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Final Fantasy 14 Class Tier List

Final Fantasy 14 is an MMO that just keeps getting bigger. There are a number of classes, known as jobs, that players can unlock and learn throughout their time with the game, with each character even being able to unlock and level all of them up independently. Final Fantasy 14 has also impressively managed to keep its jobs very well balanced over the years. Of course, patches and updates make their rankings fluctuate slightly every now and then, but there are really no jobs that dominate or slack behind the others.

This means that players can truthfully play any job that they are interested in, or that they prefer the play style of. However, there are enough differences between the jobs that they can still be tiered, even if those differences are pretty small in the greater scheme of the game. Of course, tier lists will change with the release of the game's newest expansion releases, adding new jobs like the Sage to Final Fantasy 14, but here is how the jobs rank currently.

Updated on August 12th, 2021 at 4pm by Arron Kluz: The article has been adjusted to reflect more accurate information.

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Samurai - The Samurai job was originally introduced to Final Fantasy 14 as part of its Stormblood expansion. As such, it starts at level 50 and has no class that players have to level up beforehand. The Samurai is a melee DPS job that focuses on managing two separate gauges, named Kenki and Sen. Using the gauges, Samurai build up power with certain attacks and skills to then unleash that power on more powerful moves for incredible amounts of damage while not being overly complicated to play while having a high skill ceiling and the highest damage in the game.

Astrologian - Going by numbers, the Astrologian is currently the strongest healer in Final Fantasy 14. The job can switch between both raw healing and barriers, while also buffing its party members up considerably. However, the class was included with the Heavensward expansion, so players will have to level up quite a bit before they can get their hands on it and all of the flexibility it offers.

Warrior - The Warrior is a tank that is completely focused on dealing damage. The job deals big bursts of damage to attract enemies to it before healing itself back up so that it doesn't die. The job can be a lot of fun and is extremely self-sustaining in its current iteration. This makes the Warrior extremely strong and is able to keep itself standing despite not offering quite as high of damage as the Paladin.

Summoner - Players can unlock the Summoner by leveling up the Arcanist class, and the job offers players a great magical DPS option. The Summoner focuses on summoning minions as well as buffing their attacks with supernatural energy. The Summoner is one of the more complicated jobs in Final Fantasy 14, but can be very rewarding for players who stick with it by being able to resurrect players, while putting out a lot of damage and being very flexible.

White Mage - White Mage is the best starting healer job in Final Fantasy 14. The job can deal out a fair amount of damage and heals and is the game's only pure healer job. The job is also extremely straightforward and a great starting place for new players to the game. The job does not put out as much damage as other healers, but its simplicity makes it an S-rank job in Final Fantasy 14.

Black Mage - Black Mages are a more straightforward ranged magic DPS class that focuses on having skills with a wide range of elemental types. This allows the job to react to any situation or encounter throughout the game and makes it deal more damage than any other ranged DPS in the game, especially when players get its movement down.

Dancer - The Dancer is a melee physical ranged DPS that focuses on performing a variety of dances to buff themselves and party members while throwing chakrams to deal damage. The job is good for DPS players who want to help their fellow team members and is also the strongest ranged DPS in the game while providing some solid support.

Paladin - Paladins saw a large overhaul in the Shadowbringers expansion that made the class as pure of a tank as players could hope for. Nearly all of the job's skills are defense-focused, making it an incredibly useful tank. The job also has a lot of versatility, and is exceptionally good at staying alive, and is an especially good choice for off-tank spots.



Dragoon - Dragoons utilize a variety of polearm weapons to leap into the air and come crashing down on top of their enemies. Their DPS values have slipped beneath other classes in the most recent patches to Final Fantasy 14, but the class still remains a strong melee option and is still a great job to have when exploring the beautiful world of Final Fantasy 14.

Ninja - The Ninja class currently has some very strong abilities in Final Fantasy 14. The class has some very strong buff abilities that greatly strengthen its fellow party members while also being able to sneak attack and scout ahead for parties.

Gunbreaker - Gunbreaker was released with the Shadowbringers expansion, which just happens to be one of the best expansions in Final Fantasy 14. Of course, the Gunbreaker is a classic part of Final Fantasy, but in Final Fantasy 14 the job takes on the role of a Tank. As of right now, the Gunbreaker is one of the most adaptable tanks thanks to how much damage it can deal while also offering competent defensive abilities and even some healing and barriers. However, the class can be extremely complicated because of how many options it offers the player, so new players may want to opt for a different tank at first.

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Scholar - The Scholar in Final Fantasy 14 is a great healer that offers a number of utility skills to buff other players while also dishing out solid healing and a lot of damage. However, the class plays extremely differently from anything else in the game and can be very difficult to play well, so it does go just a bit lower than the two other healing jobs. The class working so uniquely, however, does make it a great option for Final Fantasy 14 players who don't enjoy healing to check out.

Monk - The Monk job is unlocked after players level up the Pugilist class that is available when first making their characters. Also a melee DPS, the Monk allows players to equip a variety of fist weapons to pummel their enemies with. The Monk job also has had its skill floor made more approachable while having its sill ceiling raised for players who want to master it.

Dark Knight - Dark Knight can be started by any player after hitting level 30. Wielding one of Final Fantasy 14's greatswords, the class focuses on soaking up damage from other players while also being able to put out solid damage. However, it just slightly performs lower than other tank jobs, leaving it a solid option in the A rank.

Red Mage - Red Mage can get picked up at level 50 and is a very well-rounded ranged DPS. The class has a little bit of everything in the game with some solid damage accompanied by being able to resurrect other players. This makes the Red Mage a really good DPS job that brings some great flexibility to the battlefield.



Bard - The Bard is a physical ranged DPS that equips a range of bows in Final Fantasy 14. The job allows players to deal damage as well as provide some defensive buffs and abilities. However, the class does compromise heavily on its damage output, putting it below some of the other DPS jobs.

Machinist - The Machinist is another ranged DPS class, but it does lag behind other DPS jobs in raw damage output. The job also does not offer any support or defensive options, leaving it behind the DPS classes that offer more damage in addition to other utility features. However, the job is a blast to play and can hold its own thanks to the game's solid balancing of all jobs.

Blue Mage


Blue Mage - The Blue Mage is a unique job in that players can level it up completely independently from level 1 to 70. The job also takes its moves from enemies across the game and is an extremely fun class to play. However, the job is unable to perform in certain game activities such as Daily Roulettes and the game's main scenario. This puts the Blue Mage in a tier of its own, as it cannot participate in all activities with other jobs.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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[TOP 7] FF14 Best DPS Class (Latest Patch)

Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) developed and published by Square Enix and directed and published by Naoki Yoshida. Despite its horrendous start in 2010 that led the game to close down, it reopened back in November 2012 and is now one of the most successful MMORPG out there.

New players looking to start their journey in Eorzea, the world built inside the game, might wonder what kind of jobs are best suited for them. Like most MMORPGs, Final Fantasy XIV has three different roles that a player can choose: tanks, healers, and damage-dealers (DPS). Final Fantasy XIV has a whopping total of 11 DPS jobs out of the 18 battle jobs available. And with the arrival of the Reaper job in Endwalker (2021), players can have a total of 12 DPS jobs to play from.

The good news for everyone is that: a player is not bound to only one job! They can change their jobs easily by equipping the weapon related to the job they wanted to play for the moment. So, if you were a bard looking to switch to a summoner, it's as easy as to change your equipped bow to a book.

However, players will still want to invest more of their time into a job they like and choose, and so this article will help you choose from the seven best DPS in the game currently. Note that this list may change when Endwalker, the newest expansion of Final Fantasy XIV, drops in November 2021 with new skills and rotations for each job. 

7. Dragoon

A Dragoon with his trusted spear.A Dragoon with his trusted spear.

The Dragoons are born from the ongoing conflict between men and dragons in Ishgard, and have been one of the most reputable battle jobs among people out there. It is one of the four melee jobs that a player can choose from.

To become a Dragoon, a player must first start with the lancer class or take the blue quest ‘Way of the Lancer’ to become a Lancer in the Lancer’s guild in Old Gridania. All players may take this blue quest after they reach level 15 and have completed the main story quest ‘Call of the Sea’. After hitting level 30 in Lancer, they can then take the job quest to become a Dragoon.

Reasons why dragoon is one of the best DPS jobs out there:

  • Beginner-friendly. The combo is easy to learn, with high damage output
  • Fuels the excitement. Dragoon has many jumping skills that can make a player excited to execute the skills. Not to mention, it also has very appealing visual skills.

A Dragoon doing her ultimate skill--Dragonsong Dive.

  • This job has many buffs that can enhance the damage of your skills as well as your party’s, like Battle Litany, Blood of the Dragon, and Dragon Sight.
  • It has very high mobility, allowing a player to easily dodge attacks and adjust to the mechanics of a boss, even in high-end raids.

There are several builds that a player can choose to make their best version of a dragoon. This set depends on how fast you want your dragoon to be, as well as how many hours and effort you are willing to put in to get your best in slot (BiS) equipment. All builds listed below are credited to The Balance discord.

  • Raid Chest. This build requires a player to clear all four current savage content, the Eden’s Promise raid. http://bit.ly/drg250raid
  • Tome Chest. While this build still requires a player to clear the current savage content, they only need to do the first three, as the last raid (Eden’s Promise: Eternity) is the hardest of the current tier. It is a slight downgrade compared to the first build, but easier to achieve. http://bit.ly/drg250raid

Overall DPS Score: 70/100

6) Dancer

A Dancer elegantly moving her body.

The Dancer is, undoubtedly, one of the most elegant DPS jobs that a player can choose. It is one of the three physical-ranged DPS, and the most played compared to the other two in high-end raids. It is a new job introduced in the third expansion of FFXIV, Shadowbringers.

To be a Dancer, a player must have bought the Shadowbringers expansion and reach level 60 in at least one of the battle jobs. Then, the player can take the blue quest ‘Shall We Dance’ in Limsa Lominsa.

Reasons why Dancer is one of the best battle jobs currently:

  • Very beginner-friendly. Dancer’s combos and rotation are shown by the shining gauge around the skill a player has to press next, making it easy to do the basic rotations.
  •  Has a very powerful buff that can enhance the group’s damage. Dancer’s buffs are considered one of the strongest in the game, able to enhance the group’s damage for a whole 15 seconds.
  • Can choose a ‘dance partner’ and buffs the partner’s buff as well as yourself as the dancer for the entirety of the fight.
  • Has a dash skill (En Avant) that can be used up to 3 times to quickly avoid getting hit by mechanics and preventing death.
  • Have support skills that can support party members as a whole (Curing Waltz for emergency heals, Shield Samba for shields, and Improvisation to increase healing potency).
  • Have aesthetic and elegant moves as attacks, causing players to feel satisfied while playing the class

A Dancer swinging her chakrams to stun her enemies.

The dancer has two available end-game builds, which depend on how much a player is willing to grind for it. These two builds are also credited to The Balance discord server.

Overall DPS Score: 75/100

5) Ninja

A Ninja wielding his daggers in the blackest of nights.

Ninja is one of the four melee DPS classes that a player can choose from, and it utilizes its many skills to make the boss more vulnerable to damage, allowing their party members to weaken the boss easier. It utilizes the hiding skills and trick attacks to catch enemy unawares.

To become a Ninja, a player must first reach level 10 if their starting city is in Limsa Lominsa, and they can take the blue quest ‘My First Daggers’ in Limsa Lominsa to become a rogue. If a player’s starting city is in Gridania or Ul’Dah, they first must complete the main story quest ‘Call of the Sea’ to be able to travel to Limsa Lominsa and get the quest. After hitting level 30 in Rogue, they can then take the job quest to become a Ninja.

A Ninja with his trusted shiny daggers, ready to assassinate her enemies.

Reasons why Ninja is one of the best jobs:

  • Trick Attack. This skill helps make the boss more vulnerable to direct and critical damage.
  •  Interesting combo attacks. With the existence of the ninjutsu Ten, Chi, and Jin, players can experiment with the combos and the orders of the ninjutsu to execute different attacks and buffs.
  • The job has very fast attacks, making it fun to play.
  • The damage output is considered big.
  • . Very mobile. They have a skill that allows them to teleport to a safezone out of danger’s clutches.
  • This job is one of the most seeked out in high-end raids for its utility and damage buffs.

Ninja has two available end-game builds, which depends on how fast the player wants their ninjas to be. Of course, a good internet connection is required if you want a faster ninja. Both builds are credited to the Balance discord server.

Overall DPS Score: 80/100

4) Red Mage

A Red Mage is the only job that have both melee and magic skills.

The Red Mage is one of the most versatile jobs out there. It has magic, it has swordplay, it has heals. Its flashy skills make the gameplay much more exciting, and it is the easiest caster to play among the four.

Since Red Mage is a new job introduced in the ‘Stormblood’ expansion pack, players must first purchase said expansion pack to become a Red Mage. In addition, a player must first reach level 50 in any of the battle jobs, complete the main story quest ‘The Ultima Weapon’ and take the blue quest ‘Taking the Red’ in Ul’dah to become a Red Mage.

Why Red Mage is one of the best jobs currently:

  • Beginner-friendly. The combos you need to optimize a Red Mage are not as complicated as other casters, as it is very easy to learn.
  • Can solo a lot of content. As Red Mage has quite a big damage as well as heals, they can solo several contents, like the Palace of the Dead. 
  • Can save a party from wipes. With Red Mage’s specialized skill ‘Dual Cast’, a Red Mage is the only job that can resurrect 7 dead people in record time, faster than even the healers themselves. This is a very important skill set to save a party from a wipe, especially for groups that are progging through a difficult content.
  • Very mobile. Because of ‘Dual Cast’, a red mage can move pretty much every 2 seconds, making them a class that can dodge mechanics easier compared to the other jobs.
  • Very flashy skills, making a player enjoy the visual aspects of the job when playing it.

A Red Mage using one of their most powerful skills--Vermillion Scourge.

  • Has both magic skills and melee skills, perfect for those who want both skills in a single job. As Red Mage flings spells at the enemies before finishing their combo with swordplay, it makes players who like the best of both worlds perfect for playing a Red Mage.

The Red Mage has two separate end-game builds. Again, this depends on whether or not the player is willing to grind for a relic weapon or not. Both builds are credited to the Balance discord server.

Overall DPS Score: 83/100

3) Samurai

A Samurai ready to wield his sharp katana.

Samurai is a job that is introduced at the Stormblood expansion along with Red Mage. It is a job that uses the katana to be able to deal big damage at the enemies with flashy sword movements, perfect for those who are longing for more Japanese sword-play like features.

To become a Samurai, a player must have bought the Stormblood expansion, have at least one battle job at level 50, and completed the main story quest ‘The Ultima Weapon’. After, the player can take the blue quest ‘The Way of the Samurai’ in Ul’dah to become a Samurai.

Reasons why Samurai is one of the best battle jobs right now:

  • BIG DPS. Samurai have one of the biggest dps in the game right now, and it is satisfying to see big numbers flying around when a player does their proper rotation.
  • Big hits and satisfying swordplay. A swordplay fan or even an anime/manga fan will like to play Samurai because of the satisfying swordplay when doing a Samurai’s rotation

A Samurai using one of the most powerful AoE skill on the enemies.

  • Has utility to increase your DPS more, such as Jinpu and Shifu. 
  • Have an emergency toolkit to save yourself from death, such as Third Eye (mitigating damage), Merciful Eyes, and Second Wind (healing yourself).
  • Have two different gauges (Sen and Kenki) to deal even more devastating damage.

Samurai have two available end-game builds, depending how fast a player wants their Samurai to go. Both sets are credited to the Balance discord server.

Overall DPS Score: 86/100

2) Black Mage

A mysterious Black Mage underneath her dark cowl.

The Black Mage deals damage, and deals more. Its job in the party is to deal the biggest damage and nuke explosions at the enemy’s head. If you like seeing numbers and hurling nukes, then this job is the right one for you.

To become a Black Mage, a player must start with the Thaumaturge class, or reach level 15 and complete the main story quest ‘Call of the Sea’ to be able to take the blue quest ‘So You Want to Be A Thaumaturge’ in Ul’dah to become a Thaumaturge. A player can then turn into a Black Mage after reaching level 30 in Thaumaturge and finish the necessary class quests.

Why Black Mage is one of the best DPS jobs right now:

  • Big Damage. It is big enough even to rival a samurai’s, and with the right skillset and gear, can even be bigger.
  • Flashy skills and explosions, that can even wow the players playing the Black Mage themselves

A Black Mage calling a meteor to destroy her enemies.

  • Ley Lines. It speeds up a Black Mage’s casting speed, increases the damage, and reduce the time needed to cast one spell to another. On top of that, Ley Lines also looks very cool.

A Black Mage always has to stay in their own Ley Lines.

  • Can teleport to avoid mechanics. A Black Mage has two teleport skills, which are Aetherial Manipulation and Between the Lines. Aetherial Manipulation allows a Black Mage to teleport to a party member’s location, whilst Between the Lines allow a Black Mage to teleport back to their Leylines. 
  • Emergency skills. A Black Mage has a shield skill, which is Manaward. It can shield a Black Mage player from a whopping 30% of total damage taken, allowing them to escape certain deaths.

There are two available end-game sets for Black Mage, which depends on the player’s playing style of the job. Both sets are credited to The Balance discord server.

Overall DPS Score: 90/100

1) Summoner

A Summoner ready to summon his most trusted allies.

A summoner is a caster who wields damage with their summons, and leads a victory with the help of their mighty arsenals. A summoner deals high damage whilst still having party utility to support their team members.

To become a summoner, a player must start with the Arcanist class, or reach level 15 and complete the main story quest ‘Call of the Sea’ to be able to take the blue quest ‘So You Want to be an Arcanist’ in Limsa Lominsa. After reaching level 30 in Arcanist, a player can complete the class quests to become a Summoner.

Why Summoner is the best DPS job currently:

  • You can summon your previous enemies into one of your most powerful summons.

Bahamut--one of the Summoner's most majestic and powerful pet.

  • Have many skill sets for every possible fight. Ifrit for bosses, Garuda for large mobs, and Titan for defenses. 
  • Summoner’s damage over time (Miasma and Bio) is one of the strongest and easiest to apply.
  • Mobility. During the Bahamut and Phoenix phase, a Summoner can move around for more than 10 seconds at a time, allowing them a lot of mobility while dealing a lot of damage. 
  • Buffs. A summoner can increase damage dealt by all party members every 3 minutes, allowing them to be able to deal significantly more damage.
  • Healing. During the Phoenix Phase, a Summoner can help make the fight easier as the Phoenix have an automatic healing over time for 21 seconds for all party members.
  • Emergency skills. A Summoner, along with a Red Mage, can resurrect dead healers and help the party from a wipe.

There are two available end-game builds for a Summoner, which again, depends on whether a player is willing to grind for a relic for it, or clear the current savage raid tier. All builds are credited to The Balance discord server.

Overall DPS Score: 95/100

And those are the seven best DPS jobs in FFXIV currently. Which one is going to be your main job in the game?

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FF14 Best DPS Classes (Latest Patch 5.4)

With the very recent drop of the 5.4 patch, Final Fantasy 14 has seen the addition of new raids, emotes, and even full re-works of certain classes. These re-works have given DPS classes smoother combat rotations, better damage output, and overall, a better playing experience. With these changes, it’s time to take another look at the DPS classes in FF14 and rank the top seven according to the latest patch. Let’s get started!

7) Red Mage

A Hrothgar Red Mage

Long considered a weaker DPS class and probably the least popular of the magic based classes, Red Mage uses a range of elemental spells that boost either their white or black mana gauges, which, in turn, can be used to enchant melee actions into dealing more damage. Red Mage is typically used as a support based DPS since its damage output was low, but with the 5.4 patch, a handful of Red Mage’s spells were boosted to deal more damage. These changes have bumped Red Mage up onto the list, and while Red Mage still isn’t quite as powerful as other magic based classes, it’s fun mechanics make it worthwhile to pick back up again.

Why Red Mage is one of the best DPS:

  • Mix of melee and magic actions
  • Offers the most movement of the caster based classes
  • Balancing white and black mana is a unique mechanic
  • Rotation is more forgiving than other classes and slip ups or deaths won’t affect performance as dramatically
  • Duelcast and Swiftcast allows Red Mage to resurrect two fallen players one right after the other
  • Embolden is great for boosting team damage

DPS Rating: 79/100

6) Dragoon

A Dragoon in full gear

Dragoon continues to be a tried and true DPS class in FF14, and with its team-wide damage boosts, it has fairly decent team synergy. Not too much has changed with Dragoon in the newest patch, but a couple of its actions have had attack potency boosted by 10 points, now putting Dragoon on par with other melee DPS while also keeping its team synergy.

Why Dragoon is one of the best DPS:

  • Battle Litany and Dragon Sight boost damage output of the team
  • Positional attacks can award a higher damage output
  • Improved damage output with patch 5.4
  • One of the most entertaining and popular classes to play
  • Straight-forward rotation of skills

DPS Rating: 81/100

5) Summoner

A summoner summoning a garuda-egi

Summoner is typically considered a powerful DPS and an excellent team player. While its rotation can be lengthy, Summoner can deal a high amount of damage while also being able to jump into a back-up support role with its healing and resurrecting skills. No changes were made to Summoner in patch 5.4, displaying the versatility of this beloved DPS class.

Why Summoner is one of the best DPS:

  • High damage output with damage-over-time spells and regular spells
  • Bane allows Summoner to target multiple enemies with DoT spells at once
  • Devotion boosts party-wide damage
  • Raising and healing abilities allow Summoner to step in for support
  • Summons battle pet primals to fight by your side

DPS Rating: 83/100

4) Ninja

A mediatating Ninja

Ninja received a significant rework back with the 5.1 patch, making its convoluted rotation much easier to manage and boosting the class up into the rankings. Since then, little has changed with the Ninja class, and the 5.4 has bumped up the damage potency of only two of its skills. With a proficient player, Ninja can be a formidable foe, power rivaling even that of Samurai. 

Why Ninja is one of the best DPS:

  • Improved skill rotation
  • Powerful damage output for a DPS class
  • Trick Attack increases enemy damage taken
  • When supported by other melee classes can deal even more damage
  • Combo bonuses for executing actions from the rear of enemies

DPS Rating: 85/100

3) Black Mage

A Black Mage casting a spell

Black Mage holds a reputation for being the most powerful of the casting classes as well as one of the heaviest hitting of the DPS classes. The one downside to Black Mage, like most magic classes, is has limited movement but with the addition of skills to boost movement, Black Mage becomes an excellent DPS choice.

Why Black Mage is one of the best DPS:

  • Deals the most amount of damage out of magical ranged DPS classes
  • Triplecast and Aetherial Manipulation boost mobility
  • Attacks can be boosted further by support classes
  • Fun and satisfying class to play overall
  • Rotation is straight-forward
  • Switching between Umbrel Ice and Astral fire is a fun challenge

DPS Rating: 88/100

2) Monk

A Monk training for battle

Patch 5.4 is really Monk’s time to shine. Previously known for its  complicated set of actions and incredibly low damage output, Monk has rocketed through the ranks with the newest major update for the class. The tricky to master Greased Lightning was moved from an action to a trait, making it much easier to take advantage of its benefits. Additionally, the damage potency of nearly all of Monk’s skills were boosted drastically, finally allowing Monk to compete with its fellow melee DPS. Overall, it’s nice to see this once neglected and clunky class re-worked to have a smoother rotation and a better playing experience.

Why Monk is one of the best DPS:

  • Major reworking of actions has boosted damage output significantly
  • Greased lightning is now a trait
  • Smoother and faster rotation
  • No longer clunky or full of unnecessary actions
  • On par with other melee DPS
  • Overall, feels like a whole new class

DPS Rating: 90/100

1) Samurai

A Samurai draws their sword

There’s no doubt about it, Samurai is the golden child of the DPS classes. With its insanely high damage output, easy rotation, and mobility as a melee class, it’s hard to beat Samurai. While far from a team player, Samurai’s efficiency in dealing as much damage as possible in the shortest amount of time has landed it the number one spot.

Why Samurai is one of the best DPS:

  • Heaviest hitting class of all the DPS
  • Rotation is simple and easy to master
  • No spells and therefore a wide range of mobility
  • Smooth combat animations
  • Synergy from team can further boost damage output

DPS Rating: 92/100

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As already mentioned in our previous class tier lists, all of the classes in Final Fantasy XIV are balanced to the point that they are mostly equal in terms of performance. However, there are significant differences between these classes in terms of the complexity of using their kits and the fun that you could have playing them. Below is the tier list of all the DPS classes: Ranged Physical, Melee Physical, and Magic Ranged with Patch 5.4 in mind.

If you want the best healing class tier list and the best tank class tier list, we also have that for you.

Ranged Physical DPS (The Bard, The Machinist, And The Dancer)

As of patch 5.4, the effectiveness of Ranged Physical DPS in Final Fantasy XIV has fallen down to the ground like a rock. This does not mean that the ranged DPS classes are heavily nerfed in the latest patch. The melee and caster DPS classes just received significant buffs across the latest patches leading to patch 5.4.

Nevertheless, the ranged physical DPS classes are arguably the most enjoyable to play as. There is so much mindless fun in just dishing out all your skills without doing calculations in your head. The Bard, the Machinist, and the Dancer are equally mediocre compared to the rest of the DPS jobs since they have the lowest damage output. Their defensive utilities are also underwhelming and compared to other DPS jobs.

Melee Physical DPS

The Monk

The Monk is the strongest job in patch 5.4. The Monk could get to the same level as the Black Mage or the Samurai in the personal damage department. However, the Monk outperforms both the Black Mage and the Samurai due to the Monk’s utility specifically the Brotherhood skill. Brotherhood increases damage done by all party members by 5%. The real deal though is the Meditative Brotherhood, which gives you a 20% chance of opening a chakra when a party member with the Brotherhood effect executes a weaponskill or casts a spell.

Patch 5.4 is definitely made for the Monk. It is now less of a headache playing as them. The complexity in playing as the Monk is you have to play like a fast-paced Dragoon with less defense. Everything in their GCD also has a positional in order to trigger the extra damage which makes them redundant in a party with the Dragoon.

The Samurai

The Samurai is the best beginner-friendly control among the DPS because of the straightforward nature of its combat. The only weakness of the Samurai is its support arsenal. This job does not want a fast GCD but you will be weaving a heavy amount of oGCDs while keeping track of pets, ability charges, and movements. It could get hectic but it is not that bad that it becomes unmanageable.

The Samurai is faster than the average DPS but not as fast as the Ninja and the Monk. Since controlling the Samurai is mostly a brain-dead activity, there is a good chance that you will misalign your cooldowns so watch out for your rotations.

The Ninja

The Ninja is a strong DPS with a nice utility and can close the gaps quite well. This job has a little bit of complexity in utilizing their skills because of the faster global cooldowns due to its Hyuton buff. This complexity is just present in the beginning as it would get less complex in the endgame content. Their positionals, speed, and Mudras make them a mess to control before endgame.

The Ninja’s oGCD game is also insane within their Trick Attack window every minute. This is supplemented by performing basic combos while waiting for the cooldown. The Ninja is also the highest cooldown per minute tied with The Monk.

The Dragoon

Dragoon is one of the most beloved jobs in Final Fantasy XIV. They are the showcase of how unique the battle system of this game. While not as fast the Ninja, the Dragoon is much more complex due to its many buff windows and jump abilities. These skills must be lined up in an optimal setting in order to pull off the maximum damage.

The Dragoon has many positionals, so you have to watch out for your position. The Dragoon is much more effective if you are attacking your enemies from the side or the back. Melee uptime in the endgame is difficult for this job, but it is rewarding since definitely, the Dragoon is the best melee DPS in higher levels leading to the endgame.

Magic Ranged DPS

The Black Mage

No one can beat the Black Mage in the DPS department in terms of raw power. It should not be forgotten that the game is not played in theory. The Black Mage performs well in theory and in practice. If you want the best DPS, there is nothing better than this.

The Black Mage though is a very awkward job to start. They are probably one of the worst jobs throughout leveling in terms of performance and playstyle. The rotation for AOE and Single Target skills gets boring real quick.  Once you hit level 60 though, things will get interesting as the core loop of maintaining Enochian through the fire and ice kits is available. Everything should feel smooth-sailing while able to dish an obscene amount of damage. There comes a point that the Black Mage can output damage equivalent to other classes’ combo finishers by merely spamming their spells.

The Summoner

The Summoner is a micromanagement hell. If you are not comfortable juggling things constantly then the Summoner is not for you. The Summoner’s arsenal is maintaining pets and damage over time. The Summoner is a complicated job to play but they are rewarding for being a good utility to a party and, of course, the resurrection spell.

Multi-targeting is easy with the summoner. It is a shame that the Summoner was heavily nerfed in the Shadowbringers expansion, yet, this job is one of the strongest damage dealers still. The Black Mage is still a lot better as a DPS without the painful micromanagement. Even if you master the Summoner’s kit, it cannot compare to other DPS classes in their maximum damage output.

The Red Mage

The Red Mage is one of the better jobs in Final Fantasy XIV and has now caught up to the Summoner class in all measurable aspects. The Red Mage saw a minor boost in patch 5.3, and it received a significant boost in the latest patch. The potency buffs increased a percentage in damage, as well as little niceties here and there that eventually accumulate, making the Red Mage a utility expert in the party. Remember, the Red Mage is built for progression rather than pure and raw DPS.

The Red Mage is the easiest caster in the game, which makes them the easiest DPS regardless if it is a caster, ranged, or physical DPS job. The Red Mage’s Embolden is being unfairly compared to the Monk’s Brotherhood skill. It is worth noting that the majority of the raid buffs have 120-second cooldowns anyway. Embolden’s effect may degrade over time, but it’s 10% buff in the first few seconds. The Red Mage has a lot of potency buffs in its kit while dishing damage themselves.

Sours: https://www.xfire.com/final-fantasy-xiv-best-dps-class-tier-of-patch-5-4/

Rankings ff14 dps

FFXIV DPS Tier List - DPS Ranks/Meter for Final Fantasy 14


FFXIV DPS Tier List - DPS Ranks/Meter for Final Fantasy 14

DPS Tier List for Final Fantasy XIV

Updated for Patch 5.35



Final Fantasy XIV is one of the best MMORPGs when it comes to the Class balance. All available jobs are perfectly viable in the end-game (except that one job, which feels rather blue about itself) and the performance differences are surprisingly minor. This means that you can play whichever class you want and remain competitive in raids and other types of content. However, players are players and the fact that all jobs are viable will not stop them from searching for an "optimal" performer that will reliably top the DPS meters. This is why we have decided to look a bit deeper into the current balance of FF XIV DPS Jobs and divide them into three tiers, based on their placement in FF XIV DPS Rankings and the support/utility that they bring to the table (because everyone loves tier lists, right...?). 


FF XIV DPS Ranking

The S Tier

Cream of the crop, the best of the best; these Jobs excel at what they do (and what they do is outstanding DPS). While other Jobs are capable of at least competing for top spots with the ones featured in our "S" tier, they fall a bit short on average. If you are looking for top performers, here they are. 

Black Mage
Black Mage

Black Mage is a Caster DPS Class that wields the power of elements in battle. He is able to scorch his enemies with fire, just to freeze and shatter them with potent Ice-based spells seconds later. While he suffers from "caster issues" a bit (rather low defenses and mobility problems caused by cast times - you can't move while casting), his unbelievably high Damage output easily overshines them. To master the Black Mage, you have to learn the encounters; otherwise, you will lose a lot of DPS by being forced to relocate before your current cast is finished. 

Black Mage is one of the more complicated-to-play DPS Jobs in FF XIV. In fact, performing "perfectly" in any encounter that forces you to change positions is almost impossible. The fact that his rotation is more intricate than the average one does not help either. Despite this, Black Mages still top FF XIV DPS Tier Lists which shows you how strong they really are currently. If you are looking for a challenge, here it is - as a Black Mage, you will be competing against your previous results, not against other damage dealers in your group. 


Samurai is a melee DPS with a very dynamic and satisfying-to-perform building/spending rotation. He feels smooth during combat, as his resources are generated organically while he performs his combo. Because Samurai's rotation is rather straightforward, he is one of the strongest Jobs for beginners who want to contribute DPS-wise. This Melee DPS can dish out unbelievably high amounts of Damage if RNG is at its side. The main (and pretty much the only) role of Samurai is topping the DPS charts as he brings close to none group utility to the table. This "selfishness" might sound detrimental, but Samurai's DPS more that makes up for it. 

Samurai's simplicity (that results in even below average players to perform well as this Job), and the ability to out DPS pretty much any other Job, earns him a spot in the S Tier. If you want to top FF XIV DPS Rankings, without breaking a sweat, this is the job for you. 


Machinist is definitely one of the more interesting DPS Jobs in FF XIV. This engineer-like ranged damage dealer uses Guns and various technological inventions, like Turrets and Automatons to shred his enemies from a considerable distance. While Machinist's flavor is quite unique and interesting, he plays out as a standard ranged DPS which means that players used to such classes will have no problems adjusting. The Shadowbringers expansion has brought a major rework to the Machinist; many things were adjusted, RNG elements were removed, and his ammunition resource was replaced - these changes have left Machinist in a great spot. 

Machinist easily outperforms other Physical Ranged Damage Dealers, and many FF XIV DPS Rankings are a testament to that. He also brings some utility to the table (but not a lot of it) and outperforms any other Job when it comes to switching targets rapidly (Machinists are the best add-killers currently, which makes them extremely valuable in encounters that feature multiple targets that have to be disposed of quickly). His DPS capabilities and overall versatility easily earn him a spot in the S Tier of our list. 


DPS Jobs, placed in this Tier, are great performers and can easily compete for the top spots on any FF XIV DPS Tier List, especially if they were to receive some minor adjustments. As it stands, the following 4 Jobs have fallen just a bit short of the "S" Tier, however, the situation can easily change with future patches as the game's balance is very solid currently and differences are surprisingly minor. 


Micromanagement is a name of the game for Summoner; Pets, Damage over Time effects, Job-Specific Resources, and Job-specific mechanics have to be closely monitored and managed at all times (if you want to play the Summoner at top levels that is). While the Summoner is "a bit" complicated to play, he is also very rewarding when mastered and offers a lot of group utility (including the resurrection spell). 

Summoner is one of the most mobile Jobs and his Damage over Time effects make him great in multi-target encounters. While the Shadowbringers expansion has tuned him down a bit, he still remains one of the strongest Damage Dealers in the game. His mobility allows him to perform well in any encounter, and the versatility of his offensive toolkit allows him to keep his DPS up in pretty much any situation. If you are looking for a great performer that has an answer for every combat situation, Summoner is a great choice. The only reason why the Summoner is in the "good" tier instead of "S" is the Black Mage being a bit better (and we didn't want to place 2 Caster Jobs on top). 


Dragoon is one of the flashiest DPS Jobs in the game. His rotation revolves around jumping around (a lot) and executing some of the longest combos in the game. Dragoon's playstyle is very satisfying and dynamic, but some of his skills have positional requirements. While His jumps look great, they are also Dragoon's main drawback - being caught in the boss's AoE attack while mid-air can be detrimental to one's life... Overall, Dragoon's combos feel very impactful and are extremely rewarding if executed properly. On the utility side, the Job is also very solid - Dragoon provides very nice DPS buffs to all group members. 

As far as pure damage output goes, Dragoon is definitely competitive but has some minor skill-related problems. Mainly, in some encounters, he will not be able to perform at his top level because of fight-specific mechanics (which mainly include AoE attacks that have to be avoided - using Dragoon's jump attacks during these can lead to a swift death). Despite this drawback, Dragoon is still a great performer, especially if we count the group-wide DPS boost he provides. 


Ninja is one of the best Jobs you can pick up for the Raid content. While his personal DPS isn't the highest, it is definitely competitive and the utility that he brings to the table is simply outstanding. The staple skill of Ninja, the Trick Attack, is often enough to secure him a spot in every group - Trick Attack increases the Target's Damage Taken which makes everyone look much better in FF XIV DPS Rankings. Mechanically, Ninja is quite difficult to master, but also very rewarding to play. 

If you are looking for a job that is not only about personal Damage output but also about boosting your group's performance, Ninja is the way to go. His personal DPS is solid; he suffers a bit from being a melee Job, however - performing mechanics while keeping up DPS and staying in melee range can be quite tricky sometimes. Utility-wise, Ninja is way ahead of the pack - His Trick Attack is one of the strongest damage increases in the game and the rest of his utility kit is very solid as well. 


Dancer is a Ranged Physical DPS Job that focuses on group support more than on anything else. His combo mechanics are quite interesting and enjoyable to perform, but also quite random and frustrating at times. He has access to some interesting buffs that make him, and a selected teammate (so-called "dance partner"), more effective in combat; The effectiveness of this buff is comparatively minor in Raid groups, as it affects just 2 players - in small dungeon groups, it is extremely good, however. If you are after a Job that "looks" good, you will definitely like Dancer, as his skill animations are among the most eye-pleasing in the game. 

As far as the damage output goes, Dancer falls behind most melee and caster DPS Jobs; If not for his great utility kit, he would fall into the "average" tier. When playing solo, Dancer can feel a bit underwhelming, but he gets much better while in a group - this is why we recommend this DPS Job for players who main Healers and want to switch into DPS (Dancer's utility kit will make Healers feel at home while his DPS rotations will allow them to learn how damaging Jobs play out). 


The last Tier on our List is dedicated to DPS Jobs that are outshined by the others or simply lack something that would make them "optimal". Now, please note that the following three Jobs are still perfectly viable* for all types of current content, they are just not "the best" choices DPS-wise. 

*In current days, many players mix up the word "viable" with the word "optimal" which makes them think that only the strongest jobs/classes are worth playing. They are wrong. In FF XIV every Job is perfectly viable for the eng-game content and brings a unique flavor and playstyle - you can play any job you want and stay competitive as long as you understand the mechanics and don't make too many major mistakes. 

Red Mage
Red Mage

This is, most likely, the most controversial spot on our list... Red Mage is one of the best starting Jobs as he deals solid damage and, at the same time, is rather straightforward to operate and very easy to learn; there are also not too many downfalls that have to be avoided. Utility-wise he is solid as he is one of two classes with access to the resurrection ability. The main problem with the Red Mage is... the fact that both Black Mage and Summoner fair better as Caster-type damage dealers. 

Overall, the Red Mage is a very solid Caster DPS Job, especially after the recent changes, and he floats somewhere between good and average tiers (we might bump him up a tier very soon). Despite the current placement, we recommend the Red Mage to all players who like to play as a Caster but are looking for something easier than Summoner or even a Black Mage. 


Other Jobs need weapons to do damage; the monk doesn't - his whole body is a weapon. Monk is a melee DPS job that can seem quite easy to learn but is, in fact, rather confusing as it features some convoluted combo abilities - these force you to stay on your toes and pay attention... which would be a good thing if it followed the scheme all other Jobs use for their rotations. If you're new to the game, you will have no problems learning how to play as a Monk. If you are an FF XIV veteran, however, you might find his mechanics rather frustrating and unintuitive. 

If not for his confusing mechanics that make a lot of players struggle, we would place Monk in the "good" tier. As it stands, Monk is a solid performer that feels off because he's "different". This is the Job that needs a rework the most, in our opinion at least. 


Bard is one of the more mobile DPS Jobs (thanks to his instant-cast abilities, he can execute his combos while on the move), but his overall damage output is nothing to boast about. Luckily, he's not only about damage; he is also great at supporting his allies in combat. Thanks to the Song mechanic, Bard can apply various powerful buffs to himself and his teammates. These buffs range from hit rate increases, through damage taken reductions, to healing taken boosts. Mechanics-wise, Bard is surprisingly easy to learn and thus well-suited for brand new players. 

Bard is one of those Jobs that are not that great while playing solo but get much better while in a group. Sadly, in the current patch, Bard's utility is not enough to make up for his lackluster damage performance, so we have decided to place him in the "average" tier (the main determining factor was the fact that he fills the same role as Dancer and Dancer fairs a bit better overall). 



Remember that although we have tried to stay as neutral as possible when compiling this list, there might be still some biased opinions involved. If your personal experience/opinion about certain FF XIV DPS Jobs varies from the one pictured on our list, don't hesitate to let us know. We will take another look into it, and rethink our ranking, based on your suggestions. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Square Enix Co., Ltd.

Sours: https://odealo.com/articles/ffxiv-dps-tier-list-dps-ranks-meter-for-final-fantasy-14
Range \u0026 Melee Dps Tier List- My Final Tier List- {FFXIV Tir List}

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers: All DPS Classes, Ranked

We’re almost two months into Final Fantasy XIV’s phenomenal Shadowbringers expansion, and the super-tough Savage raids are in full swing. Alongside a raft of top-drawer story content and two new jobs, Shadowbringers has introduced a vast number of improvements to existing jobs, making many of them more effective, user-friendly, and fun to play.

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Many roles have seen small tweaks to potency and skill speed, and a couple have undergone a more substantial rework, while a few of them feel like they need additional rebalancing. With that in mind, let’s rank all the main DPS classes in Final Fantasy XIV 5.0 from worst to best based on how fun they are to play, as well as their damage-dealing potential and party utility.

Updated May 30th, 2020 by Meg Pelliccio: Final Fantasy XIV continues to thrive with its large player base, consistent content updates, and regular expansion releases. Fans have been playing the latest expansion, Shadowbringers, for a while now and so it's only natural that they start looking forward to the next and wonder what jobs it might add. Square Enix is always careful in what roles it adds as it has to ensure that there is a balance for players, as a result, the addition of new jobs usually sees updates being made to pre-existing jobs to rebalance them.

There are still many classic Final Fantasy roles that fans are desperate to see added to the game, with some possibilities being likely as they featured in Square Enix's previous MMO Final Fantasy XI. The list of jobs that Final Fantasy XI had that XIV is currently missing includes Beastmaster, Puppetmaster Geomancer, and Rune Fencer. It's plausible that at least one of these will be added in the future, as XIV already features the mammets (puppets) that were paired with the Puppetmaster role. Beastmaster is also a firm fan-favorite that players hope will be added, as XIV offers a whole range of new monsters that players hope to tame.

11 Blue Mage

Blue Mage was a fully-fledged job in Final Fantasy XI, but in XIV it is the first in a new line of roles called "limited jobs." As a limited job, its level cap is 50 and it can only take part in duties with other players if the party is pre-formed or undersized, and even then there are restrictions.

Additionally, Blue Mage cannot be used to progress the main scenario, nor can retainers take on this role, but on the plus side, it does earn more experience points for battling in the open world compared to other jobs. Similar to Blue Mage from XI, players must go around and battle specific monsters in order to learn their attacks.

10 Monk

While the other classes have been nicely streamlined in 5.0, the Monk still feels needlessly complex. Rather than a simple 1-2-3 combo, the Monk uses a range of skills that can be chained together in several different orders. Furthermore, to get the most out of its DPS, certain skills need to be executed from the target’s rear and others from the side.

Memorizing all these combos and directional requirements while keeping the Monk’s damage buff and damage-over-time debuff active is a real headache. It may have a high damage output and some decent utility, but Monk has always been a little dull, and it simply isn’t much fun to play in its current state.

9 Ninja

Despite its relatively low damage, Ninja was the golden child of the 4.0 meta thanks to Trick Attack and its defense-denting capability. However, for the skill to be effective, it needs to be used properly, which tends to elude many players. In addition, Mudra techniques require several fast inputs that are all too easy to mess up in the heat of battle.

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Thankfully, in a recent live letter, the developers announced there are some adjustments coming to Ninja in a forthcoming patch. Exactly what these changes are, remains to be seen, but we know they will affect the way the Trick Attack and Mudra skills work.

8 Samurai

Something is up with the Samurai. Previously, it was the melee equivalent of the Black Mage, the so-called “selfish DPS.” Samurai has zero utility, but with so much damage-dealing potential, nobody really minds. As of Shadowbringers, Samurai feels strangely weak.

Some of the new finishing moves are welcome additions, particularly against single targets, and filling the Kenki gauge is easier now. However, the new Shoha skill ties in with the Meditation mechanic, making it difficult to implement, even under the best battle conditions. We haven’t yet heard of any changes coming to Samurai, but it seems it could benefit from a potency boost.

7 Red Mage

Red Mage has been a fun class ever since it launched with the Stormbloodexpansion. With a mix of black and white magic as well as melee weapon skills, its user-friendly rotation provides a great entry point for new casters. However, of all the magical DPS jobs, the Red Mage’s damage output is by far the weakest.

It also has some questionable utility. The Red Mage’s ability to raise fallen comrades can save a raid party from an impending wipe, and it also has a decent healing spell, but these aren't necessary if everyone’s doing their job. Additionally, the Embolden skill boosts the user’s magical DPS but only buffs the physical DPS of party members which is `utterly useless in a group full of casters then.

6 Bard

Previously a favorite class of any ranged DPS player who valued raid synergy, the Bards of the past combined reasonable damage output with a battalion of support skills, including self-buffs, party buffs, and enemy debuffs.

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Despite still being fun to play, Shadowbringers has stripped many of the Bard’s support skills away and handed them over to the new Dancer job. Now, it’s more of a simple damage dealer. Thankfully, the developers saw fit to provide the class with a significant base damage increase to make up for its drop-in utility. Overall, Bard is still viable, even for the most difficult, top-tier content.

5 Summoner

Summoner has always felt like a great balance of damage and utility. However, to optimize their DPS, Summoners previously needed to micro-manage the abilities of their pets, rather than leaving them to their own devices, which made it a more difficult class to play to its full potential.

In 5.0, pet instructions are blended seamlessly into the Summoner’s main kit, which has massively simplified its rotation and makes it more effective in battle, even for casual players. The class is still reasonably complex and requires the use of several different mechanics to get the most out of it, but Summoner is more accessible now than it’s ever been.

4 Dancer

One of Final Fantasy XIV’s newest jobs, Dancer is as much a support class as it is a damage dealer. For that reason, its output is the lowest of all the DPS classes. However, if used correctly the party buffs in its toolkit make up for its poor base damage.

By level 70, the Dancer can not only constantly buff the damage of their chosen “dance partner,” but they can also temporarily boost the DPS of the entire group, providing the perfect window of opportunity to unleash their most potent attacks. Add in a party-wide protection buff, a weak but fast healing spell, and some of the best area-of-effect skills of any class, the Dancer is pretty awesome.

3 Dragoon

Dragoon has always been the top of the pile when it comes to melee DPS, and not much has changed. Its damage output is superb, and its Battle Litany as well as Dragon’s Eye buffs are invaluable. Shadowbringers has done away with the Dragoon’s Heavy Thrust skill, implementing a base damage buff into its Chaos Thrust combo instead for a slightly smoother rotation.

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The Dragoon’s jump skills have been tweaked a little too. Spineshatter Dive no longer provides the Dive Ready buff, making it a little trickier to activate the ultra-powerful finishing move, Nastrond. Despite that, the Dragoon feels as strong as it ever was, if not stronger.

2 Black Mage

The caster equivalent of Samurai, the Black Mage is the only magical DPS class that can’t buff, heal, or resurrect teammates. However, while its melee counterpart seems to be languishing, the Black Mage is now head and shoulders above the rest in terms of raw damage.

The Black Mage’s rotation, which hinges around its Enochian mechanic, is more forgiving now thanks to a couple of useful additions to its toolkit. Throw in new, super-potent spells like Despair and Xenoglossy, which respectively are single-target versions of Flare and Foul, and you’ve essentially got a walking, talking turret, capable of decimating anything in their path.

1 Machinist

Shaking off its reputation as a dull, clunky “Bard with a gun and about 10 percent of the utility,” Machinist has basically been rebuilt from the ground up for Shadowbringers. Now, it’s not only one of the biggest damage dealers, but it’s an absolute joy to play too.

Some of the new gadgets like Bioblaster and Auto Crossbow are pure fan-service, inspired by the tools used by Edgar Roni Figaro back in Final Fantasy VI. The Heat Gauge and turret mechanics have also undergone a huge overhaul, and upon reaching level 80, Machinists can deploy their very own robot sidekick to fight alongside them. Whether it’s single targets or large packs, the Machinist makes short work of whatever’s in its way. Most importantly, it is outrageous fun.

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