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Aussie & NZ Artists To Feature On New Split Enz Tribute Album: True Colours, New Colours


True Colours, the most commercially successful album of Split Enz’s career, celebrated its 40th anniversary earlier this year. To celebrate this massive  milestone, the multi-platinum album is now set to be re-imagined and covered by a truly stellar mix of Aussie and New Zealand artists and released as True Colours, New Colours – The Songs of Split Enz, out now – order here.

Speaking about the project, Split Enz’ Tim Finn said: “True Colours, New Colours features an eclectic group of artists who bring eccentricity and swagger to these tunes. Curated in a singular manner which eschews the obvious and turns up the attitude. Love it!”

The collection features covers from the likes of Lime Cordiale, Bernard Fanning, Busby Marou, Stan Walker, Ladyhawke, Robinson, Shihad, Dual, Pacific Heights, The Beths and Chelsea Jade, who each covered track will be released alongside the original Spilt Enz version of the song digitally.

The first cover to be sharedis Shihad’s version of “I Got You” – listen below. Stream/download, here.

Shihad | “I Got You” [Split Enz Cover] [Lyric Video]

Shihad frontman, Jon Toogood said: As a kid Split Enz made me believe that you could be from NZ and still conquer the world if you made great music. We were honored to have been asked to do one of our favourite Split Enz tracks “I Got You” for the upcoming tribute album – True Colours, New Colours – The Songs of Split Enz.

“This track was a big part of the soundtrack of our childhoods and is an absolute banger. We basically kept pretty true to the original (it being so good and all) but just made it apocalyptically heavy which we thought would be apt for the times we seem to be living through at the moment. It has been designed to be played as loud as humanly possible so do that when you get a chance.”

The multi-platinum selling ‘True Colours’ was originally recorded in Melbourne's Armstrong Studio in late 1979 and featured the band line-up of Tim Finn (vocals), Neil Finn (guitar and vocals), Eddie Rayner (keyboards),Noel Crombie (percussion),Nigel Griggs (bass) andMalcolm Green (drums) and  features the classic Split Enz hits, “Poor Boy”,“I Hope I Never” and, of course,“I Got You”.

True Colours, New Colours – The Songs of Split Enz is available in a hot pink coloured vinyl and as a deluxe 22-track digital edition (featuring the 11 Split Enz originals, tracklisting below) from today! Check out all the awesome bundle options available to order, here!

true colours, new colours

True Colours, New Colours – The Songs of Split Enz’ Vinyl Track Listing


1. “Shark Attack” – Chelsea Jade

2. “I Got You” – Shihad

3. “What’s the Matter with You” – The Beths

4. “Double Happy” – Dual

5. “I Wouldn’t Dream Of It” – Ladyhawke

6. “I Hope I Never” – Bernard Fanning


1. “Nobody Takes Me Seriously” – Lime Cordiale

2. “Missing Person” – Busby Marou

3. “Poor Boy” – Stan Walker

4. “How Can I Resist Her” – Robinson

5. “The Choral Sea” – Pacific Heights

‘True Colours, New Colours – The Songs of Split Enz’ Deluxe Digital Edition Track Listing:

1. “Shark Attack” – Chelsea Jade

2. “I Got You” – Shihad

3. “What’s the Matter with You” – The Beths

4. “Double Happy” – Dual

5. “I Wouldn’t Dream Of It” – Ladyhawke

6. “I Hope I Never” – Bernard Fanning

7. “Nobody Takes Me Seriously” – Lime Cordiale

8. “Missing Person” – Busby Marou

9. “Poor Boy” – Stan Walker

10. “How Can I Resist Her” – Robinson

11. “The Choral Sea” – Pacific Heights

 Split Enz Originals:

12. “Shark Attack” – Split Enz

13. “I Got You” – Split Enz

14. “What’s the Matter with You” – Split Enz

15.“Double Happy” – Split Enz

16. “I Wouldn’t Dream Of It” – Split Enz

17. “I Hope I Never” – Split Enz

18. “Nobody Takes Me Seriously” – Split Enz

19. “Missing Person” – Split Enz

20. “Poor Boy” – Split Enz

21. “How Can I Resist Her” – Split Enz

22. “The Choral Sea” – Split Enz

Listen to Shihad’s version of “I Got You” on Spotify:

Listen to Shihad’s version of “I Got You” on Apple Music:

Sours: https://www.ilikeyouroldstuff.com/news/split-enz-announce-tribute-album-true-colours-new-colours-the-songs-of-split-enz


3 starsTrue Colours was landmark album for Split Enz that introduced the 80s and the Enz effectively shed their lurid, weird, zany colourful persona to embrace a more pop-oriented sound. The new wave sound that relied heavily on synthesiser, echoing percussion and crystalline vocals. It's all here and tracks from the album permeated the airwaves in Australia and New Zealand. I cannot tell you how many times the local radio has played 'I Got You' which stayed at number one for ages. It wasn't just a one hit wonder either with tracks that soared up the charts such as the beautiful heartfelt 'I Hope I Never' or my personal favourite 'Poor Boy '. It was a giant album in its day and remains one worthy of a listen from end to end. It begins with the brilliant craziness of 'Shark Attack'. Listen to those bizarre, brash lyrics:

Well she chewed me up and she spat me out I didn't want to meet a maneater, Shark attack! Please don't mess around with me, I'm a shark fatality, in the sea, I'm the one with the bleeding heart, I thought you were a real lifesaver, And life for once would do me a favour, But babys just a butcher, and her teeth are razor sharp, Shark attack!

Its all pure fun and nonsense, sounding in a thematic sense to Van der Graaf Generator's 'Killer', and harking back to the nonsensical early Enz years but with so much more polished production value and style.

'Poor Boy' has always been my favourite. I love the way Tim Finn's vocals echo off from some distant beyond and the incandescant effects of the keyboards that rise and fall give a sense of timelessness and alienness. The lyrics supplement the high strangeness of the musical structure brilliantly and are very memorable:

My love is alien, I picked her up by chance, She speaks to me in ultra-high frequency, The radio band of gold, Gonna listen til I grow old, Ooh what more can a poor boy do? The crackle of the radio, The message in the evening sky, You're looking at an interplanetary Romeo,

The interplanetary Romeo was Neil Finn. When Neil Finn jumped on board he effectively transformed the sound of Split Enz - the real drawcard of the band as it turns out over the next few years. Neil went solo and Crowded House became his band when Split Enz split up. Neil sings 'I Got You' with a vulnerability and a sincerity unheard on earlier albums. It resonated a chord in the Oz/NZ musical industry and became a swansong of the band, played at every concert and still plays on the airwaves. The film clip to accompany it showed Neil almost separate from the band singing to a picture frame containing the other band members. In a sense that is what happened. Neil became the spokesperson and main vocalist after this effort. He was the main stay of the band although I always loved Tim's renditions, Neil sang rings around him in every sense. It was still great to hear the diverseness of the band from these two diverse singers. That is what made them so great. Not everything works on this album but enough to keep you interested.

True Colours is one of the best Enz albums but is not actually progressive apart from some moments in the musical department, and some strange lyrics. Overall, it is worth a listen, and I recommend the vinyl laser etched albums that reflects rainbow colours around the room when you play it. I can only give this 3 stars as it is not really progressive but the music is so good it is impossible to dislike.

Sours: http://www.progarchives.com/album.asp?id=15329
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True Colours (Split Enz album)

For other uses, see True Colors (disambiguation).

1980 studio album by Split Enz

True Colours, the fifth studio album released by New Zealand band Split Enz, was their first major commercial success. Released in 1980, the album featured more mature songwriting from Neil Finn. Credited to him is the album's New Zealand and Australian #1 single, "I Got You", which also broke them internationally. The US release of the album featured "Shark Attack" and "I Got You" in reversed positions due to the latter's success on the single charts.


Tim Finn said, "We had been playing so many shows, so the band were very tight. It was like everything was starting to line up to make a really powerful record." Crombie added, "We'd had a rough time up to that in England, and I think we're really just raring to go. We came back to Melbourne and recorded the album and it just felt it was a new beginning."[3]

Originally, the band thought "Missing Person" to be the album's standout track, not realizing "I Got You" would become the hit. "I Hope I Never" was mixed differently for the Australian single release, with strengthened percussion. "Nobody Takes Me Seriously", "What's the Matter with You" and "Poor Boy" were released as singles in the northern hemisphere.

A synthesizer melody played in "I Wouldn't Dream of It" was first introduced in an early Split Enz recording, aptly titled "The Instrumental".


The album cover was initially released in four colour combinations – yellow and blue, red and green, purple and yellow, and blue and orange – but would ultimately be given another four makeovers with releases in lime green and pink, hot purple and burnt orange, gold and platinum (to mark its sales milestones), and finally yellow, blue and red.

When it was later released on the A&M label, wild, imaginative shapes and patterns covered the vinyl using a technique known as "laser-etching". When light hit the record, these designs would protrude and spin about the room. The album was the first to ever use this technique, originally designed to discourage the creation of counterfeit copies.

Crombie later said, "There was a lot of resistance initially. For some reason they thought people would get confused. It was just playing with it really. Why not? In the end there were 11 covers. The rarest one is the black and white one that got sent out to the press. There's about 100 of them, with Textas to colour your own. So, if you're really keen, you'll have 11."[3]


True Colours was remastered by Eddie Rayner and re-released on two occasions. Firstly in 2003, and yet again with the rest of the Split Enz catalogue on 20 May 2006 with the bonus tracks "Things" and "Two of a Kind". In October 2010, the album was listed at number 22 in the book, 100 Best Australian Albums, despite being a New Zealand production.[4]

On the 40th anniversary of the release in 2020, the album was remixed by Rayner, reissued as True Colours: 40th Anniversary Mix and reached number one on the New Zealand Albums chart again.

Critical reception[edit]

Reviewed in Roadrunner at the time of release, it was described as, "a thoughtful, reflective album. The approach to songs is more straight forward, more serious, than the Split Enz we are all used to."[5]

Crombie later said, "I think we split our audience to some extent. It seemed like a real sort of dividing point. Suddenly we had a lot of teenage girls in our audience and it moved into a different kind of vibe in terms of live performance. Tim Finn agreed, "If you were a Mental Notes freak, you might have taken a step back at that point."[3]

Track listing[edit]

Close up of the laser-etched A&M release

All tracks are written by Tim Finn unless noted.

NOTE: On the A&M version (SP-4822), tracks 1 & 2 are inverted. The listing above is the original Mushroom (AUS) / Polydor (NZ) listing.

2006 re-release[edit]

True Colours Tour, Commodore Ballroom.

All tracks are written by Tim Finn unless noted.

1."Shark Attack"3:00
2."I Got You" (Neil Finn)3:29
3."What's the Matter with You" (N. Finn)3:09
4."Double Happy [Instrumental]" (Eddie Rayner)3:27
5."I Wouldn't Dream of It"3:22
6."I Hope I Never"4:34
7."Nobody Takes Me Seriously"3:30
8."Missing Person" (N. Finn)3:39
9."Poor Boy"3:28
10."How Can I Resist Her"3:33
11."The Choral Sea [Instrumental]" (Split Enz)4:51
12."Things" (N.Finn; single, released October 1979)2:48
13."Two of a Kind" (Recorded at Harlequin Studios, Auckland, June 1979)3:41

40th Anniversary Remix Edition (2020)[edit]

All tracks are written by Tim Finn unless noted.

1."Shark Attack"2:58
2."I Got You" (Neil Finn)3:28
3."What's the Matter with You" (N. Finn)3:19
4."Double Happy [Instrumental]" (Eddie Rayner)3:31
5."I Wouldn't Dream of It"3:26
6."I Hope I Never"4:34
7."Nobody Takes Me Seriously"3:30
8."Missing Person" (N. Finn)3:37
9."Poor Boy"3:25
10."How Can I Resist Her"3:31
11."The Choral Sea [Instrumental]" (Split Enz)4:41
12."Firedrill" (Live from the Capitol Theatre Sydney, July 1982)4:43
13."Hard Act to Follow" (Live from Logan Campbell Centre Auckland, December 1984)4:00
14."I Walk Away" (N. Finn; live from Festival Hall Melbourne, November, 1984)3:40
15."Log Cabin Fever" (N. Finn; live from the Capitol Theatre Sydney, July 1982)4:31
16."Lost for Words" (Nigel Griggs; live from the Capitol Theatre Sydney, July 1982)3:41
17."Ninnee Neez Up" (Noel Crombie; live from Festival Hall Melbourne, November, 1984)4:10
18."Wail [Instrumental]" (Rayner; live from the Regent Theatre Sydney, March 1981)2:57

12-18 are CD bonus tracks.


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