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              Tropical Kayaks of Palm Coast
  Introducing Kayaking & Stand Paddle Boarding
                   (SUP)  to Palm Coast
                       since !
        Hours: 9AM with last rental at 1PM.

   We are a  Masks & Social Distancing Zone
  while engaging  with staff please Ft :)

       This is an "at your own risk" activity,
  signed waiver required for participation.

    *     Single Kayak Rentals begin at $22 up to 2 hours   
    *     Tandem - 2 person kayaks $44 up to 2 hours
    *     SUP (stand up paddle boards) rentals $22 up to 2 hours
    *     Tax not included

                     *     Please call ahead for availability!
                     *     Reservations requested (payment upon arrival) 
                     *    Wear water shoes as this is a water sport and expect to get wet                      *    Please put on your  sun protection before you arrive 
                     *     Charge cards requested/ no cash if possible please   
                     *    We will begin to have "contactless" charge card service
                     *    If you are arriving  late or need to cancel, please call as a courtesy.

                                                          Searching for Kayak and paddle board rentals
                                                                  in Palm Coast  Or Flagler Area ???? 
                                                                  We are the ones you see on the water!       
 If you live here or visiting Palm Coast,  Flagler Beach,
             or the Hammock Beach area?
          Paddle with us!   The dolphins do!

We are minutes away from A1A & Flagler Beach and the Hammock
          Paddle from our private launch site
         to nearby creeks, and Manatee Cove!


                       Tropical Kayaks
             15 Palm Coast Resort BLVD.     
              (same loction/new address)            
                 Palm Coast, Fl.                        ()

                                                            Please call ahead for availability!

                                           Please call as our hours change seasonally due to weather
             THANKYOU! To all our wonderful healthcare workers , those in essential services,  those who have helped us stay safe, and those who have been homebound!We all have been doing our part to work towards a healthier future!



    We have a variety of paddleboards for beginners to advance paddlers.         
Our paddleboard lessons are beginner friendly, not in the ocean, in a private canal setting for those wanting to try this great sport! 
             Or, paddle into the intracoastal to nearby beaches!                                                                              
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                                            We are conveniently located  on the water, which offers a
                                           great family oriented kayak choice for paddling options.

                                  Tropical Kayaks is just 2 minutes  from the Hammock Beach Resort,
                                      seconds from European Village, on site at Palm Coast Resort &
                                           Legacy  Resort entrance,  minutes from Flagler Beach.

                                                             Family operated since !


                    Sweet paddling adventures nearby
                 Jungle like setting, birds and very quiet!

                                     Remember to bring drinks and sun protection!

    Kayaks , Paddleboards, 

                                          Manatee, dolphins & otter habitats!
                                              Do not paddle too close
                                                  They are playful & amorous!
                                                        Love them, watch, but no touch!

           *Kayak Rentals
 Where paddling and standup paddleboards
are always an adventure in  Flagler County!

Kayaking and Stand Up PaddleBoards (SUPS)

Palm Coast, Florida

                                Call us today
                         Palm Coast, Florida

Rentals weather permitting, please call ahead for seasonal hours!

Spectacular dolphin show today while they were
playing  and feeding in our basin while launching kayakers!


 We have been supping for years
           Come join us!

Stand Up Paddleboards in Palm Coast
           Learning to SUP!
       $20 includes a  lesson!

Our SUPS are easy beginner standup paddle boards
            Or, rent an advance board to sup with!
                    Brief lesson includedOnly $20 to rent!
                               Call ahead for availability!


Family fun on the water in Palm Coast!


   Our private dedicated kayak ramp
 is convenient & easy to launch from
      We are here to pamper you!

 *Brief  Lesson & safety gear with rentals!*
                 Tropical Kayaks
                    Palm Coast!

     Ready to go nature viewing?
         Call to reserve today!


           Just as peaceful as a kayak
                     No fuel needed!
 Great for cruising in our salt water canals 
       Minutes away from Manatee Cove!
                Welcome to Palm Coast  
           Always a breeze on the water!
We are just minutes away from Daytona or St. Augustine!

                            Kayakl Rentals!
           Stand Up
Paddle Boards for rent &
            Stand up Paddle Boards for sale!

                       * Tropical Kayaks *
               Rentals//Lesson included!
                 Looking to rent a kayak or
              Rent a stand up paddleboard?

  We are only 30 minutes south of St. Augustine
         or 30 minutes north of Daytona Beach.
   Whether you are a vacation rental visitor, or resident,
please drop by and paddle with us, we are a small business
        & we appreciate your kayaking patronage!


           Manatees  in  Palm Coast!

Use caution when taking photos
          They won't move
                  out of you're way
                         you must paddle out of their way
                                Its that time of year
                                  Manatees are                                          
                                            Amorous with each other)
                                                    Please let them play!

          In the Canals and intracoastal!
               Salt water critters await
         Dozens of dolphins entertaining
               our paddlers each week!  

                 Single kayak rental up to 2 hours   $22 plus tax                        Great creeks and lagoon nearby!
       Our on water access is convenient and family oriented!
                 Paddle Board rentals & paddle lessons are
          given  in a no wake zone area for easy paddling!


 Our local manatees are numbered at 15 now- year round until freezing temps  hits our Florida air, and the waters get too cold for the manatees.

Manatee mating season is early spring, and then the real show begins. Use caution when taking photos as manatees will not move out of your way- they are too busy!:) and people need to move away from their path.
You need to give them space to court  and play. They can beach up to the shoreline as well, so do not approach.

   Please call Florida wildlife  if you  see a distressed or injured mammal .


Amazing shot taken by Meg with her phone

Manatee suffering from cold weather
Please call us if you see manatees  seemingly turning white
We have a few who sspent the winter and did not leve for warmer springs.
We have approximately 15 manatees who are local each year.
One brand new baby! 3 juveniles, too!

New advanced sups in! Rainy day practice in the basin
Yes, even the  kayak lady is out!

We use comfortable quality kayaks
 for rentals and trips!

Single, 2 person and family size

Sit in side recreational kayaks
Sit on top recreational Kayaks

Kayak fishing? Bring your gear & license!

We  conveniently located on the water,
Less then a mile  from Hammock Beach!
And, the kayak & bike trail starts here!
           Families welcomed!

Stand Up Paddle Boards
fun and easy to learn
Rentals and lessons available!

Watching 2 Manatees pass by

                             Tropical Kayaks of Palm Coast
                        We are the ones you see on the water!


                 Kayak Rentals,  Stand Up Paddle board rentals &
                        and kayak sales in the Palm Coast area
  serving Hammock Beach , Hammock Beach Resort, Flagler Beach,                 Ormond  Beach and guests year round!
Our paddling has access to estuaries, salt water canals & creeks and intracoastal waterway.        
                        Great for stand up paddleboards, too!

           We are midway between St. Augustine and Daytona.
           Kayaking is always an adventure with Tropical Kayaks!

                 Used / Demo kayaks for sale at the end of our busy season!!


Molly, coming up to say hello:)

June taken from the Water Bike!

    Our local monkey photo taken by Meg .

St. Joe's monkey visiting the neighborhood!

4 hours sitting, taking naps and posing for our camera!

This Rheusus monkey frequents the area
as seen by our paddling guests all summer long!

Little Molly:
She comes right to the kayak launch!

AM Beautiful morning  paddle
Just a few minutes paddle time
from Tropical Kayaks
Palm Coast Florida

Our favorite Dragon tree!

Fun, and always an adventure!

Restrooms, drinks & snacks inside, too!
 Bring a picnic and lounge after your
     kayak paddle or bike rental!

Kayaks, Bikes and a sense of adventure
         required for fun in the sun!

This Red Shoulder Hawk was keeping tabs on the famous
Palm Coast Monkey Nov while we watched Mr. Monkey
for four hours before he swung away to a more secluded spot.

He frequents our creeks  where he has been spotted
throughout the summer by our paddlers!

Hanging out watching the golfers:)

*Tropical Kayaks is located on the water!

*Our kayak rentals are adventurous & fun!

*Paddle for fitness, fish, beach or to explore
our Florida habitats!

*Shore birds, manatees, dolphins & otters are

*Remember, we are nature's  guest-enjoy the paddle
-leave no trace:)

                      Kayak Sales!         
               * Eddyline Kayaks *
             SUP Boards  in stock,too!
        ***  Kayak Rentals! ***

Left: One of our paddling destinations!
      Nearby creeks,  only a paddle away!
     Jungle like, and nicely shaded!

                  Kayak Rentals  & Guided Tours

*Explore the estuaries or nearby creeks!
*No experience necessary
*Stable & easy kayaks to paddle!
*Family oriented kayaking
*Rent or paddle with us on an eco-tour
*Brief lesson,map and gear included


*Tropical Kayaks offers quality kayak rentals & eco-tours
*Our kayaks are  comfortable and user friendly! 
*Less than a  minute from Celebrity Resort or European Village!
*One minute from the Hammock Beach Resort,too!


*Self guided kayak eco-tours our specialty
*For families of all ages since !
* On water location ! No transport necessary!
*Family owned and operated since !


Tropical Kayaks has been offering Kayak Rentals
                                Since !

Please paddle with Tropical Kayaks  and share the adventure!***

                                        KAYAK  Rental RATES:
                                          Rentals Year round!
*Single Kayak  for only $20 per person!
*Tandem 2 person: (*small child seated free in a
 tandem 2 person   rental *)

*2 person Kayak/ $40 up to 2 hours


   *Signed waiver required for Kayaking participation

*Paddle at your favorite destination!
*Paddle  into the salt marsh creeks
*Manatee Cove
*Fox Cut
*Princess Place/Pellicer Creek
*Bings Landing Long Creek
*Kayak rentals from $20 &  up!
*2 person kayaks ,too!

*Tropical Kayaks is conveniently located on the water
*Kayak within minutes to creeks or beach
*Paddle inside the extensive Palm Coast salt water
*Canals to fish, exercise or explore!
*Paddle to nearby creeks - within minutes
*Paddle at your own leisure for fun!
* Paddle &  beach your kayak & relax!
*Canal paddling to Manatee Cove is

perfect paddling for beginners and families!
*Manatees and dolphins frequent the canals daily!
*Tropical Kayaks ! Our rentals are fun & adventurous!


The old Bridge

Our resident salt water turtle with 4 snails attached to his back today!

Harry usually has one shell grazing on his back while he scans the docks for food
Today he had 5 guests!
Our kayakers are surprised when seeing a flipper pop up out of the waterit usually is Harry:)

Three of six manatees
Palm Coast Marina Docks

Molly is one of our resident  manatees
 for years now!
Just like a puppy! Roll over and show off!
May 16,
She will follow you  into the canals or St. Joe's!

6 manatees on a lazy Sunday afternoon
in the marina basin
They stayed  from 3pm to 9pm!

Close up of our own Molly the
Manatee, with a family of 6 manatees today!
These are sweet, docile and wonderful to watch!
All 6 manatees munched on algae, and rolled
in the mud for photo ops as we were entertained
 for over 2 hours .
May 16,

May 16,
6 manatees
Marina basin after  2 hours!

Green Sea Turtle Hatchling
August 27,  Green Turtle

     This  photo  taken by
         " Captain  Gus "
Our own certified naturalist,
          USCG Captain
  & well seasoned paddler!

These wild dolphins were playing alongside Captain Gus
for over 45 minutes!


KAYAK with Tropical Kayaks
   Kayak Rentals*Sales*
 Please kayak with us while visiting                                     
     * Palm Coast
        * Hammock Beach
           *   Marineland
              *    Flagler Beach
                * Ormond Beach
                 *    St. Augustine
                    *     or the Daytona area!
Tropical Kayaks - Your paddling destination in Flagler County!

             Tropical Kayaks of Palm Coast    ()
 Enjoy a cool breeze on the water while  leisurely paddling and exploring wildlife! Always a kayak  adventure awaiting!
No experience necessarywe give you a free introduction to paddling!


                                  We are located on the water
                                           Clubhouse Dr.
                                    Palm Coast, Florida,
  Just 9/10 mile on the west side of the Hammock Dunes Toll Bridge!
                                        Toll is free westbound:)
             On the waterway between Daytona and St. Augustine!
                                   15 Miles south of Marineland


      Tropical Kayaks of Palm Coast, Flagler County, Florida , USA!
We are the ones you see paddling about on the water since !                                

What to do in Flagler?
Rent a kayak with Tropical Kayaks!

Planning a day trip to kayak? Let us help!
2 hour kayak rental is perfect for the creeks!
           Paddle with Tropical Kayaks!
                      The dolphins do!

These Red Shouldered Hawks are waiting for kayak rentals,
 they should have called and made reservations!
Our Hawks, Ospreys and Eagles   are frequently seen from the marina on a daily basis.
If you can't see them, listen for them

Established in , Tropical Kayaks  introduce kayaking to the Palm Coast Area located at the Palm Coast Marina with our kayak rentals,   and sales .
We have seen tremendous growth and changes to our natural  habitat,  but our waterways & estuaries  are still a prescious gem to the area. We strive to educate and keep paddling pleasurable  and safe recreational sport for all .

Our kayak rentals  are  offered throughout the local pristine Florida habitats. We are grateful for the abundance of preserved natural settings that Flagler County and Palm Coast  has maintained and eagerly acquiring.

Our wildlife is evident year round from Bears, fox,  butterfly & bird migration, bobcats,deer,otters,manatees,dolphins,great fishing, eagles,ospreys,Ibis, herons and more.                               How lucky we are to view such wildlife  from a kayak!
We add our photos weekly as we venture out on the water. Enjoy the Paddle!


Can you see the fawn?
 Photo taken by Meg from
 her kayak

Our Kayak rentals are adventurous !

And our Kayak Sales are affordable!      New and used kayaks for sale !

 Dolphins feeding in the marina basinsee the mullet jump out of the water!

Dolphins leaving with a full tummy

 Tropical Kayakshelps you feel confident  to paddle with ease!

"Happy Birthday" kayak for grandma 72Yrs.young and first time paddling!

The Palm Coast Marina basinmanatee baby & mom

Above is the baby surfacing above  her mom who is scarred badlythey spent 40 minutes with us in the marina basin-safe and quiet !

Our manatees and dolphins are very friendly .
Often in our marina basin-Manatees are
 munching on algae and grass,

or watch the dolphin playing games
with the mullets while feeding.

A selection of our kayak rental fleet from small to supersized kayaks.

One ,or  2 person(tandem) to family size kayaks available.

Below, more Manatee photos taken by Tropical Kayaks!



Rafted up, drifing from Longs Creek back .

 Pisgah 14' For Sale

Palm Harbor Canal from the Marina leads to
Manatee Cove. Secluded cove ,always an easy paddle.

Many folks would rather explore on their ownor have a kayak and want to Rent one for a friendwe will help you get started!
Rent a kayak from Tropical Kayaks , we will brief you on the area with a map, and launch you from our on water site.Call about kayak deliveries ,too!
A 2 hour rental will offer plenty of paddling time to explore St. Joe's and Manatee Cove! No worries about getting lost, and there is always a cool breeze  on the water with us!
A 4 hour rental will adequate offer time for you to have a picnic on the beach, fish, or explore  nearby estuaries!
If you prefer, you may transport a kayak  by vehicle or boat to your favorite paddling destination.

No time to schedule a guided tour?   Rent a kayak from us!   
Self guided is just as fun, no groups to wait for, paddle at your own pace:)
Always a breeze on the waterways!

Our rental location is a  salt water habitat for Dolphin, Manatees

and Florida wildlife -always nearby! Our guides and naturalists

will give you a brief  lesson and map of the area for your rental adventure!

                  Bring water, camera and a sense of adventure!

          Palm Coast canals,
                   Manatee Cove,
                          The intracoastal  waterway
                                       Fox Cut
                                                 Longs Creek
                                                       Pellicer Creek
                                        Nearby creeks and estuaries!

 Paddle to our favorite Palm Coast jungle!Watch the wildlife, or

just sit and listen to silence among the trees and birdsmaybe a bear,deer,otter or

turtle will surprise you! A nice 20 minute paddle into the woods will relax your day!

                The Old Bridge  -  Palm Coast



       KayakLesson  with each Kayak rental or Kayak Tour!
                                    On the water


We are located on the water at the PALM COAST  MARINA


             2 miles south of the Hammock Beach Resort, or

                   1 mile from the toll bridge

                            Just past European Village at the 4 way stop sign

   Tropical Kayak Sales & Rentals * Guided Tours * Kayak Lessons!

             ClubHouse Dr.  at   The Palm Coast Marina

 www.tropicalkayaks.com                email:   [email protected]













                             Kayak Rentals*Kayak Sales 

*Tropical Kayaks at the Palm Coast Marina is open 7 days a week.

                                                   KAYAK   RATES:

         Single Kayak Rentals start at $20 up to 2 hours - to $40 all day
                                2 person kayak $40 up to 2 hours



           Age & Weight Restictions May Apply for paddling activities. 

Please call ahead as we might be out paddling or delivering kayaks!


Bring your binoculars!Herons,Eagles,Ibis,& Wood Stork are spectacular from Bings Landing

Please call for availability as we are always out paddling!()

Ibis feasting on low tide critters ________________________________________________________________

This is "Bwee",our little Heron, he always greets us in St. Joe's . Usually, he flys just ahead as if he was personally guiding us along the trail  Some of our feathered friends are not camera shy and welcome us into their
habitats as we paddle quietly and delicately into the estuaries.

Our marina location offers a leisurely paddle into the "no wake zones" of the Palm Coast canals , or paddle into a beautiful lagoon,"Manatee Cove" . Paddle to nearby creeks  and visit our bird rookeries paddling along a jungle setting into  a pristine  & natural Florida Habitat! Brief lesson,   and directions included.

GPS:    200 ClubHouse Dr.  Palm Coast  

Bear right at the 4 way stop sign just north of European Village.


Jungle like  paddling with
Bike trails throughout the area!

The Marina basin Dolphins & Manatees are very common sights!

                   View Florida wildlife from a kayak! 













 Paddle to Princess Place Preserve, Washington Oaks, Favre Dykes, Long Creek, Pellicer Flats, Marineland , St. Joe's canal, Fox Cut, and local salt marsh Creeks!                           


                                       All our kayaks are for sale, too!

                                Phone : ()    

           *Heritage Kayaks * 

*Emotion Kayaks *  Eddyline Kayaks *



For more info please visit       www.tropicalkayaks.com

 cell:                     email: [email protected]

Pellicer Creek

 Kayaking with  Tropical Kayaks offers a paddler a chance to view our wildlife in most pristine settings. Herons, Egrets, Kites,Osprey, Eagles, Manatees ,River Otters,Dolphins,Pelicans, Migrating Butterflies ,lush marshy wetlands, fish jumping about are just a few scenarios you may find with  nature at its best!  Bring a camera, and Enjoy the Paddle!

Please call ahead as we are usually on the water paddling about .

For the fishing enthusiast! We also offer fishing kayaks for rent, or you may hire our local fishing guide,  to lead you to local fish sites .

Tropical Kayaks         ClubHouse DR. Palm Coast,Florida              ()

Long Creek


Seasonal only -   Kayak Guided Tours

Our entry level kayak trips vary from various launch sites throughout the Flagler County area.  Reservations required with limited space. 

 ** signed waiver required for participation in all activities **

  Directions:  I  Plam Coast exit / head east /continue 2 miles before the toll booth take a right on Palm Harbor Pkwy./ continue 9/10th mi. / go right at the 4 way stop sign into the  Palm Coast Resort/ take immediate left into the marina parking lot. Look for the colorful kayaks down on the waters edge!   

                       Phone ()           

                             email:  [email protected]

                                            Palm Coast, Fl

                        Tropical Kayaks  of Palm Coast   est


 Dozens in our basin!    
Lions Mane Jelly Fish
   Feb. 11,

        Prices and conditions subject to change

      * all sales final  /  no rainy day refunds *




   For Used Boat & Yacht Sales please visit
         Yacht Brokers,inc.  of Palm Coast                         
  With  over 25 years in the boating industry!




Facebook  Tropical kayaks palm coast                         

www.tropicalkayaks.com        Kayaking in Flagler County! 


Paddling is an "at your own risk sport", call for availability, signed waiver required for participation.                                                                  

All photos on our website can not be copied or reproduced without written permission

from the website adminitrator. Photos are the property of Tropical Kayaks.

Please visit our neighbor!

Visit us on facebook!
 facebook/tropical kayaks palm coast

                          This is an at your own risk sport
         Please know your limitations, as this is a physical sport.
              We reserve the right to refuse rentals if needed.

 Please call to confirm the day before, or if late or cancelled, please call with in 15 minutes of the reserved timeframe to let us know if you are coming or delayed.

      We do not hold boats for more than 15 minutes, if late for scheduled time.
Please note sometimes a returning paddler is late, and we will do the best we can to  have your boat ready in time for you.

Tropical Kayaks has been  established in Palm Coast,Flagler County
        since renting Kayaks and standup paddleboards !  
                                            Call today!                  
                                 Our Hours are Seasonal!


Sours: http://www.kayakcafe.com/

Ocean dwelling paddlers are in for a treat with over 19 miles of beach line to choose from. Paddle out into the Atlantic and enjoy sightings of dolphin, turtles and even the great North Atlantic Right Whale.

If you need a vessel (or a lesson), Tropical Kayaks at the Palm Coast Marina offers kayak rentals and guided tours throughout the Intracoastal Waterway and nearby wetlands. Ripple Effect Ecotours, located at the Town of Marineland Municipal Marina, offers kayak rentals and specializes in tours guided by Master Naturalists and launch from a variety of different areas in the county. Visitors to Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area have the option of renting a kayak or canoe to venture out into the southern end of the county.



Sours: https://www.visitflagler.com/things-to-do/outdoor-adventures/canoeing-kayaking/
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We Now Offer Guided Kayak Tours. For tour info, visit KayakCafe.com

This is a great place to rent or buy kayaks!
Visiting Flagler County, Flagler Beach or Palm Coast?
Go kayaking!
Rent or purchase a new or used kayak from us, and have fun!

New Kayak arrivals!
* Old Towne
* Ocean Kayak
* Eddyline Kayaks  the best for high performance and durability.
* Heritage Kayaks
* Bic Folding Inflatable Kayaks Fishing Kayaks available for sale and rental!

We are a small kayak shop offering personal service as kayaking is our way of life, and the waterways are our home. Please call ahead as we are usually paddling about the canals for our own leisure timeor guiding a kayak trip nearby. If you cannot see us, look to the waters edge! We are the ones you see in the colorful kayaks! Please check in often as we will be posting our day trips soon!

"new kayak arrivals coming soon! all rental & demo kayaks for salecheck out our used kayaks
for sale today!

"The Kayak Fishing Video DVD now in$"
Run time 80 minutes. Watch the best technique offered for outfitting your kayak for catching big game fish.
Accessory Installations and Water Safety included!

Offering guided kayak excursions,
eco-tours, kayak rentals, boat rentals and outfitting equipment for kayak enthusiasts.

* Mini-trips now offered
* 2 hour daily kayak tours
* Saturday beginners  lessons
* Breathe & Paddle tripsa touch of yoga to paddle with!
* Kayaking for women
* "Silent Paddle" trips
* After hour lessons

Enjoy Florida's spectacular wildlife
manatees, dolphin, egrets, osprey,
herons, jumping mullet, and more.

Sours: http://www.tropicalkayaks.com/

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