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Review: Benefit Brow Bar Experience

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It wasn’t long ago that I had never had my eyebrows waxed before. Never. And I just randomly decided one day that it was time. I never realized how wild my eyebrows were until I started waxes, and I pretty much never want to go back. (I say this as my eyebrows need a desperate waxing.. I just started my full time job and it’s hard to find the time! I’m going this weekend though :D)

So if you’re reading this post, then that means you probably are wondering..

Where should I get my eyebrows waxed?

Of course, you’re not just wondering where you should get them waxed. But how much moola? Let me start by telling you this. The Benefit Brow Bar is pricey – at $21.00 for an eyebrow wax. That’s before tip… Yikes!

And let me also tell you this.. It’s worth every penny. At least if you want a guaranteed amazing brow wax. Someone just told me about a salon that does amazing eyebrow waxes for $10. (I’m definitely checking that out). So I’m not saying you can’t get a great wax at a great price. I’m saying that the Benefit Brow Bar experience is top of the line.

So in my opinion, unless you’ve been referred to some other salon, you should definitely check out Benefit’s Brow Bar! The ladies there are spectacular!

Brow Mapping

First thing they will do when they sit you down is map your brows. What is brow mapping? It’s where they use a pencil to fill in the area of your brow that they aren’t going to wax. So basically, rather than just wax of your eyebrows and hope for the best, they’ll map you and you can tell them if you want them to change the shape.

Do you want your brows more angular? Would you like them to be a little thinner? Perhaps you like your brows to be a little thicker. This is the time to tell them what you want.

This is my favorite part of Benefit’s brow experience. You get to tell them how to do your brows, because at the end of the day, you’re the one who’s got to live with them!

I remember my first brow waxing experience. I tried to tell the lady what I wanted, but she wasn’t having any of it. She just waxed away, and I didn’t like them at all. Needless to say, I never went back. The total opposite experience is what I’ve had a Benefit’s Brow Bar. It’s your brows. You get to call the shots.


Once you’re satisfied with the brow mapping, they’ll start using the wax. Unfortunately I’m not sure what wax they use.. It’s unbranded (well, it says Benefit), and I’ve never seen a wax sold in stores quite like it.

I’m not going to lie. This part hurts. But so does any brow waxing. They always take their time at this stage. Making sure they get all of the hair outside of the lines, but don’t worry. They’re not going to wax the same area over and over.

Post Wax

Once they’ve waxed your eyebrows, the Brow Bar experience doesn’t stop there. They spend the same or more time in the post phase as they do with the waxing.

In my experience, they will usually take a sample mascara wand and eyebrow scissors to trim your eyebrow hairs. Sounds weird, but trust me, it makes a huge difference!

After they’ve trimmed your eyebrows, they will go back and use a tweezer to get any hairs that the wax might have missed 🙂

And after ALL that, they’ll still go back and ask if it looks okay. If you’re not happy and there’s something they can do about it (ie, make your brows just a little thinner), then definitely say something! I’ve done this and while they usually won’t go back in with the wax, they’ll refine the shape with tweezers. I swear, some of these girls have tweezer magic skills. (I always have problems tweezing. I can’t get more than one at a time). But the Benefit Brow Bar specialists can do wonders!

That’s it. It’s a pretty simple process, but the attention to detail makes all of the difference. I can almost guarantee that you’ll spend the next few days after your brow wax checking out your brows thinking they’ve never looked so good.

Sours: http://www.notanothercovergirl.com/ulta-benefit-brow-bar-review/
Benefit Brow Bar
Benefit Brow Bar

I visited a Benefit Brow Bar at my local Ulta to whip my eyebrows into shape for the first time. I plucked for years (more on that in a minute) but was ready for some professional help. But first, here’s why I eschewed it until my mid-twenties.

Prior (Jaded) Experience

Let’s rewind a handful-or-so (cough) of years. I was getting my nails done and my nail technician offered a brow wax. I had no idea what the heck to do with my eyebrows. For only $7, I figured it would be fine. (Narrator: It was not fine.)

She whisked me to the rear of the salon and plopped me into a chair next to a few vats of warming wax. She grabbed a coworker and spoke to her, gestured to her own brows, and directed her back to me – evidently not everyone was qualified to perform waxing services. Fair enough.

Wordlessly, this new employee tilted my head back in the chair and grabbed a popsicle stick. She didn’t speak to me, ask what I wanted, if I had done it before; immediately, she dipped the stick in the wax and spread it around my brow, applied a cloth, and ripped with no warning. She did this several times, then moved to my left brow. She repeated the same process on the left. When she moved to the tail area of the brow, she pressed the cloth down and yanked again. It was far more painful than the other previous yanks of cloth-and-wax. I opened my eyes, wincing, and noticed her eyes were wide and concerned. “Oops…” she said.

So…that’s how you end up with half of an eyebrow. From the arch to the tail – gone. Thankfully, I wore side bangs at this time (because I had neither the product or the skill to fill in my now-misshapen brows). I eschewed waxing for years and plucked instead. Can you blame me?

Get in Shape

I was scarred (emotionally) for YEARS, so I plucked on my own. I later noticed that reputable area salons and spas in my area offered brow services along but couldn’t help but wonder:

Although someone knows how to effectively rip hair from your body with sticky goo, do they know shaping best practices?

Legs, underarms, and Brazilian waxes don’t exactly require much shaping; many cases like a closeout sale everything must go. That isn’t the case with our eyebrows, though, as they serve to frame our eyes and face.

I discovered that Benefit offers select waxing services at their Brow Bars located in Ulta stores, Macy’s locations, and a half dozen other places. Members of /r/MakeupAddiction on Reddit passionately instruct newcomers to take their their untouched brows to a Benefit Brow Bar to fix them up.

Plucking up Courage

I looked into it, and Benefit does seem to be the bees knees when it comes to brow shaping. Using a technique called, “brow mapping,” they create an ideal brow shape for you based on your own features. Benefit employees are actually trained on how to create a flattering shape for you, not just how to rip hair out of your face. Knowing that, I felt confident that I could go in and not wind up looking like a clown.

Taking the Plunge

Unsure of whether or not I needed an appointment, I called my local Ulta to check – fortunately, because it is so quick, walk-ins are just fine. I dropped into the store after work, approached the Benefit Brow Bar and spoke to the (friendly!  knowledgeable! approachable!) employee there, and told her what I was looking to do. She then proceeded to ask me a series of (important!) questions like whether I use any:

  • retinol or Retin-A products
  • prescription Benzoyl Peroxide
  • laser peels
  • microdermabrasions, etc.

Standard health and safety questions that anyone about to provide waxing services should be asking you. She also made sure I wasn’t a minor – she didn’t card me, but mentioned that sometimes they have teens come in without parents and that they have to have a parent present (fair enough).

She asked if I had ever had a brow wax before (so she could explain the procedure if I wasn’t sure what was going to happen), to which I replied yes and gave her a condensed version of the previous story. We chuckled, she assured me that they definitely render better service.

Brow Mapping

She had me sit at a stool by the bar, wiped my brow area down with a cleanser to make sure I didn’t have makeup on and explained that we were going to map my brows. This is a three-step process:

  1. Take a thin stick (or pencil or whatever, as long as it is straight) and hold it straight up from outer edge of your nose (outer nostril). Using a brow pencil or powder, make a small vertical mark where that stick hits your brow. This will be the “front.”
  2. Then, looking straight ahead and keeping the bottom of the stick at the outer-edge of your nose, angle the stick so it diagonally crosses your pupil. Make another small vertical mark where the stick hits your brow. This is your arch.
  3. Finally, still keeping one end by the outer-edge of your nose, move the upper part of the stick further so it hits the outer edge of your eye. Make a small mark at the brow where that hits – this is where your tail should end.

Repeat this on your other eye. Connect the three marks (but don’t fill them in) – this will make your ideal brow shape. Then,she handed me a mirror to show where my brows’ new boundaries would be.

Ripping the Band-aid, er Wax Strip

Once I agreed, she removed the lid from a small warming unit. Inside was a pearly, champagne-colored wax that she scooped out when a thin wooden stick and very precisely applied to my brow area, taking caution to follow the shape she made and making sure it was thinly and evenly distributed. After doing so, she pressed a small strip over it and smoothed it out gently but firmly, then warned me before she yanked.

The first pull stung a little but was not as bad as the past or what I was expecting (I’ll attribute this to them having an awesome wax formula) and was done relatively quickly (under ten minutes) Any stubborn individual hairs that remained she quickly whisked away with tweezers.


After shaping, she made sure I had no almond or nut allergies and cleaned up any wax residue with an oil. Next, she applied a cooling gel to cleanse that away and soothe my skin. After that, she applied Benefit Gimme Brow to give my brows some life without making them look, “done.” Finally, she gave me a slip to take up to the register with me, but did not hurry me to ring out; I was welcome to browse as I pleased. I eventually went up front to check out and left a tip (because it’s the right thing to do, dangit – tip your estheticians!).

The Bottom Line

For a few months now, I should be able to maintain the shape that the expert/artist/brow wizard created for me. It was a very positive experience! I am happy with the process and results and would highly recommend the Brow Wax service at a Benefit Brow Bar.

Although $20 sounds like a lot for a brow wax, consider the time they take with you: they listen and walk you through the process. They craft a brow shape rather than just eyeballing it and slapping on some wax where they see fit… completely worth it. I confidently recommend this service from Benefit and urge you to give them a try next time you’re considering a brow wax.


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benefit brow bar experience

I thought I’d share a little bit of my experience with you after my visit at the Benefit Brow Bar! Maybe this is kinda a review of the Benefit Brow Bar if you’d like to call it that….! I typically either thread or wax my brows at a local salon which I’ve used for many years. In most cases, since my brows are pretty thick, I go for waxing but on occasion I’ll have them threaded. The salon I go to offers both services and they do an excellent job in my experience! They are friendly, clean, and fairly priced so I really have no reason to change up my routine.

Aside from curiosity that is…

I just wanted to give the Benefit Brow Bar a try out and see what I might be missing.

Here’s the deets!

So after hearing some of your reviews when I last posted about the possibility of trying out the brow bar I got a little scared! There was talk about the esthetician being to talkative and even pushing product. I dislike aggressive sales reps in stores like Bath and Body Works so I feared that my experience with the Benefit Brow Bar would lead me to some sort of $200 purchase in makeup and other crap I didn’t need because I’m the worst kind of consumer who simply has a hard time saying no. I did head into my appointment being slightly scared because of this!

The first thing I did was call up Ulta and arrange for an appointment! It was for 7:30 but EEP I had to cancel it. The next time around I decided just to walk in and hope for the best. Lucky enough I walked right in and the esthetician was there with a smile and happy to take me right away. She was friendly, not too chatty, and she made the entire experience really enjoyable! She wasn’t aggressive, she didn’t try to sell me Benefit anything, and she just asked some very minor questions, and for the most part she was silent. I was quite comfortable with that because making small talk while having your brows done is not high on my list of comfortable things to do.

The first thing she explained and did was a brow mapping with some Benefit Brow Zings Gel. She just did three lines on my brows to show where my brows should begin and end. She told me that the middle point of my brows was waxed too short and I should grow it back in. I completely agreed as the last trip to my salon a new person did my brows and I felt like they took too much off. After that she proceeded to gently wax my brows.

Honestly, I’m used to a far more brutal waxing. This girl was super gentle and she did waxing in patches so I barely felt it at all. If you’re sensitive the Benefit Brow Bar is the way to go because the entire experience is completely relaxing and doesn’t hurt at all.

The thing that kinda sorta made me question the waxing portion would be the fact she was dipping into a large wax pot. When I go to my regular place they actually have small disposable pots of wax that they heat up and use exclusively on me. So there is no double dipping….! She did use a brand new stick to apply the wax but once it touched my skin she was putting it back into the large pot of wax. It’s safe to say the pot is used for ALL her wax jobs so yeah um…not sure about that. Also it’s a little unsettling that the waxing is done right in the middle of the store. I choose to go to the Ulta Benefit Brow Bar which is obviously located in a central part of the store. I felt a little uncomfortable having her wax my upper lip while a few dudes were walking around. Typically when I go to my normal salon they take me into a private back room but this isn’t the case with the Brow Bar. I dunno, maybe I’m uptight but I felt a little strange being waxed in public. Total goldfish syndrome!

After the waxing she treated the area with a little cream and began to shape my brows. At this point she did ask me if I filled my brows and I told her no, that I thought it unnecessary since my brows are very dark and coarse already. Unfortunately, this is where things went a bit wrong. Although I liked the arch she did and I thought she shaped my brows very nicely she ended up over filling them with brow powder. She also kinda drew them in towards the middle where we had discussed growing them back so I kinda looked like that dog meme with the brows. Seriously, my two best friends who are completely bitchy gay men completely thrashed me when I left the store and laughed themselves silly! I’m positive they both pissed themselves in their fit of giggles. At first I was horrified but after a minute I couldn’t help but join in as I looked ridiculous. I’m not sure why she felt the need to use so much brow gel but it was completely unnecessary. After my friend Jai, produced a makeup wipe to wipe it all off I felt much better and I looked more normal. I actually had a moment of panic because with the brow gel on it appeared one of my brows was longer and thicker than the other but after wiping it off I realized it was because she filled them a bit wonky! Thankfully the arch was perfect and the length and thickness was fine too. I really had to shake my head as anyone can see my brows do not need filling but I guess it’s just part of the Brow Bar experience?! I should also mention the brow gel or powder whichever you’d like to call it was a brownish red so it did not match my own natural hair color at all! That made me look even MORE strange!

dog meme brow

On that note, I will say it is a little expensive. I had my upper lip done, my brows, and the slight fuzz I have going on below my chin and it set me back $41 plus I left her a $9 tip for a total of $50. Typically the same thing, done by my salon, sets me back $35 and that includes the tip. So I might have to save the Benefit Brow Bar thing for special occasions… She did gift me with a small little sample of Benefit’s new mascara as well as their De-Puff Eye Cream which was really nice of her.

Would I go back?

Probably not.

I like where I currently go already. They do a great job, they are clean, friendly, and inexpensive! I would however, recommend the Benefit Brow Bar experience for people that are sensitive to waxing or those who possibly have sparse brows and need shaping maybe (that’s a big maybe as you heard my horror story!).

It was interesting and I’m glad I did it but all in all it’s a bit expensive and I wasn’t completely satisfied with the experience. I could have totally done without the filling and shaping part 🙂

Have you tried the Benefit Brow Bar?

Did you enjoy it?

Do you go often?

Find it too expensive?

Do share!

Sours: https://www.musingsofamuse.com/2015/06/my-experience-at-the-benefit-brow-bar.html

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