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Vending Machines of Access and Key Control System

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Current problems:

1.The keys of traditional vending machines are easy to be copied, resulting in economic losses
2.It is not clear when an employee will unlock the vending machine

[fusion_highlight color=”#ffc107″ text_color=”” rounded=”yes” class=”” id=””]Solution: JWM smart control lock system[/fusion_highlight]

Record the unlock lock information

The electronic key has the function of storing information and can record the action and time information of each unlock lock, and the responsibility can be traced back to the individual.

Unable to copy

Electronic key uses electronic encryption technology, two-way verification, cannot be copied.

Management platform

The intelligent electronic lock system is equipped with a free professional intelligent management platform, through which managers can manage the information of locks, keys, and staff. Who, when and where to open the lock at a glance, management easier.

Flexible authorization

Electronic key according to the management authority to unlock, can be specific to someone, a period of time, a lock, flexible management, to meet the actual needs.


Sours: https://www.lockmanage.com/portfolio-items/vending-machines-of-access-and-key-control-system/

Eletronic Locks

Vencoa's prices are lower than machines from Selectivend, Fawn, Federal, or USI.

For as long as vending machines have existed, burglars have found ways into them. However, vending machine operators have more than just break-ins to worry about, they must guard against internal theft as well. Luckily, technology has provided an answer to combat vending machine thefts.

Today, there are a variety of electronic locks available to protect everything from soft drink and snack vending machines to coffee vending machines and ice cream vending machines. These locks offer several advantages as compared to conventional lock-key methods.

  1. Cannot be picked: Electronic vending machine locks can only be opened with an electronic key. Some systems designed for candy snack vending machines, cold food vending machines, and soft drink vending machines use non-contact infrared key fobs. This eliminates a visible lock on the front of the vending machines, which may deter thieves.
  2. Difficult to drill: Hardened steel roll pins can be incorporated into soft drink machine t-handle locks to prevent drill bits from coming into contact with the actual lock.
  3. Cannot duplicate keys: The software that is used to manufacture the electronic vending machine keys is encrypted so only the vending machine operator has access to key codes.
  4. Vending machine operator controls life of keys: The vending machine operator has full control over specific times that a key is active or how many times a key may be used to open a candy, snack or soft drink vending machine .
  5. Route people cannot open a machine off-hours: Since keys have a programmed life, they cannot be used after they are expired. Also, attempted vending machine lock openings can be tracked and traced back to individual keys and then to individual route people.
  6. No need to change all vending machine locks if one set of keys lost: Since electronic vending machine keys are inactivated regularly and the vending machine operator can quickly change key codes, a set of lost keys will not compromise vending machine security.
  7. Can monitor route person work habits: The trail of a route person is tracked throughout the day via the audit trail of lock-key interactions. A vending machine operator can determine the time taken to fill a particular soft drink vending machine or the time a route person took to get from one candy snack vending machine to the next.

The replacement of conventional vending machine locks with new electronic vending machine locks usually does not take more time than regular lock changes. Some styles of electronic locks replace the barrel plug locks, leaving the main locking components in place. In soft drink vending machines, the T-handle threaded lock is replaced, and in candy snack vending machines, the two-point bar and hook lock is replaced. Other systems do replace the entire vending machine locking mechanism which will take more time to install. Also in refrigerated vending machines (like cold food vending machines, soft drink vending machines, frozen food vending machines, and ice cream vending machines), electronic locks offer tighter seals than conventional locks. The resulting decrease in cold air leakage extends the compressor life and lowers energy costs for the vending machine operator.

Other ways that vending machine operators can increase vending machine security is by reinforcing weak components of the vending machine. Mechanical security panels can be installed to secure dollar bill acceptors from the front and rear of the vending machine. Finally, a vending machine operator could eliminate the use of cash by implementing cashless payment options.


For more information, please contact Peter LeVine or any one of his talented colleagues at (800) 223-4101, (650) 493-2258, or contact us through our Info Request form

Buy Soda Vending Machines from Vencoa

All vending machines are priced lower than the identical machines from Selectivend, USI, Fawn, or Federal.

Plus we offer:

  • Zero Down Financing
  • Lower Interest Rates

Questions? (800) 223-4101 or contact us through our Info Request form

*Vencoa is an authorized distributor of USI vending machines and is not an authorized distributor of Selectivend products.


Sours: https://www.vencoavendingmachines.com/electronic_locktech.html
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Vending Machine With Intelligent Electronic Lock

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In the past few years, with the popularity and development of the Internet, People’s Daily travel, daily life can be completed through a mobile phone, mobile qr code streets can be seen everywhere, this way of payment is not only convenient, and do not need to find change, save time and effort. And mobile payment has also driven the development of many industries.

The vending machine is a typical example, although before the launch of mobile payment has the figure of the vending machine, but the vending machine at that time not only need to change, sometimes in notes often don’t come out and be refunded for recognition, even in money without return is often the case, so before the vending machine is not only trouble, and often a headache.

With the rise of mobile phone payment, the efficiency of vending machines has been significantly improved, so more and more people start to use vending machines to purchase goods. Therefore, the operators of vending machines need to pay attention to the situation of vending machines, timely repair, damage repair, and regular inspection.

And as caretakers of the vending machine, no doubt, will care about the wages of vending machine, however, vending machine often because no in time complement, shortage of expired goods not change in time, damage to the machine, no timely maintenance, showcase in chaos affect the sales of commodity, cash COINS to fill into the machines operation terminated, and so on reasons cause the loss of economy.

In fact, for the whole operation inspection system adjustment, only a key, a few locks are enough. In recent years, intelligent electronic locks have developed as fast as vending machines. As people’s living standards continue to improve, they pay more attention to safety prevention. And the intelligent electronic lock on the basis of security and inspection software reasonable collocation, make inspection more scientific and rigorous. The rationality of intelligent electronic lock is not only reflected in safety protection, but also welcomed by leaders of all walks of life for the supervision and convenience of inspection personnel.

Intelligent electronic lockchecking software on collocation not only can make inspection personnel inspection area (can be successful only by authorized management unlock), in the use of electronic key lock, key to record the switch lock time, for the inspection personnel assessment more accurate, after the inspection, inspection personnel lock key stored in data uploaded to the inspection system, the system can automatically draw the inspection reports, managers can through the inspection report that inspection personnel’s work.

Therefore, the development of intelligent electronic lock can be widely used by more and more industries by virtue of scientific and safe management. With the continuous progress of science and technology, intelligent electronic lock will be better improved. In the future, intelligent electronic lock will be more widely used in the security field.


Sours: https://www.lockmanage.com/portfolio-items/vending-machine-with-intelligent-electronic-lock/

Smarter locking   
for Vending machines

From managing staff and contractor entry while
preventing unauthorised access, to guarding valuable machines against attack in unmanned environments - vending locking systems need to offer manipulation resistance, key control and convenience.

Our range of vending solutions offer secure, smart locking systems to suit all styles of machine:

  • Concealed keyless electronic latches
  • Key management 
  • Manipulation and attack resistant cylinders
  • Master keying and changeable locks
  • Coloured key fobs for identification
  • Attractive and robust locking hardware


Food and beverage

Consumer goods


PPE and equipment

AG Foods 

With a desire to replace the low quality of the vending locks that came as standard on the machines they source, AG Foods tasked Camlock Systems with delivering a cost-effective, yet quality locking solution.

"We value Camlock's philosophy towards locking technology and are a proud partner, supporting their products in Central Europe."


Vending Operator

We partnered with leading supplier of self-service dispensing machines,
Delikomat, to re-secure their machines after experiencing a series of cash losses. 

Read more >



After several losses, Camlock Systems devised a locking solution that helped Impulse Autovend South Ltd to restore the security of their vending machines.

Read more >

Featured Products

Series 63

Manipulation-resistant Cam Lock with our patented, AXIAL mechanism

Series T48

'Camatic' Locking Insert with a changeable, 12 pin Octagon mechanism

Series 8840

Slimline, surface-mounted vending T-handle. Available in three finishes

Series 100

Rotary Latch with lock and door monitoring

TALK TO US ABOUT improving your machine security and key control

[email protected] / +44 (0)1323 410996


Sours: https://www.camlock.com/applications/vending

For electronic vending machines locks

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How It's Actually Made - Vending Machines

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