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My Twin Soul Journal

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Because the Twin Flame Love is so unconditional and pure that for it to fully sit in you, you must feel completely your true authentic self. This means that you have to shed or cleanse yourself of anything that is unclean about you by embarking on Self-Love.

Now, what brings this pain is not the connection or your Twin Flame, your Twin partner triggers you into this alchemy because you already have that past emotional pain lodged in you.

This pain that you feel in from within you and because the love for your Twin Flame is so strong, it empowers you to face this pain that is buried within you — this pain is triggered by physical separation from your Twin Flame.

Some of this pain includes Fear, loneliness, insecurities, past pain that you had repressed for so long in yourself. Sometimes this pain pushes either of the Flames to Run from the connection.

Any pain that you feel within yourself must be felt and brought to the surface to be cleaned out of you. Therefore you must Surrender to your Twin Flame connection.

I feel completely healed within myself but sometimes I still get surprised by mood swings and sadness.

Before you get to complete healing, you will realize that you are so grateful to your Twin for helping you to replenish your soul through Positive Affirmations & Soul Growth Inspirations.

Learning to let go to heal: Surrender means that you trust the universe to be in control of your journey, and having the inner power to let go of trying to control your Twin Flame experience empowers you to have the freedom to focus on accumulating happiness in your life.

Thank you for the question.

I wish you Blessings and love on your Journey!

Stay in Love.

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Twin Flame Separation – Why It Happens and Why It Haunts Us

Twin flame separation is not like typical relationship breakdown.

When we separate from our flames it’s as though our entire lives have been shattered. The deep and intense love that we feel towards our twin flames makes any form of split agonizing and almost unbearable.

Having received so many stories from lost souls over the years about twin flame separation, I thought I’d finally write about this topic. Being in a twin flame relationship myself, I’ve experienced how overwhelming, intimidating and terrifying it can get, and how insufferable it is to separate – even just temporarily.

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Before you read on, please ensure that you aren’t in a co-dependent or unhealthy relationship. The difference between twin flame relationships and co-dependent relationships, is that twin flames relationships are defined by respect, equality, negotiation, and healthy boundaries. On the other hand, co-dependent relationships are characterized by feeling trapped, unequal, devalued and reliant on the other for a sense of self-worth. Unfortunately, it is possible to confuse co-dependency with twin flame love. Please be careful about confusing the two.

5 Causes of Twin Flame Separation

One of the most painful stages is the twin flame relationship that of the “Runner and Chaser.” After the initial stages of ecstatic union and fairy-tale partnership, things start to heat up. Egos begin to clash. Core wounds, insecurities, and traumas are rubbed raw. Shadow Selves lash out.

As a result, it’s inevitable that almost every twin flame relationship battles through drama and dysfunction at first. Understandably, this comes as a devastating shock. What happened to the perfect, rosy relationship paradise where everything was kisses and cuddles? At this point, many twin flame couples wind up confused and disorientated. Was it all a lie? Was it all an illusion?

The answer is “no.” The intensity you experienced was not a figment of your imagination. The sense of familiarity and déjà vu you felt wasn’t a mystical apparition. It was real. Don’t doubt it. It’s simply buried under the layers of your damaged egos.

It could be said that the sole purpose of twin flame relationships is to help us soulfully mature and become the best versions of ourselves possible. In fact, despite how difficult they can be, twin flame relationships are so powerful because they are catalysts of growth. Our twin flames help to ruthlessly expose the dark, disowned, fractured parts of ourselves that we’ve hidden away. Not only that, but our twin flames provoke our inner growth by unintentionally (or intentionally) irking us. The anger we feel towards them is only really a reflection of the anger we feel towards ourselves.

Sometimes one, or both partners in a twin flame relationship become so infuriated and incapable of co-existing that they separate. What is the cause of twin flame separation? We’ll see below:

1. Psychological and spiritual immaturity

Life is a process of growth. Not only do our physical bodies grow, but our inner selves grow as well. One of the primary causes of twin flame separation is immaturity. When we’re immature, we have low emotional intelligence meaning that we struggle to identify, manage and cope with our emotions and those of others. Not only that, but spiritual immaturity thrives in proportion to the stubbornness and magnitude of the ego. In other words, the bigger the ego self, the less harmony there is. The ego wants to believe itself to be charming, magnificent, all-knowing, and perfect. But when it is challenged in any way, shape, or form, there is hell to pay.

Almost all of us are ruled by the ego-self – if we weren’t, we’d be enlightened. But not all egos are the same. There are strong egos, and there are weak egos. The stronger an ego is, the more likely it is to run away from a person or situation which makes it feel impotent. Twin flame relationships are one such place. In fact, twin flame relationships are essentially made to dissolve the ego … and the ego despises that.

2. Lack of self-love and respect

The major requirement necessary for functioning smoothly in a twin flame relationship seems to be self-love. For example, before Sol and I met, we both worked on loving and accepting the people we were. This is also true for other successful twin flame partnerships.

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Without learning how to love yourself first, there can be no genuine love for others. Instead, the love is tainted with neediness, co-dependency and “conditions.” We can never give unconditional love to our partners without first showing fierce unconditional love towards ourselves. As a result of this, some twin flame relationships unfortunately crumble under the weight of insecurity and self-hatred.

3. More life lessons need to be learned

Life needs to prepare you before you enter a twin flame relationship. Sometimes this means that you need to enter other relationships, establish new friendships, or expand your life experience (travel, volunteer, get a new job) before you’re ready. This is all a matter of trial and error. Some circumstances will bestow you with gentle insight, and others will leave you crushed and fighting for air. Whatever the case, don’t shut yourself off from the world. The more you test your boundaries, the more you learn.

4. Healing needs to occur

Sometimes our twin flames show up at a point in life when we are suffering immensely. Our suffering may come from a tragedy, death, form of abuse or even another relationship breakup. We may not emotionally be in a place to open up yet. Therefore, a process of healing may be necessary first.

5. It’s just not the time yet

Life can be mysterious. Sometimes twin flame separation occurs because the moment in time isn’t right. Sometimes other journeys need to be completed, and other people need to be met. Sometimes we don’t even know the reason why. The best thing to do in this situation is to surrender. This can be extremely hard, but trust that the experience will help you grow stronger and wiser. Who knows what the future brings?

Losing your twin flame is one of the hardest things you will ever experience.

Whether through death, circumstance or the inability to coexist together, twin flame separation is a nightmare.

The absence you feel is profoundly incapacitating.

The loss you struggle with is like black quicksand.

Your crushed hopes and dreams cling to you like shrapnel.

You walk through life feeling empty, numb, lost.

There is nothing in life that can quite compare to the deep and intense grief of losing your beloved.

More In-Depth Help

Want to learn more about twin flame relationships? In our book Twin Flames & Soulmates, we give more in-depth guidance:

How to Recover From Twin Flame Separation

Image of a sad couple experiencing twin flame separation

Grief is an important part of the healing process. My intention isn’t to wave a magic wand and make your pain go away. Instead, my intention is to help expand your perspective and facilitate your recovery.

You are a strong, worthy and spiritual being. You deserve to pick up the pieces, heal and move on with your life. Open your heart and take in these words for a moment. When we experience immense loss it can be hard to remember these truths.

Before you read this list, I want you to know that although it felt as though your twin flame was your universe, you are capable of finding wholeness by yourself.

Recovering from twin flame separation can take months, often years, and sometimes decades. For this reason, always be gentle and patient with yourself:

1. Understand why the separation occurred

Often in order to find peace of mind, we need to understand why something in our lives occurred. If your separation was deliberate, you might like to explore the underlying reasons and causes. In understanding why you’ll be able to learn important lessons about yourself that will help you to mature as a person.

2. Realize that twin flame separation makes you stronger

At first, this almost sounds like a sick joke. Stronger? How could that possibly be true?

While losing your beloved temporarily causes immense sadness and distress, in the long term it can forge you into the person you were meant to become. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, twin flame separation burns you so fiercely that you feel like useless, futile ash. But after a time, if you allow it to, this process of burning can give birth to strength, fortitude, and courage.

3. Allow yourself to mourn through self-expression

Intense emotions are scary. For this reason, most of us tend to hide, suppress or distract ourselves from honoring them. If you’re experiencing extremely uncomfortable emotions such as depression, anger, and grief, slow down. Make space in your life to mourn. This isn’t about self-pity, it’s about actively experiencing your emotions.  

One of the best ways to actively experience emotions is through self-expression such as journaling, painting, playing an instrument, dancing, running, hiking, gardening, etc. Find what feels good, and go to that place. Don’t remain static. Get moving. This is a powerful way to heal.

Learn more about how to journal.

4. You are not your pain

When we are in a great amount of suffering it’s very easy for us to get strung up in victim roles. Melancholy is comfortable when it protects us from vulnerability. But remember this: pain is a passing sensation. It may be a very persistent emotion, but you are not your pain. You are so much more than your suffering.

Making friends with pain, opening to it, and allowing it to teach you, shows you that pain is transient. Pain reveals to you the parts within yourself that haven’t healed yet. Pain strips away the pretense and illusions and reveals to you the truth of what is there: your wounds, your insecurities, your beliefs, your attachments.

Pain shows you that you have loved deeply and fully. It reveals to you your own beauty, your own tender heart. Finally, when pain is fully accepted in the moment, it reveals a deeper truth: that you are limitless. You are not bound by any identity or story of pain.

Pain is only a passing cloud on the sky that is You.

5. Our twin flames are not responsible for our happiness

Twin flames facilitate our growth in a powerful way, but they are not required for us to be happy. Wholeness and fulfillment can be achieved without the presence of our twin flames. Unfortunately, a common myth about twin flames is that we somehow need them to be complete. This is false. We explore this more in-depth in our twin flame book.

Twin Flame book cover

Twin Flames & Soul Mates:

Learn how to forge true, deep, and enduring twin flame and soul mate love – no matter what stage you’re at, starting right now. This book is for anyone seeking to find and create an authentic, fulfilling, and awakened relationship.
Download Button

6. Integration

Integration is about taking your discoveries and actively applying them to your life. When you whole-heartedly surrender without resistance to what life is presenting to you now, suffering ceases. Of course, this is easier in theory than it actually is in real life. So be kind towards yourself. Go at your own pace. This takes time. And most importantly: be open to letting go of anything that no longer serves you.

One Last Thing …

Unconditionally loving yourself including all of your flaws, mistakes and shadow parts is vital for healing. Often the main reason why we experience heartbreak in the first place is because of our own self-loathing and lack of self-understanding.


Be open to the reality that life is a mystery. You don’t know what the future holds. You never know who may appear or re-appear in your life. Take comfort in this.

For the time being, I’d love for you to spill your heart in the comments area. What’s your story? Have you separated from your twin flame? What was it like for you, and how did you manage to cope? Let’s support each other.

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Twin Flame Separation – Why It Happens and Why It Haunts Us
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Understanding Twin Flame Separation Pain + 5 Steps To Feeling Better

Twin Flame separation pain is one of the most important steps in the Twin Flame journey, yet, one of the most difficult and challenging.

If you have been through this stage already or currently are, you know exactly how excruciatingly painful can be.

In order to get to this stage and to move on towards the next stage of your Twin Flame journey, it’s essential to understand why this pain occurs and to know what can help you feel better. 

What Is Twin Flame Separation Pain?

Twin Flame separation pain is the pain that you feel after the rosy and all-happy stage of your relationship has ended, and you and your Twin Flame have gone through the quarrel and broke up.

This stage is inevitable, and is a major part of the Twin Flame journey. It plays a decisive role.

Also, to see it from a positive viewpoint, this is the first step towards the reunion!

Understanding Twin Flame Separation Pain

Woman with twin flame separation pain

Everyone at the stage of Twin Flame separation pain is first asking themselves why they have to go through this.

When you are in the midst of the Twin Flame separation pain, it’s natural to ask yourself this question. After all, this might be one of the hardest things you experience in life.

The answer is that in this stage, all of your wounds and aspects that need healing will surface.

Thus, the Twin Flame separation pain is the perfect occasion for you to start working on yourself and become a better, more aligned version of yourself. 

In the stage of Twin Flame separation pain, there are very high chances that you will also find your life purpose, or you will find a path that is highly beneficial for you in the long run.

Following your path or achieving your life purpose, will bring you great satisfaction and will help you be in alignment with your higher-self.

The Twin Flame relationship and especially the Twin Flame pain are triggers for your spiritual journey of growth, evolution and self-discovery.

The ultimate purpose of this is self-achievement, so, even if at this stage it really doesn’t feel like it, you could actually be grateful for meeting your Twin Flame and embarking on this challenging journey. 

Symptoms Of Twin Flame Separation Pain

Man with twin flame separation pain

Twin Flame separation pain manifests differently for every person, but there are several common symptoms.

These will help you be clear on whether what you are experiencing is Twin Flame separation pain, and if so, will be the confirmation that you need to start and do the healing. 

The main symptoms of Twin Flame separation pain are: 

Intense emotional pain

The negative emotion that you are experiencing at the moment is beyond the simple sadness you experience during a random break-up.

It’s an intense, heart-breaking pain that can leave you feeling terrible and unable to do much.

Dramatically, it kind of feels like someone has ripped out your heart and soul – that is because the person you just broke up with was your other half.


This emotional pain can turn into depression at some point. If this happens, don’t worry about it, it is totally normal.

This happens because meeting your Twin Flame and reuniting with the other half of your soul gave you a sense of purpose and completion, which you have now lost.

But it doesn’t have to be like that – you don’t need to lose your sense of purpose and completion.

You can use this pain as a catalyst to find your own purpose and start feeling complete on your own – and then you will attract your Twin Flame back to you.

Separation Sickness

Separation sickness can cause a variety of physical symptoms, such as chest pain, stomach ache, and indigestion, sexual impotence, or just pain and discomfort in various parts of your body.

All these fall under the category of somatic symptoms – most of them are not real illnesses at first, they are caused by your mental torment.

However, I do recommend seeing a doctor if any of these symptoms get worse because sometimes the body needs physical aid for such somatic symptoms to disappear.

Feelings Of Confusion

At first, after you’ve just separated from your Twin Flame you might feel confused and lost.

Pretty much like you’re not sure what to do next, or like your sense of purpose has somehow been altered.

Don’t worry about this because it will pass, as soon as you start healing and understanding your Twin Flame journey, and it will actually lead towards finding your life purpose. 

5 Steps To Feeling Better From Twin Flame Separation Pain

woman feeling better from her twin flame separation pain

Even though the pain of separation is quite intense, there are certain things that you can do to start feeling better.

Remember, this journey is meant to help you grow and evolve spiritually, not to destroy you.

This means that the sun will start shining again if you allow it to. If you want to start feeling better, follow the next important steps: 

Step 1. Understand

Understanding is the first step towards feeling better.

The fact that you are now reading this article shows that you are about to understand what is happening to you and why.

Understanding the Twin Flame journey is very important, as it helps you see that it is something meant to happen this exact way, in order to help you grow and evolve.

In order to understand better, I suggest reading about Twin Flames and getting in touch with people who have also experienced this journey themselves, whether they’ve already reunited with their Twin or not.

A community of people who understand how this feels is very useful as they will never judge you and will be willing to offer you guidance and support in the roughest of times.

In order to understand the Twin Flame journey better, do the necessary research and find your tribe!

Step 2. Accept

Accept what happened and accept the fact that this is the only way things could have unfolded.

Stop blaming yourself, stop overthinking, stop wishing things would have gone differently.

Accept that you and your Twin Flame have a divine mission to fulfill together and this is how it should begin – in a challenging and rough way.

Be in complete acceptance with everything that has happened, and as soon as you do that, you will start feeling better. 

Step 3. Forgive

Forgive yourself and your Twin for the mistakes both of you have done.

Forgiveness can be difficult, but forgiveness plays a very important part in the reunion of the Twin Flames.

Once you have forgiven them, you will feel so released as if a big, heavy burden was lifted off your shoulders.

Also, when you do reunite, you will be ready to have a fresh and clean start with your Twin. 

Step 4. Heal

As you met your Twin Flame to help you grow and evolve, they most certainly have made you become aware of parts of you that you did not even know exist.

These parts could be past wounds, childhood trauma, shadow work, and inner child work that you need to do in order to become a more evolved version of yourself.

Everything that has come to the surface from your relationship with your Twin Flame has come with a reason, and the reason is that the more aspects of yourself you get to heal, the more you become aligned to your higher-self.

By healing, we also clear a bit of karma, we become better, wiser, and more enlightened versions of ourselves.

Step 5. Raise your vibration

When we are in lower vibration or lower states of consciousness, emotions such as sadness, anger, disappointment can easily derail us and makes us feel terrible.

On the other hand, when we are on a higher energetic frequency, we feel these emotions less intense. So, start working on raising your vibrational frequency.

A few effective ways to do this are:

  • Seeing a therapist and finding out about healthy ways to release negative emotions.
  • Seeing an energy healer who can cleanse your aura and any negative energies.
  • Practicing meditation.
  • Listening to high-vibrational music.
  • Eating healthy food and drinks.
  • Spending time and nature.
  • Doing sports, and so on.

Not to forget, learning to live in acceptance is another powerful thing that can increase your vibrational energy.

There are many actions you can take in order to increase your vibrational frequency, therefore I suggest you start doing it as soon as possible! 

To conclude, I would like to tell my readers that I too have met my Twin Flame in this lifetime, and it has not been an easy process.

We have not reunited yet, as both of us have a lot of healing to do until then.

It may not even happen in this lifetime, and I am in full acceptance of that.

I just want to let you know that I get what you are going through, and even though at this stage it may feel terribly painful and horrible, it will get better.

The most important thing is your attitude and the way you view the situation.

Try to see the glass as being half full, and to acknowledge the great opportunity that life has given you to become a better version of yourself and to level up spiritually!

If you want to find out more about the Twin Flame separation process and what you can do to speed up the reunion, you can find more in-depth information in my other article “Twin Flame Separation – 3 significant causes and how to prepare for the reunion“. 

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My Twin Soul Journal

ByTwin Soul Journalon

I either go into self-doubt mode; this is when I tell myself that I am delusional, what I am feeling is not real, maybe my Twin Flame doesn&#;t love me anymore, maybe it is all in my head, maybe my Twin Flame found someone better than me, etc. This is TORTURE for me because no matter how much I embody these feelings of doubt, it does not change what I feel in my heart. This is my way of temporarily running from the connection but it only hurts me more, and I end up back to listening to my Heart and my Soul.

Twin Flame Chaser Pain: Why do Twin Flames Run?

Yes, it does go away when the time is right after you have learned your Soul Lessons. You will have to accept to learn simple ways on how to Manage Twin Flame Separation as you go about your daily activities. Finally, you will learn to embrace living in union with your Twin Flame in energy before you manifest a physical union.

The intensity of the pain from your Twin Flame physical Separation can only be managed by the inner strength that you will grow from within you as you learn your Soul lessons. Every Soul Lesson will teach you how to grow Self-power to overcome your emotional pain.

One of the things that will assist you in becoming strong from within yourself is Self-love. Learning to Surrender To Self-Love will empower you to have the strength to let go of the obsessive behaviors of chasing after your Twin Flame.

Once you rediscover your inner-strength, you start to focus your energy on nurturing your Spirituality as a Twin Flame partner. You will discover the power of oneness that you share with your Twin Flame because of your Shared Twin Flame energy in your connection.

Once you tap into the Shared energy with your Twin Flame, all your pain starts to dissolve &#; eventually, you surrender completely to the Twin Flame experience by opening your heart to all your Soul lessons for your growth.

Surrender teaches you more Soul lessons of Oneness and you realize that you are One in soil with your Twin Flame; you will never be Separated eternally. You start to appreciate all your Soul Lessons.

Healing completely takes over and you realize the Power of possessing your Unified Twin Flame energy is a Magical Experience, you completely forget about the Pain that you went through to achieve inner Union.

Then after healing, you will start to prepare for the union with your Twin Flame or you embark on a solo life mission. You have free will.

Are you new to the Twin Flame experience? Here is a Simple Guide for you! Twin Flame Awakening Guide for Newbies

Stay in Love!

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Soul separation pain twin

When it comes to the twin flame journey, any twin flame can tell you that there&#;s a lot of stuff to process, go through, and get over at each and every stage. In realistic terms, there&#;s a lot of wounding and pain to deal with too, since these are natural parts of the growth process. The twin flame soul bond is no exception to that rule.

There&#;s also a lot of healing that goes hand in hand with the growth process, of course. The universe helps and supports the twins during this difficult but very rewarding process. But it must be said that it&#;s not a journey for the faint of heart, and those who are going through one phase or another will surely attest to that.

Sadly the twin flame pain of being apart is a real thing. The separation phase can be painful emotionally, spiritually and even physically. I&#;ve done a full guide on the twin flame separation stage before so we&#;re going to get too far into that again but we&#;re going to focus on the pain you can feel when apart.

What it means, why it happens and what you can do about it.

Twin Flame Separation

We need to be clear about what we mean when we talk about separation. Before you ever physically meet your twin flame you&#;re both calling out to each other guiding yourselves to find each other in the 2D. While you&#;re technically separated at this point that very rarely comes with any kind of a pain because you&#;re simply not aware of what you&#;re missing. You might feel a yearning for something which leads to a search but it&#;s rarely what you&#;d describe as painful.

When we talking about separation we&#;re talking about separation after that initial meeting.

I&#;ve already covered this before in the full guide so we&#;ll not get into the details again but it happens when you meet too soon. Your split soul is not ready for union and while it can be a horrible experience it is an important part of the journey. While it is never easy, this pain serves a purpose to help bring you both closer together.

Why There&#;s Pain

Because there&#;s a very strong energetic connection between twin flames, once they meet each other either in the spiritual and/or in the physical realm, the mere presence of your twin can cause a bit of a revolution in your energetic body.

There&#;s a lot of energy activating and shifting going on, and it can be very taxing on your physical form as you&#;re adjusting to the new frequencies. The connection in itself means a lot of powerful energy dynamics, and it&#;s not necessarily comfortable while all of the changes are going on.

Because of all that, the twin flame relationship goes through all sorts of hiccups and challenges, and it&#;s not likely to be an easy process. Some twin flames feel some physical symptoms as their energetic bodies adjust and attune to one another more and more, and it can put a strain on each of them and on their connection.

Do Twin Flames Feel Each Other&#;s Pain?

Yes, undoubtedly so. The intense nature of the connection is a forever soul bond, it cannot be dissolved or diluted regardless of the physical or emotional distancing going on. We&#;ve looked before at specific examples of this like feeling your twin flame crying for example.

The twin flame separation phase often comes with major bouts of emotional pain for one of them, and while the other twin flame may not be aware of the source of their own discomfort, it will always mirror that of their twin in a direct or more subtle way.

The soul bond means an energy bond that acts as a link. That link means a lot of energy exchange, and pain on an energetic level is information just like everything else &#; it travels through that link. Even if they&#;re not both aware of it, it&#;s one of the reasons why they both feel instinctively driven to overcome the issues they are each and both going through. There&#;s a constant awareness of what the other one feels, whether it has become a conscious awareness or not yet.

Twin Flame Heart Chakra Pain

One of the most common types of pains associated with the twin flame journey when the flame is in separation mode is that related to the heart chakra. Heart chakra pains can manifest in different ways but can feel like a physical pain in the chest or a constant weight.

Simply put, as a twin flame some of your energetic centers or chakras are more active and thereby more sensitive and potentially vulnerable at times. That&#;s one of the reasons why it&#;s important to be aware of your twin status and do the work for yourself and the soul bond.

You may experience symptoms such as actual chest pains, heart palpitations, blood pressure oscillations, and even hand-related issues. Because energetically speaking your hands are the extensions of your heart, the heart chakra may exhibit its pain through hands and arms-related pains. None of them should be severe in nature, of course, and they should always be checked out by medical specialists before being seen as energetic or spiritual symptoms.

How to Deal With Twin Flame Pain

Sadly there&#;s nothing that I or anyone else can say to take this pain of being apart away immediately.

The best way to cope with the various types of pains and issues you may run into while on the twin flame path is to make progress towards union. The more in tune you are with your energies, the stronger and better protected you both are.

Undergoing frequent energy healing and clearing also helps tremendously with dealing with some of the energetic debris you might be faced with. Each of your paths and that of your soul bond will encompass so many different challenges and shifts of dynamics that practicing the best energetic hygiene you can is going to do you a world of good.

Meditating, praying, communing with your ancestors, and asking your spirit guides, animal totems, and guardian angels for help and support is going to offer you a lot of help. Each stage of your journey asks for a lot from you, and they&#;re all by your side so they can help and support you during this process. But they need you to open up to them and invite in their help before they can lovingly offer it.

Once you realize you&#;re on this journey, don&#;t be afraid to reach out to others who are in a similar situation to yours. There are dedicated support groups, sites, and communities meant to offer you precisely the kind of information and help you need at every step along the way. It&#;s important to see and feel that you&#;re never alone, even though you may be in separation from your twin at some point along the way.

How to Make This Progress

While there&#;s no easy A-B-C towards union and every journey is going to differ, I suggest three main things.

  • Take your time and understand as much of the journey as you can. Try not to let your emotions call the shots all the time and be honest with yourself about your feelings and experiences.
  • Work on your own spiritual growth &#; for example focusing on a Kundalini awakening. This development will be triggered with your mirror would and you&#;ll both progress closer to the stage where the pain will end and the healing will begin.
  • Use the tarot to get a twin flame reading for guidance.
Soul To Soul Connections-Twin Flames -The Pain Of Separation

it is my honour to welcome you in this online sanctuary.

the twin flame separation is probably one of the most talked about topics regarding the twin flame journey, for it is often one of the roughest and toughest parts of this journey back to love.

but do not let yourself be dragged down from it! wonders await ahead.

thing is, we were born in a world which is structured around separation. since day one of our life, we were taught to naturally feel separated from everyone and everything that surrounds our body, which is the only part that is &#;us&#;.

this is not how the universe functions. even science shows us that everything is part of one big energy that permeates everything. to feel separated, even if it has been so normalised, is actually unnatural. everything is interconnected in nature. and so are we.

our soul has attracted our twin flame into our life as a way for us to understand this.

when we experience our twin flame presence, we experience that which is beyond separation. we feel whole again, fully alive and complete. we feel a joy we never experienced before. looking into their eyes feels like looking into your own eyes.

when we meet our twin flame we experience what it feels to be intimately connected to someone else.

but then, somehow we are separated from our twin flames, be it our or their free will to be distant. often, it is just too intense and overwhelming to feel like that and one or both twins need time and space to integrate the experience and open up for more.

it can be extremely heart-breaking to be apart from your twin. it is such an emotional and mental pain that can even physically hurt.

when this happens, we might enter a quite painful, but enriching in wisdom and understanding if we allow it to be, phase: the so-called &#;separation phase&#;.

this is not a must in twin flame journeys, however it is common. why this? because collectively we have not overcome separation yet, and our twin flame is here to teach us.

separation is not a matter of time and is not something that your twin &#;is causing&#;. neither is it something others, be it society or god, is causing.

hard truth is, you are the reason you feel separated from your twin. you are choosing separation instead of union.

this is not something to blame yourself for: it is a great opportunity to see beyond the feeling of lack and discover what awaits down the road.

truly, twin flames are always intimately united. never have you been separated from them and never will you. this is your twin flame nature and nothing can ever break your eternal soul bond with your twin soul.

when we feel separated from them, it is because we have integrated and accepted human beliefs regarding our own nature and the nature of the universe. we are choosing to believe in separation from other beings, in duality and cannot see our way through that.

however, when we start to change our perspective and see things from a detached and deeper vision, we learn to see beyond all illusions of separation.

we understand that our outer world is only a projection of that which we hold inside.

we understand that we have to choose union in order to feel it: we have to look beyond the physical and anchor ourselves in our inner knowing.

you will always feel the intimate union with your twin inside your heart.

when you are truly tuned to your heart and listening, then you will know that they love you, always have and forever will.

on this journey it is important to understand that there is so much more beyond the physical reality. this is absolutely essential in the twin flame relationship.

a twin flame relationship is a soul bond. you have to see beyond the physical and anchor yourself in your soul truth.

feeling separated from your twin is especially painful because they are you. they are your own soul.

so you can imagine how devastating it can be to feel separated from yourself, from your own soul, from your own essence.

the question to ask yourself is not &#;why is this happening to me?&#; or &#;why are is my twin doing this to me?&#; but rather: &#;what are those aspects of me i feel separated from?&#;.

we feel separated from our twin because there are parts of us we still have not fully accepted and integrated.

your twin wants nothing but your highest good – if they are withdrawing from communication, it is not because they don&#;t love you.

your twin soul loves you so much they want you to learn how to be the best version of yourself.

they want you to grow, evolve and expand, they fully support your soul journey.

they love you so much they are those who come into your life to show you all the parts of you that need to be healed, so that you can heal them and feel complete and whole again.

in this post I share with you some tips and ways to navigate the separation pain with your twin and establish yourself in unity consciousness.

let me know in the comments if you&#;ve found this information helpful!

infinite blessings on your journey,



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