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TracFone® 400 Minute/1 year $99.99 Gift Card (Email Delivery)

Features One of the lowest priced no contract plans in the market today! Automatically receive Minutes on your TracFone every month! It's easy, convenient and at a great price.

TracFone $99.99

How to Add PIN:
1. Locate the 15-digit PIN number.
2. To Activate your phone go to or call 1-800-867-7183.
3. To Add Minutes to your phone: Go to the "Prepaid" Menu and in the "Add Airtime" screen, enter the 15-digit PIN and press OK. If your phone does not have the "Prepaid" Menu option visit or contact 1-800-867-7183.

Keep this PIN until you can verify that the added minutes and Service Days have been received.

To keep your Service Active, you will need to add another Airtime Service Plan on or before your Service End Date.

This Airtime Service Plan adds 400 Minutes and 1 Year/365 Days of Service to your Service End Date/Days remaining.

Get your promo codes when purchasing TracFone devices or plans. TracFone, the biggest prepaid provider in America, offers deals and promotion for you to save even more money.

TracFone Promo Codes, Coupons and Deals

TracFone has long since become an alternative for people who rather to not tied up with a postpaid mobile plan. TracFone provides its customer pay-as-you-go plans at fraction of the cost of major mobile carriers such as Verizon offer.

It garnered quite a reputation among folks who rarely use their phone. Their flexibility, affordability, combined with nationwide coverage, those are the reason TracFone is currently the biggest prepaid mobile carrier in America.

Even better, TracFone offers discounts and promo codes above their already affordable prices. If you’re interested in saving even more pennies, or even dollars, TracFone can be your next mobile provider.

Never miss out the opportunity for TracFone promo codes, coupons, and deals. With a little bit of knowledge, you can get your mobile expense even cheaper than before.

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Promo Codes for Smartphone Plans

Instead of using airtime, TracFone Smartphone Plans separated calls, texts, and data. When you buy a plan, you’ll get certain minutes for calling, the number of texts you can send, and data in MB or GB.

Smartphone Plans is recommended if you want more control over the services you use. It’s a bit more expensive than the basic plans but still affordable.

TracFone is also generous with its Smartphone Plans. There are several promo codes you can use to get more perks out of the plan you buy.

You can also use promo codes when you buy TracFone service add-ons. Add-ons itself is a standalone plan you can buy when you are running low on data, texts, or call. The promo codes for add-ons mainly can be found on Data and Text cards.

TracFone Promo Codes for 1 Year / $125 Smartphone Card

Promo CodeOfferValid Until
37329Get $15 OFF (online only)October 2021
41667Get $15 OFF (online only)October 2021
67472Get $15 OFF (online only)October 2021
22448Get $50 OFFOctober 2021

TracFone Promo Codes for 1000 Texts Only Card

Promo CodeOfferValid Until
49413Get 1000 bonus textsSeptember 2021
83041Get 1000 bonus textsSeptember 2021
38783Get 1000 bonus textsJuly 2021
88620Get 500 bonus textsJuly 2021

TracFone Promo Codes for 1GB Data Card

Promo CodeOfferValid Until
78439Get 500MB bonus dataOctober 2021
69458Get 500MB bonus dataOctober 2021
66975Get 500MB bonus dataJuly 2021
14223Get 500MB bonus dataJuly 2021

TracFone Promo Codes for $15 Smartphone Card

Promo CodeOfferValid Until
41363Get 100 minutes bonus talkOctober 2021
27301Get 100 minutes bonus talkSeptember 2021
18054Get 100 minutes bonus talkJuly 2021
63123Get 100 minutes bonus talkJuly 2021

TracFone Promo Codes for $25 Smartphone Card

Promo CodeOfferValid Until
81933Get 100MB bonus dataOctober 2021
85254Get 100MB bonus dataOctober 2021
54715Get 100MB bonus dataSeptember 2021
27913Get 100MB bonus dataJuly 2021
87159Get 100MB bonus dataJuly 2021

TracFone Promo Codes for $35 Smartphone Card

Promo CodeOfferValid Until
56955Get 200 minutes bonus talkOctober 2021
54957Get 200 minutes bonus talkSeptember 2021
13772Get 200 minutes bonus talkJuly 2021
54031Get 200 minutes bonus talkJuly 2021

Tracfone Smartphone Plans Deals:

It’s not guaranteed that the promo codes always work all the time. Depending on the phones, some promo codes may be valid on certain devices but they don’t work on others. Older codes typically will be valid several months after they were released, but it’s worth checking them out first.

One way to make sure if a code is working is by testing it via the Tracfone website. Some promo codes look like they’re valid, but some users reported no bonus airtime was added. Another problem you may encounter is a delay when adding the airtime bonus.

Promo codes that are smartphone-only usually work for a specific card. However, it’s different for basic plans. Codes for cheaper plans can be applied to any plan that’s more expensive. For example, a code for a 120 minute card is also applicable for a 200 minutes card.

Promo Codes for Basic Phone Plans

Basic Phone Plans is the cheapest plan TracFone offers. It is calculated based on airtime. In short, when you buy a plan, you’ll get certain minutes you can use for calling, texting, and internet.

This plan is perfect for you who still use a feature phone and use the phone strictly for calls and messages.

But if you’re using a smartphone and don’t want to get too restricted when it comes to the internet, it’s more recommended to use TracFone Smartphone Plans instead.

For the Basic Phone Plans, you can use a promo code to add extra airtime to the current plan you buy. There is also a code that will give you a discount.

TracFone Promo Codes for 1 Year / 400 Minutes Card

Promo CodeOfferValid Until
83597Get $15 OFF (online only)October 2021
42283Get $15 OFF (online only)October 2021
35357Get 300 bonus minutesAugust 2020

TracFone Promo Codes for 60 Minutes Card

Promo CodeOfferValid Until
12745Get 60 bonus minutesSeptember 2021
22703Get 60 bonus minutesSeptember 2021
67861Get 60 bonus minutesSeptember 2021

TracFone Promo Codes for 120 Minutes Card

Promo CodeOfferValid Until
49596Get 30 bonus minutesSeptember 2021
79698Get 30 bonus minutesAugust 2021
74316Get 60 bonus minutesAugust 2021

TracFone Promo Codes for 200 Minutes Card

Promo CodeOfferValid Until
34631Get 40 bonus minutesSeptember 2021
78500Get 40 bonus minutesAugust 2021
74316Get 60 bonus minutesAugust 2021

TracFone Promo Codes for 450 Minutes Card

Promo CodeOfferValid Until
26505Get 50 bonus minutesSeptember 2021
74316Get 60 bonus minutesAugust 2021
95176Get 50 bonus minutesJanuary 2021

Tracfone Basic Phone Plans Deals:

TracFone Deals

Even without any promo codes or coupons at hands, you can save tremendously by paying attention to TracFone deals. Deals happen at Tracfone often, especially on their official website.

Talk about price reductions, discounts on bundling plans, and deals during special occasions such as Black Friday or 4th of July, there’s always a way for you to save some money.

That’s not the only way to take advantage of their promotion. Get their free shipping when you shop online. You can also take the opportunity of their auto-refill program, which give you up to 10% price reduction out of the regular price.

You can broaden your search when hunting for TracFone deals. Visit other online marketplaces because there are often TracFone products sold at discounted price.

Amazon is the best place to get started. Tracfone are also available on eBay, HSN, and QVC. You might want to check those sites regularly so you won’t miss out a good deal.

Best Tracfone Cell Phone Deals for October 2021

TracFone Coupons

Aside from promo codes, customers can save money by using TracFone coupons. Coupons can be used when you buy a device at TracFone store.

Their collection ranges from featured phones to popular models such as iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones. They also sell accessories.

The easiest way to get a coupon is by subscribing to their newsletter. Make sure you don’t miss it especially if you are a new customer planning to migrate.

By registering email, a customer will get 25% off coupon as a welcome gift. You can use it when purchasing a device at TracFone store.

You can subscribe the newsletter by scrolling down to the bottom of TracFone website and then entering your email at the newsletter form. You’ll receive a confirmation email containing your coupon code shortly after signing up.

To use the coupon code, simply enter it to the “Enter promo code here” form above the checkout button. Click “Apply Code” and you’ll get the notification when you have successfully applied it. Then proceed to checkout as usual.

Read also:

How to Use Tracfone Promo Codes

There are many ways to buy and activate a TracFone plan. You can buy it online through TracFone website or you can buy it from other retailers, both offline and online.

Hence, each method of purchase requires a different method when using TracFone promo codes. But in general, it’s pretty easy and straightforward to apply it.

When you buy a plan online, this is what you should do:

  1. Go to their official website at
  2. Select the plan you want to buy, whether it is the Basic Phone Plan or the Smartphone Plan.
  3. Enter you phone number and you’ll be prompted to the checkout screen.
  4. Search the promo code column at the lower right of the screen. Enter your promo code there.
  5. You’ll get an error notification when your promo code is inapplicable. Otherwise, no notification would appear if you succeed.
  6. You can continue proceeding for payment.
  7. You can check your phone afterward for your balance.

If you buy from other retailers and activate the plan from your phone, this is how you apply the Tracfone promo codes:

  1. Dial 1-800-867-7183 or go to “Menu > Prepaid Menu > Redeem” on your phone.
  2. You will be asked to enter your airtime PIN code, found under the silver strip on your airtime card.
  3. It will ask if you have a promo code, click “OK” and enter your promo code.
  4. The airtime will be added to your balance as well as the bonus.

You can also buy a TracFone plan offline then activate it online. The method is as follows:

  1. Head to TracFone Refill page.
  2. You’ll get asked to enter your phone number, airtime PIN code, and promo code.
  3. Enter the required information then click “Add Airtime”.
  4. Wait until your balance is added to your phone.

TracFone Saving Tips: Things you need to pay attention to

Although their prices are already affordable, there are plenty of ways you can save money even more with TracFone.

From their promo codes to juicy deals during special occasions, there’s always an easy trick to reduce your phone expense to the max.

With TracFone, here are what you need to pay attention to:

1. Apply promo codes whenever you buy a plan

The first thing you can apply to reduce your phone spending is by using TracFone promo codes. Spend some time to research for promo codes before activating a new card.

TracFone promo codes offer extra minutes, data, or texts depending on the plan and the code used. You can also get a discount when buying a bigger plan such as TracFone 1 Year Basic Phone Plan.

2. Smartphone Plans are better than Basic Phone Plans

Being wise about the plan you choose is also a trick in saving money. In the long run, having a Smartphone Plan is much more economical than using Basic Phone Plan. With Smartphone Plans, you’ll have more flexibility over your phone habit.

For example, if your phone habit is less calling / texting and more internet, you can choose the cheapest Smartphone Plans, and later, you can add extra data by purchasing add-ons.

Customers will have more control too. Gone are the days when you are constantly worried about browsing too much and used up all your balance.

Smartphone Plans separates calls, messages, and internet. If you are over your allocated internet quota, it won’t affect your call and texts balance.

Meanwhile, Basic Phone Plans combine all three services into one balance called airtime. It’s harder to track the usage compare to when you use a Smartphone Plans.

3. Take advantage of their free shipping

When buying from TracFone store, free shipping can save you up to $15 shipping fee. Unless you’re in hurry to get your order the next day, you can opt for the standard two-days shipping with no cost.

Check their website for free shipping availability, because it’s different in every state.

4. Get TracFone deals on their official website

TracFone regularly throws deals and sales on their online store. If you are planning to get a new phone, wait until they have clearance sales where they cut their products price off up to hundreds of dollars.

Their collection is limited when it comes to the latest models. But it’s hard to just ignore their price tag, which sometimes can go as low as $0.00.

After the discounted price, you still also get a deal again for their plan’s price. How to keep track of all these deals and promotions? The easiest way is to have the news delivered to you via email.

In this case, it means subscribing to TracFone newsletter, where they will send you regular updates regarding deals and promotions. Even better, every new subscriber will get 25% off coupon upon signing up.

5. Get the best deals between several websites

If you have time for more research, you can head to Amazon, eBay, and HSN at once. Compare what’s the best price you can get between these marketplaces.

Aside from discounted price, you can get specific benefits depending on the platform.

Amazon has their Prime membership which entitles you to free 1-day shipping. eBay comes with money-back guarantee while TracFone on HSN offers free shipping as well.

6. Get the best out of add-ons and auto-refill

You can double the value of your add-ons card with certain promo codes. Meanwhile, using auto-refill saves you up to 10% off the regular price.

TracFone balance is accumulated to the next service period as long as your plan remains active. Using auto-refill, it is a smart way to not lose any unused balance you still have.

7. Consider TracFone’s refurbished items

On their online store, TracFone sells refurbished phones at half of its regular price. Labeled as reconditioned, these are your choice if you want to save some bucks on a new phone.

Models are varied across several brands, so you’ll have plenty to choose from. From Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown, LG Rebel 3, to ZTE ZFIVE, pick the one you like the most.

8. Bundling phone and plan

For more consideration, pay attention to specific deals where they offer 40% off when you also purchase a plan. For most models, except the free ones, a plan is not required when purchasing phones.

But if you can save $20 – $30 more, then why not? Buying a phone and a plan at once will also save you some hassle later on.

9. Take advantage of promotion during special occasions

Whether it is Black Friday, 4th of July, and Holiday season, TracFone doesn’t hesitate to throw some of its killer deals during these periods.

You might want to wait until a special occasion like this arises, and it will be worth it. This tip also applies on other platforms as well, such as Amazon with their Amazon Prime Day.

TracFone is a budget-friendly mobile carrier. Their plan and devices are already cheap. But smart shoppers know how to squeeze more benefits out of the services they offer.

Therefore, keep those tips above at heart and write down TracFone promo codes so you won’t lose them. Enjoy a satisfactory purchase every time, and let your family and friends know by sharing this knowledge with them.

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Which Tracfone Card? Compare Airtime Rates

Here's a quick rundown on buying a Tracfone card for adding airtime. You can buy most of them at any one of a bazillion retail locations in the USA.

However, some cards are only available online. Either way, it's pretty simple to add your minutes to your Tracfone during the process.

Current Cards

Here's a current Tracfone card list. With the introduction of Android Tracfones, you can now get data cards in addition to the usual airtime cards. The data cards don't appear to have an explicit service period. The data associated with them stays valid as long as your regular airtime has not expired.

Let's start with the . . .

Airtime Cards

Tracfone airtime Cards are good for 30 days, 90 days or one year.  In addition, the minutes rollover, and the service time accumulates.

Make sure you check out the latest promo codes to get a few extra minutes or save a couple of bucks. You can do the same before activating a Tracfone card you buy at store and online.

The Best Bang for the Buck

Given all the different cards you can get as listed below, you might wonder which are the most cost-effective. One way to judge this is to look at the the cost per minute as you can see below.

Tracfone airtime cost per minute

You can also look at how much it would cost per month to maintain service using a particular kind of card.

Tracfone airtime cost per month

9.99 30 minute card

This $9.99 30-minute card with a 45-day service period is available online only direct from Tracfone.

19.99 60 minute

This $19.99 60-minute card has a 90-day service period.

29.99 120-minute

The $29.99 120-minute card also has a 90-day service period.

39.99 200-minute

The $39.99 200-minute card also has a 90-day service period.

79.99 450-minute

The $79.99 450-minute card also has a 90-day service period.

99.99 400-minute

The 400-minute card comes with a one-year service period, which is why it costs $99.99. You're essentially paying for the extra service period. There's usually a promo code to bump it up to 600 minutes.

119.99 800-minute double minutes

The 800-minute one-year card has a service period of one year, but also includes double minutes for life on all future airtime purchases as long as your service doesn't expire.

159.99 1000-minute Card

You get 1000 minutes that are good for 365 days.

199.99 1500-minute Card

You get 1500 minutes that are good for 365 days.

Triple Minutes for Life

Most of the handsets are now triple minutes phones. Refurbished versions of the triple minutes phones are offered at a good discount.

Double Minutes for Life

If you've had your Tracfone for a while or got it from someone else, there is a chance that it is a double minutes phone. If your usage is very low, you might be okay with sticking with it. Otherwise you should switch it out for a triple minutes model.

The prices of these cards have stayed about the same, but the number of minutes and the service period had increased over time. For example, a while back, the 19.99 card only bought 40 minutes of airtime with a 60 day service period. First the number of minutes increased to 60 and then the service period increased to 90 days. (Some stores still carry these old cards. Avoid them!) After a while they stopped changing them and introduced phones that doubled and then tripled the number of minutes on the cards instead.

When you buy online from Tracfone, during the ordering process you will be asked if you want to further add to your minutes or to the service period as shown in this screenshot:

tracfone airtime addons

Smartphone Only Cards

Airtime, Data and Message Cards

There are smartphone online cards for Tracfone smartphones or BYOP smartphones using the SIM card kit. These cards have changed recently (and may change again as Tracfone continues to test what works for the prepaid smartphone market.

$125 for 1500 Minutes, 1500Texts and 1.5GB Data (365 Day card)

The new $125 Card gives you 365 days of services and 1500 minutes, 1500 texts and 1.5GB data.

$35 for 750 Minutes, 1000 Texts, and 1GB of Data

The $35 Card gives you 750 minutes, 1000 texts and 1GB data. This is a 60-day card.

$25 Card for 500 Minutes, 1000 Texts and 500MB Data

The $25 Card gives you 500 minutes, 1000 texts and 500MB data. This is a 60-day card

$15 Card for 200 Minutes, 500 texts, and 200MB Data

The $15 Card gives you 200 Minutes, 500 texts and 200MB data. This is only a 30-day

Whichever card you choose, you can alway add to your data and text message allowance by getting one of the cards below.

Data Cards now $10/GB

tracfone data cards

The Tracfone data cards used to come in denominations of 300 MB for $10, 750 MB for $15, 2 GB for $30 and 4GB for $50. You can still find some of these in stores.  These work out to a rate between 3.3 cents per MB to 1.25 cents per MB.

However, they have simplified the pricing structure online where you can purchase data for $10 per GB.

As long as you maintain service via airtime cards, the data does not expire. How much you will use will depend on how often you access data via Wi-Fi as opposed to over the cell phone network.

Text Message Card $5

You can get a text message card online for $5 which adds 1000 texts to your smartphone's text message balance. That works out to half a cent per text sent or received.


Discounts on Tracfone cards are rare. However, there is currently a discount on the 400 minute one-year card, and the charts above do assume the discounted price ($84.99 with promo code instead of 99.99). Depending on whether you know how long you will keep your prepaid phone service and how many minutes you tend to use or just in terms of convenience, it may be better to purchase a Tracfone card with a one-year service period.

Tracfone also offers some good deals on their website on reconditioned phones packaged with airtime cards.


TracFone Prepaid Wireless Airtime, 1 Year, 400 Minutes

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Add TracFone airtime before service end date. No value until purchased and scanned. No bills. No surprises. You're in control. Adds 1 year to service end date and 400 minutes or airtime. America's No. 1 Prepaid cell phone. For use only with TracFone Cell Phones. Cards are non-refundable. Thank you for being a TracFone customer. Adding this card will keep you connected by: 1. Adding 365 days (1 year) to the Service End Date that is now displayed on your TracFone screen. 2. Adding 400 minutes/units to the airtime balance on your TracFone screen. 3. If you want to double the minutes on this card, and all future airtime cards you add to your current TracFone, just buy and add a Double Minute Card before you add this card.
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Minute tracfone card 400

 The best list of promotional codes to use with the Tracfone Wireless company. These codes are used to entice and reward customers and typically range from 20 to 300 free minutes, and even free texts and data, depending on which airtime card you use.

To get these bonus minutes, simply use one of the coupon codes listed below when buying Tracfone airtime for your phone.

There are many websites that share Tracfone promo codes but here at TracfoneReviewer, we find the latest codes and share them in one easy list for our readers to enjoy.

There is nothing you need to do to get these Tracfone Promo Codes, simply find and enter them whenever you are adding a new refill card to your Tracfone cell phone.

If you find these useful, don't forget to bookmark us for easy finding next time!

Tracfone Promo Codes Updated for October 2021 

Some codes may not be valid for certain phones, and some older codes still work several months after they were released so if the first code does not work be sure to try some others. If you have trouble getting your bonus airtime, check out our new post, What to do if you don't get your bonus minutes.

If you enjoy the Tracfone promo codes, check out some of our other information, including a list of the Best Tracfone Cell Phones in 2021 and the Latest Tracfone Cell Phones
Also learn about the Changes Tracfone is Making to Triple Minutes for Life(they have ended it)

Codes are listed with newest first, older/possibly expired last. Promo codes for Regular Airtime Cards listed below!

Smartphone Only Airtime Cards

Each Smartphone only code is for a specific card.
Note - Many of the older codes are still working, some are single use.

41363 - 100 bonus Talk - $15 Smartphone Card - October 2021

48724 - 100 bonus Talk - $15 Smartphone Card - Expired September 2021

27301 - 100 bonus Talk - $15 Smartphone Card - Expired September 2021

18054 - 100 bonus Talk - $15 Smartphone Card - expired June 2021

63123 - 100 bonus Talk - $15 Smartphone Card - expired June 2021 

45999 - 100 bonus Talk - $15 Smartphone Card - expired June 2021

35159 - 100 bonus Talk - $15 Smartphone Card - expired Dec 2020

41313 - 100 bonus Talk - $15 Smartphone Card - expired Dec 2020

16174 - 100 bonus Talk - $15 Smartphone Card - expired Dec 2020

81933 - 100 bonus Data - $25 Smartphone Card - working October 2021

85254 - 100 bonus Data - $25 Smartphone Card - working October 2021

54715 - 100 bonus Data - $25 Smartphone Card - Expired September 2021

87159 - 100 bonus Data - $25 Smartphone Card - expired June 2021

27913 - 100 bonus Data - $25 Smartphone Card - expired June 2021

63519 - 100 bonus Data - $25 Smartphone Card - expired Dec 2020

34603 - 100 bonus Data - $25 Smartphone Card - expired Dec 2020

56955 - 200 bonus Talk - $35 Smartphone Card - working October 2021

54957 - 200 bonus Talk - $35 Smartphone Card - expired September 2021

40031 - 200 bonus Talk - $35 Smartphone Card - expired June 2021

13772 - 200 bonus Talk - $35 Smartphone Card - expired June 2021

69458 - 500 bonus Data - 1 GB Data Card - working October 2021

78439 - 500 bonus Data - 1 GB Data Card - working October 2021

65812 - 500 bonus Data - 1 GB Data Card - expired June 2021

14223 - 500 bonus Data - 1 GB Data Card - expired June 2021

66975 - 500 bonus Data - 1 GB Data Card - expired June 2021

49413 - 1000 bonus Texts - 1000 Text Card - Expired September 2021

83041 - 1000 bonus Texts - 1000 Text Card - Expired September 2021

16311 - 1000 bonus Texts - 1000 Text Card - expired June 2021
38783 - 1000 bonus Texts - 1000 Text Card - expired June 2021
88620 - 500 bonus Texts - 1000 Text Card - expired June 2021

22448 - $50 off - $125 Smartphone Only Card - working October 2021

37329 - $15 off - $125 Smartphone Only Card - working October 2021

41667 - $15 off - $125 Smartphone Only Card - working October 2021

45529 - $15 off - $125 Smartphone Only Card - working October 2021

67472 - $15 off - $125 Smartphone Only Card - working October 2021

67472 - $15 off - $125 Smartphone Only Card - working October 2021

33158 - $15 off - $125 Smartphone Only Card - working October 2021

34932 - $50 off - $125 Smartphone Only Card - expired Dec 2020

51040 - $15 off - $125 Smartphone Only Card- Valid February 2020 (expired)
66020 - 100 bonus Talk - $15 Smartphone Only Card - Working February 2020 (may work for some)
98615 - 100 bonus Talk - $15 Smartphone Card - Valid February 2020 (Expired)

48573 - 100 bonus Talk - $15 Smartphone Only Card - Valid September 2019 (may work for some)
19488 - 200 bonus Talk - $35 Smartphone Only Card - Valid September 2019
25232 - 100 bonus Talk - $15 Smartphone Only Card - Valid August 2019 (may work for some)
78176 - 100 bonus Data - $25 Smartphone Only Card - Valid August 2019

63544 - 100 bonus Data - $25 Smartphone Only Card - July 2019
57135 - 100 bonus Talk - $15 Smartphone Only Card - July 2019

41865 - 100 bonus Talk - $15 Smartphone Only Card - June 2019
70397 - 200 bonus Talk - $35 Smartphone Only Card - June 2019
15397 - 100 bonus Data - $25 Smartphone Only Card - Working June 2019
39664 - $15 off - $125 Smartphone Only Card - Working June 2019
83407 - 100 bonus Talk - $15 Smartphone Only Card - April 2019
22505 - 100 bonus Data - $25 Smartphone Only Card - April 2019
37031 - $15 off - 1 Year/$125 Smartphone Only Card - Working April 2019
45999 - 100 bonus Talk - $15 Smartphone Only Card - March 2019 (expired)
13772 - 200 bonus Talk - $35 Smartphone Only Card - March 2019

Promo Codes for Regular Airtime Cards

For 60 Minute Cards or Greater use:

55698 - 20 bonus minutes - working October 2021

22703 - 60 bonus minutes - expired August 2021

67861 - 60 bonus minutes - expired August 2021

12745 - 60 bonus minutes - expired August 2021

50808 - 20 bonus minutes - expired August 2021

71065 - 30 bonus minutes - expired July 2020

For 120 Minute Cards or Greater use:

55698 - 20 bonus minutes - working October 2021

49596 - 30 bonus minutes - working September 2021

7969830 bonus minutes - working August 2021

74316 - 60 bonus minutes - working August 2021

49596 - 30 bonus minutes - February 2021 (working for some)

72760 - 40 bonus minutes - expired July 2020
56713 - 30 bonus minutes - expired May 2020
59305 - 30 bonus minutes - expired February 2020
24770 - 30 bonus minutes - expired January 3rd 2020
47745 - 40 bonus minutes - expired December 2019
16380 - 40 bonus minutes - expired October 2019
64325 - 30 bonus minutes - expired September 2019
42550 - 40 bonus minutes - expired August 2019
36752 - 30 bonus minutes - expired July 2019
64059 - 40 bonus minutes - expired July 2019
73677 - 40 bonus minutes - expired June 2019
10106 - 30 bonus minutes - expired May 2019
48189 - 40 bonus minutes - expired April 2019
47882 - 30 bonus minutes - expired April 2019
31154 - 40 bonus minutes - expired March 2019

For 200 Minute Cards or Greater use:
200 minute tracfone card
 On Amazon!

55698 - 20 bonus minutes - working October 2021

34631 - 40 bonus minutes - working September 2021

78500 - 40 bonus minutes - working August 2021

74316 - 60 bonus minutes- working August 2021

34631 - 40 bonus minutes - February 2021 (working for some)

99117 - 40 bonus minutes - expired August 2020

28835 - 50 bonus minutes - expired July 2020
17662 - 40 bonus minutes - expired February 2020
21657 - 40 bonus minutes - expired February 2020
49430 - 40 bonus minutes - expired January 2020
86802 - 50 bonus minutes - expired December 2019
43342 - 50 bonus minutes - expired October 2019
31315 - 40 bonus minutes - expired September 2019
15375 - 50 bonus minutes - expired August 2019

47745 - 40 bonus minutes - expired 2019

78382 - 50 bonus minutes - expired July 2019
17441 - 50 bonus minutes - expired June 2019
37227 - 40 bonus minutes - expired May 2019
17158 - 50 bonus minutes - expired April 2019
46081 - 50 bonus minutes - expired March 2019

Tracfone promo codes for 1 year card 400 minutes
On Amazon!

Promo Codes for 1 Year/400 Minute Cards:

83597 - $15 off (online only) - October 2021

42283 - $15 off (online only) - working October 2021

38085 - $15 off (online only) - working October 2021

69582 $15 off (online only) - March 2021

83597 - $15 off (online only) - February 2021

44742 - $15 off (online only) - January 2021 (working for some)

35357 - 300 bonus minutes - expired August 2020

16950 - 300 bonus minutes - expired  July 2020

39079 - 300 bonus minutes - expired May 2020
42283 - $15 off (online only) - expired May 2020
23898 - 300 bonus minutes - expired February 2020
11756 - 300 bonus minutes - expired December 2019
16756 - 300 bonus minutes - expired 2019
28086 - 300 bonus minutes - expired December 2019
54654 - 300 bonus minutes - expired May 2019
99918 - 300 bonus minutes - expired September 2019
70362 - $15 off (online only) - expired May 2019
48691 - 300 bonus minutes - expired April 2019

Promo Codes For 450 Minute Cards:

26505 - 50 bonus minutes - working September 2021

74316 - 60 bonus minutes - working August 2021

21516 - 50 bonus minutes - expired August 2020
83755 - 50 bonus minutes - expired April 2020
47096 - 50 bonus minutes - expired January 2020
86112 - 50 bonus minutes - expired September 2019
22397 - 50 bonus minutes - expired July 2019
26642 - 50 bonus minutes - expired May 2019
60447 - 50 bonus minutes - expired March 2019
95176 - 50 bonus minutes - expired

 **note: promo codes may not always work, consider adding minutes online to allow you to test a code before using it. Also, most codes will give you bonus minutes for a certain minutes card, and any card of greater value. So a code that is for a 120 min card, should also work for a 200, 400 and 450 min card. 

Leave a comment if you have any questions, or want to share other promo codes that worked for you!

How to Add Minutes and Test Different Promo Codes

While many people use their phone to add a prepaid refill card and promo code, there is another option that allows the user to test several different Tracfone promo codes in case the first promo code didn't work: Simply add your new minutes online, and enter your promo code there!
  1. Go to
  2. Select the airtime card you want to purchase
  3. When you get to the 'Checkout' screen, there should be a space to enter a promo code towards the lower right of the screen. Enter a code for your airtime card.
  4. If you get an error message at the top of the screen, that code will not work. If nothing is displayed the code should work.
  5. Calling Tracfone to add airtime over the phone is also a good way to check that the promo code will work with your phone before you add the airtime.

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