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WISE by Amorim Waterproof Cork Flooring

The Cork WISE by Amorim logo - demonstrating the Cork Rigid Core construction of the cork flooring

WISE by Amorim is a Climate Positive, PVC-Free product. Not many flooring companies protect and preserve the environment while producing flooring products, but Amorim does just that. With a carbon negative footprint, WISE is based on cork, a 100% sustainable material. 

Amorim has reached a remarkable CO2 negative footprint throughout its manufacturing processes. This starts in the cork oak forest where cork is harvested without harming a single tree. Once extracted, the bark regenerates in preparation for the next harvesting (approximately every 9 years).  And harvesting cork bark actually assists with reducing greenhouse emissions because a stripped cork oak tree absorbs, on average, 5 times more carbon dioxide than non-harvested trees.

A harvested cork oak tree absorbs 5 times more carbon dioxide.

And that's just the beginning.  Amorim's industrial process is also environmentally-friendly. While the harvesting of most forest products requires heavy machinery, the stripping of the cork bark is done manually by highly skilled workers who prevent damage to the tree during the process.  The transport of the raw cork material is made in trucks to factories and warehouses that are located within a few miles to the forests.

Cork produces 4 times less carbon emissions versus standard wood floor production.

The resulting cork flooring solutions are sustainable to be sure. But they are also certified safe. All Amorim products have several Indoor Air Quality certificates, ensuring that no harmful particles are present in their flooring.  In short, the WISE by Amorim line of cork flooring is sustainable and healthy for you and our planet and we're thrilled to be able to offer them here at Greenhome!

WISE by Amorim Indoor Air Quality Certifications: Greenguard GOLD, TÜV PREMIUM, French Certification A+

Floor & Wall Coverings

Amorim Cork Flooring

Amorim Cork Flooring is a market leader in the production of versatile, high quality cork flooring and wall decorations that have undeniable sustainability credentials and suitable for any residential, commercial or business project.

The company offers a broad portfolio of different solutions for homes, hotels, museums, restaurants, libraries or offices.

The company uses innovative technologies that highlight the unique properties of cork, and has thereby revolutionised the traditional concept of cork-based floor and wall coverings. The company offers a broad portfolio of different solutions for homes, hotels, museums, restaurants, libraries or offices.

Created in 1978, initially known as IPOCORK, Amorim Cork Flooring began its activity as a cork flooring company, based on Circular Economy principles. Significant growth of the cork stopper industry led the Amorim group to move towards manufacturing cork products, thereby consolidating its future leadership in terms of sustainable development, and combining the inspiration of the pure values ​​of Nature with sophisticated Research & Development and Innovation (R & D + i).

Operating in more than 80 countries, linked to the old maxim that “nothing is lost, everything is transformed”, and committed to an integrated production process, Amorim Cork Flooring supplies the market with floor and wall coverings that provide well-being, convenience and unrivalled performance. This was achieved under the brands, Amorim WISE, Wicanders and Corklife. All the products suppled under these brands offer silence (up to 53% less footstep noise), thermal insulation (maintaining an ideal temperature throughout the year), impact resistance (ability to recover from strong impacts), walking comfort (providing stability and perfect balance between surfaces that are too hard and surfaces that are too soft), and indoor air quality (in accordance with the most stringent standards).

"Wicanders flooring is exceptional because it fulfills the three fundamental circumstances for the success of the lounge: it provides sound insulation, is easy to clean and is aesthetically very interesting.”

"The softness of cork can resolve many of society’s problems and also give rise to new possibilities for architecture and design."

"I have always regarded cork as an excellent material. Whenever I have used cork, the results have been good, and it is also an interesting option from an economic perspective."

Jordi Bonet i Amengol, architect in charge of Sagrada Família’s construction

Wicanders cork flooring solutions are the perfect match of Comfort and Performance. Designed to meet the needs of everyday life, Wicanders flooring products offer the countless benefits of cork, combined with cutting-edge technology. Available in Cork, Wood and Stone visuals, these cork flooring solutions provide natural thermal insulation, walking comfort (even barefoot), reduction of the walking sound (up to 53%) and an improved indoor air quality in any space.

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Amorim Wise combines sustainability and avant-garde design to offer sustainable flooring solutions with unique visuals that adapt to any style. With negative carbon balance products, Amorim Wise floors provide a sustainable solution, PVC free. All of Amorim Wise solutions have cork incorporated in its multilayer structure, which provides a superior sense of thermal and acoustic comfort in any space.

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Corklife is the world leading brand in DIY retail of flooring and wall coverings with cork technology. To withstand the needs of everyday life, Corklife is robust, durable and easy to maintain. It offers easy installation for a practical and easy living. Its cork multilayered structure absorbs impacts and provides walking comfort, while contributing to healthy indoor spaces. Corklife combines all of these qualities like no other flooring. From residential to commercial applications. From glue down tiles to waterproof flooring.

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Amorim waterproof cork flooring. Yes or no?

The system 'looks' good on first inspection. The rigid core (non-PVC) sounds awesome, until you realize how thin these planks are. They are 7mm thick (0.28 inches). That's roughly 1/4". That is thin by cork floating floor standards.

That in itself isn't too much to worry about because there are vinyl planks that are 7mm thick and they are considered 'thick' by most people. So the total thickness isn't too much of a worry - if you were purchasing vinyl. You are not purchasing vinyl. You are paying for cork. The WISE product doesn't have much of it.

My second concern is the bevelled edge. Traditionally a cork bevelled edge is more susceptible to damage because of it's shape. This *might be negated by the HRT or the SRT coating.

In your situation, I would recommend the SRT coating. It is the TOUGHEST of the tough in the flooring world. It does everything you want and more. It does NOT need refinishing. It will take the abuse for years and years and years.

The plus for this product is the finish. The HRT is the 'good' finish. The SRT is the "Best" finish. The SRT will reduce fading and will accept a HUGE amount of abuse.

If you want 'cork' then work with a cork glue down tile in bathrooms. It is a bit more money for installation, but it is a permanent floor. For the square foot price of WISE, you can have an 8mm thick cork tile (100% cork) glued down in the bathroom.

Bathrooms rarely get enough sunlight to change the colour. Fading in a room such as a bathroom is not something I would worry about. If the 100% glue down cork interests you then check out my colleague's website:

Look under 'cork tiles'. You should see some magnificently cork tiles (6mm or 8mm) for the same price/square foot as the WISE.


Reinventing how cork engages the world of flooring.

At Amorim Cork Composites, we use cork as the basic raw material and as the differentiating factor in the production of both composites and materials to be used in the production of each of the several layers that make up a flooring system (top layer, inlay, core layer and pre-attached underlayment), and of accessories for laying laminated flooring (underlayment).

For any of these applications, we develop and design products that are adjusted to the customer's needs and requirements, be they flooring manufacturers, with specific needs regarding material compatibility with their own production processes, or accessory distributors and retailers.

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    Top Layer, Inlay, Core Layer and Pre-Attached Underlayment
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    Multipurpose Rubber Flooring

    Rubber and cork-rubber products for different applications.
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Flooring Components and Accessories

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Flooring amorim cork

Cork WISE - Waterproof Cork Flooring | Lane Antracite

A sustainable and healthy waterproof cork floor in a floating solution for high traffic and high moisture areas.

Cork WISE by Amorim is a waterproof floating floor featuring a PVC-free cork rigid core combined with the amazing natural properties of cork. 

The WISE line also features an engineered multilayer structure with an integrated cork underlayment for extra insulation. This state-of-the-art construction technology provides 5 layers for superior comfort (great for your legs and back), noise reduction (sound between and within rooms), and thermal insulation (for energy efficiency). Cork is actually better than wood and vinyl at retaining heat - and provides an optimal floor temperature by insulating against cold subfloors. It's comfortable to walk on, even barefoot, all year long.

We recommend this line of cork flooring as a sustainable and healthy alternative to luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring.  Thanks to new technology, there's a healthier way to build a rigid core withoutPVC and other harmful components. With Amorim's WISE line, you get an enhanced rigid core construction for both dimensional stability and protection against water PLUS the natural benefits of cork flooring in a floating floor that clicks and easily locks into place.  A waterproof floating cork floor designed for high traffic and high moisture areas - that's safe for the whole family.  Just the way we like it here at Greenhome - healthy for you and the planet!

This is a cork floor created for those who WANT sustainability, comfort, and maximum durability but NEED a non-toxic rigid core construction.


  • 100% WATERPROOF: Waterproof Cork Rigid Core - Ideal for your wetter areas: Kitchen, bathroom, entry way, mudroom, laundry rooms
  • HEALTHY: PVC-free finish and core; 100% natural materials with no harmful chemicals
  • DIMENSIONS: 7-31/64" x 48-15/64" (190 mm x 1225 mm) Planks | 9/32" (7 mm) thickness | 20.04 sf/carton
  • DIY INSTALLATION: 2G Click Floating Floor System for easy DIY installations
  • HIGHLY RESISTANT FINISH: HRT low maintenance PVC-free finish adds more scratch resistance
  • LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY - suitable for high traffic areas in your home as well as commercial areas (10-year commercial warranty)
  • INTEGRATED CORK UNDERLAYMENT: Comfort+ integrated cork underlayment provides sound reduction and thermal insulation
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: all rooms but great for kitchens, bathrooms with showers, hallways off front/back doors, mudrooms, laundry rooms

Finish & Warranty - High Resistance Technology 

The HRT (High Resistance Technology) finish is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly protective layer that provides the floor with superior wear resistance. It's suitable for your heaviest home traffic as well as commercial areas.  It carries a Limited Lifetime Warrantyfor residential areas and a 10-year warranty for commercial use.

HRT's natural and flexible surface finish is scratch resistant, prevents color fading and is warm and natural to the touch.

Glueless DIY Installation 

The 2G Installation System is a click and lock format, which makes for an easy DIY installation. DOWNLOAD INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSor view our WISE Cork 2G installation video below. 
  • Cork underlayment included for extra thermal and sound insulation
  • Minimum subfloor preparation necessary
  • 2G Angle/Angle Installation System
  • Dimensionally stable - 60 linear feet before an expansion is needed
  • No expansion joints between rooms
  • Install in large areas - up to 3,200 sq ft without transition strips
  • Can also be glued down

Cork Multilayer Structure - More Than Just a Beautiful Floor

Amorim's state-of-the-art technology combined with the natural properties of cork, provides the perfect match between beauty, comfort and durability.
WISE features an engineered multilayer structure which consists of a quality, PVC-free and waterproofrigid core layer of cork and an integrated cork underlay:

Cork WISE features a unique multilayer structure consisting of 5 layers: an integrated cork underlayment, a PVC-free cork rigid core with a click and lock installation system, another layer of compressed cork, a genuine cork veneer, and a high performance, healthy finish surface for maximum durability.

Cork Benefits

Why Cork?

How to Maintain Your Cork Flooring

Amorim floors are easy to maintain. You only need a mild, pH-neutral cleaner and a vacuum cleaner (or even a broom handle with a cloth on the end will do the trick).  For general spills, you can use a damp mop. For deep cleaning, use a mild pH neutral cleaner. Download the maintenance instructions here.

How to Repair Your WISE 2G Floating Floor

You have a couple of options here. You can repair the floor by removing only the damaged plank or you can choose to uninstall all the planks until you reach the damaged one. Download the instructions for both options here.


Amorim WISE - Sustainable Waterproof Cork Flooring

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