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Comic Art Reference – Wolf Anatomy Poses

Wolf Anatomy Poses

Here are several examples of how you can approach drawing the anatomy and poses of a wolf by artist Autlaw. These example show how to draw the natural stance of a wolf. It also has great examples of how to approach drawing wolves staking, running and howling.

A wolf’s body can be drawn in a box shape. When drawing the wolf from behind or from the front, keep in mind that shapes overlap each other.

Wolfs like to keep their heads low most of the time. When they are walking, running at full speed and stalking prey. A howling wolf’s neck bends in a graceful bow. Only the lower teeth will show when the wolf howls.

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Gray Wolf Stock 38: Running wolf drawing reference

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Rlly nice picture ! :0
 I referenced off it to make this : And We Where Never Supposed To Make This Far by AVOlD
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Your stock is always so awesome and there is seriously not enough good stock of black wolves out there. Thank you very much for sharing this! 
I used it here ~ fav.me/daz6s21
Sours: https://www.deviantart.com/hotnstock/art/Gray-Wolf-Stock-38-Running-wolf-drawing-reference-578764481

Anatomy Reference – Wolf

I have gathered all my primary research from Ravensbourne University library, where I always find all in needed for my Animation knowledge development.

  • An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artist book is a great resource for collecting animal anatomy. It have easy to follow methods of instruction in the drawing. This book is very detailed and accurate.

The animals are shown in three ways: External full views and dozens of details (pawns, head, eyes, legs, etc.)

Beneath the skin drawings of musculature and of the positions and insertions of each muscle, skeleton drawings of the bone structure that support and determine surface contours and configurations.

  • An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artist Book Reference:

Ellenberger, W. and Ellenberger, Wilhelm (2003) An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists, United States: Dover Publications



  • The Art of Animal Drawing guidebook is written by a former animator for Walt Disney studios, with help artists at many skill levels improve their ability to draw a wide variety of animal forms both realistically and as caricatures.

Considering construction, action analysis and caricature are all important for a clear understanding of animal anatomy and movement.

This book contains advice and tips on catching the essential movement and character of animals and avoiding the stiff, woden poses that are the frequent and unfortunate results of my sketching of animals.

It also contains introductory chapter on the special techniques of drawing animals, the use of line, establishing mood and feelings, conveying action and brush techniques that I have applied in my anatomy sketching.

All my sketching development are found in each tab in processes of my work in Final Major Project.

  • The Art of Animal Drawing Book Reference:

Hultgren, Ken and Hultgen, Ken (1993) The Art of Animal Drawing: Construction, Action, Analysis, Caricature, New York: Dover Publications



Like this:


Sours: https://mantasganebnas.wordpress.com/anatomy-reference-wolf/

Reference wolf drawing

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