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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Galvanized Steel Fences

If you are looking to buy a steel fence for your business, you should consider a galvanized steel fence. There are several ways to prevent rust on the metal that can have an impact on the longevity of your fence. However, keep in mind that not all rust prevention methods provide quality products. Therefore, you should pay close attention to details and choose the right method.

Types of Rust Prevention

There are typically three different types of rust prevention methods used on steel fences. Among these methods, the primer paint method is the worst of all. In this method, you typically apply aerosol via a paint nozzle or can, and the coverage is usually not uniform. Another technique is e-coating, where you dip the fence pieces in an organic, water-soluble, paint-like fluid. The third method is hot-dip galvanization, which is by far the best method of rust prevention. This method protects from atmospheric, water, and soil corrosion.

How A Galvanized Steel Fence Is Created

This process of creating a galvanized steel fence involves 80% preparation and 20% coating. You take the metal and dip it in a bath of molten zinc, which enables the zinc to permeate the metal piece. Moreover, galvanization also requires that you clean the metal and adequately prepare it for adhesion.

Better Coverage Against Corrosion

Since you apply the zinc coating of galvanization more thickly, there is less chance of scratches reaching the bare metal and allowing rust to form. This process ensures that you are coating your steel fences inside and out to stand strong against corrosion.

Lower Cost

Galvanized steel fences are high quality and cost-effective as well. Even if you are paying more for galvanization as opposed to alternative methods of coating, it is still cost-effective. As a result, your galvanized steel fence will last longer and doesn’t require constant care.

Less Maintenance For A Galvanized Steel Fence

Galvanizing offers complete coverage, sealing the steel fence and stopping corrosion for good. Since there will be no corrosion, you don’t need to worry about unnecessary maintenance. Moreover, you will achieve long-term durability at a relatively low environmental burden.

At MFR, we have a team of highly-skilled, experienced engineers and architects who promise high-quality products. Our galvanized steel fences are unsurpassed in beauty, durability, and quality. Whether you are looking for security or aesthetics, MFR fences are the right choice for you. Contact us to get started on your steel fence.

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Chain Link Fence Gate Decorates Yards and Gardens and Protects Your Property

With more and more attention on decorative style and creativity, chain link fence gate is widely used to decorate yards, gardens and to protect their property. The chain link fencing materials are durable and cost low and no maintenance. Chain link gate and gate fittings - specifically the male/female hinges and latch hardware are available in our factory.

Chain Link Fence Gates have five types: Walk Gate, Single Gate, Double Swing Gate, Cantilever Gate and Roll Gate.

Walk Gates is easy to install and widely used. And it can be installed with roll wheel to go in and out conveniently.
Walk Gates can be made to any height and color in both chain link and ornamental. Scrolls are optional for chain mesh gates.

chain link walk gate

Single Gates can be manufactured for larger openings. Just make sure there is enough room for the gate to open. Single swing gates can be automated.

chain link fence single gate

Double Swing Gates have two leafs and a drop rod to hold them in place while the gate is shut. Double swing gates can be automated.

chain link double swing gate

Cantilever Gates slide open on rollers attached to counterbalance posts. These gates can also be automated and are great for larger openings.

chain link cantilever Gates

Roll Gates roll on the ground and on a track attached to the fence. These gates cannot be automated and require enough fence space to roll back into.

chain link roll gate

New order
I am trying to find a source for a gate to fit a 34 foot opening. I would like to use two 17 foot gate to cover this area. One swinging at each side and meet in center . The height needs to be 6 foot.

Black Chain Link Fence Gates

Black chain link fence and gates technique specifications:

  • 1. 2 mt high black powder coated chain link fencing and gates as follows:
    Gate and end posts 40 NB galvanized steel powder coated black.
    Posts 32 NB galvanized steel powder coated black.
    2.4 mt centers.
    Top rail 25 NB galvanized steel powder coated black.
    Attached to posts with black powder coated down fittings Chain wire galvanized steel black PVC coated, 60 × 60 diamond.
    Bottom cable black PVC coated* 3 sets double gates 25 NB frame powder coated black.
    3. 2 mt opening size, black chain wire infill.
  • Gates is swing type, hinged to swing 180 degrees from closed to open,
    complete with frames, latches, stops, keepers, hinges, fabric, braces.
    and PVC coating wire mesh (50 × 50), diameter 4 mm.
  • 42 × 42", 42 × 48", 48 × 48", 42 × 60", 42 × 72" single walk fence gate 1 3/8" tubing hot dipped galvanized.
    12' × 42", 12' × 48", 12' × 60", 12' × 72" double drive fence gate 1 3/8" tubing hot dipped galvanized.
    6' × 6', 6' × 12' kennel panel 1 3/8" tubing hot dipped galvanized.
    Cattle/wrangler panels with bow gate and cattle wrangler panels with hardware attached: 18 gauge or 1.2 mm thick. Galvanized then powder painted brown.
    Tube gates: 18 gauge or 1.2 mm thick. Galvanized then powder painted brown.

How to Make Chain Fence Gates

If you do not want to buy a chain link fence gate and then do it by yourself, install it where you want to install. This is not difficulty things, so you can save a lot of spending.
used in the production process: tape measure, gate post hinges, gate fork latch, bolts, sockets, wrench, chain links, gate frame, brackets, solder, pliers.

Here are chain link gate installation steps and tips.

  • First: under the instructions, make a gate framework and the first part attached on the sliding belt. Then sliding parts are assembled door frame with your hands.
  • Second: sliding a rod into the fence and through a coil.
  • Third: attach the tension band and slide the second lever into the mesh. Make sure you slide it close enough to the opposite side rail to hold the mesh taut once you attach it to the tension bands.
  • Fourth: unhook the strand of mesh that's near the outside second tension bar and pull it out, removing the excess mesh with pliers.
  • Fifth: pull the mesh along with tension band tightly while slipping the tension bar into the tension bands on the frame of the gate with pliers, if the net is not tight enough the lever to into go to the next set of loops. Unravel the excess mesh and hook the bar back into the tension bands.
  • Final: attach the tie line to the benchmarking of the top and bottom once the mesh is fixed in one place. A Cable line in the mesh around the hook with pliers, pulled the network cable has been slightly higher than the door frame to the network. Ensure let the tie cord around freely in the mesh around with pliers.
  • Tips: his metal hardware must be ready to complete. In order to switch the gates must be to the height of the ground.

Our new project of gates and fences

  • Double Swing Gate
    Material Steel.
    Surfacing Galvanization with plastic-coating.
    Dimensions Height: 200 cm, Width: 400 cm.
    Frame: 5 cm × 5 cm.
    Vertical bars of 2.5 cm × 2.5 cm, welded at a distance of 10 cm.
    Square posts with cap: 20 cm × 20 cm × 250 cm.
    Hot dip galvanized coating ISO 1461.
  • Single Swing Gate
    Material Steel.
    Surfacing Galvanization with plastic-coating.
    Dimensions Height: 200 cm, Width: 100 cm.
    Frame: 4 cm × 4 cm.
    Square mesh of 5 cm × 5 cm, welded into the frame.
    Square posts with cap: 5 cm × 5 cm × 250 cm.
    Hot dip galvanized coating ISO 1461.
  • Fences
    Material Steel.
    Surfacing Galvanization with plastic-coating.
    Dimensions Fence height: 200 cm.
    Panel width: 250 cm.
    Height of posts: 250 cm.
    Mesh: 10 cm × 5 cm.
    Hot dip galvanized coating ISO 1461.

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Chain Link Fence Gates

We offer a variety of Chain Link Fence Gates including sliding gates, swing gates, barrier gates, and pre-hung swing gates. We have material options of both steel and aluminum and color options include silver (galvanized and aluminum), color coated (black, brown, and green), or a combination of both.

Our Chain Link Swing Gates are available in residential, commercial, and industrial configurations. We offer sizes to match common fence heights of 3', 3-1/2', 4', 5', 6', 7', 8', 10', and 12'. We offer both single and double gates in widths from 3' to 30' depending on the grade. These are perfect for pedestrian walk gates and driveway gates.

Our Sliding Chain Link Gates encompass a few different styles that will cover driveway openings up to 40' wide! The first is the chain link rolling gate which has a wheel on the ground and rides on a pipe track. The second is a cantilever gate, which is available as a kit or with the gate only. This system has a gate opening with a counterbalance of roughly half the opening size. These gates are supported by cantilever rollers and slides inline with the fence. The last style is also a cantilever gate but this one uses trolleys that are enclosed within an aluminum track which is integrated into the gate frame. These are called internal track slide gates and they are available in single track, double track, and boxed frame versions.

Last but not least, our Pre-Hung Gates include options of gates by themselves, or gates with panic hardware installed. These are available standard and pad mount configurations and function similar to a pre-hung door. It is a fast and easy way to install a secure gate opening into a new or existing fence line.

Custom sized gates can be quoted for nearly any height or width of chain link fence. If you can't find what you need, please contact us for a quote.


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