Simple wire ring tutorial

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Wire rings can be incredibly pretty, and they’re also very simple and inexpensive to make.

21 Homemade Wire Ring Ideas You Can DIY Easily 1

All you need to get started is the right tutorial – and here are the top 21 plans we found online for how to make wire rings.

1. DIY Wire Rings

DIY Wire Rings

Whenever we need a plan for just about any DIY project, one of our first stops is always the ever-reliable Instructables website – and here’s a plan we found on there for making wire rings. As always, this plan includes a list of the materials required for the project along with clear step-by-step instructions and plenty of photos to help you see what you should be doing. A great plan for anyone who wants to learn the basics.

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2. BraidedWire Ring

This plan is no more than a ten-minute demonstration of how to make a beautiful wire ring. There are no explanations – but since you can see what the YouTuber is doing so clearly, there’s really no need. It’s fun to watch as the ring gradually takes form, and it’s also sure to make you want to have a go yourself. An enjoyable video that’s well worth checking out.


3. How-to: Wrapped Wire Rings

How-to Wrapped Wire Rings 1

What we love most about this plan is the stunning photos of the rings it teaches you to make – and most DIY jewelry enthusiasts will be excited to attempt something similar. They’re relatively easy too, so once you’ve assembled the necessary materials, you can just give your creativity free rein and see what beautiful designs you produce.

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4. 5 Easy Ways to DIY Wire Wrap Crystal Rings

Sometimes, creative DIYers don’t want to be told exactly what to do at every step – rather, they prefer to be given an overview of the basic techniques and then try to adapt them to their own ideas. In this video, you’ll learn five different ways to make wire rings – and then you’re free to try incorporating the processes into your own creations.


5. Easy Folded Wire Ring Tutorial

Easy Folded Wire Ring Tutorial

Here’s a plan for making extremely simple wire rings – and it’s partly their simplicity that makes them so elegant and attractive. You only need a few very basic items for this – essentially just the wire, some wire cutters and a few other bits and pieces – and once you start, the possibilities are endless. A well-written blog with plenty of photos to help get you inspired.

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6. Simple Wire Rings

This video gives you the instructions you need to start producing your own rings from wire. It discusses the merits of using various metal types before going on to demonstrate how to bend and twist the wire into beautiful items of jewelry. It’s quite a long video, but there’s plenty in there for you to learn from, making it well worth the time it takes to watch through to the end.


7. DIY Beaded Wire Ring

DIY Beaded Wire Ring 1

We love the rings in this plan because they’re so original and unique. Plus, there’s plenty of scope for adapting the ideas and coming up with endless variations of your own, making this one of our favorites. Along with the photos, you’ll find clear instructions for how to start making wire rings of your own using simple and inexpensive materials, so why not give it a go?

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8. How to Make a Knot Ring

As this YouTuber explains at the start of his video, this simple, minimalist ring is a perfect option for novice DIY jewelry makers. You won’t need to buy any fancy tools or materials, and the process is incredibly simple. You might want to progress to something a bit more complicated after you master the basics, but this plan will allow you to start producing your own rings while allowing you to improve your ring-making skills.


9. Easy DIY Wire Ring with Leather Tassels

Easy DIY Wire Ring with Leather Tassels

Here’s an interesting idea – it’s a plan for DIY wire rings with leather tassels. We haven’t seen so many plans for rings like this, so if you want to try creating something a little different, this is a plan you’re sure to enjoy. We also love all the photos showing you the kind of thing that’s possible, and we’re sure plenty of people will be itching to give this plan a go.

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10. DIY Moon Ring

This video is part of a series this YouTuber made for a ten-day wire ring challenge. In this video, she shows you how to make a stunning moon ring. We love how she explains everything so clearly, so anybody watching will have no trouble following the steps to produce similar rings of their own.


11. DIY Hammered Wire Ring

DIY Hammered Wire Ring

There are lots of different ways to make homemade rings from a whole range of different materials, but as this blogger explains, the hammered wire ring is among the easiest. In this plan, you’ll learn about the basic techniques that will allow you to start making your own versions of these rustic but elegant pieces of jewelry.

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12. DIY How to Make Braided Wire Rings for Beginners

Perhaps what we liked most about this plan is that when you look at these rings, you think they must be incredibly complicated to make – but actually, when you know how to do it, they’re super-easy. For that reason, they’re a great option for beginners to try, and the rings you make will make great handmade gifts – or you can just keep them for yourself if you prefer!


13. How to Make a Rose Ring Using Craft Wire

How to Make a Rose Ring Using Craft Wire

Here’s another plan that showcases a range of wire rings that look tricky to make – but with the right techniques and a little practice, you will soon be able to produce items of similar quality that are sure to impress all your friends. There are plenty of photos to show you what you need to do – along with a couple of videos to help – making this another plan that’s well worth a look.

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14. How to Make 12 DIY Rings

In this video, you’re not shown how to make just one ring from wire – you learn how to make 12 different types! As you can see right at the beginning, there are loads of possibilities for different styles, and all of them are cute and attractive. The best thing about wire rings is that you can come up with almost limitless variations, and this video should give you plenty of ideas to get you started.


15. Wire Wrapped Ring Tutorial

Wire Wrapped Ring Tutorial

If you are interested in learning how to make wire rings with stones inlaid into them, this is the plan for you. As the blogger explains, you’ll need to practice a bit at first, but when you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be able to create a whole range of beautiful wire rings of your own. The important thing is making sure the stones stay fixed in place – but once you get to grips with that, your only limit is your imagination.

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16. How to Make Wire Rings

This is a short and simple video tutorial that shows you how to make basic but highly decorative wire rings. There’s nothing complicated involved in this plan, and we love the last part of the video that gives you some examples of the kind of thing you will be able to make once you start experimenting.


17. Wire Bow Ring

Wire Bow Ring

When you see the list of supplies you need for this plan, you know it’s going to be easy – because it just requires “wire” and “jewelry pliers”! Once you’ve managed to get your hands on those, the procedure is extremely simple. The only part that might be tricky is bending the wire to create the bow – but practice makes perfect, and we’re sure just about anyone will soon master the art of making rings like these.

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18. Make a Simple Wire Ring

Here’s another plan that should inspire you to start making your own wire rings. This time, the YouTuber demonstrates how to make a ring with a small bead held in the center as a decorative element. Simple, effective and super-pretty.


19. Wire Wrapped Ring DIY

Wire Wrapped Ring DIY

Lots of wrapped wire rings end up having lots of wire on display, making them quite sizeable and chunky pieces. However, in this plan, you learn how to make one with less wire, which highlights the stone – or in this case, the pearl – in the center. We love the delicate and elegant look of this ring, and we’re sure lots of other people will too.

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20. Sterling Silver Infinity Ring Tutorial

Making this infinity ring is super-easy, and once you’ve prepared everything you need (there’s a list at the start of the video), you can have a go at creating one of your own. This YouTuber explains all the steps clearly, making it easy for anybody to replicate at home.


21. Wire Jewelry 101

Wire Jewelry 101

This final blog post isn’t a plan for making wire rings as such, but rather, it’s an introduction to everything you need to know about making wire jewelry in general. If you read through this before trying some of the other plans we’ve collected, it will help you achieve even better results – and that’s why we thought it was worth including!

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Loads of wonderful ideas to try

As you can see, there’s so much creativity on display and so many wonderful ideas to try. We hope you’ve enjoyed watching and reading these plans as much as we did finding them for you – and above all, we hope we’ve helped you find the inspiration you need for your next creative project.

21 Homemade Wire Ring Ideas You Can DIY Easily 2


Who doesn’t love wire rings? In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a beautiful wire ring with beads in just 6 easy steps.

DIY Beaded Wire Ring (Make Your Own Jewelry)

Back to beads and wire jewelry making after a LONG time! I used to make tons of beaded wire jewelry back in 2013 and continuing until 2016 maybe but haven’t been making any in a while. I must say, my wire jewelry-making skill has worsened and I was quite disappointed about it. So, I tried to get back on track with this super simple beaded ring tutorial.

DIY Beaded Wire Ring

This DIY beaded wire ring can be great for everyday use and also a super cute gift for a loved one! Grab some cute seed beads, craft wire and pliers and get crafty! 

List of Supplies

DIY Beaded Wire Ring Supplies

How to Make Wire Rings with Bead

Step 1: Preparing the Wire and Beading

Measure the required size for the ring. Cut a long piece of craft or jewelry wire from the bundle (about 12 inches will do). Try cutting a longer piece of wire as you can adjust the size later if it’s too long but you won’t be able to add wire if it falls short.

Select seed beads of your choice and insert them into the cutout wire. I’ve inserted 3 small faux pearl beads into mine.

DIY Beaded Wire Ring : Step 1

Step 2: Wrapping the Wire

Bring the beads in the middle of the wire and hold them firmly while wrapping the 2 sides of the wire around the mandrel (Keeping the ring a size bigger than the required size).

DIY Beaded Wire Ring : Step 2- Wrapping the Wire

Step 3: Adjusting the Ring Size

Nicely wrap both sides of the wire around the mandrel; circling 1 side around the top and the other side around the bottom side of the beaded wire. Press the wrapped wire against the mandrel to give the ring round and smooth shape. Adjust the ring size in this step.

DIY Beaded Wire Ring : Step

Step 4: Taking the Raw Wire Ring Out

Carefully take out the wrapped beaded wire off the mandrel.

DIY Beaded Wire Ring : Step

Step 5: Coil Wire Around Ring Band

Hold any one of the open ends of the wire and coil it around the ring band adjacent to it. Coil the remaining wire around that band firmly and evenly.

DIY Beaded Wire Ring : Step

Step 6: Coil Wire Around Both Ring Bands

Similarly, coil the other open end of the wire around its adjacent band.

Once again, insert the ring into the mandrel to check the size and again, press the ring against the mandrel to give the ring a smooth finishing.

DIY Beaded Wire Ring

Use different colored and types of beads, and different colored wires to bring variation in design. 

Don’t forget to share a picture if you make one! You can share your picture with hashtag #craftaholicwitch or just DM your picture to us on Instagram. 

Happy Crafting!

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DIY Beaded Wire Ring

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Making your own DIY seed bead rings using this wire wrapped ring tutorial is a fantastic way to get started with wire wrapped jewelry making on a dime! Craft one or a dozen and then check out more of my jewelry crafts. This post contains affiliate links.

DIY wire wrapped rings tutorial for beginners

Wire wrapped rings are pretty cool, simply because there seems to be fewer options out there for those of us who do not solder to make DIY rings.

You can totally personalize even this beginner-level wire wrapped ring tutorial using different beads, as you’ll see below.

You can totally stack these rings, but if they feel bulky, just wear one for a minimalist look. Or wear them on different fingers. These might be a classic but they are SO cool!

A few notes about this wire wrapped ring tutorial

These were made with larger seed beads. A few little tidbits about this:

  • Seed beads come in a huge variety of sizes. The larger the size number the smaller the bead.
  • Check the hole size to make sure it matches up with your wire
  • Be wary of coated beads that may scratch as you work with them.

Seed beads make great practice beads, since they’re relatively inexpensive.

However, you can also use other small beads, such as Czech crystal rondelles, or a single oval gemstone. The main thing is to make sure that your wire works well with your bead color.

A few notes about choosing the right wire for this wire wrapped ring tutorial:

If you’re new to jewelry making, you might want to work with “practice wire“. That is, the cheapest wire you can find.

However, if you’re beyond your first attempt, you’ll probably want a “real metal” wire – brass, copper, sterling all work. You just don’t want something coated that’s easy to scrape off. It just won’t look as good.

Look for a dead soft wire if you can. Personally, I work with copper a lot, as you can see from these wire hoop earrings I made a while ago, as well as these cool DIY metal earrings.

What you need to make wire wrapped rings

How to make wire wrapped rings

1. Measure your ring size and cut wire 4 times the length of your ring size. String on 4 to 6 seed beads.

2. Bring the beads to the center of the wire and hold them against the mandrel slightly above the point of your ring size. Wrap both sides of the beaded wire around the mandrel one time. crossing them over in the back.

3. Bring them around the front, with one side of the wire below the beaded part and the other side of the wire over the beaded part. 

4. Carefully remove the beaded wire ring from the mandrel.

5. Coil the open end of the wire that you now have on the left neatly 3-4 times around the ring base, right next to where the beads are.

6. Repeat on the other side.

Use the flat nose pliers to flatten the coiled parts to give it a finished look and to make sure the ends of the wires aren’t poking out. Place the ring on the mandrel to give it a good shape.

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Introduction: How to Make a Simple Wire Wrapped Ring

Learning how to make a simple wire wrapped ring is the perfect way to practice basic wire wrapping techniques. Not only are they a fun accessory to wear or make with friends, but they also make excellent gifts, as well. Once you get the hang of forming a symmetrical, round band, you're on your way to creating all kinds of unique wire wrapped rings! 

Materials Needed: 

One ~21" piece of 22g wire (you can also use 20g)
One 6-8mm bead
Plastic or metal ring mandrel 
Flush cutters
Cup burr
Chain nose pliers
Rubber/plastic/rawhide mallet 

Step 1: Position Bead on Wire

After selecting your 6-8mm bead, thread it onto your wire. Make sure that it's centered. For this ring, I'm using a 6mm natural garnet bead. Both round and faceted beads will work. 

Step 2: Determine the Ring Size

Position the centered bead on your ring mandrel. You will want to start approximately one size larger than the size of the ring you want to end up with. For example, I want to make a size 5 ring, so I'm starting with a size 6. 

Step 3: Wrap Wire Around Mandrel

Carefully wrap your wire around 3-4 times; I like my ring bands to have four wires. In this picture, I'm holding the loose wire ends down so that you can see what I've done, which makes it look like I've wrapped it around 5 times - there will only be four wires when we finish. 

Quick Tip: I have two ring mandrels: a plastic one and a metal one. I usually end up using both when I make wire wrapped rings - especially if I'm using silver plated Artistic wire; the metal mandrel will scratch the finish on some of the following steps. Typically, I use the metal mandrel for the initial wrapping (this step) and again at the end when I use the mallet to shape the ring (step 11). 

Step 4: Gather the Wire Underneath the Bead

Position the wires as close to the bead as possible. Work slowly to prevent the ring from springing out of shape. 

Step 5: Start Wrapping the Bead

Start wrapping the wire ends around the bead in a counter-clockwise motion; each successive wrap will go underneath the previous one. While you're wrapping, make sure you keep an even tension on both wires. I usually make 3-4 complete wraps.

Step 6: Start Coiling the Wire

Remove the ring from the mandrel - you should have one wire end pointing up, and the other one pointing down. If you don't, adjust them so that they are. Working with the wire end pointing up, start by bending it down and through the ring band. 

Step 7: Finish the Coils

Pull the wire end up firmly with your chain nose pliers, and then continue wrapping coils around the four wires that make the ring band. Do your best to keep your coils tight - if you need to, push them together with your pliers. I personally like to make 4-5 complete coils; however, three is also a popular way to do it, as well. The more coils you make at this point, the smaller your ring will end up being. 

Do not cut off the excess wire yet. 

Step 8: Finish the Other Side

Turn your ring over and repeat. Make sure you make the same number of coils on this side, too! Otherwise, you'll end up with a lopsided-looking ring. 

Step 9: Straighten the Ring Band

Place your ring back on your ring mandrel. If you're using plated wire, I would recommend using a plastic ring mandrel at this point because it won't scratch the finish. See how the wires overlap each other? We want the wires in our ring band to be neat so that it fits comfortably and it looks nice. Pull your ring down as far as you can on the mandrel to straighten out the wires. When you're done, they should be positioned next to each other - as opposed to overlapping.

Step 10: Finish Your Wire Ends

Trim off the excess wire and round the ends with your file or cup burr. Using your chain nose pliers, push the ends down so that they aren't sticking up anymore. Don't squeeze down too hard, otherwise you'll have to fix the band again. 

Step 11: Shape the Band One Final Time

After pushing down the wire ends, you may need to flatten out the band again - I did for this ring. If you look at the picture of the ring from the side, you can see how the wires are sitting on top of each other slightly. Just put your ring over the mandrel again and pull down as far as it will go. Using your rubber mallet, go over the ring band a few times to finish straightening the wires - this will also work harden the wire, as well, which will help the ring retain its shape. 

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Tutorial ring simple wire

Easy Folded Wire Ring Tutorial


by Rena Klingenberg. © 2003-Present Rena Klingenberg. All Rights Reserved

Easy Folded Wire Rings Tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

These folded wire rings are so simple, cheap, and fun to make!

Folded Wire Rings - tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Two copper folded wire rings by Rena Klingenberg

You need only a few inches of wire and basic jewelry tools to make these.

Folded wire copper ring in brass by Rena Klingenberg

Folded wire ring in brass by Rena Klingenberg

They are comfortable and easily adjustable to fit a variety of finger sizes.

Supplies for Folded Wire Rings:

  • A piece of 18-gauge round wire – about 7″ to 10″ (17.78 cm to 25.4 cm) long. (I used copper and brass wires in my examples here.)
  • A ruler.
  • Wire cutter.
  • Round nose pliers.
  • Flat nose pliers.
  • Chain nose pliers.
  • Ring mandrel, dowel or PVC pipe section – or other item that’s about the same diameter as your ring-wearing finger.
  • Nylon or rawhide hammer for hammering your ring on the mandrel.

Copper folded wire ring by Rena Klingenberg

Folded Wire Ring Tutorial

Why are these called “folded wire rings”?

Because you’ll start out by folding your piece of wire (in one of the ways I’ll show you below).

The folded wire creates a double-strand ring band (ring shank).

After forming the shank, you’ll have the fun of using your pliers and your creativity to shape your wire ends into an infinite variety of designs for the top of the ring!

Three Ways to Fold Your Wire:

There are probably a lot of other ways to fold your wire too!

Below are the three ways I’ve folded my wire to create the ring shanks shown in this tutorial.

I find that I end up with better ring designs when I DON’T fold the wire exactly in the center.

Having one wire end longer than the other allows for more interesting designs for the top of the ring!

Experiment with different lengths and see what you come up with.

Wire Fold Method 1 –
The Flat Fold:

The flat fold enables you to make a beautifully simple, compact double ring shank.

To make your flat fold, use the very tips of your round nose pliers to bend your piece of wire in a U-shape:

Folded wire rings tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Then use your flat nose pliers to squash the U-shape as flat as possible (that’s why it’s called the flat fold!):

Folded wire rings tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Wrap your flat-folded wire around your ring mandrel, and use your hammer to pound the shank into a nice ring shape.

Hammer starting at the folded end, then moving around to the wire on the back of your mandrel, and on around to where your wires meet up with the fold.

DON’T hammer your 2 long wire ends yet, or you won’t be able to curve and shape them easily.

Here I’ve wrapped the flat-folded wire spiral-style around the mandrel:

Folded wire rings tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Then remove your wire from the mandrel. It should look something like this:

Folded wire rings tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Now comes the fun part!

Use your pliers and your imagination to create artistic shapes with your two long wire ends.

Here I’ve used my round nose pliers to turn the longer wire end into a large, open spiral – and the shorter wire end into a little curl:

Folded wire rings tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

After you’ve finished designing both of your wire ends, put your ring back on the mandrel and give it a good hammering all over – including your fancy wire design.

Hammering the fancy wirework will ensure your design will curve naturally around the top surface of the wearer’s finger.

And just as important, the hammering will harden your wire design and make it sturdier:

Here’s a view of the back of my ring after hammering it all over; notice how the fancy wirework is curved just like the rest of the ring:

Folded wire rings tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

A Different Option for Your Flat-Folded Wire:

Instead of wrapping your flat-folded wire in a spiral around your ring mandrel, you can wrap it so that the two long wire ends straddle the fold:

Folded wire rings tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

I created this ring from a flat-folded wire that I wrapped around the mandrel straddle-style.

See the flat fold, right in the middle of the ring, and how the two wire ends straddle it:

Folded wire rings tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Here’s a side view of the same ring:

Folded wire rings tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

And a back view of it; you can see what a nice double ring shank you get with flat-folded wire:

Folded wire rings tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Wire Fold Method 2 –
The Round Fold:

The round fold gives you a lovely, airy, open-work double ring shank.

To make your round fold, use the fattest part of your round nose pliers to bend your piece of wire into a U-shape:

Folded wire rings tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Then wrap your wire around your mandrel, and hammer just the shank portion of your wire (as described above under “Wire Fold Method 1 – The Flat Fold”).

This is a round-folded wire, after being wrapped straddle-style around the mandrel (with the two long wire ends straddling the round fold):

Folded wire rings tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

The ring below was made with a round-folded piece of wire – and it was wrapped around the mandrel spiral-style (NOT straddle-style).

See the wide round curve on the top spiral of this ring:

Copper folded wire ring by Rena Klingenberg

Here’s another view of this ring, showing how it looks when worn (if you have a pale-blue finger 🙂 ):

Folded wire rings tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Wire Fold Method 3 –
The Square Fold:

The square fold gives an interestingly angular look to your ring.

If you shape your two long wire ends into curls and swirls as I’ve done, the square fold is a nice contrast to the curves.

The square fold is also nice for more masculine ring designs.

To make your square fold, use your flat-nose pliers to bend your wire into a square U-shape:

Folded wire rings tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Then wrap your wire around your mandrel, and hammer just the shank portion of your wire (as described above under “Wire Fold Method 1 – The Flat Fold”).

This is a square-folded wire, after being wrapped straddle-style around the mandrel (with the two wire ends straddling the square fold):

Folded wire rings tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

This ring was made with a square fold:

Folded wire rings tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Another view of the same ring; see how the angles of the square fold make a good contrast with the spirals:

Folded wire rings tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

This ring was also created with a square fold and wrapped straddle-style around the mandrel:

Folded wire rings tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Another view of this ring. Here you can see the effect of having your two wire ends in different lengths:

Folded wire rings tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Of course you can add extra elements to your folded wire rings – such as beads, oxidizing / patina effects, and all kinds of other jewelry techniques!

Folded wire rings tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

3 Simple Wire Rings - Minimal \u0026 Easy rings to make -

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