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Beautiful, High Quality Decorative Bowls

Find the perfect bowl for displaying your decorations in our online shop.

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  • Strömshaga "Ingrid" Bowl, Large
    • Hand painted
    • Made of sturdy metal
    • Ø 21.5 x H 6 cm
  • Fink Mephisto Bowl
    • Silver-plated
    • Hammered pattern
  • Strömshaga "Ingrid" Bowl, Small
    • Painted by hand
    • Made of metal
    • Ø 16 x H 5 cm
  • Strömshaga Small Tray, Round
    • Gold-coloured on the outside
    • Solid colours & little white splashes on inside
    • Ø 12 x H 1.5 cm
    • Made of enamel
    • High-quality nickel plated
    • Dimensions: 14 x 44 x 5 cm
    • Studded with real shells
    • Shimmering highlights
    • Looks nice with any decorations
    • Made by hand
    • Two different sizes
    • Fits into a wide variety of environments
    • Tasteful decoration element
    • Can display food
    • Double-walled construction
    • Material: solid wood
    • White lacquered interior
    • Nickel-plated
    • Creative design
    • Made by hand
    • Two different sizes available
    • Fits into a wide variety of settings
    • Available in two colors
    • Handcrafted
    • Guaranteed eyecatcher
    • Silvered Glass
    • H: 9.5 cm D: 20 cm
    • Studded with real shells
    • Shimmering highlights
    • Looks nice with any decorations
    • Great contrast for plants
    • For storage and decoration
    • Beautiful effect for interior design
    • Handmade
    • Mussel shells on a fiber glass body
    • Black lacquered inside
    • Handmade
    • Mussel shells on a fiber glass body
    • Painted white inside

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Bowls & dishes

Perfect As A Centerpiece Or A Wedding Gift

Expecting guests? Is friend getting married? Get complimented on your elegant living space or your taste in gifts with our functional and decorative bowls & dishes range. Like our gold-coloured VINDFLÄKT for example - you can fill it up with fruits and make it the centre of your dining table, or simply display it on your shelf. If your tastes are more on the rustic side, you can check out our HULTET dish made of renewable bamboo. Not just for decor, you can add potpourri or crystals to this dish for some good vibes. For the more contemporary homes, the stainless steel STOCKHOLM bowl makes a graceful decor piece with its airy chestnut leaf design. And if you seek to impress, our stoneware ANNANSTANS bowls & dishes are crafted and painted by hand so that every piece turns out unique.

Make these bowls & dishes the centre of attraction with our smart lighting to accent them.

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Gold bowls decorative

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