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Season of television series

The first season of Shameless, an American comedy-drama television series based on the British series of the same name by Paul Abbott, premiered on January 9, 2011, at Sunday 10:00 p.m. EST on the Showtime television network. Executive producers are John Wells, Paul Abbott and Andrew Stearn, with producer Michael Hissrich. The season concluded after 12 episodes on March 27, 2011. The show's season premiere was watched by 982,000 viewers, making it the network's biggest turnout for a series premiere since Dead Like Me in 2003. The episode airing January 30, "Casey Casden", received 1.45 million total viewers, making Shameless the best performing first-year drama on Showtime. The season finale scored 1.16 million viewers.


The first season of Shameless depicts the dysfunctional family of Frank Gallagher, a single, alcoholic, and trashy father of six children in Chicago, Illinois. With Frank's bipolar wife, Monica, running away from Frank prior to the first season, the family has been run by Frank's eldest daughter Fiona, who raises her five other siblings: the extraordinarily intelligent Lip, goofy and strong-hearted Ian, the mature and grounded Debbie, the troublemaking and unruly child Carl, and Liam, who is mysteriously black (in the second half of the season, a paternity test reveals Frank as Liam's biological father). Often involved in the Gallagher's lives are their neighbors, Kevin and Veronica, who fake a marriage mid-season to obtain a substantial dowry.

The season's core story revolves around Steve Wilton, an affluent man whom Fiona and Veronica meet at a dance club. Fiona begins a relationship with Steve and discovers that he is a high end car thief. Fiona's childhood friend and police officer, Tony Markovich, expresses interest in dating Fiona, though Fiona ultimately turns him down. When Steve leaves town to visit his family in Lake Forest, it is revealed that his real name is Jimmy Lishman; Jimmy, under the alias of Steve, comes from a wealthy family who presumes he is away at medical school. When Debbie discovers Steve's secret, she agrees to keep it a secret from Fiona, but does notify Steve's real mother about his double life.

The subsidiary plot throughout the season involves Ian, who is a closeted homosexual, his sexual orientation only known to Lip and a friend, Mandy. Ian pursues a sexual relationship with his boss Kash, the adult owner of a local convenience store. Kash is unhappily married to his wife, Linda, who discovers the affair through the store's newly installed security cameras; Linda blackmails Kash into impregnating her. Mandy's thug brother, Mickey Milkovich, openly shoplifts from the store and regularly insults Kash. When Ian confronts Mickey, the two unexpectedly have sex, and they begin a casual sexual relationship. When Kash finds out, he angrily shoots Mickey in the leg when he attempts to shoplift. Mickey is arrested for attempted shoplifting and Kash is praised for his efforts. In the final episode, Ian comes out to Fiona, who is accepting of his sexuality.

Frank's eldest son, Lip, is in an open relationship with the promiscuous Karen Jackson, though Lip wants to pursue their relationship more than a casual fling. Karen's mother, Sheila, is a nice but kooky housewife diagnosed with severe agoraphobia. Frank becomes romantic with Sheila and moves in with her, though he's mainly there to freeload and cash on Sheila's disability checks, much to Karen's dismay. Sheila's estranged ex-husband, Eddie, attempts to reconcile with Karen by inviting her to a purity ball, a father/daughter event where girls pledge their chastity. When Karen delves into a detailed list of her sexual history at the ball, as required by the ball's program, Eddie angrily calls her a whore. Sheila furiously kicks Eddie out of her house, overcoming her agoraphobia in the process. In a cruder turn of events, Karen wants to get revenge on her father and rapes an incapacitated Frank, showcasing the incident on a video blog that she sends to Eddie and his co-workers. Beaten over the video and past events, Eddie commits suicide by jumping in a frozen lake. Consequently, a guilt-stricken Karen breaks up with Lip. Both Frank and Karen separately apologize to Lip for the video.

In the final episodes, Lip and Ian are arrested after being caught driving one of Steve's stolen cars, straining Fiona and Steve's relationship; though Fiona, conflicted, admits that she may be falling in love with Steve. Meanwhile, Tony discovers the truth about Steve's occupation. He attacks Steve and gives him an ultimatum—to turn himself in and be arrested, or to leave Fiona and disappear without a trace. Though Steve tries to convince Fiona to accompany him in Costa Rica, Fiona declines his offer and takes up an office job from a new friend, Jasmine, to further care for her family. Under obligation, Steve is forced to run off without the girl he expected he'd be with.

Cast and characters[edit]

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Development and casting[edit]

HBO began developing an American version of Shameless after striking a deal with John Wells in January 2009.[13] By October 2009 the development had moved to Showtime. John Wells Productions filmed a pilot episode for the cable network in December 2009.[14]William H. Macy stars in the lead role as Frank Gallagher.[citation needed] Also joining the cast were former Dragonball Evolution co-stars Emmy Rossum as Fiona and Justin Chatwin as Steve.[15][16] Paul Abbott, whose semi-autobiographical telescript became the pilot episode for the original UK version, is credited as an executive producer on the U.S. version. In April 2010, Showtime green-lit the series with a twelve-episode order.[17] In late August Joan Cusack was cast as Sheila, a romantic interest for Frank, replacing Allison Janney, who portrayed the role in the pilot.[18] A preview of the pilot aired on December 12, 2010, after the Season 5 finale of Dexter. The first season officially began airing on Showtime on Sunday, January 9, 2011.


Production began in mid-September 2010.[18] It is filmed in the North Lawndale[19]community area of Chicago[20] and Burbank, California, at Warner Bros. Studios.


Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes gives the first season a 'Certified Fresh' rating of 70% based on 37 reviews, with the critical consensus "Shameless is a dark, urban dramedy that overcomes its leaps of faith thanks to fantastic casting, intriguing ambiance, and shock value."[21]

DVD release[edit]

The Complete First Season
Set details[22]Special features[23]
  • 12 episodes
  • 595 minutes (Region 1); 940 minutes (Region 2); 925 minutes (Region 4)
  • 3-disc set
  • 1.33:1 aspect ratio
  • Languages:
    • English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround)
  • Subtitles:
    • English, and French (Region 1)
    • English, Spanish, Danish, French, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, English and German for the Hearing Impaired (Regions 2 and 4)
  • Bringing Shameless to America – A look at the process of reworking and repurposing a successful UK television series for an American premium cable audience.
  • Bringing the Fun to Dysfunctional – Go behind-the-scenes of the show with key members of the cast and crew in this much-too-brief making-the-series featurette.
  • A Shameless Discussion About Sex – Rossum and co-stars Steve Howey, Justin Chatwin and Shanola Hampton have a candid chat about the sex in Shameless.
  • Audio Commentaries – Two commentaries are available:
    • "Pilot," which features a broad overview of the series courtesy of writer/director John Wells, executive producer Andrew Stern and actress Emmy Rossum
    • "Frank Gallagher: Loving Husband, Devoted Father," a more episode-centric track with writer Etan Frankel, director David Nutter, and actors Cameron Monaghan and Jeremy Allen White.
  • Deleted Scenes – A small selection of deleted scenes of the series.
    • Episodes: 2, 3, 5, 8, 12, 13, 14, 16, 19
  • Season 2 Sneak Peek – A look into season 2 of Shameless
Release dates
 United States United Kingdom Australia

December 27, 2011 (2011-12-27)[24]

June 25, 2012 (2012-06-25)[25]April 4, 2012 (2012-04-04)[26]


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Shameless star Emmy Rossum is infamously private about her dating life. When the Fiona Gallagher actor married her current husband, Sam Esmail, in 2017, they had a clandestine ceremony. The couple also didn’t announce their wedding until it already happened. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Showtime alum kept her relationship with one of her co-stars a secret as well. 

Emmy Rossum and Justin Chatwin at 'Shameless' premiere.

 Emmy Rossum played Fiona Gallagher on ‘Shameless’  for nine seasons

After finding success in several movies, including The Day After Tomorrow and Phantom of the Opera, Rossum joined the Shameless cast in the 2010s. The series aired its first episode on Jan. 9, 2011. During her time on the show, fans watched as Rossum’s character raised her siblings without little help from their father, Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy). Additionally, she worked as a director in the show’s later seasons. 

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According to The Hollywood Reporter. Rossum earned $350,000 an episode for Shameless in 2016. However, she announced that she planned to leave the series in 2017. On her Facebook page, the actor shared that playing Fiona was a “gift,” and she will miss the cast and crew. 

“I know you will continue on without me, for now,” Rossum wrote. “There is much more Gallagher story to be told. I will always be rooting for my family. Try not to think of me as gone. Just think of me as moving down the block.”

The Fiona Gallagher actor and a member of the ‘Shameless’ cast dated for two years

In her Facebook announcement, Rossum described her longtime character as a “mother lion, fierce, flawed and sexually liberated.” On Shameless, viewers saw Fiona search for love in between supporting her family. Throughout nine seasons, the eldest Gallagher sibling had multiple boyfriends. However, one of her most notable love stories is with Steve/Jimmy (Justin Chatwin). 

Emmy Rossum and Tyler Jacob Moore attend Global Green USA.

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During the show’s first season, Fiona and Steve briefly parted ways after a fight. In episode three, “I’m Just Not Wired That Way,” she decides to go on a date with a cop in her neighborhood, Tony Markovich (Tyler Jacob Moore). Although they ultimately have sex in the back of his car, Fiona gets back with Steve shortly after their date. 

Although Fiona and Tony weren’t a match, Rossum and Moore made a real-life connection. According to Us Weekly, the couple dated for two years following her 2010 divorce from Justin Siegel. The outlet shared that their relationship was mostly private, and their fans didn’t know they were together until they broke up in 2013.

Is Rossum returning to the ‘Shameless’ cast as Fiona? 

Following her split from Moore, Rossum met Esmail. In August 2015, the actor and the Mr. Robot creator announced their engagement, per E! News. The pair tied the knot in May 2017 at a temple in New York. Since leaving Shameless as Fiona, Rossum appeared in a Peacock mini-series called Angelyne. She also had a guest spot on Mr. Robot in 2015.

Although she’s moved onto other projects, fans still want to see Rossum’s Fiona make an appearance for the show’s final season. Showtime announced in 2020 thatShameless is ending after season 11.

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Shameless: 20 Things That Don’t Make Sense About Fiona And Jimmy’s Relationship

In the very first episode of Showtime's popular comedy-drama series Shameless, viewers got to see Fiona Gallagher meet and quickly fall for Steve Wilton, an attractive and seemingly successful man who had tried to stop a thief from stealing her purse. Fiona spent most of her life raising her younger siblings in a crowded and crazy household, so Steve's willingness to put her needs first for a change and his incredible generosity made it seem like he was just what she needed.

Over time, Steve revealed that his name was actually Jimmy Lishman, and that his fortune was actually amassed by stealing cars. Jimmy and Fiona's relationship quickly became rocky, as Jimmy's lies continued to stack up and Fiona's tendency to overextend herself and need to focus on her family's countless issues kept her from ever giving her boyfriend the attention and support he wanted.

Since Ian Gallagher's character recently earned a relatively happy ending with his Season 1 boyfriend Mickey Milkovich, countless fans hope Fiona will similarly end up with Jimmy before Emmy Rossum leaves Shamelessin Season 9 under the belief that they are also soulmates. However, this couple's history has been filled with drama and unsolvable issues, and it wouldn't be right for the series' writers to mindlessly throw them back together for mere fanservice when they're definitely better apart.

Here are 20 Things That Don’t Make Sense About Fiona And Jimmy’s Relationship.


Jimmy proves that there really isn't any honor among thieves. While watching Fiona Gallagher dance at a nightclub, he saw her purse get stolen and immediately chased after the robber. He was unsuccessful in his attempt to stop the criminal, but Jimmy was made out to be a hero for trying and his momentary nobility helped him slide into Fiona's life and heart.

Unfortunately, Jimmy wasn't quite the knight in shining armor that he was initially made out to be. He was a professional thief himself, and instead of stealing purses, he actually made a living stealing cars. Jimmy did seem to truly love Fiona and want to help the Gallagher family, but at the end of the day, he was just another criminal who threatened to make their already chaotic lives even more complicated.


Fiona has never been able to maintain a healthy relationship with someone who was actually right for her and good for her family. Mike Pratt was great with her siblings, had a stable job and was exceptionally friendly, but she ruined her relationship with Mike by being with his manipulative brother. Her marriage with Gus was going great, right up until she had a brief one night with Jimmy. She nearly married Sean, even though she knew he was a former addict with a criminal history.

Fiona's trend of making bad relationship decisions all started with Jimmy Lishman. She wasn't attracted to him when she thought he was a wealthy businessman, but as soon as he revealed that he makes a living stealing cars, she suddenly wanted to be with him. When he decided to give that life up to become a doctor, they broke up.


Jimmy wasn't afraid to blow all of his hard-earned car theft money to make Fiona happy. He bought her everything she needed to make life in the Gallagher house easier, and when that still wasn't enough to satisfy his girlfriend, he spontaneously bought the house next door so she could finally have a bit of freedom and privacy from her siblings. It was an incredibly romantic and thoughtful gesture, but the house sadly didn't stay in his and Fiona's possession for very long.

In an attempt to keep Tony Markovich from arresting him for grand theft auto, Jimmy simply gave his rival for Fiona's heart the house. Tony already said he wouldn't turn Jimmy in if he just left town, so this was an illogical move that stripped Fiona of a gift he had promised her.


Most people in healthy relationships never doubt whether or not they should be together. Fans seem to think that Jimmy is Fiona's soulmate and hope they get back together before Emmy Rossum leaves the series, but Fiona herself has never been sure about Jimmy.

When Jimmy returned to Chicago after fleeing the city in the first season, Fiona was torn on whether or not she should give him a second chance. She messed around with him in a bathroom while she was on a date with another guy, but immediately regretted it and led him on for weeks. When she was married to Gus, she slept with Jimmy as soon as he came back to town, but they broke up shortly after.


When Jimmy came back to Chicago, he immediately tried to get Fiona back. She initially refused to resume their relationship because Jimmy was now married to Estefania and she still didn't forgive him for leaving her in the first place, so Jimmy had to utilize some sketchy tactics to slide his way back into Fiona's life.

Jimmy tried to help out around the Gallagher house and drive Fiona's siblings around town, in the hopes that Fiona would become reliant on him and decide she needed him. When that didn't work, he let Lip stay at his apartment after Fiona kicked him out for dropping out of high school, knowing that this would anger Fiona and force her to finally have a conversation with him. Good boyfriends don't have to resort to this level of emotional manipulation.


Jimmy's attempts to get back with Fiona upon returning to Chicago didn't quite work out, so the Shameless writers had to come up with other ways to force the former couple to interact. That's when Fiona's friend Jasmine invited both Jimmy and his new wife Estefania to a party she was hosting on a fling's boat.

There are countless reasons why this didn't make any sense. Jasmine knew that Jimmy broke Fiona's heart when he first left town, knew that Jimmy was now married, and knew that her best friend didn't want to see him. Jasmine also had a secret crush on Fiona, and kissed her at that same party. She explained that she contacted Jimmy about the party to try to get them back together, but if Jasmine cared about Fiona or wanted to be with her, she shouldn't have invited him.


When Jimmy first revealed to Fiona that he made all of his money stealing cars, she never really expressed any sort of concern that her boyfriend would get caught one day and find himself behind bars. She was too busy worrying about her siblings and problematic father to really worry about Jimmy or keep tabs on what he was up to.

When she came across Jimmy burning his own clothes in front of the Gallagher house late one evening, she didn't even think to question why he was doing that. He had just been forced to do endure something awful and looked traumatized as he set fire to his clothes, but Fiona was too focused on other things to notice or ask if he was okay.


Jimmy's marriage to Estefania was a complete sham. A criminal had forced Jimmy to marry his daughter so she could legally live in the US, and repeatedly threatened to end Jimmy's life if he didn't keep up the charade and make their relationship seem real to government officials.

For some reason, Jimmy wasn't just open about the reasoning for his marriage to Estefania with Fiona, even after they finally started dating again. Fiona had no clue how much danger Jimmy was in from Estefania's father Nando and his henchmen, so when he disappeared for the second time after being forced onto Nando's boat, it was a complete shock.


As the primary guardian of all of her siblings, Fiona always had a lot on her plate and she didn't have much available free time to spend talking to Jimmy or helping him solve his issues the way he constantly consoled and helped her. Jimmy never really expressed any emotions about this neglect until he found out his father was divorcing his mother and was having an affair with Ian Gallagher.

Jimmy desperately wanted to talk to his girlfriend about this surprising revelation, but she was too busy and focused on her own family drama to spend even a few minutes discussing Jimmy's father issues with him. Jimmy then finally called Fiona out on her selfishness, starting a fight that they never truly resolved.


All couples fight every now and then, but healthy couples definitely don't react to arguments as poorly as Jimmy always seemed to react to fights with Fiona. When he yelled at Fiona for always only caring about her own problems and never reserving any time to talk about his, Jimmy just tried to pretend the fight never happened and the couple moved on without resolving this glaring issue. When he got especially angry, he chose to get revenge on Fiona by being with another woman.

Jimmy and Estefania were only together on paper, but whenever he and Fiona had issues, he messed around with his wife to release some of his stress and anger. He always maintained that he solely loved Fiona and expressed some remorse for his infidelity, but if he truly cared about her, he wouldn't have done that in the first place.


Before Jimmy was forced to leave Fiona for the second time, he considered putting an end to his life of crime and going back to medical school in Michigan. He asked Fiona if she and the other Gallaghers would like to leave Chicago with him, but Fiona soon found out that he submitted an application for a studio apartment. He never actually wanted Fiona's siblings to come along and join them in their fresh start.

Fiona was happy for Jimmy when he revealed his plans to get his life back in order, but once she discovered the truth about his desire to take Fiona away from her family, they got into a huge fight. Fiona pointed out that they never made decisions together, and Jimmy was unable to argue against that fact.


The second time Jimmy reappeared in Chicago after months of no contact with Fiona, he decided against immediately approaching her and begging her to take him back. Instead, he asked his mysterious friend Angela to spy on Fiona for him to see whether or not she was happy or entered into a new relationship since his disappearance. Angela repeatedly appeared at Fiona's restaurant to keep tabs on her until Jimmy finally decided to reveal that he was back.

Jimmy never really explained why he waited so long to approach Fiona, or why he continued to pursue her after he found out she was married to Gus. If he really cared about her, he would have just stayed out of her life upon discovering that she was finally moving on and in a good place in life.


Throughout Fiona and Jimmy's off-again, on-again relationship, they expressed a variety of issues with each other that never actually got fixed. Fiona was absolutely right that Jimmy failed to ever include her when making big decisions. Jimmy was right that Fiona only seemed to care about her own problems and couldn't be there for him when he wanted to vent about his father.

They always seemed to get right back together after major arguments, but none of the problems that were brought up during their major arguments ever got resolved. Good couples are able to forgive and forget their partners' minor indiscretions and failings, but they don't just ignore glaring issues in their relationships they way Fiona and Jimmy always do.


Shameless fans were surprised when Fiona damaged her amazing relationship with Mike Pratt beyond repair to sneak around with his rebellious and manipulative brother Robbie, but that wasn't the last time she'd sabotage her own love life. A few years later, she spontaneously married Gus Pfender and the two of them seemed to be very happy and in love until Fiona decided to be with Jimmy again.

Jimmy had already broken Fiona's heart and abandoned her without warning twice, but whenever he came back to town, Fiona just couldn't help but jump right back into bed with him. She immediately regretted cheating on Gus and told Jimmy that she wanted to be with her new husband, but the damage was done and Fiona found herself alone once again.


Jimmy has lied to Fiona ever since the very first day they met on the first episode of Shameless. He introduced himself as Steve when he was really Jimmy and he let Fiona believe he was a successful businessman when he was really a car thief. Later in the relationship, he hid the truth about his dealings with Estefania's drug lord father from Fiona for reasons unknown. When he returned to Chicago several months later, he had taken on yet another new identity, and his friend Angela knew him as "Jack."

Jimmy seems to be a habitual liar, as he also let his family believe he was away at medical school when he was actually back in Chicago stealing cars. There's really no reason to believe he'll ever change.


When Debbie Gallagher saw a suggestive text on Steve's phone from another woman, she took it upon herself to investigate and see if her sister's boyfriend had a secret second relationship. Her sleuthing took her to Candace Lishman's home, where she found out that Steve was actually Jimmy Lishman, Candace's son.

Candace had no clue that Jimmy had taken up a new identity and was living in Chicago. When Jimmy walked into his childhood home and found Debbie there waiting for him, he immediately begged her not to tell Fiona who he really was. For weeks, he forced Debbie to lie to her own sister and gave her gifts in exchange for her silence.


It's important for couples to treat each other like partners. Couples are supposed to run financial decisions by each other, even when one individual in a relationship makes more money than the other. They're supposed to make plans for the future together, and they're supposed to be there for each other during both the good times and the bad.

Jimmy and Fiona may have been a fun couple to watch, but they never treated each other like true partners. Jimmy always bought whatever he thought Fiona needed without asking her first. He applied for a studio apartment in Michigan before asking Fiona if she'd leave her brothers and sister to be with him. When Jimmy finally needed Fiona to support him emotionally the way he was always there for her, she failed to do so.


Fiona always claimed that she was able to handle taking care of herself and her siblings all on her own, but deep down, she really enjoyed the way Jimmy constantly pampered and provided for her. She eventually accepted the washing machine he gifted her after their first night together, she never turned down Jimmy's offers to help out around the house, and she was more than happy to accept the house he gave her. Yet for some reason, she never properly thanked Jimmy for his constant generosity.

Thanking Jimmy would have required Fiona to admit that she could use some help, and Fiona always refuses to rely on anyone other than herself. So she opted to seem unappreciative whenever Jimmy did something to try to make her happy.


In recent seasons of Shameless, Fiona has finally started to get her life together. She made a big gamble buying an old laundromat, but she quickly made a significant profit on that purchase and was able to use the money she made to buy an entire apartment building.

After years of struggling to find a good job or way to support her family, Fiona got her life on track. That never would have happened if she was still with Jimmy, because Jimmy's constant pampering kept her from having the drive to hustle to make money. Without Jimmy in her life, Fiona was forced to push herself to her potential. She just seems to be at her best when he's not in the picture.


Jimmy Lishman just can't seem to figure out what he wants. He resented his parents' dream of him becoming a wealthy and successful doctor, but he asked Fiona to move with him to Michigan so he could go back to medical school. He loved the chaos of the Gallagher house and enjoyed providing for Fiona and her siblings, but in a moment of anger, he called her home a slum and implied that he deserved better. When he returned to Chicago for a second time to win Fiona back, he spied on her for weeks before announcing his arrival.

Outside of knowing that he wants to be with Fiona, Jimmy doesn't know much else about his future or what roads he wants to take in life. Even if he and Fiona are meant to be together, they have a lot of self-exploration to do before they can be in a healthy, stable relationship with each other


What other aspects of Jimmy and Fiona's relationship don't make any sense on Shameless? Do you think they're destined to be together? Let us know in the comments!


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James "Jimmy" Lishman


Steve, Jack, James, Jimmy-Steve

Date of Birth

December 25

James "Jimmy" Lishman, also known as Steve Wilton and Jack, is a former main character and is a handsome, well-bred guy with a lot of moxie, a lot of money, and a rap sheet a mile long. When he won Fiona's heart, he has moved in with the Gallaghers and he and Fiona are trying to make a go of it. But his wife, a Brazilian drug dealer's daughter, continues to throw a wrench in his plans.

Throughout the Seasons

Season 1

Jimmy is introduced in the Pilot as Steve. He is watching Fiona dance at a club when he sees her purse get stolen. He chases after the robber unsuccessfully, but he meets Fiona and there is an instant spark. Initially, Fiona thinks that Steve is a hotshot businessman who makes a ton of money. While he does make a lot of money, he proves to Fiona that he is not her typical snobby rich guy. He makes a living by stealing cars--and he's pretty good at it. Fiona is attracted to Steve's rebel persona.

Jimmy arranges for Frank to be sent to Canada because of his mistreatment of his children in Frank the Plank.However, Steve is soon forced to help in smuggling Frank back after being scolded by Fiona.

It is revealed in It's Time to Kill the Turtle, that Fiona does not know that Steve's real name is Jimmy or that he grew up in Chicago in a very rich household. His family thinks he is away at medical school, when in fact he is still living in Chicago and making an illegal living. He comes to the Gallaghers' house and spots Frank now drunk sitting in his chair. Steve goes to bond with Fiona.

During But at Last Came a Knock, he continues to have a heated relationship with Fiona and is always at the Gallagher house. When Debbie becomes suspicious of his texts to a mysterious "Candace," she secretly visits his parents' house and learns his true identity, causing him great worry.

In Nana Gallagher Had an Affair, he buys the house next door so that he and Fiona can move in together but still stay close to the family. He faces a new problem with Debbie now aware of his true name and threatening him if he hurts her sister. At one point, Fiona's cop friend Tony stops him and congratulates him on being with Fiona and wishes him luck. At the family dinner, Jimmy is present when the Gallaghers dine and is amused by the drama that takes place such as Ian being the half-brother and cousin of his family from Monica's affair with Frank's brother, the argument between Frank, Monica, and Bob, and Frank kissing Monica. The Gallagher’s later stay at Jimmy’s house where they watch Bob and Monica pack up, unsure if they are going to take Liam. They then see Bob, Monica, and Liam come outside. He watches Monica tearfully hand Liam over to Fiona, showing that she cannot separate him from his siblings.

In Daddyz Girl, Tony discovers that Jimmy is stealing cars and after beating him up threatens to turn him into the police unless Jimmy agrees to leave the country and leave Fiona behind. Jimmy bribes Tony by giving him the house he bought for him and Fiona, and he leaves the country, hoping that Fiona will follow him. In the end, Fiona decides to stay in Chicago and she and Jimmy break up. Jimmy runs off to South America.

Season 2

In Can I Have a Mother, Jimmy returns and has married a Brazilian woman named Estefania, as a way for her to come to the USA. He meets with Fiona, they talk and he learns of her recently-released grandmother before inviting Fiona and a guy she's seeing to go on a double date with him and his wife. During the date, they excuse themselves for a moment and catch up in the bathroom with Jimmy attempting to admit his love for Fiona. In the bathroom he and Fiona start making out, only for Fiona to reject him and leave the bathroom. When she leaves, Jimmy following shortly after, Fiona's boyfriend picks up what's going on and leaves her. At a party thrown for Karen, Jimmy tries to apologize to Fiona for what happened in the bathroom but she insists nothing happened. He is shocked to witness Fiona's grandmother Peggy pull a gun, and he stops her from shooting at Shelia. He panics at the chaos done to everyone. Very soon, Debbie informs Fiona of his real name and she leaves him an angry voicemail while calling his real name.

It is later revealed in A Bottle of Jean Nate, that a spurned Jimmy had sex with Estefania. He and Estefania continue to be 'married' while he is trying to win Fiona's heart back. However, she rebuffs and confronts him for lying to her about his real name and tells him to leave. When Fiona's friend Jasmine invites her onto a boat she finds out that Jasmine also invited Steve and Estefania, in an attempt to get Jimmy and Fiona back together. When they meet, Fiona is more calm and asks Jimmy if he was going to tell her about his real identity. Jimmy admits that he was planning to but never got the chance. Right at this moment, Estefania calls for him, causing him to leave while Fiona grows more and more angry at him before leaving the boat.

Throughout the rest of season, he is shown going to the Gallagher household bringing Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts to the kids even through Fiona's consistent insistence that he not come to her house. When Lip runs away from home because of not wanting to go to school, Jimmy lets him stay at his house since Lip says that Fiona will be on his doorstep in a few days if he does so. Lip also partners with Jimmy to do some computer business to make some extra money.

In the last two episodes, Jimmy keeps trying his plan to win back Fiona's heart and trust and finally succeeds on the second to last episode after kissing her. In the last episode Jimmy makes it official and they begin dating again.

Season 3

Fiona begins to see more of Jimmy's real personality and mentions to Kevin and Veronica that he cleans the house and babysits Liam like he is the father of the house. One day, a black vehicle shows up parked on the street while Jimmy is babysitting Liam. He notices the black car outside the window and tries ignore it at first but is tempted to walk outside and then towards it to see what is happening. It drives off in a hurry and a few more black cars drive off as well, but the first car makes a U-turn. While Jimmy tries to make a run for it, he gets cornered and Estefania's father steps out and holds a gun to Jimmy's head while asking for the location of his daughter. They take Jimmy, leaving the front door of the Gallagher house unlocked and Liam inside. After school ends Carl and Debbie come home to find Liam alone watching TV. Jimmy is kidnapped and taken to Estefania who is surprised to see her father. Estefania greets her father, but Marco walks in naked wearing glasses and earplugs. Estefania yells for her father to stop but he shoots Marco in the forehead.

Afterwards, Jimmy is enlisted in helping chop up the body. He refuses but is threatened by the drug lord himself. He returns home and is caught burning his clothes by Fiona. The next day, Jimmy is taken to the Great Lakes on a yacht. The drug lord's henchmen throw Marco's remains into the lake and afterward the drug lord explains that he knows he has been lied to. He goes on to tell Jimmy that he came from a poor background and has always wanted what's best for his daughter. He explains that he has arranged for Estefania to study economics and in 5 years she will become a US citizen, provided that Jimmy is her husband when that time comes. He goes on to tell him that he can have sex with Fiona for fun and only fun since he is married, calling Fiona a "ghetto whore." Jimmy agrees out of fear for his life and returns to his life with a new problem.

In May I Trim Your Hedges?, he learns of his dad's sexual orientation. From that point on, he obsesses over the news and Fiona eventually tries to tell him to stop. Despite her frustration, he continues, culminating in a huge fight in the Gallaghers' back yard as the siblings try to find the body of their aunt Ginger before the city digs it up to lay some pipes. Jimmy begins to realize past signs of his father's sexual orientation from his childhood memories. After Fiona chastises him and angrily points out that her current problems are much more serious than his, he storms out. He goes to Estefania, explaining his problems and having sex with her again. Fiona calls Jimmy when the day is finished, and apologizes to him.

His relationship with Fiona is strained when he decides to go back to medical school in Michigan. He asks Fiona if she wants to go and if the kids would go with them. Fiona is shocked but happy for him. When she learns that his application for a studio apartment in Michigan has been approved, Fiona gets upset. She confronts him outside the work site, and an angry and stressed Jimmy says that he has been living in a slum with Fiona and the kids, as well as claiming that they have never made decisions together. Fiona storms away livid.

Estefania's father shows up the next day and tells Jimmy that his daughter is being deported for failing to impress the INS, who had been watching Jimmy and Estefania. Jimmy is then taken on Estefania's father's boat and is refused a final call to Fiona. In perhaps the show's most shameless moment, it is assumed, though uncertain, that Jimmy met his death at the hands of Estefania's father.

Jimmy has since disappeared, and Fiona starts to worry. She attempts to call again a few times and goes to look for his dad, Dr. Ned Lishman, but eventually, the guy who followed Jimmy gives Fiona an envelope of money, supposedly from Jimmy. The guy explains that Fiona is too good for him, but when Fiona tries to find out more, he drives off. Later, Fiona calls Jimmy and leaves him a final message: "Wherever you are, bye."

Season 4

After being absent for the whole season, He makes an appearance in the finale, Lazarus. After the ending credits, it is revealed that Jimmy is alive, and is with an unknown woman. Taking up the alias "Jack," he and the unknown woman pull up to the Gallagher household and she asks him if this is the house and if he wants to go in. Jimmy says "No, not tonight."

Season 5

Jimmy makes an appearance in Rite of Passage. After Fiona greets a mysterious female customer, revealed to be named Angela, with "Hey, you came back after all!" Fiona is answered by Jimmy from across the restaurant booth: "I did."

At the beginning of Crazy Love, Fiona punches and kicks Jimmy and yells at him. Fiona soon stops and tells Jimmy that she moved on by getting married. That night, he visits the Gallagher House, where he meets Fiona and her family. He is told of things that occurred in his absence, such as the arrival of Fiona's new half-sister and nephew, Liam's near death experience and Fiona's arrest because of it, and Ian's recent struggles with bipolar disorder. Fiona soon cries as he comforts her and then stops crying and kisses him. He spends the night afterwards and is hidden by Sammi to prevent Fiona's husband from seeing him. Later on, the next night comes and Fiona starts to have regrets about their affair. Jimmy confesses his love to Fiona before they have sex on the kitchen floor, but Fiona stops it before he is finished and has him leave her house.

During Tell Me You F**king Need Me, Fiona tells her husband, Gus, that she cheated on him and Gus wishes to meet Jimmy. Jimmy agrees and they meet at Patsy's Pies. Jimmy says hello to Gus then Gus punches him in the nose and walks off. Soon after, Jimmy comes and sits outside with Fiona and tells her he called off an overseas job to stay with her. She explains she can't see Jimmy anymore, and he musters up courage and tells Fiona to have a good life. She says the same, "whatever your name is." Jimmy drives off on his motorcycle and Fiona starts walking off. Angela shows up in her car. Fiona tells her sorry Jimmy canceled the overseas job. Angela reveals the client, not Jimmy canceled, that she likes Fiona and says 'Jack' is a great thief but a shitty person.

Season 6

In The F Word, Fiona mentions that there was a slight chance Jimmy could be the father to the baby she planned to abort.

Season 7

In Own Your Shit, the washer that Jimmy bought breaks down, and Fiona says that they should not have expected it to stick around long anyways, a reference to Jimmy's flaky tendency to run off.

In Ride or Die, Ian asks Fiona if she ever thought about what would happen if she ran off with "Jimmy-Steve". Fiona jokingly asks if he is referring to "lying sociopath Jimmy-Steve", and says that her life would be a non-stop psycho-thriller, and she dodged a bullet by not going with him. Ian asks if she would still feel that same way if she never got that thrill again, and she says she is unsure, but would probably not regret it.

Episode Appearances



1 shameless boyfriend season

Showtime’s Shameless premiered in early 2011. The show has taken on its own irreverent, unique spin to the storyline of dysfunctional family dynamics, despite originally being an adaptation of its British TV namesake. With its 11th —and final—season currently on the air, it’s Showtime’s longest-running scripted series. Shameless has introduced numerous controversial characters and shocking plotlines over its decade-long run. And one suggested conclusion for a major character was especially gruesome.

Justin Chatwin smiling in front of a red background

Why did Steve leave ‘Shameless’?

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Actor Justin Chatwin played Jimmy Lishman, who also goes by the names “Jack” and “Steve Wilton.” The character first appeared in Shameless in its first season, and he continued to sporadically pop up in the series’ initial five seasons. He’s introduced as a wealthy, rebellious womanizer who is very interested in courting Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum), the oldest Gallagher child and arguably the leader of the Gallagher family.

“If you’ve ever shipped a pair of television characters, you know the pain of the one that got away, the agony of will-they-won’t-they, and the struggle of the love interest who can’t seem to stay away, yet isn’t the type to commit,” reports Refinery29. “Shameless, not to be outdone, has a character that combines all of those traits and who remains a mystery.”

As Fiona dug into her lover’s past, she discovered that not only was Jimmy-Steve going by multiple names, but he’s also involved in complex criminal networks. At one point, audiences were even led to believe he’d been murdered by the daughter of a South American drug lord. And that’s not the only surprising aspect of Jimmy-Steve.

Jimmy-Steve nearly got beheaded

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At the end of season three, Jimmy is led onto a boat and it’s implied that he’s killed while onboard. Jimmy doesn’t appear at all for the entirety of season four, solidifying the theory that the character had been murdered. That theory quickly unraveled at the end of Shameless‘ fourth season. After the credits rolled on season four’s finale, a quick clip airs of a mysterious man pulling up to the Gallagher house. The man turned out to be Jimmy — clearly still very alive.

According to TVLine, even Shameless lead star Rossum didn’t know about the shocking twist. But Jimmy’s storyline could have turned out very differently. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, even Chatwin says he thought his character had been written off the show. “I had made a head cast, which is when they’re probably going to blow off your head or chop off your head, so I was 100 percent certain that my character was deceased,” he says.

What happened to Steve aka Jimmy on ‘Shameless’?

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The reason Jimmy’s storyline was left open-ended was by accident. Viewers were actually supposed to see him killed on screen, unlike the ambiguous ending of season three. “Wells revealed the filming permit for the dock expired before the scene could be completed,” explains TV Guide. “Because they didn’t explicitly see his death, viewers question whether Jimmy’s life has actually been spared.” That wasn’t the intention for the character, but the producers ended up changing the storyline at the last moment.

“[The showrunners] called and said [they] had an idea,” explains Chatwin to The Hollywood Reporter. “I guess there had been a lot of rallying from Emmy and the cast to bring back my character because [they] felt like something was missing — maybe some heart — that they felt our relationship brought out in the story. And I think there had been a rally from some fans who liked that character [too].” So Jimmy-Steve was brought back from the dead and reconnects with Fiona in season five for an unpleasant and brief reunion.

The Insider's 'Shameless' Set Visit

Steve McBride

Date of Birth

(born 1979)



Unnamed (step-son)

Other Relatives

James (brother)


Fiona Gallagher (wife)
Miranda McBride (ex-girlfriend, married to Steve's brother James)

Steven McBride is the boyfriend (and later husband) of Fiona Gallagher. He appears in the very first episode, before leaving in Series 2.

Steve is often presented as the moral hero of the show. Although a car thief, he proudly claims to have not committed a single violent crime in his life. He is often vocal about Frank's mistreatment of his kids, even going so far as to send him to Toronto, drunk and drugged up after witnessing Frank headbutt his son Ian.

Steve had a casual friendship with Fiona's neighbour, Kevin Ball, although they sometimes got on each other's nerves. Kev would often address Steve as "Posh it's lit YEE YEE Lad".

Steve had a close rapport with Fiona's siblings. He would trade anecdotes and cheeky banter with Lip and he would display a protective and nurturing side with the younger children like Debbie, and was very tolerant of a then three year old Liam, who would sometimes sneak into the same bed as him and Fiona.

Steve is from a family of medical professionals. He was set to follow the same career path before quitting medical school after two years of study. He once told Fiona that his family was the "medical equivalent of a battery farm".

Series 1

He was first seen in a club, watching Fiona dance with her friend Veronica Fisher. When a mugger stole Fiona's bag, Steve gave chase and attempted to catch him. Although he failed, Fiona still took him home. Once back at their house, he admitted (while undoing his trousers) that he had noticed her a month before, and that if she wanted him to stop, he would. She did not, and they went on to have sex. Steve later bought Fiona a washing machine to woo her, and they got together, after Steve revealed he stole cars for a living.[1]

When Fiona's father, Frank, hit his son Ian, Steve got him drunk and took him to Toronto in Canada (US Version) France (UK Version) in the trunk of his car.[2]

Steve buys the house next door to the Gallagher's at 4 Windsor Gardens which had previously been empty and burnt down for himself and Fiona. Along with Kevin Ball they interfere with the boiler causing the house to burn down again so that they can get the insurance.[3]

Series 2

The rest of the Gallagher children discover how Steve makes his money when they narrowly escape police attention while in a car that Steve has stolen.[4]

Fiona discovers that he has a daughter named Kerry-Anne from a relationship in his youth, though he told Fiona that Kerry-Anne isn't even aware that he is her father as his brother is now with the child's mother and they are raising her as their own. He proposes to Fiona, who accepts.[5]

In the middle of the second series he was forced to flee the Chatsworth Estate after he was involved in an accidental killing at a drugs deal he was involved in. He flees the estate alone, with assistance from Tony and Stan Waterman (who are partly responsible for the killing after a failed police raid at the deal), after Fiona refused to leave her siblings (all of whom refused to go with them).[6]

However, in the finale of Series 2 he returned for Fiona. After failing to make contact with Fiona, he turned up at Debbie's school posing as a social worker, asking her to give Fiona an envelope. After Fiona made it clear she was not interested, especially since she was pregnant and with Craig Garland, Debbie turned to Veronica who contacted Steve and got them together.

While surprised that she was pregnant with Craig Garland's baby, he assured her that it did not matter, and that her siblings would be able to cope without her. He then said that once they arrived at their destination, they could get married and that would allow them to get a house together. Fiona then left the Chatsworth estate with Steve.[7]


In the first episode of Series 8, Steve and Fiona are stated as being married during a scene where Libby Croker was trying to talk Liam out of leaving Chatsworth to visit them in person after receiving the false news of Debbie's death in Afghanistan. In hindsight, it can be construed from this scene that Liam and the other Gallaghers were aware that Fiona and Steve had returned to the UK, when it was not made clear to the audience at the time.


He initially resides in Amsterdam with Fiona, however by Series 11 they are living in Cornwall (as stated by actress Anne Marie Duff in an interview on the Channel 4 website).[8]

Series 11 (Fiona's return)

Fiona returns to the Chatsworth estate without Steve in the final episode of series 11, but it is mentioned that they are still together when she mentions to Kev that she needs to speak to Steve about taking Stella Gallagher and Ben Gallagher to live with them. Fiona also mentions to Frank that she and Steve have a son.[9]


  • Steve's full address before moving in with Fiona is: 62 Whalley Lane, Manchester, M14 2KN.
  • Steve's entire family, both parents, brother and sister, are all medical professionals. Steve was himself studying to become a doctor, but decided to abandon this career-path before he met Fiona. Of all his family, only Steve's brother was seen so far, as he was the husband of Steve's ex-girlfriend and the step-father of his daughter, Kerry-Anne.

Behind the Scenes

  • James McAvoy who played Steve was married to Anne-Marie Duff who played his onscreen girlfriend Fiona Gallagher. The couple married on 18 October 2006 and have one child together. In 2016, it was announced that McAvoy and Duff were separated and filed for divorce.



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Over the years, all of Fiona's boyfriends add up to quite the motley of personalities. From Steve in season 1 to Ford in season 9, all of Fiona Gallagher's love interests from Shameless seem to share a few qualities. More often than not, it's the same drive that the Gallaghers possess when it comes to making a space for themselves in their cut-throat surroundings.

Updated on August 29th, 2021 by Svetlana Sterlin: Fans have long been divided over which character is the best of Fiona Gallagher's boyfriends. Some are genuinely good people with whom Fiona wouldn't mind settling down for the long run, while others are never intended to be more than a one-time fling. Fiona's love interests in Shameless are usually spontaneous people like her, but sometimes they catch her attention for other reasons and they each deserve to be analyzed on their strengths and weaknesses.

10 Robbie

Everything about Fiona's relationship with Mike is toxic and it's one of the biggest secrets that a character keeps in Shameless. Not only does she dislike him, but she's almost afraid of him. She's nervous around him for a reason, and she knows that their meetups are wrong. She feels bad for cheating on Mike, and even worse because her relationship with Robbie is purely physical.

For his part, Robbie knows exactly what he's doing with Fiona. He knows that she's seeing Mike and that he's ruining both her relationship and her career. Essentially, Robbie destroys everything she has going for her at that point in her life. He's the worst of her lovers on the show for this reason.

9 Craig

In the end, Craig is revealed to be almost predatory. He uses Fiona's high school crush on him to hook up with her, which is worrying on many levels. First of all, he cheats on his wife for a few moments with Fiona, but the way he uses her is also concerning.

Craig doesn't add any value to Fiona's life. If anything, he holds her back and encourages her to keep distracting herself from her real issues. One of the most unpopular opinions about Fiona is that she's too focused on men, but this is a theory that is supported by her fling with Craig. He's also not a very considerate person, and compared to the other boyfriends Fiona has in Shameless, he's not her best choice.

8 Tony

Tony is one of the few characters from the South Side who displays a solid set of morals. Outside of his police duties, he's a kind, well-mannered, and traditional sort of person who tries to treat Fiona the best way he knows how.

Despite his sweet demeanor and how much he endears himself to the fans, Tony's desires never align with Fiona's. Fiona is just looking for a casual relationship with him, while he wants to show her off to his mom and probably marry her down the line. Also, Tony later comes out as gay, so their relationship was never going to mean anything significant.

7 Gus

At first, Gus seems like a good person who really cares about Fiona. However, their relationship is doomed from the start. Not only do they move way too quickly, but they don't communicate very well and quickly become bitter towards each other. Had they taken the time to think about their relationship, things may have worked out.

Gus is very different from Fiona, but she appears to like that about him. He's soft-spoken, calm, and introspective, which grounds her. Their relationship could have been a great change of pace for both of them. However, Gus reveals a more spiteful side of himself later on, which is all fans need to know that he and Fiona aren't good for each other.

6 Ford

Few fans would say that Ford was their favorite boyfriend of Fiona's. He lies to her about his whole wife situation and lacks much of the intrigue Fiona's other partners have. However, Ford supports her rental property endeavors and sticks by her through some rough times.

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When compared to Fiona's other boyfriends, Ford is pretty forgettable. However, what isn't forgettable is how badly he hurts Fiona. Learning that he's married–which is one of the biggest secrets on the show–is the last straw for Fiona, and she spirals hard. On one hand, he helps her grow and put herself first, but he's also a total fraud.

5 Sean

For a while, Sean seems like the perfect match for Fiona. He has a troubled history, so he understands her upbringing more than anyone else Fiona has ever dated. However, he's still recovering from his addiction, which gets in the way of his happiness. For this reason, many fans consider him to be one of the best characters introduced after season 1.

Between their shared understanding, life goals, and chemistry, these two seem like a great match. Sean really appears to be doing his best at recovery, which is admirable. However, he doesn't tell Fiona when he relapses. When Frank tells her the truth, Fiona knows she can never trust Sean again. Before their fateful wedding day, Sean treats Fiona better than most of her other romantic partners.

4 Adam

When it comes to rebounds, Adam isn't Fiona's worst choice. He's attentive and open-minded, and he really seems to make Fiona happy for the short time they're together. They might've worked out in the long term had things not gotten complicated with Jimmy.

Adam seems like a good person, and his personality complements Fiona's. The few scenes they share together are lighthearted, happy, and unproblematic. Unfortunately, things don't last because Fiona isn't really in love with him. When Jimmy finds a way back into her life, she goes right back to him.

3 Steve

Initially, Fiona doesn't think that her relationship with Steve is going to be anything serious. However, he persists in making advances until Fiona accepts her feelings for him. Steve's persistence is borderline obsessive and had Fiona not been interested in him, it would've been highly problematic.

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Over Fiona's nine seasons on the show, Steve is the love interest who leaves the greatest impression. They're both very invested in each other, and Steve proves his commitment time and again by voluntarily getting involved in the Gallaghers' lives and living in their rundown house. However, Steve's downfall is his dishonesty.

2 Jimmy

Technically, Steve and Jimmy are the same person, but there's a clear difference between his behavior after Fiona discovers the truth about him. When Jimmy reveals himself as the son of wealthy parents and med-school dropout, the Gallaghers wonder why he's still hanging around the South Side.

His devotion to Fiona may be seen as admirable, especially when he's teased for being something like a househusband. While Fiona is out managing her affairs, Jimmy takes care of Liam, maintains the house, and tries not to get killed by Estefania's dad. All in all, Jimmy has a little too much on his plate to be totally present for Fiona, but he's more caring and considerate than Steve. Fans always felt that Jimmy was gone from Shameless too soon.

1 Mike

Mike embodies everything Fiona really wants in her life – at least, at the time she meets him. After the whirlwind that is her relationship with Jimmy, she needs some normalcy in her life, and Mike gives her that. He's also very kind and treats Fiona with the respect that not many of her other boyfriends do.

It makes sense that Mike and Fiona don't last, no matter how great their relationship may be; Mike is simply too ordinary for the life Fiona leads. She craves adventure, which is why she is so drawn to Steve. But as a romantic partner, Mike is easily Fiona's best. He could have provided her with a happy, steady, and secure life, and they both clearly liked each other.

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