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LOS ANGELES — “Do you want to skate?” Liberty Ross said, opening a door on a closet full of ankle-height quad skates with boots in all sizes and assorted animal patterns.

We were standing in an unlikely Aladdin’s Cave set in the middle of Holmby Hills, barely a two minute drive from Sunset Boulevard. Here, in a neighborhood where house prices can top $40 million and where construction extravagances like moats and grottoes (the former Playboy Mansion is across the street) are hardly unknown, Ms. Ross had constructed her own eccentric plaything, a private roller rink, as a surprise present for her husband, the former record executive and Beats billionaire Jimmy Iovine.

“California Love” surged from unseen speakers. A lighting system beamed prismatic rays on the artist Drew Merritt’s wall murals depicting a post-apocalyptic sandstorm landscape populated by a raft of Mr. Iovine’s artists, along with a Dior Addict ad in which Ms. Ross, a fashion model, once featured and an outsize image of Carmen Miranda. The Portuguese-born stage and film performer of the ’30s and ’40s, celebrated as the Brazilian Bombshell, is unironically crowned at the Holmby Hills roller rink with a signature fruit-bowl headpiece rendered as an eruption of ripe bananas.

In under a week, the skating rink would be officially inaugurated at a party, with dinner tables arranged down the middle and a Covid-tested and select guest list that, while mildly starry, importantly included her parents and several of her five siblings. The reasons were twofold: Ms. Ross, who has been featured on the covers of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and i-D, would turn 43 in September, a month that also saw the culmination of an undertaking that has consumed her throughout the pandemic and, in a sense, for all the years before.


That project is “Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace,” a glossy book-length tribute to a storied roller disco that, during its brief existence, imprinted itself indelibly on Ms. Ross’s psychic landscape and seemingly also on that of her adopted city. She was just an infant when her father, an expatriate Englishman of scant means yet with a surplus of charm and wild-eyed enthusiasms, decided to move his family across an ocean and a continent from London to create a roller skating palace in West Hollywood.

Flipper’s opened with great fanfare in and sputtered to its end a little more than two years later in a welter of code violations, fines and, finally, looting. While it lasted, it was, depending on who you talk to, either a den of iniquity or a beacon of pleasure during a period of communal expansiveness and inclusivity that would sadly wind down as Los Angeles both grew and devolved into a city of increasingly insular enclaves.

“Obviously, I don’t remember anything firsthand,” Ms. Ross said, sitting beneath a pergola overlooking a garden and pickleball court at her manorial house, designed by Wallace Neff. She was dressed in black jeans, a T-shirt and fur Balenciaga slides, her dark hair parted simply down the middle. Her only jewelry consisted of a simple gold cross on a chain and a diamond engagement ring the size of a headlamp.

“This thing kept happening, though, that whenever I mentioned that my dad was Flipper, people’s memories would come flooding out,” she said. “I felt I had to do something with that, not just to document this amazing risk my parents took leaving England for America with young children, but to remind people of the sense of freedom that comes from skating, when you finally put down your phone and are present in your own body.”

She also aimed to evoke Los Angeles in an expansionist era still largely defined by possibilities, a pioneering time when the Sunset Strip was the axis of the rock ’n’ roll universe and the wider city was a sleeping giant barely stirring to its nascent status as a global megalopolis.

The Way West

When Ian Ross first fetched up in the United States in — an impish, dimpled and impecunious middle-class Englishman who had been instrumental in the founding of Radio Caroline, the pirate radio station, and who almost as improbably had married into the minor aristocracy — he was one in a wave of expatriate British émigrés fleeing the country’s increasing austerities.

His point of debarkation was New York City. His initial destination there was Flatbush, in Brooklyn. More specifically, he made a beeline for a legendary roller skating palace read about in a snippet from The Evening Standard.

“It was something about ‘Uptown Girls Going Downtown,’” Mr. Ross said in a conference call shared by his wife, Bunty, from the home of Ms. Ross and Mr. Iovine, where they were looking after Ms. Ross’s children from a previous marriage, to the director Rupert Sanders, while she was in Europe to promote her book. It is perhaps worth mentioning here that, for Manhattan club chauvinists of the late ’70s, Brooklyn was less “downtown” than a world apart.

“I got myself to Flatbush by subway because a yellow cab wouldn’t go,” Mr. Ross said. “And it was a complete epiphany: a wall of noise, heavy funk/disco type music and probably people going around this wooden rink dressed in gold and silver and glitter and turbans and God knows what.”

Though it had been around for decades, the Empire Rollerdrome, constructed in a vast, converted one-story garage on the Prospect Lefferts Gardens side of Empire Boulevard, had been rechristened the Empire Roller Disco in the ’70s and transformed from a snoozy local spot specializing in family waltz afternoons to what amounted to a roiling nightly bacchanal.

With its 20,watt stereo system, its acclaimed D.J., “Big Bob” Clayton, spinning the latest dance hits and a gorgeous clientele of Black, Latino and Afro-Caribbean skaters vying to outperform one another, it became the kind of destination where, when Cher turned up there, she was just another figure on the dance floor. The skaters were the stars.

“You’ve never seen anything like it before,” Mr. Ross said. (Or since: The rink is now a Stop and Stor facility.)

In the footloose spirit of the time, Mr. Ross continued his American migration in a westerly direction, soon followed by Bunty and their brood. Eventually they settled into what Ms. Ross calls a “shack in the sand” in Malibu. Flush with entrepreneurial enthusiasm, he set about finding the cash to fund a dream: replicating the Empire Roller Disco in Los Angeles. Thus, in a zigzag fashion and in a haze of chemically stoked optimism, was born Flipper’s.

Set in what had been a mammoth bowling alley at the grubby intersection of Santa Monica and La Cienega Boulevards, the rink cost roughly a million dollars in to build and decorate, money supplied by Mr. Ross’s two business partners (one of them, Denny Cordell, was the English record producer who started Shelter Records) augmented with a last-minute infusion from Berry Gordy Jr., the founder of Motown. The rink was unlike anything else in the city, its interiors a continuous mural created by John Kosh, a graphic artist who across his career would design more than 1, album covers, although none more iconic than one early effort: the Beatles’ “Abbey Road.”

“I wanted the place to have an old Hollywood feel,” Mr. Kosh said by phone from Los Angeles. “It was a magic cave with skaters whizzing around crashing into each other. The floor of the rink was poured in deep blue polyurethane to make it seem as though skaters were skimming the surface of a lagoon. I said, ‘Let’s just go crazy and have Carmen Mirandas bananas flying all over the ceiling.’”

For opening night, Mr. Ross imported 24 members of the house skate crew at Empire Roller Disco, a group whose moves on the floor were considered unsurpassed. They were resplendent in gold lamé, high-waist stretch pants, turbans and beaded braids and cornrows, Ms. Ross said.

It was wonderful, incredible, unbeatable, Mr. Ross recalled remarking to a friend, who replied that it would be only downhill from there.

‘What Was It About Flipper’s?’

And it would, although for 36 months — roughly the same life span as another memorable club, Studio 54 — Flipper’s burned itself indelibly into the consciousness of habitués, entertained by a succession of surprises like a skater dressed in nothing but her stockings and quads, a Prince concert that featured the artist writhing on a purple bed in a G-string or the regular gigs by the Go-Go’s, who played on a stage in the middle of the rink.

“It was an awesome, awesome spot,” Nile Rodgers, the Grammy-winning musician and co-founder of Chic, said by telephone from London. Whenever he found himself in Los Angeles to perform or produce music for other artists, his nightly rounds of clubbing invariably began at Flipper’s, where he often arrived on his own eight wheels.

“I used to skate down from Sunset on La Cienega,” he said, referring to a thoroughfare graded steeply enough to buckle ankles and cause brakes to give out. “What was it about Flipper’s? Partly it was that it was that Studio 54 concept: If you’re inside, you belong inside.’’

Yet unlike Studio 54, whose ruthless door policy excluded more people than ever made it past the door, Flipper’s was “always an inclusive place,” Mr. Rodgers said. “Los Angeles was also more inclusive then, too.”

When Mr. Ross first conceived of the club with Mr. Cordell and another investor, his intention had been to make it a cultural mosh pit. The roughly framed notion was to foster an ethos not unlike that encapsulated by Tom Wolfe in his depiction of the ’60s counterculture guru Ken Kesey and his band of Merry Pranksters: “Everybody is going to be what they are, and whatever they are, there’s not going to be anything to apologize about.”

Seemingly, Flipper’s served as a crossroads for the disparate factions and tribes of Los Angeles in a way that seems almost unbelievable in light of the increasingly fragmented place the city would later become.

“People came there from Compton or Watts or the Valley,” Mr. Ross said. “There weren’t any rules or horrible prejudices. And we didn’t ever want to stop anyone from doing anything as long as they didn’t muck about on the rink.”

Laura Dern was a young teenager living in West Hollywood in those days, being looked after by her grandmother while her actor parents were away shooting films. Bused to a private school in the San Fernando Valley on weekdays, she raced to Flipper’s when she got home, her skates slung over her shoulder, as she explained from her home in Los Angeles. For Ms. Dern, the rink was a social center. More than that, it was an emblem of a specific California dream, one of inclusivity and blended cultural ecologies.

“People who look at the politics can break down the reasons for this with more wisdom,” Ms. Dern said. “But the L.A. that is now deeply divided and even, in certain ways, segregated was not always like that.” Between , when Flipper’s opened, and — when Mr. Ross threw in the towel, watching from an adjacent rooftop one grim evening as his club was looted and all but razed — Los Angeles seemed in certain ways idyllic, she said. “It was a very open city, open to diverse lifestyles and diverse communities and not only specific to race, but also sexuality and gender and class.”

Atticus Ross, the eldest of the Ross siblings, was 11 years old when Flipper’s opened and he spent his adolescence at the club. “I would just go there in the daytime and stay there skating until my dad left,” said Mr. Ross, a musician whose scores for television and films like “The Social Network” have earned him Grammy, Emmy and Academy Awards. “Obviously parenting has changed a little since then.”

Yet Mr. Ross conceded that his parents provided their children with an upbringing that, though not exactly a scene from “The Brady Bunch,” had the elements for great TV.

Sure enough, Ms. Ross has a series in development about her unconventional upbringing, as well as plans to reconstitute Flipper’s in real life. Collaborating with the seasoned fashion show producer Alexandre de Betak, she hopes to capitalize on the current surge of interest in old-school roller skating and open 21st-century roller boogie palaces in New York and London.

It is a challenge to imagine, in an age of intensified moral policing, a return to anything like the hedonism Craig Dietz, the skate club’s informal house photographer — in a call from his home in Mexico — characterized as “this nonstop party of great music, coke, booze and pot.” And smartphone cameras long ago put an end to the likelihood of stars like Elton John, Cher or Jane Fonda, all Flipper’s regulars, cutting loose in public.

Yet it is not too late to put our phones down, Ms. Ross said, and “enjoy this one moment in life where you are in your body and out of your head.” She hoped, she added, that far from being seen as an exercise in nostalgia, “Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace” may stir its readers to recapture the pleasures of sweaty eight-wheel communion.

“What I learned doing the book is that, in the end, it’s about making connections,” she said — the kind that endure in memory rather than the slipstream of Instagram and TikTok.


‘You’re late.’ Is the first thing you mutter when you step into the passenger seat of Harry’s car. It’s one of your worst pet peeves and if he doesn’t know that already, he knows it now.

‘Yeah. Sorry, love. The rehearsal took longer because management suddenly decided for us to perform one of the new songs on Ellen next week. Hate when that happens last minute.’

You feel him waiting for you to give him a kiss, but you don’t bother turning your head. You just give him a quick nod, still not over him being late. It doesn’t take him long to realize nothing is coming and eventually he just starts the car and drives off again.

‘What bit you, today?’ You can hear his frown in his voice and the way he asks you the question doesn’t make it any better.

‘You could at least let me know you were late.’ You spit at him while looking out the window. You can feel the pain in your lower stomach building up. You have to take something to ease the pain, but you don’t have water here, so you guess that has to wait until you arrive.

‘I texted you!’

‘Yes, but you were already fifteen minutes over time at that point.’                                                                  

‘God, Honey, I’m sorry. I texted as soon as I was able to. I cannot do more than that!’ Now he is getting frustrated as well and that surely doesn’t help at all.

‘Just drive please.’ Is your short response. And luckily he shuts up after that.

It’s a silent ride to the event. And the pain only builds up, making you feel sick at the same time. It’s a bad month again. That’s obvious. The only thing you want right now is curl up in a ball, turn the lights off and press your softest pillow to your stomach. But instead you have to go to the release party of the new Little Mix album, because you promised Harry to go with him to support the girls. Of course mother nature decided differently about the enjoyment on your part.

‘Are you going to tell me what’s wrong or are you going to stay mad at me for no reason at all?’ Harry’s voice asks you just after he parked the car outside the event.

‘I’m going to stay mad at you because you were late.’ You decide in a mumble.

A frustrated growl slips from his lips. ‘Jesus. Y/N. Get yourself together, will yah. If you are being like this, I gladly take someone else next time.’ And with that he steps out of the car, smacking the door hard behind him.

And you sit there for a couple of seconds, biting your lip because you really don’t want to cry. You’re such a mess. How are you supposed to act all nice and lovely when you actually feel crying and screaming in pain at the same time?

Just suck it up. Harry’s right. Get yourself together.

You quickly dep your eyes with your finger, hoping the watery eyes didn’t cause any trouble with your make up. And although the pain in your lower stomach is crushing you from inside out, you still step out of the car trying to walk as normal as possible and following your angry boyfriend on his way to the party.

One of the lovely things about Harry Styles is that when he’s mad, he’ll never ignore you. He’ll never act like you’re not there. So when you both walk in, his warm hand is on your lower back and it feels better than it ever did before. Moments like this immediately make you feel bad about taking your pain out on him. So when his fingers intertwine in yours at some point, you give his hand a little squeeze. Something you do to tell him that you love him. And almost instantly he squeezes back, giving you this incredibly lucky feeling for having him in your life.

You both make your way over to the girls and congratulate them on the album. And while Harry is talking, you already have the bar in vision, longing desperately for a glass of water to take the pain killer with. Because if this pain doesn’t calm down in a couple of minutes, you will probably start crawling instead of walking.

‘Anyone fancy a drink?’ You ask, hoping for them to say no, because the only thing on your mind is your glass of water. And the odds are in your favour because the four of them and Harry tell you not to bring anything.

How amazing would it be for the pain to stop, just after you take a pain killer? Unfortunately that’s not the case, but in your mind it’s better already when you take yours. Because from now on the pain would only ease.

Just when you’re about to join Harry again, you suddenly feel two hands around your waist and a voice in your ear. ‘You’re having your period.’ A statement. Not a question.

His words startle you. He probably watched you taking the medicine and connected the dots. You quickly turn around in Harrys arms so you’re facing him and it’s suddenly really tempting to search some support on him. Why is standing up so hard during your time of the month?

‘It’s okay. I took something, it will get better now.’

And although you find yourself sounding very convincing, he still gives you a doubting frown.

‘Yeah right. Why don’t you just tell me? Instead of rambling about me being late, just tell me you have your period so I can drive you home again and make it better for you.’

But you shake your head. ‘No. We promised we would be here, so we should.’

‘And you think four girls don’t understand exactly what you are feeling and have absolutely no problem with that at all?’ Why is he always so right about everything? ‘I talked to them. And they said I should drag you home, make you a cup of tea, put on Love Actually while you lay in my lap and I play with your hair.’

‘That’s the exact description?’

‘It is. Though I thought it would be good to add some chocolate and a big fuzzy warm blanket.’ He says with a smirk.

And even though the pain is still there, he’s suddenly able to bring a very big smile on your face without any effort.

Only a reassuring nod and a kiss on his lips is necessary for the two of you to make your way out of the building, driving home for a night you just might need.

Maybe, sometimes, having your period is not the absolute worst thing in the world after all.

NOTE: Everyone’s period is different. I took one of my biggest issues (the awful stomach pains and cramps), but I hope you all get the picture of how bad Y/N is feeling. It’s a struggle sometimes, isn’t it girls?

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The Saturday Interview

In , Louis Tomlinson was at the centre of a brawl at LAX airport in Los Angeles involving a photographer and a small crowd of fans. At the time, he said he was protecting his partner, Eleanor Calder, from a paparazzo who, in turn, claimed Tomlinson had grabbed him and dragged him to the floor. The singer was arrested but wasn’t charged.

“I probably shouldn’t be talking about this but f*** it,” he tells me now. “My point is, I clearly wasn’t in the best frame of mind, you know? And the situation definitely got out of hand and people were goading me. It wasn’t my finest hour but it was a difficult time. I was already on edge and, in that headspace, it got the better of me.”

By “that headspace”, Tomlinson means that he was grieving. The airport incident took place a few months after his mother Johannah’s death from leukaemia at (In March last year, his year-old sister, Félicité, died from an accidental overdose. Quite reasonably, I’ve been asked not to bring this up.) Tomlinson, who is now 28, says his experiences of grief in the public eye have been “really tough. There have been mixed emotions. I’ve hated the fact that everyone’s talking about it, but that’s the way it is. I didn’t like the idea of people feeling sorry for me. But I’ve also felt the support from fans and people reaching out on social media or whatever… and I do feel I’ve got this ability to see the glass as half full. Because what else am I going to f***ing do?”

I meet Tomlinson in an upstairs room of a pub in a residential corner of London’s Notting Hill. He is dressed in jeans, a red tracksuit top and trainers. The only visible evidence of his previous life in One Direction, the biggest boyband in pop history, is his hair, which is artfully swept sideways as if he’s standing in a wind tunnel. An old hand at winning over interviewers, he greets me with a hug before sitting down, leaning back and putting his feet up.

Tomlinson is on the promotional trail for his debut album, Walls, which has been four years on the making. It includes “Two of Us”, a ballad which lays bare Tomlinson’s loss (“You’ll never know how much I miss you/ The day that they took you, I wish it was me instead”). In a change of mood, it also contains the Britpop-flavoured “Kill My Mind”, a throwback to his mid-teens and the indie night he’d go to with his friends in his native Doncaster.

The 50 best albums of

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Tomlinson grew up listening to Oasis and Arctic Monkeys, though right now he can’t get enough of Catfish and the Bottlemen: “I like anything with big guitars and a big chorus.” He reckons “Kill My Mind” will struggle to get on the radio but he doesn’t care since, musically, “I’ve often been swimming against the tide.”

He puts the album’s long gestation down to creative insecurity. “A good two years [was spent] treading water and trying to work out exactly what my sound was, and what I was capable of.” Clearly, One Direction, who sold 50 million albums, are a tough act to follow, though Tomlinson has also had to contend with his former colleagues putting out solo work before him (Harry Styles is already on his second LP, while Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Liam Payne have all released debuts). But he rejects the suggestion that they are all in competition, remarking, “I don’t like to look at it that way.”

I ask if he and his ex-bandmates have a WhatsApp group. They don’t, he replies, “and we should, but we’ve never got around to it”. But he says they are frequently in touch, which must be something people ask a lot since, entirely unbidden, he gives me a breakdown of their recent activities. Let the record show that he spoke to Liam two days ago; he and Niall exchanged texts a fortnight ago; and Harry sent him a congratulatory message when he released his last single. There is no mention of Zayn.

Tomlinson says the face he presents to the public and journalists these days is fully unfiltered, a change from his One Direction days when he had to be careful not to cause inadvertent upset within the band or with fans. “No one was saying ‘Don’t do that’, but there was the [pressure] of being role models. So it took a second to understand that [as a solo artist] I could get away with completely being myself, even though I can sometimes be a bit of a dickhead.”

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In fact, there are two Tomlinsons that emerge throughout our chat. There’s boyband Louis, full of sweet but bland blather about self-expression, his gratitude to fans, and the luck that he’s enjoyed as an artist. But another version of him frequently comes through who is funny, sweary and thoughtful about his decade in the limelight.

Tomlinson has had four years to digest his time in One Direction which I note, from the outside, looked a bit like being held hostage. But even with the fan fervour, the police escorts and the nonstop media glare, he says he wouldn’t change anything. “We were always in control of our destiny,” he explains. “We rose to fame pretty quick and, because of that, we had some power and some say within the record label and with management.” The sheer pace and drama of their day-to-day existence was, he says, “like a drug. It’s that feeling of heightened emotion and every day being manically busy, and the hysteria. Although you might complain about it, none of us said, ‘No we don’t wanna do that.’ We were just in it. We were f***ing loving it.”

Still, he says, the initial 18 months were hard as he struggled to see his value within the band. “I would wonder, ‘What difference would it make if I was there or if I wasn’t?’ Under the spotlight that was difficult, but that’s what gave me the fire in the belly to get right into it.” It was through songwriting that he found his place and his confidence – he has writing credits on 37 One Direction songs, more than anyone else in the band. “That’s something I’m really f***ing proud of,” he says. “Now I can say I made a difference.”

From left to right: Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan (Getty)

The end of One Direction was a shock to Tomlinson, even though he knew it was coming. “We’d done such a lot of work in a short space of time so a break was inevitable. But I don’t think I was necessarily ready for how long. We had a band meeting and everyone just said, ‘Maybe we’ll put it on the back burner for a bit,’ and I felt a bit petulant about that at the time. It actually hit me like a ton of bricks.” Now the band are officially on hiatus – “even though that’s a stupid f***ing word”, he says. “Truthfully, none of us truly know [if we’ll reform]. I just know what my gut says and my gut says we will get back together at some point. I think it was too magical for all of us to never do it again.”

The eldest of seven siblings, as a child Tomlinson says he was “well-mannered but a bit of a show-off. I was a lot cockier than I am now. Being in One Direction made me realise I’m not always the coolest kid in the room”.

He wasn’t good academically at school but enjoyed performing and, for a while, toyed with being an actor. Before auditioning on The X Factor, he did a string of jobs at weekends and in school holidays for some extra cash. One summer was spent as a waiter at his beloved football club, Doncaster Rovers. Another yielded a stint at a well-known cinema chain dispensing popcorn. There, he tells me unexpectedly, he was earning “an extra wage”. An extra wage? “As in taking a few quid from the till,” he says with a grin. “It all started because there was a McDonald’s over the road and I wanted money for my lunch.” His trick was to hand customers two boxes of popcorn but only put one through the system and put the money for the second in his pocket. “I didn’t want to short-change the customer,” he explains. “I’d take from the company. I’m a man of the people.”

‘I think One Direction was too magical for all of us to never do it again’

It was his mum’s idea for him to try out for The X Factor,though it took three attempts to get through to the televised auditions. He says the experience of going on stage in front of the live audience, under the glare of the lights and with four famous judges looking back at him, remains the most terrifying of his life.

We talk for a bit about Tomlinson’s return to The X Factor in as a judge alongside Simon Cowell plus Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Field. He asks what I made of the show so I decide to be honest and tell him that I thought the whole thing looked tired and Cowell appeared bored out of his mind. “Well I couldn’t possibly comment on [Cowell],” says Tomlinson, good-naturedly, “though I actually loved it. But yeah, I feel that, as a show, it needs a rest. There’s a place for a show like it and I’ve got my career to thank for it, but we’ve had a lot of it, so let’s just let it rest and make people want it again.”

These days Tomlinson divides his time between London, where he lives with Calder, and Los Angeles where his four-year-old son, Freddie, lives with his mother, the stylist Briana Jungwirth. Life has slowed down since the madness of One Direction but he still can’t find the time to read a book or watch a box set. Where, in his pre-fame days, he struggled to hold down a job, now he’s happiest when he’s busy. Should the singing career stall, he would like to run his own management company. Five years ago, he launched a record label, an imprint on Cowell’s Syco label, but life got in the way and his plans to create a girl band fell at the first hurdle. Originally he had gathered a list of 20 acts that he was keen to sign, and points out that “like, four or five of them are signed [elsewhere] now… I think I have an instinct for these things”.

I ask, rather unfairly, if the solo career of a former boyband member is ultimately a doomed endeavour – for every Robbie Williams, there’s a Howard, Jason and Mark whose careers sink without trace. For a moment Tomlinson looks stumped but then he prevaricates like a pro. “Of course, there are days where I might have unreal expectations and when I have to tell myself to stay grounded,” he says. “But I had a breakthrough moment last year about what success really means and I think I can look at it for what it is now. I have to look at how happy I am and remember that I’m lucky to be doing what I’m doing.”

Walls is released on 31 January on Syco Music


Worldwide Writers: “Cramps and Memories” (Harry Styles One Shot)

** A/N: This is the 6th edition of Worldwide Writers! Keep in mind, these writings will not be included on my master list, or affiliated with my preferences, as they are not written by me! I hope you enjoy! xx **

I sensed it the moment I woke up.
The usual tense feeling at the pit of my stomach. The nauseating pulse of pain ripping at my lower abdomen. The ceaseless sense of hunger that surrounded my thoughts. The signals I was receiving from my body quintessentially epitomized how a typical bad day started for me.
I groaned as I rolled over and sighed as I stared at the dark red blood stain through my half closed eyes.
This was honestly the last thing I wanted.
I gripped my stomach as another wave of convulsing cramps overwhelmed me, I flipped my head in distress and saw that the other side of the bed had been perfectly made. At first confusion hit me, but then I remembered that Harry had gone to the studio to record the final songs of the upcoming album with the boys.
A little note had been placed on his pillow, his messy handwriting was captured in the ink on the paper.
“I know you always get your period on this day, here’s some Ibuprofen, call me if you need anything else. I’ll be home really soon, having the boys over for lunch later. All the love – H.”
I glanced at the bedside table where like I thought, Harry had placed two pills and a tall glass of water. I didn’t hesitate for one moment as I hastily threw them into my mouth, and chugged the entire glass afterwards.
I winced as another wave of pain stomped me in my lower abdomen so that I stretched my spine to relieve the pain at the bottom of my back as well. It had always ran in the family that periods also brought heavy cramps with them, they were honestly the five most hellish days of my month. And I absolutely despised getting my period today; as the boys were coming over for dinner.
I glanced at the note again (even though my uterus was creating the feminine version of the Niagara Falls) a smile spread across my face as this was one of the many things Harry did to cheer me up.
If it wasn’t for his bad jokes and cheesy comebacks, I would’ve probably been bored to death in this relationship. And though his horrible puns (that he always laughed about for 10 minutes straight) weren’t that funny, I always laughed only to see a glimpse of that satisfactory grin that spread across his face. He always felt so fulfilled whenever he succeeded to make me laugh, and if it made him happy, then so be it.
I ran my fingers through my messy hair as I realized I must look like I was just hit by a typhoon.
It made me think of the time I was too tired to brush my hair, so he did it. And though he didn’t manage to get all the tangles out because he was scared that combing the big ones would hurt me, it was relaxing to have his big hands in my hair.
He’d always do little things like that to cheer me up.
It also made me think of the time he attempted to bake me my favorite apple pie (using my grandma’s recipe) a few months back, but he ended up starting a fire in the kitchen. I remember seeing him soaked under the water sprinklers, his cheeks were flushed as he stared at me all pouty faced. I remember my only reaction was to laugh at him as he had my pink apron on, a whisk in one hand and smears of cake batter across his face.
“Heeeey don’t laugh at me!” he whined, he was clearly offended as he brushed a flour covered hand through his moist curls.
“C’mere Harry!” I shook my head as I placed a big fluffy towel around him, it was the one I always used after I took a bath. He said it smelled like me.
I got up from bed reluctantly and took the stained bed covers and hastily threw them in the washing machine. I then forced myself in the shower before I could lay my eyes on the bed again, sleeping for the whole day seemed like such a good activity right now.
I turned up the heat of the water and let it fall on my lower back to alleviate the pain. But not much helped as I bent forward in agony when intrusive cramps took over again.
I wished Harry was here to wrap me in a towel and put on my PJ’s so that we could watch Mean Girls together as he fed me chocolate pieces. That’s what we did last month when the cramps hit me bad.
I remember seeing the disapproving look on his face when I told him that’s what I wanted to watch. Then as the movie progressed, I watched that expression change into one of disbelief as he threw his hands in the air and yelled “YEAH CADY, YOU TELL THEM!”
Most of the time I wasn’t even laughing at the movie, I was too busy observing Harry’s comical reactions to everything The Plastics said.
He was adorable.
I winced.
The water of the shower was getting too hot; I turned it down a bit and realized I had to accept Harry was extremely busy this week. To be honest all I wanted to do is call him and ask him to cuddle but I definitely didn’t want to disturb their recording.
I stepped out of the shower and quickly retrieved a tampon from the cupboard before the white tiles of the bathroom would look like the setting of a horror movie.
As I slipped on my comfy period panties I quickly pulled one of Harry’s T-shirts over my head. I messily put on new bed covers and then hastily dived in bed again after throwing on a pair of yoga pants.
I wrapped my arms around my cramping abdomen and realized that getting up and moving around was definitely not an option today. I bit my bottom lip as I physically and mentally pushed myself through the pain. The pills really weren’t working, in fact, it seemed as if the cramping had only intensified throughout the day.
“Think positive thoughts, love.”
Harry’s soothing voice echoed in my head as I remembered the last time my cramps had gotten this intense.
Positive thoughts… hmm… To be honest at the rate with which my body was tortured, there wasn’t much positive left in my brain.
The bed croaked underneath me as I pulled the duvet over me and clutched my cramping stomach even tighter.
This bed bore a lot of memories with it. Sweaty, sensual, erotic memories filled with nights of soft whispers and heavy breathing.
I fell in love with the way his husky voice cries out my name as he finds his sweet release whenever we made love.
I’ve also fallen in love with the way he wraps his arms around me, holding and protecting my convulsing body after we both lay there panting, embracing the glorifying after shocks of love making.
I dwelled over some more laugh-evoking memories which included Harry jumping in the pool to save a duck (who in my opinion was swimming perfectly fine, but who in Harry’s eyes was drowning).
Or the time when I saw Harry with red cheeks due to the cold snow, standing outside, scraping some leaves together so he could make a house for some baby porcupines he found in our garden. I remembered seeing the hot fog escape from his breath as he appeared to talk to the little animals, I’m sure he soothed them.
Harry was able to sooth anyone with one glance into those magnetizing emerald eyes.
I glanced at the clock which read PM, panic overwhelmed me as I realized I had literally not prepared anything for lunch. That was also when I came to notice that the pains of my cramps were savaging my body at a maximum rate. I forced my eyes shut moving my body into the fetus position, desperate for anything that could alleviate the pain.
My emotions also sky rocketed on my period, which caused me to spend the next twenty minutes crying as I slowly rocked my body, I was unable to move much as the pain seemed to paralyze me.
My entire pillowcase was soaked with my tears and snot when I heard voiced coming from the living room. I assumed Niall had made some stupid joke again when I heard Louis’ laughter fill the entire house.
“Shush guys, I think she’s asleep. So fuckin’ loud.” Harry’s familiar voice sounded worried as he tried to calm down his friends.
“You guys wait right here, I’ll be right back.”
I rolled my eyes as I heard Liam joke about Harry kissing his princess awake or something.
I quickly wiped away the tears as Harry peaked into the bedroom. His hair was pulled into a bun and a black leather jacket was hugging his toned torso.
His eyes widened with concern as I was sure I looked absolutely hideous, I was a snot dripping, red-eyed, swollen-faced monster.
He strode towards me with large steps as he immediately cupped my face and brushed his thumb across my cheek, this only caused me to cry even more.
“Baby, what’s wrong? You’re having a bad period again aren’t you?” his voice sounded so soothing I was almost sure that a few of my back muscles instantly relaxed.
I nodded as he wiped away my tears and blotted my nose with a tissue.
“Shh… It’s okay love, I’ve got you now. I’m here.”
He bent down and placed a long kiss on my forehead, and without losing my eye contact he moved around the bed. He quickly got on his side and placed himself behind me, so that my body fit into his like a puzzle piece. One arm was draped over my cramping abdomen as the other was used to brush the damp hair out of my face.
He positioned his lips next to my ear as he whispered sweet nothings, surprisingly relaxing the pain with every word he spoke. It was as if his presence radiated some Zen energy that calmed every muscle in my body.
“Why didn’t you just call me? I would’ve come home immediately, you know that.”
“You were busy with your recording. Also I’m so sorry, Harry, I didn’t prepare anything for lunch.”
“Don’t be silly! We’ll order pizza or something. And promise me you’ll call me next time this happens again? Hey? Promise me all right.”
I reluctantly nodded my head as he rubbed his hand over my tummy.
“You feeling better, baby?”
Harry kissed my neck softly in approval. It was truly miraculous what effect this boy had on my body.
Ibuprofen helps period cramps my ass.
A hesitant knock was heard on the door as a shy Louis appeared from behind.
“H-hey, uhm, do you want ice cream…?”
“Or chocolate?” Niall chimed in happily from behind.
“You told them?” I turned towards Harry as I sat up embarrassed, who shook his head and looked as confused as me.
“No, Sophia is on her period as well.”
Now Liam walked in, plastered against the wall. I forgot Sophia and I always got it around the same date, she must’ve mentioned it.
“That sounds lovely, thank you so much.” I nodded desperately as I realized I hadn’t eaten anything all day.
“I got you a heat pad as well!” Liam grinned as he threw one in Harry’s direction, who placed it on my stomach and adjusted my duvet.
“I can just tell these bastards to go away, you know?” Harry laughed as Niall jokingly punched him.
“No, I really like the company,” I smiled as the rest of the boys positioned themselves on the sofa next to the bed, “thank you guys so much.”
“No worries, I have so much respect for you girls to be honest, don’t know how you do it.” Louis placed the tub of ice cream and chocolate next to me as I realized Harry had turned on the TV.
By now we were both sitting against the headboard of the bed, his hand stroking my thigh gently as he went through all the channels.
“Ah! Mean Girls, let’s watch this.” Niall exclaimed as he folded his legs, Louis and Liam nodded in approval.
I began to laugh as Liam mentioned something about me not telling Sophia.
“I’m not complaining.” Harry spoke seriously as he turned up the volume and intertwined his fingers in mine.
The rest of the afternoon was filled with cries of “GO CADY” and “NO REGINA!” as I spooned a ton of Ben & Jerry’s into my mouth.
But I couldn’t have wished for a better way to spend the day to be honest.

This was written by harrysaesthetic! She is currently writing chapters to a piece called “To Catch A Flying Bird”, so please make sure to check that out if you enjoyed her writing! xx


Period imagines one direction

 Your POV

It's one of those days where I wished I was just a boy. The reason of all my mood swings. The reason why I'm curled up in a ball in the bedroom instead of going out with Liam to spend the day. Liam. My adorable and loving boyfriend. He was here a few hours ago, trying to comfort me but being all shitty and annoyed, I snapped at him causing him to leave the room and me, alone.I groaned in pain as I felt my crotch aching again. God! Why do women have to bleed?I turned to lay on my stomach burying my face on the pillow as I tried to ease the pain. And it worked! A bit. 

"Y/N?" a knock on the door startled me. I didn't bother answering it as I buried my face further into the pillows.I heard the knob twist before the door slowly creaked open.  

Liam's POV

  I sighed as I continously flicked through the channels. I'm so worried about Y/N. Her period cramps is probably killing the shit out of her right now. I tried approaching her awhile ago but she just snapped at me and asked me to leave the room. Of course! Being the good boyfriend I was, I gave her the space she needed. But I guess I was wrong, I can't stop thinking about her. It hurts to think that my girl is hurting. 

I exhaled loudly, combing my hair with my fingers. I need to do something for my girl. Something that could help to make her feel better. 

Picking up my phone, I dialed Zayn's number. 

"Liam, mate. What's up?" Zayn asked through the line. 

"Hey, Zayn. Can I talk to Perrie for a sec.?" I replied biting the pad of my thumb in anticipation. 

"Oh yeah sure. Hold on."Silence took over the phone for a few seconds before Perrie's cheery voice came up. "Hey, Lili. Zayn said you wanna talk to me. What is it?" 

"Yeah. It's about Y/N" I sighed again. 

"What about her?" She asked. I could literally hear her frown. 

"It's about her Period cramps. Y'know, I went to her a few hours ago but she shut me down because her crotch is killing her. It pains to see my girl aching. I just don't know what to do. I.. I mean, if only we could switch places. I would prefer my dick bleeding rather than hers. It's just that.. I don't know. What should I do? Please help me." I desperately rambled to her. 

Perrie gave out a loud chuckle before sighing, "Oh Lili. She's got you head over heels. You're ridiculously smitten by her.." 

"I know, I know. I love her so much okay? I just can't stand seeing her in pain." I mumbled. Yeah, so in love with her. 

"Oh.. Just give her some pain killers, Okay? And give her chocolates. Girls love to eat sweets during those days. And you could also give her a hot compress on her stomach to help ease the pain." she exclaimed. I listened to everything she's said. Not missing an ounce of info she've given. 

"Right. I'd do that." I smiled.We talked for a bit before bidding our goodbyes on the phone. 


I climbed the stairs holding a tray on my hand. I hope she won't shut me down this time.I sighed as I stood in front of the door on our bedroom. 

"Y/N?" I softly knock on the door. But I got no answer. I twisted the knob before opening the door, revealing a sprawled out Y/N laying on her stomach and head buried on the pillow. 

"Hey, Baby.." I cooed. Gently placing the tray on the bedside table."I brought you some painkillers and chocolates. Perrie told me it'll help make you feel better." I added receiving no answer. 

I approached her on the bed, dipping softly on the mattress."Love.. Take this painkillers now."I softly spoke stroking her hair. 

"Leave me alone." She mumbled. Her voice came out muffled. 

"Baby. I won't leave you. I'd stay here whether you like it or not. I'm not leaving you. I'm staying here. I'll take care of you." I smiled. Knowing I meant every word I said. 

She lift her face up as she look at me, only to be greeted by her having puffy eyes and tear-stained cheeks. Loose strand of her hair sticking on her face."Really? You won't leave me?" She sniffled looking up at me with those mesmerizing caramel-colored eyes. 

"Of course, Baby. I would never leave you. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. I love you so much, the thought of losing you kills me." I spoke. Caressing her wet cheeks. I felt her lips trembling before tears start to brim in her beautiful eyes. 

"Aww.. Don't cry, Baby. C'mere." I said opening my arms to her.  

  She happily obliged, turning to straddle in my lap as she buried her face in the crook of my neck and sobbed. 

"Shhh. Don't cry, Baby. Don't cry please. I won't leave you. Ever." I soothe as I gently stroke her hair. The sound of her sobs tugged at my heart. Damn! It hurts to see her like this. 

I continously stroke her hair, whispering sweet nothings into her ear as she stopped crying."Liam?" She called, voice hoarse and raspy from crying. 

"Yes, Baby?" I answered kissing the top of her head. 

"Thank you for sticking up with me through it all. I don't know what I should do without you." She mumbled. I smiled so big it hurts. God! I love this girl so freaking much. 

"Anything for you, Baby. Anything." 

Silence took over the room as she mumbled my name out again, 

"Liam?"I hum in response. She lifted her face up and stared at me."Don't ever get tired of me, okay? Promise always be there for me." She pleaded, hope evident in her eyes. God! She was beautiful. I smiled cupping her face and leaning in to kiss her.I kissed her passionately. Showing all my love on it. 

We were both out of breath as we pulled away. Closing my eyes, I rested my forehead on hers."Always, Baby. I Promise." I mumbled, sealing her lips in for another kiss.


So how was that? Haha xx

One Direction Imagines -3-

Harry: You woke up in bed with your boyfriend’s arms wrapped around you, and that’s when you felt the pain in your stomach. You groaned and tried to get up, but he held you close to him. “Harry.” You whine. “Let go.” You groan. He whines and loosens his grip and you get up. You go to the bathroom and you groan when you noticed your little friend of the month came. You sighed and then went to the kitchen to get some medicine for the pain and you put on some tea for you and Harry. You laughed when you remembered the one time you wanted to surprise him by making it, but he told you that you did a horrible job and he had to teach you the right way. Once it was done, you brought it in the room and woke him up. He smiles and sits up and open his arms for you. “So, why did you have to get so quickly? ”He asks. “My little friend came.” You sigh. ”And my stomach hurts.” You say.  “Well damn, there goes sex for a week.” He says. You slap his arm and he laughs wrapping his arms around you. “I’m joking.” He laughs. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you. Lay down.” He says. You do as he says and he smiles at you and pushes your shirt up and gently runs his hand over your stomach.  You giggle and smile up at him. He smiles and leans down to kiss you. “I’m going to go run to the store really quick and grab some breakfast.” He says getting up and throwing on some sweats and a t-shirt. When it comes back, he brings in the food as well as the bags of groceries. “Okay, so I got a few things for you.” He smiles. “I got you some magazines that you like, some chocolate, some ice cream, some things to make brownies and chocolate chip cookies. I also bought you flowers.” He smiles handing you the bouquet. “And most importantly, I bought those cheesy love movies that you like and I’m willing to suffer through them for you.” He says sitting next to you. You giggle and lean over to kiss him. “You got all of this for me?” You ask. He smiles and nods. “You’re the best boyfriend ever and I love you.” You giggle and jump in his lap. He smiles and wraps his arms around your waist. “I love you too baby, now let’s eat breakfast and watch some movies.” He says. You giggle and he puts in the first one and you get the food ready and sit in his arms and you both eat it. “You know there is one really good thing that comes from this.” He says. “Oh, really and what is that?” You ask turning around to look at him. “It means you’re not pregnant.” He smirks. “So, it’s sort of like a celebration.” He says. You roll your eyes and shake your head at him. “You’re an idiot.” You laugh. “But I’m your idiot.” He smirks. 

Liam: You and Liam were supposed to go on a big date that he had planned, but your body had other plans. That morning you had woken up to the worst cramps that you have ever had and you tried every trick in the book to make them go away, but you were still hurting. You had texted Liam that you had to cancel because you were sick and that made him worried. You told him it was just girl stuff, but he still insisted to come over. When he came, he brought your favorite take out and some other things. “You didn’t have to come.” You say. “I wanted to. My girl isn’t feeling well I need to come take care of her.” He smiles. “I not only brought food, but also some things that are supposed to help with your,, uh issues.” He says blushing. “Cramps?” You ask. He blushes and nods. You giggle and take the bag and open it. You see a heating pad, some chocolate, some pain meds and some lotion. “What’s this for?” You ask holding the lotion up. “That is for the massage I will be giving you later.” He smiles. “Oohh, someone is trying to win boyfriend of the year.”  You tease. He playfully glares at you and then lies down next to you as you both eat.  “Okay, now I will throw the trash away and I want you lie down on your stomach okay.” He says. You nod and do so. He comes back over with the heating pad and gently slides it under you. “Can you take your shirt off and undo your bra? ”He asks. You giggle and nod. “Are you sure this is a good idea?” You smirk. “I wouldn’t want you to get horny.” You say. “Ha. Ha. I can control myself since I know I can’t have my girl.” He says. You giggle and take off your shirt and bra and you smirk at his face. He then shakes his head goes to grab the oil and lotion. He straddles you a bit and pours some of the oil on your back and starts to run his hands over it. “Wow.” You whisper. “This feels amazing.” He smirks. “I’m glad.” He says. After a few minutes he then starts to massage your legs and then he turns you over and places kisses on your stomach. “Feeling better?” He asks. You nod and look down at him. He smirks and looks up at you and then starts to touch your chest. “Liam.” You whine. “What? You don’t want me to?” He smirks. “No,, well yes, but we can’t do anything.” You groan. “Don’t worry babe, I got a plan.” He says. “Oh, you do?.” You giggle. He smiles and continues to massage your chest and then he starts to kiss you. You moan against his lips and smirks and you feel one of his hands slowly move down from your chest down your stomach where he lightly moves his hand around. “I read.. on the internet that if you have really bad cramps that a certain little feeling could help.” He smirks. “But.” You say and he shakes his head at you. His hand moves lower and he touches you through your pj shorts. You bite your lip and he shakes his head. “Don’t do that.” He whispers against your lips. “That’s my job.” He smirks. He continues to touch you with one hand and your chest with another as he kisses you. You moan into his lips and he knows that you’re almost there so he adds a bit more pressure. You moan out his name and he smirks. “Come on babygirl.” He whispers. “Let go.” He whispers against your ear before kissing down your neck and onto your chest. Between the pressure of his hand, his lips on your chest, and the friction from the fabric of your underwear and shorts you soon feel that feeling and call out his name. He smirks and looks down at you. “So, how does my girl feel now?” He asks. “Wow.. “ You say. “It worked.” You giggle. He smirks and wraps his arms around you. “Glad, I could help.” He says. You giggle and cuddle up with him after a few minutes you look over at him. “What about you though?” You ask and reaching down toward him. He grabs your hand and shakes his head. “I’m good. Today is all about you.” He smiles. “Okay.” You smile and kiss him. ”But I promise after this week I will definitely make it up to you.” You smirk before kissing him.

Louis: You were in London with Louis since you both had a week off. The past few days you’ve moody and every little thing annoyed you. You knew what was wrong and that it was your period was coming some time this week. You were in bed watching a movie with Louis with his arms wrapped around you. He started kissing your neck and toying with the hem of your shirt and you knew where he wanted this to go. You weren’t on your period yet, but you didn’t want to do anything because of your moods and the fact that you felt bloated. You pushed his hands away from the bottom of your shirt and he smirks. “Someone playing hard to get, love?” He whispers in your ear. “I love that game.” He smirks. You roll your eyes and move out of his arms. He smirks and wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you to him. “Louis stop.” You say pushing him away. “I’m not in the mood.” He sighs. “But why not, it’s been forever and we only have a few days with each other.” He whispers trying to get you to cave. “Sorry, that I’m not always horny like you.” You say annoyed. “Now leave me alone!” You say pushing him away. He sighs and turns toward the movie. You sigh and feel bad that you yelled at him and your stupid emotions cause you to start tearing up over it. You sniffle and wipe your eyes and Louis looks over. “Love, what’s wrong?” He asks worriedly. “Why are you so upset?” He asks. “Because you’re mad at me.” You sniffle. “Babe, I would never be mad at you for not wanting to have sex. I was just playing around.” He whispers. “Please don’t cry.” He says wrapping his arms around you. “I’m sorry, I can’t help it.” You sniffle. He sighs and kisses your head. “Do you want some tea?” He asks. You sniffle and nod. He smiles and kisses your head. “I’ll go make some.” He says getting up. You nod and lay in the bed. Louis comes back and hands you your cup and you start drinking it. He smiles and sits next to you. “Now, do you want to tell me what is bothering you?” He asks. “I mean you are having some serious mood swings.” He says. “It’s the time.” You say. “Well someday soon, but I always get like this around it.” You say. “Time?” He asks confused. “Really Lou?” You ask. “What?” He asks. “What are you talking about?” He asks. You shake your head. “Just think about it.” You say. He looks at you confused again, but then you see realization hit is face. “Oh, um.. that.” He says. “Yes, that.” You say. “Does it bother you to talk about this?” You ask. “What? No.” He says but you can tell he’s lying. “It does!” You say.  He groans. “Okay, yes it does.” He says covering his face. “Why? You are perfectly capable of having sex and talking about it, but this you can’t?” You laugh. “Because isn’t it like gross?” He asks. “Yes, it is, but when it happens every month since you were 12, you sort of get used to it and it doesn’t bother you anymore.” You say. “Damn that long.” He says. “That’s like, a lot of them.” He says. “Well yeah and I’ll have plenty more the rest of my life.” You say. “Unless I get pregnant.” You smirk. “Then I won’t have them.” “Yeah, that’s not happening for a while.” He says. “I mean don’t get me wrong, I want kids, but not anytime soon.” He says. “Don’t worry, I’m not looking for a baby daddy anytime soon either.” You laugh. “But we just have to make sure we are being careful you know.” You say seriously. “Yeah, I know.” He smiles. You smile and then cuddle up with him and fall asleep. The next morning you wake up with your friend and you roll your eyes. After you leave the bathroom, you see that Louis had made you breakfast in bed; well he poured you a bowl of your favorite cereal. You smile and kiss him before eating and he wraps his arms around you. “Oh, by the way, my friend came this morning, so definitely no sex this week.” You smirk at him. “Aww man.” He groans.

Niall: You were on tour with Niall for a few days and you loved the time you two were spending with one another. However, one morning you woke up with really bad cramps and you knew that it was that time, you walked over to your bag and you noticed that you must have forgot to pack some of your feminine products. You groaned and walked over to the bed where a sleeping Niall was. You shook him. “Ni.” You whine. “Ni, wake up.” You say. “W-What?” He groans. “What’s wrong?” “I need you to go to the store for me.” You say. “Can’t it wait?” He groans throwing the blanket over him. “No, it can’t because I need you to get me some tampons and some medicine.” You say. He takes the blanket and looks at you. “No! No way I’m going to do that.” He says shaking his head. “I’ll give you money and you can go get them.” He says. You whine and pout and look at him. “But I don’t want too and I’m cramping and I don’t want to go anywhere.” You whine. “Please.” You say pouting out your lip. He groans and shakes his head. “Don’t you love me?” You whisper. He groans and looks over at you and that’s when you knew that you just won. “Fine. I’ll go get them.” He says. “Just write down what to get while I change.” He says. You nod and write down a list and then lay down cuddling in the blankets. He takes the list and leans down to kiss you. “I’ll be back baby.” He smiles. You nod and he leaves. Niall is at the store and he is looking at all the different choices. “Are you serious?” He says. “Why are there so many choices?” He groans. He then looks at what you wrote down and he looks all over for it. He sighs and rubs his hand over his face. “I’m so glad I’m not a girl.” He says and just starts grabbing a bunch of different ones and throwing them in the basket. He then walks over and gets the pain meds and he gets some chocolate candy. He then walks over and pays for everything before walking next door to a café and orders breakfast to go for the both of you. While he’s waiting, some fans approach him for a picture. He of course says yes and takes some with them trying to hide the bag of the items for you. Once the food is ready, he takes nad says bye to the fans and walks back to the hotel. He walks in and hands you the bag and you giggle. “Umm do you think I need all of these?” You giggle. He blushes. “I wasn’t sure which ones to get because there are so many of them and I couldn’t find what you were talking about so I just grabbed random ones and hoped one of them would do.” He says. “But at least I got you breakfast.” He smirks. You giggle and you both sit down and eat. As you are eating, you hear Niall’s phone going off. You reach over and see that he’s getting a lot of twitter mentions. “I guess people found you?” You giggle showing him. He laughs and nods and all of sudden your phone goes off. You look at it and notices the twitter mentions, which is still normal, but you decided to look through some. You saw some of the pictures with Niall and you laughed when you saw that multiple people pointing out what was in the bag. “Um Ni.” You giggle and show him. He groans. “Really?” He says. “Now, the whole world knows I bought you those.” He says. “It’s not a bad thing.” You tell him. “If a boy is willing to go buy those for his girlfriend that makes him an amazing boyfriend.” You smile. He smirks and leans into kiss you.

Zayn: You were on set working on one of your new movies, and you just didn’t want to be there. You haven’t been yourself lately. You’ve been moody and stressed. You knew that the doctor said the pill can change the way your periods are, but you didn’t think you would feel like this. You’re tired and bloated and you just want to curl up in a ball and sleep forever. Plus, it sucks because you’re away from Zayn and you know you would feel better just by being with him. You tried calling him all day when you were on breaks or getting your hair and makeup done, but he didn’t answer. You started to get aggravated because you just really wanted to hear his voice. All of things started going through your mind and because your emotions were all over the place and you started to tear up. You texted him saying that you missed you and you needed him and for him to call you as soon as he could. Soon it was time for you to film your last scene of the day and then you were able to go back to your hotel. When you got there, you jumped when you saw someone in the room and then you noticed it was Zayn. “What? What are you doing here?” You ask. “Well, I had a few days off and I came to surprise you.” He smiles. “That’s why I wasn’t able to answer my phone.” He says. “Are you okay?” He asks. “Yeah, I’m just so happy you’re here now.” You smile and hug him and start to cry. “Babe, why are you crying?” He asks picking you and sitting you on his lap. “I’m on my period and I feel like crap and all I want to do is eat pizza and candy and snuggle with you and you weren’t here and I just.. I missed you and now you’re here and I’m happy and I don’t know why I’m crying.” You laugh and hold on to him. He laughs and holds you close to him. “So, I guess I chose a good time to come and surprise you huh?” He asks. You nod and look up at him. He smiles. “How about this, I order us some pizza and then we can cuddle up all night and watch movies or makeout or something.” He smirks. You giggle and nod. He smiles and leans over and grabs the phone and orders some pizza and breadsticks and you get up and change into your pjs and he does the same and then you both lay on the bed. “Kiss me.” You whine puckering your lips. He smirks and leans down and kisses you. “I missed you so much.” He whispers. You smile. ”Me too.” You say. You smile and you both continue kissing until the pizza arrives. You end up eating half of the pizza and Zayn laughs. “What?” you ask him. “Nothing, it’s just you’re really cute right now.” He says. “Really?” You laugh. “I’m in sweats with my hair all of the place eating pizza.” You say. “So.” He says. “So, that means I probably look like a hot mess right now.” You laugh. He smirks and shakes his head. “Nope, you’re a sexy hot mess.” He whispers leaning into kiss you. You giggle and kiss him back. After watching some movies and stealing a few kisses, you both start to get sleepy. “How are you feeling baby?” He whispers. “Better, much better. Thank you for coming.” You whisper. “I’m glad I was able to come. I don’t know if I could have handled being away from you when you were feeling bad.” He says. You smile and wrap your arms around him and he kisses your head before you both fall asleep. 


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Louis: It had been a long day. You had just gotten home from work. Your boss had yelled at you, you missed the bus and to top it all of you had gotten your period. "UGH!" You screeched after a strong feeling of pain came across your low abdomen.

" Y/N! Are you ok?" You heard Louis call. "Yeah I'm fine!" You yelled.

"Ok" he said.

You sighed. You hated these couple of days, it always felt like they would never end.

Louis entered the room just then. He looked at your uncomfortable position on the couch. He immediately raced up to where you were sitting, a look of worry on his face.

"Love are you ok?" He asked frantically.

"Eh I could be better. Lou I'm on my period." You answered honestly.

He nodded. "Oh ok." He's said getting up and racing out of the house.

'Great I scared him off' you thought. You were so ashamed of yourself. You sighed and sat up making a long a painful trip to the bedroom you shared. You laid down. And cried.

Minutes later you heard the door open then close. 'And now I'm getting robbed' you thought.

"Y/N! Where are you?" You heard Louis yell. "Upstairs!" You yelled.

You heard loud footsteps and then the squeak of the door opening.

You looked up, there was Louis a big bag in hand.

"What's in there?" You asked.

He opened it and unpacked its contents.

He took out two boxes of tampons, a jar of Nutella, three packs of bacon and a couple movies.

You looked up. "I hope you know that I have 4 younger sisters. Trust me I know how to deal with stuff like this." He said.

He hopped in bed got settled in and comfortable with you. You talked and ate food all day.


"Hazza! Can you come here?" You called. Seconds later he walked into the living room. "What do you need love?" He asked.

"Do you think you could pick up more tampons?" You asked nervously.

He nodded. "Of course Y/N" He said grabbing his coat, slipping on his shoes and walking to his car.

'I have the best boyfriend ever' you thought. You cuddled on the couch a while longer and watched the Big Bang theory and Ellen. Harry returned an hour later. "Hey baby how are you doing?" He asked.

"Alright." You sighed

Harry jumped on the couch and pulled you closer beside him rubbing circles on you lower abdomen. He grabbed the tampons and the box of cupcakes he picked up.

The rest of the day you cuddled and watched "Love Actually".


You had just gotten home from school.

You had been so emotional and hungry today, which can only mean one thing. You are having your period.

"Hey Y/N how was your day?" Zayn asked.

You shrugged. "It was alright." You sighed.

Zayn took you in his arms and pulled you towards his chest. " Why don't we go get something to eat and then we can cuddle upstairs." He said dragging you towards the kitchen.

Once you grabbed a bag of chips a bowl of M&M's, your box of tampons and Zayn. You walked up the stairs, into your shared bedroom. You got into your pj's and cuddled into the covers. You flipped on the TV and stopped when you saw Peter Pan was on.

You watched movies and ate all day.


You had just gotten home and headed straight to the kitchen. You opened every cabinet until you found exactly what you were looking for. You heated up the pack of bacon and opened the jar of Nutella. You took a huge scoop of the chocolaty goodness (it's sooo true ;)) and plopped it on the plate.

"Ahh heck with it." You grabbed the jar and piled the bacon onto your plate. You walked into the living room and flipped the tv to Criminal Minds.

You dipped the greasy bacon into the sweet chocolate, the weird combination tasting absolutely amazayn.

"How can you not see that the blonde chick is the killer. Idiots sometimes." You muttered.

You heard a loud chuckle coming from the hallway.

"Who's there? I swear I will smash this plate on your head." You said.

"Why not your chocolate?" You heard an Irish accent speak.

"Niall. Why risk that? It's like closing down Nandos." You said.

He laughed loudly walking into the living room.

He sat himself down beside you and rubbed your back. "Your so cute." He said poking your nose.

You responded to this by trying to bite his big fingers.

"I'm so tired." You cried. Niall laughed silently and laid you down on his laps and rubbed your back singing sweet tunes into your ears. He likes it a bit more when your on your period.


"Liam!" You croaked.

"Yes" he said waltzing into your bedroom. "What is it love?" He asked.

"Do you love me?" You asked. He nodded. "Of course I love you very much!" He said.

"No you don't!" You cried pushing him away.

He looked at you his brown eyes full of hurt. "Why would you even think that?" He asked.

"You haven't proposed yet." You said pouting.

He chuckled. "Love we are only " He sighed.

"So!" You snapped.

"Your on your period arn't you?" He asked.

You nodded. "Sorry I got mad at you." You said.

"That's ok! I will be right back." He said getting up and walking out of the room.

He entered the room carrying a box of chocolate's and the Toy Story trilogy.

You both cuddled together in bed and watched the movies together. Sitting in a comfortable silence.


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