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Quality Premium Firewood

  • All of our firewood has been Kiln Dried to USDA/T314.c heat-treatment standards (71/75) as per outlined by to eliminate (destroy) various "Insects / Bugs and Wood Pest Infestations". (Heat-Treatment Certification # VTFW 10-0003).
  • All of our firewood has been pre-seasoned (shed-dry) for 6+ months as per outlined by EPA /Burn Wise standards to protect your home, health, and air.
  • All of our firewood is pre-stacked for quantity in 12", 16" or 20" lengths and sold in "fraction-of-a-cord" increments as per outlined by N.H. DEPT. OF AGRICULTURE WEIGHTS & MEASURES.
  • For our current price list, Email us at [email protected] or call the Firewood Guy at (603)-437-0940.
  • All of our "Sterilized" firewood is sold at our Londonderry Roadside Stand. "FREE" home delivery and stacking available.

For more consumer awareness ! "Avoid buying local (native) firewood that has signs of active insects & bug infestations". For more consumer info, call NHBugs hotline at 603-271-3681 or NH Forestry hotline @ (603) 464-3016 or UNH Extension infoline @ 1-877-398-4769.

For more info on our value-added firewood, please e-mail usor call 603-437-0940.

Quality Premium Firewood

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The Wood Haven Firewood Storage Racks

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Seasoned Wood

Fir sells for $300 a cord

Alder sells for $310 a cord

Cherry sells for $370 a cord

Maple sells for $360 a cord

Ash sells for $370 a cord

       Oak sells for $435 a cord

Kiln Dried Wood

        Fir sells for $375 a cord

        Alder sells for $385 a cord

        Cherry sells for $445 a cord

        Maple sells for $435 a cord

        Ash sells for $445 a cord

        Oak sells for $510 a cord

*Prices are seasonal, subject to change.

  Washington sales tax included.

  Free local deliveries inside of Clark County on cord wood.

  There is a fee to have your wood stacked upon delivery.

*All other products are available

  at our retail location for pickup.

  9608 NE 239th Street

  Battle Ground, WA 98604

  Delivery available. Call for Pricing.

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100% Hardwood Firewood in Northwestern Pennsylvania


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"Seeing the Forest for the Trees"

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Serving Erie and Crawford Counties from Spartansburg, Pennsylvania

Rolled into Your Garage or
Around the House! No Stacking!

Available Now!

Say goodbye to that pile of firewood in the
driveway! See how our "Never Ending
Rack of Wood" gets delivered.

The above video is a timelapse of starting a fire with
our premium kiln dried firewood. In less than three
minutes the fire is self sustaining and burns
energetically to create the environment
you're looking for!

Fairview ♦ Girard ♦ Erie ♦ Harborcreek ♦ Northeast ♦ Edinboro ♦ Cambridge Springs ♦ Waterford ♦ Saegertown ♦ Meadville

 Firewood is an excellent alternative to high heating bills or just a great way to relax in front of a warm fire. Browse through our firewood products to determine which is best for you, or call us today and let us help! 

Split Firewood

Split Firewood



Stacked Split Firewood

Stacked Split Firewood

OUR KILN DRIED GUARANTEE, We know you'll love our kiln dried firewood and the one-of-a-kind service you receive! If you're not totally satisfied, and we fail to make it right your money will be CHEERFULLY refunded.  
Warmest Wishes,
Firewood Guy


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Our Firewood

Firewood For Sale

Firewood Guys are located in Columbus, Ohio. We are here to assist you with all your firewood burning needs, if it's for a night in the backyard toasting marshmallows with the family around a bonfire, a weekend camping trip or if you need to heat your home on those cold winter days & nights Firewood Guys are here to help. Our firewood is a mixture of hardwoods (oak, walnut, cherry, hickory, ash & hardwood maple).  Each piece is cut to around 16" long.  We understand some companies sell firewood using different measurements and terms.  Wood can also be stacked using different methods, some can stack wood very tightly, but we stack it loosely , so air can flow and enhances drying. For these reasons, we sell our wood by the quantity of pieces, not using traditional measured cords.  

Firewood available for Pick up & Delivery

We are a family owned & operated business. Our firewood is a mixture of hardwoods (oak, walnut, cherry, hickory, ash & hardwood maple).  Each piece is cut to around 16" long. 

We do not sell by the cubic feet or the rack size. We guarantee the quantity of pieces you will receive. If you have any problems, you can call the office 614-342-2607

      (L x W x H)

  • Cords    16' x 16"x 4'
  • 1/2 Cord 8'x 16"x 4'
  • 1/4 Cord 4'x 16"x 4'
  • 1/8 Cord 2'x 16"x 4'

Please contact the office for more information prices, delivery & hours are seasonal, subject to change 614-342-2607

Firewood Prices

Please contact the office for more information prices, delivery & hours are seasonal, subject to change 614-342-2607. 

  • 1 cord      $240.00
  • 1/2 cord $130.00
  • 1/4 cord $70.00
  • 1/8 cord $40.00

Call for pick up hours, delivery prices & available delivery times.

Please note when picking up firewood  it is self load. We do offer assistance with loading but it's $10 for each 1/4 cord. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.


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