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Lancaster Puppies Reviews

Lancaster Puppies Reviews

Are the dogs on the site factory dogs?

I dug a little deeper from the first page of the site. Lancaster dogs are not dog factories. This is a site where anyone can advertise their dog for sale. None of the puppies I clicked on mentioned anything other than their parents' business or black background. None of them mentioned OFA or CERF certificate. I will not mention these dog mills, but I will say that one of them is Bibi. I have no doubt that there are some dog mills and some accidental garbage.

Anyone who can read and understand English peanuts with IN will not automatically go to the end of the Puppy Mill track. Just one advertising agency for many different dog breeds. This is not a breed that consists of hundreds of different breeds ... Hundreds of different breeds usually breed a dog. I live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and the Amish family, I mean, are proud people. Like everything ... don't let a bad apple destroy them all. If you can do your own research and see where dogs live and where they are raised while getting a clean bill of health from DVM, this is what you can do. As a father of three ... my wife and I have no guarantee that our children will be perfect. Let's hide something from real people.

Lancaster PPA is an AKA agent. No standard will ever be online and will not sell or sell your dog at a pet store. Although dog mills differ in hygiene and cleanliness, they keep all mother dogs in small canals for years with minimal human contact. Many Amish dogs are among the worst in PA. Perform a C-section without anesthesia and keep your dog in a dark, warm, airless kennel. Do not support this number. There are many dogs and cats that need your kindness, so be patient and do your research. On the ground, rescuers saw commercial dogs and their running dogs. Go to YouTube and watch the video of dog mills. Bless!

They only say that they are not dog mills because they do not breed dogs, they only list them for other people (e.g. pu dog mills). Check the website and read between the lines that these dogs are from the wrong place.

It is better to go to the rebels.

ITS is a dog advertising agency. Of course, some have to come from dog mills. But the percentage is estimated. This is buyer's business, be careful! If you see bees that you have bought and are happy to say, there is a good chance you will rebel. You have to be careful.

Lancaster Baby.

LancasterPuppies are not a dog factory! This is a website. I found my dog ​​on this site at a very reasonable price. My male dog I wear AKC modeling color, a beautiful and very healthy dog. Never brought a dog, except Pennsylvania. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is interested in buying a dog on this wonderful site so that they can meet their own kennel. Really, I was very disappointed with Kennel in Ohio and didn't shop.

Lancaster Puppies Reviews


The Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals announced Thursday that Lancaster County puppy breeder Daniel Esh, 62, pleaded guilty to 13 counts of animal cruelty involving neglect to provide veterinary care and sustenance/water.

Esh also was charged with operating a kennel without a license.

As part of his plea in front of District Judge Raymond S. Sheller on Sept. 2, Esh was sentenced to 90 days of jail time and 90 days house arrest.

He also is prohibited from the ownership, contact, control, possession, care, custody or employment with dogs for 90 days to run consecutively with an imposed penalty on each case for a total of three years and three months, the PSPCA said.

Esh’s wife, Verna, 60, pleaded guilty to one count of animal cruelty for failing to provide veterinary care. Their son, Omar, 21, is scheduled to appear Dec. 1 in front of Sheller on nine counts of animal cruelty.

The Pennsylvania SPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement team visited the Esh property in Ronks, Leacock Township, on June 4 and removed 13 dogs.

  • One of the dogs seized June 4, 2021, by the Pennsylvania SPCA from the Leacock Township, Lancaster County, farm of Daniel Esh.

  • One of the dogs seized by the Pennsylvania SPCA June 4, 2021, from the Lancaster County farm of Daniel Esh. Esh pleaded guilty to 13 counts of animal cruelty Sept. 2.

  • Members of the Pennsylvania SPCA seize dogs June 4, 2021, from the Leacock Township, Lancaster County farm of Daniel Esh.

  • One of the dogs seized June 4, 2021, by the Pennsylvania SPCA from the Leacock Township, Lancaster County, farm of Daniel Esh.

“When officers went to the property, they found numerous dogs, including poodle, Havanese and German shepherd-type dogs,” the statement from the PSPCA said. “Several were found to have matting of their fur and other medical concerns, including ear infections, overgrown nails, conjunctivitis and severe dental disease.

“The 13 dogs were removed from the property and brought to the PSPCA’s Philadelphia headquarters, where they received medical care. All have found placement in adoptive homes or with rescue organizations.”

Esh was under a dog ownership prohibition order as the result of a previous guilty plea to animal cruelty charges in October. The PSPCA  had been granted inspection rights as a part of that order.

Esh has long been under scrutiny for his dog breeding practices. His Scarlet-Maple Farm Kennel was the target of a 2009 undercover operation by Main Line Animal Rescue of Phoenixville to expose poor living conditions at what it called a puppy mill.

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Happy and Healthy Puppies in Lancaster PA

No Puppy Mill Promise

We’re dog lovers who take stand. Not only do we pledge to NEVER work with puppy mills, we fight for dog welfare standards across the state.

Breeder Screening / Breeder Check-In

We visit our breeders in person regularly — to take adorable puppy pictures and to ensure they continue to meet our EXTREMELY high standards.

Health Guarantee & Vet Checks

We guarantee that our dogs will be completely healthy when they come to their fur-ever home — and if there ever is an issue, we make it right.

Socialization Guarantee

Keystone Puppies often come home ready to fall in love with the family and other furry siblings. This is thanks to our breeder’s all-important focus on socialization from birth.


Hundreds of glowing reviews from thousands of families. See what makes us special, and trust the same company as thousands of other dog lovers.

Safest Pet Travel

We ship our dogs nationwide, and we guarantee that they’re 100% safe and comfortable the entire time.

Family-Owned & Dog Loving Team

Keystone Puppies is a family-owned company, and every team member has their our own 4-legged friends at home. That’s just one of reasons we know how important it is to deal with responsible breeders.

Tips & Advice

When you’re a dog lover, the time for education is never done. That’s why our experts offer tips on all the ways to nurture and care for your dog.


Keystone Puppies

Keystone Puppies

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Lancaster, PA

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Keystone Puppies: Adoption Services

Keystone Puppies provides dog-lovers with a way to adopt puppies of all different types of breeds. Each of our breeders complies with the necessary laws and regulations relating to the puppies they raise, breed, and the facilities they reside until they make it to your loving home. We make it easy to find the perfect puppy for your family. Our website is full of information about different dog breeds and to learn if you are ready to take on the exciting responsibility of owning a puppy!


The Healthy Puppy Promise

When you are ready to take on the task of raising a dog, Keystone Puppies wants to make sure your puppy is happy and healthy. Each step of the way, you will be working with a team of professional, compassionate breeders that take immense pride in their job. We love each and every dog as if it were to be our own, which is why we provide a health guarantee.

We know that as soon as your new puppy arrives at your home, they immediately become a part of the family. This means if a health issue arises, you treat it like any other member of the family. Keystone Puppies is dedicated to matching you with the happiest and healthiest of pups.


Puppy Travel: Stress-Free Delivery

When you find the puppy of your dreams, do not let a little distance deter you from choosing their cute little face. We know that traveling can be nerving experience from anyone. The caring team at Keystone Puppies puts safety and comfort first when delivering your soon-to-be fur-ever friend. Our pet shipping services have proven safe and dependable every time. We work with all major airlines and can deliver to your loving home, no matter where it is.


Help Stop Puppy Mills

keystone-puppiesKeystone Puppies believes in the welfare of dogs and all forms of life. We are highly selective of what breeders we partner with, and stringent requirements each breeder must meet daily. The cruelty and neglect of dogs across the country must stop. We provide information and services to help our fellow dog-lovers recognize and prevent puppy mills and scams in our monthly blogs. Learn how you can help stop puppy mills!


Keystone Puppies

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Lancaster, PA

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Puppies pa lancaster

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Amish Puppy Mills

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