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The best 80+ inch TVs bring you into the world of elite world home cinema – you get images close to the size of a projector screen, but in a form that's much simpler to set up, and that's easier to get the best possible picture quality from.

Among the best 80+ inch TVs, you'll find many of the best TVs in the world really showing off what they can do, including some of the best OLED TVs for the first time. If you have the budget, this is where the best 8K TVs really get to come into their own, because the extra resolution really gets a chance to shine at the biggest sizes.

There are lower-cost models that reach up to 85 inches too, but even then "lower-cost" is a relative term, because any TV of this size is going to require a proper financial investment. And not only that, but they'll need a major amount of space to fit them in, too – it's a huge increase from the best 65-inch TVs, and actually the difference from the best 75-inch TVs is more than you might expect.

Getting one of the best projectors is the most cost-effective alternative to a huge TV and actually enables you to go even bigger if needed (TVs become very rare and specialist above 85 inches), but TVs have certain advantages: they're more immediate, you don’t have to worry about the lifespan, and you can enjoy all the usual TV features such as broadcast tuners and smart platforms, and next-gen gaming friendly features. It's also easier to have a simple and effective sound system with a TV – either built-in speakers or one of the best soundbars.

More importantly, an 80+ inch HDR TV can deliver levels of peak brightness that projectors struggle to meet, allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of HDR. We've got a full TV vs projector guide here, if you want to know more about how the two technologies compete.

Best 80+ inch TV: Is this the right size for you?

Unsurprisingly an 80+ inch TV is really large, and while such a screen could fit in a normal living room, it will probably dominate the space to an undesirable degree, unless you have a huge open space.

A TV this big should really be installed in a dedicated room, where it can take centre stage and its size won’t be an issue. Wall mounting is probably the best approach, but make sure the wall is load bearing and the bracket robust. 

You can theoretically sit up to 18 feet away, but given the increased resolution available these days you can sit much closer, making the experience more immersive. 

You should also consider investing in a multi-channel audio system, so there’s a big soundstage to accompany those impressive visuals. At the very least, take a look at the best soundbars – some give you Dolby Atmos sound with rear speakers, which is an experience to match the scale of your set.

Best 80+ inch TV: What to look for

The 80+ inch TV market is dominated by high-end models, including (but not limited to) the best 8K TVs, since the larger screen size benefits most from the increased resolution. However there are still excellent 80+ inch 4K TVs available – we do recommend going 8K if you're able, though.

There are both OLED and QLED screens available (as well as other forms of LCD), though this size range tends to be dominated by LCD currently. Very few of the best OLED TVs actually reach this scale, though more models are appearing in 2021.

As with any screen size you should be looking for HDR support, Dolby Atmos, state-of-the-art smart platforms, and gaming features ready for next-gen consoles, if you're so inclined – there's more info on these in our guide to the best gaming TVs. 

The most essential thing, when dealing with panels this large, is to have high-tech image processing to ensure that all content looks awesome on the big screen – when the picture is this big, you will see any imperfections, especially when upscaling from HD or (shudder) standard definition to 4K or higher.

Best 80+ inch TV: the list

(Image credit: Samsung)

1. Samsung 85QN900A

The best 80+ inch TV, bringing masterful 8K and HDR images


Screen size: 85 inches

Other sizes available: 65, 75 inches


Reasons to buy

+Astounding dynamic range+Stunning 8K detail+HDMI 2.1 ready

Reasons to avoid

-OLED still does black levels slightly better-Elite price

When it comes to delivering spectacular images at a huge size, the Samsung QN900A is king. Its 8K resolution delivers phenomenal detail, while the next-gen Mini-LED panel is fantastically bright for HDR, but also delivers the best contrast we've seen from any Samsung TV so far.

The 8K screen uses AI upscaling to really make the most of all the pixels, and really does make 4K video look better than it would on a 4K TV of the same size. It's also capable of making even HD and SD video look solid on the giant screen, which is no mean feat.

It does this while also using its array of tiny LEDs to deliver incredible brightness for HDR realism, but it also features many more local dimming zones than any other model has, meaning that the precision with which it can show dark areas next to light areas is the best we've seen outside of OLED TVs.

Our full QN900A review said that it "raises the bar even higher, combining extreme brightness, colour and 8K sharpness with unprecedented levels of contrast and backlight control to produce the all-round most spectacular pictures I’ve seen on a TV that's remotely affordable."

It also has a bezel-free design that's spectacular to see, it offers excellent gaming features including HDMI 2.1, the smart TV platform is excellent, and it has speakers all around the edge, for positional audio.

(Image credit: LG)

2. LG OLED83C1

The best 80+ inch OLED TV


Screen size: 83 inches

Other sizes available: 48, 55, 65, 77 inches

HDR: HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG

Reasons to buy

+Excellent 4K image quality+Rich OLED HDR+Great features

Reasons to avoid

-No HDR10+-Mediocre sound quality

The LG C1 is the first OLED TV to be available at this kind of size, though several more will arrive soon. This is likely to remain the most affordable of them, though, but still offer superb image quality, including all the advantages of OLED.

OLED TVs don't require a backlight to generate the light for images, unlike LCD models – instead each pixel creates its own light. This means that they can control their own brightness individually, so OLED TVs are famed for how they can show incredible nuance in dark scenes, and how bright highlights can be right next to pitch-black areas, with no bleed between them. This makes the a favourite among cinephiles, because the accuracy is fantastic, as our full LG C1 review attests.

The LG C1 makes the most of all of this, with LG's latest-gen processing making sure that details are sharp and colour is accurate, while there are no digital artefacts in upscaled images – essential at this size.

The downside of OLED is that it can't go very bright, so while HDR looks wonderful on it because of the infinite darkness it can achieve, it can appear washed out if there's lots of bright light in your room. In controlled environments, it doesn't matter so much.

On top of all this, you can add complete HDMI 2.1 support for gaming, and a really comprehensive and easy-to-use smart TV platform, plus Dolby Vision HDR support (which Samsung doesn't offer). The sound isn't very special, but you were planning to add separate speakers anyway, right?

(Image credit: Samsung)

3. Samsung 85AU7100

The cheapest 80+ inch OLED TV worth buying


Screen size: 85 inches

Other sizes available: 43, 50, 55, 58, 65, 70, 75 inches


Reasons to buy

+Incredibly low price for the size+Great design+Good colours and detail

Reasons to avoid

-No Dolby Vision-Not very bright-Weaker upscaling than pricier models

If you want this size of TV for the lowest price, this is the model to look to. This is Samsung entry-level 4K TV model, and it comes in pretty much any size that TVs come in, including this giant-sized one.

It's not QLED, so it doesn't include the dazzling brightness and extra-rich colours that those sets are known for, but when it comes to visual bang for buck, Samsung's entry-level TVs are pretty much unbeaten. HDR performance is appealing overall, contrast is pretty solid, and there's a good amount of detail with 4K sources.

The processing isn't as advanced as higher-end sets, and this means that you'll see the issues with its upscaling from lower-res visuals at this size, as well as imperfections in motion handling. But again, it does all this as well as anything at this price can be expected to – it's not bad at all, it's just pushing the limits of the budget.

If your focus is going big for the minimum price possible, look no further – you won't find better image quality for the money than this.

(Image credit: Samsung)

4. Samsung 85QN95A

The best 85-inch 4K LED TV


Screen size: 85 inches

Other sizes available: 65, 75 inches


Reasons to buy

+Astounding Mini-LED HDR performance+Excellent smart platform+Top-tier gaming features

Reasons to avoid

-No Dolby Vision or Atmos-Not 8K

This is Samsung's highest-end 4K TV of 2021, and though it gives up 8K levels of detail, you get plenty in exchange: it's much cheaper than a flagship 8K, naturally, but it also uses Samsung's next-gen 'Neo QLED' panel, which uses Mini-LEDs for its backlight. Why is that good? The LEDs are 40 times smaller than the lights used before, which means Samsung can pack in more of them, which a) enables huge levels of HDR brightness in a thinner panel; and b) means you have much finer control over local dimming of the backlight, so contrast is improved over previous models.

The result is simply incredible image quality, especially when it comes to the range colours and light levels that HDR offers. You get pretty much the least amount of blooming from light areas to dark that we've ever seen, which is obviously essential if you're using this as a home cinema screen, in a darkened room.

The latest version of Samsung's processing is up to the task of putting images on a huge screen, too – it handles the detail of native 4K as well as anything else on the market, and its upscaling from HD to 4K is simply brilliant, especially from a high-quality source such as a Blu-ray, though it's no slouch with streaming sources either.

Built-in audio quality is even impressive, with speakers around the edges of the screen providing more width and height to sound than most TVs can muster. It's no replacement for a proper sound system, but if you do want this as a standard living room TV, the audio is pretty good.

It's also one of the best TVs in the world for gaming, thanks to having four HDMI 2.1 ports, which means it's ready for the 4K 120Hz images and Variable Refresh Rate support of next-gen consoles. Samsung has also introduced a new 'Game Bar' interface, which helps you to get the lowest lag rates possible, and to see exactly what settings you're running.

Finally, the design is just astounding. It's so incredibly thin, and there's just a single cable from the panel itself, which leads to a separate One Connect box. This is where all your HDMIs etc go, and can be hidden in a TV unit or similar, with a tiny lead taking video and power to the screen itself. This means it looks fantastic and tidy no matter whether you wall mount it or keep it on its minimalist stand. Read our full Samsung QN95A review for more on why we rate this fantastic set so highly.

(Image credit: Sony)

5. Sony XH90/X900H

The best 80+ inch 4K TV balancing price and visual spectacle


Screen size: 85 inches

Other sizes available: 55, 65, 75 inches

HDR: HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG

Reasons to buy

+Great, punchy HDR brightness+Strong detail and upscaling+HDMI 2.1 features

Reasons to avoid

-No HDR10+-Android TV is a bit in-your-face

If you want to dive into some big-screen action but don't have the budget for the top-end TVs here, Sony's mid-range KD-85XH9096 (UK)/XBR-85X900H (US) is an excellent balance of image quality and size. It offers arguably the best detail of TVs in its price range, which is crucial when you're going BIG. It makes the most of the sharpness of 4K video, and its upscaling of HD is really impressive. Importantly, it also handles motion really well – again, at big sizes, any judder when watching movies is especially jarring, and good smoothing on sports helps to stop it looking smeary when action is fast (again, something more noticeable at larger sizes).

You get a great helping of HDR dazzle here, too – it can't match the brightness of more expensive models, but again its among the best of its price range. Dolby Vision support really makes the most of its full colour and contrast range, and it's also the best TV in its class for punching up SDR content to look closer to HDR.

Add in some extra features, such as better audio than most TVs, and support for HDMI 2.1 features on two ports (including 4K 120Hz now, with VRR promised for an update), and you've got a TV that's designed to be the complete package.

The Android Smart TV software is comprehensive for streaming services, which is the most important thing, but isn't quite as slick or intuitive as the software on the Samsungs, but that's a minor gripe overall. Our full Sony XH90/X900H review goes deeper into why this such a great TV.

Sours: https://www.t3.com/us/features/best-80-inch-tv-and-bigger

84 Inch to 105 Inch Class TVs

Transform your space with a modern work of art. Our 84- to 105-inch class TV collection boasts state-of-the-art technology and brilliant displays that are as beautiful on, as they are off.

Boasting sleek, streamlined designs and interfaces, LG 84- to 105-inch class TVs are breathtaking to view and simple to use. Available with an ultra-thin and subtly curved display, or a slender, traditional flat screen, our televisions boast the latest technology and features, such as:

4K UHD Resolution: Representing the future of television, 4K Ultra High-Definition displays give you four times the resolution of Full HD 1080p, or 8.3 million pixels. This ensures flawless images, even when viewed up close, plus incredibly vivid colors and detailed pictures as never before.

IPS Display: Whether you choose an 84-inch class TV, a 105-inch display or one that's in between, all of our televisions feature the latest IPS (in-plane switching) technology, so you'll get crystal-clear images from anywhere in the room. With a 178/178 viewing angle, these displays give you clearer, more consistent images at wider viewing angles than conventional screens.

Smart Technology: With fast, seamless access to content via your favorite apps, streaming services, videos on demand and more, our Smart technology gives you a virtually endless range of entertainment options. And with the ability to share content between compatible devices, like your phone, tablet or computer, finding exactly what you want to watch is even easier. Best of all, with a customizable home screen, you can access the apps you use most and easily switch between them, pick up where you left off on an app, or find something new.

3D Viewing: With the option to watch 3D content on your 4K TV, you'll enjoy highly detailed images that virtually leap off of the screen. And with our one-touch 2D-to-3D conversion, you can convert your favorite 2D entertainment into a 3D experience.

21:9 Cinema Wide Screen: Featuring a 21:9 aspect ratio, a near-perfect match for Cinemascope and other widescreen formats, you won't see the pesky black bars at the top and bottom of your screen -- giving you a truly cinematic experience at home.

When you choose an LG 84-inch class TV or larger a display, you'll get a television that represents the pinnacle in style and innovation. Boasting 4K UHD resolutions, plus the latest in Smart and 3D technology, they allow you to enjoy the latest entertainment in a whole new way. Explore our entire range of televisions, as well as our newest home audio and home video, and elevate your home entertainment experience.

Sours: https://www.lg.com/us/84-inch-105-inch-tvs
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The 6 Best 80-82-85 Inch TVs - Fall 2021 Reviews

The best 85 inch TV in the LED category is the Samsung QN85QN90AAFXZA. It's a high-end model that's packed with features and performs well in both dark and bright environments. We tested the 55 inch model, but the 85 inch version should perform the same. Unlike OLEDs, LED TVs don't suffer from the risk of permanent burn-in, so you won't have to worry about potentially damaging your screen.

Its stand-out feature is its Mini LED backlighting. This allows the TV to get extremely bright, and combined with its fantastic reflection handling, visibility shouldn't be an issue in the brightest of rooms. It displays a wide color gamut for HDR content, and highlights should pop thanks to its high peak brightness. It uses a VA panel with a high contrast ratio, but it's lower than most VA panel TVs due to Samsung's 'Ultra Viewing Angle' technology that's designed to improve the viewing angles. Luckily, it has a great full-array local dimming feature that further deepens any blacks, making it an excellent choice for dark room viewing.

Unfortunately, the local dimming performs a bit worse outside of Game Mode as it raises the black levels, so blacks look more gray than black. If that doesn't bother you, it offers a ton of gaming features like VRR support, a quick response time, and low input lag for a responsive gaming experience. Overall, this is the best 85 inch TV you can get with an LED panel.

See our review

Sours: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/best/by-size/80-82-85-inch

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