Grom
  • Age: 49
  • Details: Yuri Grom is the self-proclaimed dictator of the EG Pilots, an independent faction based in the Euryale and formed from dissident elements of the Federation. Grom led the EG Pilots, when they were only a minor faction, to the victory of the Dangerous Games of 3302. Grom began to make himself known as an admiral in the Federal Navy, but withdrew after being disillusioned by the widespread corruption of the Federation. His departure had consequences, as a number of federal pilots who were extremely loyal to him also resigned and helped him create the EG Pilots. As a result, many leaders of the Federation continue to denigrate him as a traitor.
  • Special Module:Containment Missiles – Missiles stopping and rebooting the target’s FSD, effectively blocking all jumps for 15 to 20s (can be decreased if you have the proper Engineer mod)
  • Governments:
    • Cooperative, Communism, Dictature, Feodal
    • Anarchy, Colony, Confederation, Corporation, Patronage, Theocracy
    • Democracy
  • Powerplay Ranks:
    • II – +2% to your trading, exploration data and bounties profits in controlled & exploited systems
    • III – Special Module
    • V – +100% influence in controlled & exploited systems
  • Ethos: « Progress in mankind’s development is inevitable, but it is imperative that we prevent the lust for innovation from jeopardizing the successes of our past. »
  • Exploitation Bonus
    • Controlled Systems: All black markets are closed, gold prices increased by 5%, +20% to bounties, independent factions activities are increased by 100% while those of the Empire and Federation are attenuated. Security is strengthened.
    • Systems Federation / Empire / Alliance / Independents: Gold price decreased by 5%, +20% to bounties
    • Systems Independents: Gold price decreased by 5%, +20% to bounties and enhanced security
  • Preparation: Combat
  • Expansion: Combat
  • Control: Social


The Powers are more or less useful to counter governments they want to expand into, thanks to their Finance, Social, Combat and Secret skills.
They have strengths and weaknesses against the different types of governments found in the systems of the galaxy:

  • Finance:Industrial ||Communism, Cooperative, Feodal, Patronage
  • Social: Communism, Cooperative, Confederation||Feodal, Prison, Theocracy
  • Combat:Feodal, Patronage||Dictature
  • Secret:Feodal, Dictature, Communism, Cooperative||Democracy

The Exploited systems have a government in place, the main government being the minor faction’s, controlling the system.
It will be more or less easy to acquire a system if our strategy is weak against this system.

Governments are important in Exploited and especially Controlled systems. If your Power has affinities with local Governments, then your system will be easier to Fortify and more difficult to Undermine for your enemies.
The Values to reach in your Power’s tables will be modified and thus the trigger higher or lower to reach, this helps or not in the administration of the system.

Check out the Powers on Reddit, take part in the strategies and help your Power reach #1!


→ Edmund Mahon


→ Felicia Winters // Zachary Hudson


→ Arissa Lavigny-Duval // Aisling Duval // Zemina Torval // Denton Patreus


→ Archon Delaine // Li Yong-Rui // Pranav Antal // Yuri Grom

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Now that you understand the different Powers, you surely want to learn how to play Powerplay!

In-game, open the right-hand panel “Galactic Powers”. Here, open the page of the desired Power then Pledge Allegiance via the option at the bottom of the screen. Congratulations!
You will be able to change Power later/ Mind that depending on your Rank, ships from the power you defected will try and hunt you down. A part of your Merits will join the new chosen Power.

From now on, we will use a lot of vocabulary and precise mechanics. Hang in there!

As I explained earlier, the most important resources of Powerplay are the Command Capital, or CCs, produced and consumed by the Power’s Systems. It is with these CCs that you and your allies will manage the Power and decide what actions to take.
You have one week to perform your actions and change the statistics before the next Cycle, every Thursday at 7am GMT (8am BST currently).

Note that we play with the Controlled Systems.
These systems have a radius zone that extends in a bubble to 15LY around them, absorbing all the values from the Exploited systems, to a the given Controlled system.

Systems must be chosen carefully to produce a maximum of CC, and to consume a minimum.
You thus get a budget for each system. By adding them all together, you get the Command Capital of a Power.
The Budget comes in three values, giving the final Radius Profit:

  • Radius Income
  • Upkeep
  • Overhead

According to the three main gameplay of Powerplay, different values are used but in the end they all relate to each others in order to understand the production and consumption of CC from a system. Here is how it works.

◘ For the Preparations:

◘ For the Expansions, leading to Potential Loss:

  • Radius Income
  • Upkeep
  • Expansion Cost

◘ For the Control:

  • Upkeep from last cycle
  • Default Upkeep cost
  • Cost if Fortified
  • Cost if Undermined
  • Base Income


Radius Income

The sum of all its exploited systems’ (within 15 light years) “System Income”.
It gets slightly trickier than that, as overlapping control spheres allows a system to be exploited by more than one system. However, since it can only give its income to one control system, the newest one “loses” in terms of income. If a system is exploited by competing powers, it becomes contested and no one gets any income from it.



The upkeep for a system is dependent on only one thing – distance from headquarters.
If a system is successfully fortified (not cancelled), then you don’t pay the upkeep for a system. If it is undermined it effectively loses its income for the cycle, but that’s not how it’s shown. The game calculates it as if you get the income and then it increases the upkeep. This is effectively the same, which is why I said that it only depends on one thing – distance from headquarters.

Example:Boreas. Upkeep = 21 CC. Coût Undermined = 96 CC. It would be a loss of 117 CC if Boreas is undermined successfully.



Overheads are calculated with this formula: min((11.5 * controlsystems/42)3 , 5.4 * 11.5 * controlsystems).
For our current situation with Edmund Mahon (133 controlled systems) just know that every single control system has an overhead cost of 62.1 CC.


Potential Value/Profit

The Potential Value of systems:
Radius Income – Upkeep – Overhead

Let’s take Boreas as example:
Radius Income: 91 CC
Upkeep: 21 CC
91 CC – 21 CC – 62,1 CC = 7.9 CC → Low profit

Or Crowfor:
162 CC – 31 CC – 62,1 CC + 31 CC (Fortified!) = 99.9 CC → High profit!

Or even LHS 2936:
58 CC – 21 CC – 62.1 CC = -25.1 CC → Poor system adding weight to your power. You better try and cut it out by leaving a Power steal it or create a Turmoil to remove the system with a Revolt. Beware though, it will increase a lot the Upkeep and might be quite an issue to your Power.

A system being Opposed/Undermined will be very expensive for your Power, so remember to Fortify them, and prioritize the tasks.

  • If you Fortify a system to 100% or more, you cancel the Upkeep costs on the next cycle.
  • If you Fortify a system to 100% or more and an enemy power Undermine it, the highest %percentage will win.
  • If a system is Undermined at 100% or more, you will have additional costs on the next cycle.
  • If neither Undermining and Fortification have reached 100%, then no change operates on the next cycle.


By losing Command Capital, a Power may end up with a negative amount of CC in a Cycle.
When it happens, the Power will fall in a Turmoil.

At that time, the Controlled system with the highest Upkeep cost falls into Turmoil and its Upkeep costs are no longer counted.
If despite this Turmoil, the Power still has a negative amount of CC, then another Controlled system falls in Turmoil and so on until it has a positive amount of CC.
The Power has thus a week to try and Fortify its systems and produce/save as much CC as possible for the next Cycle to manage its Controlled systems.

Unfortunately, if the CCs aren’t high enough for the next Cycle, one or more systems will enter Revolt and leave the Power; This until the Power has a positive amount of CC.

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The three Powerplay gameplay & Merits

Using these mechanics, there are three main gameplay to participate in Powerplay. Preparation, Expansion, Control of your Power’s systems.
You can also Undermine/Oppose your foes’ systems.

These Powerplay gameplay generate a currency when you play its activities: the Merits.

Note that for Powerplay, you must only interact with Powerplay ships and then hack/destroy them to carry out your actions:

  • (Zachary Hudson) Federal Agent, Federal Logistics
  • (Felicia Winters) Federal Aid, Federal Courier
  • (Aisling Duval) Aisling Guardian, Campaign Ship
  • (A. Lavigny Duval) Shield of Justice, Imperial Supply
  • (Denton Patreus) Patreus Sentinel, Imperial Support
  • (Zemina Torval) Torval’s Shield, Private Security
  • (Edmund Mahon) Alliance Enforcer, Alliance Diplomat
  • (Li Yong Rui) Sirius Security, Sirius Transport
  • (Pranav Antal) Utopian Overseer, Reform Ships
  • (Archon Delaine) Kumo Crew Watch, Kumo Crew Transport

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If you have pledged allegiance to a Power, then you will be able to prepare systems for future Expansions.

For this, all Powers have different ways of acting as noted in the Powers details earlier in this article. Some will carry legislative agreements while others will destroy targets in the system. You will earn Merits for performing these actions.

You can only prepare systems if they are inhabited and no other Powers control or exploit the systems targeted.
In addition, only 10 systems can be prepared and sent to Expansion attempts. When you Rank up with your Power, you will gain Nomination votes to select the most interesting systems.

Via the Powerplay galactic map, four levels of systems will be represented, highlighting their CC contributions and their efficiencies:

  • Green represents a high-profit system
  • Orange represents a medium-profit system
  • Red represents a low-profit system
  • Grey represents a system with a negative profit, uninteresting because it generates a loss of CC.

The systems 15LY around our Controlled systems can not be prepared since you are already Exploiting them.

Edmund Mahon has Finance as Preparation activities, so his supporters have to haul Trade Agreements from a Controlled system to the designated system.

  • Zachary – Collect Hudson’s Consignments in your controlled systems and bring them to the targeted system.
  • Felicia – Collect Liberal Propaganda in your controlled systems and bring them to the targeted system.
  • Edmund – Collect the Alliance Trade Agreements in your controlled systems and bring them to the targeted system.
  • Arissa – Collect the Lavigny Corruption Reports in your controlled systems and bring them to the targeted system.
  • Aisling – Collect Aisling Medical Devices in your controlled systems and bring them to the Targeted system.
  • Denton – Collect Marked Military Weapons in your controlled systems and bring them to the targeted system.
  • Zemina – Collect Torval Trade Agreements in your controlled systems and bring them to the targeted system.
  • Li – Collect Franchise Programs of Sirius in your controlled systems and bring them to the targeted system.
  • Pranav – Collect Utopians Ads in your controlled systems and bring them to the targeted system.
  • Archon – Collect Kumo’s Smuggling Programs in your controlled systems and bring them to the targeted system.
  • Yuri – ?

A power can deny Preparations by voting massively Consolidation for the next Cycle.
By doing this, the Power will increase the Undermining/Opposition threshold. It will be more difficult to oppose you.

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A successfully prepared system will therefore be sent as an Expansion attempt. New activities will have to be carried out, and they will be different depending on the Powers.
You will gain Merits for carrying out these activites.

If you take a look at the image on the right, LP 275-83 could be interesting, even if it indicates a loss of -3 CC. Its Upkeep costs will drop once Controlled, making it a good system to produce CCs in the future.

Note that several Powers can make an Expansion attempt to the same system at the same time. Powers with the highest value of Subversion will have the right to attempt an Expansion and the other Powers will not have the right to do so. They will be able to try to counter the next cycle during your Expansion attempt, so keep your eyes peeled!
Once again, two tresholds will be available and you will have to reach 100% to succeed. This will be more or less difficult depending on the government of the targeted system. If the opposition value also reaches 100% while you reached 100% as well: the Expansion is a success.

Mahon’s supporters have to buy Legislative Agreements from one of our Controlled systems and haul them to the targeted system we want to expand in.
Hudson’s supporters, for example, will have to find Military Strikes to destroy the PP ships in it.

Talking about Hudson, he’s right now in an Expansion state, 1466% on NLTT 46403!
He has been opposed for 187%. As the Expansion AND the Opposition have reached the treshold, the highest %percentage will win: the Expansion should be a success.

  • ZacharyNo information. Feel free to provide them if you are from Zachary!
  • FeliciaNo information. Feel free to provide them if you are from Felicia!
  • Edmund – Collect Alliance Contracts from your controlled systems and bring them to the targeted system.
  • ArissaNo information. Feel free to provide them if you are from Arissa!
  • Aisling – Collect Aisling Sealed Contracts from your controlled systems and bring them to the targeted system.
  • Denton – Destroy System Resistance at military attack points.
  • Zemina – Collect the Torval Acts from your controlled systems and bring them to the targeted system.
  • Li – Collect Sirius Industrial Contracts from your controlled systems and bring them to the targeted system.
  • Pranav – Destroy the Resistance of the System at points of protests Violence.
  • Archon – Destroy the Resistance of the System at the pockets of resistance pockets.
  • Yuri – ?

If you wish to oppose a Power that is part of your Major Power (eg Hudson vs. Winters), then you will not need to destroy the PP ships but instead slow them down to hack them and collect their Powerplay commodities. Then, return these goods to one of your Controlled systems to turn them into Merits via the Contact Powerplay button.

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Fortify Controlled Systems is an extremely important thing to do in order to save your Command Capital and develop your Power.
Again, each of the Powers have different actions between transport, missions to run or destruction of targets for example.

Mahon’s supporters, for example, have to buy Legislative Records from the targeted Controlled System and haul them to the headquarters system to Fortify them. Yup, again Mahon is asking for hauling because he only has Finance, Finance and Finance as actions. This is not the case for all Powers so check what actions you have to perform to support your Power.

You can also undermine the other Powers’ systems by destroying the Powerplay ships.

  • Zachary – Collect Military Supplies from Nanomam (HQ) and bring them to the targeted system.
  • FeliciaNo information. Feel free to provide them if you are from Felicia!
  • Edmund – Collect Alliance Legislative Records from the targeted system and bring them to Gateway (HQ).
  • ArissaNo information. Feel free to provide them if you are from Arissa!
  • Aisling – Collect Aisling Programs from Cubeo (HQ) and bring them to the targeted system.
  • Denton – Collect Supplies from Denton Garrison of Eotienses (HQ) and bring them to the targeted system.
  • Zemina – Collect Torval Political Prisoners on your controlled systems and bring them to Synteini (HQ).
  • Li – Collect Sirius Industrial Equipment from Lembava (HQ) and bring them to the targeted system.
  • Pranav – Collect Utopian Dissenters from your controlled systems and bring them to Polevnic (HQ).
  • Archon – Collect Tagged Slaves from your controlled systems and bring them to Harma (HQ).
  • Yuri – ?

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Rewards, Modules & Weapons

All of your Powerplay actions (Preparation, Expansion, Control/Fortification, Undermining) will grant you with Merits.
The more Merits you will own, the higher your Rank with your Power will be.
And the higher your Rank is, the more rewards you will unlock!

  • Rank I – Standard, 1 000 Credits et 10 PP commodities / 30 minutes
  • Rank II – 100 Merits, 50 000 Credits, 15 PP commodities / 30 minutes, 1st unique PP bonus, 1 Consolidation vote
  • Rank III – 750 Merits, 500 000 Credits, 20 PP commodities / 30 minutes, special module after 4 weeks allegiance, 1 Consolidation vote
  • Rank IV – 1 500 Merits, 5 000 000 Credits, 25 PP commodities / 30 minutes, 1 Consolidation vote
  • Rank V – 10 000 Merits, 50 000 000 Credits, 50 PP commodities / 30 minutes, 2nd unique PP bonus, 1 Consolidation vote

You can find what your rewards will be in the Powers chapter.

Note that these Merits are all collected for a single Cycle. Then, you will loose 50% of your Merits for the next Cycle.
Cycle 1, Wednesday evening = 10 000 Merits
Cycle 2, Thursday morning = 5 000 Merits!

► Remember this when you farm your Powerplay Modules & Weapons, you also need 4 weeks of Allegiance.

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Tips & Tricks

1. No need to have a huge ship to carry Powerplay commodities, a Type 6 with 100 units of cargo is perfectly suited.
You only have access to x Powerplay commodities every 30 minutes, unlockable by paying a substantial sum to recover x units of that commodity again. This feature works for all Powers requesting the fast track.
You can still use a Cutter or Type 9 and fill your hold to the maximum by paying fast track…, but it will cost you a lot of credits!

2. When you start playing Powerplay, you are Rank I and have access to 10 units of Powerplay commodities to be hauled every 30 minutes. It’s easy to reach Rank II with 100 Merits the next Cycle, with 1 Merit per unit!
For example, Zachary Hudson will ask you to retrieve PP commodities in the form of Intelligence from the systems your power is preparing, and bring them back to a Controlled system to earn Merits.
Aisling Duval will ask you to take PP commodities as Propaganda from Controlled systems and deposit them in the systems in which it is expanding, in order to sell them for Merit.
Pranav Antal will ask you to recover the PP commodities in the form of political dissidents from the control systems and transport them to his HQ in order to Fortify the system to earn Merits.

3. Political Battle Zones have different names depending on the Powers. Military Strikes for Hudson or Crime Sweep for Arissa for example.
You will earn 10 Merits per target destroyed, so with only 10 kills, here you are with a Rank II! It is easy to reach even higher.

4. Undermining the Controlled system of an enemy Power is more dangerous but yields 30 Merits per target destroyed. I’d advise you to use a ship with energy weapons so you can stay in combat for longer.

5. Yes, it is possible to reach Rank V only in Combat while undermining 30 Merits per targets. It will take you about 15 to 25 hours per week depending on your skill. I did this in a Python back in the time with 2h per day (1h morning & 1h evening) every day 7/7 for 50M Credits… but hey now we can earn much more in much less time 🙂


6. If you are active in Powerplay, you have no reason not to stabilize your pilot at Rank II. It is very easy to achieve this and in addition you will unlock 15 units of PP commodities, 1 Consolidation vote and especially the 1st bonus from your Power, not to be missed! Dedicate some time to reach Rank III and unlock your gear at least once.

7. For the most dedicated players, you can spend x Credits to earn your Rank V by hauling and fast tracking the commodities to win 10 000 Merits. You will earn 50M Cr reward the week after and lose 50% of your Merits… and you will need 50M Credits to win your 5,000 lost Merits again! You will lose no more Cr by supporting your Power… but it’s several hours of gameplay each week 😉

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Main Sources

  • My Powerplay knowledge after many experimentations
  • Players Groups: Alliance of Statistics (Boebly, Vectron, Trinity), Remlok Industries (Ptitdoux, Pontier, Cylonshadows)
  • ToCoSo and Mat Maddison for their creations. All of the images here aren’t mine, if it’s the case, they are always named after the author.

A little gift, the first ever Powerplay map, back in the time! Look how we’ve all grown 🙂


Sours: http://remlok-industries.fr/the-complete-powerplay-guide/?lang=en

Earning Merits to Unlock Power Play Modules

If you’re earning merits to ONLY unlock a Power Play module running cargo is the easiest and most efficient way to do so. Using this method you’ll gather 750 tons of a specific cargo, that you’ll determine once you’ve chosen the system you’ll be heading to.

In this guide we look at the easiest and most efficient way to earn Power Play merits for the sole purpose of unlocking Power Play modules.


Ship Builds


Artist: Miguel Johnson
Album: Revelation
Track: The Endless Dark

Full Script

In this quickie with Exigeous we’re going to look at the most efficient way to earn power play merits for the express purpose of unlocking power play modules. These are unique modules, such as prismatic shields or packhound missisles that are offered by aach of the 11 powers that can only be purchased once you’ve been pledged for 4 weeks and have earned 750 merits. While these merits can be earned via combat today we’re going to look at the easiest way to earn these, that is via cargo.

You’ll start by heading to the home system of your power so you can purchase and deliver 750 tons of power play cargo. This is best done in the Type 9 as it is the only ship that can carry this much cargo with a shield, I’ll include a couple builds in the description below. Once you’re ready to head out you’ll need to plot to your power’s home system, this can be located on your right panel, galactic powers. Once open select the power you’re pledged to, indicated by the small gold star in the upper right, and select view power on map. This will open the power play map selecting the correct home system, head there and land at one of the large stations in the system.

We’ll now need to determine what type of cargo you’ll acquire and where to deliver. First I ask that you reach out to your power play player group to briefly discuss with them what systems they’d like you to deliver this cargo, I’ve included a link below to our article on EDTutorials.com that lists the contact details for each power as it will only take a few minutes and could greatly help those group’s efforts. If, however, you’re unwilling to reach out we’ll need to find the best system so your efforts aren’t completely wasted. To do this you’ll open galactic powers, select your power then select the control tab. You’ll then selected the closest control system to fortify regardless of it’s stats. Here we see that CF 464 is very close, at 16 light years. Now note the commodity that you’ll purchase from the power play contact, here we’ll purchase Patreus Garrison Supplies. Now select view on map and plot a route to a large station in that system.

Now you’ll need to acquire the commodity you noted previously by opening starport services, contacts, power contact. Locate the commodity and purchase 750 ton, doing this in groups of 10 until you’ve reached 750. Yes, you can only purchase 10 at a time meaning you’ll have to repeat this over and over and over and over, yes, even buying this cargo is a grind in Elite. Once you’ve acquired all 750 tons head to the system you chose earlier, open starport services, contacts then power contact and deliver your goods.

You’ll now just need to wait until the next system update, or tick, that happens each Thursday morning at 7 am UTC. This will turn the 750 tons you’ve delivered into 750 merits, once you’ve earned that and have been pledged for at least 4 weeks the power play module will be unlocked. You’ll then be able to purchase that module at any station with outfitting. As you’ll only be able to purchase the module during this window you’ll want to purchase all you think you’ll ever need. For most modules I suggest purchasing and storing at least 6, for prismatic shields I’ve put what I suggest on screen now, these will be all the vast majority of commanders will ever need. If you’re only interested in power play modules you’ll likely want to move on and pledge to the next power on your list. As many of the power play modules are extremely useful if you’re not currently pledged to a power I suggest you do so as soon as possible as if you’re not pledged you’re just wasting time. There are very little negatives to being pledged so get pledged today! Once again this has been commander Exigeous of edtutorials.com reminding you to fly dangerously and thanks for watching.

Sours: https://www.edtutorials.com/power-play/earning-merits-to-unlock-power-play-modules/
  1. 28 nosler comparison
  2. Shoe storage cubes
  3. Kirkland gloves costco

A Lazy Commander's Guide to Powerplay

A Lazy Commander's Guide to Powerplay 2.0:

Opening thought: Politics is a game for those with too much time, and or money on their hands...

I. Preramble/WIIFM
The first and most important question to ask yourself when considering Power Play is "Whats in it for me?" (WIIFM) Lets talk for a moment about what Power Play is Not:
A. Powerplay IS NOT a quick way to increase your finances. You will do much better to devote your time to Trade, Bounty Hunting, and/or Mining if You are looking to quickly advance yourself fiscally.
B. Power Play is not a mechanic to get You awesome OP equipment: None of the faction-specific gear is "Raid Gear". It's cool, and different, but You can (currently at least) buy more effective gear off the regular market.
C. Power Play is not even a good long-range investmentbecause Your PP rank, and even the Xbox version of the map, will go away when the game is finished and synched with the PC version.

D. OK, that being said You might ask, "Why the heck do you do this thing then Kaze!?" Fair enough! Lets talk about what Power Play IS, and the WIIFM:
1. Power PLay IS a great way to find purpose within a sandbox Universe. Your actions affect not just yourself, but other players, and even the environment that You play in. Each Power does specific things to the systems under their control and exploitation. It can change the levels of different kinds of NPCs, commodities, payouts for bounty hunting or trade, and even provide discounts on ships and outfitting depending on WHO IS IN POWER!!! Some ships are specifically offered in the Control Systems of Specific Powers.
Check the STATS tab of each power to see who does what effect their rule has on the systems under their control. I will add future guides on why You might choose each power as I get time.
2. These factors should go into considering who to work for, where to base yourself, and who to make your enemy; even as you consider which Power's benefits package suits You best!
3. Each Power also (under the PLEDGE tab) show you what benefits that You get for being a member of that Power. For our purposes, only pay attention to what You get up through rank 4, Because rank 5 will take some serious effort to reach - Ranks 2 through 4... not so much! (See Below)
5. Like any good politician, I play the long game and look to put as little effort into making a living in my profession as possible:
At RANK 5, Politics becomes self sustaining and profitable, but only if You are patient...

A. Now before You dive headlong into joining a power, I suggest that You read the Aisling's Angels' excellent article 'The Popular Guide to Powerplay',
...and Cypher871's insightful 'Power Play Decay - The definitive answer',
...and here is a link to The Official Manual:
...and Walt Kerman;s excellent Guide to Minor Factions

B. Why should I bother to work for:
1. Zachary Hudson? - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=177171&p=2728735#post2728735
2. Prenav Antal? - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=177317&p=2730809#post2730809
3. Arissa Lavigny-Duval- https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=178329&p=2748907#post2748907
4. Edmund Mahon- https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=178360&p=2749564#post2749564
5. Felicia Winters- https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=178759&p=2755939#post2755939
6. Aisling Duval- https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=180630&p=2782266#post2782266
7. Li Yong-Rui- https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=180847&p=2785091#post2785091
8. Zemina Torval- https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=181383&p=2792353#post2792353
9. Archon Delaine- https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=182211&p=2805958#post2805958
10. Denton Patraeus- https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=182217&p=2806064#post2806064

III. Rank 1/0 merits:

Weekly Bonus: 1000 Credits
Preparation Nominations: 0
Power Commodity Allocations/Half-Hour (PCAs): 10
Special: You now have enemies... :(
Merits to Maintain Rank/Week: 0

A. REQUIREMENTS:You will need to have progressed at least one rank in one of the paths to Elite (i.e. hold mostly aimless, mostly penniless or mostly harmless) to be able to pledge to a Power.

B. Getting to Rank 1 is as easy as hitting the Pledge button for your Power of choice...
1. being Rank 1 in a power is worse than having no rank at all.
a. You have no political agency (Preparation Nominations),
b. it takes for ever to build up a meaningful level of PCAs, and You get enough credits to cover lunch, gas, and tolls. (barely)
c. Worse, You now have enemys. CMDRs now have a reason to hunt You - You are worth merits; and NPC enemies dedicated to the other Powers will begin to harass You.
C. Fortunately Rank 2 is just 100 merits away! There are 2 basic methods of getting there:

2. TRANSPORT:You get 10 PCAs every half-hour. Look at your Power's Preperation, Expansion, and Control Tabs and find out where to drop off the PCAs. A good Vehicle for this in the long run is the 'Political Bandwagon', this Type-6 is afffordable, and can comfortably maintain Political Tranport through Rank 4. :)
http://coriolis.io/outfit/type_6_tr....Iw1-kA==.Aw1-kA==?bn=The Political Bandwagon
a. Yes: It has Shields and Countermeasures; and YES, 100 cargo is more than enough; so keep the Shields and Countermeasures - There are Pirates, Griefers, and even NPC jerks in Plasma Accelerator using Vultures (Dont ask!) that will try to liquify you. Having a few cheap countermeasures, and a modest Shield Generator are insurance on your investment.
Yes: It has a auto-dock: What part of LAZY didn't you understand? :p

I currently use a Python for TRANSPORT, my build is:
http://coriolis.io/outfit/python/07...4b03025901.Iw18eQ==.Aw18eQ==?bn=Blue Hope III

This transports almost 250 PCAs/run, can defend itself, and land at outposts (unlike a T-7 or T-9) as well as stations. At just shy of 68 Million, She's pricy, but well worth it.

a. Zachary Hudson will have You pick up the PCAs in the form of Intellegence from systems that your Power is Preparing, and bringing them back to a Control System to turn the PCAs in for Merits.
b. Aisling Duval will have You take PCAs in the form of Propaganda from control systems, and drop them off in systems She is Expandinginto, to turn the PCAs in for Merits.
c. Prenav Antal will have You pick up PCAs in the form of political Dissidents from Control Systems, and transport them to His HQ in order to Fortifythe system, and to turn the PCAs in for Merits.
Move 100 of these PCAs in a week and Boom, You have 100 Merits. Rank 2 here You come! :)

3. COMBAT:Find a Political Combat Zone (Zacharay Hudson has 'Military Strikes' , and A Lavigny-Duval has 'Crime Sweeps' for examples, as part of their Expansion) Fighting in these Political Combaz Zones (P-CZs) will net You 10 merits for each enemy ship that You Kill. 10 Kills = 100 Merits. Bring on Rank 2!
a. If You are feeling really frosty, there is no reason to stop at Rank 2. 75 Kills/week = 750 Merits (Rank 3), and 150 kills/week = 1500 Merits (Rank 4); Easy! :D
b. If You have the firepower (I recommend at least a fully kitted Vulture), and the time, You could try to do 1000 kills in your first week and speed right to 10,000 Merits and Rank 5!!! :O
c. A good vehicle for the entry level politician is 'The Political Snake'; this medium fighter (Viper) will easily carry You to rank 4.
http://coriolis.io/outfit/viper/23A...542j.AwRj4yyA.CwBhEYy7vI==?bn=Political Snake
d. To help with this please see The 'Lazy Commander's Guide to Surviving a Combat Zone in a Starfighter'.

IV. Rank 2/100 merits
Weekly Bonus: 50,000 Credits
Preparation Nominations: 25
Power Commodity Allocations/Half-Hour (PCAs): 15
Special: The Power's Rank 2 Special Bonus
Merits to Maintain Rank/Week: 54

A. There is every reason to stay at Rank 2, and many CMDRs do.
1. You get a small stipend, some political agency in the form of Preperation Nominations, and your PCAs/30 min. increases to 15.
2. Most Importantly though, You get your Power's special bonus perk. This may manifest as bonus pay for actions such as bounty hunting, influence bonuses with minor factions, or even discounts on specific ships, weapons, or outfitting.
B. Maintaining Rank 2 only takes 54 Merits/Week; thats 6 kills in a P-CZ, or 4 PCAs over the course of a week.
1. This ease of maitenance allows You to pick the perk that supports your play-style with minimum effort.
2. You still get to have these modest efforts move towards shaping the galaxy, particularly if You work with other like-minded people. :)

V. Rank 3/750 Merits
Weekly Bonus: 500,000 Credits
Preparation Nominations: 50
Power Commodity Allocations/Half-Hour (PCAs): 20
Special: Access to your Power's special Equipment*
Merits to Maintain Rank/Week: 400
*Also requires having been Pledged to the Power for 4 weeks.

A. Rank 3 is the weird middle-child of Powerplay...You make half a million/week, not bad, but not great. You make 50 Preparation nominations/week, not bad, but You still have to add another 50 units of Preparation via Transport for a system to get nominated. Your PCAs/30 Min go up to 20, but it still takes 2.5 hours to fill up a hold with 100 Cargo. You also get a piece of Faction Specific Gear if You have been pledged to your power for at least 4 weeks; this gear is rarely a game-changer though so much as it is a change of pace.
EXAMPLE: The Enforcer Cannons from Prenav Antal are great weapons, and better than a normal Class 1 Fixed Multi-cannon; but it ONLY comes in Class 1 and Fixed, limiting it's usefulness. Now if they came in class 2 Gimballed... :D
B. Maintaining Rank 3 takes a bit more effort: 400 Merits/Week; that's 40 kills in a P-CZ, or 400 PCAs over the course of a week; (4 x 100 ton loads) so it's still not hard. That being said, if You are going to spend the time and the energy to do this You may as well advance to, and maintain, Rank 4...

VI. Rank 4/1500 Merits
Weekly Bonus: 5,000,000 Credits
Preparation Nominations: 100
Power Commodity Allocations/Half-Hour (PCAs): 25
Special: Easy maintenance for great rewards! :)
Merits to Maintain Rank/Week: 800

A. OK, now We're talking!Being Rank 4 gives You 5 MILLION credits/week, good. You get 100 Preperation Nominations, which is enough to put a System on the board without You having to travel there, excellent. You also get 25 PCAs/30 Min, allowing easy maintenance.
B. Maintaining Rank 4 costs 800 Merits/week.
1. Using TRANSPORT and 'The Political Bandwagon', You can do this the Lazy way: You can fill a 100 ton transport load every two hours; meaning that You can get your Rank 4 maitenance done while You go mow the lawn, go to work, wash the laundry, do the dishes, write a Guide, feed the baby, do a Weekly in Destiny, etc. in between 100 ton loads. You probably have something to do around the house... I have gotten so much more done at home since I started this... *lol*
2. Combat is still an attractive option, as You only need to get 80 Kills in a P-CZ over the course of a week; You can do this in 2 - 4 hours easy, and You can spread those hours out if it pleases You.

VII. Rank 5/10,000 merits
Weekly Bonus: 50,000,000 Credits
Preparation Nominations: 250
Power Commodity Allocations/Half-Hour (PCAs): 50
Special: Your Power's Rank 5 Special Ability.
Merits to Maintain Rank/Week: 5334

A. Rank 5 is the Elite rank of Politics, and like THE DARK SIDE of the FORCE, if You start down this path: FOREVER WILL IT DOMINATE YOUR DESTINY!(Seriously, I haven't had time to play 'Destiny' since I started the road to Rank 5!) :pWith 50 Million Credits/week, You can both maintain yourself and make money fairly easily (See below); with 250 Preparation Nominations You can designate 2 worlds for expansion, and give 50% of the designation to a third one without leaving port. 50 PCAs/30min will make Maintenance and profit sooo much easier. :)You also get a sweet Rank 5 perk that is Specific to your Power.
EXAMPLE:Zachary Hudson gives You an additional 100% bounty payout for all bounties collected. (If You have time to hunt bounty after You have played politics all week that is... *lol*)
1. You are going to have to give up being Lazy for 2 - 4 weeks, and completely dedicate your available time to the cause...
2. You are going to need to grind your way to 10,000 merits in a week.

a. COMBAT:Thats 1000 kills in a week if going from 0 using COMBAT!!!Assuming 700 merits left from a previous week at Rank 4, this comes to 9300 Merits needed at 10 Merits/Kill, or 930 Kills! Factor a KPH (Kill per Hour) of 40ish, and it will take You 23.25 hours of grinding for the week to hit your goal... I Highly Recommend that You do this in a fully kitted Vulture or better ship to maintain good Kills per hour. Such as The 'AGGRESSIVE NEGOTIATIONS'; unless You are the proud Pilot of a well built combat Anaconda, Python, or FDL. and this is my recommended method because...

b. TRANSPORT:There is no way to get to Rank 5 using TRANSPORT without spending over 50 Million on buying PCAs...:(Even if You started at Rank 4 (with 700 merits carried over from the previous week) , and dedicated 10 hours/day for a 7 Day Week to The Lazy Method , that would only amount to (7 days x 10 Hours/Day x 25 PCAs/30min) 3500 merits... You would still need to buy and transport (10,000 Merits - 3500 free PCAs - 700 carryover) 5800 PCAs which (at 10,000 Credits/PCA) will cost 58 MILLION credits!?!? :O You CAN do this if You are an already-established Merchant Tycoon, just like buying into politics in real life... :pThat being said, You should use the Lazy Transport method to supplement your Combat in order to help preserve your SANITY...
3. At the end of the first week You will get the payout for whatever your Rank was during the week that You started. This is important: You will get your first 50 Million credit paycheck at the END of the Week. so...

4. During your second Week, You need to grind 5400 Merits to maintain Rank 5 through your first week at Rank 5.(ayup... more Grinding.) At the beginning of the second week at Rank 5: You get that sweet 50 Million Credit Payout; which is investment capital. Unless You already own a ship that can transport 200+ Tons of cargo, use half of this to purchase a T-7 like 'The Political Platform',
http://coriolis.io/outfit/type_7_tr...4.Iw18aQ==.Aw18aQ==?bn=The Political Platform
and DO NOT SPEND THE OTHER HALF. Use the new Transport to supplement your COMBAT via the Lazy method of maintenance. Since You now makle 50 PCAs/30min, You don't want to have to make that run every hour on the hour, do You?

5. During your 2nd week, You will need to grind another 5400 merits; and You have the remaining 25 Million from the first week as a saftey net.You can use it to purchase up to 2500 Merits near the end of the week for TRANSPORT in your Transport's 200t hold if You are close. Anything that You do not spend on PCAs, You get to keep.

6. Maintenance of Rank 5 costs 5400 merits/week.The good news is that You can technically buy 5000 PCAs/week using your 50 Million credit paycheck; so You only need to earn anout 400. Those get covered by the 50 free PCAs that You get every 30min. after 8 collections. With a 200 ton hold, You can maintain Rank 5 indefinitely by making 27 Transport Runs/week in your 'Political Platform'/T7/Python whatever. You can improve this to 11 runs by upgrading to a Type 9 with a 500 ton hold, like 'The Gravy Train:
http://coriolis.io/outfit/type_9_he...03020224.Iw18eQ==.Aw18eQ==?bn=The Gravy Train.
The bad news is that You are not making any money... yet!

B. MAKING MONEY AT RANK 5, or Dirty Politics!
-Now this is a bit hard to wrap your head around at first... the 50 Million credits that You make per week DO NOT BELONG TO YOU. They are already earmarked to do your maitenance. Every merit that You earn is money that You get to keep at the end of the week. heres how it works:
1) At this Point: MERITS = MONEY!Each single Merit that You collect for 'free' is worth 10,000 credits to You. Each week, You can use TRANSPORT, from and Combat through most of the week to load and transport 50 free Political Cargo Allocations/hour and/or Shoot things; and continue to do this until Wed night. (Remember, PP refreshes on Thursday Morning).
2) using the reserve money, (That 50 Million from last week) purchase Political Cargo,and run the remaining balance that You need to get to 5400 merits for the week. Anything that You don't spend on PCAs is Pure...
3) PROFIT!!!(...and change the shape of the Galaxy through the preparation, and expansion, and/or fortification of your Faction!)

-You are rank 5.
-You take 4 Political cargo allocations/day, 7 days/week, at 50 Cargo/free allocation. (Benefit of Rank 5) thats 1400 Merits worth of Political cargo.
-You needed 5400 Merits for the week to maintain rank 5 - 1400 merits earned = 4000 merits still needed.
-You then spend 10,000 credits/merit x 4000 merits, or 40 Million credits on Political cargo and haul it over 20 trips in your Type 7, or 8 trips in your T-9. (at 500 Tons of Political Cargo/trip).
-You have a profit for the week of 10 Million Credits, and all of the benefits of being a Tier 5 member of your power!

4. At this point You can continue to 'convert' merits into 10,000 credits each, up to 50 Million a week, (or as much as You can Stand) and REALLY have an impact on PP week over week.
a. Now I want You to consider what I said earlier, that at this point 1 Merit = 10,000 credits.
b. That means 1 (ONE) kill in a political combat zone, or against an interdicted political target = 10 Merits or 100,000 credits/kill!!!
c. That means the 50 free political cargo allocations that You get every half-hour is 50 Merits = 500,000 credits/half-hour or 1 MILLION CREDITS/HOUR for SITTING ON YOUR BEHIND!!!!
5. If You were to leave your Type-9 at a Political Cargo Pick-up location for 5 hours, and load it every half hour, You 'make' 5 Million while You get other things done... now thats LAZY!!! :D

VIII. Continuing Education:I will be adding other guides and specific advice for each faction here as time permits.

A. But Kaze, what about Undermining!?!?!?
You may have noticed that I don't mention UNDERMINING anywhere in the above guide.This is because Undermining IS NOT LAZY. It takes a lot of work (Interdicting Ships for destruction or Piracy), a lot of travel time inside enemy territory, and You will get Fines and Bounties put on your head; and You should not do it alone!
If You don't get killed by another Politically inclined CMDR: You will have a Death Warrant in 12 systems in no time, and get your arm cut off by some desert dwelling Lunatic's laser-sword when You threaten to attack his Farm-Boy Companion! :p

1. It's Dangerous to Go Alone, Take This:
-What is comes down to is that You want to do this as part of a Wing
-When You Kill a Political target during undermining (as long as it is from a Power that doesn't belong to your major faction: Alliance, Empire, Federation, Idependent) You get 30 Merits. Awesome!
-When 2 or more of You share a kill: Each of You gets 30 Merits from that Kill! There is no faster way to rack up Merits for your Power.
-As You continue to hunt, targets will begin to travel in groups; You will want help.
-So Wing up and Undermine for Great Justice!
-Even Better, Use the SCRAP program to do so Ehtically! https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=197850&p=3059096#post3059096

B. Why should I bother to work for:
1. Zachary Hudson? - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=177171&p=2728735#post2728735
2. Prenav Antal? - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=177317&p=2730809#post2730809
3. Arissa Lavigny-Duval- https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=178329&p=2748907#post2748907
4. Edmund Mahon- https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=178360&p=2749564#post2749564
5. Felicia Winters- https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=178759&p=2755939#post2755939
6. Aisling Duval- https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=180630&p=2782266#post2782266
7. Li Yong-Rui- https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=180847&p=2785091#post2785091
8. Zemina Torval- https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=181383&p=2792353#post2792353

C. Other Useful Articles:
1. ' A Lazy Commander's Guide to Surviving a Combat Zone in a Starfighter' - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showt...der's+Guide+Surviving+Combat+Zone+Starfighter
2. 'Guide to Bounty Hunting for Max Profit' by DesireHD- https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=177506
3. 'Trading 101' by Dragun2 - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=187682
4. The Lidpar Order Training Facility Guide - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=190059
5. Tips for Power Management, discovered by CentrumSilver - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=191950
6. The SCRAP Program - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=197850&p=3059096#post3059096

D. How Lazy am I???
It's a matter of effort spent vs. reward. I truly am the LazyCommander, and politics rewards this. For example: Lets say I want to make Millions every Week, and do the least possible amount of work to earn it; and still want to make an impact on the political scale.

Example: Lets say I want to do Combat.
So I recieve 50 Million for Rank 5 at the beginning of the week...
1) I go to a Violent Protest, Military Strike, or other Political Combat Zone.
2) I get 10 merits/Kill, and make 40 Kills an hour = 400 Merits/Hour. (Effectively making 100,000 Credits/Kill; even for killing an Eagle!!!)
3) 400 merits are 4 MILLION Credits I don't have to spend on PCAs. So I have effectively made them.
4) I spend 2 Hours/Day fighting for my cause = 800 Merits/8 Million Credits.
5) I do this every day for 7 days. 800 merits x = 5600 Merits towards my Power's Expansion; or against anothers.
Having made over the 5400 needed to maintain rank 5, I get to keep all of the 50 Million for the week...
50 Million Credits/14 Hours = 3.5 Million credits/Hour...

EXAMPLE 2 - TRANSPORT: So I recieve 50 Million for Rank 5 at the beginning of the week...

1) I Set a T9 capable of carrying 500 tons of Cargo at a World that I wish to fortify.
2) I Set an alarm to go off every 1/2 hour, and use that to fill my cargo hold over 5 hours. (At Rank 5 thats 50 free PCAs/30 Minutes)
3) I spend a 20 min. turn around dropping the PCAs off at HQ, then return to base/or change worlds if the one I was at has hit it's trigger.
4) I do this every day for 7 days. (I have moved 3500 PCAs in 7 runs)
5) On four of these days I do an extra run where I pick up 50 free PCAs, and pay for 450 PCAs (at the tune of 10,000 credits each x 450 = 4.5 Million Credits) for a total expenditure of 18 Million credits.
6) At the end of the week I have made 50 Million (Original Amount) - 18 Million (PCAs paid for) for a Profit of 32 Million Credits.
-I have contributed 5500 PCAs towards fortifying my Power's Control Systems...
-I have spent 1 minute/PCA pick up (1 Minute each over 74 pickups = 74 minutes) and 20 Minutes per run over 11 runs (220 Minutes) for a total of 294 Minutes expended, or 4.9 hours; call it 5 for easy figuring.
7) I have Maintained Rank 5 and could do this every week if I wanted to...
-32 Million credits/5 hours = 6.4 Million Credits/Hour...




Sours: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/a-lazy-commanders-guide-to-powerplay.175324/
Not to be confused with Powerplay (bonds) or Merits.

Powerplay is an ongoing battle for interstellar conquest and control in the galaxy.[1]Powers are powerful individuals and organizations which you can ally with to help guide their strategy, and take on special objectives to advance shared goals. You can even earn valuable perks, reputation bonuses and credits for your allegiance. Your choices and actions have a direct and visible impact on the balance of galactic power.[2][3]

Powerplay was formally announced to launch as the third major free content updates for Elite Dangerous.[2] It was released on June 5, 2015.[4]


Powerplay represents the machinations of powerful individuals and organizations that strive to control inhabited space for their own agendas. At its heart, Powerplay is a battle for territory. Each Power attempts to expand into systems, extracting resources from them in order to pay for continued expansion and protect systems already being exploited. As commanders of space ships, players can pledge support to a power and carry out tasks for them in return for rewards and prestige.[5]

The Core Systems (aka the Bubble) is a sphere of about 150 light years around Sol with 19,000 inhabited systems where powers compete for influence, resources, territory and control. The territory volume is about 13.8 million cubic light years.

Powers and Factions

Powers are distinct from minor and major factions.

  • Minor factions generally control individual areas of space within a system. Whichever minor faction holds the main station of a system rules the system. Their holdings within a system are determined by their influence and any conflicts that arise.
  • Major factions are huge super powers that control vast swathes of inhabited space. There are three: the Alliance, Empire, and Federation. Many, but not all, minor factions align themselves with major factions, adopting their laws and customs.
  • Powers sit between major and minor factions in terms of scope. They don't directly rule, but they can hold sway over dozens if not hundreds of systems, or just a mere handful.

While many powers are aligned directly with major factions, being Imperial nobility or senators, or politicians within the Federation or Alliance, others are not, being independent entities.

Importantly, even when a Power is aligned with a major faction this does not prevent it scheming against its “allies”. Ultimately, every Power stands alone.

Command Capital

Each Power uses a resource called Command Capital (CC) to pay for its endeavours. CC represents a combination of financial, political and social weight that can be channelled into use by the power.

CC is received from systems under the control of a power. The bigger the population of a system, the greater the amount of CC can be exploited from it.

CC is the lifeblood of a power. Without it, the Power cannot expand or protect its territory.


Powerplay runs in cycles, each one lasting a continuous week in real-time.

Elite Dangerous Powerplay cycle starts and ends (resets) Thursdays at 7:00 am GMT.

A cycle represents the amount of time it takes for powers to take significant actions. At the end of each cycle all actions started within it are resolved and the power’s CC reserve for the next cycle is computed.

Control Systems and Exploitation

Powers do not take direct control of all systems they wish to expand into. They instead focus on single systems, dominating them, turning them into control systems.

Every cycle a Power must pay CC upkeep to maintain control systems. The amount of upkeep is directly related to the distance a control system is from the power’s home system. The farther away a control system, the greater the upkeep required to maintain it. A control system automatically collects CC income from all nearby systems within a 15 light year radius. These systems become exploited systems.

Importantly, control and exploited systems cannot be expanded into by other powers.

Turmoil And Revolt

If a Power begins a cycle with a deficit of CC, it is in trouble as it effectively does not have the strength to maintain control over all of the systems it controls.

The control system with the highest CC upkeep falls into turmoil and its upkeep cost is removed from the power’s CC reserve. Additional control systems fall into turmoil until the Power has a positive CC reserve.

When the next cycle begins, control systems already in turmoil will no longer exploit nearby systems for CC income, though their upkeep cost will still be due at the end of the cycle.

Any control systems that started the cycle in turmoil, will revolt at the end of the cycle if the Power is still running a CC deficit. Systems that revolt are no longer controlled by the power.

Note that revolting systems will not address the CC deficit, other systems might still fall into turmoil.

Control Effect

When a Power controls or exploits a system, it doesn’t simply harvest CC from them. It also applies one or more control effects to the systems.

Control effects are varied and dependent on the power, but could include shutting down all black markets, increasing penalties for criminals or legalising/criminalising specific commodities.

Process of Powerplay

There are three elements to Powerplay, called Ethos. These are preparation, expansion and control.

In the first instance, a target system must be prepared for expansion. This preparation may involve different tasks for supporters to complete, depending on the Power involved.

Once a system has been successfully prepared, an expansion attempt may be purchased for the next cycle. Again, different powers require their supporters to carry out different tasks to successfully prosecute expansion.

Supporters of other powers may directly oppose expansion making success even more difficult to achieve. Once a system has been expanded into, supporters may fortify it to reduce its drain on the power’s CC reserves.

Supporters of other powers may undermine control systems making them more expensive to maintain and more likely to revolt.


If you have pledged support to a power, you can prepare systems for expansion. The details of the preparation tasks required of you are described in the details of the preparation tab in the Powerplay interface.

Any system may be prepared for expansion with the following caveats:

  • The system must be inhabited
  • The system must not be a control system for a power
  • The system must not be an exploited system for a different power

In addition, each target system has an expansion cost. This expansion cost will be deducted from the power’s CC reserve at the end of the cycle if the system is chosen for an expansion attempt. A system cannot be prepared if its expansion cost is greater than the power’s current CC reserve.

Top Ten Systems

Although any amount of systems may be prepared, a Power is limited each cycle to purchasing no more than 10 expansion attempts. Importantly, its choices are based on the amount of preparation carried out at a system, not the system’s expansion cost.

The Top 10 Systems listing shows several things:

  • The total PREP so far this cycle for that top 10 system.
  • The range from your ship to that system in lightyears (LY)
  • The COST column shows in White color those systems that your Power will purchase expansion attempts in order from 1 to 10 until your Powers Command Capital (CC) for the cycle has run out. The first system highlighted in Red color shows the point on the listing at which the CC to spend that cycle will run out and no further systems in the listing can be afforded for expansion, those also highlighted in Red.[6]

All systems have a preparation threshold. Until supporters have completed enough preparation tasks to breach this threshold the system cannot be a top ten entry.

Vote Nominations

Once supporters become influential within a Power they may vote for a preparation top ten entry from the preparation tab to directly increase preparation for it, increasing the likelihood of an expansion attempt being purchased for it.

Multiple Preparation

More than one Power can prepare a system at the same time. In such cases, at the end of the cycle the Power which completed the most preparation gets to purchase an expansion attempt whilst all other preparation fails.

Preparation can occur for multiple powers in systems that would be within each other’s potential 15 light year exploitation radius.

In such cases, at the end of the cycle the Power which completed the most preparation gets to purchase an expansion attempt whilst all other preparation fails.

Preparation and the Galaxy Map

You can use the galaxy map to help you view potential candidates for preparation, by selecting the “Powerplay” view, choosing your Power from the drop down selection then activating the “Expansion” filter.

The Expansion view shows all systems outside your control with the following identification markers:

  • Colour is used to denote value of a system if it was controlled:
    • Green are the most profitable, red are the least profitable, orange are average
    • Grey systems would actually cost CC upkeep to maintain, even after all the income had been harvested from exploited systems
  • Hollow systems cannot be prepared, for one of the following reasons:
    • The upkeep cost is greater than the powers entire CC reserve that cycle
    • Another power is controlling the system
    • Another power is exploiting the system
    • Another power is attempting an expansion that would cause the system to be exploited if it is successful
  • Systems that are uninhabited are not displayed at all

Top ten preparation entries are displayed in the powerplay galaxy map when the “expansion” filter is active. Each such system has a number entry above it, denoting its top ten preparation status.

Rolling over or selecting a system summons an information panel giving more details as well as highlighting all systems that would be exploited if this were a control system.

Sours: https://elite-dangerous.fandom.com/wiki/Powerplay

Powers elite guide dangerous

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Elite: Dangerous - Power Play: The Basics

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