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Panasonic VHS-C Camcorder w/USB Adapter for Tape Transfer to Dig

Panasonic VHS-C Camcorder w USB Adapter Dig Super Special SALE held for Tape Transfer to Panasonic VHS-C Camcorder w USB Adapter Dig Super Special SALE held for Tape Transfer to Tape,69,USB,Transfer, Camera Photo,to,w,Panasonic,Adapter,Dig,Camcorder,VHS-C,for,Electronics 69 Camera Photo Electronics Panasonic VHS-C Camcorder w USB Adapter for Tape Transfer to Dig 69 Camera Photo Electronics Panasonic VHS-C Camcorder w USB Adapter for Tape Transfer to Dig Tape,69,USB,Transfer, Camera Photo,to,w,Panasonic,Adapter,Dig,Camcorder,VHS-C,for,Electronics

Panasonic VHS-C Max 53% OFF  Camcorder w USB Adapter Dig Super Special SALE held for Tape Transfer to


Panasonic VHS-C Camcorder w/USB Adapter for Tape Transfer to Dig

Panasonic VHS-C Camcorder w/USB Adapter for Tape Transfer to Dig


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Panasonic PV-L354 VHS-C Camcorder w/20x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Product Description

Record the highlights of your life with the Panasonic VHS-C Camcorder with 2.5" Color LCD, then pop the tape directly into your VCR to relive the moments. Features 20x optical and 700x digital zoom; digital electronic image stabilization (EIS); bilingual on-screen display (English/Spanish); AccuBrite built-in light; 2-second quick zoom; full-size video head cylinder; programmed recording; high-speed shutter (auto, 1/60-1/10,000); color digital fade; auto daylight savings time; preset date/time with time zone select; and more.

From the Manufacturer

VHS Compatibility
Unlike many camcorders, our VHS-C Palmcorder MultiCam Camcorders are VHS format, so your recordings can easily be played in any VCR with just an optional VHS PlayPak adaptor.

20x/26x Hi-Definition Zoom
This powerful feature acts like a telescope to produce extraordinary close-up shots, superior in clarity to those provided by a digital zoom, so you won’t miss a single detail. Palmcorder camcorders also offer four different zoom speeds, so you can control how fast you go from wide angle to full telephoto zoom-anywhere from 2 to 16 seconds.

700x Digital Zoom
Through the use of digital technology, the zoom ratio on Panasonic VHS camcorders can be increased to an amazing 700:1. After the highest optical zoom setting is reached, the digital zoom automatically takes over, magnifying the image by blowing up the pixels to give you an incredibly close shot.

AccuBrite Built-in Light
This extra light automatically powers on when needed, to improve overall picture quality and color rendition in low light settings. It's perfect for video and with the PhotoShot Built-in Digital Still Camera function.

Color LCD Monitor
Panasonic VHS Camcorders are equipped with a 2.5-inch diagonal LCD screen that delivers a brilliantly clear picture in full, vivid color. And since the screen rotates 270°, it lets you comfortably hold the camcorder at many different angles while you record. Plus, with a built-in speaker, you can check your finished recordings right on location by playing them back on the LCD screen.

MagicPix Images (Low Light Shooting)
Now you can shoot full color video and stills when you're in extremely low light situations. On select models, the LCD panel provides even more light.

Programmed Recording
Lets you program your camcorder to start and stop recording for either 10, 20, 30 minutes or until the tape ends.

Lets you take a previously recorded still image, miniaturize it, and then include it in your videos for a unique special effect.

Full-size Video Head Cylinder
Since our camcorders have video heads that are same size as the video heads of most VCR decks, you get a crisp, steady playback.

MotionSensor is a simple home monitoring feature that causes the camcorder to start recording within seconds of perceiving motion, and stop 30 seconds after motion ceases. The date and time are automatically recorded on the tape as an added benefit.

Color Viewfinder (114,000 pixels)
To save battery power during recording and playback, certain Palmcorder camcorders feature a color viewfinder that can be used instead of the LCD.

Digital Electronic Image Stabilization
Digital EIS is a unique idea that helps compensate for unintentional hand and/or camcorder movement. It even reduces unwanted jitter from recordings made in a car, or while walking.

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Healthy price Panasonic Camcorders NV -- VZ1 EC VHS-C System huge cheap

the 2021 china international service trade fair (service trade fair) will be held in beijing from september 2nd to 7th. meanwhile, the global service trade summit will be held on september 2. president xi jinping will deliver a speech at the global service trade summit via video.

as one of the three major exhibition platforms for china's opening to the outside world, the service trade fair has become a leading event in the field of global service trade, and is a close link between china and the world. people from many countries and the media expressed that they look forward to the 2021 service trade fair that will continue to provide opportunities for all parties to deepen cooperation, build consensus, and promote global economic recovery in the post-epidemic era.

"service trade fair has become an important global platform"

this year, the service trade fair will host 5 summit forums, 193 forum meetings and promotion and negotiation activities, as well as 8 side events. more than 10,000 companies from 153 countries and regions have registered to participate in the exhibition, and the world's top 500 and industry-leading companies accounted for 18%, an increase of 9 percentage points from the previous time. the heads of exhibitors and enterprises said that the increase in the attractiveness of the service trade fair stems from china's open cooperation environment and broad development prospects.

tang zhimin, director of the china-asean studies center of the chia university school of management in thailand, said that this year's service trade fair will cover all major areas of service trade, build a platform and provide opportunities for international service trade cooperation, and will inject impetus into the development of global service trade.

"during the service trade fair in 2020, we participated in the winter sports special exhibition, and the response was very good." thomas tajuman, general manager of the czech ski brand alpine china market, said that many european brands have gained more cooperation opportunities through the service trade fair. . "as the beijing winter olympics approach, china's ice and snow sports market will usher in rapid growth. this is a good development opportunity for us."

zvi schiller, chairman of the israel robotics association, said that many professionals and investors are expected to participate in this service trade fair. china has a huge market and strong manufacturing capabilities, and the association is considering establishing a joint r&d center with china.

the panamanian "star" published an article that panama regards the service trade fair as an important boost to the global economic recovery in the post-epidemic era. mark garcia, senior regional consultant of lixin certified public accountants in panama business consulting company, believes that the trade in service is an excellent opportunity to promote cooperation between panama and china in the field of digital economy services. "the service trade fair can allow foreign investors to better understand china, as well as the service trade support and facilitation measures china provides, which will further enhance investors' confidence in long-term investment in china."

"china has become a major trading partner of many countries. the holding of the service trade fair not only conveys to the world china's confidence in opening up to the outside world, but also promotes trade exchanges between china and other economies and builds an important platform for exchanges and cooperation. "brazil business leaders organization china chairman everton monezi said.

wesley douglas, director of the african carbon exchange, is very pleased to see that this year's service trade will include carbon peaking and carbon neutrality as a key issue. “the service trade fair has become an important global platform, and this platform is helpful for solving global problems.” he said that china has provided an important reference for developing countries to practice green development, and african countries have a strong desire for green economic development. , there is an urgent need for related investment and technology introduction. africa and china have great potential for cooperation in these areas.

"digital technology brings hope to the future"

in his speech at the 2020 service trade conference global service trade summit, president xi jinping emphasized that it is necessary to comply with the development trend of digitalization, networking, and intelligence, and work together to eliminate the "digital divide" and promote the digitalization of service trade. the theme of this year's service trade fair is "digital opens up the future, service promotes development". visitors will experience various innovative service products and the latest technologies provided by domestic and foreign enterprises through the service trade fair. in particular, new services centered on the digital economy have received widespread attention from the international community.

yukio kajida, a professor at chuo university in japan, said that in the post-epidemic era, the importance of the digital economy has become more and more prominent. governments and enterprises of various countries are actively promoting the development of the digital economy, and china is at the forefront of this field. this year's service trade fair uses "digitalization" as a key word, which will help promote cooperation and exchanges between global companies in the new situation, and further contribute to global technological innovation, economic development and improvement of people's lives. trade in services will become an important force to promote the recovery of the world economy.

everton monezi said that china’s experience in promoting the application of electronic payment technology is worth learning from latin america. latin american countries are starting to revitalize their economies in order to achieve long-term sustainable development. the service trade fair provides a high-level platform for cooperation between latin america and china, allowing more high-quality latin american companies to enter the chinese market and contribute to the recovery of the world economy.

"digital technology brings hope to the future." susanna gutkovska, acting chief representative of the beijing office of the polish national tourism administration, said that this year's "cloud showroom" at the service trade fair provided them with the opportunity to contact and communicate with their chinese partners. an opportunity for chinese tourists to issue invitations. poland's primorsky province and warsaw tourism organization set up booths in the yunshang exhibition hall to attract visitors. the holding of the service trade fair will help the recovery of the global tourism industry.

karl fei, a professor at the business school of aalto university in finland, believes that china has accumulated a lot of experience in the development of the digital economy. for example, the government provides policy support for enterprises, revitalizes the domestic market for digital services, and supports and encourages innovative companies in this field. share and discuss these experiences with all parties at the service trade conference.

"it is of great significance to the recovery of the world economy"

according to data from the ministry of commerce of china, despite the impact of the epidemic, china's total service imports and exports in 2020 will still exceed rmb 4.5 trillion. in the first half of this year, the added value of china's service industry reached 29.6 trillion yuan, accounting for 55.7% of gdp, providing strong support for the high-quality development of service trade. international sources said that under the background of economic globalization, china's economy is open and inclusive, opening its doors to embrace companies from all over the world, and will contribute wisdom and strength to the deepening of global service trade and investment cooperation.

Healthy price Panasonic Camcorders NV -- VZ1 EC VHS-C System huge cheap
as the guest country of this year's service and trade fair, ireland has not only set up exhibition areas for investment, food, health, education, etc., it will also show the unique charm of ireland through ethnic dance performances and movies. four institutions including the irish food board, the trade and technology board, the investment development board, and the tourism board will appear together on the stage of the service trade fair for the first time. fenbar cleary, vice president of the irish-china science and technology exchange association, said that china's total service trade imports may reach us$10 trillion in the next 15 years, which contains huge market opportunities.

mohamed farahart, director of the egyptian pyramid politics and strategic research center, said that the service and trade will build a sound framework for international cooperation, create a healthier business and investment environment, help establish a new operating structure and trade network, and promote service trade. , investment and capital flow.

lu yaoqun, director of the institute of governance and sustainable development of the national university of singapore business school, said that the service trade association is an excellent platform to promote the development of free trade and common prosperity between china, asia and the rest of the world. the service trade association once again confirmed china's long-term commitment to the idea of building a community with a shared future for mankind.

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  • ;">qiu weigong, chairman of the thai-china business council of thailand, said that trade can drive the development of various relations between the two countries. "china's national-level exhibition platforms such as the canton fair, the service trade fair, and the china international import expo will serve as a benchmark for trade, and the world economy will benefit from it."

    Healthy price Panasonic Camcorders NV -- VZ1 EC VHS-C System huge cheap

    tang zhimin said that open and inclusive service trade is also an important part of the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement. china has used practical actions to create an open and inclusive environment for cooperation through the holding of service trade fairs and china international import expo. "under the current economic situation, china insists on expanding its opening up to the outside world and leading global cooperation. these measures are of great significance to the recovery of the world economy."

    hanat besek, president of the china association for the promotion of trade in kazakhstan, said that china’s opening to the outside world has evolved from the initial policy preferences to the current institutional opening, which not only benefits the chinese people, but also contributes to the economic development of neighboring countries. significant driving effect.

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