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After publishing this box and getting feedback:

New! Our boxes come anodized! What are some benefits to this?

  • Lazer etching logos is easier now than ever.
  • Anodizing acts as an insulator, don’t believe us, measure the resistance of a piece of anodized aluminum. Just another added layer of protection.
  • Painting over bare aluminum is difficult. Many artistic aluminum pieces are first anodized to allow paint to stick without needing a primer.
  • Comes in really vibrant colors, black can be somewhat splotchy.  It really depends on how picky you are.
  • Can you powder coat over anodized metal?  Some claim its a great base for powdercoat!

Some tooling and abrasive marks my be visible through the anodizing.  Black anodizing can be uneven in tone.

Note: We have CNC milled and sanded these boxes to a perfect flush-fitting door with rounded corners for a nice, smooth feel.

We are working on Anodizing and even had some annodized for a client who wanted 10pcs.  There are almost a dozen request for me to make a second version of this box, but the issue is if I cannot sell these boxes I rather not risk a loss on another box. In the second version I can make the USB optional and include mounting holes and even design around a chip-set, but if I cannot sell this version I may never get that far. 🙁

Thank you for your understanding.

Made in the USA

A CNC machined T6 Aluminum hobby box with a flush-fitting 4-hole door, flush fat daddy vapes 510 ready, and a micro USB slot cutout for a precise fit. Button holes have not been added because there are many types of buttons on the market. Instead, we have invented a small tool that will allow you to easily drill a centered pilot hole. Use this in your next DIY boxmod project.


  • CNC T6 Aluminum
  • 4-40 Screws or Magnets
  • Chem Treated for Corrosion Protection
  • Made in California, USA


  • Internal Width: 53mm
  • Internal Height: 102.5mm
  • External Width: 59mm
  • External Height: 108.50

What’s in the box?

  • x1 CNC Hobby Box
  • x1 CNC Hobby Box Door
  • x4 4-40 flat head phillips screws
Select Your Box

Black, Blue, Red, Gold Chem Film, Clear Chem Film, Centering Stencil

Sours: https://www.sun-vapers.com/buy/hammond-alternative-box-mod/

Aluminum/CNC DIY Enclosures


Diecast aluminum enclosure boxes designed to be powder coated inside and out, resulting in a clean interior look. A light coat of powder coat is used inside.

Some colors may differ from the sample due to the base coat and/or the metal. Powder coat is not a protection and may have minor flaws, however major flaws will not be shipped!

All boxes will be powder coated inside and out! Inside corners may be missing some powder coat due to the powder coating process.

Another fine Modz by Nasy prosumer vaping gear product.

-1590 A Box Hammond: **DOES HAVE HAMMOND LEAN**
3.6 x 1.5 x 1.2 (IN.)
92x 38x 31 (MM.)

-1590 B Hammond: **DOES HAVE HAMMOND LEAN**
4.4 x 2.4 x 1.2 (IN.)
111 x 60 x 31 (MM.)

-1590 BB Hammond: **DOES HAVE HAMMOND LEAN**
4.7 x 3.7 x 1.3 (IN.)
119 x 93x 34 (MM.)

3.7in x 4.7in x 1.6 (IN.)
119.5mm x 94mm x 42.10 (MM.)

-1590 G Hammond: **DOES HAVE HAMMOND LEAN**
3.9in x 2in x 1 inch (IN.)
100mm x 50mm x 26mm (MM.)

-1590 S Hammond **DOES HAVE HAMMOND LEAN**
4.3in x 3.2in x 1.7in (IN.)
109mm x 81mm x 43mm (MM.)

-1590B CNC:
Outside: 112mm x 60mm x 32mm

-1590G+ CNC:
103mm x 52mm x 26mm


Additional information

Hammond/CNC box model

1590 A Aluminum Hammond, 1590BB Aluminum Hammond, 1590BBS Aluminum Hammond, 1590S Aluminum Hammond, 1590B CNC, 1590G+ CNC

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Sours: https://www.modzbynasy.com/product/aluminum-enclosures
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Modified Electronic Enclosures

Almost every enclosure will need some kind of modification to be useful.  In house modifications can be tedious, over-complicated, and a distraction from your core business.  A third party shop can add time and expense.  Let us help you by delivering quality products made to your exact specifications. 

Why Use Hammond?

Thousands of Standard Enclosures
Hammond offers a wide selection and massive inventory ready to be modified.

Low Minimum Orders. 
Typically, the minimum order is 25 units.  This can vary depending on product and services required.

Experience & Personal Service
Hammond has an experienced enclosure modification team and two dedicated modification facilities located in North America and Europe.  We are knowledgeable, available, and capable.

Expect Perfection
Hammond helps eliminate scrap and design errors with approval drawings to confirm correct interpretation of your design requirements.  Many orders will also include fast delivery of sample enclosures for inspection. These steps ensure that your assembly fits perfectly before heading to production.

Popular Modifications Offered:
  • Holes
  • Cutouts
  • Tapping and Countersinking
  • Pressed-in hardware (studs, standoffs)
  • Silk Screening
  • UV Printing
  • Special colors
  • Special length extrusions
  • Pre-Installed Accessories
  • Available services vary by product


Request A Quote

Please fill out the form below to receive a quote for modified Hammond enclosures.

*Please note that our modification services may not be available in all regions.  Please contact us for more information.

Sours: https://www.hammfg.com/electronics/small-case/mods

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Mod hammond box

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