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As you know, there is not a lot out there for creating an individualized rig for the Honda Ridgeline. Myself and a team of innovators have been creating items for the Honda Ridgeline and we want to share them with you. Welcome to the Ridgeline Store. 

If you are a fabricator, innovator, inventor, and have products you would like to feature at The Ridgeline Store, email us at [email protected]

NOTE: We do not ship outside the northern continental United States of America. If you live outside those 48 states, we can not deliver to you. If for some reason the system allows you to order, your items will be canceled and issued a refund in a timely manner. We will not deliver to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, or Mexico. 

Return Policy: Any item(s) purchased from from the Ridgeline Store may be returned at no charge with in 14 days of the order being received as long as the items have been unused (unmounted) and are in the original packaging. Return amount will only be for products purchased, not shipping to or cost of return shipping.


Lifted Honda Ridgeline

Honda Ridgeline on a beach

A lifted Honda Ridgeline not only provides a bold, aggressive look on St. Augustine streets, but it also will enhance your off-roading experience. The benefits of a lifted Ridgeline include:

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  • Higher ground clearance
  • Superior departure angle for large rocky obstacles and steep climbs
  • More robust springs for softer landings on rough terrain
  • Extra room for bigger tires
  • Better visibility in heavy traffic when you are on paved roads

Learn more about Honda Ridgeline lift kit options and specs at Honda of the Avenues.

Ridgeline Lift Kit Options

The available Honda Ridgeline lift kit options will vary depending on the trim level you choose, as well as on the type of off-roading you want to do around Orange Park and beyond.

  • Body lift kits – Body kits are often less costly and easier to install than suspension lift kits.
  • Suspension lift kits – These require replacing several suspension components, including the shocks/struts, leaf springs, control arms, trailing arms, and more. Suspension lift kits can provide more suspension articulation and allow for bigger tires.
  • Suspension lift kit options – There are also many types of suspension lift kits, including leaf spring lift kits, rear suspension lift kits, front suspension lift kits, or lift kits that lift both the front and rear suspension.

Honda Ridgeline Suspension Specs

The new Ridgeline has a unibody construction with MacPherson strut front suspension and a multi-link rear suspension. The AWD Ridgeline suspension also features a solid 25.0 mm front stabilizer bar and a tubular 26.5 mm rear stabilizer bar. The Ridgeline comes standard with 18-inch wheels and 245/60 R18 105H all-season tires.

Here are some other standard specs you should be aware of before you purchase your Ridgeline lift kit:

  • Ground Clearance (AWD unladen) – 7.87 inches
  • Approach Angle (AWD) – 19.2°
  • Breakover Angle (AWD) – 18.5°
  • Departure Angle (AWD) – 21.4°

Honda Ridgeline AWD

The i-VTM4® AWD system is an available option on Ridgeline Sport and RTL trims, and it is standard on the RTL-E and Black Edition models. This Honda AWD system has been rigorously tested at the Automotive Enviro Testing (AET) facility in Baudette, Minnesota to ensure that it can handle the most extreme weather and terrain challenges. In addition to i-VTM4® All-Wheel Drive, the Ridgeline is also available with Intelligent Traction Management, which allows %%taret_city_3%% drivers to select from four driving modes: Normal, Snow, Sand, and Mud.

Explore Your Honda Ridgeline Options at Honda of the Avenues

Make sure to check out our new vehicle specials to take advantage of our current Honda Ridgeline offers. We’re certain you’ll find the right Ridgeline pickup truck at the right price when you visit our dealership in Jacksonville. Planning on lifting your new Ridgeline? Take a look at what we have in stock at our Parts Department, and if you need help installing your lift kit, schedule an appointment at our Service Center. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Kit #222050 – 2017-2022 Honda Ridgeline 2wd/4wd/AWD – 3.5″ Front, 2″ Rear Lift Kit



Part number: 222050


This brand new Traxda kit includes everything you need to lift your Ridgeline 3.5″ Front, 2″ Rear

Made in the USA

Traxda builds everything but the nuts bolts and hardware in-house. We have invested heavily in US manufacturing, using just-in-time processes and CNC machinery and robotic welding. We use the best materials we can source to make our lift kits, and because we manufacture it ourselves we are happy to offer custom colors and lift combinations. Call 888-660-5892 to learn more.


Part number: 222050


• Lift: 3.5″ Front, 2″ Rear

• Designed to retain the stock ride quality

• Aftermarket shocks are NOT required



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The Honda Ridgeline is a compact truck that’s made to be reliable, fuel-efficient, and rugged. And although its unibody construction doesn’t lend itself to be as capable as other trucks in its class, the Ridgeline does have a lot of potential. Whether you own a Honda Ridgeline or are thinking about buying one, you might be wondering if it’s a good idea to lift it, so let’s take a closer look.

You can use spacers to lift a Honda Ridgeline

Lifting a Honda Ridgeline is a lot like lifting a Honda Element as many of the kits consist of spacers and control arms. If you were to ask any serious off-road enthusiast, they might tell you that it’s not the greatest way to lift a vehicle for rock crawling duties. However, the Honda Ridgeline wasn’t exactly meant for that anyway. Instead, anyone lifting a Honda Ridgeline will likely do it for cosmetic reasons with some additional functionality and ground clearance.

Truxxx Lift kit for the Honda Ridgeline

The benefits of lifting a Honda Ridgeline

If you do plan on lifting a Honda Ridgeline, despite its unibody construction, it does come with a few benefits including:

  • Higher ground clearance
  • Better departure and approach angles
  • More room for larger tires
  • Better visibility while in traffic
  • A more rugged overlanding look
  • Many of the Ridgeline lift kits are inexpensive ($200 to $300)
  • There are 2-inch and 3-inch lift kits available

It’s obvious that lifting a Honda Ridgeline mainly means that you’ll have a higher ride height to traverse some rocky terrain and get over some mild obstacles when going off the beaten path. However, just don’t expect it to be a RAM 1500 TRX competitor with a lift kit, if anything, your Ridgeline will just be at the same ride height.

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There are some cons to lifting a Honda Ridgeline

While we can see that there are some benefits to adding some ride height to a Honda Ridgeline, there are some cons as well.

  • The lift height is limited due to the available lift kits in the market
  • Depending on the size of tire you install on it, they could rub against the fenders
  • Altered suspension geometry
  • Worse fuel economy
  • More road noise
  • More cabin noise

While it might look like there are plenty of cons to lifting a Honda Ridgeline, a lot of them come with the territory of lifting any truck. Fortunately, many of the lift kits for the Ridgeline, like the one from Truxxx, also include the necessary hardware to ensure that the truck operates as it did from the factory.

A lifted 2020 Honda Ridgeline

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Is lifting a Honda Ridgeline worth all of the effort?

If you’re looking to get more ride height out of your Honda Ridgeline, then it’s worth spending the $200 to $300 on a lift kit. However, just remember that professional installation is recommended and some shop rates can vary widely, which could drive up the cost. Also, larger tires can complete a lifted setup, luckily, there are plenty of larger tires that should fit the stock Ridgeline wheels.


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New Lifted Honda Ridgeline Sport: Is Lifting A Ridgeline A Good Idea???

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