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Our Guests: John Correia

About John Correia

John Correia is the founder and owner of Active Self Protection as well as head instructor.

He is a Christian, a US Navy veteran, a devoted husband and father, and former pastor in the Phoenix metropolitan area. He has been a firearms enthusiast his whole life, shooting and hunting from the time he was little. He is an avid shooter and hunter today as well as a martial artist with a 10-year earned black belt in his system of study.  John has been an NRA- and Arizona-state-certified firearms instructor since 2011.

John founded Active Self Protection in 2011 to teach people in all walks of life to develop the attitude, skills, and plan to defend themselves and their families from harm.

Empty-handed qualifications:

-10-year earned black belt in a derivative of Kenpo known as UMAS. Continuous training since 2006, with goal to be under instruction at least 100 hours a year annually.

-Presenter at national martial arts gatherings specializing in empty-handed skills for firearms carriers and firearms skills for martial artists

Pistol and related qualifications:

-Rangemaster Certified Pistol Instructor

-NRA Certified Pistol Instructor in Home Firearm Safety, Basic Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, Defensive Pistol, Personal Protection Outside the Home (Mike Seeklander) Firearms Instructor Development graduate

-State of Arizona certified Armed Guard instructor

-UTM Professional Training Organization certified

-Law of Self Defense verified instructor graduate

-NRA Range Safety Officer certified

-Certified Civilian TASER Trainer

-Daily CCW carrier since 2006

-National speaker on real-life defensive encounters; in 2017, was invited to speak at the NRA Carry Guard Expo and keynote speaker at the Rangemaster Instructor Conference

Social Media:

-YouTube channel is among the most-viewed self-defense and firearms channels on YouTube, currently garnering between 15 and 30 million channel views monthly

-Known for narrating defensive encounters caught on surveillance video for lessons learned for self-defenders of all kinds

-Facebook page reaches 1+ million per week with content to help self-defenders better protect their families.

Related education and qualifications:

-96-hour Masters Degree in a Communications field (MDiv, Phoenix Seminary, 2006)

-9 years classroom experience teaching both undergraduate and graduate students

-Honorable Discharge, United States Navy (Electronics Technician [Nuclear], First Class {E-6})

-Narrated Defensive Encounters used by multiple LE Agencies and Academies, MIL LE posts, and hundreds of firearms and combatives trainers around the world.

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Active Self Protection

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John Correia is the founder of Active Self Protection as well as head instructor

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Self-Defense: Passive or Active

Studies support points of view ranging from strong resistance to total submission. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to self-defense. Ultimately, the decision rests with the individual and should be based on considerations such as the location (isolated vs. populated), whether or not a weapon is involved, the victim's physical capabilities, and the perceived chance of success.

Passive Self-Defense

  • Talking your way out of a situation.
  • Telling the rapist you're pregnant, menstruating, or afflicted with a communicable disease can be an effective ploy.
  • Faking submission and waiting for an appropriate opportunity to make an escape.
  • Urinating, defecating, or vomiting.
  • Note: Initiating a passive defense may not work in all situations. If it fails, you can then escalate to an active defense.

Active Self-Defense

  • If you choose to fight, fight effectively. A half-hearted attempt at resistance could be worse than no resistance at all.
  • Before initiating a physical defense, you should be aware of your capabilities - both physical and mental. If you cannot imagine yourself exerting whatever force necessary to ward off an attacker, then perhaps a more passive approach is more viable for you.
  • Have some idea of what you intend to do should you be attacked. If you have given prior thought to the matter, you will be better prepared to avoid debilitating panic.
  • Self-defense classes aimed at teaching everyday defensive maneuvers can help build confidence.
  • Don't underestimate the power of your voice as an effective defensive tool. If you feel your voice may fail you when you need it most, practice screaming.

Self-Defense Devices

  • Whistle: A good attention-getting device. However, whistles can be difficult to blow when breathless or frightened. Should you carry a whistle, never wear it on a string around your neck or wrist.
  • Shrill Alarm: Another good-attention getting device. Shrill alarms are compressed air or gas and emit a shrill piercing sound.

Note: For these devices to be useful, they must be immediately accessible should you be attacked. If left in trunks, desk drawers, or buried at the bottom of a purse, they will not help you in an emergency.


Active Self Protection

EVIDENCE-BASED DEFENSIVE TRAINING: Active Self Protection (ASP) educates and trains others in armed and unarmed self defense. Their Motto: Cover your ASP!

"We chose the name ASP as a means of expressing our purpose. "Active Self Protection" is our desire for ourselves and those w e train, and it also points to an old term for a small, venomous snake in north Africa famous for its small size but potent bite when threatened. (and famous for being Cleopatra's method of suicide) See the analogy there? A person doesn't need to be big or threatening to be able to defend themselves if they are ready to go. Finally the acronym ASP also leads to our basic philosophy of self-defense, before, during, and after an encounter: Attitude, Skills, Plan. Having the proper Attitude, appropriate Skills, and a good Plan mean everything in a defensive encounter. So use ASP to assess your readiness to defend yourself and your loved ones!" JOHN


Self protection active

From having analyzed over 30,000 gunfights there is one thing I know above all else. You are always more likely in life to need emergency medical skills and gear than a gun but if you ever do need a gun you will FOR SURE need medical gear and training.

I never step onto a gun range without a well-stocked trauma kit and I keep one in every vehicle, range bag, in my home, and wrapped around my ankle everywhere I go. I have used my trauma medical equipment and training three times to protect and preserve life! I strongly recommend you get the training and carry the equipment that you might well use to save a life as well, whether it is after a deadly force encounter or at the scene of a car wreck.

I feel so strongly about it that I'm pleased to announce the first-ever ASP joint venture product is in fact a trauma kit... 2 of them.

Below on this web page I will outline the two now available trauma kits we've built for you in partnership with our friends at Mountain Man Medical.

I encourage you to take your medical preparedness seriously, and read all the information and resources I'm including below.


John Correia
Founder & Owner
Active Self Protection

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