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In terms of popularity, My Hero Academia has done an amazing job when compared to a lot of other modern-day anime and manga franchises. The story of a boy without superpowers who wishes to become a superhero in a world where superheroes are commonplace became a phenomenon among modern fans and that is certainly enough for us to dedicate today’s article to the show and its characters.

Our list is going to contain a number of main characters, both antagonists and protagonists, that have appeared throughout the series. You’re going to find out their exact ages in the story and their dates of birth, their exact heights and, of course, some of their main powers. It’s going to be a very fun list so enjoy!

Izuku Midoriya

Full Name: Izuku Midoriya
Date of Birth: July 15
Age: 4-16
Height: 166 cm

Powers and abilities: Izuku’s biggest asset before receiving his Quirk was his extensive knowledge of basic hero skills and tactics. Izuku has studied Pro Heroes for years and can apply this knowledge in practical ways in crisis situations. His immense

courage and desire to become a hero were also important factors that gave him the mentality of protecting others. Before getting his All Might quirk, he faced off against the slime villain and saved Katsuki for his daring and heroic skill application, which deeply impressed Hero # 1.

After training with All Might, Izuku inherited One For All from him and was given the opportunity to use a powerful energy source. He can move faster than the eye can see and take out a giant robot villain with a single punch, but the physical backlash of the time prevented Izuku from fighting properly or competing with his peers on a level playing field.

Despite this, he still possessed impressive physical durability and his drive allowed him to survive One For All’s drawbacks for the most part.

Shōto Todoroki

Full Name: Shōto Todoroki
Date of Birth: January 11
Age: 15-16
Height: 176 cm

Powers and abilities: Shōto entered the U.A. High School by credentials and has established himself as one of the top grade 1-A students, after receiving training from his father Endeavor at a young age. He took 2nd place in the Quirk Apprehension Test and the U.A. Sports Festival.

Shōto has also mastered his versatile and powerful Quirk, Half-Cold Half-Hot, giving him incredible two-element abilities. With the right side of his body, Shōto can dramatically lower temperatures and freeze anything he touches, creating ice that he can freely shape into many constructions, including waves of ice that cover large areas and ice barriers.

Shōto also uses his cryokinetic skills for mobility purposes, such as stacking shards of ice behind his back to move forward, glaciering the ground on which to skate, or his characteristic movements to create ice tracks he can walk and surf on. On the left side of the body, Shōto can eloquently increase thermokinetics and release searing flames in the form of consuming currents or protective waves.

Overall, Shōto has tremendous power, but due to past decisions and circumstances, such as deliberately neglecting half of his Quirk, he has yet to reach his full potential.


Full Name: Eri
Date of Birth: December 21
Age: 6-7
Height: 110 cm

Powers and abilities: Eri’s Quirk enables her to restore the body of a living individual to a previous state, allowing her to physically rejuvenate her target, heal wounds and reverse physical changes. It has even shown the ability to rewind a person’s body to a point before it exists.

The source of the power of their quirk is in the horn above her head, and the size of the horn determines the strength of her power. It’s also an accumulation-type Quirk, meaning that the energy it emits has to build up over a period of time before it can be used. Due to the mutation of her Quirk in her body, Eri’s blood is able to attack a person’s Quirk and stop its activation by reversing the target’s evolution before the point of the Quirk Phenomenon.

It has been suggested by Eraser Head that her Quirk can rewind and restore even the bodies of those who have lost their Quirk. However, Eraser Head said the Quirk only works on people, not things, which means it can’t be easily formed. It also means that Eri cannot use her Quirk in time as she is not a living being.


Full Name: Enji Todoroki
Date of Birth: August 8
Age: 45-46
Height: 195 cm

Powers and abilities: Endeavor was No. 2 among Japanese heroes before taking No. 1 after All Might’s resignation. He is known to have the most solved cases of all crime fighters, and at the age of 20, Endeavor took his place as the No.2 Pro Hero.

He is also gifted with his powerful Quirk, Hellflame, and uses its flames to overwhelm opponents with extreme heat, among other things. Due to his high rank, Endeavor is a very powerful hero, which has been proven in his battle against the League of Villains.

He has repeatedly faced and defeated multiple levels of Nomu without suffering any harm, for which he is praised by people like All For One, an incredibly dangerous and talented villain. Endeavor demonstrated his great speed and power by cutting much of a skyscraper into cubes before it could collapse, as well as incinerating most of Hood’s body three times.

In the Paranormal War of Liberation, Endeavor was found to be an integral part against the 75% increased body of Tomura Shigaraki and caused the greatest damage which ultimately resulted in the villain’s body collapsing.

Himiko Toga

Full Name: Himiko Toga
Date of Birth: August 7
Age: 16-17
Height: 157 cm

Powers and abilities: Himiko is a very talented and dangerous fighter who is not only capable of melee combat with Pro Heroes but is also a master of disguise, infiltration, and camouflage, mainly due to her metamorphosis. Espionage is one of her most salient qualities, holding her breath and clearing her mind, allowing Himiko to erase her presence and supposedly disappear from the sight of her enemies.

This ability is not limited to ambushes as it can also be used in combat and disappears if the opponent distracts their attention, even for a moment. And although she lacks one Quirk that amplifies her combat skills, Himiko effectively uses her incredible agility, reflexes, and acrobatic skills. She is also adept at creating openings for hiding, such as deliberately forcing an opponent to escape.

Himiko’s Quirk gives her the ability to turn into a physical doppelganger of another person and copy their voice. She can only transform into people whose blood she has swallowed. The more blood she drinks, the longer she has access to that person’s form.

She can switch between the appearances of more than one person if she drinks the blood of more than one person. She can even duplicate a person’s clothes, but her own clothes would overlap the transformation, so she would have to strip down first.

All For One

Full Name: Shigaraki
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: 100+
Height: Unknown

Powers and abilities: All For One is Japan’s most powerful supervillain. Thanks to his Life Force Quirk, All For One is virtually immortal and has been active since the inception of Quirks. He has collected lots of Quirks with a huge range of applications and can combine them at will. This, along with his ability to steal all of his opponent’s quirks, makes defeating All For One nearly impossible.

The villain will use all means necessary to bless his opponent before killing him. Even in his prime, All For One effortlessly defeated powerful Pro Heroes, allowing himself to appear unequaled and unstoppable. The only people who can effectively counter the Symbol of Evil are the heirs of One For All, a Quirk All For One himself accidentally created, and the one Quirk he can’t steal.

All For One searched for all of the One For All users (except Hikage Shinomori) and easily killed them by overwhelming them with his barrage of quirks. However, All For One was unable to steal One For All or prevent the user from passing the course.

Still, All For One remained unchallenged until the rise of All Might. All Might had the strength to challenge All For One, and the two adversaries engaged in a bloody duel. Despite crippling injuries, All Might was able to defeat All For One and force the villain to rely on life support.

Tomura Shigaraki

Full Name: Tomura (Tenko) Shigaraki
Date of Birth: April 4
Age: 20-21
Height: 175 cm

Powers and abilities: Tomura is known as Japan’s second most dangerous villain after All For One himself, who rivals Pro Heroes with his physical and analytical skills. As the leader of the League of Villains, Tomura has complete control over his powerful subordinates.

During the U.S.J. Incident, Tomura had the courage to briefly face the awesome Pro Hero Eraser Head and successfully use his Decay Quirk on the Erasure Hero’s right arm. Tomura was able to fight Gigantomachia for half a month and didn’t give up until he was able to get the giant to submit.

By the time he faced Re-Destro and his left hand was partially destroyed, Tomura’s abilities had suddenly increased to levels beyond his natural parameters.

According to Re-Destro, if Tomura had his newly high physical parameters during the Kamino incident, he could easily have eliminated at least one or two of the Pro Heroes during this event, even without his disintegrating Quirk. After a fierce battle, he not only managed to defeat Re-Destro to gain control of his army, but also tame Gigantomachia through his performance.

Similar to his master, Tomura’s aura can instill fear in others, and his mere gaze was enough to cripple those who were under the influence of Incite, who had been ordered to eliminate Tomura. After Kyudai Garaki makes body modifications to Tomura, his overall skills surpass any Pro Hero to the point where his powers are on par with Toshinori Yagi when the latter had One For All.

Katsuki Bakugo

Full Name: Katsuki Bakugo
Date of Birth: April 20
Age: 4-16
Height: 172 cm

Powers and abilities: Katsuki turned out to be one of the strongest students in Grade 1-A, taking third place on the Quirk Dread Test while doing both the U.A. Entrance exam with the most rogue points and the U.A. Sports Festival. Katsuki’s fighting style is all offensive, using his Quirk’s driving abilities to reduce the distance between him and his opponents, followed by a bombardment of melee attacks, often starting with a powerful right hook.

Katsuki is able to use his explosion to propel himself through the air, propel blind enemies, and fire long-range explosions, among other things. The explosion is a versatile Quirk, especially for combat situations, as the recoil caused by the explosions can be exploited by Katsuki for mobility purposes.

During the U.S.J. Incident, Katsuki was able to single-handedly overpower and immobilize Kurogiri, a very capable villain. At the U.A. Sports Festival, he managed to defeat Fumikage Tokoyami and Shoto Todoroki, who at the time were considered the other two strongest students in Class 1-A.

Many notable professional heroes, such as Shota Aizawa and All Might, have praised Katsuki’s abilities and noted the enormous potential he carries. The League of Villains also noticed Katsuki’s strength and even attempted to kidnap him so he could convert to their cause, even if that involved sacrificing members of the Vanguard Action Squad, as his potential membership would have greatly exceeded. the risk.

All Might

Full Name: Toshinori Yagi
Date of Birth: June 10
Age: Unknown
Height: 220 cm

Powers and abilities: All Might has been recognized as the world’s absolutely strongest hero. He was the “Symbol of Peace” and such a crime deterrent that its presence in society largely deterred the wicked.

He managed to defeat All For One, a dangerous supervillain who ruled all over Japan long ago and who is twice revered as Japan’s most powerful villain; he was the only One For All user who could win against him. Despite the victory, All Might suffered a terrible injury from All For One which limited his maximum performance for the future.

Even after the power of his quirk was limited by his injuries, All Might’s strength and speed were unmatched, though he could only manifest them for a limited time. This time frame became shorter and shorter after he conveyed his Quirk to Izuku. Even so, All Might could still defeat the villains that groups of normal Pro Heroes fought against.

Pushing his power beyond his reasonable limits, All Might defeated Nomu, who was specially created to kill him, with over 300 hits. Izuku and Katsuki, who are among the Class 1-A elites, were completely dominated by All Might in their fight. All Might was carrying heavy weights during this battle and was even more than strong and quick enough to easily subdue his two young loads.

Forced to break his Quirk Limiter again, All Might defeated All For One using his remaining strength.

Eraser Head

Full Name: Shōta Aizawa
Date of Birth: November 8
Age: 30-31
Height: 183 cm

Powers and abilities: Eraser Head displayed incredible ingenuity and martial arts that made him one of U.A.’s most formidable professional teachers and heroes. The usual combat tactic used by Eraser Head is to grab an opponent’s Quirk and then use his weapon of conquest in conjunction with his great agility to easily defeat or hold back opponents.

Even without the help of his Quirk, Eraser Head relies on his hand-to-hand combat skills and excels at hand-to-hand combat. His general skills make him a central fighter in situations where his opponents rely solely on the use of their Quirks, and since Eraser Head creates openings by negating their powers in the middle of a fight, he and his comrades are placed in advantageous positions.

During the U.S.J. Incident, he managed to stand up to the lower-ranking members of the League of Villains who surrounded Eraser Head and outnumbered him, a dozen to one. Eraser Head dodged several attacks from enemies of varying sizes and abilities before holding them back and detonating them with calculated counterattacks.

He was even able to almost defeat Tomura Shigaraki, a very capable villain, before the Nomu stepped in and overpowered the erasure hero. Unlike Tomura, Eraser Head can effectively fend off high-ranking villains like Action Team members Vanguard, Dabi, and Himiko Toga, albeit with some difficulty.

He also played a major role in the Shie Hassaikai Raid and Paranormal War of Liberation, which saw large teams of heroes battling high-class villains, with the latter show including the suppression of various High-End Nomus and Tomura’s enhanced abilities.

Eraser Head has advanced observation and evaluation skills. He can easily assess the personality of his students and their mental state. He is an expert when it comes to collaboration between his equipment and Quirk. In battle, Eraser Head uses goggles in conjunction with his Quirk to keep enemies from knowing who he’s looking at and letting them guess.

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Last week, Weekly Shonen Jump Editorial Staff announced on their website that a name of a controversial character will be changed.

The controversy happened when creator Horikoshi Kohei announced the name of All For One’s doctor.  The doctor known as Ujiko’s real name was revealed to be Maruta Shiga, a quirkless doctor.

Unfortunately, the spelling of the name refers to victims of human experimentation during World War II, acts done to Korean, Chinese and foreign detainees.

Today, netizens have uncovered something not so cool about characters birthdays from the series.

Netizens found that the birthdays of characters are the same birthdays of the terrible people from World War II.

Yamamoto Isoroku – The Japanese Marshal Admiral of the Imperial Japanese Navy was born on April 4th.

Adolf Hitler’s – The leader of the Nazi Party, his birthday is on April 20

Dohara Kenji – The general of the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II who led the Japanese invasion of Manchuria was born on August 8.

As for the “My Hero Academia Characters”, Tomura Shigaraki’s biirthday is on April 4th.

Katsuki Bakugou’s birthdate is on April 20th.

And as for Izuku Midoriya, his birthdate is on July 15th.  The Japanese Communist Party was founded on that same date.

Endeavor’s birthday is on August 8th.

A few reactions on SNS:


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knock ´em dead, kid — BNHA Character Masterlist (Zodiac, Birthday, Blood...

BNHA Character Masterlist (Zodiac, Birthday, Blood Group, Height and current Age!)

These are all official! A masterpost to consult if you need data info.

(Ages were looked up April 2019)

Hella long so the list is under the cut!

Midoriya Izuku: Cancer (July 15), O, 166 cm (5´5″), 16

Aoyama Yuga: Gemini (May 30), O, 168 cm (5´6″), 16

Ashido Mina: Leo (July 30), AB, 159 cm (5´3″), 16

Asui Tsuyu: Aquarius (February 12), B, 150 cm ( 4´11″), 15

Iida Tenya: Leo (August 22), A, 179 cm (5´10″), 16

Uraraka Ochaco: Capricorn (December 27), B, 156 cm (5´1″), 15

Ojiro Mashirao: Gemini (May 28), O, 169 cm (5´7″), 16

Kaminari Denki: Cancer (June 29), O, 168 cm (5´6″), 16

Kirishima Eijiro: Libra (October 16), O, 170 cm (5´7″), 16

Koda Koji: Aquarius (February 1), A, 186 cm (6´1″), 15

Sato Rikido: Gemini (June 19), O, 185 cm (6´1″), 16

Shoji Mezo: Pisces (February 25), B, 187cm (6´2″), 15

Jiro Kyoka: Leo (August 1), A, 154 cm (5´1″), 16

Sero Hanta: Leo (July 28), B, 177 cm (5´10″), 16

Tokoyami Fumikage: Scorpio (October 30), AB, 158 cm (5´2″), 16

Todoroki Shoto: Capricorn (January 11), O, 176 cm (5´9″), 15

Hagakure Toru: Gemini (June 16), A, 152 cm (5´0″), 16

Bakugo Katsuki: Taurus (April 20), A, 172 cm (5´8″), 16

Mineta Minoru: Libra (October 8), A, 108 cm (3´7″), 16

Yaoyorozu Momo: Libra (September 23), A, 173 cm (5´8″), 16

Kendo Itsuka: Virgo (September 9), O, 166 cm (5´5″), 16

Shiozaki Ibara: Virgo (September 8), AB, 167 cm (5´6″), 16

Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu: Libra (October 16), B, 174 cm (5´9″), 16

Monoma Neito: Taurus (May 13), A, 170 cm (5´7″), 16

Shinso Hitoshi: Cancer (July 1), AB, 177 cm (5´10″), 16

Togata Mirio: Cancer (July 15), B, 181 cm (5´11″), 18

Hado Nejire: Libra (October 6), ?, 164 cm (5´5″), 18

Amajiki Tamaki: Pisces (March 4), AB, 177 cm (5´10″), 17

Hatsume Mei: Aries (April 18), O, 157 cm (5´2″), 16

Nezu: Capricorn (January 1), A, 85 cm (2´9″), ?

Recovery Girl: Aries (April 4), B, 115 cm (3´9″), ?

Aizawa Shota: Scorpio (November 8), B, 183 cm (6´0″), 31

Thirteen: Aquarius (February 3), ?, 180 cm (5´11″), 28

All Might: Gemini (June 10), A, 220 cm (7´3″), ?

Present Mic: Cancer (July 7), B, 185 cm (6´1″), 31

Cementoss: Aries (March 22), B, 185 cm (6´1″), 28

Midnight: Pisces (March 9), A, 175 cm (5´9″), 31

Snipe: Scorpio (November 7), A, 181 cm (5´11″), ?

Ectoplasm: Aries (March 23), AB, 180 cm (5´11″), 41

Power Loader: Virgo (September 17), A, 155 cm (5´1″), 41

Vlad King: Scorpio (November 10), B, 194 cm (6´4″), 31

Gran Torino: Pisces (January 28), B, 128 cm (4´2″), ?

Ms. Joke: Aquarius (February 5), ?, 166 cm (5´5″), 28

Yoarashi Inasa: Libra (September 26), O, 190 cm (6´3″), 16

Utsushimi Camie: Leo (August 15), ?, 161 cm (5´3″), 17

Endeavour: Leo (August 8), AB, 195 cm (6´5″), 46

Hawks: Capricorn (December 28), ?, 172 cm (5´8″), 22

Best Jeanist: Libra (October 5), AB, 190 cm (6´3″), 36

Kamui Woods: Taurus (May 20), A, 168 cm (5´6″), 29

Gang Orca: Scorpio (October 29), B, 202 cm (6´8″), 35

Mt. Lady: Leo (August 11), B, 162 cm (5´4″), 24

Mandalay: Taurus (May 1), A, 168 cm (5´6″), 31

Tiger: Pisces (February 29), A, 189 cm (6´2″), 31

Pixie-Bob: Cancer (June 26), AB, 167 (5´6″), 31

Ragdoll: Aries (April 8), O, 163 cm (5´4″), 31

Sir Nighteye: Capricorn (January 2), ?, 200 cm (6´7″), 38

Shimura Nana: ?, ?, ?, ?

Stain: ?, B, ?, 31

All for One: ?, B, ?, 100+

Shigaraki Tomura: ?, ?, ?, 20

Kurogiri: ?, ?, ?, ?

Dabi: ?, ?, ?, early 20s

Toga Himiko: Leo (August 7), ?, ?, 17

Twice: ?, ?, ?, ?

Overhaul: Gemini, ?, ?, ?

Tsukauchi Naomasa: Aries (April 4), ?, 180 cm (5´11″), 36

Eri: Sagittarius (December 21), ?, 110 cm (3´7″), 6

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Almost every BNHA character and what element bender they would be

Very long post so the list is under the cut!


I’ll do another one of these huge lists soon because I’m insane and looked up height, blood type and derived the zodiac sign of almost every chara aswell.

Anonymous asked:

Ok, how about the UA teachers reacting to a student that really looks up to them. Like they are the student's idol, so the student is always asking questions about them, praises their accomplishments, etc. I hope this makes sense ;^^ english is not my first language

It´s not my first language either and your English is just fine so don´t worry about it, dearie! This was super fun to write so thanks for this request!

All Might: I mean this probably happens to him all the time. That doesn´t mean it gets any less exciting for him though! We all know he is doing his best to become a good teacher so he´s always happy to answer questions and just give guidance to whoever needs it. It is a little hard for him to not play favorites when these kids are just so eager to learn and therefore easy to work with. In the end he does love all his students, but it always feels good to know there´s some fans around. Definitely cries when they graduate.

Eraserhead: Contrary to All Might, this has never happened to him before since he´s an underground hero that doesn´t like to get involved with the media in any way. He doesn´t really treat them differently from the others. He does warm up to them when they talk to him about some of his captures and he notices that they really must´ve looked for him specifically to find out some of these things. Also, they speak about them with so much enthusiasm, that he can´t help but feel proud he of all people is causing such joy in a person. As soon as Shinso starts practicing with the capture weapon he offers them to join if they think they can handle the extra lessons.

Present Mic: He is super excited about this! Especially if this student shares his hyped-up attitude they are going to get along splendidly. Mic works three jobs so he doesn´t always have as much time for his teaching as he´d like too but he always tries his best and he finds himself actually talking to them a lot out of class. If their quirk is similar to his even better! That means he gets to actually train with them. And they get to be very, very loud together. Basically immediately offers them to work as a sidekick for him if they want to when they graduate. They become pretty close to each other almost like family. They also just scream over the corridors when greeting each other and all the others are almost having heart attacks.

Midnight: At first, she kinda looks at it as another student being infatuated with her because of her sexy appearance so she doesn´t really pay it any mind. But the comments are somehow different than usual. They do talk about how sexy she is but in a different manner than others. Much more respectfully and impressed. And they also point out how strong and cool she is and how her quirk is basically impossible to dodge. She can´t help but feel really touched when she figures out that they really, sincerely look up to her and want to be like her. She gets extra happy if her student is male because: “Yeah baby boy, show them that men can be sexy in a feminine way too!!!”

Cementoss: He´s honestly? So happy? Cementoss is pretty young still and his quirk while pretty impressive has obvious weaknesses so his fanbase is still growing. He has met fans before but no one this excited to meet him in particular. He´s professional enough to not play favorites but he is very friendly to them outside of class and encourages them to come to him if they have any issues that need solving even though he´s not their homeroom teacher.

Ectoplasm: Ectoplasm has quite a large and stable fan base but it´s always nice to meet and work with some of them, especially if they are capable enough to make it into UA. He has been teacher for quite a while and he´s very dependable and that´s one of the reasons this student really appreciates being around him. Ectoplasm ends up having a regular afternoon for sparring with them. He just loves watching the growth that´s happening over the years. He´s a very calm and collected mentor making sure his students aren´t trying to rush things.

Thirteen: Thirteen is thrilled to have someone interested in becoming a rescue expert. Most of the students are in for the combat training and defeating enemies in the flashiest way possible. So it´s very rare for them to have someone that´s truly there to do the less glorious but just as if not more important part to it all. Additionally, of course, there´s the respect this student has for them. But Thirteen does quick work of that telling them to see them more as a colleague and not a teacher. They´re quite young still and having someone call them teacher is making them feel old.

Snipe: Snipe catches himself standing up straighter when he walks into class. Having a fan cheering him on like that makes him carry himself differently. He does not want to disappoint them under any circumstances. He´s actually feeling more pressured than anything else in the beginning. Of course, he would never admit it though. He actually has a heartfelt talk with them at one point where he apologizes to them for being so weird and they just completely turn it around and tell him that they think he´s the greatest hero they´ve ever seen and how much they look up to him. That talk really helped him to get more comfortable with them and now they have a good teacher/student relationship.

Vlad King: Listen. Vlad fucking adores his students. So much. And when they return that love he can´t help but feel his heart be moved. He thrives on their support to a point where the other teachers are getting suspicious because why is he in such a good mood all the time? Where´s the grumpy exterior? Vlad has a good connection with all of his students but since they admire him so much, they end up talking a lot and he gains a lot of insight into their personal life aswell. He ends up becoming a father figure for them. Also cries when they graduate.

Power Loader: In his case, his admirer is probably in the Support Course since he works closest with them. He, similar to Aizawa, doesn´t really have a huge fan community but he´s at least used to people knowing his name. He´s still surprised when he meets a new student that looks like they are ready to die and go to heaven as soon as he´s standing in front of them. He´s not used to this but honestly it feels… kinda nice to have someone like that around? Power Loader is not struggling with self esteem or anything, but a little bit of praising has never done any harm. He´s at school pretty much 24/7 so if they want to come by and talk or work together his workshop is always open for them.

Bonus! (She´s technically not a teacher but I wanted to add her anyway!)

Recovery Girl: She basically adopts them. Healing quirks are very rare and since she´s not getting younger she asks for permission to take them in as an apprentice. The student now takes extra lessons with her and it´s basically already settled that they will be her successor once she retires. It´s a lot of work but they couldn´t be happier with it since their idol not only works very close with them now but also thinks so highly of them and their desire to help others.

Hope you enjoyed this!

- Love, Mod Anni

Go ahead and send in your requests!

Hello everyone! Just a reminder that the ask box is open so go ahead please!

I´ve currently got one (1) request in my ask box, if anyone is curious so please don´t be shy! You can even send in multiple requests if you want! Just please make sure they follow the rules (don´t worry they probably are!)!

In case of you celebrating it: Have a great Easter!

- Love, Mod Anni

Anonymous asked:

Aite how bout class 1a reacting to a new kid who supposedly has murdered someone?

Hey anon! Thank you for your request!

In all honesty I don´t think UA would accept a student that´s had a history with a crime as grave as murder. If they have “supposedly” murdered someone the police better get on with the investigation of said murder. And the kid should be in custody until it´s clear what happened. Even after the investigation was over I doubt UA would take in someone with such a reputation.

I´m sorry if that´s not the answer you wanted but for the sake of being realistic I´d find it very questionable if a school like UA took in someone that supposedly murdered somebody.

- Love, Mod Anni

Anonymous asked:

How abt class 1A reacting to a new kid in their class that was once an ex-villain. Like they did a lot of bad things, but they're slowly trying to be good. Hope this makes sense^^

Hey boo, yeah that totally makes sense! Thanks for your request! For the sake of this being realistic we´re going to assume that this person was not a part of the League of Villains and is roughly the same age as the students.

- As a whole I think class 1-a would be very weary of this new kid at first. They´ve all experienced what some villains are capable of first-hand since the attacks on UA happened. And since no one knows how the League of Villains got insight into the school administration distrust-levels have been high.

- It´s only after Aizawa reassures everyone that they went through basic rehabilitation already and have been checked and looked over multiple times by the principal and the other teachers to make sure they were okay to have in UA´s hero course that everyone calms down a little.

- The ex-villain probably has a bumpy first week to be honest. While no one treats them with hostility (not even Bakugo, even he is weary of them) most of the class has settled on observing them closely. They don’t move into the dorms immediately because they´re still undergoing resocialization with their new foster family and everyone is pretty happy with that arrangement for the moment.

- I feel like Iida is the first to approach them. He takes being class president very seriously and he sees it as part of his duty to make sure everyone in class feels comfortable enough with one another to work together and create a good atmosphere for learning. He is a little suspicious of them still but he also holds great trust in the administration of UA. He offers them help should they have any questions on things concerning class and tells them to come to him should anyone be picking on them.

- After Iida´s taken the first step some start to follow his example. Uraraka, Asui, Kirishima and Kaminari being the first ones.

- Uraraka felt bad for the new person from the start knowing that they would have a hard time making friends, she just was too unsure if they´d rather be left alone or not to be the first one to go up to them.

- Kirishima similar to Iida has strong ideals and lets them know that he doesn´t care what they did in the past as long as they are being earnest about wanting to do good from now on. He ends up becoming one of their best friends as they really needed someone as reliable and good-natured in their life.

- Asui also believes in judging a person on their current beliefs and actions. Also she´s as straight-forward and uncomplicated as ever making her easy for the new kid to interact with.

- Kaminari was pretty scared of them at first but he kinda tried to joke his fear of them away and it sort of worked out? Just like Asui he´s easy to interact with so they get along fairly well.

- If the ex-villain identifies as female Ashido is the one that introduces her to the other girls and does her best to give her a smaller group she can identify with more easily than all of Class 1-A.

- Most of the others warm up to them gradually after seeing how hard they are trying to be a better person. Especially after they move into the dorms with them. No one pressures them into opening up about their past but especially Hagakure and Sero have expressed their curiosity more than once. As soon as they do open up about their past and explain how much better their life is now most of the class forgets about the mistrust they´d been harboring.

- A few of them stay suspicious. Todoroki, Bakugo and Jiro can´t help but be a little stand-offish at least for the first year. After that Bakugo forgets to care and Jiro is over it though. In Todoroki´s case he just has mental health issues from his childhood that keep him from trusting them completely.

- Midoriya is really interested in their quirk thinking about ways of using it for good instead of bad with them.

-Tokoyami pretends he doesn´t like them. He does he´s just too shy to admit it.

 After all that´s happened to the ex-villain and the initial problems of finding their place things have finally settled down. After their first year at UA their rehabilitation is almost completed. Of course they´ll still have to see their therapist and other doctors once in a while but other than that life is good again. Finally.

(I hope this is what you wanted!

-Love, Mod Anni)

Class 1-A as Youtubers

(This was a request from a close real-life friend of mine!)

Yuga Aoyama: His channel is a mess. It´s just short weird videos nobody but him understands. They´re mostly reuploads from his vine (rip) account. Doesn´t make them any easier to understand though. Also Thirsttraps galore.

Mina Ashido: Is a vlogger for sure. Does all the challenges. Her videos are mostly about life at UA, her work-out routine, whatever new eyeliner she´s picked up and so on. Pretty much all of the others have appeared at least once in her videos.

Tsuyu Asui: For some reason I feel like her videos would be sort of calm and artistic? Beautifully done outdoor shots, timelapses, manages to always find the right music. Has the best camera out of them all.

Tenya Iida: He´s more on the educational/political side of Youtube. Doesn´t necessarily have the great equipment or the editing skills, but doesn´t really need them either to have very clean-cut videos that get the point across.

Ochaco Uraraka: The first thing I thought was mukbangs. I could also see her doing great videos on how to be thrifty and keep your expenses to a minimum with everything. Fans like her because she doesn´t try to be anything she´s not on camera.

Mashirao Ojiro: Martial arts, Sports and Health is what I see. I bet he does great Yoga videos. He has a nice voice for guided meditations, workouts and stuff. Has a surprisingly high amount of female fans.

Denki Kaminari: Memes. I betcha he´s the otaku of the group so he also does videos on general nerdism. Has a second channel that´s exclusively gaming content. Both of his channels are actually organized quite well?

Eijiro Kirishima: He also does vlog about his daily life but most importantly has a podcast he does with the Bakusquad once a week. They record themselves when making them and load that up to his channel (kinda like Jenna Marbles). Sero is the one that always comes up with great shameless sponsor plugs and everyone simultaneously loves and hates him for it.

Koji Koda: I´m sure this comes to no surprise but Koda is a Pet/Plant youtuber. Probably has like a jungle in his dorm room at this point. He´s acctually had to move some of his plants into Shoji´s room because he´s the only one that has a lot of space. Therefore you´ll see Shoji in many of Koda´s videos.

Rikido Sato: Again no suprise. He does baking and cooking videos. Sound´s boring? Well since everyone shares a kitchen he rarely does a video by himself. It´s always a surprise as to who will join today. Seldomly plans for collabs they just happen. All the time. And usually result in a mess and doubled over laughter.

Mezo Shoji: I was acctually struggling with this one but I guess there´d probably be lots of people that´d be interested in seeing how he does in everyday life with his quirk and his minimalist lifestyle! (also he´s just got a bomb ass personality and he deserves all the attention don´t @ me)

Kyoka Jiro: Her videos primarily revolve around music. She does metal and rock covers of popular songs and regularly destroys on the bass. I also see her being into festival culture and often vlogging at them with whoever´s with her (most of the time Kaminari and/or Tokoyami).

Hanta Sero: Oh man, he´s the editor of the bunch. Does a lot of like teaching how to get cool effects with specific ways of editing and just being a comedic genius in general. He´s also gotten into animating recently!

Fumikage Tokoyami: Okay hear me out. I think there´s a LOT of baby bats out there that would idolize Tokoyami. We all know he´s goth af (and denies it) and his videos very much fit that aesthetic. He does OOTDs and GRWMs and is surprisingly into fashion. Has defintely made black icecream on his channel before.

Shoto Todoroki: I think he´s the only one of the bunch who doesn´t necessarily like being miced up or having his face on camera. His videos are usually silent or have calm music playing while he does art. From drawing to ice sculptures he´s got it down. His fans are currently begging him for a face reveal.

Toru Hagakure: Theater kid gone ASMR. Being a Youtuber (or a theater kid)  isn´t easy for her since you know… she´s invisible. But she does her best and acctually is quite good at narrating and similar things. She´s first got into ASMR when she noticed that some of the people around her like Midoriya, Bakugo and a few others were having trouble sleeping and concentrating after the first villain attack in USJ. Her main reason to make videos is to help others feel more comfortable.

Katsuki Bakugo: Okay, scratch what I said about Tsu. THIS guy has the best camera. I was thinking to myself: “What kind of content would Bakugo like to watch?” and the first thing that came to my mind was things being destroyed in super slow-motion. So he does videos similar to the Slow Mo guys. The destroying is his favorite part.

Izuku Midoriya: Nerrdddddd, he has this series of videos where he takes one pro-hero as his topic and then goes into great detail about anything he can find about them. His videos are never about himself and he just kinda popped up one day so lately people have been asking to see more content about him instead of other heros! He´s very confused but happy about it.

Minoru Mineta: I don´t know why but my mind immediately jumped to like tutoring videos. Mineta IS very smart so it made sense in my head that he would. They´re acctually pretty helpful?

Momo Yaoyorozu: Ah yes. Finally the “Too-perfect-to-be-real-channel”. Momo´s videos are always aesthetically pleasing, have high production value and a lot of care put into them. She does anything you would find on instagram. DIY´s, Favorites, Nail art (mostly done by Mina tho), Book recommendations, all that good, cute, cozy stuff. She has one format that´s completely different though. Every once in a while on fridays, all the girls of 1-a get together to have a kind of sleepover. Just that no one sleeps and they play games and stuff their faces until the sun goes up again. It´s far wilder than any of Kirishima´s podcasts or Sato´s collabs have ever gotten. And I´ll keep it at that.

-Mod Anni

Ask Box is OPEN!

Feel free to send in your requests!

Mod Anni

In case anyone wants to know who I am!

I´m a 20 (almost 21!) year old, pansexual, Aries, Slytherin, ENFP, cis girl from Germany! (try saying that three times fast)

I speak German and English fluently, Dutch, and basic spanish and japanese. I´m currently a University student my majors being English and Japanese!

My favorite BNHA Characters would be Iida and Present Mic!

Other things I´m into:

-Mass effect

-Dragon age

-Kuroko no Basuke



-Yuri!!! on Ice


-Kamigami no Asobi

-Ouran High School Host Club

-(some more Anime probably)

-Monster Prom

-Mystic Messenger

-Any fucking disney film tbh

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My Hero Academia: Every Main Character's Age, Height, And Birthday

My Hero Academia has established itself as one of the most popular shonen anime of all time, featuring an easy-to-follow structure coupled with some excellent characters who quickly became fan favorites due to their likable nature. My Hero Academia has taken some dramatic twists and turns since its inception, with the main characters developing quite a bit throughout the series.

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People who are really into the characters in My Hero Academia would obviously want to know pretty much everything about them, down to their most basic information as well. So, keeping this in mind, here are the ages, heights, and birthdays of all the main characters from My Hero Academia.

Updated October 4, 2021 by Mark Sammut: My Hero Academia's Season 5 has come to an end, and the anime is nowhere close to being done. Throughout the show's run, My Hero Academia has introduced a wide array of characters who have become prominent figures in the shonen genre. Deku, Bakugo, Todoroki, All Might, and Uraraka are all recognizable among casual anime fans, and that rundown doesn't even go into My Hero Academia's villains. To celebrate the show's past and future, this article has been expanded to include a few more key My Hero Academia characters.

My Hero Academia Statistics Chart

With each new season, the line-up of heroes and villains expands, something that is unlikely to change in the future. To make it simpler to keep track of the main characters' ages, heights, and birthdays, the information has been collected in the below table.

Izuku "Deku" Midoriya
  • 14 (Episode 1)
  • 15 (Episode 3)
Katsuki Bakugo
  • 14 (Episode 1)
  • 15 (Episode 3)
Shoto Todoroki
Ochaco Uraraka
Tenya Ida
Fumikage Tokoyami
Mirio Togata
Shota Aizawa
All Might
All For One
Tomura Shigaraki

Izuku Midoriya

The hero of My Hero Academia just so happens to be one of the most powerful and likable characters on the show, courtesy of the One for All power that he receives from All Might.

The growth that Izuku undergoes throughout the series — in terms of both his powers and personality — makes him a massive highlight of the series. Deku will nearly always be at the heart of any story arc in My Hero Academia, and that's generally a positive thing.

Katsuki Bakugo

There was a time when Bakugo felt like nothing more than a run-of-the-mill rival that was there just to serve as a foil for the main character. However, viewers soon managed to see a deeper side to his character that peaked during his battle with Midoriya.

Ever since then, Bakugo has managed to become one of the most alluring parts of the series, with his brash and explosive personality being an absolute treat to witness at times.

Shoto Todoroki

Born with one of the most powerful Quirks in the series, Todoroki's character development and the acceptance of his fire powers have helped him become a standout figure in the series.

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While the latest seasons might not have placed him in the limelight as frequently as earlier arcs, Todoroki is still a valuable part of the cast. He also has a ton of potential that he's yet to showcase in the series.

Ochaco Uraraka

While Uraraka might not have had many instances in the series to let her Quirk shine, the character is still compelling to watch, regardless.

It's clear that Uraraka is meant to be Midoriya's love interest, but the way in which their potential romance has been handled does negatively affect her character somewhat. However, players who manage to look past these occasional moments of poor writing will find themselves enjoying the personality of this bubbly character quite a bit.

Tenya Ida

The goody-two-shows of Class 1-A and one of Midoriya's closest friends, Ida is one of the many characters in My Hero Academia whose Quirk holds quite a lot of potential.

Unfortunately, aside from occasional moments such as his battle against the Hero Killer Stain, Ida hasn't really had the opportunity to showcase his skills in the anime. Hopefully, the later arcs of My Hero Academia will help him stand in the spotlight once again.

Fumikage Tokoyami

Operating under the hero name of Jet-Black Hero, Fumikage Tsukuyomi has one of the most interesting Quirks in My Hero Academia. The Dark Shadow is a sentient monster that, as its name suggests, grows more powerful in the absence of light. However, the stronger Dark Shadow gets, the harder it is for Fumikage to control it.

Fumikage tends to slip into the background in most social situations, particularly early on in the story; however, this does begin to change as the anime progresses. Fumikage is powerful, well-liked, and reliable.

Mirio Togata

Regarded as the top student at U.A. High School, Mirio's energetic and carefree demeanor doesn't give away just how capable of a hero and fighter he is. Prior to All Might discovering Deku, Mirio looked set to inherit One For All and become the new Symbol of Peace, and it isn't difficult to see why he was considered a worthy successor to this world's greatest hero.

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Mirio's Quirk, Permeation, turns him intangible, an ability that the student has explored to its full potential.

Shota Aizawa

The homeroom teacher of Class 1-A is a powerful hero. Aizawa's ability to cancel out Quirks for a limited period of time has proven to be quite useful in a tough spot.

This, coupled with this knack for hand-to-hand combat, makes it easy to see why Eraserhead is a favorite of many fans. Given how events in the manga have developed up to now, one can only wait and see how he handles himself in a fight where everything is on the line.

All Might

The former No. 1 Hero is one of My Hero Academia's most recognizable characters, with his dual personality being quite intriguing to witness in its own right. However, while the current version of All Might may not be all that spectacular, his legacy more than speaks for himself and his achievements.

A gifted wielder of One for All who managed to use this power to great effect in order to take care of any threats that would endanger the lives of civilians, All Might was very much worthy of the No. 1 spot in his heyday. One can only wait and see the role that his powerless counterpart will play in the events to come.


At the start of the series, Endeavor genuinely seemed like a horrible father. It was hinted that he'd abused his wife and children, while he also seemed rather petty for being stuck in All Might's shadow until the forced retirement of the former No. 1 Hero.

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However, over time, Endeavor's character has been built upon quite a bit in order to humanize him more in the eyes of audiences who'd only seen his savage side. His fight against the advanced Nomu was easily one of the major highlights of this character, and it's clear that the trajectory of Endeavor's character is certainly looking up indeed.

All For One

A dastardly villain whose fight with All Might put the wielder of One for All out of business for good, All for One is an intriguing villain. Aside from the amazing fight that he has with All Might, his sporadic appearances throughout the series have also been quite entertaining in their own right.

However, given how the events of the anime and manga have unfolded, it's very much clear that All for One will be succeeded by another villain who boasts a ton of potential...

Tomura Shigaraki

Shigaraki is one of the scariest villains in the series. His twisted motives and horrifying power have established him as a compelling villain who is bound to play a major role throughout My Hero Academia.

Shigaraki's dynamic with Midoriya has made for an enthralling watch. Most fans can't wait to see the personifications of good and evil in the series duke it out in the show once and for all.


Central to the Shie Hassaikai Arc, Eri is a young girl who has been through hell for most of her life. Eri's Quirk, Rewind, allows her to return a person to a previous state, which includes before they came to be. Eventually, Eri fell in the hands of Kai Chisaki, who manipulated the girl to his own ends.

Eri is an easy character to root for. She goes through quite an arc in My Hero Academia, one that comes with an emotional payoff.

MORE: My Hero Academia: The Strongest Villain Quirks, Ranked


God of War Fans Want To See What Would Happen If Norse Kratos Fought His Younger Self

A group of God of War fans debates what exactly could happen if the older Kratos from the new games were to fight his younger self.

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Birthdays mha characters



  • Jan 1: Nedzu
  • Jan 2: Sir Nighteye
  • Jan 7: Kamakiri Togaru
  • Jan 11: Todoroki Shouto
  • Jan 16: Jirou Kyoutoku
  • Jan 28: Gran Torino


  • Feb 1: Kouda Kouji
  • Feb 2: Shouda Nirengeki
  • Feb 2: Fukidashi Manga
  • Feb 3: Thirteen
  • Feb 5: Ms Joke
  • Feb 9: Shishikura Seiji
  • Feb 11: Yanagi Reiko
  • Feb 12: Asui Tsuyu
  • Feb 14: La Brava
  • Feb 16: Fourth Kind
  • Feb 16: Jirou Mika
  • Feb 22: Edgeshot
  • Feb 25: Shouji Mezou
  • Feb 29: Tiger


  • Mar 1: Miruko
  • Mar 4: Amajiki Tamaki
  • Mar 7: Backdraft
  • Mar 9: Midnight
  • Mar 15: Bakugou Masaru
  • Mar 22: Cementoss
  • Mar 23: Ectoplasm
  • Mar 23: Bubble Girl
  • Mar 26: Shishida Juurouta


  • Apr 4: Tsukauchi Naomasa
  • Apr 4: Recovery Girl
  • Apr 8: Ragdoll
  • Apr 18: Hatsume Mei
  • Apr 20: Bakugou Katsuki
  • Apr 21: Tsunotori Pony


  • May 1: Mandalay
  • May 7: Gunhead
  • May 13: Monoma Neito
  • May 13: Shindou You
  • May 19: Tsuburaba Kousei
  • May 20: Kamui Woods
  • May 28: Ojirou Mashirao
  • May 30: Aoyama Yuuga


  • June 10: Yagi Toshinori / All Might
  • June 12: Kaibara Sen
  • June 16: Hagakure Tooru
  • June 19: Satou Rikidou
  • June 19: Tsuburaba Kousei
  • June 20: Honenuki Juuzou
  • June 21: Tiger
  • June 26: Pixie-Bob
  • June 29: Kaminari Denki


  • Jul 1: Shinsou Hitoshi
  • Jul 4: Midoriya Inko
  • Jul 7: Present Mic
  • Jul 14: Rin Hiryu
  • Jul 15: Midoriya Izuku
  • Jul 15: Togata Mirio
  • Jul 17: Lunch Rush
  • Jul 22: IIda Tensei
  • Jul 28: Sero Hanta
  • Jul 30: Ashido Mina


  • Aug 1: Jirou Kyouka
  • Aug 8: Todoroki Enji / Endeavor
  • Aug 8: Fatgum
  • Aug 11: Mount Lady
  • Aug 15: Utsushimi Camie
  • Aug 22: Iida Tenya
  • Aug 29: Gentle Criminal


  • Sep 8: Shiozaki Ibara
  • Sep 9: Kendou Itsuka
  • Sep 17: Power Loader
  • Sep 23: Yaoyorozu Momo
  • Sep 26: Yoarashi Inasa


  • Oct 5: Best Jeanist
  • Oct 6: Hadou Nejire
  • Oct 8: Mineta Minoru
  • Oct 13: Tokage Setsuna
  • Oct 16: Kirishima Eijirou
  • Oct 16: Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu
  • Oct 29: Gang Orca
  • Oct 30: Tokoyami Fumikage


  • Nov 1: Kuroiro Shihai
  • Nov 1: Death Arms
  • Nov 7: Awase Yousetsu
  • Nov 7: Snipe
  • Nov 8: Aizawa Shouta / Eraserhead
  • Nov 9: Vlad King


  • Dec 1: Bakugou Mitsuki
  • Dec 2: Komori Kinoko
  • Dec 5: Manual
  • Dec 9: Uwabami
  • Dec 12: Izumi Kouta
  • Dec 19: Kodai Yui
  • Dec 21: Eri
  • Dec 23: Bondo Kojirou
  • Dec 27: Uraraka Ochako
  • Dec 28: Hawks
Bakugo's WORST Birthday Ever [TodoBakuDeku] - My Hero Academia Cosplay

In the world that was only for him, though realistic, but still a dream, a dream imposed on him by the demon of the. Night, the demon of that crossroads, at which there was that loaded heavy truck with lighted bright headlights. that it was already late and full of whose. And Victor was in a hurry home. Yes, and time has grown now with these bypass roads.

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That's it. ", Smiled Vova, I already knew that you really needed an enema. " Yes, it was necessary to do it, "Liza was forced to admit as. Well.

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