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For your success in the wholesale supply of auto parts, this article will show you what you must know through Top 5 car parts wholesale suppliers in china, and there are some special tips, you will definitely get more inspiration.

As the economy of the middle class continuous to double, so, is the accumulation of wealth materials like personal car. The maintenance for these cars has led to a tremendous growth of China auto parts market.

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Which car part supplier is the best, the market trends, which auto spares are commonly available and so on is what is contained in this article.

China auto parts industry as shown in the graph below has been performing well in spite of the small decline in growth rate in According to the research conducted by Ipsos Business Consultant between the years, to shows a steady market growth of the auto parts in China.

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You may need to know where to find car parts wholesale suppliers in China to make your business work well. Allow me to narrow these suppliers to help you make the best choice for you.

Top 5 Car Parts Wholesale Suppliers in China

1. Chinabrands

Chinabrands has been the global leader in the wholesale supply and drop shipping business for many years. It operates on an online platform which enables its customers to select the products of their choice at the comfort of their homes or offices.

Several features distinguish Chinabrands from the other China auto parts wholesale suppliers.


Features of Chinabrands

Chinabrands has thousands of auto parts listed on its website by online wholesalers registered on its platform. This makes it an ideal place for clients searching for china auto parts online due to the wide category of products.

Free registration is available to all online wholesalers willing to join their website. This is one of the features most sought after by small-scale suppliers who want to market themselves. 

Once registered, they upload their products making their customers to access new products and offers at all times.

Chinabrands has no minimum order restriction and thus wholesalers can sell any quantity they want to. If you want to start a car parts wholesale business, don’t worry about the amount of capital you have as you can sell any product from Chinabrands.

There are more than five different methods of payment to make it easier for everybody to do any transaction. You can use the PayPal, western union, direct money transfer and Wire Transfer to make transaction any time and any day of your choice.

Despite all the above features, Chinabrands has tailored its operations with their customers at heart.

Advantages of Chinabrands

  • Wide categories of products

All types of car parts can be found in their warehouses. Chinabrands has a wide category of products for its customer to choose from. Chinabrands website is daily loaded with new products from different manufactures.

Chinabrands for the past years has created networks with most of the auto spare manufacturing companies which has enabled them to sell cheap car parts from China. This also comes with high quantity discounts and promotional offers which are passed to the suppliers to maximize their profits

Car parts need be thoroughly checked to ascertain that their quality standards are up to the required standards. For this reason, Chinabrands has employed a well-trained quality control team to make sure that all products sold and delivered are of good quality.

  • Good customer care service

Chinabrands has a very responsive customer care representatives to handle any query from customers. Customers enjoy doing business with companies that have a sense of caring. Their staffs are available 24/7 which makes it among the best companies.

  • Simple product return policies

There is an open window for customers to return products bought but are not exact of what he wanted or have been damaged. This is a great advantage because not every car part can be sold in any warehouse; therefore, leveraging the buyer from stocking unwanted stock.

Best-Selling Auto Part Supplies Wholesale on Chinabrands

More >

2. Ossca Parts

Ossca was established 20years ago. It first began as a manufacturing and distribution company of auto spare parts. Years later, it began eliminating some middlemen and delivering for itself directly to major wholesalers.

One of the most common features of Ossca Parts Ltd Company is the branding of the packaging of all the car parts it supplies. All the boxes have the name “Ossca” to differentiate them from all the other auto spares in the market.

As a wholesale supplier of its own products, it is known for its cheap car parts in China. This makes it the preferred choice by many auto dealers as helps in increasing their profit margins.

It has one of the most advanced technologies in its quality inspection centers to maintain the status of its high-quality products.

Ossca Parts Company has a catalogue of more than different products. Among its main auto parts in the market include:

a) Engine parts

b) Chassis systems

c) Body parts and Accessories

d) Air condition and cooling services and

e) Clutch disc and cover.


3. Hktdc

This is an international online wholesale supplier of all types of China parts from many auto parts manufactures. Hktdc was established 50 years ago in Hong Kong to help small and medium scale companies to connect with other business partners across the world.


Hktdc has several features all themed to help accelerate its registered car parts online wholesale suppliers. For any wholesale supplier who meets the minimum required threshold can become its member by registering for free.

The other feature in Hktdc is the annual training and organization of trade shows in Hong Kong with the aim of promoting and connecting its registered members.

Hktdc does market research and analysis on a quarterly basis on wholesale car companies and other industries. This is to equip the other auto parts wholesale suppliers in Hong Kong with the relevant market information in the world to help them in developing strategies for their own growth.

As one of the Chinas’ biggest wholesale supplier of auto parts, the following are the main products you would expect to order:

a. Car engines

b. Suspension systems

c. Charging systems

d. Body parts

e. Braking systems.


4. Alibaba

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This is a big brand name in China and is known for its wide category of products from diverse manufacturing companies and wholesale car dealers engaging in wholesale supply of China parts. was launched in in one of the today's leading online supplier of China car parts. Alibaba relies on products from different online registered suppliers making it a one-stop shop with every kind of product.

One of the features of Alibaba is its free registration to the companies willing to join their online platform. This is a strategy used by many to attract many wholesale suppliers who are credible to add more products to the online platform

To place an order there is a direct link from the product listed on the Alibaba website to the auto wholesale supplier website.

Alibaba has a wide category of car parts. These include:

a) The braking systems

b) The lighting systems

c) The body parts

d) Engines and gearboxes

e) Auto tires and

f) Suspension systems



5. AliExpress


AliExpress was founded in as an online wholesale and retail shop. It later expanded its portfolio and introduced drop shipping services which made it among the most searched China auto parts wholesale suppliers. AliExpress has over ,+different auto parts on its platform.

AliExpress website just like the other great wholesale suppliers ( has simple and understandable features to make other suppliers to join easily. Searching for products can be done by anybody due to its simplicity and openness.

The product features are well described and their prices boldly written making it visible for any client to read and make their own judgment.

What are the main car parts AliExpress can supply in wholesale to its clients?

a) Engine gears

b) Headlamps and rear lambs

c) Alternators and alternator belts

d) Shock absorbers and switches

e) Starters and

f) Audio accessories

Tips to buy wholesale auto parts from China

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Getting wholesale auto parts from China for your business is a great task to many wholesale car parts dealers. It is very simple.


This is how to get that wholesale car part you are looking for:

1. Locate auto industry leaders

If you are a large scale wholesale supplier, it is important to consider getting your car part supplies directly from the manufactures, appointed auto spare distributors or the regional wholesale supplier. This method is the most advantageous as it eliminates third parts from the supply chain.

To locate them you can visit trade shows or use social media. Once you have found your best choice, you are ready to do start business.

2. Get your supplier via search engines like Google and Yahoo

This would be my first method of getting the exact car part I want. By typing the exact item you want plus words like supplier, you will get hundreds of suggestions. You can use the suggested websites of suppliers to see all that they can supply and if not satisfied you can use the contact links provided to make your enquiries.

3. Visit auto wholesale suppliers in China

To get that supplier you can trust can be a little costly. However, this is the most effective as it is easy to have trust in something you have first-hand experience with. Most wholesale suppliers would tend to offer more incentives to clients they physically know.


4. Auto publications and documentaries.

Every automotive manufacturing company has a newsletter or a magazine with advertising features of wholesale car parts dealers. Most of these publications are promoted by other auto dealers, car parts wholesale suppliers included. That is where to get their contacts, what they sell and also the direction to their warehouses.

5. Google alerts

Let Google tell you when necessary information is available. You will need to key in the information you want to receive then set an alert so that any information published related to auto supplies is sent to you. This method is stress-free as most of the search is done to you.

FAQs about buy wholesale car parts

As they say “Not all that glitters is gold”. Most of these methods do not involve one on one contact. Therefore it is good to do your research well as to which of the selected car parts wholesale supplier is more reliable and has accreditations from the necessary bodies like



Q) How can you make your China wholesale auto parts business more favourable?

As highlighted above, make sure the choice of your supplier is the best. Why?

a) You have a quality guarantee

b) You will get customer support services

c) A good supplier will supply without minimum order restriction


Q) Where is the best place to buy auto parts online?

There are thousands of places where auto parts can be found. But the best place is where you can you can return the delivered products in case of wrong item delivery, where the seller can offer free transport and where you have a greater choice of products. Give a try to Chinabrands and you will find all the above goodies to make your car part wholesale profitable.

Q) What are the most popular auto parts sold online?

Auto parts industry is among the single product lines with countless items to sell. These parts are worn out every minute thus creating car parts customers on a minute basis. Most of these are those on areas with friction. Here are the most popular auto parts sold online;

· Radiators

· Brake pads

· Shock absorbers

· Air Filters

· Brake discs

· Wheels and tires.

You can view details of japan auto parts wholesale



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Stella is part of the content team at Chinabrands where she develops resources to help global dropshippers and wholesalers start and grow their own businesses.

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