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50 of the Most Beautiful Owl Tattoo Designs and Their Meaning for the Nocturnal Animal in You

A tattoo is more than just a decoration for the body, more than just fashion. It’s a visual expression of an attitude towards life. A tattoo is a work of art created in pain on a canvas of skin.

Getting a tattoo is possibly one of the most personal and permanent decisions you are likely to make and even if it is the most beautiful, well done tattoo you’ve ever gotten, you may not like it in years to come. That’s why it is important to be sure the image you put on your body is something you are okay with seeing there for the rest of your life.

As you already know if you’ve been reading us, our website takes you on a journey through all tattoo styles and the portfolios of the most skilled artists in the world while presenting you the symbolism behind the imagery used in tattoo designs.

If you want to highlight specific aspects of your personality, animal tattoos make a great choice. Animal tattoos are overwhelmingly meaningful. Why? You only have to look at the folklore and mythologies of different groups to see the crucial role that animals play in shaping cultural and spiritual beliefs. It is no surprise, therefore, that animal depictions remain one of the most popular tattoo designs.

One of the most popular choices when it comes to animal tattoos is the owl. People get them in all shapes, sizes and styles.

So what do owl tattoos mean and why are they so loved? Besides the intriguing visual appearance, many people choose to get an owl tattoo because of its rich symbolism.

Throughout history and across many cultures, people have regarded owls with fascination and awe. Few other creatures have so many different and contradictory beliefs about them. Owls have been both feared and venerated, despised and admired, considered wise and foolish, and associated with witchcraft and medicine, the weather, birth and death.

The owl has a dual symbolism of wisdom and darkness, the latter meaning evil and death.

The owl is a unique bird that’s mostly associated with wisdom and knowledge. Rather than intellectual wisdom, though, owls are connected with the wisdom of the soul. With the ability to see in the darkness, it represents the idea of seeing beyond illusion, masks and deception. The owl can see what others cannot, which is the essence of true wisdom.

However, there are other qualities that owl has. Owls are often seen as mysterious, mostly because many owls are strictly nocturnal and humans have always found night to be full of mystery and the unknown. Owls live within the darkness, which includes magic, mystery, and ancient knowledge. Related to the night is the moon, which owls are also connected to. It becomes a symbol of the feminine and fertility, with the moon’s cycles of renewal.

The owl’s close association to the moon and the night is the reason why it is regarded as a creature of great intuition. It is regarded as the guardian of the sacred and stands for the purity of the soul.

Owls are symbolic of death in many traditions. In most cases however, it should not be taken literally: if the owl is associated with death, it can be viewed a symbolic death, meaning a transition in life, important changes that are taking place or about to happen. They are also symbolically associated with clairvoyance, astral projection and magic.

Owl comes across as a symbol of hope that one has the ability to find way in great darkness, just as the owl traverses great distances through murky and mysterious nights. It stands as the testimony that there is always light in the darkest of darkness, one just needs to enhance one’s vision and expand one’s horizons to get to it. In this way, owls stand as the ultimate symbols of vision and hope.

As a conclusion, owl tattoo meaning is heavy. Keep this in mind before you embark on setting your owl tattoo as a permanent marker.

Owl tattoos are a classic example of adding meaningfulness to eye catching and attractive designs, and tattoo lovers can ask for nothing more. Perhaps, this is the reason that this tattoo design is getting global in terms of popularity and it is equally loved by all the age groups and both the sexes.

In the image gallery below you’ll find 50 of the most beautiful owl tattoo designs we’ve seen. Check them out and maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your next ink piece.

Owl Tattoo

Owl Tattoo

most beautiful owl tattoo designs

owl tattoo

beautiful owl tattoo

yin & yang owl tattoo

Owl tattoo with Peony

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Top 50+ Best Small Owl Tattoo Ideas – [2021 Inspiration Guide]

Traditionally the owl represents wisdom and knowledge, dating back to Greek Antiquity and Biblical times.   

Their prodigious, unblinking eyesight, sharp beak, and nocturnal nature helps the owl’s popularity for being brought to life by small tattoo.  

While sometimes seen as an omen of death, small owl body art runs the gamut from grim darkness, to photo realism, and even cartoon cuteness in design.  

The following top 51 small owl tattoo ideas will give you a glimpse of the bird’s versatility and provide you with inspiration for planning your next tattoo choice. 

1. Small Owl Back Tattoo Designs

Small Owl Back Tattoos alber.haupt

Source: @alber.haupt via Instagram

Small Owl Back Tattoos alicia_casale

Source: @alicia_casale via Instagram

Small Owl Back Tattoos blackinkcuernavaca

Source: @blackinkcuernavaca via Instagram

Small Owl Back Tattoos elias_vader

Source: @elias_vader via Instagram

Small Owl Back Tattoos inktologietattoo_luxembourg

Source: @inktologietattoo_luxembourg via Instagram

Small Owl Back Tattoos josimarliere

Source: @josimarliere via Instagram

Small Owl Back Tattoos mv_tattooer

Source: @mv_tattooer via Instagram

Small Owl Back Tattoos tatt2_raider

Source: @tatt2_raider via Instagram

Small Owl Back Tattoos x_onetattoo

Source: @x_onetattoo via Instagram

2. Ankle and Lower Leg Small Owl Tattoo Ideas 

Small Owl Ankle Tattoos brickartist119

Source: @brickartist119 via Instagram

Small Owl Ankle Tattoos eviljoe65

Source: @eviljoe65 via Instagram

Small Owl Ankle Tattoos nachdiaz_tattoo

Source: @nachdiaz_tattoo via Instagram

Small Owl Ankle Tattoos nutdub

Source: @nutdub via Instagram

Small Owl Ankle Tattoos tattooist_peace

Source: @tattooist_peace via Instagram

Small Owl Ankle Tattoos veronikarupf

Source: @veronikarupf via Instagram

3. Black and Gray Small Owl Tattoo Art

Small Black Owl Tattoos feketetattoo

Source: @feketetattoo via Instagram

Small Black Owl Tattoos inksano.hv

Source: @inksano.hv via Instagram

Small Black Owl Tattoos josevillasanatattoo

Source: @josevillasanatattoo via Instagram

Small Black Owl Tattoos juliebrdtattoo

Source: @juliebrdtattoo via Instagram

Small Black Owl Tattoos luckylamztattoo

Source: @luckylamztattoo via Instagram

Small Black Owl Tattoos matheuslansky.tattoo

Source: @matheuslansky.tattoo via Instagram

Small Black Owl Tattoos mr.jones.tattoo

Source: @mr.jones.tattoo via Instagram

Small Black Owl Tattoos rungbin.kp

Source: @rungbin.kp via Instagram

4. Colorful Small Owl Tattoos

Small Colored Owl Tattoos chriscurtistattoos

Source: @chriscurtistattoos via Instagram

Small Colored Owl Tattoos franco.iemma.tattooer

Source: @franco.iemma.tattooer via Instagram

Small Colored Owl Tattoos ghostyle_alex

Source: @ghostyle_alex via Instagram

Small Colored Owl Tattoos jayblack666

Source: @jayblack666 via Instagram

Small Colored Owl Tattoos mademoiselle_hirondelle

Source: @mademoiselle_hirondelle via Instagram

Small Colored Owl Tattoos natantattoo pl

Source: @natantattoo.pl via Instagram

Small Colored Owl Tattoos specchiotattoo

Source: @specchiotattoo via Instagram

5. Small Owl Tattoos on the Forearm

Small Owl Forearm Tattoos bob_tattoo00

Source: @bob_tattoo00 via Instagram

Small Owl Forearm Tattoos jason.ink

Source: @jason.ink via Instagram

Small Owl Forearm Tattoos kaser_ink

Source: @kaser_ink via Instagram

Small Owl Forearm Tattoos kemeltattoo

Source: @kemeltattoo via Instagram

Small Owl Forearm Tattoos liquid_ink_tattoo

Source: @liquid_ink_tattoo via Instagram

Small Owl Forearm Tattoos pirates_tattooz

Source: @pirates_tattooz via Instagram

Small Owl Forearm Tattoos taratattoo09

Source: @taratattoo09 via Instagram

6. Realistic Small Owl Tattoo Ideas

Small Realistic Owl Tattoos casedb

Source: @casedb via Instagram

Small Realistic Owl Tattoos damadlanoche

Source: @damadlanoche via Instagram

Small Realistic Owl Tattoos david_dagger_

Source: @david_dagger_ via Instagram

Small Realistic Owl Tattoos franck_chasseing

Source: @franck_chasseing via Instagram

Small Realistic Owl Tattoos soloarttattoos

Source: @soloarttattoos via Instagram

Small Realistic Owl Tattoos enricocampi

Source: @cenricocampi via Instagram

Small Realistic Owl Tattoos annafelkatattoo

Source: @annafelkatattoo via Instagram

7. Small Owl Shoulder Body Art

Small Owl Shoulder Tattoos agami_ink

Source: @agami_ink via Instagram

Small Owl Shoulder Tattoos ammar_wakil

Source: @ammar_wakil via Instagram

Small Owl Shoulder Tattoos modifikarte

Source: @modifikarte via Instagram

Small Owl Shoulder Tattoos mois_arttattoo

Source: @mois_arttattoo via Instagram

Small Owl Shoulder Tattoos sadidgarcia

Source: @sadidgarcia via Instagram

Small Owl Shoulder Tattoos el_tito_elias

Source: @el_tito_elias via Instagram

Small Black Owl Tattoos antonia.tattoo

Source: @antonia.tattoo via Instagram

8. Upper Arm Small Owl Tattoos

Small Owl Upperarm Tattoos blackbirdstattooer

Source: @blackbirdstattooer via Instagram

Small Owl Upperarm Tattoos diego_buddhatattoo

Source: @diego_buddhatattoo via Instagram

Small Owl Upperarm Tattoos lotus_drops

Source: @lotus_drops via Instagram
Source: @cams_ink_1331 via Instagram

Small Owl Upperarm Tattoos nadoo_tattoo

Source: @nadoo_tattoo via Instagram

Small Owl Upperarm Tattoos rodmaj.ca

Source: @rodmaj.ca via Instagram

Small Owl Upperarm Tattoos studioinkwell

Source: @studioinkwell via Instagram

Small Owl Upperarm Tattoos tats_by_tyler

Source: @tats_by_tyler via Instagram

Small Owl Upperarm Tattoos tony_mclaurin

Source: @tony_mclaurin via Instagram

Small Owl Upperarm Tattoos zach.hall_tattoos

Source: @zach.hall_tattoos via Instagram

Small Owl Upperarm Tattoos carllito_tattoo

Source: @carllito_tattoo via Instagram

Sours: https://nextluxury.com/mens-style-and-fashion/small-owl-tattoo-ideas/
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Top 97+ Best Owl Tattoo Ideas in 2021

Many believe owls are symbols of both wisdom and truth, which makes the glorious creature a popular design choice with strong symbolic meaning.

Others consider the owl design to be related to change, such as when the owl makes his hoot heard to announce his presence.

In Native American culture owls are linked with death and can be considered a bad omen of oncoming loss of life, while in the East they are considered good, protective Feng Shui. When an owl design or owl feather is incorporated with a skulltattoo then it becomes representative of death.

Read on to experience 91 truly amazing owl tattoos . From cute owl and watercolor tattoos, feather ideas and dream catcher designs, body and beak ink, to color tattoos and eerie big eyes ideas that seem to pierce the soul , you’ll find something you can take to the tattoo parlor.


1. Owl Sleeve Tattoo Art

Forearm Sleeve Black Owl Tattoo For Males

Men's Owl Tattoo Ideas Sleeves

Guy's Celtic Owl Tattoo On Forearm

Black Owl Tattoo For Guys Half Sleeve

Guy's Traditional Owl Tattoos


2. Neo Traditional Owl Tattoo Ideas

Best Owl Men's Tattoos On Arm And Chest

Multi Color Tattoos Men's Owls

Men's Owl On Branch Tattoo

Men's Colorful Owl Tattoos

Old School Owl Men's Tattoo Half Sleeve

Men's Owl Tattoos On Wrist

Chest Male Owl Flying Tattoo

Awesome Men's Tattoo Owls On Chest

Full Chest Owl Men's Tattoos


3. American Traditional Owl Tattoo

Men's Mystic Owl Tattoo On Arm

Colored Men's Owl Tattoos On Chest

Masculine Men's Evil White Owl Tattoo

Owl Flying With Snake Chest Tattoo For Men

Chest Flying Owl Tattoos Men

Unique Owl Tattoos For Men

Owl With Hat Chest Men's Tattoo

Chest Owl Tribal Men's Tattoo


4. Geometric Owl Tattoo Symbolism

Chest Black And Grey Owls Tattoo On Man With Red Heart

Guy's 3D Nite Owl Tattoo On Legs

Realistic Grey Owl Tattoo On Man With Yellow Eyes

Broken Owl Mens Geometric Forearm Tattoos

Geometric Owl Green And Black Mens Leg Tattoo

Mens Negative Space Pattern Geometric Owl Arm Tattoo


5. Barn Owl Tattoo Design

Barn Owl Feathers Mens Upper Chest Tattoos

Awesome Barn Owl Skull Mens Upper Arm Tattoo

Barn Owl House Mens Thigh Tattoos

Blue Ink Barn Owl Shaded Mens Watercolor Arm Tattoo

Cool Colorful Mens Barn Owl Watercolor Upper Chest Tattoo Ideas

Mens Inner Forearm Shaded Black Ink Barn Owl Tattoo Designs


6. Black and Gray Owl Tattoo Design

Men's Owl Tattoos Designs On Upper Arms

Small Manly Blue Owl Tattoo

Owl Tattoo Wrist Piece Men

Owl Tattoo Designs For Men Inner Arm

Men's Owl Simple Tattoos On Outer Forearm

Owl Wings Tattoo Sleeve For Men

Simple Owl Tattoo On Man Arm

7. Owl Chest Tattoo

Guy's Owl Eyes Tattoo On Stomach And Chest

3D Owl Chest Tattoo For Men

Horned Owl Tattoo For Men

Male Chest Tattoo Owl Wings

Cool Men's Owl Tattoo Symbolism

Japanese Owl Tattoo For Men

8. Realistic Owl Tattoo

Cool Owl Tattoos On Man With Rose

Black And Red Men's Owl Tattoos

Bicep Men's Fallen Owl Tattoo

New School Owl Men's Tattoos

Male Owl Sleeve Tattoo Forearm

Red Male Owl Tattoo Design

Owl Arm Tattoo For Men

Men's Owl Tattoos

Men's Barn Owl Tattoo On Hands

Owl Feather Tattoo For Males On Back Of Leg Calf

9. Owl Neck Tattoo

Small Realistic Owl Tattoos For Gentlemen On Neck

Owl Neck Tattoo For Guys

Colorful Watercolor Owl Neck Guys Tattoo Ideas

Masculine 3d Owl Neck Tattoos For Men

Neo Traditional Incredible Owl Neck Tattoos For Men

Owl With Rose Flower Realistic 3d Neck Mens Tattoo Designs

10. Owl Tattoo Design with Skulls

Men's Tattoos Of Owls With Clock And Skull

Tattoo Of Owls For Men With Skulls On Stomach

Leg Owl Tattoos For Men

Men's Flying Owl Tattoo

Realistic Owl Tattoo For Males

Owl Tattoo Meaning For Men


11.Celtic Owl Tattoos

Gentleman With White And Black Ink Celtic Owl Tattoo On Inner Forearm

Tribal Owl Head Guy's Tattoo

Cool Male Celtic Owl Tattoo Designs On Forearm

Leg Calf Mens Cool Celtic Owl Tattoo Ideas

Male Upper Chest Celtic Owl Tattoo Design Inspiration

White Ink Tribal Arm Celtic Owl Guys Tattoo Ideas


12. Truly Amazing Owl Tattoos for the Back

Amazing Shaded Owl Flying With Moon Mens Full Back Tattoos

Black And Grey Three Eyed Owl Mens Back Tattoo

Watercolor Flying Owl Male Back Tattoo Designs

Guys Full Back Owl Flying At Night With Moon Sky Tattoo Ideas

Mens Female Portrait With Owl Realistic 3d Shaded Back Tattoo

Colorful Retro Owl Sailing Ship Back Tattoos For Guys


13. Owl Forearm Tattoo Symbolism

Owl With Forest Nature Scene Forearm Tattoos For Guys

3d Outer Forearm Owl With Orange Eyes Cool Tattoo Ideas For Men

3d Realistic Owl Eyes Mens Outer Forearm Sleeve Tattoos

Blue Ink Background With Planets And Owl Head Mens Forearm Tattoo

Mens Abstract Watercolor Red And Black Ink Owl Tattoo On Forearm

Neo Traditional Owl With Wolf And Dagger Guys Outer Forearm Tattoo


14. Tribal Owl Tattoos

Yin Yang Tribal Owl Back Of Leg Tattoos For Men

Unique Mens Full Back Tribal Owl Tattoos

Small Masculine Guys Tribal Owl Geometric Tattoo Designs

Mens Haida Full Arm Sleeve Tribal Owl Tattoos

Mens Flying Owl Tribal Upper Chest Tattoo

Manly Negative Space Male Tribal Owl Polynesian Tattoo On Arm


15. Small and Cute Owl Tattoo

Small Owl Ankle Tattoos eviljoe65

Source: @eviljoe65 via Instagram

Small Owl Ankle Tattoos tattooist_peace

Source: @tattooist_peace via Instagram

Small Black Owl Tattoos matheuslansky.tattoo

Source: @matheuslansky.tattoo via Instagram

Small Colored Owl Tattoos ghostyle_alex

Source: @ghostyle_alex via Instagram

Small Colored Owl Tattoos natantattoo pl

Source: @natantattoo.pl via Instagram

Small Colored Owl Tattoos specchiotattoo

Source: @specchiotattoo via Instagram


Sours: https://nextluxury.com/mens-style-and-fashion/owl-tattoos-for-men/

The owl is a unique bird that’s mostly associated with wisdom and knowledge. It’s often thought of to be a magical and mysterious bird given its features and attributes. The creature is normally asleep in the day and awake at night which is quite contrary to how other birds behave. This type of tattoo is one which is commonly asked for at tattoo parlours.

The owl is also considered to be a symbol of protection and sacred knowledge. This bird is also commonly associated with Native Americans where it is believed to be a symbol of intelligence and protection.

owl tattoo (2)

This kind of tattoo is mostly worn by men and women as a symbol for wisdom and education. The creativity of the design makes it look quite attractive. Some cultures, like the ancient Egypt and Hindu, revered the owl as guardian of the underworld, associating it with some mystery. This particular design is particularly beautiful due to the bright colours it carries.


owl tattoo (38)

This creature is often associated with magic, so one can add a few features that enhance its look and beauty and also make it more mysterios looking.


owl tattoo (33)

Most females will probably fall in love with this tattoo.  Its colours, in particular, are an image of feminity and the glasses are definitely a fashion item added to give even more feminity to this tattoo.

owl tattoo (32)



owl tattoo (13)

The owl is also known to bear close association with the moon and the night. This might be very relevant to people who feel their best at night or who work in a clockwork fashion.  The tattoo below gives the impression of hypnotisation due to the circles on the outside.


owl tattoo (27)

Some people like to use different parts of an own as a design for animate objects like the key below.  There is no bird on display in the artistic design below, but one can immediately observe the features that are taken from this creature. This design can be used to unearth some mystery or some unclear issue in the life of the owner.

owl tattoo (37)

This neck tattoo is quite elegantly designed making it ideal for men. Some people believe that these tattoos are a sign of inner strength and hope. Having this type of tattoo might give the person some element of hope and inner strength in the face of challenges.

owl tattoo (36)

Some cultures like the Greek, considered having owl tattoos as a sign of holiness, therefore having it cover the best part of your body might mean that the person carrying is quite connected to what is holy and wants to keep a very close contact by carrying the own on his/her body.

owl tattoo (34)

This bird is known to hunt quietly without making any noise or creating any commotion. The place where the tattoo is put also has a special significance to the person.  This simple outline of the bird says a lot about the person; both in its simple design and also due to the ‘hidden’ place chosen for the tattoo.

owl tattoo (35)

Most owl tattoos are done with a lot of creativity. The design can be done in various colours, but it also looks quite beautiful when done in monotone like the tattoo below.  What is most noticeable here is the way the wings fit perfectly the contours of the body.

owl tattoo (30)

It is important to check out on various designs and colours before you settle on which one to go for. Making a hasty decision without doing research on which design best suits you might leave you unsatisfied with your choice. A good artist can help you in your decisions.  The tattoo below is quite particular.  It is a very small design which the artist places in his/her finger.

owl tattoo (31)

Most people choose specific owl designs due to their symbolic value. This design looks quite and the date inscribed surely means something special to the person.

owl tattoo (28)

The use of colours in a tattoo enhances the appearance of a design as in the example below. The owner seems to perceive the owl as visionary, and by having the bird in glasses the  element regarding clarity of vision is manifested.

owl tattoo (26)

The owl is also believed to be a symbol of magic which mainly involves communication with cosmic forces. Abstract designs like the example below entwine the magic of the bird with the effects of asymmetrical shapes.

owl tattoo (23)

Each tattoo usually gives out a very personal meaning which sometimes is difficult to decipher unless you converse with the owner.  Can this tattoo mean freedom?

owl tattoo (24)

Again the colours in this tattoo are various, however, they are not as bright as some of the other tattoos we have seen on this page.  The tattoo below seem to have many different meanings and of particular notice one can observe the big staring eyes, the design from which the whole bird is made of, and the rainbow beam underneath its feet.

owl tattoo (25)

An unusual form which must have been thought very thoroughly by the owner.  This is a tattoo for people who love to give out various messages.  The bird is not a done in a traditional form and furthermore the tattoo seem to have two different calls.  One must also keep in mind that some tattoo owners choose to add to their tattoos later on in life, as if they are continuing the story.

owl tattoo (22)

A good number of people who do tattoos are themselves very creative.  For this reason, original artistic designs like the one below are included to otherwise boring and common tattoos, making them personal and special.

owl tattoo (21)

Below we see another tattoo which is spaced on different part of the bodies.  What makes it interesting in this one below is that the owner can combine the tattoos by putting his or her arms together and obtain a holistic design.

owl tattoo (20)

Beautiful women as tattoos have always been very popular.  What makes them different and personal is how these women are portrayed.  In the case below the owner has given a quite unusual headdress to the female which is placed on the arm.

owl tattoo (17)

An iron bird!  Does this remind the owner of some kind of battle, or maybe a search for protection?

owl tattoo (18)

Similar to a tattoo we have seen above, the one below portrays a designer owl.  The colours and geometric effects give this bird a designer look.

owl tattoo (19)

As discussed many a times on this site, the beauty of a tattoo does not necessarily stem out through colours.  And the tattoo below is one very good example.  Adorn only in black ink, the below is magnificent.  The carefully thought, pen-like effect, makes the tattoo below a piece of art that must be the envy of many.

owl tattoo (16)

This is not a tattoo of a bird, it is a story.  The creature is only the character in a context!  Most importantly the creature is humanised through the pair of seemingly human feet.  Is this a man under an own mask, or is it an out of this world creature?

owl tattoo (15)

The emphasis here is the colourful tree in a perfectly round shape.  If you want something to stand out you can use this effect, where you only colour the important part.

owl tattoo (14)

The snatching of the key!  Has the owner finally reached its destination?

owl tattoo (11)

A demonised owl!  Quite an original tattoo which the owner chose to emphasise the tears by making them red.  Unless you speak to its owner it is also difficult to guess the meaning of this dark tattoo.

owl tattoo (12)

A small bird, highly designed and a limited amount of colour, with the red heart, clearly emphasised.  What is interesting here is the hazy feeling this tattoo gives the viewer.

owl tattoo (10)

This tattoo gives you an immediate connection to the Indian culture.

owl tattoo (9)

Cute small birds full of colour.  One cannot but adore these colourful designs.  Great for petite females.

owl tattoo (8)

We do not see to many tattoos in the brown colours below.  They suit the bird perfectly.  How important are colours in a tattoo?  A discussion with your tattoo artist can reveal the many aspects that a colour can have both on the tattoo, the owner, and also the viewer.

owl tattoo (5)

A well thought tattoo below.  Distinctive features, manly and dark.  Seems to portray a stereotypical criminal of the past.  The hat, the lens and the pipe are all features which give out this impression.

owl tattoo (6)

Both tattoos below are simple black designs that are quite conservative.  Nonetheless, they both have their own personalities.

owl tattoo (7)

owl tattoo (4)

A beautiful small tattoo enclosed in a decorative Victorian Frame.

owl tattoo (3)

We would like to point out here the script on the side!  It has become quite a fashion for tattoo enthusiast to write a meaning which explains their tattoo.  It seems as if the owner does not want us to wonder what he is trying to say but rather gave us the message directly in a nicely scripted addition to this tattoo.

owl tattoo

Key, lock and colours.  The owner is probably a female from the soft pastel colours and heart in the middle of the birds forehead.  Of particular note is the string of beads, which again is highly connected to feminity.

owl tattoo (1)

Two different animals with different traits.  The tattoo is also similar to drawings one finds in old books, dark and busy.

owl tattoo (29)

A very large tattoo indeed which covers the whole torso, shoulder, neck and arms.  This kind of tattoo definitely needs a lot of time to achieve, a lot of pain, and most of all a lot of thought on whether this is the kind of body you want to live with for the rest of your life.

owl tattoo (39)

Tattooing has become a popular practice with many people turning to it as a stamp of identity where different persons can effectively express their values, beliefs and even something special that they would love to express artistically. There are many themes used in the tattooing fields that are common, but most of them carry some intrinsic meanings that most people would love to express in a loud and clear way.

The above tattoos are some of the designs that one can look at so as to take ideas on how to express any of the various symbols and meanings that this bird can convey and to which the owner feels some kind of closeness. The styles can be blended with different colours and expressions that enhance the look as desired by an individual. It’s good to note that a tattoo that looks great on a friend might not look great on you given complexion differences. It’s also appropriate to decide on a design early enough so that you get to craft something you’re comfortable with given the amount of pain one has to endure when placing the tattoo.  Most of all it is important to choose a design which speaks about you and which will ultimately become a part of you.


Sours: https://www.tattooeasily.com/owl-tattoos/

Ideas owl tattoo

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70 Owl Tattoos For Men

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