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Fabric baskets are a great storage solution. Easy to sew, they can be made in the size and colours to match any decor or room in your house.

25+ fabric baskets. Free tutorials and patterns. Storage solutions ~ Threading My Way.
Today's post features a variety of free baskets to suit different purposes, as well as a few paid patterns at the end.

For a stunning look, how about these fabric basket planters, complete with rope handles - A Beautiful Mess.

With the top folded over, two co-ordinating materials from the same fabric line make a cute little fabric basket. Pop in a few baby items and you have a ready made gift basket for a baby shower - Threading My Way.

Scalloped edges take it up a notch and make for a very stylish basket, just the right size for storing, and displaying, fat quarters -eSheep Designs.

Orphan charm squares can be made into Charm Square Fabric Trays. These Zakka style trays are just the right to hold sewing notions - A Spoonful of Sugar.

Add extra structure to a fabric basket with contrasting piping - Roonie Ranching.

A vinyl pocket on the front of a basket allows you to slip in a label so you can easily identify the contents, or, add a card and turn it into a gift basket - Sew for Soul.

Handles make a bag very portable. With the right fabrics and structure, they can be made to stand up of their own accord and form part of the overall design - Threading My Way.

Gathered, round baskets are a very pretty style. Match the decor of your bedroom and you have little trinket trays - A Spoonful of Sugar.

The right interfacing gives structure to fabric baskets, making the sides quite solid - Libby's Lifestyle.

Unwanted CDs can be reycled to form the base and lid of fabric baskets, with the solid bottoms making them stackable - eSheep Designs.

For a larger basket, use old, unwanted single records. Pop a handle on top of a zippered lid - Klaudia's Kreativ World.

Cardboard inserts enable large fabric boxes to stand by themselves. Pockets allow the cardboard to be easily removed for storing flat or for washing - A Tea and a Sewing Machine.

All of the fabric baskets above are free. Most link directly to a tutorial. For a couple there's a link to the tutorial in the post. Another couple are for inspiration.

I thought I'd include a few paid patterns as well - all below...

Fabric Storage Bins - Polkadot Chair

Contain Yourself Fabric Basket - sewn by Patchouli Moon Studio - link to pattern in post

KAIA Mini Fabric Bin - AppleGreen Cottage

Divided Basket - sewn by made by ChrissieD - link to pattern in post

And for some more freebies, here's a few roundups...

For more ideas and inspiration, check out the Fabric Baskets link partyhere at Threading My Way. There are more than 80 fabric baskets, bins and boxes in the collection.

Over on Pinterest, I have a whole board devoted to Fabric Baskets.

I store all manner of bits and pieces in fabric baskets, in particular in my sewing room. What do you put inside storage baskets?

25+ fabric baskets. Free tutorials and patterns. Storage solutions ~ Threading My Way.

... Pam

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Small Fabric Storage Bins with Handles(6-Pack)

[Small Storage Baskets Set] Measure approximately 12 x 8 x 5 inches. You can use them as closet organization bins, clothes basket, child / kid room toy storage boxes, living room, nursery, laundry organizing, kitchen, cubbies storage, cat & dog toy holder, book and magazine organizer, file organizer, makeup basket. They also could use for bathroom towel and toilet storage, shoe storage, shelf fabric drawers, basement, garage storage and many other uses.
[Durable Material] The fabric basket set features a classic neutral gray with two side carry handles and collapsible frame. Metal eyelets and sturdy heavy duty handle make it easy to carry or pull off and out of shelves. These collapsible fabric storage baskets are made of durable canvas and Environmental EVA, sturdy metal rod frame around the top keep the basket shape, durable and high quality material make this storage basket last a good long time.
[Multi-purpose Fabric Baskets] Have versatility for the storage in the bedroom, living room, wardrobes, kitchen, as well as the ornament and arrangement functions for festival or party gifts. The classic neutral designs can match most of home decoration or can be seen as an ingenious accessory. Baskets for Shelves have versatility for the storage in the bedroom, living room, wardrobes, kitchen.
[Storage in Anywhere] The small storage bins are ideal for keeping household essentials tidy on any shelf, floor, or tabletop. Store clothes, books, toys, holiday items, and much more for seamless organization. The portable carry handles make it easy to lift and tote anywhere from a baby nursery, cube organizer shelf, or closet for seasonal storage.
[Using & Cleaning Tips] There may be some creases when you received the basket, you could iron or steam them with iron machine before use, also can use clothes or towels to fully fill it for a time to make it stand up; Please don't wash in the washing machine, they are easy to clean, just wipe with a damp sponge or cloth.

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The 10 Best Storage Baskets of 2021

Final Verdict

Overall, we recommend the Open Spaces Storage Bins (view at Open Spaces), which are customizable, durable, and surprisingly stylish. Sold in sets of two and available in three sizes, these are a great option for any room in the home.


Arguably the most important part of choosing the best storage basket for you is the size. Do you need somewhere to store little trinkets, or are you looking for something to hold large blankets or shoes? You should also consider placement—baskets kept on the floor or in a roomy closet can be a bit larger, while baskets used in pantries or on closet shelves should be square/rectangular and medium-sized. Baskets for nightstands or desks should be small, as you don't want them to overpower the space. 


You’ll also want to consider material. Some materials, like plastic, do well in any room of the house, while others, like wicker, may not be so great in damp spaces like the bathroom. Cotton is a great option for most needs, but is a bit harder to keep clean. Also consider your home's overall aesthetic: Plastic isn’t necessarily the best choice for doubling as a decorative piece, but woven baskets add warmth and character to your space.


Rectangular baskets are best for optimizing storage space, making them the ideal choice for stacking or placing side by side on shelves. Round baskets add some extra design appeal, and make the most sense when placed on the floor. Tall baskets look great next to your couch, while shorter baskets easily slide under your bed or fit into bathroom cabinets. Also consider whether or not you need storage baskets that are stackable or come with a lid. The right choice for you depends on your needs and personal preference—lidded baskets are obviously best for stacking, plus, they help protect the items inside and keep the area clean.


  • The options are truly limitless when it comes to using baskets for storage, but how you use yours comes down to a few factors, such as where you're using them. For example, some storage baskets double as decor, so you'll want to consider that room's aesthetic in addition to the piece's size and durability. If you're storing something you don't want to be exposed to open air, like food or clothes, then you may want to opt for a bin or basket with a cover.

  • While wicker lends a traditional, rustic look to any space, it's not the most durable material, so choose accordingly when you're looking for a storage option. In general, wicker baskets are best for soft items that won't damage the wicker, such as blankets, bedding, clothes, or towels.

  • Hanging baskets on a wall is a smart way to make use of vertical space (all the while saving room in cabinets or on the floor). Before you hang a basket on the wall, make sure it's a product that's meant to be mounted and is strong enough to hold what you want to store. Metal baskets, for example, are more heavy duty and, if they don't come with mounting tools, could be hung with adhesive hooks.

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fabric storage baskets

Organize your home (and life!) with these fabric storage baskets. They fit perfectly in Ikea cubby shelves, and fold up when not in use!

This blog post has been converted to an optional PDF that’s optimized for printing. Find it here. The blog post below is totally free to read, print, and sew! Just hit CTRL +P on your computer to print. The Optimized for Printing PDF download for $2 is totally optional.

The Fat Quarter Sized Fold Up Baskets that I showed you how to make last month are helping me keep my sewing room organized by holding patterns, pom-pom trim, and an in-progress quilt! It was only a matter of time before I decided to make bigger fabric storage baskets like these.

And don’t miss my other free sewing tutorials for mini fold up baskets too (3’’ tall x 4’’ wide and x 6’’ long).

Many thanks to for providing the materials for this new sewing tutorial…

use of fabric storage baskets

10” x 10” x 12” fabric storage baskets that I quickly put to work in our Ikea cubbies!

color choices for fabric storage basket

I used 3 yards of beautiful Rifle Paper Co. canvas, which coordinated sweetly with 3 yards of Premier Prints Buffalo Check fabric. Did you know that the fabric baskets are reversible? Just like the FQ sized fabric storage baskets, these have Peltex 72F on the inside to make them very sturdy.

Look how easily they store big bath towels! I decided to use one in my bedroom for a pretty laundry basket. <3

So who is ready for the sewing tutorial??? Note: Because these baskets are so large, in some instances it was hard for me to photograph the entire piece. I suggest you also read my FQ sized basket tutorial before getting started.

supplies for fabric storage basket

Amazign Fabric Storage Basket Sewing Tutorial

You will need:

  • 2 coordinating yards of fabric for the basket exterior and interior (I used home decor weight fabrics from

  • 2 yards of ultra sturdy double sided fusible stabilizer Peltex 72F*

  • a fabric marking pen or pencil

  • No Fray Spray or Fray Stop to help reduce fraying (see below for more information)

*Note: You will only use 1 1/2 yards of Peltex for each fabric storage basket, but since the pieces must be cut lengthwise, you will need to buy 2 yards if you are only making 1 basket. I suggest making 2 baskets at a time since that requires only 3 yards with very little waste!


  • From the 2 yards of fabric, cut 2 rectangles 30” x 32”

  • From the Peltex 72F, cut 3 rectangles 10” x 32”

By cutting the Peltex into 3 10” tall strips, you will create natural crease lines just where you need them. Then you’ll use your sewing machine to create the 2 other needed crease lines.

cutting the fabric storage basket


1. Lay one of the Peltex strips across the top of one of the fabric pieces on the wrong side. Pin it at the corners, if necessary.

ironing the fabric storage basket

2. Carefully flip the fabric over and use a hot dry iron to fuse the stabilizer in place. I found that if I did not use steam, the other side of the double sided fusible stabilizer didn’t stick to my ironing board.

Don’t worry if the fabric isn’t 100% fused at this point. Just smooth it out and fuse it most of the way.

2. Place a second strip of stabilizer just under the first one and pin it in place at the edges, if necessary. Then flip the fabric over again and fuse the stabilizer in place.

3. After the second piece is fused, lay the last piece of stabilizer at the bottom and fuse it in place. The back of the entire piece of fabric should now be covered by stabilizer.

4. Carefully position the other piece of fabric over the stabilizer and press to fuse it in place.

Now you can use lots of steam, pressing from both sides to make sure that both pieces of fabric are 100% fused to the Peltex.

Trimming, Marking, & Sewing the Basket:

1. Trim away just as much as you need to so that the edges are even and the stabilizer is only showing when you look at it from the edge. Try not to trim away too much, since this makes the basket smaller.

2. Using the fabric pen or pencil (make sure the ink will disappear later), draw a line 10” away from each edge. The picture on the right above is from the other tutorial for clarity.

3. Sew along the shorter vertical lines so that the basket will fold nicely.

The longer horizontal lines should be along the groove lines where the pieces of stabilizer butt up against each other in between the fabric layers. You could sew along these lines if you want, but I didn’t feel like it was necessary.

4. At the sides, cut right over your horizontal lines until you reach the vertical lines of stitching. Stop cutting before you cut into the vertical lines to make the center flap. Then cut again 3/4” inside the first two lines to trim the center flap so it is only about 8 1/2” wide. Cut at an angle at the corner to meet the first cutting line. The second picture above is from the other tutorial for clarity.

5. On each of the corner flaps, draw horizontal lines that are 2 1/2” away from the top and bottom edges of the flap and 1/2” away from the sides of the flap.

The picture on the above right shows where to draw the horizontal lines on the flaps, but it was before I cut and trimmed the center flaps. I changed the order a bit when I was sewing the big baskets.

6. With the edges all trimmed and cut, spray them with No Fray Spray or Fray Stop to help reduce fraying. The Fray Stop product was suggested to me by a reader in the comments of the other basket tutorial, and it was a fabulous idea! I’m so grateful she spoke up, because I had never heard of it. A quick search on Amazon pulled up these 2 products and I ordered both to try. They both work pretty well and don’t change the feel or appearance of the basket at all. I think the first one, No Fray Spray, works slightly better, but it’s really hard to tell!

Work in a well ventilated area or go outside if the smell bothers you – it’s a lot like spray adhesive.

7. Sew around the basket edges. The bigger baskets are bulky to work with (and kept knocking my glasses off, lol) so I went with a simple straight stitch about 1/8” from the edge. See the FQ sized basket tutorial for other edge options.

8. Also sew around the lines that you drew for the slots, 1/8” from each line like a big buttonhole.

9. Cut open the slots along the lines, being careful not to cut the stitching. I used my rotary cutter to get each one started and then finished up with scissors.

10. Spray the edges of each slot with no fray spray, if desired. At this point I gave all the other edges a second coat of spray too. Now they don’t fray at all, it’s amazing!

To use the basket, fold two corner flaps together, and weave the trimmed flap up through the slots on both at the same time. Repeat on the other side.

completed fabric storage baskets

Now find the perfect spot to use your new baskets!


In case you noticed, these are a bit smaller than the baskets they sell at Ikea to fit in the cubbies. My reasoning for making the baskets only 10” tall is this: to make the baskets 12” tall (like the Ikea baskets), you’d need to buy over 3 yards of Peltex stabilizer and there would be lots of it wasted. This is because the double sided fusible Peltex that is most widely available is only 20” wide. I would rather be able to make twice as many baskets with the same amount of stabilizer and have no waste at all.

If you don’t care about the cost and you insist on having baskets that are 12” x 12” x 13” (not exactly the same size as Ikea baskets, but close), cut these pieces:

  • From the 2 yards of fabric, cut 2 rectangles 36” x 37”

  • From the Peltex 72F, cut 3 rectangles 12” x 37”

Follow the tutorial as written above, except draw your long horizontal and vertical lines 12” from the edges instead of 10” from the edges. I would also draw the lines for the slots 3” from the flap top and bottom edges instead of 2 1/2” from the edges to maintain the same visual balance. Let me know how it works out. 

Happy Sewing – and thanks again to for making these big beautiful baskets possible!

Sharing is Caring!

Disclosure: some of my posts contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through one of those links I may receive a small commission, so thank you for supporting SewCanShe when you shop! All of the opinions are my own and I only suggest products that I actually use. 🙂


Fabric storage baskets small

Storage Baskets

Storage Baskets

Woven baskets have been used to store things for thousands of years, so it’s fair to say that it’s a successful concept. What Dunelm brings to these vessels is a renewed sense of style, utility and beauty – plus lots and lots of choice. If you’ve got a picture of a storage basket in your mind, there’s a good chance we have got exactly what you’re thinking of, probably in a variety of sizes so you can get a theme going.

Choose your basket material

What do you want your storage basket to be made of? The instinctive answer would usually be some kind of wicker, the classic technique for basket making. But even within that category, you’ve got plenty of options. A smart seagrass weave is a hard-wearing one, which allows for neater edges. There’s also rush, a darker, coffee-coloured material that’s tough and pretty. You can go for a tight weave or a loose weave, smartly finished or with an artisanal twist, and with accessories, lining or other features. As you can see, there isn’t a single definition for the wicker basket – it can be one of many styles.

Fancy something a little different, though? The basket world doesn’t stop at wicker – we’ve got baskets in a range of materials to match your domestic decor. As you’d expect, metal baskets are hard wearing, but did you know they can also be so pretty? Because wire and stamped metal can be extremely fine and still strong, you can have delicate lattices and intricate patterns, perfect for a Moroccan style basket.

And don’t be put off by plastic baskets – they can be functional and inexpensive, but they can also look great in the home, thanks to the use of good quality plastic – and we stock lots of recycled products, so you’re doing your bit for the environment, too. Also check out our ranges of fabric baskets for a real homely feel. The soft finish lends the baskets a touch of luxury, and they’re perfect in bedrooms and living rooms where there’s a softer edge. Wood baskets or bamboo baskets give you something a little harder without sacrificing the rustic charm of the basket, but they are no less attractive.

… or pick a style

If you prefer to choose your style of basket over the material, you can easily arrange the page so it only shows your favourite. So if you want a plain basket , simply filter out the other styles and you can choose your ideal one. If you like your basket geometric , you’re spoilt for choice, and if you want to go for a traditional woven basket , look no further. They’re all beautiful and high quality, so you can’t go wrong.

Fabric Storage Box - DIY Fabric Basket - Sewing room Organize - How to make your own Fabric Box

Organization is key if you're trying to keep a tiny space under control. To make the most out of your college dorm, bedroom, or small (but effective) work space, you'll need to find ways to add storage wherever you can. While it can be challenging to maximize your space without creating a cluttered look, these space-saving storage bins make it possible. These storage boxes and baskets range in shape, size, and style, so you can find something that fits your overall aesthetic and organizing needs.

Some of these storage bins should be tucked away in closets, while others (like the on-trend rope baskets) are best left out on display. If you'd rather keep them out of sight, consider all of the places you can hide 'em: under the bed, inside closets and drawers, on top of shelves, the list goes on. While some of these top-rated bins are more decorative than others, all of them will make it easier to find exactly what you stowed away, especially if you go for the labeled or see-through options. Take a look at these best-selling storage bins — some with lids, wheels, or cute patterns — to get organizing, stat.

1Labeled Storage Cubes


Pick from one of five neutral colors, and then fill all eight storage cubes with clothes, spare linens, and other accessories. Then label them accordingly, so you can find exactly what you need without the hassle. 

RELATED:The Best Organizing Products to Buy on Amazon 

2Plastic Storage Bin


Stick any odds and ends — cleaning products, bathroom extras, or snacks — in these durable containers. Unlike fabric options, these bins can be wiped down if there are any spills, crumbs, or sticky messes. 

3Fabric Storage Bin With Clear Window



The see-through windows give you a better look at what's stored inside, so you can keep the rifling and mess to a minimum. Each bin comes with a lid, so they can be stacked on top of one another.

4Decorative Storage Bins With Lids



Each one of these large storage bins can hold up to 25 lbs, making it a great option for thick blankets, bulky linens, or off-season outerwear. Even if you stick them on a high shelf, you'll be able to grab a hold of them due to their dual-handle design.

5Foldable Hyacinth Storage Baskets




If you have no choice but to leave your bins out in the open, opt for these four wicker baskets to match your boho or farmhouse decor. Just like the fabric options, they fold flat when not in use. 

6Patterned Foldable Storage Bins



Add some personality to your space with these six collapsible bins, which come in a mix of patterns and colors. At 10" x 6.5", they're one of the smaller options on this list, perfect for holding small gadgets, makeup, and other day-to-day essentials. 

7Long Underbed Box With Wheels




Take advantage of any free space under your bed by sticking seasonal items in these rolling storage bins. Since they're clear, you're able to see what you have stowed away and can quickly access what you need when the seasons change. 

8Trapezoid Storage Bins



You may want some things like purses, throw blankets, and scarves to be visible when stored. Luckily, the unique shape of these open storage bins makes it possible, while still giving a polished look.

9Large Felt Baskets With Carry Handles


Amazon reviewers rave about the sturdiness and practicality of these foldable felt baskets. Choose from light or dark grey, and then fill all three baskets with anything — and everything — you can think of. 

10Stackable Linen Storage Bins



These fabric bins pull double duty once stacked, becoming the perfect height for a side table or nightstand. The choice is yours: Hide what's inside with the magnetic lid, or keep it open for easy access. 

11Seagrass Basket Set

CosmoLiving by



Invest in something that'll last beyond your college years by going for rope storage baskets instead of fabric ones. Once you fill 'em with miscellaneous items, tuck them into cabinets and cabinets, or leave them out on display. 

1210-Piece Weave Bin Organizing Set



Keep everything, from desk supplies to cleaning products, organized in these plastic bins. You can easily wipe them down with a wet cloth to keep them clean, and even stack them inside one another when you're not using them. 

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