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Looking to Compare the various ADS Speeds for weapons in Modern Warfare & Warzone? Check out our Charts below for the Base ADS Speeds of the Weapons in Each Class, as well as all weapons ranked from Fastest to Slowest. ADS Times are in ms.

Check out our Page on the Best ADS Attachments and how the Attachments further affect the Weapons ADS Speed.

ADS Speeds By Weapon Class &#; Updated 10/1 with the Season 6 weapons, the AS VAL & SP-R

ADS Speeds By Weapon Class

Clearly, the Pistols as a class have the fastest ADS Speeds of all the Weapon Classes and the LMG&#;s & Sniper Rifles are mostly the slowest. As Expected, the SMG&#;s are also quite fast averaging around ms for the group. The Fastest ADS Speed Weapons in Each Class are the following:

  • Assault Rifles &#; GRAU ( ms)
  • SMG&#;s &#; Uzi ( ms)
  • LMG&#;s &#; Holger ( ms)
  • Marksman Rifles &#; MK2 Carbine ( ms)
  • Sniper Rifles &#; Dragunov ( ms)
  • Shotguns &#; VLK Rogue ( ms)
  • Handguns &#; X16 & M19 ( ms)

New Infographics

Here are some new infographics we put together that you can save. We have the Top 10 Fastest ADS Speed Weapons, the Top 5 and Bottom 5, as well as the Assault Rifle & SMG class listed from Fastest to Slowest. Times are listed in ms, with smaller number being faster. By the way, follow us on Instagram, where you will get immediate notification of any new infographics we post.

Now clearly, this is without any attachments or other items on the gun, merely just to show the base stock ADS Speed. Check out our other page for some Standard attachments which will help or hurt ADS Speeds. In General, stippled grip tape, no stock attachments and tac laser will all help with a snappier ADS speed. Beware though, this will typically hurt your control of the weapon. See some of our Weapon infographics pages or Weapon guides on YouTube for more information.

Fastest to Slowest Weapon ADS Speeds in Modern Warfare

Fastest to Slowest Weapon ADS Speeds in Modern Warfare

The data was all taken from the &#;Hey Potato COD Assistant&#; App by Mutant Media. Mutant Media has great Modern Warfare Content and if you haven&#;t checked them out, do so. You can download the App by clicking on the link below. ** We have no affiliation with them, it is just an awesome App!

Hey Potato COD Assistant App - for ADS Speeds

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We wanted to dedicate a page to the various Attachments to get the fastest ADS Speeds in Modern Warfare. The tables below will show how the standard attachments affect Aim Down Sight Speed, and in some cases, where necessary, we will add in some specific attachments and show how they affect the ADS Speed. From the charts below, you can find the best attachments for fast ADS Speeds in Modern Warfare.

Best Attachments for Fast ADS Speeds in Modern Warfare

First, we&#;ll go ahead and list the normal Attachments.  These may slightly vary weapon by weapon, but in general, will be very close to the numbers listed below.  Specific weapons and variations can also be seen on some of the Weapon Infographics and Detail pages.

Note, the numbers here are listed in Frames, with each frame being about ms @ 60FPS.  Numbers that are < 1 mean that there is some impact, but not noticable.  Combining multiple < 1 attachments could create a noticable ADS Change.

Standard Attachments available on most all Weapons

In the tables below Negative numbers make you ADS Faster, Positive numbers will make you ADS Slower. In general, there are only 2 standard attachments, the Tac Laser and Stippled Grip tape which will make you ADS Faster, many of the other Ammo, Stock or specialized barrels have ADS Speed improvements, some of which are listed below, others can be found on the detailed weapon infographics, see Here.

To see how all the standard attachments affect ADS Speed, review the tables below.

Note that Positive Numbers Increase the amount of time to ADS, while the Negative numbers will decrease your ADS time.

OpticsADS Change
(# of Frames)
Aim-Op Reflex Sight< 1
APX5 Holographic Sight< 1
Corp Combat Holo Sight< 1
Cronen C Pro Optic< 1
Cronen LP Mini Reflex< 1
G.I. Mini Reflex< 1
Monocle Reflex Sight< 1
Operator Reflex Sight< 1
PBX Holo 7 Sight< 1
Viper Reflex Sight< 1
x Flip Hybrid1
VLK x Optic1
Canted Hybrid2
Integral Hybrid2
Scout Combat Optic2
Merc Thermal Optic4
Solozero NVG Enhanced4
Thermal Hybrid4
Sniper Scope5
Variable Zoom Scope5
UnderbarrelsADS Change
(# of Frames)
Commando Foregrip0
Tactical Foregrip0
12 Guage Deputy< 1
M 40mm Concussive< 1
M 40mm Flash< 1
M 40mm High Explosive< 1
M 40mm Incendiary< 1
M 40mm Recon< 1
M 40mm Smokescreen< 1
Merc Foregrip< 1
Ranger Foregrip< 1
Operator Foregrip2
MuzzlesADS Change
(# of Frames)
Flash Guard0
Lightweight Suppressor0
Breacher Device< 1
Compensator< 1
Muzzle Brake< 1
Monolithic Suppressor1
Tactical Suppressor1
Rear GripsADS Change
(# of Frames)
Granulated Grip Tape0
Rubberized Grip0
Stippled Grip Tape-2
StocksADS Change
(# of Frames)
Close Quarters Stocks or Sport Stocks (In General)-1 or -2
No Stock (In General)-2
Skeleton Stocks
(M13 & AK47)

BarrelsADS Change
(# of Frames)
Most Guns have their own unique Barrels which have varying degrees of ADS Effect.  
See the table below, or our Specific Weapon Infographics for Some of those details.
See Table Below
Extended MagsADS Change
(# of Frames)
Most of the standard extended Magazine Attachments have a minimal increase to ADS Speed.< +1
30 Round Mags (Holger)-3
Note that Large Drum Mags will have a large Increase to ADS Speed+2 to +4
LasersADS Change
(# of Frames)
1 mW Laser0
5 mW Laser0
Tac Laser-2

Weapon Specific attachments, such as Barrels, Stocks, or other unique attachments will be covered in their specific Weapon infographic.

Best Barrels for Fastest ADS Speeds

The table below will show which barrel decreases ADS the most for a particular weapon, so if you are looking for the Barrel attachment with the greatest impact to get a faster ADS speed for a particular weapon, see the table below. If the weapon isn&#;t listed, usually the shortest barrel will decrease ADS time between frames.

As a general note though, it is important to realize that almost all of the barrels that decrease ADS Speed will also decrease bullet velocity, which decreases the dropoff damage ranges (% in most cases), and they also increase Recoil. These are intended for use in closer quarters engagements or on smaller maps.

Weapon ClassWeapon & BarrelADS Change
(# of Frames)
Assault RiflesM Tempus Mini-2
AK &#; Compact Barrel-2
FAL: &#; OSW Para-2
KILO all increase ADS Speedn/a
M4A1: FFS &#; Commando-2
FR &#; Commando-2
Grau ZLR Drifter A-2
Ram FTAC &#; Compact-1
Oden: Oden Factory mm-3
Scar Forge TAC CQC Pro-4
LMG&#;sHolger FTAC &#; Spitfire-4
MG FSS Stubby-4
SA SA87 &#; Factory-4
M M91 Infantry-2
PKM: &#; Compact Barrel-3
SMG&#;sMP5: FSS Mini-1
MP7: FSS Swat-1
P all increase ADS Speedn/a
PP19 Bizon: &#; Polygonal-1
Uzi: &#; Factory Mini-1
Striker mm Stainless Steel-2
AUG: all increase ADS Speedn/a
Marksman RiflesEBR Forge TAC Elite
** FSS Raider stocks decrease ADS
MK2 Carbine: All barrels add to ADS
** FSS Sport w/ Tac Laser
KAR 98K: All barrels add to ADS
** FTAC Sport Comb w/ Tac Laser

Specialized Stealth Attachments &#; No Tracers

This section doesn&#;t have anything to do with ADS Speeds, but we thought it would be a fun addition in case you took the time to read this far.

The below attachments are special in that they provide no visible tracers that the enemy can see and in addition to that, do not show your enemy the skulls of enemies you kill. These help to provide an additional level of stealth to your build.

WeaponAttachmentAtt. Type
M13 Blackout Rounds 30 MagsAmmunition
MP5Subsonic Integral SuppressorBarrel

Hopefully this helps in your ADS Speed Gun Smithing! We tried to be pretty comprehensive with regards to the best attachments for fast ADS Speeds in Modern Warfare.

For some of our videos on YouTube, visit Zbor Gaming on YouTube.

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For those playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer, you have no doubt earned attachments for your weapons by earning kills in the game. Unfortunately, almost every attachment in the game lowers your ADS (aim down sight) time, which is a big deal in an arcade shooter like Call of Duty. If you&#;re curious how the Modern Warfare ADS gun attachments stats look like for aiming down sight and how to make it quicker, we&#;re here to help.

YouTuber Xclusive Ace, who does amazing breakdowns of weapons and other game mechanics for Call of Duty, recently ran an attachments breakdown for Modern Warfare that focuses on ADS slow down time. You can check out the video below, and we&#;ve also posted screenshots of the gun attachments that point out how each one lowers your ADS speed.

More Modern Warfare Reading:

If you want to see it in an easier to digest format, check out the screenshots below. Note that each number corresponds to frames. So an attachment with +2 means that particular attachment adds two more frames when aiming down sight, which isn&#;t ideal. The ones showing negative means that it makes your ADS time much faster.

Given how the game favors slow movement and pre-aiming more than running and gunning, ADS time isn&#;t really a priority for most. But if you do, well, mix and match the ones that give the most negatives, and you&#;ll have a much faster time aiming down your gun sights.

If you have a proper combo of attachments that work wonders, feel free to share them below in the comments so other run &#;n&#; gunners can also benefit from it.

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