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How eBay Business account is better than Personal Account?

How eBay Business account is better than Personal Account?


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It’s always a daunting experience when you are presented with two options, and you have no idea which one’s the best for you. Almost everyone selling on eBay has had this experience once. That was when you were signing up for your seller account on eBay. There’s always confusion at first as eBay offers you two options, i.e., a personal account and a business account. Let us remove the confusion once and for all with which account is best suited for you when you’re planning to establish yourself as an eBay seller.

Personal Account vs Business Account

When creating an account, you get to select from two options.

  • Personal Account
  • Business Account

A personal account is often employed when you’re willing to sell on eBay as a hobby where you list a minimal number of personal products. The products are either antiques or are sitting idle with no use. Long story short, if you do not focus onselling on eBay for business purposes, you should consider getting yourself an eBay personal account.

However, if what you seek is to sell on eBay full-time, dealing in bulk sales, or reselling products the business account is what you should pick moving forward.

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When should you register as a Business?

Look for these six signs in your sales if you want to register yourself as a Business but are not sure whether you should or not.

#1. Reselling

Suppose you are a reseller and deal in bulk listings on eBay. Getting yourself a business account is what you should do.

#2. Manufacturer

When you create the products you are listing on eBay (which means if you are already a manufacturer), getting yourself a business account is intelligent.

#3. Sales Quantity

If you’re a seller who deals in large quantities of sales regularly, a personal account will not entirely serve your purpose. Registering to a business account will reduce the various fees levied on your products and sales and open multiple other pathways for your business expansion like having an eBay storefront.

#4. Selling items that are not for your personal use

When you’re selling items on eBay that you acquired with the purpose of selling and not personal use, you should consider switching to a business account. It can be beneficial in the long run, helping you save taxes.

#5. You’re a Selling Assistant

eBay gives you an option to sell for others if you fulfill certain selling criteria. So, If you’re operating as a selling assistant on eBay, it is highly advisable that you get yourself an eBay business seller account. Selling products for other businesses on eBay is almost similar to selling your own products.

Having a business account means you can be flexible with the number of listings you’ll be asked to handle by the product owner.

#6. Buying for your business

If you’re buying items for your business, you should consider getting yourself a business account. eBay lets you conduct searches using keywords like “bulk,” “liquidation,” etc., for the products you plan to sell on eBay. It allows you to buy and resell the same on eBay with ease.

Switching: Personal Account To Business account on eBay

To switch your account type from personal to business:

  • Click on the My eBay tab.
  • Select “Personal Information” after selecting the “My Account” heading.
  • Now click the “Edit” link. It is located next to the Account Type.
  • Select the “Business” option on the Change Account Type page
  • Enter your details for the Business account, and then click on the Change to Business Account button.

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Advantages of using eBay business account

Having an eBay business account comes with notable advantages when compared to a personal account. The benefits that can help you grow your business on eBay includes,

#1. Lower the Taxes

When you start selling under a business account, you need to pay additional taxes other than the personal taxes that you’re subjected to. It means more paperwork. However, more paperwork also means you’ll get more money in terms of savings from your taxes.

#2. Your company’s branding

When you register for a business account, you do not only get a better and improved listing, but you also get access to various subscriptions. The subscriptions can use it for expanding your opportunities in terms of sales, promotions, and other benefits that eBay has to offer for its sellers.

#3. Legal protection

When selling on eBay personal accounts regularly, you’ll find it challenging to manage your taxes and your income when the time comes. Whereas with a business account, you attach a legal name to your sales. All your invoices and bills get connected to the business name you select. It also paves the way to various deductions and benefits when filing your taxes.

#4. Higher Selling Limits

The business account lifts many limitations that are imposed on personal accounts too. One of the most significant flaws of having registered for a personal account is getting a minimal listing limit for your items set to 10. The business account raises the ceiling for the listings allowing you to sell more by listing more.

#5. Access to Better Tools & Promotions

eBay has a lot to offer when it comes to its seller. But, the problem you might face when trying to access them through a personal selling account is that they’ll be inaccessible. Various tools like Promotion Manager, selling manager pro, and others can help boost your sales manifolds.

Although switching to the business account does not guarantee that you get instant access to all the seller tools eBay has to offer.

If you need any assistance, feel free to contact us on skypeor drop a mail. We’ll be more than happy to help.

Key Takeaways

It’s evident that between the personal and business accounts that eBay offers, business accounts stand out. It unlocks better facilities, higher selling limits, and tools that would have been inaccessible otherwise.

If you’re still selling with a personal account, or if you’re someone who’s been staring at your screen, perplexed whether to select personal or business accounts. Select a Business account without any second thoughts. The only reason you should have a personal account is if you sell once or twice a month and are not thinking of expanding. But with eBay why wouldn’t you?


How to Delete Your eBay Account

If you’re sure you want to close your eBay account, it's an easy enough process. Click on the Close My Account link, fill out the form and submit. Be aware that there may be caveats associated with account closure, in keeping with eBay's terms and conditions.

You should read about permanently closing your eBay account before you attempt to do so, to be sure that it's what you really want. If you don't think you're going to use your account frequently, you can just let it go dormant, and it will still be there if you ever decide to use it again in the future. 

What to Do Before Closing Your Account

Before closing your account, eBay says, be sure that:

  • You owe no fees
  • Your account balance is at zero
  • You have no bids still in play

There are some circumstances under which eBay won't allow you to fully close your account. If your account is below eBay's minimum standards, you can't close it until it meets those standards. 

You can change your mind for 60 days after closing the account. After 60 days, your account will be permanently closed and can't be reopened. You'll have to register a new eBay account to buy or sell items.

Keeping an eBay Account for Purchases

Many former sellers maintain an active presence on eBay but as buyers only. If you don't want to sell anymore, just deactivate your seller account. You can do this by removing your automatic payment method and selling tool subscriptions. 

You will still be able to bid, buy items, and otherwise participate, but you won't be able to sell. 

Account Closure Waiting Period

Once you've confirmed to eBay that you want to close your account, there's a waiting period in order to allow any pending transactions to complete. During this waiting period, you won't be able to bid, make purchases, list items or change any contact information in your account. You'll still be able to view your account information, however. 

Once that waiting period is over, you won't be able to use your eBay username or the email address associated with your (now closed) account to access any parts of eBay requiring sign-in. Your feedback profile won't be visible or available to other eBay members. 

Be advised that eBay does retain your personal information even after you close your account, as outlined in its privacy notice. It claims this is necessary to prevent fraud and for legal reasons. 

Alternatives to Closing an eBay Account

Closing your eBay account is a large and often unnecessary step. If you’re simply unsatisfied with something that has occurred on eBay, you may want to leave feedback or contact eBay about your problem. It may be easier to resolve than you think.

Second Thoughts About Closing an eBay Account

If you change your mind about closing your account during the waiting period, you can contact eBay and ask them to cancel your request. 

If you change your mind after the waiting period has expired, well, time's up. You can't reopen a closed account. But you can create a new account, with a different email address if you want to keep doing business on eBay. 

There are some good reasons for wanting to close your eBay account. If you've been the victim of identity theft, or if you've been the target of harassment, it can definitely sour you to the experience of bidding, buying and selling. 

But make sure you want to end it with eBay before you pull the plug. Once your account is closed, it's closed forever.

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How to delete your eBay account and the data associated with it

  • To fully delete your eBay account, it may take some time to do — the process of purging your eBay account and data from the system can take a month, or longer, to complete.
  • Once your eBay account is deleted, you will not have the option to reopen your account, and you won't be able to access any of the data from your account either.
  • Here's how to officially close out and delete your eBay account.
  • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

Deleting accounts can be a way to simplify your online life. If you want to delete your eBay account, however, simple is not a good way to describe the process.

It's quite lengthy, requiring a lot of confirmation that you want to close it out, and once you complete it it can take 30 days, or more, to fully close out your account — assuming it's in good standing and there are no outstanding balances or pending transactions.

Here's how to complete the process of deleting your eBay account and all its associated data:

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How to delete your eBay account

1. Go to on your PC or Mac and log into your account, if needed.

2. Hover the cursor over your name in the upper-left corner of the screen and click "Account settings."

How to delete eBay account
Devon Delfino/Business Insider

3. If necessary, click the "Account" tab, and then under "Account preferences" select "Close account."

How to delete eBay account
Devon Delfino/Business Insider

4. Scroll to the bottom of the article and click the blue "Close account and delete my data" button.

How to delete eBay account
Devon Delfino/Business Insider

5. Select a reason for leaving from the drop-down menu to close your account.

How to delete eBay account
Devon Delfino/Business Insider

6. Select a more specific reason from the options given and then click "Continue."

How to delete eBay account
Devon Delfino/Business Insider

7. Confirm that you want to close your account by selecting "No, please close my account" from the drop-down menu and then clicking "Continue" again.

How to delete eBay account
Devon Delfino/Business Insider

8. Tick the box next to "I read and understand the above information" and click "Continue."

How to delete eBay account
Devon Delfino/Business Insider

As the site warns you, many, many times during this process, closing your account means that you won't have access to your sales history or be able to sell items, use your email address associated with that account on eBay, or reopen your account once it's been closed.

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Link and sync multiple eBay accounts

Not only. Pay attention! If you have multiple accounts, and one gets suspended for unallowed behavior, the other ones could also be subjected to limitations. eBay’s systems are really good at finding related accounts, so a mutiple-ID strategy is not a remedy for suspensions.

In conclusion: YES, you can open multiple eBay accounts, but always in respect of eBay’s policies.

What do I need to open a second eBay account?

  1. For each new eBay account, you need a different email address. You can’t use the same email on multiple eBay accounts.

Nevertheless, you can use the same financial information (bank account/credit card details) from your first account.

You can’t cross-reference your seller IDs in your products, meaning you can’t link your store in the other’s listings.

PayPal is a different story, and we will go through that later in this guide.


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How to Delete an eBay Account

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My account got suspended after I tried ebay dropshipping - 2021

Access and manage your account information from one central location in My eBay! Take advantage of the capabilities available to you in the My Account section of My eBay and become a savvier, more efficient buyer or seller. Here are the specific areas and some of the things you can do:
Personal Information
• Edit your eBay User ID, password or email address.
• Create or edit your About Me page.
• Change/edit financial information such as your checking account or credit card to pay your seller fees.
• Change your saved address for registration, payment and shipping.
• Add or delete a shipping address.
• Edit your seller preferences for payment from buyers, shipping and discounts, promoting your items, displaying your logo and blocking certain buyers
• Set up your general preferences for displaying recently viewed items, customizing My eBay, and third-party authorizations.
• Manage emails and other communications you receive from eBay.
• See items awaiting feedback and recent feedback left for you.
PayPal Account
• View and update your PayPal account information and profile summary with links to PayPal's secure website.
Seller Account
• View past invoices, account status and set up payment for your eBay seller fees.
• Review and subscribe to the available subscription products created by eBay to help you sell more, faster and easier.


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Account Status

As a seller, it's important to know how your fees are calculated. Use Account Status as your primary tool for tracking your eBay account activity and billing details. You can access your Account Status from the Seller Account area of My eBay.
  • In your Account Status you can see the dates, fee types and item numbers for all eBay seller charges. This information can be printed or downloaded to your computer.
  • To view your Account Status in My eBay, click here.
  • For more help with understanding your Account Status, click here.


Invoices are monthly statements of your eBay seller fees. This is the amount of money that is due to eBay. Invoice details are provided below so that you can see what makes up the total amount of your invoice for a given time period.
  • You can view your invoices for the past 18 months from either the Seller Account area of My eBay or from your Account Status. These invoices contain the same information that is mailed to your registered eBay email account. My Messages will reflect when the invoice e-mail has been sent, but not your detailed invoice content.
  • To view your Invoice in My eBay, click here.
  • · For more help with reading your invoice, click here.

Paying eBay Seller Fees

When you list and sell items on eBay, you will be charged certain fees. There are several ways to pay your eBay fees.
  • In the US, the easiest and most convenient way is to set up automatic payments. You can set up automatic payments from your:
    • PayPal account,
    • Checking account, orCredit card
  • If you'd prefer to make a single payment for each invoice, you can do so using the following methods:
    • Pay using PayPal,
    • Direct pay from your checking account,
    • Pay online with your credit card, or
    • Mail a check or money order
  • To view or change your payment options for your eBay Seller Fees in My eBay, click here.
  • For more help with choosing a method for paying your eBay seller fees, click here.


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