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Music software company Serato has released new official versions of its DJ Pro and DJ Lite software that are fully supported in macOS Catalina. The updated software works with Apple’s new Music app, which replaced iTunes in Apple’s latest desktop OS refresh, and libraries in Music can automatically load in the updated Serato DJ Pro and DJ Lite.

Along with updating its DJ software, Serato has also released a new version of its beat-making software Serato Studio that’s supported in Catalina. However, not all Serato products are in the clear. Serato Sample and Pitch ’n Time Pro and LE are still not compatible with Catalina, but the company says it’s actively working on updates. Additionally, Serato warns there is still some DJ hardware from partners that doesn’t work with the new OS and the status on that is “out of Serato’s control.”

Upgrading to Catalina has proved to be a pain for a lot of DJs who relied on iTunes as a part of their workflow. Many use it to organize their music into playlists and then automatically sync them with DJ apps using an XML feature, now no longer available, that shares the necessary database file with third-party apps.

According to Apple, the new Music app removes support for automatically syncing playlists with third-party apps using XML. This has caused complications with DJ software that hadn’t updated to support Apple’s new method. XML files can still be manually extracted from Music, but it takes a bit more effort and results in a static file, meaning you have to export a new one every time you want to update a playlist.

Catalina’s Music app does support automatic library syncing with other apps, but some companies are still playing catch up to make sure their software supports the new method. Some apps, like Algoriddim’s Djay, were already optimized for Catalina at launch, but others, like Rekordbox, have yet to release a compatible update.

So, if you’re a Serato DJ Pro or DJ Lite user that has updated to Catalina, everything should work just fine, and your Music playlists will load automatically in the software with no need for manual exporting.


2 Best Ways to Mix Apple Music with Serato DJ


Rising from New Zealand, Serato DJ is a software using for digital music mixing. As an alternative to Virtual DJ, Serato DJ is way cheaper than Virtual DJ. You can get Serato DJ Pro at $149 or $9.99 for the monthly subscription. Serato DJ Lite is even free. Also, Serato SJ is relatively simple to get mixing with, so it is better for a DJ beginner.

Apple Music is home to 75 million songs, with some exclusive you can only access via Apple Music. Apple Music supposes to be a great resource for music mixing. Can you use Apple Music with Serato DJ? However, you are not able to mix Apple Music with Serato DJ since Serato DJ doesn't support Apple Music since protection on Apple Music songs stops you from adding the songs to third-party software. If you are trying to add Apple Music to Serato DJ, you are coming to the right place because here are the 2 best solutions to fix the problem.

serato dj

Solution 1: Synchronize Apple Music Playlists to TIDAL

Although Serato DJ doesn't support Apple Music, it supports TIDAL and SoundCloud from right inside the software. So, in this section, we will introduce a solution to sync your Apple Music playlists to TIDAL. To do that, first of all, you need a TIDAL subscription. Please note that you should update your Serato DJ to the latest version, whether it is Serato DJ Pro or Serato DJ Lite.

apple music to tidal

Now, the key to this method is a service called Soundiiz, which serves as a middleman between all of the current streaming services, such as Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer, SoundCloud, and Youtube Music. Soundiiz can convert all the playlists that you currently have in those services over to TIDAL. Soundiiz provides the automated transference of playlists, as well as a single interface as which to manage and synchronize between these music streaming services. After you sign up to Soundiiz, use it to transfer your playlists to TIDAL, you can then access them from within Serato DJ and spin with those tracks.

Solution 2: Convert Apple Music to Serato DJ

Apple Music songs are protected in M4P so that you cannot transfer Apple Music to Serato DJ directly. So, the second solution is to remove protection from Apple Music songs and convert them to MP3 format or other formats that are supported by Serato DJ so that you can directly import Apple Music to Serato DJ.

What Format Does Serato DJ Support?

serato dj format

Serato DJ supports many popular audio formats such as MP3, OGG, FLAC, AIF, WAV, and more. You can check the full list from the image. To convert Apple Music to one of these formats, here you will need ViWizard Audio Converter.

ViWizard Audio Converter is designed for converting Apple Music to formats that we usually use such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, and more with ID3 tags preserved. Then users can use these converted Apple Music files on any device or player including Serato DJ. This tool also can be used for the conversion of iTunes audios or Audible books. Download the free trial software from the Download button and follow the guide to convert Apple Music to Serato DJ.

What ViWizard Can Do for You?
  • Remove protection from Apple music as well as audiobook files from iTunes and Audible without losing original quality or ID tags
  • Convert both protected audio formats (M4P, M4A, M4B, AA., and AAX.) and protected formats to common formats, such as MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, WAV, and FLAC
  • Serve as an audio track editor, allows you to adjust audio output settings and parameters, edit tags, and split the audio into segments

Watch: How to Download and Convert Apple Music for Serato DJ

Step 1. Add Apple Music to the Converter

add apple music files

First, download ViWizard Audio Converter from the above link, and please guarantee that you've authorized your computer to stream Apple Music songs. Then launch ViWizard and from the main interface. You will see three icons on the central top of the main screen. Here's what they are for:

1) This Music Note button is for importing protected audios to the Converter.

2) This one is to add unprotected audios to the Converter.

3) This is the "Converted History". When the conversion is done your converted files will be placed under this catalog.

Most of the Apple Music songs are protected, so you should click the Music Note button to import them to the converter. Or directly drag files from the Apple Music media folder to the ViWizard.

Step 2. Set Output Format and Output Path

select format

When you finish step 1, open the Format panel to select an output format for your audio files. Serato DJ Pro supported file types include MP3, OGG, ALAC,(mac & windows 10 only), FLAC, AIF, WAV, WL.MP3, MP4, M4A, and AAC(Mac only). ViWizard allows you to convert audios to MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, WAV, and FLAC, which means that you can choose any one of them as your output format. We recommend MP3 but you can make your choice depends on what you need. Right next to the Format is the Output Path option. Click on to select a file destination for your converted songs.

Step 3. Convert Apple Music to Serato DJ

convert apple music files

Once you are done with all the settings and editing, you can take up the conversion by pressing the Convert button. Wait for a few minutes until the conversion finishes, then you can locate the audio files in the folder you've selected. If you don't remember which folder you choose, you can go to the Converted History and use to find them. Since you get the converted Apple Music, you can import them to Serato DJ for remixing.

Step 4. Add Apple Music to Serato DJ

You can transfer Apple Music to Serato DJ with your computer now. You can upload them directly or use iTunes for uploading. Launch Serato DJ on your computer and go to the Files button. Then drag the ViWizard converted music folder to the All icon of Serato DJ. When the importing process is finished, you can start to mix Apple Music on Serato DJ.

Comparison between Solution 1 and Solution 2

Comparing these two solutions, Solution 1 is very suitable for TIDAL subscribers. If you already subscribe to TIDAL, you can only use the free version of Soundiiz for transferring. However, Solution 1 requires you to have both an Apple Music subscription and a TIDAL subscription at the same time, which may cost you more money every month. Besides that, the free account for Soundiiz lacks many features, so you may have to pay for it to get the full service. On the contrary, Solution 2 enables you to fix the problem once and for all, without much cost. To take better advantage of the converted files, you can also stream them to any of your devices. It's clear that solution 2 is more particle. Just try the ViWizard and sure you'll like it.


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The Ultimate Guide to Play Apple Music on Serato DJ

Tutorial: How to Import Apple Music to Serato DJ Program

The following is the detailed tutorial to guide you to convert Apple Music to MP3 format and import to Serato DJ. Please download NoteBurner Apple Music Converter first before getting started.

1 Download and Launch NoteBurner Apple Music Converter

Download and install NoteBurner Apple Music Converter. After it, please launch the software.

main interface

2 Add Apple Music Songs

Click the button "+ Add" to add music, it will pop up a window, which will show you all of the songs you have downloaded from Apple Music. Or you can also directly drag & drop the music from iTunes / Music app to NoteBurner. You can choose any song you want to convert.

Add files

3 Choose Output Format

After the successful adding, please click the button "Setting" to choose the output format as needs, in the pop-up window, you can set Output Path, Output Quality, and Output Format including WAV, AAC, MP3, AIFF, and FLAC.


4 Start Converting Apple Music

After completing the above steps, the final one is clicking the button "Convert". Just a few second, it will succeed. Once the conversion finishes, you can import the converted Apple Music to Serato DJ.


5 Add Converted Apple Music to Serato DJ Library

Launch Serato DJ software, click on the FILES button to open the files panel. Click on these locations to navigate your computer and find your music. Once you have located your music, drag the folder or files onto the purple “All...” icon. This is located to the left of your screen at the top of the crates and playlist window.

After few minutes, the converted Apple Music will be added to Serato DJ successfully, and you can use them in on Serato DJ without any limits.

For more details, please visit: Adding files to the Serato DJ Pro Library.

YouTube Video: How to Use NoteBurner Apple Music Converter


How to use Apple Music in Serato DJ?

Serato DJ allows you to export your music away from iTunes, but files from the Apple Music streaming service are not supported. So many people ask how to use Apple Music in Serato DJ.

Why can't I see my Apple Music streaming files in Serato DJ?

Files from the Apple Music streaming service that is exclusive to iTunes and iOS devices are not supported in Serato DJ. Files from the Apple Music streaming service are DRM protected, and won't be playable in any other software, hence why these files do not show in Serato DJ software.

Serato DJ supported file types includes .MP3, .OGG, .ALAC (mac only), .FLAC, .AIF, .WAV, .WL.MP3, .MP4, .M4A. So it means if you can convert the DRM protected Apple Music songs to mp3, you can then play them on Serato DJ. It's very easy, here we will show you the best way to remove Apple Music DRM and convert Apple Music to MP3 .

To convert DRM protected Apple Music songs to mp3, all you need is Ondesoft iTunes Converter . Available on Mac and Windows, it allows you to quickly download any Apple Music songs to mp3, m4a, etc. with 100% original quality and all ID3 tags.

Part 1 Remove Apple Music DRM and convert Apple Music M4P songs to MP3

Follow below steps to download Apple Music songs/albums/playlists to mp3 format first.

1. Launch Apple Music Converter

Download, install and run Apple Music Converter on your Mac/Windows. It will load the whole iTunes library automatically. How to add songs, albums or playlists to your Library from the Apple Music catalog?

Apple Music converter

2. Check Apple Music songs

If you added Apple Music songs/albums to Library, click Music on the left side and find your songs. Click the top checkbox if you want to select all songs in the playlist.

Apple Music to mp3

If you add playlist to Library, click the playlist name on the left side and all songs in the playlist will be shown on the right side. Check all of them or any one you want to convert.

Apple Music to mp3

3. Configure output settings

Select MP3 as output format. This Apple Music to MP3 converter also supports converting Apple Music M4P tracks to M4A, AC3, AAC, AIFF, AU, FLAC, M4R and MKA.

output format

For each output format, Apple Music to MP3 converter provides different profile settings: High, Normal and Low with different Bitrate, SampleRate and channels. You can also customize the value as you like.

Output filename can contain Title, Artist, Album, TrackID and DiskID, such as Artist - Album - Track - Title.mp3. Click Options on the menu bar to open Preferences and customize output filename format if you like.

Output mp3 filename can contain Title, Artist, Album, TrackID and DiskID, such as Artist - Album - Track - Title.mp3. Click Options on the menu bar to open Preferences and customize output mp3 filename format if you like. Then all output MP3 songs will be in this filename format.

filename format

4. Start to Convert

Click Convert button to start converting selected Apple Music M4P songs to MP3. After conversion, you can then transfer the mp3 songs to Serato DJ. Add the DRM-free songs to Music(iTunes) library and then import to Serato DJ.

convert Apple Music to MP3

Part 2 Import DRM-free Apple Music to Serato DJ

The Music application (called iTunes on macOS 10.14 and earlier ) on macOS 10.15 Catalina is supported from Serato DJ Pro version 2.3.0, and Serato DJ Lite version 1.3.0 onward.

To import your music, ensure that the Music application (iTunes) library organisation is set up correctly. Music application preferences are found under: "Music" (menu bar dropdown) > "Preferences..." > "Files".

1. Uncheck "Keep Music Media Folder organised"

2. Uncheck "Copy files to Music Media Folder when adding to library"

Once you have set up your library in the Music application (iTunes), simply ensure 'Show iTunes Library' is checked in the Serato Setup window, under the 'Library + Display'.

If you want to convert Spotify to MP3 , try Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter .

Features of Ondesoft Apple Music Converter:

Automatically synchronize with iTunes Library
Just add Apple Music tracks, playlists or albums to iTunes Library. Apple Music to MP3 converter will automatically load and show them on the interface. There is no need to download the tracks, playlists or albums if your internet connection is fast enough .

Customize profile settings
Apple Music to MP3 converter allows you to customize Codec, Bitrate, Sample rate and Channels of the output file. Also you may save them as custom profile for future use.

Fast Conversion Speed
The conversion speed can be as fast as 16X and you are free to set it as you desired.

Search Function
The powerful search function enables you to quickly find Apple Music tracks you need according to name, artist and album.

Customize file name format
Output file name can contain Title, Artist, Album, TrackID and DiskID and you are free to customize it as you like.

Save ID tags
ID tags such as song name, Artist name, Album, Album artist, Genre and Artwork will be saved to the output MP3 and M4A files.

Batch conversion
Batch conversion allows you to convert as many Apple Music tracks as you want at a time.


Serato and apple music

Adding Apple Music to Serato DJ has continued to pose a significant challenge to music lovers worldwide. Many have found it challenging to add Apple Music to Serato DJ directly even after subscribing to Apple Music. The main reason is Serato DJ app does not support streaming songs from Apple Music.

That aside, the available solution, which is to purchase the songs then play them on Serato DJ via Apple Music, is damn expensive. That has limited people who regard Apple Music as their primary app for music streaming from enjoying mixing their favorite jams using Serato DJ.  But don’t panics as many have faced the same problem that’s why we’ve come up with a useful workaround to completely solve your problem and help you import Apple Music to your DJ software without spending large cash to buy songs separately.

Part 1. Method to Get Apple Music for Serato DJ

Tunelf Audio Converter is the best assistant for you. This tool is designed to convert Apple Music into a local music library in multiple formats such as MP3, M4B, M4A, AAA, FLAC, and WAV. Serato DJ does not support streaming songs from Apple Music. So you can use Tunelf Audio Converter to convert streaming Apple songs to local music files for easy transfer.

This third-party tool is regarded as the best as it can keep 100% original quality and ID3 tags from Apple Music. Its multiple top-notch features have purely set it apart from the rest on the market today. But let’s quickly take a look at its major features before focusing on adding music to Serato DJ.

Key Features of Tunelf Audio Converter

  • Remove built-in DRM protection from Audible, Apple Music, and iTunes
  • Convert Apple Music, iTunes audios, and Audible books to MP3 and more
  • Cut large Audible or iTunes audiobooks into small segments by chapters
  • Keep audios with ID3 tags and lossless audio quality at 30× faster speed

Free Download

Free Download

Part 2. How to Add Apple Music to Serato DJ

Select Apple Music songs to convert

audio converter interface

Begin by downloading Tunelf Audio Converter from the above link. Make sure you allow your computer to stream Apple Music tracks with ease and then launch Tunelf Audio Converter. From the interface, you will see three tabs in the center of the main screen. Since Apple Music songs are DRM-ed, click the Music note to add them to the converter. Or simply drag files from the Apple Music media folder and drop them on the window.

Adjust the format, bit rate, and sample rate

select output format

You’re through with the first step. Now open the Format panel and choose the output format for your audio files. Serato DJ Pro is compatible with multiple popular audio formats such as MP3, ALAC, OGG, WAV, MP4, AAC, and M4A. Tunelf program also allows you to convert Apple Music to MP3, FLAC, M4B, M4A, WAV, and AAC meaning you can select any of the above as your output format. Many people prefer MP3 to other common audio file formats.

Convert Apple Music to DRM-free MP3 file

add audio files to converter

Start the conversion by hitting on the Convert tab. Relax for the conversion process to elapse, then proceed to the media folder you had selected and you will find the DRM-free audio files. If you cannot recall where you chose as the destination of your file, go to the converted history and use the search button to find them. Since you have the converted music files, you can simply add them to Serato DJ for mixing and start to enjoy your multiple jams.

Import Apple Music to Serato DJ for mixing

add music to serato dj

We are almost done, launch the Serato DJ app, and hit the files panel. Go to the converted media files folder on your computer and drag the entire folder to the All icon on the Serato. This will take some seconds to complete before your converted Apple Music tracks are added to your DJ software. Once the process is done, go ahead and use them on Serato DJ without a limit.

The Bottom Line

To get Apple Music for Serato DJ has been made easy and simple at long last. The presence of Tunelf Audio Converter makes every dream becomes a reality. This fantastic app allows you to play Apple Music on your DJ software without limitations. Try Tunelf Audio Converter, and sure you will like it. It is an easy way to enjoy your mixing with Serato DJ


Serato DJ Tips: How To Use Spotify \u0026 Apple Music In Serato - Tidal Hack!

How to Use Apple Music on Serato DJ and Mixing with the Tracks

What you will conjure up immediately when hearing the term DJ? Maybe the first image in your mind is a pair of turntables and a mixer. But nowadays, with the developed digital technology, the powerful and more portable laptops, and the more popular streaming music industry, the computer DJ software is sweeping the world. Among which Serato DJ is one of the best software which allows the users to mix and perform music.

Before DJing, the music library is basically the collection of music imported into the Serato DJ software. The software is capable of quickly scanning and analyzing the music automatically from your local drive to determine the tracks’ tempos, the keys they're in, and other essential DJ information accurately. Nowadays, the idea of having access to streaming music catalogue within the DJ software is commonly discussed, for example, "can you use Apple Music on Serato and mix with the tracks" or "Can Apple Music be used with Serato DJ"….

Many people might have spent a lot of time figuring out why they can not add Apple Music to Serato DJ. So this article is going to explain how to import your Apple Music songs or playlist into Serato DJ library for mixing and performing music.

Add Apple Music to Serato DJ

About Serato DJ Software

Serato is rising from New Zealand, the flagship products are Serato DJ Pro and Serato DJ Lite. Serato DJ is always the best option for users who yearns for the old feel of vinyl with the conveniences of digital vinyl record mixing for DVS (Digital Vinyl System) records. The software is very easy to use and you will not go wrong in the system, and it is excellent in this land because of the beautiful interface, simple workflow, powerful features and stable performance.

Serato is still the king of digital vinyl systems around the world, so if you are DJs who prefer the feel of vinyl, it is your go-to program. It is also an alternative of iTunes to help the users manage music library on computer drive.

Serato DJ

Why Using Apple Music Songs to Mix and Perform Music?

"Beyond music fans, streaming is also invaluable for DJs. The ability to preview tracks or albums in full, without committing to a purchase, is a powerful tool when digging around."

Apple Music has more than 75 millions songs, sometimes with big exclusives. Users can discover the original artists and its albums, or search for music with different genre or mood. The ability to access Apple Music massive music catalogue means improving the library size, and time-saving to find source music.

Regarding audio quality, Apple Music runs at 256kbps and sounds slightly lower than Spotify's 320kbps, but Apple uses a better encoding scheme, AAC, than Spotify's Ogg Vorbis. And the streamed songs on Apple Music sound clean, snappy and detailed.

How to Add Apple Music Songs to Serato DJ Software?

You may have discovered that the purchased albums and tracks from iTunes store can be added and recognized by your Serato DJ, but you tried the songs from Apple Music without any luck, even though you have paid for the monthly subscription. Why this difference happens?

Because Serato DJ doesn't support Apple Music right now, and the Apple Music songs is encrypted in AAC format, it can't be transferred and used on non-Apple devices, let alone import it to other third party software. If you want to add Apple Music songs to Serato DJ, beyond purchasing the song from iTunes store, another workable way is to convert the Apple Music songs to unprotected MP3, AAC or WAV that works with Serato DJ.

Here you can use Sidify Apple Music Converter to convert Apple Music songs to MP3, AAC or WAV formats that is compatible with Serato DJ software. With the specially designed recording technology, you can easily remove the encryption from Apple Music songs and convert it to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC or AIFF audio formats with 100% original sound quality kept.

Key Features of Sidify Apple Music Converter

Let's look at the tutorial on how to convert Apple Music songs to MP3, AAC or WAV formats that works for Serato DJ with Sidify Apple Music Converter, and import the converted Apple Music songs to Serato DJ software with ease.

Part 1: How to Convert Apple Music Songs to MP3

Here we will take Windows version as an example to explain how to make it work step by step, and you can operate it in the same way with Mac version. Before starting, please make sure that iTunes has been installed on computer. Your Apple Music subscription is still in the validity period, and the songs, albums or playlists you want to convert are already downloaded to computer local drive.

Step 1Launch Sidify Apple Music Converter

After downloading and installing Sidify Apple Music Converter, launch the program and then you'll see the user-friendly interface of this Apple Music Converter. The program is compatible with Windows and Mac.

Main interface

Step 2Import Apple Music Tracks to Sidify

Click the "Add" button, and you'll see a pop-up dialog which shows you your entire iTunes library. Tick the audio files that you'd like to get as MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF files and click "OK" button to add them to Sidify.

Add Apple Music

Step 3Adjust Output Setting

Click the "Settings" button on the upper right. Here you can choose output formats (MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF), output quality(Low, Medium, High, Very High 320kbps) , output folder and how you like the audio files to be organized and so on. If you don't change the output path, the output audio files will be saved under the default folder.

Set output as MP3

Step 4Start Conversion

After the conversion is done, you can find the converted audio files by clicking the "Converted" button or directly go to the output folder that you set in previous step. All ID3 tags, including artist, album, year, track number and genre, are preserved in the output audios.


Part 2: Add the Converted Apple Music Songs to Serato DJ

Since the converted Apple Music songs were already saved to your computer's local drive, now you can launch Serato DJ software and start importing the songs.

Step 1Click on Files and find the location where you saved the converted Apple Music songs.

Add music to Serato DJ

Step 2Drag & Drops songs to the upper-left corner.

Add music to Serato DJ

Step 3Then the song information like title, artist, album, etc. will displayed, and you can press the space to play the song.

Here is the ultimate tutorial on how to use Apple Music songs as source music of Serato DJ. Let's start mixing or performing music by using method above immediately!

Note: The trial version of Sidify Apple Music converter has 3-minute conversion limit. If you want to unlock the time restriction, purchase the Sidify Pro now.


Now discussing:

How to Add Apple Music to Serato DJ

Serato DJ, boasting many wonderful music mixing features, is one of the best DJ software currently available. As far as the music collection, the software integrates with two streaming platforms Tidal and SoundCloud. If you are subscribers of these two services, you can easily access their music library on Serato DJ and find music that suits your taste for use. Besides, it also supports showing iTunes library and importing music from your local or external hard drive or audio CDs.

But, keep in mind that, files from the Apple Music streaming service are not compatible with Serato DJ. Even though you've downloaded them to your local drive, you are not able to add Apple Music songs to Serato DJ. Apple Music tunes are all in protected AAC format, which is not supported by Serato programs. Therefore, we suggest you use a 3rd party application to convert your Apple Music songs into a suitable file type like MP3 for Serato DJ, should you want to mix them on Serato.

add apple music to serato

Tool Required - TunePat Apple Music Converter

There is lots of great Apple Music converting software that will let you turn your songs into MP3 files, but we’ve chosen to use TunePat Apple Music Converter because it’s simple to master and packed with many powerful features that can help you download any songs, albums, or playlists from Apple Music in MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC or AIFF format. It’s available for Windows and Mac. Let's get started to learn how to download Apple Music songs with TunePat and then add them to Serato DJ.

Key Features of TunePat Apple Music Converter

Tutorial: How to Add Apple Music songs to Serato DJ

Before getting started, please make sure you have downloaded the latest version of TunePat Apple Music Converter.

Step 1Sign in Your Apple ID

Open TunePat Apple Music Converter on your computer, and click "click "Open Apple Music Web Player" and then "Sign in" to open the login page. Now you need to enter your Apple ID info to let TunePat access your Apple Music library.

log in to Apple Music

Step 2Customize the Output Settings

Please hit the Setting button (like a gear) on the top right corner to open the settings windows. There you can adjust the output settings, including the output format (AUTO/MP3/AAC/WAV/AIFF/FLAC), audio quality, change the download location, and so on.


Step 3Add Apple Music Tracks

Then, you can add your desired tracks to download. Just open a playlist/artist/album, click the blue Add button suspended on the bottom right corner of the screen. Then a window will pop up where will list all songs in the playlist/album for your choice. You can select the songs you want to download.

add music

Step 4Download Apple Music

Finally, all you need is to click the "Convert" button. The program will start downloading Apple Music songs in the format you set in step 2.

Once the conversion is done, you can find out the downloaded music by clicking the “History” button.

convert apple music

Step 5 Add Downloaded Apple Music to Serato DJ

Now, you can add the downloaded songs to Serato DJ. Launch Serato DJ software, click on the FILES button to open the files panel. The left side of this window displays various locations on your computer hard drive. Click on these locations to navigate your computer and find the converted Apple Music songs.

Once located, drag the folder or files you want to import onto the “All...” icon. This is located to the left of your screen at the top of the crates and playlist window. Done, the music has been added to the Serato DJ.

add file to serato


Using a professional Apple Music converter to convert Apple Music songs is crucial to your adding them to Serato DJ software. After downloading and converting Apple Music songs to MP3 format, you are also able to import them to any of your desired devices for playback or use. Featured with perfect performance, intuitive interface, fast speed, and broad compatibility, TunePat is a great option for your Apple Music converting. It offers a free trial version. You can simply download it to test if it meets your needs for conversion.

Note: The free trial version of the TunePat Apple Music Converter enables you to convert the first three minutes of each song and convert 3 music files at a time. You can unlock the limitations by purchasing the full version.

Spotify music Downloader
Excellent Spotify Music Downloader!

No matter you are a Spotify Free or Premium user, you can use TunePat Spotify Converter to download and convert all your favorite Spotify songs to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, or AIFF format without installing Spotify client. Give it a shot now!

Learn More >>

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