2007 bmw 525i microfilter

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BMW i - Cabin Air Filter

The cabin air filter is part of many vehicle heating and air conditioning systems. The filter removes contaminants and debris from outside air and prevents them from entering the cabin of the vehicle. This ensures that the air inside your vehicle is clean and free of most allergens, dust, and other debris. A dirty cabin air filter can clog and limit air flow, or cause odors and problems with the A/C. For cabin air filter replacement intervals, check your owner's manual. Regularly replacing your cabin air filter keeps your cabin air clean and makes driving more enjoyable. O’Reilly Auto Parts carries cabin air filters as well as oil, air, and fuel filters to keep your car running at its best.

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BMW Microfilter Service Light Reset Instructions | Cabin Air Filter


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Genuine BMW i Microfilter

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1 Geniune BMW i Microfilter found

  • BMW i Microfilter -
    BMW i Cabin Air Filter

    Part Number:

    Other Name: Microfilter/Activated Carbon; Air Filter, Filter

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    Fits the following BMW Models

    • Genuine BMW Microfilters are manufactured using only the highest quality materials to guarantee maximum air quality for passenger cabin area.
    • Please provide your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to your selected BMW dealer to ensure product accuracy.
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Microfilter 525i 2007 bmw

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BMW 525i / E60 Cabin air filter replacment and iDrive reset on car

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