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Pulitzer-Winning Writer on Distracted Driving to Address Association Spring Meeting

Matt Richtel, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for The New York Times and bestselling author, will be the featured speaker to address state transportation department leaders during the May 14 safety luncheon at the AASHTO Spring Meetingin Cheyenne, Wyo.Richtel writes about technology, its impact on society and how it changes the way we work, play and relate to each other.In 2009, he wrote a series of stories about the dangers of texting and multitasking while driving, which won the Pulitzer for national reporting. It explored the science of attention and the degree to which portable devices can seize control of the attention drivers need behind the wheel.That series also helped inspire his 2014 non-fiction book “A Deadly Wandering,” which became a New York Times bestseller and was named as one of the best books of the year by the San Francisco Chronicle, the Christian Science Monitor and Amazon. The New York Times Review of Books saidit should be required reading in schools.

Richtel is also the author of four mysteries, most recently including “The Doomsday Equation.”

Sours: https://www.tsp2.org/2015/04/24/pulitzer-winning-writer-on-distracted-driving-to-address-association-spring-meeting/

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Place State Route Add Info. Types Decision 1951
Spring Meeting
October 26, 1951
Annual Meeting
Omaha, Nebraska Florida US 98Extension Approved Florida US 301Extension Approved Florida US 27 Alt.Creation Approved Florida US 27 Alt.Creation Declined Florida–Georgia–
South Carolina–North Carolina New no. (Burlington, North Carolina–
Panama City, Florida) Creation Declined 1952
Spring and Annual Meetings
Spring and Annual Meetings
Spring Meeting
November 7, 1954
Annual Meeting
Seattle, Washington November 7, 1955
Annual Meeting
Seattle, Washington July 19, 1955
Spring Meeting
San Francisco, California 1956
No data
June 26, 1957
Spring Meeting
Seattle, Washington November 22, 1957
Annual Meeting
Chicago, Illinois June 26, 1958
Spring Meeting
Charleston, South Carolina Massachusetts–New Hampshire US 1Relocation Approved South Carolina US 1 Alt.Establishment Denied South Carolina Renumbering No action South Carolina US 76/US 378 Byp. & Bus. Recognition Approved South Carolina US 501 Byp. and Bus. Recognition Approved Vermont US 2 Bus.Recognition Approved Ohio US 6Relocation Approved Ohio US 62Relocation Approved Ohio US 68Abandonment Approved Ohio US 224Relocation Approved Mississippi US 11 BypassAbandonment Approved Virginia US 13Relocation Approved Kentucky US 31ERelocation Approved Missouri US 54Relocation Approved New Mexico US 56Extension Denied California US 66/US 91/US 395 Bus. Recognition Approved California US 91 Bus. Recognition Approved California US 99 Bus. Recognition Approved California US 101 Bus. Recognition Approved California US 101 Bus. Recognition Approved California US 466Revision Approved Alabama US 72 Alt.Establishment Approved Alabama US 331Extension Action withheld Arizona US 93Extension Denied New Jersey US 130 & US 130 Alt. Abandonment Approved New Jersey US 206Relocation Approved Kansas US 160Relocation Approved Oklahoma US 169Extension Approved with condition Mississippi–Tenneesee New no. (Beaumont, Mississippi–
Jackson, Tennessee) Establishment Denied Oregon US 320 (Otis–Santiam Junction) Establishment Denied Florida US 1Relocation Approved Florida US 1 Bus.Recognition Approved Florida US 98Relocation Approved Florida US 98 Bus.Recognition Approved Florida US 129Relocation Approved with condition November 28, 1958
Annual Meeting
San Francisco, California South Carolina–Georgia US 1 Alt.Establishment Rejected Iowa US 6Relocation Approved Ohio US 6Relocation Approved Ohio US 20Relocation Approved Ohio US 25Relocation Approved Montana US 12Relocation Deferred Montana US 12 Alt.Establishment Deferred Michigan US 23Relocation Approved Michigan US 127Shortening Approved Michigan US 131Relocation Approved Georgia US 29Relocation Approved Georgia US 29 Bus.Recognition Approved Georgia US 41Relocation Approved Illinois US 30Relocation Approved Illinois US 30 Bus.Recognition Approved Illinois US 54Relocation Approved Illinois US 54 Bus.Recognition Approved Missouri US 36Relocation Approved Missouri US 36 Bus.Recognition Approved Missouri US 66Relocation Approved with condition Missouri US 169Relocation Approved Missouri US 169 Alt.Relocation Approved Alabama US 331Extension Action withheld Alabama US 411Relocation
Extension Approved Texas–Oklahoma–Colorado–
Nebraska–South Dakota New no. Establishment Approved as US 385California US 101 Bus.Recognition Approved California US 101 Bus.Recognition Approved Oklahoma US 169Extension Conditional approval from June 26, 1958 reaffirmed and extended June 10, 1959
Spring Meeting
Chicago, Illinois Michigan US 2Relocation Approved Michigan US 10Relocation Approved Michigan US 10 Bus.Recognition Approved Michigan US 12Relocation Approved Michigan US 16Relocation Approved Michigan US 16 Bus.Recognition Approved Michigan US 23Relocation Approved Michigan US 23 Bus.Recognition Approved Michigan US 24 Alt.Deletion Approved with condition Michigan US 25Relocation Approved Michigan US 25 Bus.Recognition Approved Michigan US 27Relocation Approved Michigan US 27 Bus.Recognition Approved Michigan US 31Relocation Approved Michigan US 31 Bus.Recognition Approved Michigan US 33Extension Approved Michigan US 127Relocation Approved Michigan US 127 Bus.Recognition Approved Michigan US 131Relocation Approved Michigan US 131 Bus.Recognition Approved Montana US 12Relocation Deferred Montana US 12 Alt.Establishment Deferred Virginia US 17Relocation Approved Virginia US 17 Bus.Recognition Approved Ohio US 21Relocation Approved Ohio
  • Relocation
  • Deletion
  • Deletion
Approved Ohio US 40Relocation Approved Ohio US 42Relocation Approved Ohio US 224Relocation Approved Ohio–Kentucky–Tennessee US 127Extension Approved Missouri US 24Relocation Approved Missouri US 24 Bus.Recognition Approved Missouri US 40Relocation Approved Missouri US 40 Bus.Recognition Approved Missouri US 40 Bus.Removal Approved Missouri US 40 Byp.Relocation Approved Missouri US 60Relocation Approved Missouri US 60 Bus.Recognition Approved Missouri US 69Relocation Approved Missouri US 69 Alt.Extension Approved Missouri US 71Relocation Approved Missouri US 71 Bus.Recognition Approved Missouri–Nebraska US 136Relocation
Extension Approved South Carolina US 29Relocation Approved South Carolina US 76Relocation Approved South Carolina US 276Relocation Approved Utah–Arizona US 89Relocation Approved Utah–Arizona US 89 Alt.Establishment Approved Nevada US 95Relocation Approved Nevada US 95 Alt.Establishment Approval withheld California US 6 Bus.Recognition Approved California US 99 Bus.Recognition Approved California US 99 Bus.Recognition Approved California US 101 Bus.Recognition Approved California US 101 Bus.Recognition Approved California US 101 Bus.Recognition Approved Florida US 129Relocation Deferred Florida US 129 Alt.Establishment Deferred Illinois US 150Relocation Approved Illinois US 150 Bus.Recognition Approved Massachusetts US 202Relocation Approved North Carolina US 276Extension Approved Maryland–Delaware US 301Relocation Approved Virginia–North Carolina–South Carolina–
Georgia–Florida New no. (Richmond, Virginia–
Panama City, Florida) Creation Request submitted too late
Held over for next meeting October 9, 1959
Annual Meeting
Boston, Massachusetts Pennsylvania US 1Relocation Approved Pennsylvania US 1 Byp.Elimination Approved Pennsylvania US 309Relocation Approved Iowa US 6Relocation Approved Iowa US 6 Alt.Establishment Rejected Iowa US 75Relocation Approved Tennessee US 129Extension Rejected Indiana US 31Relocation Approved Indiana US 52Relocation Approved Indiana US 52 Alt.Establishment Approved with condition Indiana US 421Relocation Approved Missouri US 40Relocation Approved Missouri US 40 ReliefEstablishment Approved Missouri US 60Relocation Approved Missouri US 60 Bus.Recognition Approved Missouri US 69Relocation Approved Missouri US 69 Alt.Extension Approved Oklahoma US 75Relocation Approved Oklahoma US 75 Alt.Establishment Rejected Massachusetts US 202Relocation Approved South Dakota–Nebraska US 281Relocation Rejected Virginia–North Carolina–South Carolina–
Georgia–Florida New no. (Richmond, Virginia–
Panama City, Florida) Creation Rejected Georgia–Florida New no. (Atlanta, Georgia–
Panama City, Florida) Creation Rejected Florida US 129Relocation Action delayed Florida US 129 Alt.Establishment Action delayed New Mexico–Arizona US 64Extension Rejected Montana US 12Relocation Approved with condition June 27, 1960
Spring Meeting
York Harbor, Maine November 25, 1960
Annual Meeting
Detroit, Michigan June 19, 1961
Annual Meeting
Louisville, Kentucky October 6, 1961
Spring Meeting
Denver, Colorado June 18, 1962
Spring Meeting
Santa Monica, California December 1, 1962
Annual Meeting
Miami Beach, Florida June 18, 1963
Spring Meeting
Boyne Mountain Lodge, Michigan October 19, 1963
Annual Meeting
Portland, Oregon June 2, 1964
Spring Meeting
Saratoga Springs, New York December 5, 1964
Annual Meeting
Atlanta, Georgia June 28, 1965
Spring Meeting
Atlanta, Georgia October 1, 1965
Annual Meeting
New York, New York July 5, 1966
Spring Meeting
Vail, Colorado November 27, 1966
Annual Meeting
Wichita, Kansas GeorgiaUS 1(Louisville)RelocationApproved GeorgiaUS 1(Wadley)RelocationApproved GeorgiaUS 1 Bus.(Louisville)RecognitionApproved GeorgiaUS 1 Bus.(Wadley)RecognitionApproved GeorgiaUS 23RelocationApproved GeorgiaUS 27RelocationApproved GeorgiaUS 80RelocationApproved GeorgiaUS 129RelocationApproved GeorgiaUS 341RelocationApproved IdahoUS 10(Coeur D'Alene)RelocationApproved IdahoUS 10(Kellogg)RelocationApproved IdahoUS 10 Bus.(Coeur D'Alene)RecognitionApproved IdahoUS 10 Bus.(Kellogg)RecognitionApproved IdahoUS 30NRelocationApproved IdahoUS 91RelocationApproved IdahoUS 191RelocationApproved IdahoUS 91 Bus.(Inkom)RecognitionApproved IdahoUS 91 Bus.(McCammon)RecognitionApproved 1967
Spring Meeting
No dataOctober 13, 1967
Annual Meeting
Salt Lake City, Utah MassachusettsUS 3RelocationApproved ConnecticutUS 6(Bolton Notch)RelocationApproved ConnecticutUS 6(Thomaston)RelocationApproved ConnecticutUS 202(Thomaston)RelocationApproved IllinoisUS 12 Bus.(Chicago)EliminationApproved IllinoisUS 20 Bus.(Chicago)EliminationApproved IllinoisUS 67RelocationApproved PennsylvaniaUS 15RelocationApproved PennsylvaniaUS 22RelocationApproved PennsylvaniaUS 322RelocationApproved PennsylvaniaUS 309EliminationApproved GeorgiaUS 27(Bainbridge)RelocationApproved GeorgiaUS 84(Bainbridge)RelocationApproved GeorgiaUS 27 Bus.(Bainbridge)RecognitionApproved GeorgiaUS 84 Bus.(Bainbridge)RecognitionApproved GeorgiaUS 84 Bus.(Bainbridge)RemovalApproved GeorgiaUS 29RelocationApproved GeorgiaUS 341RelocationApproved ArkansasUS 49ExtensionApproved MissouriUS 50 Bus.(Jefferson City)RecognitionApproved MissouriUS 71RelocationApproved MissouriUS 71 Bus.(Kansas City)RemovalApproved South CarolinaUS 25 Byp.(Greenwood)RecognitionApproved South CarolinaUS 178 Byp.(Greenwood)RecognitionApproved South CarolinaUS 221(Greenwood)RelocationApproved South CarolinaUS 221 Bus.(Greenwood)RecognitionApproved KansasUS 270ExtensionDenied MontanaUS 287ExtensionDenied MontanaUS 10 Alt.DeletionApproved IdahoUS 10 Alt.DeletionApproved IndianaUS 150RelocationApproved KentuckyUS 150RelocationApproved MichiganUS 23RelocationApproved OhioUS 21AbandonmentApproved with condition GeorgiaI-16, I-75, I-475RevisionsApproved subject to BPR concurrence June 17, 1968
Spring Meeting
Portsmouth, New Hampshire OhioUS 6(Bowling Green)RelocationApproved OhioUS 6(New Rochester)RelocationApproved OhioUS 6 Alt.(Lakewood)EstablishmentDeferred (yet exists) OhioUS 20(Cleveland)RelocationApproved OhioUS 20(Elyria)RelocationApproved OhioUS 23RelocationApproved OhioUS 24RelocationApproved OhioUS 33(Bellefontaine)RelocationApproved OhioUS 33(Lancaster)RelocationApproved OhioUS 35RelocationApproved OhioUS 36(Cadiz)RelocationApproved OhioUS 36(Delaware)RelocationApproved OhioUS 36(Dennison)RelocationApproved OhioUS 42RelocationApproved OhioUS 52RelocationApproved OhioUS 62RelocationApproved OhioUS 68RelocationApproved MinnesotaUS 8RelocationTemporarily Deferred MinnesotaUS 12RelocationTemporarily Deferred MinnesotaUS 16RelocationTemporarily Deferred MinnesotaUS 52RelocationTemporarily Deferred MinnesotaUS 61RelocationTemporarily Deferred MinnesotaUS 65RelocationTemporarily Deferred North CarolinaUS 13RelocationApproved MichiganUS 23 Alt.EstablishmentDenied VirginiaUS 23 Byp.(Wise)RecognitionApproved VirginiaUS 23 Bus.(Wise)RedesignationApproved IndianaUS 24RelocationApproved IndianaUS 224ExtensionApproved IndianaUS 27RelocationApproved IndianaUS 30(Plymouth)RelocationApproved IndianaUS 30(Columbia City)RelocationApproved IndianaUS 31RelocationApproved IndianaUS 41(Lafayette)RelocationApproved IndianaUS 41RelocationApproved IndianaUS 50RelocationApproved South CarolinaUS 25 Byp.(Greenville)RecognitionApproved MarylandUS 29ExtensionApproved MarylandUS 340RelocationApproved WisconsinUS 41RelocationDeferred OklahomaUS 59RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 62(Meeker)RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 62 Bus.(Henryetta)RecognitionDenied (yet signed) OklahomaUS 62(Jamestown)RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 64(Jamestown)RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 64(Cleveland)RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 75RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 270RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 81RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 271RelocationTemporarily Deferred OklahomaUS 271 Bus.(Hugo)RecognitionTemporarily Deferred GeorgiaUS 80RelocationApproved GeorgiaUS 82RelocationApproved TexasUS 90ExtensionDenied WashingtonUS 97ResubmissionRelocationDenied KentuckyUS 127RelocationApproved KentuckyUS 127 Bus.(Lawrenceburg)RecognitionDenied (instead the relocation is signed as US 127 Byp.) North CarolinaUS 13ResubmissionExtensionDenied South CarolinaUS 13ResubmissionExtensionDenied OhioUS 21AbandonmentApproved West VirginiaUS 21AbandonmentApproved IowaUS 75RelocationDenied NebraskaUS 75RelocationDenied OklahomaUS 377ExtensionApproved to Madill TexasUS 377ExtensionApproved New JerseyI-278DeletionApproved New JerseyI-195AdditionApproved FloridaUS 192ExtensionDenied MissouriUS 36 Bus.(Shelbina)RecognitionApproved MissouriUS 54RelocationApproved MissouriUS 54 Bus.(Fulton)RecognitionApproved MissouriUS 60 Bus.(Willow Springs)RecognitionApproved PennsylvaniaUS 6RelocationApproved ColoradoUS 36ExtensionDenied OhioUS 52RelocationApproved OhioUS 62RelocationApproved OhioUS 68RelocationApproved MinnesotaUS 8RelocationDenied MinnesotaUS 12RelocationApproved in part MinnesotaUS 16RelocationApproved in part MinnesotaUS 52RelocationApproved in part MinnesotaUS 61RelocationApproved in part MinnesotaUS 65RelocationApproved in part North CarolinaUS 13RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 64RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 75RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 270RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 81RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 271RelocationDenied OklahomaUS 271 Bus.(Hugo)RecognitionDenied 1968
Annual Meeting
No dataJune 23, 1969
Spring Meeting
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming ArizonaUS 70EliminationApproved CaliforniaUS 70EliminationApproved CaliforniaUS 101 Bus.(King City)DesignationApproved FloridaUS 1 Alt.ResubmissionEstablishmentApproved with condition FloridaUS 90 Alt.ResubmissionEstablishmentApproved with condition GeorgiaUS 19(Griffin)RelocationApproved GeorgiaUS 19 Bus.(Griffin)DesignationApproved GeorgiaUS 41(Griffin)RelocationApproved GeorgiaUS 41 Bus.(Griffin)DesignationApproved IdahoUS 195EliminationApproved WashingtonUS 195EliminationApproved KentuckyUS 60 Bus.(Louisville)RecognitionApproved KentuckyUS 60(Louisville)RelocationApproved KentuckyUS 62RelocationApproved KentuckyUS 127 Byp.(Danville)RecognitionApproved LouisianaUS 190(Covington)RelocationApproved LouisianaUS 190 Bus.(Covington)DesignationApproved MarylandUS 15RelocationApproved MichiganUS 10RelocationAction Deferred MinnesotaUS 8RelocationApproved MinnesotaUS 52RelocationApproved MinnesotaUS 61RelocationApproved MissouriUS 54 Bus.(Lake Ozark)DesignationApproved MissouriUS 71 Bus.(Nevada)RecognitionApproved MissouriUS 71 Bus.(Kansas City)DeletionApproved MissouriUS 71 Bus.(Butler)RecognitionApproved New JerseyUS 22RelocationApproved North CarolinaUS 13ResubmissionExtensionDenied South CarolinaUS 13ResubmissionExtensionDenied OhioUS 23RelocationApproved OhioUS 40RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 271ResubmissionRelocationApproved OklahomaUS 271 Bus.(Hugo)DesignationApproved PennsylvaniaUS 40RelocationApproved PennsylvaniaUS 219RelocationApproved PennsylvaniaUS 220RelocationApproved PennsylvaniaUS 322RelocationApproved VirginiaUS 360 Byp.(Burkeville)RecognitionApproved VirginiaUS 360 Bus.(Burkeville)RecognitionApproved VirginiaUS 460 Byp.(Burkeville)RecognitionApproved VirginiaUS 460 Bus.(Burkeville)RecognitionApproved VirginiaUS 33 Byp.(Elkton)RecognitionApproved VirginiaUS 33 Bus.(Elkton)RecognitionApproved VirginiaUS 29 Byp.(Amherst)DesignationApproved VirginiaUS 29 Bus.(Amherst)DesignationApproved VirginiaUS 460 Byp.(Pamplin City)DesignationApproved VirginiaUS 460 Bus.(Pamplin City)DesignationApproved WashingtonUS 10EliminationApproved WashingtonUS 99EliminationApproved WashingtonUS 99AEliminationApproved West VirginiaUS 35RelocationApproved WisconsinUS 12(Lake Geneva)RelocationApproved WisconsinUS 12(Eau Claire)RelocationApproved WisconsinUS 12 Bus.(Eau Claire)DesignationApproved WisconsinUS 41RelocationApproved WisconsinUS 41 Bus.(Green Bay)DesignationApproved WisconsinUS 51RelocationApproved WisconsinUS 51 Bus.(Stevens Point)DesignationApproved CaliforniaI-15DesignationConfirmed CaliforniaI-380DesignationConfirmed CaliforniaI-605DesignationConfirmed TexasI-27DesignationConfirmed TexasI-820DesignationConfirmed North CarolinaI-40DesignationConfirmed WisconsinI-57DesignationConfirmed MichiganI-69DesignationConfirmed MichiganI-96I-196RedesignationConfirmed MichiganI-196I-96RedesignationConfirmed IllinoisI-72DesignationConfirmed FloridaI-75DesignationConfirmed ColoradoI-80SDesignationConfirmed ColoradoI-470DesignationConfirmed New YorkI-88DesignationConfirmed New YorkI-78DeletionConfirmed New YorkI-295I-78RedesignationConfirmed New YorkI-878I-78RedesignationConfirmed New YorkI-878DesignationConfirmed New YorkI-895I-278RedesignationConfirmed New YorkI-278I-878RedesignationConfirmed New YorkI-495DeletionConfirmed New YorkI-678DeletionConfirmed New YorkI-695DesignationConfirmed IndianaI-164DesignationConfirmed GeorgiaI-185DesignationConfirmed WashingtonI-182DesignationConfirmed OklahomaI-240DesignationConfirmed ConnecticutI-291DesignationConfirmed IowaI-380DesignationConfirmed MinnesotaI-394DesignationConfirmed ArizonaI-410DesignationConfirmed OregonI-505DesignationConfirmed AlabamaI-565DesignationConfirmed OhioI-675DesignationConfirmed South CarolinaI-77DesignationConfirmed North CarolinaI-77DesignationConfirmed NebraskaI-129DesignationConfirmed IowaI-129DesignationConfirmed KansasI-435DesignationConfirmed MissouriI-435DesignationConfirmed ConnecticutI-84DesignationConfirmed ConnecticutI-86I-84 & I-491RedesignationConfirmed MassachusettsI-86I-84RedesignationConfirmed MassachusettsI-895DesignationConfirmed Rhode IslandI-84DesignationConfirmed Rhode IslandI-895DesignationConfirmed October 25, 1969
Annual Meeting
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania AlabamaUS 98RelocationApproved AlabamaUS 98 Alt.EstablishmentDenied (resubmitted and approved in 1982) ConnecticutUS 6RelocationApproved GeorgiaUS 23RelocationApproved GeorgiaUS 78RelocationApproved IndianaUS 224RelocationApproved MassachusettsUS 44RelocationApproved MichiganUS 10RelocationApproved with condition MichiganUS 41 Bus.RecognitionAction deferred MichiganUS 131RelocationApproved MinnesotaUS 210EliminationApproved MissouriUS 65 Bus.RecognitionApproved NevadaUS 95 Alt.DesignationAction deferred OhioUS 23RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 60RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 77RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 177RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 60 Bus.DesignationApproved OklahomaUS 62RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 64RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 270RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 377ResubmissionExtensionDenied TexasUS 380EliminationDenied TexasUS 380ExtensionDenied WisconsinUS 141 Bus.DesignationApproved ArizonaUS 160US 666RedesignationAction deferred ColoradoUS 160US 666RedesignationAction deferred New MexicoUS 160US 666RedesignationAction deferred UtahUS 160US 666RedesignationAction deferred ArizonaUS 666RedesignationAction deferred ColoradoUS 666RedesignationAction deferred New MexicoUS 666RedesignationAction deferred UtahUS 666RedesignationAction deferred ArizonaUS 164RedesignationAction deferred ColoradoUS 164RedesignationAction deferred New MexicoUS 164RedesignationAction deferred UtahUS 164RedesignationAction deferred IowaUS 30 Alt.EliminationApproved NebraskaUS 30 Alt.EliminationApproved MaineUS 1RelocationApproved MarylandUS 48FutureDesignationApproved (number suggested by AASHO?) West VirginiaUS 48FutureDesignationApproved (number suggested by AASHO?) KansasUS 169 Alt.EliminationApproved MissouriUS 169 Alt.EliminationApproved VirginiaUS 17 Byp.DesignationApproved VirginiaUS 17 Bus.US 17RedesignationApproved New YorkI-481I-281RenumberConfirmed New YorkI-684I-87RenumberConfirmed New YorkI-87RelocationConfirmed LouisianaI-310EliminationConfirmed LouisianaI-410New RouteCreationConfirmed VirginiaI-195New RouteCreationConfirmed June 29, 1970
Spring Meeting
Williamsburg, Virginia FloridaUS 1 Alt.EstablishmentApproved FloridaUS 192ResubmissionExtensionApproved GeorgiaUS 25RelocationDeferred GeorgiaUS 301RelocationDeferred GeorgiaUS 78RelocationApproved GeorgiaUS 78 Bus.RecognitionApproved IdahoUS 20RelocationApproved IdahoUS 20 Bus.DesignationApproved IllinoisUS 30 Bus.EliminationApproved IndianaUS 33RelocationApproved IndianaUS 421RelocationApproved IndianaUS 35RelocationApproved KentuckyUS 51 Byp.RecognitionApproved TennesseeUS 51 Byp.RecognitionApproved LouisianaUS 165RelocationApproved LouisianaUS 165 Bus.RecognitionApproved MaineUS 1RelocationApproved MassachusettsUS 1RelocationApproved MichiganUS 27RelocationDeferred MichiganUS 27 Bus.DeletionDeferred MissouriUS 66 Bus.EliminationApproved MissouriUS 160RelocationApproved North DakotaUS 10RelocationApproved OhioUS 23RelocationApproved OhioUS 35RelocationApproved OhioUS 62RelocationApproved OhioUS 127RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 60RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 169RelocationApproved South CarolinaUS 321 Bus.RecognitionApproved UtahUS 163EstablishmentApproved (number suggested by AASHO?) ArizonaUS 163EstablishmentApproved (number suggested by AASHO?) UtahUS 160RelocationApproved ArizonaUS 160RelocationApproved New MexicoUS 160RelocationApproved ColoradoUS 160RelocationApproved ArizonaUS 164EliminationApproved New MexicoUS 164EliminationApproved ColoradoUS 164EliminationApproved ColoradoUS 666ExtensionApproved ColoradoUS 666UtahApproved UtahUS 30SRelocationDeferred VirginiaUS 13RelocationApproved VirginiaUS 13 Bus.DesignationApproved VirginiaUS 19 Bus.US 19RedesignationDeferred VirginiaUS 19 Byp.DesignationDeferred VirginiaUS 460 Bus.US 460RedesignationDeferred VirginiaUS 460 Byp.DesignationDeferred VirginiaUS 29 Bus.US 29RedesignationDeferred VirginiaUS 29 Byp.DesignationDeferred VirginiaUS 460 Bus.US 460RedesignationDeferred VirginiaUS 460 Byp.DesignationDeferred VirginiaUS 58 Bus.US 58RedesignationDeferred VirginiaUS 58 Byp.DesignationDeferred VirginiaUS 58 Bus.US 58RedesignationDeferred VirginiaUS 58 Byp.DesignationDeferred VirginiaUS 58 Bus.US 58RedesignationDeferred VirginiaUS 58 Byp.DesignationDeferred VirginiaUS 460 Bus.US 460RedesignationDeferred VirginiaUS 460 Byp.DesignationDeferred CaliforniaI-105DeletionApproved CaliforniaI-110DeletionApproved CaliforniaI-105AdditionApproved GeorgiaI-485AdditionApproved IdahoI-180AdditionApproved IndianaI-465AdditionApproved KansasI-670EstablishmentApproved MissouriI-670EstablishmentApproved LouisianaI-410EliminationApproved LouisianaI-110AdditionApproved LouisianaI-420EliminationApproved MarylandI-170AdditionApproved MarylandI-395AdditionApproved OhioI-80AdditionApproved PennsylvaniaI-79EliminationApproved PennsylvaniaI-79RelocationApproved PennsylvaniaI-279EliminationApproved PennsylvaniaI-279RelocationApproved PennsylvaniaI-76ExtensionApproved PennsylvaniaI-479EliminationApproved PennsylvaniaI-876I-479RenumberApproved PennsylvaniaI-178EliminationApproved PennsylvaniaI-378EliminationApproved TexasI-110AdditionApproved TexasI-345AdditionApproved TexasI-410AdditionApproved TexasI-610AdditionApproved WyomingI-180AdditionApproved November 6, 1970
Annual Meeting
Houston, Texas ArkansasUS 49RelocationApproved ArkansasUS 49 Bus.RecognitionApproved ArkansasUS 62RelocationApproved ArkansasUS 62 Bus.RecognitionApproved ArkansasUS 63(Jonesboro)RelocationApproved ArkansasUS 63 Bus.RecognitionApproved ArkansasUS 63(Marked Tree)RelocationApproved ArkansasUS 63 Bus.RecognitionApproved ArkansasUS 64RelocationApproved ArkansasUS 67RelocationApproved ArkansasUS 167RelocationApproved ArkansasUS 67 Bus.RecognitionApproved ArkansasUS 71(Green Wood)RelocationApproved ArkansasUS 71(Fayetteville)RelocationApproved ArkansasUS 71 Bus.RecognitionApproved ArkansasUS 167RelocationApproved DelawareUS 301NRelocationDeferred DelawareUS 13US 13 Alt.RedesignationApproved DelawareUS 13 Bus.US 13 Alt.RedesignationApproved DelawareUS 13 Bus.US 13RedesignationApproved DelawareUS 202EliminationApproved GeorgiaUS 129RelocationApproved GeorgiaUS 301RelocationApproved GeorgiaUS 301 Bus.RecognitionApproved IllinoisUS 34Elimination(not stated - wrong version of the document scanned?) IllinoisUS 36Rerouting(not stated - wrong version of the document scanned?) IllinoisUS 136Elimination(not stated - wrong version of the document scanned?) IllinoisUS 421Relocation(not stated - wrong version of the document scanned?) IowaUS 20Relocation(not stated - wrong version of the document scanned?) KentuckyUS 68Relocation(not stated - wrong version of the document scanned?) KentuckyUS 150 Byp.Recognition(not stated - wrong version of the document scanned?) KentuckyUS 641Elimination(not stated - wrong version of the document scanned?) LouisianaUS 90 Bus.Relocation(not stated - wrong version of the document scanned?) MichiganUS 41 Bus.ResubmissionDesignationDenied MinnesotaUS 52RelocationApproved MinnesotaUS 61RelocationApproved OhioUS 27RelocationApproved OhioUS 30NRelocationApproved OhioUS 33RelocationApproved OhioUS 50RelocationApproved OhioUS 50 Byp.RelocationApproved OhioUS 68RelocationApproved OhioUS 422RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 62(Cache)RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 62(Muskogee)RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 62(Chickasha)RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 81RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 64RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 66RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 283RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 69RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 270RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 281RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 377ResubmissionEstablishmentDenied PennsylvaniaUS 1RelocationApproved PennsylvaniaUS 202RelocationApproved South CarolinaUS 52RelocationApproved South CarolinaUS 52 Bus.(Darlington)RecognitionApproved South CarolinaUS 401RelocationApproved TexasUS 57EstablishmentApproved (number suggested by AASHO?) TexasUS 380ResubmissionRelocationApproved with condition TexasUS 380ResubmissionExtensionApproved with condition ConnecticutUS 1RelocationApproved ConnecticutUS 7RelocationDeferred IdahoUS 30SRelocationApproved UtahUS 30SRelocationApproved North CarolinaUS 441(GSMNP)EliminationApproved TennesseeUS 441(GSMNP)EliminationApproved June 21, 1971
Spring Meeting
Madison, Wisconsin MaineUS 1A(Portland)EstablishmentApproved (record correction only) VirginiaUS 1 Byp.US 1 Alt.RedesignationApproved VirginiaUS 1 Bus.(Fredericksburg)RecognitionApproved VirginiaUS 11 Byp.(Staunton)RecognitionApproved VirginiaUS 11 Bus.US 11 Alt.RedesignationApproved VirginiaUS 211 Byp.(Washington)RecognitionApproved VirginiaUS 211 Bus.(Washington)RecognitionApproved VirginiaUS 522 Byp.(Washington)RecognitionApproved VirginiaUS 522 Bus.(Washington)RecognitionApproved VirginiaUS 221(Roanoke–Lynchburg)ExtensionAction deferred pending additional information VirginiaUS 460(Lynchburg–Bedford)RelocationAction deferred pending additional information VirginiaUS 460 Byp.(Bedford)RecognitionAction deferred pending additional information VirginiaUS 460 Bus.(Bedford)RecognitionAction deferred pending additional information IndianaUS 6(Kendallville)RelocationApproved IndianaUS 30(Etna Green–Warsaw)RelocationApproved IndianaUS 36(Lynn)RelocationApproved IndianaUS 41(Evansville)RelocationDenied IndianaUS 41(Vincennes–Oaktown)RelocationApproved IndianaUS 50(Dillsboro)RelocationApproved IndianaUS 52(Indianapolis)RelocationApproved IndianaUS 150(Vincennes–Oaktown)RelocationApproved IndianaUS 421(Madison)RelocationApproved IndianaUS 460(Edwardsville–New Albany)RelocationApproved IndianaUS 460(Evansville)RelocationApproved GeorgiaUS 23(Macon–Flovilla)RelocationApproved GeorgiaUS 29(Grantville)RelocationApproved IdahoUS 26 Bus.(Ririe)RecognitionApproved IllinoisUS 30 Alt.(Galt–Chicago Heights)EliminationApproved IllinoisUS 36(Springfield)RelocationApproved IllinoisUS 54(Pittsfield–Chicago)EliminationApproved UtahUS 30S(Uintah–Evanston)RelocationApproved UtahUS 50A(Wendover–Spanish Fork)RelocationApproved UtahUS 91(Brigham City–St. George)RelocationApproved UtahUS 189(Park City–Evanston)RelocationApproved MichiganUS 45(Rockland–Ontonagon)RelocationApproved KansasUS 50(Silvia–Hutchinson)RelocationApproved IowaUS 59(Harlan–Defiance)RelocationApproved MissouriUS 71 Byp.(Kansas City)EliminationApproved OklahomaUS 77(Springer)RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 77(Davis)RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 81(Rush Springs)RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 81 Bus.(Rush Springs)RecognitionApproved OklahomaUS 377(Madill–Cleveland)ExtensionDenied LouisianaUS 190(Slidell)RelocationApproved LouisianaUS 190 Bus.(Slidell)RecognitionApproved New JerseyUS 206(Hopatcong–Stanhope)RelocationApproved New YorkUS 219(N. Boston–Lackawanna)RelocationApproved New YorkUS 15(Painted Post–Rochester)EliminationDenied New YorkUS 104(Niagara Falls–Maple View)EliminationApproved ConnecticutUS 7(Norwalk)RelocationApproved UtahUS 163(Crescent Jct–Green River)ExtensionDenied WyomingUS 163(Daniel Jct–Yellowstone N.P.)ExtensionDenied WyomingUS 163E(Green River–Daniel Jct)DesignationDenied WyomingUS 163W(Green River–Daniel Jct)DesignationDenied December 3, 1971
Annual Meeting
Miami Beach, Florida DelawareUS 301NResubmissionRelocationApproved FloridaUS 98 Byp.RecognitionApproved GeorgiaUS 80RelocationApproved IdahoUS 20RelocationDenied IllinoisUS 14 Bus.EliminationApproved IllinoisUS 150EliminationWithdrawn by State MarylandUS 213EliminationApproved MinnesotaUS 16RelocationApproved MinnesotaUS 61EliminationDenied MinnesotaUS 65RelocationApproved MinnesotaUS 371EliminationApproved MissouriUS 65 Bus.RecognitionApproved NebraskaUS 73EliminationApproved OhioUS 22RelocationApproved OhioUS 30NRelocationApproved OhioUS 35RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 60RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 60 Bus.TemporaryRecognitionApproved OklahomaUS 81RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 177RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 377ResubmissionExtensionDenied OregonUS 99EliminationApproved OregonUS 99EEliminationApproved OregonUS 99WEliminationApproved OregonUS 101 Alt.EstablishmentDenied PennsylvaniaUS 106EliminationApproved PennsylvaniaUS 611EliminationApproved South CarolinaUS 321ExtensionApproved South CarolinaUS 601ExtensionApproved VirginiaUS 211 Byp.(Luray)RecognitionApproved VirginiaUS 211 Bus.(Luray)RecognitionApproved ArizonaUS 466EliminationApproved NevadaUS 466EliminationApproved CaliforniaUS 466EliminationApproved KentuckyUS 60 Byp.RecognitionApproved ConnecticutUS 1RelocationDenied ConnecticutUS 1AEliminationDenied ConnecticutUS 44RelocationDenied ConnecticutUS 44AEliminationDenied PennsylvaniaI-76I-80SRedesignationApproved OhioI-76I-80SRedesignationApproved PennsylvaniaI-376I-76RedesignationApproved PennsylvaniaI-279I-76RedesignationApproved PennsylvaniaI-579I-876RedesignationApproved June 19, 1972
Spring Meeting
San Antonio, Texas FloridaUS 1 Bus.EliminationApproved GeorgiaUS 23RelocationApproved GeorgiaUS 441RelocationApproved GeorgiaUS 23 Bus.DesignationApproved GeorgiaUS 441 Bus.DesignationApproved IdahoUS 20ResubmissionRelocationDenied IdahoUS 91RelocationApproved IdahoUS 91 Bus.EliminationApproved IdahoUS 91 Bus.EliminationApproved IowaUS 61RelocationApproved IowaUS 151RelocationApproved IowaUS 218RelocationApproved KentuckyUS 227EliminationApproved MassachusettsUS 20RelocationApproved MassachusettsUS 20 Alt.EliminationApproved MissouriUS 54RelocationApproved MissouriUS 54 Bus.RecognitionApproved MissouriUS 60RelocationApproved MissouriUS 60 Bus.RecognitionApproved MissouriI-44 Bus.US 66 Bus.RedesignationApproved NevadaUS 395RelocationDeferred NevadaUS 395 Bus.RecognitionDeferred New MexicoUS 64ExtensionDenied New MexicoUS 64RelocationDenied OklahomaUS 60RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 62RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 62 Bus.RecognitionApproved OklahomaUS 64RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 75RelocationApproved South CarolinaUS 17RelocationApproved VermontUS 4RelocationApproved District of ColumbiaUS 240EliminationApproved MarylandUS 240EliminationApproved IdahoUS 191EliminationApproved UtahUS 191EliminationApproved IdahoUS 30SEliminationApproved UtahUS 30SEliminationApproved WyomingUS 30SEliminationApproved IdahoUS 30US 30NRedesignationApproved WyomingUS 30US 30NRedesignationApproved IdahoUS 30 Bus.US 30N Bus.RedesignationApproved UtahUS 163ResubmissionExtensionDenied (resubmitted in 1981 as US 191) WyomingUS 163ResubmissionExtensionDenied (resubmitted in 1981 as US 191) PennsylvaniaI-76I-676RedesignationConfirmed New JerseyI-76I-676RedesignationConfirmed PennsylvaniaI-380I-81ERedesignationConfimed November 24, 1972
Annual Meeting
Phoenix, Arizona ArkansasUS 65RelocationApproved ArkansasUS 65 Bus.DesignationApproved ConnecticutUS 202RelocationApproved FloridaUSDesignationDisapproved (along SR 50) KentuckyUS 31W Byp.DesignationApproved New MexicoUS 64ResubmissionRelocationApproved IowaUS 65RelocationApproved MaineUS 1 Byp.RecognitionApproved New HampshireUS 1 Byp.RecognitionApproved New JerseyUS 9RelocationApproved OhioUS 30SEliminationApproved OhioUS 30US 30NRedesignationApproved OhioUS 50 Byp.EliminationApproved PennsylvaniaUS 220RelocationApproved PennsylvaniaUS 220 Bus.DesignationApproved OklahomaUS 62RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 169RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 377ResubmissionExtensionDisapproved OregonUS 395RelocationApproved WisconsinUS 53RelocationApproved IndianaUS 50 Bus.EliminationApproved IllinoisUS 50 Bus.EliminationApproved CaliforniaI-15EI-215RedesignationDeferred (but changed anyway) June 25, 1973
Spring Meeting
Washington, DC ArkansasUS 71RelocationApproved ArkansasUS 82(Magnolia)RelocationApproved ArkansasUS 82 Bus.DesignationApproved ArkansasUS 82(Crossett)RelocationApproved IdahoUS 20 Bus.RecognitionDisapproved IdahoUS 20ResubmissionRelocationDisapproved IdahoUS 30RelocationApproved IowaUS 6RelocationApproved MichiganUS 45RelocationApproved MissouriUS 24 Bus.RecognitionApproved MissouriUS 50 Bus.EliminationApproved MissouriI-44 Bus.US 66 Bus.RedesignationApproved New JerseyUS 1RelocationApproved North DakotaUS 385ExtensionDisapproved South DakotaUS 385ExtensionDisapproved OhioUS 20 Alt.EliminationApproved OklahomaUS 59RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 270RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 271RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 64RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 66 Bus.EliminationApproved OklahomaUS 75 Bus.EliminationApproved OklahomaUS 75RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 75 Alt.RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 81RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 266RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 270RelocationApproved VirginiaUS 17 Bus.RecognitionApproved VirginiaUS 17RelocationApproved (submitted as US 17 Byp.) VirginiaUS 460 Bus.RecognitionApproved VirginiaUS 460RelocationApproved (submitted as US 460 Byp.) CaliforniaUS 101RelocationApproved CaliforniaUS 101 Bus.RecognitionApproved ColoradoUS 285ExtensionApproved November 9, 1973
Annual Meeting
Los Angeles, California IowaI-680I-80NRedesignationApproved MichiganI-69ExtensionApproved New YorkI-590AdditionApproved OhioI-490I-290RedesignationApproved OhioI-670I-70NRedesignationApproved OhioI-71I-70ARedesignationApproved TennesseeI-240I-255RedesignationApproved ConnecticutUS 1RelocationApproved ConnecticutUS 1AEliminationApproved IndianaUS 31(Peru)RelocationApproved IndianaUS 31(South Bend)RelocationApproved IndianaUS 33RelocationApproved IndianaUS 40(Terre Haute)RelocationApproved IndianaUS 40(Richmond)RelocationApproved IndianaUS 41RelocationApproved IndianaUS 41 Bus.RecognitionApproved IowaUS 30RelocationApproved IowaUS 71RelocationApproved MichiganUS 27RelocationApproved MichiganUS 27 Bus.EliminationApproved MissouriUS 36RelocationApproved MissouriUS 36 Bus.DesignationApproved MissouriUS 36 SpurEliminationApproved MissouriUS 159RelocationDenied OklahomaUS 70RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 271 Bus.EliminationDenied South CarolinaUS 76US 76 Byp.RedesignationApproved South CarolinaUS 378US 378 Byp.RedesignationApproved South CarolinaUS 378 Bus.EliminationApproved VermontUS 7RelocationApproved VermontUS 7 Bus.RecognitionApproved VirginiaUS 29RelocationApproved VirginiaUS 29 Bus.DesignationApproved VirginiaUS 258RelocationApproved VirginiaUS 258 Bus.DesignationApproved North DakotaUS 385US 85RedesignationDenied South DakotaUS 385US 85RedesignationDenied OhioUS 50 Alt.EliminationApproved West VirginiaUS 50 Alt.EliminationApproved June 25, 1974
Spring Meeting
Seattle, Washington IowaUS 20RelocationApproved IowaUS 34RelocationApproved IowaUS 275RelocationApproved KentuckyUS 23RelocationApproved KentuckyUS 119RelocationApproved KentuckyUS 127RelocationApproved New YorkUS 15ResubmissionEliminationApproved North DakotaI-29 Bus.(Fargo)EstablishmentApproved (submitted as US 81 Bus., then resubmitted at the next meeting and approved) OklahomaUS 77RelocationApproved WashingtonUS 97RelocationApproved ArizonaUS 91EliminationApproved CaliforniaUS 91EliminationApproved NevadaUS 91EliminationApproved UtahUS 91EliminationApproved FloridaUS 319RelocationApproved MichiganUS 10RelocationApproved MichiganUS 10 Bus.(Clare)DesignationApproved MissouriUS 60RelocationApproved MissouriUS 60 Bus.(Mountain Grove)DesignationApproved MissouriUS 65 Bus.(Springfield)RelocationApproved MissouriUS 66 Bus.(Carterville)EliminationApproved MissouriUS 66 Bus.(Carthage)EliminationApproved MissouriI-44 Bus.US 66 Bus.RedesignationApproved MissouriUS 67RelocationApproved MissouriUS 159ResubmissionRelocationApproved OhioUS 22(Amanda)RelocationApproved OhioUS 22(Cadiz)RelocationApproved OhioUS 23RelocationApproved OhioUS 33RelocationApproved OhioUS 68RelocationApproved VirginiaUS 29RelocationApproved VirginiaUS 29 Bus.(Gretna)DesignationApproved North DakotaUS 385ResubmissionRedesignationDenied South DakotaUS 385ResubmissionRedesignationDenied DelawareUS 113EliminationApproved DelawareUS 113 Alt.RelocationApproved IndianaUS 27RelocationDenied New HampshireUS 3RelocationApproved New HampshireUS 3 Bus.EstablishmentApproved IllinoisUS 45 Byp.RecognitionApproved IllinoisUS 50RelocationApproved MissouriUS 50RelocationApproved IllinoisUS 50 Byp.EliminationApproved MissouriUS 50 Byp.EliminationApproved IllinoisUS 66EliminationApproved MissouriUS 66EliminationApproved IllinoisUS 66 Bus.EliminationApproved (Bloomington, Lincoln, Springfield, maybe some in Missouri) New JerseyUS 322RelocationApproved PennsylvaniaUS 322RelocationApproved IndianaUS 27EliminationDenied MichiganUS 27EliminationDenied WisconsinI-43I-57RedesignationApproved ColoradoI-76I-70 & I-80SRedesignationApproved in part NebraskaI-76I-80SRedesignationApproved IllinoisI-270I-244 & I-255RedesignationApproved MissouriI-270I-244 & I-255RedesignationApproved IllinoisI-53New RouteCreationApproved with condition DelawareUS 9ExtensionApproved PennsylvaniaUS 15RelocationApproved PennsylvaniaUS 220RelocationApproved November 15, 1974
Annual Meeting
Detroit, Michigan ArizonaUS 89RelocationApproved GeorgiaUS 27RelocationApproved GeorgiaUS 280RelocationApproved IndianaUS 24RelocationApproved IndianaUS 27RelocationApproved IndianaUS 35(Muncie)RelocationApproved IndianaUS 35(Loganport)RelocationApproved IndianaUS 41RelocationApproved IndianaUS 150RelocationApproved MissouriUS 60 Bus.(Elsinore)EliminationApproved North CarolinaUS 1 Alt.(Franklinton)EstablishmentApproved North CarolinaUS 1 Alt.(Wake Forest–Youngsville)EstablishmentApproved North CarolinaUS 29 Alt.(Greensboro)EstablishmentApproved North CarolinaUS 70 Alt.(Greensboro)EstablishmentApproved North DakotaUS 81 Bus.(Fargo)DesignationApproved in part OhioUS 36AbandonmentApproved OhioUS 36(Newcomerstown)RelocationApproved OhioUS 52RelocationApproved OhioUS 62RelocationApproved OhioUS 250RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 59RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 69(Checotah)RelocationApproved with condition OklahomaUS 69 Bus.(Checotah)RecognitionApproved with condition OklahomaUS 69(Durant)RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 69 Bus.(Durant)RecognitionApproved OklahomaUS 75(Durant)RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 75 Bus.(Durant)RecognitionApproved OklahomaUS 177RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 183RelocationApproved South CarolinaUS 25US 25 Byp.RedesignationApproved South CarolinaUS 25 Bus.US 25RedesignationApproved VirginiaUS 15(Culpeper)RelocationApproved VirginiaUS 15 Bus.(Culpeper)RecognitionApproved VirginiaUS 29(Culpeper)RelocationApproved VirginiaUS 29 Bus.(Culpeper)RecognitionApproved VirginiaUS 15 Bus.US 15 Alt.RedesignationApproved VirginiaUS 211 Bus.US 211 Alt.RedesignationApproved VirginiaUS 29(Lynchburg)RelocationApproved VirginiaUS 29 Bus.(Lynchburg)RecognitionApproved VirginiaUS 29(Madison)RelocationApproved VirginiaUS 29 Bus.(Madison)RecognitionApproved VirginiaUS 301(Petersburg)RelocationApproved VirginiaUS 301 Alt.(Petersburg)RecognitionApproved West VirginiaUS 460RelocationApproved TexasI-635ExtensionApproved with condition June 16, 1975
Spring Meeting
White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia CaliforniaUS 101RelocationApproved CaliforniaUS 101 Bus.RecognitionApproved CaliforniaUS 40EliminationApproved NevadaUS 40EliminationApproved UtahUS 40EliminationApproved IdahoUS 10EliminationApproved in part WashingtonUS 10EliminationApproved IllinoisUS 136EliminationDisapproved IndianaUS 136EliminationApproved in part (never carried through) IndianaUS 12RelocationApproved IndianaUS 31RelocationApproved IndianaUS 52RelocationApproved IowaUS 20RelocationApproved KentuckyUS 25ERelocationApproved MarylandUS 13RelocationApproved MarylandUS 13 Bus.DesignationApproved (submitted as US 13 Alt.) MarylandUS 340EliminationDisapproved MarylandUS 1RelocationApproved North CarolinaUS 1 Bus.EliminationApproved North CarolinaUS 19 Alt.RelocationDisapproved (yet signage was changed) North CarolinaUS 23(Dillsboro–Sylva)RelocationApproved North CarolinaUS 23 Bus.(Dillsboro–Sylva)RecognitionApproved North CarolinaUS 23(Franklin)RelocationApproved North CarolinaUS 64(Franklin)RelocationApproved North CarolinaUS 441(Franklin)RelocationApproved North CarolinaUS 441 Bus.(Franklin)RecognitionApproved North DakotaUS 81 Bus.(Grand Forks)RecognitionApproved OhioUS 30RelocationApproved OhioUS 35RelocationApproved OhioUS 62RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 60(Ponca City)RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 60(Tonkawa)RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 77RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 177RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 183RelocationApproved OklahomaUS 270RelocationApproved TexasUS 190RelocationApproved TexasUSDesignationDisapproved (instead became an extension of SH 114) New MexicoUSDesignationDisapproved (instead became NM 114) MassachusettsI-93ExtensionApproved MassachusettsI-95ExtensionApproved MassachusettsI-95RelocationApproved MassachusettsI-195ExtensionApproved MassachusettsI-495ExtensionApproved New YorkI-678RedesignationApproved OklahomaI-240ExtensionApproved OklahomaI-440EliminationApproved CaliforniaUS 101(Novato)RelocationApproved CaliforniaUS 101 Bus.RecognitionApproved MichiganUS 31RelocationApproved GeorgiaI-485EliminationApproved GeorgiaI-175New RouteRecognitionApproved GeorgiaI-420New RouteRecognitionApproved GeorgiaI-675New RouteRecognitionApproved November 15, 1975
Annual Meeting
St. Louis, Missouri ColoradoUS 24EliminationApproved Colorado
Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WikiProject_U.S._Roads/Resources/AASHTO_minutes
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  • 2015
    SCOBS Annual Meeting
  • Explore Saratoga Spring while you have the chance
  • Icebreaker Reception at the Canfield Casino
Hosted by The New York State Department of Transportation
Powered by the University Transportation Research Center, Region 2

The annual AASHTO Subcommittee on Bridges and Structures (SCOBS) working meeting is a 4 day event comprised of two days of technical committee meetings and two days of general session. During the first two days of the meeting, the twenty technical committees come together to discuss the latest industry issues and to finalize any changes needed to the AASHTO Bridges and Structures publications. These meetings are open to state and federal engineers, academicians, consultants, contractors and industry representatives, and present a good opportunity to share ideas and have your voice heard. The second two days of the meeting include a featured Chairman’s Lecture and a General Session. During the General Session, all changes to the AASHTO Bridges and Structures publications are presented, discussed by the full subcommittee and balloted. This meeting is also open to the industry and is a good place to learn of upcoming changes to specifications. The SCOBS meeting also offers an icebreaker and a banquet where you can network and share experiences.

Bridge Group-Image
2015 AASHTO SCOBS Bridge Engineer’s Group Photo at the Saratoga Hilton, Saratoga Springs, NY
Thanks to our Conference Sponsors

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Sours: http://bridgemeeting2015.org/
1966 — Williamsburg, VA
1967 — Fountainhead, OK
1968 — Rye Beach, NH
1969 — Cheyenne, WY
1970 — Nashville, TN
1971 — Albuquerque, NM
1972 — Dearborn, MI
1973 — Biloxi, MS
1974 — Louisville, KY
1975 — San Diego, CA
1976 — Kansas City, MO
1977 — Portland, ME
1978 — Scottsdal  e, AZ
1979 — Colorado Springs, CO
1980 — Jekyll Island, GA
1981 — Niagara Falls, NY
1982 — Coeur D’Alene, ID
1983 — Birmingham, AL
1984 — Santa Fe, NM
1985 — Monterey, CA
1986 — Charleston, WV
1987 — Charleston, SC
1988 — Jackson Hole, WY
1989 — Portland, ME
1990 — Minneapolis, MN
1991 — Atlantic City, NJ
1992 — New Orleans, LA1993 — Lake Tahoe, NV
1994 — Biloxi, MS
1995 — Seattle, WA
1996 — Baltimore, MD
1997 — Milwaukee, WI
1998 — San Antonio, TX
1999 — Orlando, FL
2000 — San Diego, CA
2001 — Portland, ME
2002 — St. Paul, MN
2003 — Savannah, GA
2004 — Juneau, AK
2005 — Buffalo, NY
2006 — Overland Park, KS
2007 — Lake Tahoe, NV
2008 — Mobile, AL
2009 — Manchester, NH
2010 — Chicago, IL
2011 — Boise, ID
2012 — Orlando, FL
2013 — Portland, ME
2014 — St. Paul, MN
2015 — San Antonio, TX
2016 — Savannah, GA
2017 — Pittsburgh, PA
2018 — Denver, CO​
2019 — Columbus, OH
Sours: https://ncutcd.org/meetings/

Spring 2015 aashto meeting

National Meetings AASHTO holds three annual meetings: the Washington Briefing, Spring Meeting and Annual Meeting, along with many standing and .. Read more subcommittee meetings. Meetings give important access to the people working with the Administration and Congress on issues that impact state departments of transportation. Spring Meeting The AASHTO Annual Spring Meeting offers transportation executives the opportunity to network and share the latest in industry policies and innovations. Hosted by the home state of the AASHTO President, this meeting includes informational sessions on relevant industry topics. Annual Meeting The AASHTO Annual Meeting is a week-long event convened to address a broad range of transportation issues. Several AASHTO committees – including the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors – come together during the annual meeting, which selects a topical theme each year. Simply call or have your travel agent call or use the link below to book your travel.

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More Events From The Organizer

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AASHTO 2021 Spring Meeting ACPA Video

Conference Presentations




  • December 3, 2019: 2019 APTA Mid-Year Safety Seminar
  • October 13-14, 2019: 2019 APTA Annual Conference
  • September 24-26, 2019: 2019 Joint SSO and RTA Workshop
  • September 11-13, 2019: SWTA 2019 Midwest/SW Transit Conference
  • August 14-15, 2019: FTA 18th Biennial State Programs Meeting and State Public Transportation Partnerships Conference
  • July 22, 2019: APTA Transit Board Members & Board Administrators Seminar
  • June 25, 2019: 2019 APTA Rail Conference
  • May 21, 2019: CTAA EXPO 2019
  • May 19 - 21, 2019: 2019 APTA Mobility Conference
  • May 19, 2019: Triennial Review Mini Workshop
  • May 18, 2019: APTA Security and Emergency Management Roundtable
  • March 17, 2019: APTA Legislative Conference
  • March 14, 2019: APTA Safety Spotlight Webinar


  • November 27, 2018: APTA Mid-Year Safety Seminar
  • November 8, 2018: AASHTO Multi-State Tran​sit Technical Assistance Program (MTAP)
  • October 23-25, 2018: 2018 Joint SSO and RTA Workshop
  • September 22-26, 2018: 2018 APTA Annual Meeting
  • June 10-13, 2018: APTA Rail Conference
  • May 15-18, 2018: 2018 SSO Program Managers Training Workshop
  • March 15, 2018: APTA Safety Spotlight Webinar
  • February 27, 2018: SSO Technical Assistance Webinar: CAPs
  • February 27, 2018: 2018 APTA Legal Affairs Seminar
  • January 8, 2018: Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting


  • December 14, 2017: FTA AASHTO Safety Webinar
  • December 4-7, 2017: APTA Mid-Year Safety Seminar
  • November 2, 2017: FTA Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (AMPO) Safety Webinar
  • October 24-27, 2017: 2017 Joint SSO and RTA Workshop
  • October 8-11, 2017: 2017 APTA Annual Meeting
  • September 1, 2017: Rail Operations and Regulatory Committee
  • August 17, 2017: FTA State Programs Meeting
  • August 8, 2017: APTA Risk Management Seminar
  • July 25, 2017: APTA Board Member Seminar
  • July 20, 2017: APTA Safety Spotlight Webinar
  • June 11-14, 2017: 2017 APTA Rail Conference
  • April 24-28, 2017: 2017 SSO Spring Training Workshop Presentations
  • February 27, 2017: 2017 APTA Legal Affairs Seminar
  • February 14, 2017: 2017 SWTA Annual Conference
  • January 8-12, 2017: 2017 Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting


  • December 5, 2016: Federal Safety Update at APTA Mid-Year Safety Committee
  • November 30, 2016: Federal Safety Update at TRACS Meeting
  • October 20, 2016: APTA Safety Spotlight Webinar
  • October 6, 2016: Fire in Vehicles Conference
  • September 11-14, 2016: APTA Annual Meeting
  • August 23, 2016: SWTA Community Mobility Workshop
  • August 16, 2016: 2016 State Public Transportation Partnerships Transit Midwest Conference
  • July 18-22, 2016: 2016 State Safety Oversight (SSO) Program Managers' Workshop
  • June 20, 2016: APTA Rail Conference
  • June 6, 2016: Safety Management Systems at Florida Safety Summit
  • May 24, 2016: Virginia Transit Association
  • May 24, 2016: CTAA Expo
  • May 16, 2016: APTA Bus and Paratransit Conference: Bus Panel
  • May 15, 2016: APTA Bus and Paratransit Conference: Bus CEOs Meeting
  • May 14, 2016: APTA Bus and Paratransit Conference: Bus System Safety Seminar
  • February 23, 2016: APTA 2016 Legal Affairs Seminar
  • January 11, 2016: Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting: New Federal Transit Safety Requirements and FTA’s Path to Safety Management System (SMS) Implementation



Last updated: Monday, September 27, 2021

Sours: https://www.transit.dot.gov/regulations-and-guidance/safety/conference-presentations

Now discussing:

FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION AASHTO Spring Meeting Transportation Economics and Logistics MAY 30, 2014

FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION AASHTO Spring Meeting Transportation Economics and Logistics MAY 30, 2014 | LOUISVILLE KY

Florida is a Crossroads of North/South & East/West Trade 3. 9% 15. 2% 19.

Florida is a Crossroads of North/South & East/West Trade 3. 9% 15. 2% 19. 9% 1. 0% 59. 6% 0. 5% Source: Enterprise Florida, Inc. , 2012

Changing Industry Composition Global Trade & Logistics Manufacturing Agriculture Emerging Technologies Construction Agriculture Construction

Changing Industry Composition Global Trade & Logistics Manufacturing Agriculture Emerging Technologies Construction Agriculture Construction Tourism Florida’s OLD Economy Source: Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Finance & Professional Services Health Care & Life Sciences Tourism Defense & Homeland Security Future—Targeted Clusters and Industries

FMTP: Next Steps

FMTP: Next Steps

Freight and the Economy Florida …. . 3 rd largest Logistics and Distribution in

Freight and the Economy Florida …. . 3 rd largest Logistics and Distribution in the Nation 5 th number of Logistics and Distribution jobs Component Owner/Operator Facilities State Highways State of Florida 12, 076 centerline miles; 6, 661 bridges Local Roads Local governments 109, 683 centerline miles; 5, 326 bridges Public Transit Local agencies/ SFRTA 29 urban fixed-route transit agencies 6 rural fixed-route transit agencies Rail Private sector* 2, 786 railway miles Seaports Local agencies Waterways Federal & state governments Aviation Local agencies Spaceports Special District 15 seaports, 7 with cruises “Gateways” 3, 475 miles of intracoastal & inland routes 19 commercial airports 110 public general aviation 650 private general aviation 2 spaceports; 5 active launch facilities

Office of Freight Logistics and Passenger Operations State Freight and Logistics Administrator Juan Flores

Office of Freight Logistics and Passenger Operations State Freight and Logistics Administrator Juan Flores Rail and Motor Carrier Operations Office Fred Wise Aviation and Spaceports Aaron Smith Seaport and Waterways Meredith Dahlrose Transit Office Ed Coven

Freight Mobility and Trade Plan Florida House Bill 599 (2012) requires the Florida Department

Freight Mobility and Trade Plan Florida House Bill 599 (2012) requires the Florida Department of Transportation to develop the Freight Mobility and Trade Plan. § Goals of the Plan: – Increasing the flow of domestic and international trade through the state's seaports and airports – Increasing the development of intermodal logistic centers in the state – Increasing the development of manufacturing industries in the state – Increasing the implementation of CNG, LNG, and propane energy policies that reduce transportation costs for businesses and residents

Florida’s Strategic Intermodal System § Strategic: made up of facilities and services of statewide

Florida’s Strategic Intermodal System § Strategic: made up of facilities and services of statewide and interregional significance. § Intermodal: Contains all forms of transportation for moving both people and goods. § System: Integrates individual facilities, services, forms of transportation and linkages into a single, integrated transportation network. Designated & Emerging SIS: – – – – 17 commercial service airports 2 spaceports 11 deepwater seaports over 2, 100 miles of rail corridors over 2, 200 miles of waterways 35 passenger terminals seven rail freight terminals over 4, 300 miles of highways.

Florida Freight Network Florida Freight Project Definition 11 Florida Freight Network Prioritization Criteria Process

Florida Freight Network Florida Freight Project Definition 11 Florida Freight Network Prioritization Criteria Process Florida Freight Needs

Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) Adopted Work Program § $1. 2 Billion in SIS Modal

Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) Adopted Work Program § $1. 2 Billion in SIS Modal Funds – $702 Million State Managed – $515 Million Matching Funds § Funding by Mode – – – Aviation - $343. 7 Million Space - $23. 5 Million Rail- $321. 2 Million Seaport - $413. 9 Million Transit - $101. 6 Million Intermodal - $13 Million

State of Florida: Unprecedented Seaport Infrastructure Support § Since 2011, the state has invested

State of Florida: Unprecedented Seaport Infrastructure Support § Since 2011, the state has invested more than $640 million in Florida’s deepwater ports. § September 2013: Gov. Scott announced a $150 million investment in critical Florida port projects § October 2013: Gov. Scott announced plans for an additional $35 million in Florida port projects.

Intermodal Funding: ILC Infrastructure Support Program § “Skin in the Game” – FDOT Investment

Intermodal Funding: ILC Infrastructure Support Program § “Skin in the Game” – FDOT Investment of $5 Million – $42 Million of Private Sector Contribution – Creation of and est. 1, 213 Total Florida Jobs § 50/50 match is required.



Metropolitan Planning Organization Advisory Council (MPOAC): Local Partnerships § 26 MPO/TPOs in Florida §

Metropolitan Planning Organization Advisory Council (MPOAC): Local Partnerships § 26 MPO/TPOs in Florida § MPOAC Freight Committee § 4 (and soon more) regional freight plans

Building Value: District Freight Coordinators § 2012 to present: Existing District staff with added

Building Value: District Freight Coordinators § 2012 to present: Existing District staff with added responsibilities § 2014 and future: Existing District staff plus new District staff focused on freight and logistics § District Freight Coordinator Positions – Full Time Responsibilities: • Primary contact for District in coordinating matters for freight activity and act as a resource for freight issues with other governmental organizations and the private sector. • Assists in collaborating on a statewide multimodal freight mobility program o Including Highway planning, seaports, spaceports and rail. • Assists in facilitating public-private, state-local and state-federal freight transportation investment decisions.

Implementation: Education & Training FDOT Trade and Logistics Academy § Freight and Logistics education

Implementation: Education & Training FDOT Trade and Logistics Academy § Freight and Logistics education and training to allow for efficient work progression and well-developed processes. § The pilot program launched in June 2013 § 22 FDOT students representing all District offices around the state, as well as a range of offices from planning and design to finance and operations.

Florida Logistics Portal § Freight Data and Information § Freight Facilities § Interactive Mapping/Location

Florida Logistics Portal § Freight Data and Information § Freight Facilities § Interactive Mapping/Location Services § Transportation Jobs Portal § FDOTs Freight Plan Information § Provider Directory § ILC Information § County Level Freight Profiles Freight. Moves. Florida. com

Juan Flores Juan. Flores@dot. state. fl. us 850 -414 -5244 FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION

Juan Flores Juan. [email protected] state. fl. us 850 -414 -5244 FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION AASHTO Spring Meeting MAY 30, 2014 | LOUISVILLE KY www. Freight. Moves. Florida. com

Sours: https://slidetodoc.com/florida-department-of-transportation-aashto-spring-meeting-transportation/

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