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1 /4 The Last Duel () Brian Truitt"The Last Duel" has mixed results as a socially conscious drama, but as a hardcore period action film, it's brutally effective on the level of Scott's "Gladiator."EDIT

Posted Oct 12,

2 /4 Halloween Kills () Brian TruittAs gruesomely brutal as a night spent with Michael Myers should be, although the horror sequel loses some of its skull-crushing effectiveness juggling rampant carnage and social commentary.EDIT

Posted Oct 12,

3 3/4 No Time to Die () Brian TruittAmid seriously high stakes, Craig makes you root for Bond like never before in a swan song that'll leave die-hards shaken, if not stirred.EDIT

Posted Oct 4,

4 2/4 Dear Evan Hansen () Brian TruittEven though it introduces a new crop of fans to its hummable soundtrack, "Dear Evan Hansen" is the perfect example of why every hit Broadway musical shouldn't be made into a movie.EDIT

Posted Sep 22,

5 /4 The Eyes of Tammy Faye () Brian TruittIt's going to be tough not to worship at the altar of Jessica Chastain throughout this Oscar season.EDIT

Posted Sep 13,

6 /4 Dune () Brian TruittEven with its imperfections, "Dune" as an experience is awesome, with astounding special effects, great production design and a propulsive Hans Zimmer score.EDIT

Posted Sep 3,

7 3/4 Candyman () Brian TruittHide your mirrors and look out for bees: Candyman has returned, more relevant and terrifying than ever.EDIT

Posted Aug 25,

8 3/4 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings () Brian TruittLiu is simply a joy to watch. He's the MCU's most significant and infectious rookie since the late Chadwick Boseman with the same face-of-the-franchise appeal as Chris Evans.EDIT

Posted Aug 23,

9 /4 The Night House () Brian TruittGiven the chilling mood Bruckner strikes and dark corners he unearths, horror fans will want to spend some time in this "Night House" even if it's not worth a long-term investment.EDIT

Posted Aug 17,

10 /4 CODA () Brian TruittIts brilliance lies in combining well-tread tropes with an important sense of inclusion for a sweet story that truly sings. EDIT

Posted Aug 13,

11 /4 Respect () Brian TruittHudson stuns with her performance singing and inhabiting the life of musical royalty, even if the new Aretha Franklin biopic leans conventionally commonplace.EDIT

Posted Aug 9,

12 3/4 Free Guy () Brian Truitt"Free Guy" is a big, warm hug of a movie with plenty to love, even if you're not super into bubble gum ice cream, swing sets and vintage Mariah Carey like Ryan Reynolds' goodhearted title character.EDIT

Posted Aug 5,

13 2/4 Annette () Brian TruittNot even a revved-up Driver or songs by the cult art-pop group Sparks can lift the film to its lofty aims.EDIT

Posted Aug 3,

14 /4 The Suicide Squad () Brian TruittEmbraces a superhero vibe (even chock-full of morally questionable rogues hoping the government doesn't blow their heads off) and adds elements of workplace comedy, gritty war movie, dysfunctional family drama and kaiju disaster flick.EDIT

Posted Jul 28,

15 /4 Jungle Cruise () Brian TruittLike a zanier Bogie and Bacall, Johnson and Blunt cross an "African Queen" vibe with Indiana Jones flair for a period piece that starts like gangbusters but can't keep from wading into familiar waters.EDIT

Posted Jul 27,

16 /4 The Green Knight () Brian TruittSeveral heads roll though it's your mind that'll get truly blown by "The Green Knight," a visually dazzling and thoughtful trip back to Camelot.EDIT

Posted Jul 26,

17 3/4 Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins () Brian TruittA satisfying martial-arts action-adventure with two magnetic leads, a heap of lightning-quick swordplay and the best argument yet for a G.I. Joe cinematic universe.EDIT

Posted Jul 22,

18 2/4 Space Jam: A New Legacy () Brian TruittSorry, LeBron. This "Jam" is ripe to be slammed.EDIT

Posted Jul 14,

19 3/4 Zola () Brian TruittA sneakily effective exploration of storytelling and point of view.EDIT

Posted Jun 29,

20 3/4 Black Widow () Brian Truitt"Black Widow" is a strong solo superhero effort that feels both timely and also way too late.EDIT

Posted Jun 29,

21 /4 F9 The Fast Saga () Brian Truitt"F9" tries to goose that template exponentially with soap opera and a greatest-hits package to craft the ultimate "Fast and Furious" movie, instead succeeding at making one that's merely fine.EDIT

Posted Jun 22,

22 3/4 Luca () Brian Truitt"Luca" doesn't drown in the usual Pixar profundity yet still navigates coming-of-age themes quite swimmingly with some appealing animated youngsters.EDIT

Posted Jun 16,

23 /4 The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It () Brian Truitt"The Devil" takes the series out of the haunted house and into a supernatural detective thriller, offering less chills in general but just enough unnerving bits in a welcome showcase for Farmiga.EDIT

Posted Jun 1,

24 /4 Cruella () Brian TruittWith a wickedly impressive fashion sense, an electric retro soundtrack and its sinfully entertaining title character, "Cruella" is the coolest Disney film in forever.EDIT

Posted May 26,

25 3/4 In the Heights () Brian TruittViewers will find themselves immersed in a song-filled, universally relatable story about chasing dreams and building community.EDIT

Posted May 21,

26 3/4 A Quiet Place Part II () Brian TruittThe sci-fi survival horror sequel "A Quiet Place Part II" doesn't quite live up to the refreshing feel or innovative novelty of the original hit but the creatures are still freaky, the soundscapes are still interestingEDIT

Posted May 18,

27 2/4 The Woman in the Window () Brian Truitt[A]n all-star slow-burn mystery for much of its minute runtime until it suddenly decides to become a vomitous reveal-fest doling out all its twists as fast as possible.EDIT

Posted May 13,

28 2/4 Those Who Wish Me Dead () Brian TruittThe wilderness thriller "Those Who Wish Me Dead" is a perfect film for Angelina Jolie - well, maybe if it actually came out in the s.EDIT

Posted May 12,

29 3/4 Together Together () Brian Truitt"Together Together" is a big warm hug of a movie, a pregnancy dramedy that upends expectations and pulls on your heart strings with a tale of two very different best friends.EDIT

Posted Apr 22,

30 2/4 Voyagers () Brian TruittEven with ace performers and heady thoughts, "Voyagers" is a clever trip that, like its crew, unfortunately goes primal at the wrong time.EDIT

Posted Apr 7,

31 /4 Nobody () Brian TruittOdenkirk's presence does give the film a conflicted and darkly comic center. Let's hope more machine-gun antics are in his future.EDIT

Posted Mar 22,

32 3/4 The Last Cruise () Morgan HinesThough the documentary painted a story and highlighted onboard emotions of anxiety, frustration and fear, something was missing: input from health and industry officials.EDIT

Posted Mar 18,

33 1/4 Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal () Kelly LawlerIt all adds up to something not altogether different from Lifetime's ripped-from-the-headlines movie. EDIT

Posted Mar 17,

34 2/4 Coming 2 America () Brian Truitt[T]he follow-up is a toothless, fleetingly funny revisit with some moments of greatness yet too much of the same old story to feel fresh.EDIT

Posted Mar 4,

35 3/4 Raya and the Last Dragon () Brian TruittWith Kelly Marie Tran voicing the sharp-tongued title character and Awkwafina the film wrestles with tonal inconsistencies but features fantastic action scenes to go with a touching underlying narrative about the power of trust.EDIT

Posted Mar 1,

36 4/4 The Father () Brian TruittWhile the drama goes to some disturbing places (including incidents of elder abuse), at its core it is very much about love and the power of empathy.EDIT

Posted Feb 24,

37 /4 The United States vs. Billie Holiday () Brian Truitt"The United States vs. Billie Holiday" makes as strong a case for Holiday being a civil-rights pioneer as its stunning star does for potential Oscar glory.EDIT

Posted Feb 19,

38 /4 I Care a Lot () Brian TruittBlakeson puts such a colorful, over-the-top sheen on it, plus lets Pike and Dinklage loose on each other, that you can't help but be entertained by the criminal carnage and extreme shenanigans.EDIT

Posted Feb 19,

39 /4 Minari () Brian Truitt"Minari" works because it feels so personal as you root for a fragmented family weathering resentment and heartbreak in an uplifting and very universal tale.EDIT

Posted Feb 10,

40 2/4 Malcolm & Marie () Brian TruittWhat maybe was supposed to be a Millennial "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" is instead a bunch of a meandering self-centered monologues and seething conversations that lean hateful, angry and ultimately empty.EDIT

Posted Feb 5,

41 3/4 Judas and the Black Messiah () Brian TruittWhat makes "Judas" stand out is an emphasis on the personal aspects of a true revolutionary who tried to empower others for the greater good while unknowingly facing subterfuge from within.EDIT

Posted Feb 1,

42 2/4 The Little Things () Brian Truitt"The Little Things" is like a s crime thriller that's been sitting on a shelf for 20 or so years. Honestly, it probably should have stayed there.EDIT

Posted Jan 26,

43 3/4 Soul () Brian TruittAn entertaining, exuberant effort about our existence with comedic shenanigans, deep thoughts and wondrous imagination.EDIT

Posted Jan 22,

44 /4 Promising Young Woman () Brian TruittEven when you think "Promising Young Woman" is over, Fennell isn't done putting its characters - or her audience - through their paces.EDIT

Posted Jan 13,

45 4/4 One Night in Miami () Brian TruittKing's vibrant, fabulous and downright essential work revisits four lions of representation in their heyday, and as it turns out, they still have a lot to tell us.EDIT

Posted Jan 7,

46 /4 Pieces of a Woman () Brian Truitt"Pieces of a Woman" has an unmistakably visceral quality that pervades the drama, even as tonal inconsistencies slightly diminish its power.EDIT

Posted Jan 6,

47 Death to () Kelly Lawler"Death" is a collection of underwhelming jokes about a tragic year that have either already been delivered better by other comedians and the internet or are too lame even for your embarrassing uncle to have texted the family group chat. EDIT

Posted Dec 28,

48 3/4 Wonder Woman () Brian TruittReturns Gal Gadot as the Amazon princess with the bulletproof bracelets, introduces a couple worthy foes, and is a pretty fun time even if the extremely busy "" almost wears out its welcome at a hefty two and a half hours.EDIT

Posted Dec 15,

49 3/4 News of the World () Brian TruittTom Hanks is America's Dad in present day and he makes for a pretty good father figure in the Old West, too.EDIT

Posted Dec 11,

50 1/4 Dr. Seuss' The Grinch Musical! () Kelly LawlerA pelvic-thrusting, bad-punning, screeching version of the green curmudgeon was not what anyone wanted or needed in Morrison did his level best -- he's a good performer, but the part simply never should have been written. EDIT

Posted Dec 10,




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USA Today

American national daily newspaper

For other uses, see USA Today (disambiguation).

USA Today ().svg

USA Today front page (February 2, )

TypeDaily newspaper
Founder(s)Al Neuharth
PublisherMaribel Perez Wadsworth
PresidentMaribel Perez Wadsworth[1]
Editor-in-chiefNicole Carroll[1][2]
FoundedSeptember&#;15, ; 39 years ago&#;()
Political alignmentCentre (Moderate)[3][4]
Headquarters Jones Branch Drive,
McLean, Virginia,
Geneva, Switzerland (international edition)
CountryUnited States
Circulation, (daily print)
, (digital only) (as of Feb 20, )
Sister newspapersUSA Today Sports Weekly

USA Today (stylized in all uppercase[5]) is an American daily middle-market newspaper that is the flagship publication of its owner, Gannett. Founded by Al Neuharth on September 15, , it operates from Gannett's corporate headquarters in Tysons, Virginia.[6] It is printed at 37 sites across the United States and at five additional sites internationally. Its dynamic design influenced the style of local, regional, and national newspapers worldwide through its use of concise reports, colorized images, informational graphics, and inclusion of popular culture stories, among other distinct features.[7][8]

With a weekly print circulation of ,,[5] a digital only subscriber base of ,,[9] and an approximate daily readership of &#;million,[5]USA Today is ranked first by circulation on the list of newspapers in the United States. It has been shown to maintain a generally centrist audience, in regards to political persuasion.[10]USA Today is distributed in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico, and an international edition is distributed in Asia, Canada, Europe, and the Pacific Islands.


The genesis of USA Today was on February 29, , when a company task force known as "Project NN" met with Gannett chairman Al Neuharth in Cocoa Beach, Florida to develop a national newspaper. Early regional prototypes included East Bay Today, an Oakland, California-based publication published in the late s to serve as the morning edition of the Oakland Tribune, an afternoon newspaper which Gannett owned at the time.[11] On June 11, , Gannett printed the first prototypes of the proposed publication. The two proposed design layouts were mailed to newsmakers and prominent leaders in journalism, for review and feedback.[8][12] Gannett's board of directors approved the launch of the national newspaper, titled USA Today, on December 5, At launch, Neuharth was appointed president and publisher of the newspaper, adding those responsibilities to his existing position as Gannett's chief executive officer.[12][13]

Gannett announced the launch of the paper on April 20, USA Today began publishing on September 15, , initially in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. metropolitan areas[14] for a newsstand price of 25¢ (equivalent to 67¢ in ). After selling out the first issue, Gannett gradually expanded the national distribution of the paper, reaching an estimated circulation of , copies by the end of , double the amount of sales that Gannett projected.[citation needed]

Original logo, used from to

The design uniquely incorporated color graphics and photographs. Initially, only its front news section pages were rendered in four-color, while the remaining pages were printed in a spot color format. The paper's overall style and elevated use of graphics – developed by Neuharth, in collaboration with staff graphics designers George Rorick, Sam Ward, Suzy Parker, John Sherlock and Web Bryant – was derided by critics, who referred to it as a "McPaper" or "television you can wrap fish in", because it opted to incorporate concise nuggets of information more akin to the style of television news, rather than in-depth stories like traditional newspapers, which many in the newspaper industry considered to be a dumbing down of content.[12][13][15] Although USA Today had been profitable for just ten years as of , it changed the appearance and feel of newspapers around the world.[16]

On July 2, , the newspaper switched from predominantly black-and-white to full color photography and graphics in all four sections. The next week on July 10, USA Today launched an international edition intended for U.S. readers abroad, followed four months later on October 8 with the rollout of the first transmission via satellite of its international version to Singapore. On April 8, , the paper published its first special bonus section, a page section called "Baseball '85", which previewed the Major League Baseball season.[12]

By the fourth quarter of , USA Today had become the second-largest newspaper in the United States, reaching a daily circulation of &#;million copies. Total daily readership of the paper by (according to Simmons Market Research Bureau statistics) had reached &#;million, the largest of any daily newspaper in the U.S. On May 6, , USA Today began production of its international edition in Switzerland. USA Today operated at a loss for most of its first four years of operation, accumulating a total deficit of $&#;million after taxes, according to figures released by Gannett in July ; the newspaper began turning its first profit in May , six months ahead of Gannett corporate revenue projections.[12]

On January 29, , USA Today published the largest edition in its history, a page weekend edition featuring a section previewing Super Bowl XXII; the edition included pages of advertising and sold 2,, copies, setting a single-day record for an American newspaper (and surpassed seven months later on September 2, when its Labor Day weekend edition sold 2,, copies). On April 15, USA Today launched a third international printing site, based in Hong Kong. The international edition set circulation and advertising records during August , with coverage of the Summer Olympics, selling more than 60, copies and pages of advertising.[12]

By July , Simmons Market Research Bureau estimated that USA Today had a total daily readership of nearly &#;million, an all-time high and the largest readership of any daily newspaper in the United States. On September 1, , USA Today launched a fourth printsite for its international edition in London for the United Kingdom and the British Isles.[12] The international edition's schedule was changed as of April 1, to Monday through Friday, rather than from Tuesday through Saturday, in order to accommodate business travelers; on February 1, , USA Today opened its first editorial bureau outside the United States at its Hong Kong publishing facility; additional editorial bureaus were launched in London and Moscow in [12]

On April 17, , USA Today launched its website, to provide real-time news coverage; in June the site expanded to include Travel, providing travel information and booking tools. On August 28, , a fifth international publishing site was launched in Frankfurt, Germany, to print and distribute the international edition throughout most of Europe.[12]

On October 4, , USA Today began running advertisements on its front page for the first time.[12] In , some pages of USA Today's website features Auto-Play functionality for video or audio-aided stories.

On February 8, , Gannett launched USA Today Live, a broadcast and Internet initiative designed to provide coverage from the newspaper to broadcast television stations nationwide for use in their local newscasts and their websites; the venture also provided integration with the USA Today website, which transitioned from a text-based format to feature audio and video clips of news content.[12]

The paper launched a sixth printing site for its international edition on May 15, , in Milan, Italy, followed on July 10 by the launch of an international printing facility in Charleroi, Belgium.[12]

In , two interactive units were launched: on June 19, USA Today and Gannett Newspapers launched the USA Today Careers Network (now, a website featuring localized employment listings, then on July 18, the USA Today News Center was launched as an interactive television news service developed through a joint venture with the On Command Corporation that was distributed to hotels around the United States. On September 12 of that year, the newspaper set an all-time single day circulation record, selling 3,, copies for its edition covering the September 11 attacks. That November, USA Today migrated its operations from Gannett's previous corporate headquarters in Arlington, Virginia to the company's new headquarters in nearby McLean.[12]

On December 12, , Gannett announced that it would combine the separate newsroom operations of the online and print entities of USA Today, with's vice president and editor-in-chief Kinsey Wilson promoted to co-executive editor, alongside existing executive editor John Hillkirk.[12]

In December , USA Today launched the USA Today API for sharing data with partners of all types.[17]

Newsroom restructuring and graphical tweaks[edit]

On August 27, , USA Today announced that it would undergo a reorganization of its newsroom, announcing the layoffs of staffers. It also announced that the paper would shift its focus away from print and place more emphasis on its digital platforms (including and its related mobile applications) and launch of a new publication called USA Today Sports.[citation needed]

On January 24, , to reverse a revenue slide, the paper introduced a tweaked format that modified the appearance of its front section pages, which included a larger logo at the top of each page; coloring tweaks to section front pages; a new sans-serif font, called Prelo, for certain headlines of main stories (replacing the Gulliver typeface that had been implemented for story headers in April ); an updated "Newsline" feature featuring larger, "newsier" headline entry points; and the increasing and decreasing of mastheads and white space to present a cleaner style.[18]


Miguel Vazquez from USA Todayshows off the publication's Metro App,

On September 14, , USA Today underwent the first major redesign in its history, in commemoration for the 30th anniversary of the paper's first edition.[19] Developed in conjunction with brand design firm Wolff Olins, the print edition of USA Today added a page covering technology stories and expanded travel coverage within the Life section and increased the number of color pages included in each edition, while retaining longtime elements.[20] The "globe" logo used since the paper's inception was replaced with a new logo featuring a large circle rendered in colors corresponding to each of the sections, serving as an infographic that changes with news stories, containing images representing that day's top stories.[20][21]

The paper's website was also extensively overhauled using a new, in-house content management system known as Presto and a design created by Fantasy Interactive, that incorporates flipboard-style navigation to switch between individual stories (which obscure most of the main and section pages), clickable video advertising and a responsive design layout. The site was designed and developed to be more interactive, faster, provide "high impact" advertising units (known as Gravity), and provide the ability for Gannett to syndicate USA Today content to the websites of its local properties, and vice versa. To accomplish this goal, Gannett Digital migrated its newspaper and television station websites to the Presto platform. Developers built a separate platform to provide optimizations for mobile and touchscreen devices. The Gravity ad won Digiday's Best Publishing Innovation in Advertising in , thanks to an 80% full-watch user engagement rate on desktop, and 96% on mobile.[22][23]

Following the relaunch, the editorial team behind USA Today Investigations ramped up its "longread" article plans, following the success of the series Ghost Factories. With differing platform requirements, USA Today's mobile website did not offer any specialized support for these multi-chapter stories. Nearing the end of , more than one-third of USA Today's readership was browsing only using their mobile phones, and the majority of these users were accessing the mobile website (as opposed to the iOS and Android applications) with the newer, less-obtrusive advertising strategy. Gannet Digital designed, developed, and released the longread mobile experience to coincide with the launch of Brad Heath's series Locked Up, which won the Investigative Reporters and Editors Tom Renner Award in October [24][25]

Gannett Digital's focus on its mobile content experience paid off in with multiple awards; including the Eppy for Best Mobile Application, the Mobile Excellence award for Best User Experience, the MOBI award for Editorial Content, and Mobile Publisher of the Year.[26][27][28]

The USA Today site design was launched on desktop, mobile and TV throughout and , although archive content accessible through search engines remains available through the pre-relaunch design.[29][30]

Mids expansion and restructuring[edit]

On October 6, , Gannett test launched a condensed daily edition of USA Today (part of what was internally known within Gannett as the "Butterfly" initiative) for distribution as an insert in four of its newspapers – The Indianapolis Star, the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, the Fort Myers-based The News-Press and the Appleton, Wisconsin-based The Post-Crescent. The launch of the syndicated insert caused USA Today to restructure its operations to allow seven-day-a-week production to accommodate the packaging of its national and international news content and enterprise stories (comprising about 10 pages for the weekday and Saturday editions, and up to 22 pages for the Sunday edition) into the pilot insert. Gannett later announced on December 11, that it would formally launch the condensed daily edition of USA Today in 31 additional local newspapers nationwide through April (with the Palm Springs, California-based The Desert Sun and the Lafayette, Louisiana-based Advertiser being the first newspapers outside of the pilot program participants to add the supplement on December 15), citing "positive feedback" to the feature from readers and advertisers of the initial four papers. Gannett was given permission from the Alliance for Audited Media to count the circulation figures from the syndicated local insert with the total circulation count for the flagship national edition of USA Today.[31][32]

On January 4, , USA Today acquired the consumer product review website Reviewed.[33][12] In the first quarter of , Gannett launched a condensed USA Today insert into 31 other newspapers in its network, thereby increasing the number of inserts to 35, in an effort to shore up circulation after it regained its position as the highest circulated week daily newspaper in the United States in October [31][34] On September 3, , USA Today announced that it would lay off roughly 70 employees in a restructuring of its newsroom and business operations.[35] In October , USA Today and OpenWager Inc. entered into a partnership to release a Bingomobile app called USA TODAY Bingo Cruise.[36][37]

On December 3, , Gannett formally launched the USA Today Network, a national digital newsgathering service providing shared content between USA Today and the company's 92 local newspapers throughout the United States as well as pooling advertising services on both a hyperlocal and national reach. The Louisville Courier-Journal had earlier soft-launched the service as part of a pilot program started on November 17, coinciding with an imaging rebrand for the Louisville, Kentucky-based newspaper; Gannett's other local newspaper properties, as well as those it acquired through its merger with the Journal Media Group, gradually began identifying themselves as part of the USA Today Network (foregoing use of the Gannett name outside of requisite ownership references) through early January [38][39][40]

In May , USA Today introduced a paywall for some of its online stories.[41]

Layout and format[edit]

This February 5, issue of USA Todayshows the old layout and logo of the paper prior to its redesign.

USA Today is known for synthesizing news down to easy-to-read-and-comprehend stories. In the main edition circulated in the United States and Canada, each edition consists of four sections: News (the oft-labeled "front page" section), Money, Sports, and Life. Since March , the Friday edition of Life has been separated into two distinct sections: the regular Life focusing on entertainment (subtitled Weekend; section E), which features television reviews and listings, a DVD column, film reviews and trends, and a travel supplement called Destinations & Diversions (section D). The international edition of the paper features two sections: News and Money in one; with Sports and Life in the other.

Atypical of most daily newspapers, the paper does not print on Saturdays and Sundays; its Friday edition serves as the weekend edition. USA Today has published special Saturday and Sunday editions in the past: the first issue released during the standard calendar weekend was published on January 19, , when it released a Saturday "Extra" edition updating coverage of the Gulf War from the previous day; the paper published special seven-day-a-week editions for the first time on July 19, , when it published special editions for exclusive distribution in the host city of Atlanta and surrounding areas for the two-week duration of the Summer Olympics.[12]USA Today prints each complete story on the front page of the respective section with the exception of the cover story. The cover story is a longer story that requires a jump (readers must turn to another page in the paper to complete the story, usually the next page of that section). On certain days, the news or sports section will take up two paper sections, and there will be a second cover story within the second section.

Each section is denoted by a certain color to differentiate sections beyond lettering and is seen in a box the top-left corner of the first page; the principal section colors are blue for News (section A), green for Money (section B), red for Sports (section C), and purple for Life (section D); in the paper's early years, the Life and Money sections were also assigned blue nameplates and spot color, as the presses used at USA Today' printing facilities did not yet accommodate the use of other colors to denote all four original sections.[42] Orange is used for bonus sections (section E or above), which are published occasionally such as for business travel trends and the Olympics; other bonus sections for sports (such as for the PGA Tour preview, NCAA Basketball Tournaments, Memorial Day auto races (Indianapolis and Coca-Cola ), NFL opening weekend and the Super Bowl) previously used the orange color, but now use the red designated for sports in their bonus sections. To increase their ties to USA Today, Gannett incorporated the USA Today coloring scheme into an internally created graphics package for news programming that the company began phasing in across its television station group – which were spun-off in July into the separate broadcast and digital media company Tegna – in late (the package utilizes the color scheme for a rundown graphic used on most stations – outside those that Gannett acquired in from London Broadcasting, which began implementing the package in late – that persists throughout its stations' newscasts, as well as bumpers for individual story topics). Gannett's television stations began to a new on-air appearance that uses a color-coding system identical to that of the paper.[43]

In many ways, USA Today is set up to break the typical newspaper layout. Some examples of that divergence from tradition include using the left-hand quarter of each section as reefers (front-page paragraphs referring to stories on inside pages[44]), sometimes using sentence-length blurbs to describe stories inside; the lead reefer is the cover page feature "Newsline", which shows summarized descriptions of headline stories featured in all four main sections and any special sections. As a national newspaper, USA Today cannot focus on the weather for any one city. Therefore, the entire back page of the News section is used for weather maps for the continental United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and temperature lists for many cities throughout the U.S. and the world (temperatures for individual cities on the primary forecast map and temperature lists are suffixed with a one- or two-letter code, such as "t" for thunderstorms, referencing the expected weather conditions); the colorized forecast map, originally created by staff designer George Rorick (who left USA Today for a similar position at The Detroit News in ), was copied by newspapers around the world, breaking from the traditional style of using monochrome contouring or simplistic text to denote temperature ranges.[15][45] National precipitation maps for the next three days (previously five days until the redesign), and four-day forecasts and air quality indexes for 36 major U.S. cities (originally 16 cities prior to ) – with individual cities color-coded by the temperature contour corresponding to the given area on the forecast map – are also featured. Weather data is provided by AccuWeather, which has served as the forecast provider for USA Today for most of the paper's existence (with an exception from January to September , during which forecast data was provided by The Weather Channel through a long-term multimedia content agreement with Gannett).[46][47][48][49][50] In the bottom left-hand corner of the weather page is "Weather Focus", a graphic which explains various meteorological phenomena. On some days, the Weather Focus could be a photo of a rare meteorological event.

On Mondays, the Money section uses its back page for "Market Trends", a feature that launched in June and presents an unusual graphic depicting the performance of various industry groups as a function of quarterly, monthly, and weekly movements against the S&P On business holidays or days when bonus sections are included in the issue, the Money and Life sections are usually combined into one section, while combinations of the Friday Life editions into one section are common during quiet weeks. Advertising coverage is seen in the Monday Money section, which often includes a review of a current television ad, and after Super Bowl Sunday, a review of the ads aired during the broadcast with the results of the Ad Track live survey. Stock tables for individual stock exchanges (comprising one subsection for companies traded on the New York Stock Exchange, and another for companies trading on NASDAQ and the American Stock Exchange) and mutual indexes were discontinued with the redesign due to the myriad of electronic ways to check individual stock prices, in line with most newspapers.

Book coverage, including reviews and a national sales chart (the latter of which debuted on October 28, ), is seen on Thursdays in Life, with the official full A.C. Nielsentelevision ratings chart printed on Wednesdays or Thursdays, depending on release. The paper also publishes the Mediabase survey for several genres of music, based on radio airplay spins on Tuesdays, along with their own chart of the top ten singles in general on Wednesdays. Because of the same limitations cited for its nationalized forecasts, the television page in Life – which provides prime time and late night listings (running from &#;p.m. to &#;a.m. Eastern Time) – incorporates boilerplate "Local news" or "Local programming" descriptions to denote time periods in which the five major English language broadcast networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and The CW) cede airtime to allow their owned and affiliated stations to carry syndicated programs or local newscasts; the television page has never been accompanied by a weekly listings supplement with broader scheduling information similar to those featured in local newspapers. Like most national papers, USA Today does not carry comic strips.

One of the staples of the News section is "Across the USA", a state-by-state roundup of headlines. The summaries consist of paragraph-length Associated Press reports highlighting one story of note in each state, the District of Columbia, and one U.S. territory. Similarly, the "For the Record" page of the Sports section (which features sports scores for both the previous four days of league play and individual non-league events, seasonal league statistics and wagering lines for the current day's games) previously featured a rundown of winning numbers from the previous deadline date for all participating state lotteries and individual multi-state lotteries.

Some traditions have been retained. The lead story still appears on the upper-right hand of the front page. Commentary and political cartoons occupy the last few pages of the News section. Stock and mutual fund data are presented in the Money section. But USA Today is sufficiently different in aesthetics to be recognized on sight, even in a mix of other newspapers, such as at a newsstand. The overall design and layout of USA Today has been described as neo-Victorian.[51]

Also, in most of the sections' front pages, on the lower left-hand corner, are "USA Today Snapshots", which give statistics of various lifestyle interests according to the section it is in (for example, a snapshot in "Life" could show how many people tend to watch a certain genre of television show based upon the type of mood they are in at the time). These "Snapshots" are shown through graphs that are made up of various illustrations of objects that roughly pertain to the graphs subject matter (using the example above, the graph's bars could be made up of several TV sets, or ended by one). These are usually loosely based on research by a national institute (with the credited source mentioned in fine print in the box below the graph).

The newspaper also features an occasional magazine supplement called Open Air, which launched on March 7, , and appears several times a year. Various other advertorials appear throughout the year, mainly on Fridays.[52][53]

Opinion section[edit]

The opinion section prints USA Today editorials, columns by guest writers and members of the editorial board of Contributors,[54] letters to the editor, and editorial cartoons. One unique feature of the USA Today editorial page is the publication of opposing points of view; alongside the editorial board's piece on the day's topic runs an opposing view by a guest writer, often an expert in the field. The opinion pieces featured in each edition are decided by the Board of Contributors, which are separate from the paper's news staff.[55]

From to and from to , the editorial page editor was Brian Gallagher, who has worked for the newspaper since its founding in [56] Other members of the editorial board included deputy editorial page editor Bill Sternberg, executive forum editor John Siniff, op-ed/forum page editor Glen Nishimura, operations editor Thuan Le Elston, letters editor Michelle Poblete, web content editor Eileen Rivers, and editorial writers Dan Carney, George Hager, and Saundra Torry.[57] The newspaper's website calls this group "demographically and ideologically diverse."[55]

Beginning with the United States presidential election, USA Today has traditionally maintained a policy not to endorse candidates for the President of the United States or any other state or federal political office, which has been since re-evaluated by the paper's Board of Contributors through an independent process during each four-year election cycle, with any decision to circumvent the policy based on a consensus vote in which fewer than two of the editorial board's members dissent or hold differing opinions.[58] For most of its history, the paper's political editorials (most of them linked to the then-current Presidential election cycle) had focused instead on providing opinion on major issues based on the differing concerns of voters, the vast amount of information on these themes, and the board's aim to provide a fair viewpoint through the diverse political ideologies of its members and avoid reader perceptions of bias.

Such avoidance of doing political editorials played a great part in USA Today's long-standing reputation for "fluff", but after its 30th anniversary revamp, the paper took a more active stance on political issues, calling for stronger gun laws after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in It heavily criticized the Republican Party for both the government shutdown and the revolts in the United States House of Representatives that ended with the resignation of John Boehner as House Speaker. It also called out then-PresidentBarack Obama and other top members of the Democratic Party for what they perceived as "inaction" over several issues during –14, particularly over the NSAscandal and the ISIL beheading incidents.

The editorial board broke from the "non-endorsement" policy for the first time on September 29, , when it published an op-ed piece condemning the candidacy of Republican nominee Donald Trump, calling him "unfit for the presidency" due to his inflammatory campaign rhetoric (particularly that aimed at the press, with certain media organizations being openly targeted and even banned from campaign rallies, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN and the BBC, military veterans who had been prisoners of war, including Republican presidential candidate and Vietnam War veteran John McCain, immigrants, and various ethnic and religious groups); his temperament and lack of financial transparency; his "checkered" business record; his use of false and hyperbolic statements; the inconsistency of his viewpoints and issues with his vision on domestic and foreign policy; and, based on comments he had made during his campaign and criticisms by both Democrats and Republicans on these views, the potential risks to national security and constitutional ethics under a Trump administration, asking voters to "resist the siren song of a dangerous demagogue".[59] The board noted that the piece was not a "qualified endorsement" of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, for whom the board was unable to reach a consensus for endorsing (some editorial board members expressed that Clinton's public service record would help her "serve the nation ably as its president", while others had "serious reservations about [her] sense of entitlement, [] lack of candor and [] extreme carelessness in handling classified information"), endorsing instead tactical voting against Trump and GOP seats in swing states, advising voters to decide whether to vote for either Clinton, Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, Green Party nominee Jill Stein or a write-in candidate for president; or focus on Senate, House and other down-ballot political races.[60][61][62]

In February , USA Today stirred controversy by publishing an op-ed by Jerome Corsi, the DC bureau chief for the fringe conspiracy website InfoWars.[63][64] Corsi, a prominent conspiracy theorist, was described by USA Today as an "author" and "investigative journalist".[63] Corsi was a prominent proponent of the false conspiracy theory that Barack Obama was not a US citizen, and Infowars has promoted conspiracy theories such as 9/11 being an inside job and the Sandy Hook massacre being a hoax staged by child actors.[63]

In October , USA Today was criticized by NBC News for publishing an editorial by President Trump that was replete with inaccuracies.[65]The Washington Post fact-checker said that "almost every sentence contained a misleading statement or a falsehood."[66]

In , USA Today endorsed a specific presidential candidate for the first time, Democratic nominee Joe Biden. The newspaper also published an opposing editorial by Vice President Mike Pence, which called for his and Trump's re-election.[67]


Attempting to buy a USA Todaynewspaper

In May , Larry Kramer – a year media industry veteran and former president of CBS Digital Media – was appointed president and publisher of USA Today, replacing David Hunke, who had been publisher of the newspaper since [68] Kramer was tasked with developing a new strategy for the paper as it sought to increase revenue from its digital operations.[69]

In July , Kramer hired David Callaway – whom the former had hired as lead editor of MarketWatch in , two years after Kramer founded the website – as the paper's editor-in-chief. Callaway had previously worked at Bloomberg News covering the banking, investment-banking and asset-management businesses throughout Europe and at the Boston Herald, where he co-wrote a daily financial column on "comings and goings in the Boston business district".[70]

The current Editor-in-Chief is Nicole Carroll, who has served since February [71]

Related publications and services[edit]

USA Weekend[edit]

Main article: USA Weekend

USA Weekend was a sister publication that launched in as Family Weekly, a national Sunday magazine supplement intended for the Sunday editions of various U.S. newspapers; it adopted its final title following Gannett's purchase of the magazine in [72] The magazine – which was distributed to approximately newspapers nationwide at its peak with most Gannett-owned local newspapers carrying it by default within their Sunday editions – focused primarily on social issues, entertainment, health, food and travel.[72][73] On December 5, , Gannett announced that it would cease publishing USA Weekend after the December 26–28, edition, citing increasing operational costs and reduced advertising revenue, with most of its participating newspapers choosing to replace it with competing Sunday magazine Parade.[74][75][76][77][78]

USA Today Sports Weekly[edit]

Main article: USA Today Sports Weekly

USA Today Sports Weekly is a weekly magazine that covers news and statistics from Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball and NCAA baseball, the National Football League (NFL) and NASCAR. It was first published on April 5, , as USA Today Baseball Weekly, a tabloid-sized baseball-focused publication released on Wednesdays, on a weekly basis during the baseball season and bi-weekly during the off-season; the magazine expanded its sports coverage on September 4, , when it adopted its current title after added stories about the NFL. Sports Weekly added coverage of NASCAR on February 15, , lasting only during that year's race season; and added coverage of NCAA college football on August 8, The editorial operations of Sports Weekly originally operated autonomously from USA Today, before being integrated with the newspaper's sports department in late [12][79]

The Big Lead[edit]

Main article: The Big Lead

The Big Lead is a sports blog operated by USA Today that was launched in February by original owner Fantasy Sports Ventures (co-founded by Jason McIntyre and David Lessa), which was purchased by Gannett – which, beginning in April , had maintained a strategic content and marketing partnership with the former company – in January [80] The site – which is usually updated on a routine basis of 10 to 15 times per day between &#;a.m. and &#;p.m. Eastern Time – mainly covers sports, but also provides news and commentary on other news topics, ranging from politics to pop culture.

USA Today: The Television Show[edit]

In , Gannett and producer/former NBC CEO Grant Tinker began developing a news magazine series for broadcast syndication that attempted to bring the breezy style of USA Today to television.[81] The result was USA Today: The Television Show (later retitled USA Today on TV,[82] then shortened to simply USA Today), which premiered on September 12, [83] Correspondents on the program included Edie Magnus, Robin Young, Boyd Matson, Kenneth Walker, Dale Harimoto, Ann Abernathy, Bill Macatee and Beth Ruyak. As with the newspaper itself, the show was divided into four "sections" corresponding to the different parts of the paper: News (focusing on the major headlines of the day), Money (focusing on financial news and consumer reports), Sports (focusing on sports news and scores) and Life (focusing on entertainment and lifestyle-related stories).

The series was plagued by low ratings and negative reviews from critics throughout its run. The program also suffered from being scheduled in undesirable timeslots in certain markets; this was a particular case in New York City, the country's largest media market, where CBS owned-and-operated stationWCBS-TV (channel 2) aired the program in a pre-dawn early morning slot, before the program was picked up by NBC O&O WNBC five months into its run; after initially airing it in an equally undesirable &#;a.m. slot, the series was later moved to a more palatable &#;a.m. time period, but still did not fare any better on its new station[84] (in contrast, CITY-DT in Toronto, Ontario, Canada [now the flagship of the Citytv television network], ran it at &#;p.m.).[85] Although the series was renewed for a second season, these setbacks led to the mid-season cancellation of the TV version of USA Today in November , after one-and-a-half seasons; the final edition aired on January 7, [86]

Gannett announced plans to develop a USA Today-branded weekly half-hour television program, to have been titled Sports Page, as part of a renewed initiative to extend the brand into television; this program, which was tapped for a fall debut, ultimately never launched.[12]

VRtually There[edit]

VRtually There is a weekly virtual reality news program produced by the USA Today Network, which debuted on October 20, The program, which is available on the USA Today mobile app and on YouTube (which maintains content exclusivity through the program's dedicated channel for 60 days after each broadcast), showcases three original segments outlining news stories through a first-person perspective, recorded and produced by journalists from USA Today and its co-owned local newspapers. The program also incorporates "cubemercials", long-form advertisements created by Gannett's in-house creative studio GET Creative, which are designed to allow consumer engagenent in fully immersive experiences through virtual reality.[87][88][89]

For the Win[edit]

USA Today also publishes a sports website called For the Win.[90]


  • USA Today Minor League Player of the Year Award – First presented in , this annual award has been given to a particular Minor league baseball player judged to have had the most outstanding season by a thirteen-person panel of baseball experts.[91]
  • USA Today All-USA high school baseball team – First presented in , the award honors between nine and eleven outstanding baseball players from high schools around the United States to be part on the team (separate awards honoring the High School Baseball Player of the Year and High School Baseball Coach of the Year have been given since [92][93]).
  • USA Today All-USA high school basketball team – First presented in , the award honors outstanding male and female basketball players from high schools around the United States with a place on the team, with one member of each team being named as the High School Basketball Player of the Year as well as coaches from a select boys' and girls' team as the High School Basketball Coach of the Year.[93][94][95]
  • USA Today All-Joe Team (NFL) – First presented in in tribute to Kansas City Chiefs veteran defensive lineman Joe Phillips, the award honors 52 rookie players from throughout the NFL for their exemplary performance during the previous league season.[96]
  • USA Today/National Prep Poll High School Football National Championship – Predating the first publication of USA Today under the sole decision of the National Prep Poll, it is a national championship honor awarded to the best high school football team(s) in the United States, based on rankings decided by the newspaper's sports editorial department.
  • USA Today All-USA high school football team – First presented in , the award honors outstanding football players from high schools around the United States (includes ranks for the Super 25 teams in the U.S. and Top 10 teams in the East, South, Midwest and West, and USA Today High School Football Player of the Year).[97][98][99][]
  • USA Today High School Football Coach of the Year – First presented in , the award awards a coach from one of the teams selected for the All-USA football team for the honor.
  • USA TODAY Road Warrior of the Year first presented to Joyce Gioia in ; never presented again.

In popular culture[edit]

USA TodayHill Valley edition, at WonderCon
  • A futuristic edition of USA Today (Hill Valley edition) is seen in the film Back to the Future Part II (). As a tribute to the movie, the newspaper ran a recreation of the front page, featuring the exact headlines portrayed in the movie (except for a piece mentioning a future state visit by "Queen Diana", the Princess having died in ), on October 22, , when the protagonist Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox) travels to October 21, , and reads the following day's edition of the paper.[][]
  • A episode of The Simpsons ("Homer Defined") featured a parody of the paper ("U.S. of A. News"), whose lead story was "#2 is #1", in reference to pencils. Lisa criticizes the paper's blandness, but Homer retorts that "Hey, this is the only paper in America that's not afraid to tell the truth, that everything is just fine."[]

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Usa today movie list

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Movie Reviews, News, Releases And Trailers USA TODAY

6 hours ago Check out exclusive movie news and reviews from USA TODAY, as well as the latest film releases and trailers. 10 best new shows See the red carpet glam You must see these 10 Albums coming this year.

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USA Today's Top 35 Movies Of All Time IMDb

8 hours ago 82 Metascore. After the Rebels are brutally overpowered by the Empire on the ice planet Hoth, Luke Skywalker begins Jedi training with Yoda, while his friends are pursued across the galaxy by Darth Vader and bounty hunter Boba Fett. Director: Irvin Kershner Stars: Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams.

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USA Today Rotten Tomatoes: Movies TV Shows Movie

1 hours agoRotten Tomatoes, home of the Tomatometer, is the most trusted measurement of quality for Movies & TV. The definitive site for Reviews, Trailers, Showtimes, and Tickets

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Category: Movies on usa todayShow details

All Movies Page: All: Popular USA TV Network

1 hours agoHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Bridesmaids. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Transformers: The Last Knight. Jeepers Creepers 3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. The Wedding Planner. Stomp the Yard.

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Halloween Movies To Watch: Best New Horror Films To See …

9 hours ago Everybody's getting into the spooky season, from Michael Myers to the Muppets. Here are 10 new horror movies that'll put you in the Halloween mood.

Author: Brian Truitt

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IMDb Top Box Office IMDb

6 hours ago If you’re going out to the movies (or going out anywhere), please stay safe! Check out the World Health Organization’s guidance on the use of masks to prevent the spread of COVID Top Box Office (US)

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New Movies In Theaters IMDb

Just Now Before you go to the movie theater, go to IMDb to watch the hottest trailers, see photos, find release dates, read reviews, and learn all about the full cast and crew. IMDb is your ultimate source for all new movies, and our "In Theaters" page provides you an easy way to decide what to watch today

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USA TODAY's BestSelling Books List

Just Now USA TODAY's Best-Selling Books list ranks the top-selling titles each week based on an analysis of sales from U.S. booksellers. Contributors represent a variety of outlets: bookstore chains, independent bookstores, mass merchandisers and online retailers.

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USA TODAY: Latest World And US News

5 hours ago USA TODAY delivers current local and national news, sports, entertainment, finance, technology, and more through award-winning journalism, photos, videos and VR.

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The Best Netflix Shows And Movies: October TODAY

6 hours ago Here's TODAY's special list of October recommendations you won't want to miss. Dec. 21, , PM UTC / Updated Sept. 23, , PM UTC / Source : TODAY

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Movie Theaters In United States Cinema Treasures

9 hours agoMovie Theaters in United States. Showing 1 - 30 of 6, open movie theaters All Theaters (37,) Open (6,) Showing Movies (5,) Closed (30,) Demolished (15,) Restoring () Renovating () ↑ Name Location Status Screens; Drive-In: Fayetteville, AR, United States

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IATSE Strike: What It Means For TV, Movies If Hollywood

4 hours ago Hollywood crew workers have voted to strike, which would shut down much TV and movie production. Here's what it means for your favorite entertainment. 10 …

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Movies List Wire

1 hours ago 24 movies that should have come out in and their new release dates COVID 1 year ago. Share this article share tweet text email link Advertisement. Advertisement. Follow List Wire! Get the day's top stories. Email Sign up

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James Bond Movies Ranked: An Unexplained List Of Films

7 hours ago So here is the correct list. The World is Not Enough () Octopussy () A View to Kill () The Man With the Golden Gun () …

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TOP 10 On Streaming In The United States On October 7

3 hours ago The most popular movies and TV shows on Streaming in United States. Who was #1 on Streaming on October 7, ? TOP 10 charts or full ratings charts. Check the title detail for more streaming analytics.

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Best Movies Netflix Now: 61 Great Films To Stream In

4 hours ago OK, on to the list of our favorite movies on Netflix right now. 1. ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND (New in August) -- Jim Carrey gives perhaps his …

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A ‘Fortnite’ Movie Might Be On The Way From Epic

8 hours ago The Fortnite movie is allegedly part of Epic’s plans to create a new entertainment division focusing on “scripted video content,” which likely refers to films. Earlier this year, Epic hired

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The United States Of Movies IMDb

8 hours ago Recently Entertainment Weekly magazine made a list of the single films that best captured the spirit and and story of each US state. Since there are 51 films on the list (including Washington DC) the most popular 35 are listed below. Vote for your favorite film and …

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Free Online Games USA TODAY

6 hours ago Play tons of games and quizzes at USA TODAY. With a wide variety of online web games there's something for everyone.

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Best Movie Cast Ever Is In Wes Anderson’s New Fllm ‘French

9 hours ago His new movie “The French Dispatch” (which will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival before opening in U.S. theaters Oct. 22), is being called a love letter to journalists set at an outpost of an American newspaper in a fictional 20th-century French city. Here’s the wildly talented cast who’s in it — and it looks like the best of all

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Full List Of Movies Available On Netflix US October

7 hours ago Either way, you can search Netflix’s movie library below by typing the title you’re after into the search box or using the Year and Genre options to filter the results. With the list moving towards 4, movies, a little help to narrow them down is always a good thing.

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Top Movies In Theaters And Coming Soon

2 hours ago New movies, upcoming movies and movies in theaters. Get the latest buzz, release dates and watch movie trailers.

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List Of Films Banned In The United States Wikipedia

1 hours ago Release date Date(s) banned Film Reason – The Birth of a Nation: Banned in several American cities for its racist content and portrayal of the Ku Klux Klan, including Chicago, Las Vegas, Denver, Pittsburgh and St. Louis, and the states of Ohio, Kansas, and West Virginia, as well as "dozens" of other jurisdictions. Unbanned in outside of Kansas.

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USA TV Network Shows, Episodes, Schedule

7 hours ago Watch full episodes of current and classic USA shows online. Plus find clips, previews, photos and exclusive online features on

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TV Guide, TV Listings, Online Videos, Entertainment News

3 hours ago Get today's TV listings and channel information for your favorite shows, movies, and programs. Select your provider and find out what to watch tonight with TV Guide.

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Category: Free ConverterShow details New Releases: The Bestselling New & Future

8 hours ago Find Movie Box Office Data: ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics: DPReview Digital Photography: East Dane Designer Men's Fashion: Fabric Sewing, Quilting & Knitting : Goodreads Book reviews & recommendations: IMDb Movies, TV & Celebrities: IMDbPro Get Info Entertainment Professionals Need: Kindle Direct Publishing Indie Digital & Print

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MLB: Fantastic Photos From The Field Of Dreams

1 hours ago The Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees are set to play a game at the Field of Dreams Thursday night, reimagining Karin Kinsella’s and Terence Mann’s visions to include sponsors and primetime television! It will be the first official MLB game ever hosted in Iowa. The film (“Field of Dreams”) starring Kevin Costner has always

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List Of Serial Killers In The United States Wikipedia

3 hours ago A serial killer is typically a person who murders three or more people, with the murders taking place over more than a month and including a significant period of time between them. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) defines serial murder as "a series of two or more murders, committed as separate events, usually, but not always, by one offender acting alone".

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Theatre List Movie Showtimes & Movie Tickets

8 hours ago Mary Esther, Regal Santa Rosa. Miami, Regal Kendall Village 4DX, IMAX & RPX. Miami, Regal Southland Mall. Miami, Regal UA Falls. Miami Beach, Regal South Beach ScreenX, IMAX & VIP. Naples, Regal Naples 4DX & IMAX. Ocala, Regal Hollywood ScreenX & IMAX - Ocala. Orlando, Regal Pointe Orlando 4DX & IMAX.

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Toronto Film Festival: The 6 Best Films For Representation

9 hours ago USA TODAY - The Toronto International Film Festival is underway with many high-profile films premiering, from Jessica Chastain's "The Eyes of Tammy Faye" and the controversial "Jagged" to the critically-mixed musical "Dear Evan Hansen." But the festival …

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Ignore The Haters: Why ‘Field Of Dreams’ Is Still A Great

5 hours ago But the movie that far and away draws the most digital scorn is “Field of Dreams.”. Indeed, bashing the Kevin Costner baseball cornfield fantasy has become a cottage industry for baseball bloggers over the past decade. Google “Why Field of Dreams actually sucks” and you’ll get a full page of results from contrarians and cranks.

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The 16 Best Movies About America From The Past 10 Years

3 hours ago The 16 best movies about America from the past 10 years Today, the best movies about America touch on class and race. (it is also perhaps telling that the most films on this list

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Movie Theaters In Guangzhou, China USA Today

4 hours ago Guangzhou is China's biggest city in the south, with a population of million. One of the country's first communities to embrace Western culture, Guangzhou has numerous cinemas, catering to all

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17 Best – But Mostly Worst – MMA Movies (and One TV Show

7 hours ago We’ve rolled this list out before, but it seems like as good a time as any to offer it up again – in case you’re among the vast mass of people looking for something to do to pass the time while the world sorts itself out. Let’s take a look, then, at the best (but mostly worst) MMA movies around. (And if we left some off the list, don

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Best Movies Out Right Now To Watch, Including New Reviews

4 hours ago Or consult our weekly curated list of the best movie screenings in NYC for more! An email you’ll actually love. Get into a relationship with our newsletter. Discover the best of the city, first.

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What are the best movies about the United States?

Today, the best movies about America touch on class and race. They wrestle with the ghosts of our past and dream of a better future. They recast the ways we've mythologized ourselves. They turn over the Bush years, the Great Recession, the Obama era, and describe history with a more discerning, less homogenous eye.

Where are the movie theaters in the United States?

Movie Theaters in United States ↑ Name Location Screens Drive-In Fayetteville, AR, United States 1 12th Street Cinema Aurora, NE, United States 1 Drive-In Wabash, IN, United States 1 13th Avenue Warren Theatre Wichita, KS, United States 20 26 more rows

Where can I find the latest movie listings?

Check back soon for updated movie listings. IMDb is your definitive source for discovering the latest new movies now playing in theaters. Find out what movies are opening this week as well as what movies are in the Box Office Top Ten.

Where can I find the USA Today newspaper?

USA Today. USA Today is distributed in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, and an international edition is distributed in Asia, Canada, Europe, and the Pacific Islands .


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