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Arhaus Dining Table and 6 Leather Dining Chairs


We are a asking for $2000 total for the following; 1. Four Top Grain Aiden Leather Dining Chairs in Black leather, brown legs Dimensions: 21"W X 22.5"D X 39"H Original price $699 EACH Solid oak frames, kiln-dried for strength and stability. Leather upholstery is wrapped in aniline-dyed top-grain leather. Excellent condition 2. Two Top Grain Aiden Leather Dining Arm chairs in Black leather, brown legs Dimensions: 23" W X 28" D X 39" H Original price $1,299 EACH Solid oak frames, kiln-dried for strength and stability. Leather upholstery is wrapped in aniline-dyed top-grain leather. Excellent condition 3. Leighton Extendable Dining Table in Burnished Brown Dimensions: 53.9" diameter X 30.3" H, extends to 85" W Original price: $2,899 Constructed from solid oak by Indonesian furniture artisans, this transitional pedestal table is artfully finished and subtly distressed Some marks from gentle use No smoking and no pets household. We are selling because we are moving. All reasonable offers entertained!

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Founded in 1986 by John Reed and his father Jack Reed, Arhaus is a furniture retail chain based in Ohio that is renowned for its elegant designs and high-quality products. The company has a fantastic creative team responsible for carefully designing the individual pieces that please the eye without compromising on the comfort factor whether it is your cabinet or sofa set.

The designs are manufactured by skillful craftsmen that ensure high-end finishing and promise the best value for the money invested. These factors have hugely contributed to the success of the company over the years.

Let’s examine how good and reliable the brand is?


Arhaus Furniture Review

The company has earned an enormous fortune through good quality designs and well-finished products. The key is to pay sheer attention to the details. Since the 30 years of its establishment, it has made immense name despite the expensive service.

The company itself doesn’t produce the furniture. It hands out orders on other manufacturing factories that manually produce and carve out all the tiny details of the furniture. These factories are dispersed around the country, but that doesn’t affect the quality as frequent checks are made to ensure authenticity and utility. Hardwoods, especially Elm and Cherry, are preferred.

As of the latest records, the company has over 70 retail outlets all around the United States and earns massive revenues through the same. Many of our clients have mentioned Arhaus furniture in the home improvement blogs.

The company claims to have resourced 50% of its raw materials through recycled materials and, thus, not harming the endangered forests.

Arhaus also sells relics or antiques procured by them after retouching or refurbishing them at newer rates. That way, the company is not merely limited to furniture and finishing.


Most of the manufacturing process takes place in North Carolina based factories, which ensure the use of good quality wood. The raw materials are attained from Sustainable Forestry Initiative Georgia Pacific wood.

The certified hardwoods come in from the Appalachian Mountains. The finishes are based in Tennessee and North Carolina, along with the cushioning and threading work. The assembly work is done in North Carolina.

The recycled tabletops and other furniture are retouched in a Mexican village by skilled coppersmiths. They also harvest tree roots and make beautiful chairs out of them. The idea is not to harm and scavenge the endangered rain forests of the world, and they stick to it by opting for recycled means. The produce speaks for itself in terms of essence ad quality.

Design Aesthetics

Arhaus claims to have forward-thinking, creative designers with the intent of making Arhaus your home. They come up with design ideas that can connect to the masses and catch the eye without being gaudy or tacky.

The idea is to make one feel at home. They take inspiration from the world around them to bring out the storyteller in them and serve the users with sheer class and charm.

They are fluid, and so are their designs, unique silhouettes breaking norms of rigidness that furniture generally falls trap too; with exuberant color schemes that pop and stand out, they serve art.

One of their main motives is to create practical furniture that is durable and beautiful without losing its purpose. Providing washable slipcovers and tables having hidden leaves and durability are some necessary provisions they made for the same.


Arhaus Furniture Desktop

The company has numerous outlets interspersed around the country serving the public with artistic furniture solutions. The outlets provide a better insight into the touch and feel of the finished products and hence an upper hand over the online website.

The biggest store is at Raleigh, North Carolina housing an immense collection of tangible and appealing pieces that leave the visitors awestruck. The cozy and warming vibe is very welcoming and hence attracts many homemakers. The broad genre of furniture with numerous options adds to the customer’s delight.



Arhaus Furniture Products

Arhaus furniture is laden with several genres of furniture designed to match the aesthetics of a multitude of space. Arhaus manufactures and sells an extensive range of home décor and furniture, which entails the local culture and flavors accordingly.

The company encompasses a full home furniture range:

  • Dining Room furniture
  • Living Room furniture
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Rugs
  • Tableware
  • Lighting
  • Media Centre
  • Chairs
  • Office ware

Arhaus Dining Sets

Arhaus Furniture Dining

Dining rooms are an essential feature of the house, harboring a majority of guests and making you feel at home. Arhaus has a substantial dining room collection adhering to various design aesthetics, so you get all the options you need.

There are the classical ones, the contemporary ones, the traditional designs, and the modern designs altogether to decide which one best suits the house and it’s calling. With over 35 collections to choose from, there’s quite some versatility and variety to pick the best one to fit into your house.

The company provides quite a few material options, too, including:

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Walnut
  • Stone

They offer various unique finishes for every material ensuring longer life and even adding to the range. The pieces are a bit pricey, but the value for the money is incredible.

The pieces are available in every size ranging from 3 seater dining table set to 12 or more depending on the customer’s requirement. The tables have coordinating chairs and accessories, which can be modified accordingly and promise a sophisticated look to the whole space. The color and texture options are plenty and attractive. The stores are all in all a great solution towards a beautiful home interior.

Arhaus Living Room Sets

Living room furniture is an essential contributor in uplifting the aura and feel of the space. Living rooms are a quintessential part of any habitat with a significant amount of time being spent on the premises, and a massive influx of visitors call for an aesthetic and pleasing vibe.

Arhaus provides a lovely collection of seating spaces and tableware to ornament your living rooms. There are countless options to choose among:

  • Sofas
  • Loveseats
  • Chairs
  • End tables
  • Ottomans
  • Sectionals
  • Benches
  • Coffee tables
  • Console tables
  • Chaises

All these pieces adhere to several styles and patterns, be it traditional, contemporary, or modern, to answer to a relatively large number of people. Different size and style options are available with lush color and texture alternatives.

The sets include intricate and extensive features that define each set as an individual. Some have square arms while others have rolled arms and so on. The cushioning includes leather and fabric varieties comprising a unique microfiber attribute to protect the piece against any wearing and tearing and spillage. The durable leather options add durability and hence increase the life of the piece.

With Arhaus, quality is a promise. Well furnished, sophisticated, and durable sets catalog the brand perfectly. There is a provision of less expensive products too that serve well to their price and stand up to the name too.

We advise you to visit the nearby store and get an idea of the sizing to fit into your space. The dealers give a better insight into which unit fits best in a given space. The units all together transform the look of the house, and it is thus necessary to choose them wisely.

Arhaus Bedrooms

Arhaus stands for class and quality, and the bedroom designs are right marvel pieces. The bedroom sets are a treat to the eye and body as they check both beauty and comfort. The unique designs and textures catch the eye instantly, and the color schemes cast a binding spell.

The varieties and options make everybody feel at home, and thus, the collections are a huge hit. The smaller sets are also very well made and finished, with heavy-duty performance to last for extended periods and stay true to the name.

Custom Furniture

Arhaus also has the provision of letting the customers demand a custom-made furniture set or unit to match and fit into their households. They allow full-fledged options and designs according to their client’s demands.

The fee is substantial, but so is the final product. The customer service has generally received immense positive reviews as the designs are spot on, and the quality manages to enchant the client in no time.

Arhaus provides customized furniture within a wide range:

  • Sofas
  • Beds
  • Sectionals
  • Chairs
  • Dining chairs
  • Ottomans
  • Dining Benches
  • Outdoor seating
  • Bar and Counter Stools
  • Outdoor Dining Chairs

Arhaus Outdoor Sets

Arhaus Furniture Desk

Arhaus also has a fantastic collection of outdoor furniture. The sets are varied and match lush lawns or even beaches with any given backdrop to add to the richness of the space. The finishes differ according to the requirement and setting of the furniture and can be modified on the client’s demand. The set includes:

  • Chaises and Lounges
  • Chairs
  • Sofas
  • Dining tables and bars
  • Coffee and accent tables
  • Dining chairs and barstools
  • Umbrellas
  • Pillows and pouts
  • Replacement cushions
  • Fire pits and tables
  • Furniture covers
  • Ottomans and benches

Arhaus Home Office

Since its inception, the company has grown many folds and expanded its area of expertise over time. The idea of a home office was glorified, and classy furniture was designed to go with it. Recent times of pandemic calls for such a space and thus would result in a massive rise in this particular sector and sales. The collection includes:

– Desks

– File cabins

– Modular storage

– Office chairs

– Bookcases and shelves

– Tableware

The designs never fail to impress with Arhaus. And it stays true to all its collections and ventures.

Warranty Policy

Arhaus Furniture generally provides a lifetime warranty over their products to the relief of their customers. The skin that is the leather or cushioning is not covered under warranty and must be taken care of accordingly.

The motors have a warranty of over two years, while the recliner mechanisms are warranted for three years. The spring systems and frames are also covered under specific warranty. Any material defects and artistry mistakes are also covered.

Reviews and Complaints

Arhaus Furniture Sofa

Arhaus Furniture has developed a strong fan base over the years with a loyal customer following who fell for the high-end designs, excellent quality end product, and excellent durability. The price factor affects the consumer banks with only the lesser fraction of well to do people being able to afford it.

But then, those who buy it have no complaints. Most of the consumers are very happy with what they get and leave positive reviews and feedbacks. Most praises are about quality and designs. And most criticisms are about the cost. With the price you pay, you expect high quality, so it shouldn’t be a surprise if that’s the case.

This also means that this leaves little room and tolerance for mistakes in the service and delivery whatsoever. When people pay so much for any service, they expect the best, and hence little errors at the company’s hands earn them a handful of criticism.

All in all, the company has many satisfied consumers through impeccable designs and high-quality products.


Arhaus is a great solution if one is privileged enough to afford it. The quality is top-notch, and there is something for everyone. The design aesthetics are superior and vibe with most of the masses. The raw materials used are good quality, and not much harm is imposed upon the forests as half the composition is generated out of recycled materials.

The craftsmanship is unmatched with all the intricate and elaborates detailing to carve out the best to create tasteful, tangible, and high-end furniture. There are numerous storefronts interspersed all around the United States offering top-class services.

The warranty game is strong, as is expected by an expensive brand. There is immense variety and sizes to suit any given household and upgrade it into a rather sophisticated and classy one. At Arhaus, furniture is not just inanimate objects of wood; they’re art. And when you can afford it, there’s no way you wouldn’t want to!

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I’m super excited to share my latest outlet discovery in the area – the Arhaus Outlet.  I guess that’s the one upside to living in Ohio – we have some great outlets.  Perhaps that should be our state slogan – “Our winters stink, but we have some awesome outlets.”

A Review of the Arhaus Outlet

My girlfriend and I were in Columbus for the Country Living Fair (more on that later), and we figured since we were in the area, we might as well check out the Arhaus Outlet.  It’s been on my list, but I just hadn’t made the trip.  It should be said upfront that I’ve been a big fan of Arhaus over the years, and we have purchased a lot of their furniture for our home. 

Just a couple of examples:

We have Arhaus dining room furniture in our dining room:

Arhaus Furniture Dining Room

An Arhaus sectional in our great room (from a Christmas tour photograph).

Arhaus sectional in great room

If only the Arhaus Outlet was around all those years ago.  It is so worth the trip!

They had me the moment I walked in the door.  My apologies if my photos aren’t the greatest – I was so excited and overwhelmed by this place!  Everything was marked down from its original price, and then they had an extra 40% off!  I’m happy to report, this place is a true outlet.

In speaking with one of the employees, they always have an extra percentage off the markdown price, but rarely have the 40% off.  So, those two gorgeous chairs, with the markdown and percentage off, were about $480 each – which is great when you compare them to the retail price.  And how gorgeous is that couch?

Love this table and chairs.

I’m digging on this ensemble even more!  

This gives you a more broad view of the store – and it still doesn’t show everything.  Don’t worry, I took a video.  You can see there are loads of tufted sofas here.  And lots of sectionals too, if you’re in the market.

Ottomans anyone?

This is my real reason for coming here.  I have been wanting an upholstered bed for as long as I can remember, but the retail price is a little steep for me.  This king sized bed is $2,100 on their website right now – on sale.  Normal price is $4000.  

Here, it was $1,899, PLUS 40% off, which makes it $1140.  But alas, it was sold.  

Arhaus tufted headboard

This bed was a close second, but I really love the height of the first bed.  But I was tempted, let me tell you.

Arhaus Outlet tufted headboard and bar stools

Chairs for miles…

Arhaus Outlet chair selection
Arhaus Outlet - Dining Room Chairs
Arhaus Outlet tables

If you’re in the market for some office furniture, the Arhaus Outlet has you covered.

Arhaus Outlet Office Furniture

I told you there was an abundance of tufted sofas, right?

Arhaus Outlet Tufted Sofa

More pretty dining room furniture.

Arhaus Outlet dining room furniture

Here is my lame attempt at a video – I hope it works.  You can get an idea of the full scale of this place.

Now, I know you’re asking, “Where is the Arhaus Outlet?”  Here are the details – there are actually two outlets in Ohio – one in Columbus, one in Cleveland.

Arhaus Outlet in Columbus: 3791 Park Mill Run Dr, Hilliard, OH 43026

(614) 534-1297


Arhaus Outlet in Cleveland: 7440 Brookpark Rd, Cleveland, OH 44129

(216) 661-2405


Have you been to an Arhaus Outlet?  After seeing the Columbus location, I may need to take a road trip to Cleveland!



I’m Jenny, a wife of 23 years, mother of three, and a corporate drop-out. I’m a creative minded blogger, business owner and DIYer, and love transforming furniture, cabinets and rooms in my home. I’m a card carrying paint geek, and am always amazed at the power of paint in making budget-friendly updates to your home. I’m a serial house-stalker, and never tire of a great home tour or a before and after renovation. I’m a firm believer in restyling, refreshing and renewing things in your home to make it your own - without breaking the budget. I’ll show you how!


Arhaus Reviews

Browse Arhaus Customer Reviews

Purchased two new pieces for our new…

Purchased two new pieces for our new apartment. They came in three weeks and the delivery guys were quick and efficient. Love the pieces and we’ll have them for a long time!

View More Reviews

Purchased a console for my living room

Purchased a console for my living room! Gorgeous product! Awesome ordering process! I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase!

Worked with the design team...

Worked with the design team to match new items from our previous purchases with another Arhaus store. They were great at helping us finish the look of our new home and your conscious about helping it be as economical as possible. I highly recommend this store!

We ordered two couches...

We ordered two couches from Zane at Arhaus and had an excellent experience with him. Zane was very attentive and detail oriented, he helped us make wonderful selections to meet our furniture and decorating needs. Once the couches we ordered came in and needed to be delivered, we had a problem with the delivery company and Zane took care of it immediately. We truly had a great all around experience and would recommend anyone who goes to Arhaus ask for Zane!

I truly believe the true measure of a business...

I truly believe the true measure of a business is how they handle a situation when something goes wrong. We purchased a sectional from the Northpark Arhaus this past summer. It was a custom piece so it took quite some time to come in (which was expected). Long story short the sectional arrived and we quickly found it to be defective - it had multiple quality issues. Our salesperson during this timeframe had moved from the Northpark Arhaus to the Fort Worth location. We were concerned when we found out that our salesperson, who was aware of, and helping us with, all our issues had then left Arhaus. Luckily for us, Alyssa, the store manager, took over our account. Alyssa had our sectional completely remade, and has continued to provide outstanding customer service to us checking in on a regular basis to make sure the replacement is well made, without issues, and up to our standards. We realize that Alyssa certainly did not need to take over our problems and she could have easily redirected us back to Northpark or to the corporate office... but it has been her time and time again going above and beyond for us. I hope Arhaus realizes what an asset they have in her.

We have enjoyed a wonderful experience

We have enjoyed a wonderful experience working with the team at Arhaus. They have been resourceful and creative, and have assisted us in furnishing our living room, family room and master bedroom. The prices are very competitive and the staff is stellar!

Excited for the sectional

Thank you to Tricia and Michael for all of the help with our furniture purchases! Tricia did an in home design consultation and was great at answering our questions and coming up with creative designs for our rooms! We visited the store several times and everyone was great to interact with and extremely helpful! The bedroom set has arrived and we couldn't be happier! Excited for the sectional and living room pieces! We will recommend and shop at Arhaus in the future!

We had wonderful service

We had wonderful service and design consultation thanks to Rebecca Scott. She is amazing!!!! Furnished almost our entire house and the quality of the furniture is amazing. I do wish returns would be a little less costly. Know what you want before you order but seriously you can't go wrong buying at Arhaus. I just ordered too much ;)

Thank you to Michael

Thank you to Michael and Kat for helping me select the perfect furniture for my home. Michael and Kat sourced my floor plan with dimensions in order to create a digital presentation to help me visualize the final arrangement in my home: master bedroom, family room, and kitchen/foyer area. Kat helped me (I need the help) pick out custom fabric and leather for my Remington sofa and Ranch ottoman; Michael mailed me the samples. Love my Pearson Gallery bedroom set. Delivery was smooth/on-time; Arhaus' Concierge also sent a furniture technician. Will be adding to my home in the near future and only through Michael and Kat at the UTC store. Michael is now my "furniture guy" and Kat is my "furniture gal." Top flight experience over here.

I was thrilled with my order

I was thrilled with my order of outdoor patio furniture from Arhaus. The level of customer service was exceptional. Both Michael and Kat were outstanding in ensuring the furniture best fit on my deck and was in line with my overall style. Both Batman, my little pup of the house, and myself enjoy our mornings on our new Hamptons chairs. These are the most beautiful outdoor chairs not to mention incredibly comfortable! I also got covers for when it snows here in Colorado. The covers are easy to use and help me make this furniture last forever. The pillows are easy to wipe down too. I cannot thank Kat and Michael enough. You have helped in making my condo more of a home!

I just purchased an expensive ottoman

I had to post a review for Arhaus

I had to post a review for Arhaus in University Towne Center, La Jolla. Sandi Lahage the Design Consultant there is amazing. She is so kind and helpful and cares about your satisfaction with the service and the products we bought. She kept in contact to see how we liked our products. We did have something come up that was a misunderstanding with a picture we bought but Mike the manager immediately took care of it without question. It was our first time shopping there and we are very pleased with their customer service and they wanted to make sure we were happy. I will be going back there now that I know they have good customer satisfaction. On another point the art we have received couldn't have been better packaged and the delivery was great. Thank you Michael and Sandi Trish and Bob

We're redecorating...

We're redecorating our living and dining room and had specific pieces picked out online, but i wanted to see them in person before purchasing. I had a full list of items to look up and our sales person, Maite, took us to every single item and was great with additional suggestions. The leather chairs we bought are beautiful, yet sturdy and I found a few extras that I hadn't even considered. We had one price adjustment that needed to be made and the manager, Michael, was extremely helpful and accommodating. Great experience.

I purchased several pieces

I purchased several pieces of furniture from Arhaus. One of the sofa/chaise pieces that I purchased had a few issues, from the moment I received this piece I let the delivery guys know about it. They said I would have to contact Arhaus to get the issues solved. I did so, and they sent a third party furniture repair company. This was on September 21st, and was advised that they would order the extra parts needed and I would be hearing back from them in a week to have all the repairs done. Well it is now October 4th and I'm yet to hear back or have my issues resolved. I have called several times the concierge department, sent emails, they called me back once about 14 days ago and said that they needed to get some clarification from the furniture repair company they sent to my house as their notes weren't clear and that I should hear back from them in about 5 days. Why did they have to wait for me to call back to get in touch with the company they refer to fix their furniture, why was this not dealt with right away? They sure asked me to pay for the furniture right away. The customer service has been extremely poor, had I not called no one would have followed up. My furniture was delivery at the end of July, the third party company came late August, we are now in October and I still have faulty furniture. I would not be purchasing from them again and would not recommend them. The least they can do is have great customer support for the prices they charge.

My boyfriend and I adore this store!

My boyfriend and I adore this store! We have visited many times because we are in the market for a new couch. We have always wanted the "cloud" from RH but to be honest it's not in the budget. We discovered the Tahoe, which is even better. Tonight, we decided to go in to see if we 100% really wanted that couch or if there was anything else that we liked better. David approached us and I have to say we are so happy he did. He was so genuine & professional. You know those sales people that just bug? He's the complete opposite. He allowed us to walk around the store while he put together some quotes for us on several different couches and offered help if we needed it. For this reason, we will be purchasing the Tahoe & we will continue to work with David. I can't thank him enough for being so friendly, helpful, and honestly just a normal person.. without trying so hard to sell something that actually sells itself. We are looking forward to purchasing our first furniture item with them & hopefully working with David in the future to purchase much more. If you are looking to work with anyone, we recommend working with David for sure.

I love this store!

I love this store! It has beautiful furniture. I have worked with Michael Babcock to furnish two homes. He is honest and doesn't pressure you to purchase from Arhaus. (It took me multiple visits to make final decisions on my purchases). Michael is also a good listener, has an eye for design and is knowledgeable on Arhaus' inventory. The sales staff is very helpful and non-judgmental (snobby). Collaboratively, they helped me select beautiful fabric/leather for my pieces, which I love. My kids love the Kipton sectional that the neighborhood kids like to camp out on. I have no issues with the quality of the furniture. All of the pieces have held up well, despite heavy use.

So it was that time of life again

So it was that time of life again, furniture shopping time. Not my favorite to say the least. So we decided to check out Arhaus at UTC in La Jolla. I've always passed by and have wanted to go in and browse the showroom, but never really found the right time. Anyhow, we were greeted right away by one of the Designers, Tracy R. He was very polite and interested in helping us, not selling us. As we walked through the showreom we saw so many things that we loved! The furniture and accessories really fits with our collective tastes. He answered any questions we had and he was very patient with us. We ended purchasing several items from there, and have received most of everything so far (our fault because we keep adding). Anyway, we are done for now, and yes it is a bit expensive/pricey but you get what you pay for, the exclusivity, comfort, appearance, and quality is there. Their pieces may not fit everyone's taste/preferences but they fit ours and we are very happy! Again, special thank you to Tracy, and thanks to the rest of the staff there. Keep up the good work, keep smiling, and keep helping people like us find joy and comfort out of furniture that fits our lifestyle!

Beautiful furniture at shocking prices

Beautiful furniture at shocking prices. Wife desired a unique dining table with stone inlays priced at $6200- wow. Be ready with your credit card.

I love my new couch

I love my new couch and the great customer service that accompanied it. From start of purchase to delivery, I am 100% thrilled with my purchase. Thank you, Arhaus, and the great sales, delivery and customer services teams.

We spent close to $75k...

We spent close to $75k at this store and purchased their warranty on the furniture. We had one rip in a couch and placed our request for repair in January. Countless emails, phone calls , and hours of our times wasted and we still don't have our couch fixed. I have spoken to numerous managers, concierge managers and etc and so far nothing. They keep apologizing which at this point is worthless to me and say they will give a follow up call or email. So far non of it has fixed our issue. If you don't expect any customer service go to this store. Even if you spend thousands of dollars you will not receive any support. If I could give them zero star for customer service and follow up I would do it.

Beautiful showroom but very unprofessional service

Beautiful showroom but very unprofessional service. I've been in multiple times to check on orders, etc and almost each time i overhear sales employees lecturing patrons to always ask for them and also have observed more than once sales associates arguing over who "gets" the client right on the showroom floor. I've had to cancel orders due to incorrect lead times quoted, dates continually being pushed out, and absolute lack of follow up or promised return phone calls that never happened. I am a trade professional and no longer specify from Arhaus due to lack of service and professionalism experienced at the UTC store.


BEAUTIFUL FURNITURE STORE ! My wife and I had a browse through here today. They have probably the most interesting and diverse high end furniture range in San Diego. We would definitely buy here !

Love the furniture

Love the furniture but pretty bad customer service. If you don't want to deal with headaches, order everything online!!

We bought large amounts of furniture

We bought large amounts of furniture from Arhous. The delivery process was painful and required baby sitting. They did finally get our order completed a few months later. The follow up service is just as slow. We got the warranty and it still takes months to get our new furniture repaired. Lastly, the fired our customer care person mid process :( and he was the main reason we choice this store. He was super friendly and helpful.

I had almost same bad experience

I had almost same bad experience as the folks put one star. I spend about $5k to purchase the patio furniture last December. Our sales associate was Daniel and he was very good sales person at that time. The furniture were delivered on time but it took almost two months for the furniture covers got delivered. and it was a wrong size, of course. So i called Daniel and told him about this and he said he will call me back. and didn't hear for a week, so I called him back again. and he said he has to contact with other department to handle this and have her call me back with details, but didn't hear from anybody for a week again. and I called again (third times) and Daniel wasn't there so Michael helped me this but he was very snobby and he said it will take another month to get the replacement which is in March so I asked if he can expedite because it's rain a lot. and he said those furniture are okay to be outside and rain they make that way...well i don't care what he thinks I would like to keep my brand new furniture to be new, and supposed to have the covers by now to protect from rain. they are the one should respect and feel the same way if you really like you furniture you are selling. I was so disappointed their attitude, once they sold it they don't care anymore. that's how i felt and I never recommend to buy furniture from them. they should focus and lean more about the customer service.

Wanted to leave a review

Wanted to leave a review since I am very happy with the service both at the store and with delivery accommodations. Purchased dining table from Tracy shortly after Thanksgiving but couldn't take delivery until well after New Year's due to the holidays. Tracy worked with me and was very pleasant to deal with. Also, when we did finally schedule delivery it was on time and they called and texted with a very narrow delivery window so we were not sitting waiting for hours. Very punctual and efficient. Would definately recommend the store and their delivery again!

We love Arhaus UTC

We love Arhaus UTC. We have made several purchases with them to furnish our new home and they have been fantastic to work with. We have had a fantastic experience from design collaboration, ordering, delivery and follow-through. We highly recommend them and will be certain to work with them again.

Beautiful store with an impressive selection

Beautiful store with an impressive selection of unique but current furnishings and accessories. We have recently completed a home remodel and shopped here for some new dining room and living room furniture. Purchased a gorgeous dining table and chairs as well as a unique coffee table. Daniel, our designer, was extremely helpful and kept us informed on delivery dates. Because we had a holiday party scheduled at our home, Daniel and the store manager, Michael, went above and beyond to get us our items in time for the party. We are extremely happy with the items we purchased -- top quality and beautiful style. Thank you to Daniel and Michael as well as the professional delivery team. We have since been back to order additional items.

The aesthetics of Arhaus is simply beautiful

The aesthetics of Arhaus is simply beautiful. I love elegant and sophisticated design Arhaus offers. I've had the pleasure of purchasing a number or pieces and accent pieces from the UTC San Diego location. Recently I attempted to locate some bedding at Arhaus that they no longer carried. Although it was no easy task, the Store Manager - Michael - was able to locate the bedding at a different store and ship it to our other house outside of California in time for the holidays. Thank you for your exceptional service and quick turnaround time! I look forward to working with you in the redesign of our living room!

Well, my husband and I have been looking for chairs for a year now

Well, my husband and I have been looking for chairs for a year now. When this store opened we would frequent from time to time. Daniel approach us and I shared my concerns. He made several recommendations. When I finally came close to making a choice I showed him a picture of my family room. He assured me that the chair he was recommending would work out. He was right! I love the quality, the color, the comfort we get lots of compliments. Daniel Mar has a great eye for color and space. Looking forward to replacing our coaches next. Thank you.

Love coming here!

Love coming here! Everyone is always so helpful and pleasant to work with. They have a huge selection of their furniture and are more than willing to help you every step of the way.

I'm thrilled Arhaus...

I'm thrilled Arhaus has come to San Diego!! Absolutely stunning store and I love all their merchandise! Everyone there is incredibly helpful and great to work with too. We work closely with Michael and he always takes the best care of us. It's for sure my favorite furniture store in San Diego!

What a beautiful store!

What a beautiful store! I'm very happy that Arhaus has come to San Diego, and given homeowners and renters here the opportunity to find newer and more refreshed styles than those found at the same tired furniture stores we've grown accustom to. Every time I've gone into Arhaus to decorate and furnish my home, I'm personally greeted and have always felt my needs and interests are taken into consideration, rather than being pushed into a purchase. The store's GM and his associates are very personable, and give off a very family, one-on-one feel--the type of company I would rather do business with! As for the actual collections at Arhaus--absolutely stunning, innovative and different. Highly suggest you check it out and give your home that fresh touch Arhaus provides.

I went to Arhaus looking at specific dining chairs...

I went to Arhaus looking at specific dining chairs I was interested in. I found them to be solidly built. I also found design associate Babs, very helpful and professional in guiding me through patterns for my chairs.

After visiting nearly every furniture store...

After visiting nearly every furniture store in San Diego we stopped by Arhaus. The moment we walked in we knew this store fit our style. The showroom is clean and beautifully furnished. Kudos to Tracy the designer who helped us. He was very professional and patient during our decision making process. His product knowledge put us at ease once we decided on our bedroom set. We never felt pressured into buying something we didn't want. The Palmer bedroom set we purchased looks great and very impressed with the quality. This store is a hidden gem and a must for shoppers searching for unique home furnishings. Thank you Tracy. We'll be back!

Love everything!

Love everything! Tracy has been so professional through out the whole experience. He has been to our home and helped picked out pieces for the space we have. Michael has also been very helpful as well. We expect to keep finding more of what we love at Arhaus. You won't be disappointed. Beautiful quality furniture

I went in today and found a floor sample chandelier

I went in today and found a floor sample chandelier. I was hesitant since it was a floor sample. I was told at the time by the sales associate (female) that there was nothing wrong with the lamp - that they just change things out frequently. I noticed two crystals were missing and the kind woman on the floor told me they could order me the crystals at no cost. I came home, took measurements and decided to call the business and place the chandelier on hold for pick up tomorrow. Unfortunately I came across a very rude male associate who picked up the phone by the name of Tracy. He was rude from the start and seemed annoyed that I was even inquiring about the chandelier. He told me there would be a cost to order the missing crystals and "thats why its a floor sample - its missing parts!" I told him I was misinformed then and I wish they had told me there was an extra charge to get the actual parts that the chandelier was missing. It was not listed "AS IS" so I expect all parts to come with it. Very poor customer service. I would not recommend this place. Unfortunate that they can't work to make customers happy.

My experience here was terrible

My experience here was terrible. An old man in his 60's named Tracy was very quick to kick us out for merely looking around. He was very rude and said "you're done looking around get out." A place like this should be accommodating to everyone and he was very discriminatory due to us being around the age of 20, however we definitely had money to spend. This man was extremely rude and I recommend not spending your money here at all... ruined my night alongside my friends.

Our experience at Arhaus was nothing short of excellent

Our experience at Arhaus was nothing short of excellent from start to finish. Trish, our sales person and an interior designer, provided us with her expertise from choosing wallpaper, furniture, lighting, rugs and art! For the entire four-story shore house. Trish was also able to work in furniture and art that we had kept from a previous apartment and seamlessly worked it into the look we were going for. The rooms not only look gorgeous but are functional and comfortable. Trish worked well with our schedules for delivery and Shamika, the manager, was there for us when any glitches arose. Now, more than one year later, we still look around and are amazed with the finished proMy husband and I highly recommend Arhaus and Trish.

I worked with Etta and Michelle at Arhaus

I worked with Etta and Michelle at Arhaus in Hackensack to re do my living room. I am so thrilled with the guidance I received from Them. It came out absolutely beautiful. It would have been very expensive to hire an independent designer to accomplish what we did complimentary. People that come over say the room belongs in a magazine. I will definitely be going back.

I recently purchased a dining room set

I recently purchased a dining room set from this store location. I had been looking for a while and when I found this set I fell in love. Our sales associate Massi was extremely helpful and patient with me while I made my decisions. He offered different seating options to match the table within our budget. He went above and beyond to make sure my husband and I were satisfied. He also followed up to make sure delivery was arranged and was extremely responsive when we had questions. I highly recommend this store as they stand behind their products and their employees really care about making the customers happy. We will definitely be repeat customers. Thank you again!

I had a wonderful experience with Tricia

I had a wonderful experience with Tricia, who came out to see my apartment and made some great choices. I love my beautiful, charming, cottagy apartment thanks to Arhaus. Great furniture and sales people.

Worst customer service ever

Worst customer service ever, the sales associate lie to you about the delivery schedule. Had to wait almost 2 month for a chairs and drawers. When spoke to the supervisor, she never apologized, instead, she was denying that there was nothing that they did wrong.. No professionalism, such a small furniture company does not provide any customer service whatsoever. Never recommend to anyone. I will rather go to Bob's furniture.

Simply amazing

Simply amazing. Great customer service. They assist you in every part of the process. I would recommend anyone looking to purchase furniture to seriously make this their one stop shop. The store manager Shamika Haynes is awesome.

My favorite furniture store

My favorite furniture store! They have gorgeous unique quality pieces at affordable prices. Tricia one of the design consultants came to my home and helped me plan my buy. She did a fantastic job, she listened to my needs and style and helped me make decisions that I am so happy with! Definitely coming back to finish off my home!

After spending over 20k in this store...

After spending over 20k in this store, they have the audacity to continue to send bills for $200 saying the account isn't satisfied. If it wasn't satisfied, why was I allowed to walk out of the store with furniture, and furniture be delivered. The customer service of the entire company is appalling. Once you commit to the purchase, you don't get any response from your sales person - no follow through on inquires. Customer service never calls back when you try to resolve the account. The couch we purchased doesn't connect right, I went into the store and was told by Heather she would put in a service ticket- she never did. The arm of one custom chair, the wood is split. No follow through yet again. Now, trying to resolve this issue, after being given an itemized statement saying account is resolved - I still get a bill, and the sales woman changed her tune now that we still owe money. Its total bs. Stay clear of this company, and this store.

I recently purchased a condo after selling my home...

I recently purchased a condo after selling my home. It's was a big change but being empty nesters we felt it was time. I wanted the space to have a totally different vibe than my home. The space has a large open floor plan and I didn't know where to even begin. I walked into Arhaus and really liked the design of their merchandise. The furniture is beautiful, current and they have unique things . All appeared sturdy and well constructed compared to other places I had visited. Walking around aimlessly Tricia came to the rescue. She was amazing. She asked all the right questions of what I envisioned for my new place. Tricia came to the condo measured everything out and immediately shared her thoughts of what could be done. She was terrific, came back again with a board and swatches so that I could see how all the pieces would work together. She help really helped me through the process. After finalizing the design the order went in. The delivery took bit a longer than I expected but when you decide to customize the furniture that should be expected. On the day of the delivery Tricia was there!! When I came home from work that evening the entire place was put together. I loved everything it looked exactly as I thought it would be and it was all due to Tricia. After inspected the furniture we did notice that some had some problems and we called their customer service right away.We took pictures and sent to them. They did not question anything that we called. They are sending someone to repair some of the pieces and are actually replacing some of them. I spent quite a lot of $, living room furniture, dining table and chairs, area rugs, and lighting. I was also surprised to learn even though I had spent quite a bit of $ I still had to pay for the delivery fee. They should offer free delivery over a certain amount spent. Overall I am I giving this a 4 star because of Tricia. Without her I do not think I could have ever had done it. She was the person who took the time, patience and care to work with someone who knew what they wanted (somewhat) but didn't know how to put it altogether.

We walked in with a slight idea and vision...

We walked in with a slight idea and vision, and walked out with a fully furnished apartment that completely exceeded our expectations and was kind to our budget! Heather Jester was our guide and inspiration. With only a copy of a floor plan in hand, Heather was able to understand our aspirations and provide the perfect design suggestions (for both key furniture items and complimentary accessories) that completed our apartment and immediately made our new home exceptional. The delivery was on time and the associates were extremely professional. Overall, my wife and I were both completely impressed with our experience and won't shop anywhere else for our furniture needs.

I am reading the reviews and I understand...

I am reading the reviews and I understand that some people had trouble with the policies of Arhaus, but they like the design of their merchandise. There is no question that their furniture is beautiful and current. All pieces look sturdy and well constructed. I am writing to say that in my experience, the complaints of under-performance could not be further from the truth. I recently purchased a sectional and a table. My sales person, Cheryl Jones was amazing, patient and addressed my every concern. I am by nature indecisive and Cheryl made my decisions effortless. I truly would not have gotten this furniture had it not been for her attention and willingness to satisfy my needs. The deliveries went smoothly and my purchases arrived quickly. The delivery men were gracious and the communications were thorough. I cannot comment on the quality of my furniture since I have just received it. It looks amazing and well constructed. I would like to have had more information regarding its care, there is a delivery fee....and they do not scotch guard the fabrics which I understand is their policy. However, all this can be overlooked when you have the assurance that the person who took the time to care and had the patience to endure the changes and indecisiveness ( Cheryl ) was doing back-flips to accommodate. Thank you.

My interior designer Tricia...

My interior designer Tricia, was amazing to work with. I am very picky and a bit difficult...she was patient, professional with great taste.I ordered a sofa and fabric for my home which she help me choose and simply love everything. I will continue to work with her on future projects.

Arhaus has beautiful and unique things...

Arhaus has beautiful and unique things. I have been looking for a chandelier for a while and I had some time to kill before my movie so I wondered in. I always thought that this place was very expensive so I didn't expect to find anything but was hoping for some ideas. Tricia greeted me and my husband and I told her what I was looking for, something sparkly and unique. She said she had just the the item. She took us to the second floor and when I got off the elevator I saw it immediately. This chandelier was stunning but I knew it would be a fortune, but I was wrong. It was incredibly reasonable! We bought it received it by UPS in a week and hung it up. It's an amazing piece and like no other. Tricia knows the store inside and out and if you tell her your ideas she can show you things that will work for you. Go in and take a look, you'll be surprised at the quality, variety and the prices! Ask for Tricia and she can be of great help!

I love this store!

I love this store! And I love the way they do customer service from sales to delivery I have no complaints. I had a few hiccups with my personal choices and Arhaus totally accommodated my needs. My designer/ sales gal, Heather was amazing from the get go volunteered to come and visualize my living room to help me make a difficult choice. She took a look at the rest of the house, consequently I bought more furniture! Now I just call her at Arhaus and tell her what I want. She is smart quick efficient and has a good eye!

I love the products in this store

I love the products in this store. Unfortunately, their quality control leaves a lot to be desired. We purchased furniture for our living room and dining room. The sectional with chaise was made to order. We picked the furniture, then we picked the material. When it arrived, it had a stain on it--water stain? Who knows? The delivery man actually realized it was there. No problem -- they were sending a new cover. They expected me to put the old cushion in the new cover. First, the stain (whatever it was) would have gone into the cushion as well. Second, there are buttons that go into the cushion. How am I supposed to do that myself? We ordered six leather dining room chairs. They took longer than expected. They were delivered yesterday, and three out of the six had scratch marks on the legs. Who is looking at this furniture before it goes out for delivery?

I'm giving this 3 stars

I'm giving this 3 stars because I had both good and bad experiences in this store. Loved working the manager Chris- I ordered most of the pieces from him; very helpful in picking the right furniture and accessories for my new home...I can't say I'm as happy working with other staff (when Chris is not available on phone) in the store who messed up my new orders/ requests or delivery dates or simply didn't know much on how to help a customer. Multiple times, I always had to wait to speak to Chris who seems the only who gets it right. Love all the items I received (dining table, buffet table, tv stand, side table, 2 beds, a mattress, bookshelf, and lamps). I got many compliments on them. Except for the Retreat Deluxe Motion Bed Base which is the only piece I got as floor sample- the remote is not working and I was told that I have to call the manufacturer to get that resolved. For an expensive bed frame, I was very disappointed to find a defective and important part of the bed (it was working fine in the store when Chris showed it to me) and I am more disappointed that the store could not help me further. Delivery time is problematic with this company. I was asked to wait 3 months for my dining chairs only to be told to wait another month+ as there were more delays in manufacturing...I've had it at that point so I decided to cancel my order and order similar-looking chairs at overstock for less than half the price! My chairs also came in less than 1 week in perfect condition! Unfortunately, Chris have already moved on to another store so my new orders were processed by new manager and another staff. I ordered lamps and bedding. I am still waiting for my lamps which I've been told yesterday that it missed the delivery truck again, for the second time (1 month total, as they get deliveries every 2 weeks). Sales rep did further investigation and it seems that my order has not been processed at all! So she's trying to email inventory to get some answers for me...and I also just saw a charge on my credit card statement that was not supposed to be there. It's simply frustrating dealing with people that work at arhaus. If not only for the fact that I love love the Arhaus style, I would definitely go somewhere else to get my furniture and accessories, where customers who pay $$$$ are treated way better!

Phenomenal store

Phenomenal store. Loved working with Etta and Chris. We furnished our dinning room, formal living room and family room furniture at Arhaus. All quality and service has been phenomenal. There was a mishap and we got a wrong ottoman but customer service eventually got it right. Definitely will be back.

We have purchased gorgeous coffee table

We have purchased gorgeous coffee table after seeing it on floor. It's perfect for our Great room. No problem with ordering, delivery etc. It was purchased during a very good sale at the store. We also purchased 6 leather:tacked dining chairs recently. No issues with ordering, delivery either. Had a very helpful designer who gave us numerous options and ideas. Highly recommend Arhaus as a very good store with beautiful merchandise.

I can't say enough about the beautiful furniture

I can't say enough about the beautiful furniture and great customer service at Arhaus. Andrea and Chris are amazing. We've purchased several chairs, a bed, a server, rug and several lamps from them and haven't had any issues. My wife and I discovered Arhaus long before we had a house to put any furniture. We started a collection of nice pieces when they came up as floor samples and now we just finished remodeling our first home and stopped by Arhaus last night. What do we find? the perfect rug and dining chairs as floor samples. The store is a joy for us to shop in and I don't particularly like furniture shopping. We'll be returning here for many years to come.


For dining chairs arhaus

Arhaus furniture quality?

Hi Everyone, we placed an order for a leather Brentwood sofa w/ 2 power reclining seats at the end of Dec and received the couch this week. So far we are happy with the couch. I was expecting and prepared for much worse based on the feedback here, but thankfully our experience has been reasonably positive. Was everything perfect? O course not. But I have never had a near perfect experience with any of my furniture purchases from any of the stores we have shopped at (for us that includes RH, Ballard, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, etc). The leather is top notch - buttery soft, top grain. The filling in the cushions is well done. Makes the couch comfortable for us. Recline works well. The local delivery service (Houston) was not the best - the couch was too heavy for 2 guys, they really should've had a 3rd crew member or atleast 2 really strong guys. The frame ended up sustaining a few minor bumps from truck to our living room, which I wasn't too thrilled to see. They also ended up chipping the frame of our front door as well...again minor. Our local RH in contrast has a fantastic, professional delivery crew. Never had these issues. But all things considered, we are happy with the couch. I fully expect needing to restuff the cushions over time as they deflate. However, every cushion is accessible via a zipper opening and should be easy to do. Some pictures! Thanks to feedback from this community. Hope you have success in your future furniture purchases!


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