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Glassdoor offers free and paid plans. Brand advertising and review intelligence add-ons are available on the paid plans at an additional cost. Interested parties should contact Glassdoor to obtain a quote.

Glassdoor used to charge per job slot with pricing starting at $199.00. Since partnering with Indeed, employers must pay for a job posting on Indeed to have their job advertised on Glassdoor.

While Indeed offers free and paid options, only paid posts also appear on Glassdoor. Indeed's pricing starts at $5.00 per day with a pay-per-click pricing model.


Glassdoor is one of the most popular employer rating platforms and attracts more than 50 million unique monthly visits. According to Glassdoor, 83% of their users are actively searching for work or willing to consider new opportunities, and 74% read at least four reviews when researching a company before making a judgment.

Glassdoor offers employers a range of tools to build and manage their employer brand online, along with optional add-ons, such as brand advertising, to promote their company and jobs. Glassdoor's extensive analytics features allow employers to gain meaningful insights about their target market, competitors, and how their brand is perceived.


  • Employers can request, monitor, and respond to company and interview reviews.
  • Paid job postings on Indeed are also listed on Glassdoor.
  • The site offers targeted advertising options.
  • Employers can integrate their social media feeds with their Glassdoor profile.
  • The Employer Center is a feature-rich account dashboard from which employers can easily manage their employer brand.
  • Employers can showcase their company online with a "Why Work With Us" section and multimedia content.
  • Employers can group affiliated company profiles, create segmented profiles, and customize their profiles for job seekers in different countries.
  • The site offers comprehensive analytics tools that provide insights into page visits, follower engagement, candidate demographics, ratings data, and more.


  • Employers cannot post jobs directly to Glassdoor. Instead, they have to pay to post a job on Indeed for it to appear on Glassdoor.
  • Pricing is not readily available on the website.


Glassdoor is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has a D- rating on the platform. There are over a dozen, mostly negative reviews of Glassdoor on the BBB site. On Trustpilot, there are more than 250 user reviews, most of which paint a similar, negative picture. These give Glassdoor an overall rating of 1.2 out of 5 stars.

Dominant themes in the reviews include concerns about the company's business practices in terms of how reviews are verified and when they are removed, as well as general dissatisfaction with the site's user-friendliness.

How to Recruit on Glassdoor:

A step-by-step guide for managing your employer brand and promoting your company to attract informed and qualified candidates on Glassdoor.


Create an employer profile.


Sign up for an employer account.

Sign up for an employer account.

Register for a free account on Glassdoor for Employers to get started. You can always upgrade to a paid plan to access enhanced features at a later stage.

Click on the "Join Glassdoor" button toward the top-right corner of the page.

Complete the online form.

Click on "Create Account."

Enter details about your business, including your company website, number of employees, employer type, and location.

Glassdoor will verify your profile and send you an update about your account status via email. This can take up to 24 hours.


Add content to your profile.

Add content to your profile.

After logging in to your account, you will be directed to the Employer Center. Here, you can manage your employer brand on the platform, from uploading content and monitoring reviews to tracking profile activity and viewing analytics.

Get started by adding information about your company and uploading content.

Click on the employer profile icon in the left-hand menu.

Review any prepopulated content in your profile for accuracy.

Update and complete the information in your profile.

Follow the prompts to add your company mission statement, website link, location, number of employees, the name of your CEO, and the year your company was founded.


Showcase your company.

Showcase your company.

Enhance your employer profile with a compelling "About" section and details about your workplace culture, perks, and benefits. You can also add promotional badges to highlight your commitment to specific causes and show off your company culture with photos submitted by members of your community.

Features such as a "Why Work With Us" section; featured reviews; and the option to upload a cover photo, video, and company shared photos are only available with enhanced profiles, which are included in the Standard and Select plans.


Manage your employer brand.


Request reviews.

Request reviews.

With the majority of Glassdoor users reading at least four reviews before forming an opinion of a company, it's important to have a fair number of reviews. Ask your current employees to review your company. You can easily send review requests from the Employer Center.

Go to the Employer Center.

Select "Community Reviews."

Click on "Request More Reviews."

You can choose between two methods of requesting reviews. Select either "Customized Emails" or "Shareable Link."

Enter a campaign name and additional details, depending on the method you selected.

Click on "Send emails" or hit "Generate Link" and copy the link, which you can then share with employees.


Monitor and respond to reviews.

Monitor and respond to reviews.

You can view and respond to employee and interview reviews from the "Community Reviews" section of the Employer Center. You can also download your reviews in Excel format to analyze them at a later stage.

When responding to reviews, Glassdoor recommends creating a draft of your response first, reviewing it for errors, being polite regardless of the tone of the review, and acknowledging positive feedback. See Glassdoor's detailed guide on how to respond to reviews for more guidance.

Glassdoor's review intelligence feature, which is available at an additional cost, is a natural language processing engine that automatically searches through reviews and distills insights. This tool is a convenient alternative to the time-consuming task of manually reading and analyzing reviews.


Post company updates.

Post company updates.

Showcase your work culture and get candidates excited about working for your company by regularly posting updates, such as new product launches, news stories, company milestones, and events. Whenever you post a company update, users who follow your page receive email alerts, which can help drive traffic to your page.

According to Glassdoor, 75% of their users are more likely to apply for jobs with companies that are active on Glassdoor.


Review your analytics.

Review your analytics.

Glassdoor's free plan includes company update analytics which allow you to track followers, page views, and engagement with your content. The Standard and Select plans include more detailed analytics, including insights about your followers' locations, demographics, and job functions; keyword analysis of reviews; and competitor comparisons.

More than simply keeping track of what people are saying about a business, Glassdoor's analytics tools help employers to understand who their audience is and how they engage with content. It is then up to the employer to use these insights to optimize their content and target the right audience for their brand.

The Select plan is the most comprehensive one in this regard and includes items such as industry benchmark reports and audience targeting insights.


Promote your company and jobs.


Post your jobs on Indeed.

Post your jobs on Indeed.

Together, Glassdoor and Indeed present an almost seamless solution for companies to attract job seekers and build their brands. However, while Indeed famously offers free job postings, these do not appear on Glassdoor. Only paid job posts on Indeed also appear on Glassdoor.

Having your job posts appear on Glassdoor makes it easy for candidates who are already interested in your company and researching it online to find relevant job opportunities.


Purchase brand advertising.

Purchase brand advertising.

You can actively promote your company and job openings on Glassdoor with targeted display advertising. This add-on feature allows you to target top talent on the platform — even on competitor profiles — with branded display advertising.

Glassdoor vs. Indeed:

While Indeed is primarily a job search engine and posting platform, Glassdoor's focus lies with employer branding solutions. Together, the two platforms present a comprehensive solution to help employers attract talent and manage their employer brand. See our detailed comparison of the two platforms.

Glassdoor vs. LinkedIn:

While both LinkedIn and Glassdoor are essentially employment platforms, they differ from most job sites. LinkedIn, a professional social networking site, offers employers a vast, searchable candidate database, while Glassdoor, an employer review site, offers comprehensive employer branding solutions. Read our in-depth comparison of the two sites.

Glassdoor vs. ZipRecruiter:

ZipRecruiter and Glassdoor both attract incredibly large volumes of website traffic. However, ZipRecruiter is a traditional job board with a large resume database, while job ads only appear on Glassdoor when clients post their vacancies on Indeed for a fee. Worth noting is that Glassdoor offers far more advanced employer branding features than ZipRecruiter.




Basic company information and mission


Company logo


Company updates


Review requests and responses


Promotional badges


Community submitted photos


Diversity and inclusion programs and goals


Employer profile activity


Candidate demographics


Rating and interview trends


Company update analytics


Featured reviews

Standard and Select

Custom content (including a "Why Work With Us" section; cover photos and video; and company shared photos)

Standard and Select

Follower demographics and engagement

Standard and Select

Ratings by job title and location

Standard and Select

Competitor comparisons

Standard and Select

Keyword analysis of reviews

Standard and Select

Indeed reviews and ratings comparisons

Standard and Select

Country enhanced profiles (at additional cost)

Standard and Select

Affiliated profiles

Select only

Expanded insights from Indeed reviews

Select only

Industry benchmark report

Select only

Audience targeting insights

Select only

Targeted company updates

Select only

Audience targeting profiles

Select only


Prominent Global Solutions


Program Management

Program Management

These support services include initiation and planning to execution, monitoring & controlling, and close-out.

Financial Management

Financial Management

Providing financial guidance and support to clients and colleagues so they can make sound business decisions.

Acquisition Management

Acquisition Management

These solutions includes pre-solicitation, solicitation, post-award and close out activities.

Cyber Security


Our cyber team designs, implements, deploys, verify and validate the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical mission services.

Security Cooperation

Security Cooperation

We are well equipped with a broad understanding of the total security assistance spectrum.

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Do you offer a free initial consultation?

Yes, we do offer a free initial consultation. It allows both of us a chance to determine if our services are a good fit for your situation.

What type of clients do you work with?

We work with small businesses and individuals. On the business side, we work in many industries including service-based companies. If you have a particular niche feel free to contact us and we will decide together if we are a good fit.

How do you determine your fee?

Our fees are upfront & fixed. Our goal is to save you more money than the cost of our services. After speaking with you for the first time we will quote our fee based on exactly what you need and send it to you in writing.

How do I get started?

The best way to begin is to either call, email us, schedule an appointment, or self onboard from our website (see contact info in our bio above). We will discuss your needs, answer any questions and decide if we are the right fit for each other.

What do I do when I have a question?

We are interested in your questions and we want you to ask them. That makes for a great relationship. For the most efficient and quickest response please email or text us, this way we can respond even if we are away from the office.

What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

It starts with receiving your source file or documents. This will all be done online. We report back to you with the information needed to make smart decisions and this becomes the foundation for our ongoing conversations. We have a very organized system of communication that promotes efficiency.

What should I consider before contacting you?

Some questions you may want to consider before contacting us are: - Will you need help with personal financial issues, individual or corporate tax returns, retirement, estate, or college planning? - Do you need help forming a corporation, LLC, or some other entity? - How comfortable are you with keeping your books and records? - Do you want to do as much as possible yourself, or would you prefer to outsource your bookkeeping, accounting, or CFO functions? - Are there any specific issues with your taxes that need to be addressed?

Can you save me money?

We make it our priority to reach out to our customers on a consistent basis because we care about the success of your business. Our experienced team will provide timely advice and planning, striving to allow you to grow and save money.


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