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Offender Locator

Offender Locator"

Search for an offender's location and release date if they are incarcerated and under the custody of the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC). Offenders who are not under VADOC custody will not appear in the search results. 

For all searches, you will be required to enter:

  • At least the first letter of the offender's first name AND their full last name
  • The offender's seven-digit Offender ID #
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The information shown in the offender locator is updated daily and reflects the most recent data available. Specific questions regarding an offender's sentence cannot be discussed with the general public. Please refer to our Time Computation page for general sentencing information. For all other questions, please send us a message through our contact page.


Virginia Inmate Locator

Are you trying locate a Virginia Inmate?

In order to use the Virginia Inmate Locator page, you will need to know the inmate's name, number, sex and race and if they have a common name at all, you will need to have the middle name, too. This page doesn't give you a lot of information. You will receive the DOC number and the location of the inmate. If you click on the location link, you can get directions to the prison. Other than that, Virginia doesn't offer much information on the search page. Click to go to the Virginia Inmate Search Page.

Information Available from the Virginia Dept. of Corrections

Every state correction's department has a web site and many are very large. I have reviewed the Virginia web site and have gleaned the pages that most family and friends are looking for. Click to the Virginia Department of Corrections page and you can read information about:
  • How to put money on an inmate's account
  • What happens as an inmate enters the prison system
  • How to send mail to an inmate
  • Visiting rules and clothing regulations
  • Facility Information

St. Brides Correctional Center

Virginia County Jails

Some county jails have online search capabilities. We will be adding county jail information in the future. Immediately below are county/city inmate search and arrest pages.

Fredericksburg (Daily Arrest Log)
Henrico (Jail Information)
Lee County
Prince William
Roanoke (City Shoplifting Arrests)
Virginia Beach

Active Arrest Warrants and Most Wanted

Hampton (Warrants)
Hampton (Most Wanted)
James City

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Virginia Department of Corrections

News & Press Releases

  • COVID Cell Rendering

    COVID/Coronavirus Updates

    October 15,

    Current active COVID cases include 97 inmates and 76 VADOC staff members. For updated, recorded information, please call Update: On July 15, all state correctional facilities opened to attorneys and court officials, embassy and consulate officials, and other official visitors. On August 1, all facilities were opened to religious visitors and volunteers. The Department anticipates that in-person family visitat  Read More

  • Woman looking at computer and taking notes.

    VADOC Joins with VEC to Host Greater Hampton Roads Virtual J

    October 14,

    RICHMOND —  As employers these days search for available workers, they often overlook an untapped labor source – qualified former inmates. The Virginia De  Read More

  • Virginia DOC Wins Two Major Awards for Excellence and Safety

    Virginia DOC Wins Two Major Awards for Excellence and Safety

    August 19,

    RICHMOND —  The Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) has received two of the highest honors available to correctional agencies. The American Correcti  Read More

  • Welcome sign on door with message, "welcome we are open."

    Virginia DOC Continues Reopening of State Correctional Facil

    August 11,

    RICHMOND —  The Virginia Department of Corrections began reopening its facilities to the public on July 15 and will enter another important phase of reopen  Read More

See all news


Submit a visitation application, learn about video visitation, and more.

Job Openings

  • Job Title
    Corrections Officer (Multiple Vacancies)
    Job Description
    Corrections Officers contribute to the agency’s public safety mission by providing for the safety and security of the public, staff, and offenders by ensuring effective and safe custody and control al  Read More
    Job Salary Range
    $35, – $38,
    Job Location
    Richmond (City), Virginia
  • Job Title
    Dentist ($10, Sign on Bonus or $10, Student Loan Repayment or Relocation Payment)
    Job Description
    Offering $10, Sign on Bonus or $10, Loan Repayment or Relocation PaymentA Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) Dentist operates a Dentist Office Practice within a correctional facility and  Read More
    Job Salary Range
    $91, – $,
    Job Location
    Keen Mountain Correctional CenterBuchanan, Virginia
See all job openings

Operating Procedures

Updates to our agency’s operating procedures are processed and made available every month. The following procedures are the most cited.

See all procedures

Mail Procedures

Learn how to send mail to an offender incarcerated at a state facility.

Learn More  About Mail Procedures

Prison Rape Elimination Act Compliance

We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding sexual assault and sexual harassment in our facilities and offices. Learn more about our PREA compliance and reporting measures.

Learn More  About PREA

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Inmate locator va

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West Virginia Regional Jail Inmate Search Demonstration

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