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April Fools' Day Game Pranks Wiki Guide

If you're looking for more April Fools' pranks, check out the 2021 Best April Fools Day Internet Pranks page for movies and TV goofs among others!

Razer Rapunzel - Chroma Hair Dye

This isn't your normal hair dye -- this is dye that uses Razer Synapse integration! According to this product page on Razer's website, the dye uses nanotech to illuminate the hair in a variety of colors and patterns. The product page even has application instructions and there's an AR filter you can use to try out the "dye."

To see it in "action," you can check out the Razer Rapunzel Chroma Hair Dye video here.

Viz Media April Fools' Day Manga

Viz Media "announced" three rather creative manga titles on Twitter. Click or tap on the manga's title to see the original post.

  • Papa Penguin - "Papa Penguin: Love Detective Inc., Haado Boirudo's gritty cyberpunk noir masterpiece, features a hard boiled penguin helping arctic animals find love in the big city. Drops Winter 2021!"
  • Clean!! - "Sunny Taizo's CLEAN!! No fighting! Just cleaning! Tsubasa and friends must battle the toilet overlord with cleaning products or get flushed! Coming Winter 2021."
  • Harem no Mole Rat - "Harem no Mole Rat, a new manga from @shojobeat, drops Winter 2021! A cosmic accident sends Ami deep in an underground world.... surrounded by a harem of anthropomorphic mole rats!"
Viz Media April Fools' Day Manga

Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness Script "Leak"

The Evil Dead's Bruce Campbell shared a script on Twitter that implied Ash from The Evil Dead series meets Dr. Strange in the upcoming Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

Adult Swim Jr.

Think Adult Swim, but for kids.

Adult Swim reimagined many of its shows with short animations for 2021's April Fools' Day. Here were a few they showed:

  • Rick and Morty Babies
  • Childrens Hospital - this time the doctors are children
  • Space Kid Crib to Crib
  • The Venture Nephews
  • Harvey Birdman: Junior Associate

You can check out more on this Twitter thread from Adult Swim.

Cat-toons on Cartoon Network

Cats in costume were the focus of Cartoon Network's April Fools' Day jokes. Cartoon Network shared art of the following "new" shows:

  •  The A-Meow-Sing World of Gumball⁣
  • Steven Meowniverse⁣
  • Teen Titans MEOW!⁣
  • Cats of the Creek⁣

Cartoon network also posted teaser videos of Teen Titans MEOW! (which you can watch on Twitter here) and Cats of the Creek (which you can watch also on Twitter here). There's even an eight-hour stream of Cat-toon Network on Cartoon Network's YouTube.

El Chupacabras Horror Movie Announced

Unfortunately for chupacabra fans out there, Blumhouse's Twitter announcement of El Cupacabras from Issita Lopez accompanied by a trailer was yet another April Fools' Day prank reveal.

The First Silver Retriever

We Rate Dogs "confirmed" the first silver retriever on its social media accounts. The pup in question, Maui, is in fact golden. That doesn't mean We Rate Dogs' April Fools' Day goof is any less cute, though! Here's what We Rate Dogs wrote in its review of Maui:

"He’s the very first confirmed silver retriever. Experts believe his birthplace, near Mexico’s Peñasquito silver mine, could be a contributing factor to his unique coloring. Rare as h*ck. 14/10 would be an honor to pet"

You can read the We Rate Dogs review and see photos of the silver retriever Maui on the We Rate Dogs Twitter and Instagram.

Sours: https://www.ign.com/wikis/april-fools-day-game-pranks/2021_Best_April_Fools_Day_Internet_Pranks

"I have great news!" yelled Beastboy as he burst into the living room.  Everyone looked up at him.

"So, what's this great news?" Raven asked in her trademark monotone.  Beastboy replied, "Tomorrow's April Fool's Day!"

"You have to be joking!" cried Robin.  He jumped up and ran to the calendar.  Sure enough tomorrow was April 1st.

"Awww, come on!" cried Cyborg.  "Last year you pulled pranks on us all day Beastboy!"

"I found the sand in all of my clothing," said Starfire.

"A bucket of glue fell on my head when I went into the kitchen!" said Robin.

"You filled my rocket launcher with tofu!" said Cyborg.

"And you put salt in my tea," said Raven

"Yeah, but that was last year!" said Beastboy.  "This year will be bigger and better than ever!"

"Oh great," muttered Raven.  Beastboy excitedly said, "I've gotta get ready."

He rushed out of the room, and Raven looked at the other three Titans.  "I'm gonna go make sure he doesn't pull anything on us," she said. standing up.  As she walked out of the room she heard the others say, "Good luck."

Raven snuck into Beastboy's room and hid in his closet.  A few minutes later Beastboy came in.

"Since it's already nine PM," he said, "I'll just go to bed, and pull my pranks on them first thing in the morning."  He then stripped down to his boxers and went to bed.

So I have to keep him from waking up, then, thought Raven.  Or maybe I can just keep him in his bed all day.  But how?  She pondered this for several minutes until she heard Beastboy snoring.  Then she snuck out of the closet, and nearly tripped over a huge ball of yarn.  Her eyes fell on it, and an idea struck her.  It was so simple that it was brilliant.  Snickering softly, Raven got to work.

Beastboy usually woke up later than anyone else on the team.  But this April 1st, he woke up before dawn.

"Yes!" he whispered.  "Now I can prank everyone!"

But when he tried to sit up, he realized that he couldn't.  He had been tied to his bed in the middle of the night!  He tried to turn into a small animal to escape, but his powers weren't working.  Then a voice spoke from his favorite beanbag chair.

"You didn't think I'd let you drive the team insane with your April Fool's Day pranks, did you?"

Beastboy turned his head and saw Raven sitting on his favorite beanbag chair.  "Raven!" he cried.  "What did you do to my powers?"

"Oh, that wasn't me," said Raven.  "That's the enchanted rope I used to tie you down.  As long as the rope touches you, you won't be able to change into any other animal."

Beastboy groaned.  "So now what?"

Raven grinned wickedly.  "Now," she said, standing up, "I'm going to punish you for putting salt in my tea last year."

Beastboy gulped as Raven stepped over to him.

"Tell me something, Beastboy," Raven said laying her fingers on Beastboy's sides.  "Are you by any chance... ticklish?"

Beastboy's eyes widened, and Raven began tickling him.  The changeling went nuts from the ticklish sensations, and began squirming and laughing helplessly.  The demoness was very skilled in tickling, and the sensations were ten times as strong as they should have been.

Sours: https://www.wattpad.com/61984005-teen-titans-the-april-fool
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List of Teen Titans Go! episodes

Wikipedia list article

Teen Titans Go! horizontal logo.svg

Teen Titans Go! is an American animatedtelevision series based on the DC Comics fictional superhero team, the Teen Titans. The series was announced following the popularity of DC Nation's New Teen Titans shorts,[1][2] both of which are based on the 2003 Teen Titans TV series. Teen Titans Go! is a more comedic take on the DC Comics franchise, dealing with situations that happen every day.[2] Sporting a different animation style, Teen Titans Go! serves as a comedic spin-off with no continuity to the previous series, and only certain elements are retained. Many DC characters make cameo appearances and are referenced in the background. The original principal voice cast returns to reprise their respective roles.

As of October 9, 2021,[update] 335 episodes of Teen Titans Go! have aired.

Series overview


Season 1 (2013–14)

Season 2 (2014–15)

Season 3 (2015–16)

Season 4 (2016–18)

Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Teen_Titans_Go!_episodes

Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 28 - Batman v Teen Titans: Dark Injustice - full transcript

The Titans try to outprank each other on April Fools' Day.


This is going to be so good.

Who's gonna be an April Fool?
Huh? Huh?

Not this guy with thumbs!

Titans, breakfast.

Oh, yeah! Let's breaks
that fast, baby!

Oh, go, go, go. Go ahead.
Take a seat.

- I'll pass, weirdo.
- More for us!

April Fools!

I got you! I got you, I got you!
I got you so bad.

Everyone thought
you were tooting!

Comedy gold.

Just get off the floor.

I can't... I can't feel my butt.

I too have no feelings
in the posterior.

Quick, someone smack mine.


Nothing! I feel nothing!

Those whoopee cushions
were too strong!

I-I just wanted a good
clean toot sound.

Well, you paralyzed
our butts, fool!

Our behinds shall
never again feel

the soft fabrics of
the couch cushions.

Because of you!

I... I'm sorry, Star.

No. I-It was supposed
to be a harmless prank.

April Fools!

Our butts are fine.

We got you.


That's good. That's good fun.

- Fun? You were crying.
- Wha... It was fun crying.

Because it was just a
hilarious April Fools' prank.

What's fun about making
your friends look dumb?

I shall demonstrate. Robin...

kiss me now.

April the Fools!

- Got me again.
- You see, Raven?

Uh, you just humiliated him.

But in the fun way. See?

- Fun.
- These "fun" April Fools' pranks

are just excuses to be
cruel to your friends.

No one likes being the butt of a joke.
Especially me.

I hear you, Mama. I hears you.

Uh, we promise not to prank you.

- Shake on it.
- No.

- Gum?
- No.

- Peanuts?
- No.

Would you care to smell
this nice flower

- that does definitely not spray the...
- No. I'm leaving.

And if you guys are smart

you'll stop with this
April Fools nonsense.

I'm serious.

- Maybe she's right.
- The pranks do seem the cruel.

It's not fun if people get hurt.

Then let's agree right
now, no more pranks. Deal?

- Deal.
- Deals.

Oh, man...

it's gonna be so funny when someone
walks right into this tape.

They're gonna look so dumb.

In a fun way.

- Robin!
- What? Nothing. Hi.

Robin, we have found
something most serious.

- What is it?
- Your parents, they're here, man.

Well, where are they?

They are just on the
other side of the door.

Mommy, Daddy! Your
baby is coming!

Whoa! Get this off me!

April Fools!


You sure did get me.
You sure did.

That was just mean.

Come on, don't be
a downer, Raven.

It's all in good fun!

And the fun's just begun.

- Huh, what's that?
- Huh?

Ow! Ow!

April Fools! Ha-ha!

Oh, good one.

Ooh, the floor money.

April Fools!

Good one, friends. Ha, ha, ha.

Hey, buddy.

Very well.

Oh, hey, Star... Ow!

- What was that for?
- Following the directions.

Hmm, if the sign says so.


April Fools, brah!


You got me good. Ow!

Okay, you guys can
stop slapping me now.

That is up to the sign.

What's going on, guys?

Uh, you know, just enjoying this
wholesome April Fools' Day.

We've really been pranking
each other good, Mama.

Oh, yes.

But you will not feed
me to the wolf again.


When the wolf chewed
on your leg, so funny.

So funny.

The comedy precious metals.

Guys, these pranks aren't fun.
You're just treating

each other horribly and it's
made you super paranoid.

We're not paranoid, Mama.
I'm watching you!

Great. 'Cause I'm watching you.

And you and you.

I've been watching
you all for years.

And I am the watcher
who watches,

and I'm watching the
watchers who watch me!


This is fun? Being
suspicious of your friends

and getting chewed
on by wild animals?

That was the good one.

Well, I've had enough.

These pranks threaten to
shatter the bonds of trust

we share as friends. And
I can't let that happen.

As of right now, April
Fools' Day is over.

- Over?
- But we haven't even pranked you yet.

Haven't pranked Raven... Hmm.

Crime alert! Crime alert!
Na-na. Na-na.

Oh! Oh, it is the crime alert.

Indeed. A huge, um,
booger monster...

is attacking Jump City.

Really? A booger monster?

It seems his power is boogers.

Wow. This is the best you
guys could come up with?

This is no prank, Mama. I
don't know if we will be

able to defeat this villain if
we do not have your support.

- You'll be fine.
- Then we have no choice.

Titans, go!

Raven, help!

This booger monster is
boogering all over us.

Oh, no. That's terrible.

Robin to Raven, he's going
to destroy the city.

Raven, please, 10-4. Over.

I'm not falling for this.
You're not gonna embarrass me.


They were serious.


The booger monster was real?

- Yes, and we could not defeat him.
- He destroyed our beloved city.

Cyborg is in a robot coma!

I told you there was nothing
funny about April Fools pranks.

No good can come from being
cruel to your friends.

We've learned our lesson, Mama.
No more pranks or lies.

Just the real reals.

Then be real, Beast Boy.

This is me getting
as reals as I can.

- I love you, girl.
- I love you, too.

If Cyborg's robot coma
has taught me anything,

it's that some chances
are worth taking. Raven,

- will you marry me?
- I, I...



- You're awake.
- Yes.

These expressions
of love and truth

saved me from my robot coma.

I know how precious life is now.

That's why I'm
leaving the Titans

to pursue my dream of being
in the Justice League.

It seems today is the day we all
leave childish things behind.

Pranks, jokes and tomfoolery
have no place here.

And my identity
must reflect that.

From this day forward,
call me Nightwing.

The hair, so beautiful.

We'll go our separate ways.
I guess this is it.

This is the end of
Teen Titans Go!

Nightwing, kiss me now.

April Fools!

You guys thought I hated pranks.
I love pranks.

You are the queen
of April Fools.

April Fools! We got you.

This is a good one. April Fools!

Sours: https://subslikescript.com/series/Teen_Titans_Go-2771780/season-3/episode-28-Batman_v_Teen_Titans_Dark_Injustice

Titans fools teen april


Because of the sheer unkindness of the pranks they pull on each other, Raven tries to convince the humiliating jokes on April Fools' Day to stop. However, the Titans continue the pranks, which severely damages their trust for each other, and of course their bodies, too.


  • Accidental Truth: Raven disbelieves the Titan's prank about a giant Booger Monster attacking Jump City. It turns out to be true.
  • Almost Kiss: Done twice.
    • Starfire goes to kiss Robin, only to punch him in the gut as a April Fool's joke.
    • Then in the ending, the two couples - Robin (now Nightwing) and Starfire, and Beast Boy and Raven - begin to kiss... only for it to be an April Fools Joke.
  • April Fools' Plot: The first April Fool's episode so far.
  • Bait-and-Switch Credits: Though this is justified since it's an April Fools' Day episode.
  • Breaking the Fellowship: Subverted in the ending. The Titans was going to go on their separate ways after the destruction of Jump City...only to shout April Fool's to the audience.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: The Titans shouting "April Fool's" to the audience.
  • Comedic Sociopathy: The Titans' (except for Raven) pranking each other are this to the fullest and they are okay with it.
  • Cry Laughing: Robin laughs at the Titans' prank about his parents returning while crying at the same time.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: Raven's reaction to the Titans' constant pranks.
  • Never Trust a Title: While Batman does appear, it's only a cameo appearance.
  • Non-Indicative Name: The episode's title is this since it's not even a parody of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but an April Fool's episode.
  • Only Sane Woman: Raven until the ending.
  • Whoopee Cushion: Robin uses it on Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg as an April Fools prank.
  • With Friends Like These...: The other Titans for pulling cruel pranks on each other as Raven points out.

Sours: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Recap/TeenTitansGoS3E28BatmanVTeenTitansDarkInjustice
Teen Titans Go! - April Fools

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The novel also caught the courage, and, like the last time, he finished after Dasha.

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Her mouth was open. A slight moan sometimes escaped her beautiful lips. Of course, I did not expect her to become sensual in such a short time. time.

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