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What&#;s the fuss behnd K-pop&#;s 2NE1 plastic surgery?

Girl groups are more than a dime a dozen in South Korea. So what does it take to stand out from the crowd?

Well, for starters, appearing in a commercial campaign with Big Bang would help.

Having your first EP spawn the number one single which wins you “Song of the Year” at the Mnet Asian Music Awards wouldn’t hurt either.

All these and more were achieved by 2NE1.

This four member South Korean pop group, comprising of CL, Bom, Dara & Minzy were formed by YG Entertainment in and ever since then they’ve been making waves on the K pop front.

2NE1 plastic surgery

Has the group been making waves on another front as well?

Blog posts have recently dedicated more space to their rumoured plastic surgery procedures than their music.

We’d like to give the girls a fair trial and play judge to their altered or natural faces and we’d like you to play jury on the verdict of it all.


Lee Chae-rin aka CL Plastic Surgery Transformation

2ne1 CL plastic surgery

This 2NE1 plastic surgery post begins with Lee Chae-rin, better known to those in the pop world as CL.

This 24 year old comes from a family of academics but chose instead to pursue the path to stardom.

Has she also chosen to pursue the path to beauty via plastic surgery?

Let&#;s explore our gathered evidence.

CL 2ne1 plastic surgery

The before picture shows us CL’s face, pre debut.

As you can see, she looks nothing like the knockout superstar she is today.

Based on the before and after picture above, all evidence points to facial alterations of some sort.

Further investigation suggests CL has gotten double eyelid surgery.

How else do you explain the big wide eyes she currently spots?

Is that all the 2NE1 plastic surgery she got or is CL guilty of more procedures? We present further evidence of her constructed path to beauty.

Korea Kpop 2Ne1 Lee Chae-rin CL plastic surgery

If the jury would care to focus on her nose, they will see that she’s gone from world’s ugliest nose to something Korean girls show their plastic surgeons when wanting to alter their noses.

She’s gone from bulbous tip to refined end and what she lacked in height is now more than made up for thanks to perhaps a nose implant she’s got sitting there.

The overall look brings her face into balance, especially since she’s also got seemingly bigger eyes now.


Park Bom Plastic Surgery Transformation

kpop Park Bom plastic surgery 2ne1

Our next subject on trial in the 2NE1 plastic surgery case is Park Bom, also known as Jenny, but best known to fans as Bom.

The 30 year old is a huge fan of Mariah Carey……………..and, as our evidence suggests, plastic surgery.

We have previously written on Park Bom, and if you want an in depth read here&#;s more on the Park Bom plastic surgery.

Park Bom plastic surgery 2Ne1 korea

Before the fame and the fans, Bom was an unsuspecting ordinary girl with a degree in psychology.

She also looked widely different to what she looks like today. She used to smile at cameras with small Asian eyes.

Well, as evidenced above, gone are the “small, tiny Asian eyes.”

In its place sits big, wide beautiful peepers, complete with the crowning glory of double eyelids.

We’re not sure if she also got aeygo sal or if that is expert makeup she’s got on, but Bom’s puffy under eyelids also help create the illusion of bigger eyes.

We don’t blame her though.

Those new eyes have no doubt helped her win record contracts and more importantly millions of fans, thanks to 2NE1 plastic surgery.

The next 2NE1 plastic surgery procedure she is guilty of is pretty obvious, she might have to skip bail and go straight to sentencing. But we’ll play fair and let the jury examine the evidence as seen below.

bom plastic surgery 2ne1

We don’t have to spell it out for you but Bom is perhaps guilty of rhinoplasty from every angle.

There’s possibly no way out of this one.

Her previously flat stumpy nose has suddenly gone Concord at the tip and the height of her nose bridge has gone from barely there to Taipei

This is perhaps made possible with the help of a silicone implant.

We think her nose looks like something straight out of a Manga cartoon and to be honest looks a little fake.

Park Bom v-line plastic surgery 2ne1 kpop

Further evidence in this 2NE1 plastic surgery trial suggests Bom may have also gotten V line surgery.

Her jaw shape went from a wide U to a very narrow and pointy V, a transformation only achievable by the aforementioned surgery.

This surgery is considered dangerous yet most Koreans are willing to undergo this procedure to achieve a more balanced facial profile.

We quite like the surgery and think it gives her a more feminine look compared to her previous face.

Once again, here&#;s a more in depth read on the Park Bom plastic surgery transformation.


Sandara Park aka Dara Plastic Surgery Transformation

sandara park plastic surgery 2ne1

Our next member in the 2NE1 plastic surgery trial is Dara, real name Sandara Park.

Dara was born in Busan but moved to the Philippines with her family.

As a result she is fluent in Tagalog. But that’s not the only thing she’s fluent in.

Dara is also fluent in denying speculation she’s got plastic surgery.

They say you’re innocent until proven guilty, and we’ve got the evidence to prove Dara is an accomplice in the metamorphosis of her face.

Exhibit A: her nose.

Dara plastic surgery

While Dara did have a decent enough nose before, we’re guessing the perfectionist in her wanted better.

The shape of the tip remains the same although the alars have been slightly shaved.

This makes her nostrils also more visible than before.

Her bridge may have been raised just enough that her new nose actually suits her face better.

We’ll be giving Dara’s plastic surgeon a call if we ever think of getting a nose job!

Exhibit B: her eyes

Sandara park plastic surgery nose eyes

We think Dara might also have been a willing victim of blepharoplasty.

While her eyes were big by Asian standards, she lacked that exclusive double eyelid to give her that extra oomph!

But get it she did with the help of double eyelid surgery.

Her eyes are now a full inch wider than they were before.

Dara can now smize for the cameras with her beautiful pair of peepers.

This 2NE1 plastic surgery has got the thumbs up from us.


Gong Minji aka Minzy Plastic Surgery Transformation

Minzy Plastic Surgery 2ne1

Our final contender on trial in this 2NE1 plastic surgery case would be none other than Gong Minji better known as Minzy to her fans.

Minzy recently turned 21 but this new adult is no stranger to adult privileges like plastic surgery.

Plastic surgeons have said it’s best to wait till you’re fully grown to get plastic surgery, but from the looks of it, Minzy has not played by the rules.

This young adult has had multiple surgeries that should have warranted a restraining order from her plastic surgeon.

2ne1 Minzy plastic surgery nose eyes chin

Let’s start with the seemingly obvious Minzy plastic surgery: her eyes.

As shown in the before picture, Minzy was all ugly duckling with her typical Asian monolids.

Not to be mean but she was probably one of those people who had to widen her eyes when taking pictures, so you could actually see the iris and not just slits in her face.

Fast forward to the present and our Minzy has made the transformation from ugly duckling to swan and it might be the 2NE1 plastic surgery she&#;s got to thank.

minzy plastic surgery transformation eyes nose ears chin lips

Just like her fellow group members, Minzy seemed to have gotten on the rhinoplasty bandwagon and had her nose fixed.

Her previous nose wasn’t Korean pop idol material enough, what with its flat bridge and bulky tip so Minzy perhaps had it altered to her liking.

Seems like she (or rather her surgeon) turned her undesirable nose into something fashion magazines and paparazzi found worthy enough of being photographed.

Slim slender and tall is how we’d describe her new nose.

We could perhaps say Minzy cheated the system by achieving what genetics didn’t bestow on her through plastic surgery.


Sometimes plastic surgery is our only self defence against the horrors Mother Nature and genetics have cruelly unleashed on us.

If wanting to be beautiful is a crime, then all of us are guilty as charged. Let’s now go back in time and note the 2NE1 plastic surgery transformation.

2ne1 plastic surgery korea

2ne1 park bom CL minzy Dara plastic surgery

Korea kpop 2ne1 plastic surgry members minzy dara CL park bom

2ne1 rhinoplasty double eyelid surgery korea

2ne1 before after plastic surgery

korea plastic surgery 2ne1

2ne1 korea cosmetic surgery rhinoplasty double eyelid v-line

Minzy CL Bom Dara plastic surgery 2ne1

2NE1 plastic surgery on nose rhinoplasty

2ne1 eyelid double eyelid surgery korea

Korean kpop 2ne1 plastic surgery procedures

2ne1 surgery procedures on eyes, nose, and jaw

2NE1 before and afrer plastic surgery

korea 2ne1 before and after plastic surgery

before after plastic surgery kpop girl 2ne1

2NE1 minzy bom CL Dara cosmetic surgery korea

Kpop girlband 2NE1 plastic surgery procedures rhinoplasty double eyelid surgery

Korea girlband 2NE1 plastic surgery breasts implants

2NE1 korea

Korean 2NE1 aesthetics procedures

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Who is 2ne1?

I bet all of you know this very legendary yet charming girl band in South Korea. Yup! 2NE1 is a girl band under YG Entertainment which debuted in This girl band&#;s members are CL, Sandara Park, Minzy and Park Boom. CL became the leader of this girl band and has a lot of charisma of her own. 2NE1 collaborated with Big Bang to make songs for the LG corporation. And then they released a songs titled &#;Lollipop&#; which hit the public and their songs ranked in the top lists a few times. Their success doesn&#;t stop there, in the next year they gained even more success. They become more successful and well known, not only in South Korea but also increasingly around the world. Like many other Korean celebrities rumored to have done a plastic surgery, the same rumors circulate about 2NE1.

Before you wait too long, let&#;s move on!

Photo Comparison Of Before and After CL&#;s Plastic Surgery

CL is one of the 2NE1 members who hasn&#;t done plastic surgery yet. Quoted from her media social, CL has never done plastic surgery. She loves her figure as CL, but she also loves her own body as Chaerin. Known from a K-Pop forum, CL is known as a celebrity who avoids plastic surgery, even though her entertainment agency, YG, told her to have it done. Here is the before and after debuted CL. Take a look!

cl before n after
before n after paint

From the photos above, actually there is no significant changes in CL appearance. And I think her eyes became so much bigger because of the power of make-up. So I can conclude that CL has never done plastic surgery. Honestly I am also relieved to know that CL is still &#;original&#;.

Sandara Park Before And After Plastic Surgery

Sandara Park is known to have an everlasting cute face. She is now 30 years old, but her appearance is still the same as it was in her 20&#;s. Some people think that Dara has done a little work on her nose, because the shape of her nose has changed a bit from the picture published when she first debuted. But some others denied it, and told that it was done by make up. So what do you believe girls? Actually, the opinion is yours!



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  3. Small shamrock tattoo

Former 2NE1 member Park Bom walked the red carpet at the recent 56th Grand Bell Awards in a beautiful two-piece outfit but something else caught the attention of many people.

It was the year-old&#;s face. It was puffy and a far cry from what it used to look like.

D-Nation, her agency, later released a statement to address rumours that the singer had undergone plastic surgery. It said the star was going through tough times and was stressed.

The agency said that it had assured her to be comfortable until the release of her next album. It seems Park Bom was going through some weight gain, which could be seen on her face too. The singer has stopped work for now.

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A source from the label told Star News that allegations that Park Bom had gone under the knife were not true. The singer had been working on a new album and was taking care of herself to present a new look.

The source added that Park Bom was asked to perform at the Grand Bell Awards. Although she was planning to take a hiatus from all public appearances until her comeback, she decided to perform because she had never done so at an event like the Grand Bell Awards.

Park Bom before the recent appearance. Picture: Instagram

It is reported that last year was a busy year for her and her stamina was low because she had been performing as a solo artiste. She has since been resting and eating well and her health has improved.

The entertainment industry is strict when it comes to the looks of artistes and this can be detrimental for them.

Born March 24, , Park Bom is also known as Bom. She was previously part of South Korean girl group 2NE1. In , she started her musical career by appearing in singles with label-mates Big Bang, Lexy and Masta Wu. She then debuted as a member of 2NE1 in as the lead vocalist. She released two solo singles, You and I and Don&#;t Cry and they topped the Gaon Digital Chart. Park Bom also was awarded Best Digital Single at the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

When 2NE1 disbanded in , Park Bom left YG Entertainment and signed on to D-Nation Entertainment in July She then launched her solo single, Spring. /TISGFollow us on Social Media

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Sours: https://theindependent.sg/no-plastic-surgery-just-stress-former-2ne1-members-agency-responds-to-rumours/

Park Bom Plastic Surgery and Fan Page, 2NE1

About Park Bom

Bom is a South Korean singer. She is one of the members of the K-Pop group 2NE1 under YG Entertainment.

She is born Park Bom on March 24, , in Seoul, South Korea.

She stands 5’4” ( cm) and weighs 52 kg ( lbs).

During her sixth grade, Bom studied in the United States. She wanted to pursue a music career, but her parents were against it. After being encouraged by her aunt, Bom enrolled in Berklee College of Music without her parent’s knowledge.

Bom returned to Korea and repeatedly auditioned for YG Entertainment. After three years of auditioning, she was accepted into the company. She made her solo debut through the BIGBANG songs “We Belong Together” and “Forever With You.”

After undergoing training, Bom was selected as the main vocalist for 2NE1. The group made their debut with the commercial song “Lollipop” along with label mates BIGBANG for LG Electronics. They later released their debut single “Fire” in May

After the promotions for “I Don’t Care,” Bom released her solo single “Don’t Cry” which earned her the Best Digital Single Award at the Mnet Asian Music Awards. The next year, she was featured in the GD & TOP single “Oh Yeah.” In , Bom then released her second solo single “Don’t Cry.”

In , Bom became of the cast members for the variety show Roommate. 

Did Bom have a nose job?

Anyone who has known Party Bom since she first entered the music industry will tell you that her nose has changed a little bit in recent years. Her nose used to be large and bulbous, as seen by her previous video appearances and photographs. The bridge of the nose and the tip of the nose were not as pronounced. Bom&#;s nose, on the other hand, appears to have experienced a significant transformation in recent photographs, with a new slimmer and sharper appearance. The nose bridge has become narrower and more pronounced, while the tip of the nose has become more distinct. These modifications are incomprehensible by natural means, and as a result, they have been attributed to rhinoplasty. Park Bom appears more feminine and lovely for the time being as a result of the cosmetic operation. Experts have asserted that Bom has undergone many nose surgeries in order to achieve his current perfect final appearance.

Did Bom have Blepharoplasty ?

Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, has become Park Bom&#;s most discussed and visible plastic surgery procedure. It is the first thing that strikes you when you look at her. We all know Bom is South Korean, and most Koreans are known for having small eyelids. When you look at the previous photos, you will notice the same thing. Her eyes appeared smaller because she had small eyelids. However, as time passed, the old observation faded, bringing in a new Park Bom with widened eyelids. Bom&#;s eyes appear to be larger than they were before. This transformation is neither natural nor miraculous, but it can be explained best by blepharoplasty. Additionally, the musician had double eyelid surgery, which enhanced her beauty. She doesn&#;t just look like any other Korean.

Fun Facts about Bom

  1. She loves the color green.
  2. Bom does the “Lettuce Diet” to lose weight.
  3. She is the oldest member of 2NE1.
  4. Bom resided in the United States as an exchange student.
  5. Her American name is Jenny Park.
  6. Her elder sister is a cellist.
  7. She starred in the music video of Kim Ji Eun’s “Tell Me Once More.”
  8. Her solo single “Don’t Cry” was one of the best-selling singles in
  9. Bom participated in the sub-unit BOM&HI with Lee Hi.
  10. She is known for her 4D personality.

Bom Plastic Surgery

This is less a case of &#;has she had plastic surgery?&#; and more a case of &#;when will she stop?&#;. Park Bom of 2NE1 has had a whole heap of procedures including at least two nose jobs, double eyelid surgery, facial reshaping and very likely breast implants. It also looks like she has had lip fillers. I think it’s fair to say that the extent of her plastic surgery is common knowledge, and claims that she had to undergo some of this surgery due to &#;illness&#; are absurd. I actually feel sorry for Park Bom because it appears she is suffering from plastic surgery addition. I hope she can get the help she needs.

Before and after pics

Park Bom before and after plastic surgery


Please use the slider to compare the before and after pictures



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Vlive: 박봄(Park Bom)
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TikTok: @officialparkbom

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After and 2ne1 before

CL says pressure to get plastic surgery made her &#;sad and angry&#;

Former 2NE1 member CL recently shared her thoughts on battling beauty standards in the South Korean music industry.

In an interview with Allure, the singer discussed the pressures she faced as a K-pop idol and how she grew her self-confidence in spite of it. Known for her prominent monolids, the singer revealed that she was often advised to undergo double-eyelid surgery during the beginning of her career.

“I even want to say I was sad and angry. I was like, ‘What the fuck? Why are all these people telling me how I should look?’” CL shared, recounting how she felt about the unsolicited image advice she received. “It was a thing back then, where everyone got double eyelids. That was the beauty trend.”

In response, the singer decided to shift her attention towards makeup application and camera angles. Lee said she learnt to “manipulate the eyes of the audience without changing herself”, although noting that she&#;s not against plastic surgery in general. “If you want to go work out or put a bunch of makeup on or do full-body plastic surgery, it’s up to you. And I make sure I constantly remind myself of that.”

Elsewhere in the interview, CL also shared that she is preparing to drop ‘+ALPHA+’, her first solo album since 2NE1’s disbandment. While she has not announced a release date, CL revealed in an earlier interview with Billboard that the album would be out in the first half of

The meaning of ‘Alpha’ is two-fold, she explained: representing both the alpha-female image she embodies, as well as a new sense of personal flavour in her branding. CL also said her stage name is akin to “armour&#; – her real name is Lee Chae-rin – describing it as &#;like a mask, almost, but with the attitude and character too&#;.

Lee gave fans a taste of ‘+ALPHA+’ earlier this year with the song ‘Wish You Were Here’, a heartfelt tribute to her late mother. The singer shared that the laid-back track was dedicated to “anyone else who misses a loved one”.

CL also recently took a stand against the recent rise in anti-Asian hate crimes in Western countries. Along with fellow K-pop idols, she took to Twitter to voice her support for the #StopAsianHate movement. “We stand together,” she wrote.

Sours: https://www.nme.com/news/music/cl-2ne1-plastic-surgery-pressure-angry-sad
2NE1 CL Extreme Weight Gain and Dieting 2009 - 2019 (Full)

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