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Inside: ready for some Cricut shirt ideas for boys? You’ll love these cool t-shirt designs and tutorials to make for your little guys! Read my review on is Cricut Access worth it here and then move on to these super fun ides. This post contains affiliate links.I received product free of charge from Cricut to enable me to create this post.

Cricut Shirt Ideas for boys collage

Ever type in “t-shirts” on a kids’ clothing website? You see 150 results. You hit “filter” and choose “boys” and the results go down to 32….

I’ve had this experience so many times when shopping for my two boys. And searching for craft ideas seems the same.

Again, I’ve seen it a lot in crafting groups on Facebook – loads of girl ideas being shared, and loads of people asking for ideas for their boys.

But really there are loads of ideas for boys out there – you just need to think of them!

There are so many ideas, that while I had intended to share 4-5 with you in this post, we couldn’t stop making shirts, and ended at 14!! No joke…

I had bought four shirts for M, as well as having Cricut generously provide me with an Infusible Ink shirt for both M and Y, but we ended up pulling all our plain tees out of the closet to dress up.

After an exhausting day of making endless tees for the boys, I am so excited to share with you our Cricut shirt ideas for boys.

Of course, these are also fantastic for girls who are tired of seeing everything in Pepto Bismol Pink Unicorns and Princesses. As a matter of fact, there are a couple here I might want to make for me… But I’m writing directly for boys because I’m a boy mom, and because those ideas are harder to dig out.

Update: I am not long only a boy mom 🙂 And on that note, here are some ideas for Cricut shirts for girls too – including loads that aren’t all pink and unicorn-y (but lots of princesses because she IS a REAL princess).

All of these shirts are Access designs (the licensed ones cost a little extra). I included the basic tutorial for you to make all shirts, as well as my Design Space setup. I highly recommend Access, however if you don’t have it, you can at least get some inspiration from these, as well as theme ideas.

I shared a better dedicated outline of how to make a t-shirt with Cricut (as well as some shirt ideas for mom!) but I’ll share more below.

Basic Equipment you’ll want to create these shirt ideas for boys

Machines & Machine tools

I made some of these using each of Cricut’s three machines: the Joy, the Maker, and the Explore Air 2.

You can read my Cricut Explore Air 2 review if you’re still machine hunting.

Otherwise, there isn’t much of a difference practically-speaking between using your Maker or Explore Air 2 for shirt making. The Maker perks plays out more with things like DIY leather earrings or paper crafts.

Cricut Joy:I made the smaller designs using this because it’s simply much easier. Firstly, you can use Smart Iron-on which eliminates so many steps because you don’t need a mat. I used regular iron on with the longer mat because I hadn’t planned for it, so I only had regular iron-on handy.

The biggest drawback: if you don’t have one direction of your design under 4.5 inches, you can’t use the Joy. Most of Y’s shirts (size 4T) could be made on the Joy, most of M’s (size 6 or Youth S) couldn’t.

The biggest perk: it’s portable and easy to set up. We don’t have a good, dedicated workspace so I was able to set up a whole t-shirt making operation on the dining room table for us to work on all Sunday. I use the Joy whenever I can and generally prefer my t-shirt designs scaled small regardless (especially when using iron-on).

Cricut Maker/Explore Air 2: The biggest benefit here is the size. You can larger designs – up to 11.5 inches on the shorter side, and 23.5 (which is much more than you need) long. You’ll need this for many of these Cricut shirt ideas for boys.

  • EasyPress: I used the 9×9 inch EasyPress 2 to apply my designs. It’s dummy-proof in the sense that you can set the exact temperature and time needed so you do things properly.
  • EasyPress mat: You can technically use a towel, but I recommend the mat for convenience. It serves as your “ironing board” underneath your project when you press your design.
  • StandardGrip Mat: or the green mat is the correct one to hold your iron-on materials. The 12×12 is perfect for your full-size machines and the Joy has a longer 12 inch one that you’ll want.
  • Fine Point Blade: This comes with your machine

Craft Tools and Materials

  • Basic Tool Set or Cricut Joy Starter Tool Set – The weeding tool and scraper are must-haves for these Cricut shirt ideas for boys
  • Precision Cutting Kit Bundle – or the self-healing mat, cutting ruler, and TruControl knife – is the perfect trio for cutting your material accurately so you get the most out of it. It’s a worthwhile investment.
  • Iron-on: there are so many different types, but in the ideas below, you’ll see I used Everyday (egular) Iron-on (or HTV – heat transfer vinyl), licensed patterned iron-on from Disney and Star Wars, as well as Foil. -OR-
  • Infusible Ink: This is different from the others as it’s not a vinyl that gets melted onto your shirt. It’s actual ink on a sheet that gets infused into the shirt’s fibers. It’s on a carrier sheet, often in fun patterns. All of the above come with carrier sheets/transfer sheets that hold your design together until you iron it onto your shirt. They work best on Cricut Infusible Ink shirt blanks.
  • Shirts. I used some old ones we had in the closet, but I also bought some of these Gildan shirts for M. I had loads of Bella + Canvas shirts for Y already handy. And we even pulled out a pique polo to dress up! If you’re doing Infusible Ink shirts, get Infusible Ink blanks.
  • Heat-resistant tape: this is a game-changer, especially with Infusible Ink. Moving your design while pressing can have unwanted effects (shadowing with Infusible Ink and wrinkling with iron-on). This tape allows you to secure your design. It also allows you to keep more detailed designs with different colors that don’t overlap in place (more on that later).

Basic instructions for making these Cricut Shirt Ideas for Boys


Create a new project in Design Space.

Click “Image” and search for the one that you want or browse.

Resize your image. You can go to “templates” and choose the one that best matches your design. I prefer to use my ruler to measure the placement on the shirt I’m using and resize accordingly.

Go to “Make it” and follow the directions.

Make sure you hit “Mirror” to cut your design backward – as it’ll flip when you’re ironing it on.

Assembly: Regular Iron On and all materials

Prep your material by cutting it to size. There’s nothing quite like Cricut’s cutting ruler – it stays in place and the multiple-angle measurements make it easy to see your sizing.

Place your material shiny side down on the top left corner of your mat. The shiny side is the transfer paper side. Use the scraper to remove any air bubbles.

Follow the directions to cut your design – my boys love watching the machine work!

Use the spatula to help you remove your design from the mat when it’s done cutting.

Remove the negative spaces from your design (the parts you’re not using).

Optional: use heat resistant tape to place your design. If you want, use a ruler to measure exact placement.

Use Cricut’s heat guide to set your materials and follow their directions. Make sure to note temperature, preheat time, heat time, and how long to heat on the back. Also, cool peel (remove the backing when your project has cooled) or warm peel (remove while still warm).

Foil Iron on

Be very careful to follow exact instructions. Metallic Foil is super cool – you get a glossy, foil finish on your shirt (and not just a metallic touch like you do with regular metallic iron-on).

But it’s also very easy to overdo. Follow the instructions exactly and you should be good to go!

When doing layered designs, foil iron-on should only be your top layer, as it can’t handle the extra heat coming from your additional layers. The same goes for any specialty Iron-on – stick to the top layer for those.

Layered designs

There are two types of layered designs: those that just have multiple colors but the colors don’t touch (such as on Y’s back to school shirt), and those that are actually layered (like M’s “humans aren’t real” shirt).

To assemble multi-colored ones that don’t touch: it’s much quicker and easier to assemble it all at once. BUT!! Make sure you don’t overlap the backing on any of them at all. So trim your transfer tape all the way up to the design. Then, tape it in place with heat resistant tape. You can also use the following method for layered designs.

Layered designs that overlap: Most layered designs at least overlap – and possibly even have base layers with smaller ones on top. To assemble these, preheat as you would, but instead of pressing it for the full time, do it for 10-15 seconds or just long enough to be able to pull the transfer tape off.

Wait until it cools if it’s a cool peel, and continue with the next layer. Only heat the top layer for the full time. If the outer layers leave some of your design exposed to your EasyPress, make sure to reuse the transfer tape from the bottom layer over your whole design.

Infusible Ink

Place your EasyPress mat inside your shirt, topped by a sheet of card stock. Clean your shirt with a lint roller and then pre-heat. If you have any dust or lint in the way, it can really disrupt your design.

For Infusible Ink, you’ll use a sheet of Butcher paper between your EasyPress and design. The butcher paper comes with your Infusible Ink sheets. Tape your design down so that it doesn’t shift.

Press according to Heat Guide instructions. Peel when it’s totally cool. How amazing is that result?

Themes to look out for and specific Cricut shirt ideas for boys

Ready for some actual Cricut shirt ideas for boys? I included my “theme starters” so that you can adapt it to what YOUR boy loves!

Favorite characters

Choose your kids’ favorite characters and mix it up with licensed patterned Iron-on.

1. Darth Vader

2. Mickey

Special occasions

Shirts for special occasions are kind of the perk of Cricut shirt making! We made one for back to school that can be worn year-round. To keep your shirts relevant, stay away from very themed shirts and let the occasion inspire you. For example, you can make a shirt to go with the theme of a birthday party instead of saying “happy birthday”.

3. Pencil Pocket


My boys both love animals, but they have their favorites! We used these as starting points, keeping it basic with some and going all-out with others.

4. Roar

5. Snails

6. Whale hello there

  • Materials used: Everyday iron-on from this package
  • Machine used: Explore Air 2
  • Shirt used: A waffle-texture tee
  • Design Space Setup: the text was added using a Design Space font and the origami whale image is separate


Go for their favorite things to do, or other interests! If I can make a crafting shirt for me, I can make a reading one for M…

7. Bookworm

8. Sh I’m reading

9. Sports hearts

  • Materials used: Everyday Iron-on from this package
  • Machine used: Explore Air 2
  • Shirt used: Waffle texture long-sleeve tee
  • Design Space Setup: These are three separate images lined up

Science & Space

M is obsessed with science, Y with outer space, and there’s so much you can do with each!

10. Blast off

  • Materials used: Everyday Iron On from this pack
  • Machine used: Explore Air 2
  • Shirt used: Long sleeve solid tee
  • Design Space Setup: These are two separate Design Space images

11. A moment of science

This is our absolute favorite! We weren’t sure how the gunmetal foil would come out on a light heather gray but it looks amazing.

12. Humans aren’t real


Choosing the right Cricut t-shirt designs for your project is great fun, but can also be daunting, especially if it’s a gift for someone you don’t know very well. If you’re like me, too many options can practically immobilize me!

Making t-shirts for yourself, your friends and family members, or any of the fun holidays that come up during the year, is a whole lot easier, because you know them so well.

This article may contain affiliate links to Amazon and/or other products in the form of clickable text links or images. Should you purchase something through one of these links, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you. You can read my disclosure policy here.

I use a Cricut Maker and I absolutely love it! It is super easy to use with heat transfer vinyl. It also prompts you to mirror your image if you forget to do so, amongst a wide variety of other options for making shirts.

Learn all about the Cricut Maker here

what is a cricut maker

There are lots of different heat transfer vinyl’s to choose from. I really like Cricut’s range of vinyl’s, because they are excellent quality and made specifically for their machines. They also have some of the best durability of all the vinyl I’ve used.

Choosing T-Shirt Designs For Your Cricut Project

T-shirts are one of the easiest things to make on your cutting machine. Personalized, sentimental or funny t-shirts make amazing gifts for friends and family and are also a big hit at the end of the school year for teachers and principals. All the holidays are also great times to make relevant t-shirts.

If you prefer to be organised well in advance, have a look at this 30 SVG Holiday Bundle, you will not be without a design for every major holiday with this bundle!

Ok, lets dive into choosing the right design for your Cricut T shirt project!

Appreciative Mothers Day SVG’s

Choosing a t-shirt design for your Mom or Grandma is a special thing, and you can really tailor your choice to who they are and what they love. Mothers Day is the perfect oppotunity to show your appreciation. 

You can choose funny SVG designs if the recipient loves humor, or golf, or if it’s a milestone gift, like a big birthday or Mother’s day, using a more heartfelt, sentimental design is appropriate.

Teacher and Principal T-shirt Designs

If I’m making Teacher Appreciation Gifts in the form of t-shirts, I make sure the design I choose is appropriate to their subject(if applicable) and the quote or phrase praises their amazing efforts as an educator, while at the same adding some humor.

Principals also deserve acknowledgement and appreciation, so should always be included in those end of school year gifts. If your principal is young and hip, then a lighter design with a bit of humor goes a long way.

If your principal loves Mexican food, then choose a design related to that. If your principal has many years as an educator and school leader under their belt, then choose a design that is appropriate to their age and experience.

Funny Cricut T Shirt Designs For Friends

I love matching funny quotes to my friends. Getting a t-shirt design for a friend right is much easier, especially close friends that might as well be family.

You know what makes them tick, what they like, what they dislike, what their favorite food is and what type of humor makes them laugh out loud. I know from experience, and I’m sure you do too, that for close friends, I see a t-shirt svg and immediately know who I would make it for.

Cricut T-Shirt Designs For Little Boys And Girls

Designs for little kids are among the most fun to make, and you can literally find any excuse to make them a unique and fun new shirt. Saturday morning Baseball, Football on Sunday or a friends birthday party, there are counteless opportunities for SVG’s for kids.

From tractors and superheros to mermaids and unicorns, the first day of school, the last day of school, and of course birthdays. Using funny phrases relevant to their age is also very popular.

Choosing SVG’s For Dads And Grandpa’s

This is also another easier choice, because you know your husband, Dad or Grandpa. If your husband is a soldier or your Grandpa is a veteran, pick a related design that praises them for their service.

If your hubby loves Top Gun, or is an avid golfer, then related t-shirt designs will make them very happy.

There is nothing better (in my opinion), than receiving a unique, thoughtful gift which really relates to who you are, what makes you laugh and the things you love.

These gifts are treasured and remembered, and in the case of t-shirts, worn proudly by the recipient. Happy t-shirt making!

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Cricut Shirt Ideas: Fun and Trendy Designs for Moms


Take a look at these fun Cricut shirt ideas, then use our step-by-step directions for how to make your own DIY t-shirt with iron on vinyl and your Cricut cutting machine.

Athleisure. Lounge wear. Comfort clothes. If there was a style that has defined my look for the last year, it would definitely be something that encompasses everything comfortable.

Side note: OMG. I've been wearing leggings and yoga pants just about every day for a whole year. OMG.

At the same time, I still love clothes. I don't want to wear the same thing every day, and I want to wear things that make me happy.

Don't get me wrong. I haven't been getting dressed up to stay at home. At this point, even pairing jeans with a nice top feels fancy.

So graphic tees and leggings have really become my go-to look. But I had been wearing the same ones so often I really wanted to refresh my wardrobe.

So I decided to think up some custom shirt ideas that I could DIY with my Cricut.

If you're new to this crafty topic you absolutely need to read What is a Cricut Machine? to learn more about them. Then jump over and read my Cricut Explore Air 2 review and Cricut Joy review posts to figure out which machine is best for you!

About these DIY shirts

I've included step by step instructions for how to make your own customized tee. I created each shirt design in Cricut Design Space, then I cut the phrases out of heat transfer vinyl with my Cricut Explore Air 2.

The Cricut iron on vinyl was then transferred and permanently fixed to the fabric using the EasyPress 2 heat press with the EasyPress mat.

All three of these Cricut shirt ideas are so easy, you can definitely make your own! If you don't want to even think about being a designer, feel free to copy any idea I've shared below.

Cricut shirts FAQ

Check out these common questions and answers others have asked about this topic:

What Cricut do I need to make shirts?

You can use any cutting machine available today to make your new tee. We love the Cricut Explore Air 2, the Cricut Joy and the Cricut Maker, and all are great for cutting the material exactly the way you need for this project.

What vinyl do I use for shirts?

You need to use heat transfer vinyl (HTV), which is also called iron on vinyl. This specific type of material fuses to fabric when it's applied with heat.

Do not use permanent or adhesive vinyl or for this craft. They won't stick and hold properly to fabric.

You don't. But I'm not going to lie; an EasyPress machine makes all your HTV projects much easier. But you can absolutely achieve the same results with a regular iron.

Yes, and here are a few tips to ensure they last:

You should wash all fabric before you start your project, even if it's brand new.

After the heat transfer, let the fabric and material cool completely before touching it. Wait at least 24 hours after transferring the HTV before you wash it.

No, ink isn't required. These are all made by cutting words or shapes from HTV and using heat to adhere them to the fabric.

Infusible ink with a transfer sheet is a different method of Cricut crafting. We'll cover that in a different post.

What other items can I make using this method?

Really, you can decorate, transform or customize just about any fabric item using the same directions below.

Consider making a tote bag or creating items for holidays, like Christmas and Halloween. There are quotes, sayings and free cut files available for every imaginable occasion!

How to make a shirt with your Cricut: step by step instructions

You'll need some materials and supplies to make a graphic tee as a DIY Cricut project.

Materials and supplies needed

  • A shirt
  • Iron on vinyl
  • A Cricut machine
  • Weeding tool
  • Household iron or Easypress


1. Open up Cricut Design Space on your computer or open the app on your device.

2. Click on New Project, then click Upload on the right side of your project grid to upload your own SVG file. OR click Projects to select one of the ready-made designs.

3. Click Templates in Design Space and search for Shirt. This will aid in your the size and placement of your creative. Resize your design over the template, then click the Make It button on the screen.

Note: The outline template shape on your design grid is not part of your final design. It won't be cut out.

4. Toggle on the Mirror option. It should be green on your screen. Your machine cuts the design from the back, so this will cut out a mirror image of your creation. Click Continue and follow design space prompts to send to your machine.

5. Press the shiny/glossy side of your heat transfer vinyl onto a Standard Grip or Light Grip mat. Load it into your Cricut and cut the design out.

6. Leaving the layer of clear vinyl stuck to the mat, use your weeding tool to remove everything that's not part of the design.

7. Peel the clear plastic backing off the mat, flip it over and carefully position it on your fabric.

8. Use your household iron or EasyPress to transfer the iron-on to the material.

I easiily turned my own ideas into actual graphic tees following the exact same instructions that I listed above. I'm so happy with how they came out!

My Cricut shirt ideas


The phrase on my newest t-shirt design has described me for the last 9 years with my oldest son. It's already been longer than I thought he'd stick with anything!

My youngest also plays baseball. At just 8 years old he's showing no signs of stopping his love of the game. It seems pretty likely that I'll be a sports mom for years to come. I'm a proud Baseball Mama!

Design Space fonts:

  • Baseball: Boys Will Be Boys block
  • Mama: Pen & Ink


Barre exercise class is my favorite way to work out. Mostly because I feel like a graceful ballerina while I'm there, even though I know I look much more like a waddling, squatting duck!

For my fitness addiction, the ballet barre class, I made up a fun phrase that I think the other moms I see at the gym can relate to.

This Mom Hits the Barre is a silly play on words that will make me laugh when I can finally get back to the studio. If my favorite instructor likes I'm totally making one for her, too.

Fonts from Design Space:

  • This Mom Hits the: Street Sign
  • Barre: Yours Truly


This last design is my fave! Why? It's because, if I'm wearing it, it means that I'm probably lying on a couch or hammock somewhere getting some much needed rest!

I changed up the popular “Eat Pray Love” phrase that's on everything these days. I did a little rearranging, then added the word “repeat” to show what's most important to me!

Cricut font used:

  • Pray, Love, Eat, Repeat: Street Sign

These tees took about 45 minutes to make. I was truly surprised when I was able to get all of them done in that amount of time. That's 45 minutes for all three customized pieces!

I'm used to doing a single project with my machine, then packing everything up – including the machine and materials – until inspiration strikes again.

Making three similar items at once was new to me, and it's making me consider how slow I've been doing these kinds of crafts in the past.

I'm starting to think that doing craft projects in batches is the key to speeding up my overall process…For a few different reasons!

First, I need to get into a Design Space zone to start creating the right way. I'm positive that creating one file after another would be more efficient than having to get into that mindset three separate times.

The same goes for weeding. I find weeding to be a satisfying task, and seeing the lines gets easier as I work my way through the material. Weeding three designs a row might make me cross-eyed, but it also might get done a lot faster.

Finally, there's the ironing or heat transfer process. Why get out my EasyPress or iron three different times when I can get it out once and do three HTV projects at the same time?

I love my new tees! I'll be wearing them daily as I continue to rock my relaxed athleisure wardrobe. Now that I've fallen into this style, I don't know why I'd ever go back!

I have plenty of other crafting ideas to show off in the future. More crafty fun will be coming your way soon!

What trendy homemade clothing ideas can you dream up?

More projects for you to check out:

Learn how to make a DIY chalkboard sign.

How to make Rae Dunn inspired Christmas ornaments.

See how to make paper flowers with free templates.

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20 Shirt Making Techniques with the CRICUT EXPLORE AIR 2!

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