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7 Best Apps for Aviation Geeks

Aviation geeks are a special breed. They’re the kind of people who will go out of their way to see a particular plane up close or even take a flight just for the aircraft rather than to reach a specific destination. Whether or not you’re able to take your #AvGeek hobby on the road, these mobile apps let you get close to the action.

1. FlightRadar24

FlightRadar24 is an excellent app for the nerdiest of the bunch, and was the most recommended download when I asked fellow #AvGeeks about their favorites via Twitter. Within FlightRadar24, you can look at the flights arriving and departing from almost any airport in near-real time. Once you have an overview of the airport, each plane displays the airline to which it belongs, as well as its registration number, altitude, speed, heading and coordinates. FlightRadar24 can even send you push notifications letting you know when a plane is in an emergency situation, known as a Squawk I’ve followed a few flights in this situation, and it’s honestly a pretty helpless feeling, hoping they make it to the airport. I’m not saying that’s a fun thing, but it’s a remarkable capability for a smartphone app.


2. Live ATC

Live ATC lets you listen to the communication channels between air traffic control (ATC) and planes, which can be especially exciting and useful when you’re at an airport plane spotting, or if you’re remotely located and you hear about an emergency situation occurring. You can just tune in to that airport and listen, but note that sometimes the communication between planes and ATC can get pretty colorful. The amount of communication going on is mind-boggling, especially when you consider that the big airports have several channels — JFK has 24 channels of its own! The app also lets you see a diagram of the airport’s runway layout and check the weather for the region.


3. TripIt

TripIt is an organizational app that’s best for those who travel often and hold multiple reservations, or anyone who might be taking a trip with multiple segments. For example, I have seven flights booked for the upcoming Paris Air Show; four going over, and three returning. (I know, I’m a glutton for punishment, but anyway…) In addition to organizing your flights, TripIt lets you add in your hotel reservations, ground transportation as well as local activities and dining plans. This all happens on a convenient timeline.


4. SkyGuru

SkyGuru is the most interactive app you can use throughout your flight— I wrote about it after meeting the creator at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg back in April. The app proclaims that it can predict turbulence based on weather forecasts along the route of your flight. It also uses your phone’s gyroscope and accelerometer to detect each stage of flight and explain each noise and bump you’re feeling, so if you or anyone you know is a nervous flyer, this is a must-download.


5. Windy 

Windy predicts the duration and intensity of the wind using real-time information collected at local weather stations. While it was technically developed for surfers, several pilots told me they use it as well. Within the app, you can ask locals if it’s a good time to go to the spot you’re thinking about and click on your nearest weather station, to get a day forecast with the expected wind speed and direction, temperature and even the time of day that it may rain.


6. WingX Pro7

The WingX Pro7 app is dedicated to pilots, providing route planning, navigational charts, weather maps and FAA flight restrictions. Several features are beyond my understanding, to be honest, because I’m not a pilot, but it seems to be a one-stop shop for the tools pilots would need to plan their flights. It has an annual subscription of $, but you can use it free for 30 days.

WingX Pro7

7. Infinite Flight

Just for fun, I’m including what, in my opinion, is the best flight simulator out there; because what airplane geek doesn’t enjoy pretending to fly planes? Within the Infinite Flight app, you can choose from several photo-realistic commercial or military aircraft and practice your take-offs, routings, approaches and landings. It can be very challenging! Note that while there are in-app purchases available for additional planes, many are free.

Infinite Flight

Do you have any favorites not listed here? Share them with us in the comments, below.

Featured image courtesy of Infinite Flight.

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City Pilot Flight: Plane Games

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Ultimate Flight Simulator

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Pilots Embrace Aviation Apps

For this year’s AIN Special Report on Aviation Apps, we conducted a survey of AIN readers who are pilots, to learn what apps they use regularly while flying.

The survey was open from Dec. 26, , through Jan. 8, , and generated responses.

The following three questions aren’t shown in the charts in this article:
• What is your primary type of flying?

• What accessories do you regularly use with your mobile device while flying?

• Which mobile device operating system do you use regularly for aviation apps?

The majority of respondents, 69 percent, fly in Part 91 (non-commercial) operations, while 15 percent fly under Part (charter), and 11 percent Part (airline). About 5 percent of respondents selected the “other” category, and these responses included a variety of operational types such as fractional, flight training, flight test, public use, and others.

There are three primary operating systems in use on mobile devices: Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and Microsoft’s Windows As expected, most pilots are flying with iOS-powered devices such as Apple iPads, with 94 percent responding thusly. Android users accounted for nearly 11 percent of the responses, while Windows garnered nearly 5 percent.

The majority of aviation apps are available for iOS, with many also available on Android. The Windows platform has a lot of catching up to do in the aviation world, although it is supported by a major developer, Jeppesen.

We asked respondents what accessories they fly with when using their apps. Almost 58 percent said they fly with a GPS receiver, which drives the own-ship position display on moving maps. Many fewer, just percent fly with a combined ADS-B In receiver with AHRS sensors, which allows display of synthetic vision and attitude information. Nineteen percent fly with ADS-B In alone. Although the subscription to Sirius XM WX isn’t free, as is ADS-B In weather and traffic information, and the Sirius receivers are a fairly recent addition to the aviation mobile device ecosystem, this tallied 17 percent of responses to this question. (ADS-B In and Sirius XM work primarily in the U.S.) Just over 5 percent said they fly with an action camera.


Everyone loves technology. And the pilots love them even more. Below is a list of aviation apps that are not only useful in daily work of a real pilot but also can save lives.

FlightAware Flight Tracker

FlightAware Flight TrackerFlightAware Flight Tracker is a great free tracker for tracking flights with a map. The application is multifunctional but easy to use. On the main screen, you see an interactive map with signs of the boards in the air and their routes. To find out details about the flight, you just need to click on the plane.

The map is easily scaled with your fingers. Pressing the key in the upper right corner opens the options: displaying the weather, changing the map view from classic to satellite, hybrid, political.

All other functions are hidden in the menu. The search is very powerful, its history is displayed on its main page. With the swipe, you switch to the search lines by flight number, aircraft side number, route, airport name. Information is exhaustive.

Also, FlightAware Flight Tracker has built-in statistics and a special screen for displaying delays at airports.

FlightAware Flight Tracker appFlightAware Flight Tracker app review

Downloads: +

Customers rating:  Stars ( / 5)


FlightStatsThe application is a client of the popular FlightStats service, which provides data on specific flights and airports. In it, as in other applications, you can not just open the map and click on a random plane to see information about it.

Instead, you must enter the flight number, and then the application will display all the information about the flight: departure time, arrival time, flight status, location on the map and planned route, aircraft model, and even the speed and altitude of the aircraft.

In addition, the application in the case of some flights may even provide information about the specific terminals that serve the flight.

Also, using FlightStats, you can see the scoreboard of the airports themselves and get information about them: wind speed, visibility, air temperature and local time, as well as data on the likelihood of flight delay.

FlightStats appFlightStats app review

Downloads: +

Customers rating:  Stars ( / 5)


AeroWeatherAeroWeather is a good application that was available for other OS and now came to Android! This program will provide current accurate weather information as well as a weather forecast (TAF) that pilots use to prepare their flight.

In your hands, there are weather stations around the world and you can choose the one that is closer to you. The data will be shown in the original format or fully decoded into easily understandable texts.


AeroWeather app

Downloads: +

Customers rating:  Stars ( / 5)

Flightradar24 Flight Tracker

Flightradar24 Flight TrackerFlightradar24 Flight Tracker is a real-time flight monitoring utility for Android. The application displays information about the flights in the air and preparing to depart, shows the technical characteristics of the selected aircraft and a lot of other useful information.

Using the program, you can view photos of aircraft, find out statistical data about flights on specific routes, find the fastest way to get to the right place on the plane and do a lot of other activities.

Functional of Flightradar24 Flight Tracker:

  • Downloads and displays a virtual map of the world with an indication of flights;
  • It loads information about airplanes in the sky and preparing for departure;
  • Shows in &#;real time&#; the speed, altitude, number of passengers and other information about the selected aircraft;
  • Stores and reproduces (upon request) the history of flights over the past 90 days;
  • Visualizes a three-dimensional model of the cabin of the selected aircraft;
  • Displays weather data at the selected airport;
  • Displays (on request) statistical information about the flights of air carriers and air routes of interest
  • Categorizes information according to selected filters.

Flightradar24 Flight Tracker appFlightradar24 Flight Tracker app review

Downloads: +

Customers rating:  Stars ( / 5)


AirportsWhat makes this app really good is its simplicity. Click on the icon to launch the Airports, and you are immediately taken to the portal, in the database of which there are more than 10, airdromes.

The Airports app offers much more than you can imagine. Since it can be used not only as a source of reference information but also as a tool that you urgently need during daily flights.

The basis of the application is a worldwide airport database. Of course, it doesn&#;t mean that there is everything without exception, but the majority is present, with all the flight information needed, telephone numbers, METAR (regular aviation weather reports) and TAF, NOTAMs and much more.

Enter the airport identifier or its name and you will immediately be offered a view of the airport from the satellite with all the useful information on it. You can also create your own lists of preferred airports.

Of course, you should not blindly trust the information provided by the application. It may be useful when working with other navigation and cartographic electronic applications.

Airports appAirports app review

Downloads: +

Customers rating:  Stars ( / 5)

Garmin Pilot

Garmin PilotGarmin Pilot application transforms a mobile gadget into a full-fledged air navigation device, offering the pilot a complete package of navigation data, the ability to compile a flight route, an overview of meteorological conditions, and a host of other features typical for Garmin&#;s electronic navigation systems.

It has an intuitive interface, a user-friendly menu, and visual icons. Functionally, this application is close to many popular navigation systems, so for pilots who already used Garmin avionics, it will be familiar and easy to use.

The powerful capabilities of the Garmin Pilot are already realized at the pre-flight planning: based on the information provided, the pilot can make reasonable decisions regarding various flight parameters.

With access to the most comprehensive aeronautical meteorological information in the United States and Canada, pilots can check NEXRAD radar, visible and infrared clouds, METAR, TAF, AIRMET, SIGMET, PIREPs, NOTAM messages, check wind strength and temperature, and detect thunderstorm activity.

Garmin Pilot application

The pilot can put the received weather data to the map, add the necessary widgets and text notes, and use the NavTrack function to create a route, choosing areas with the least dangerous weather conditions. The pilot may also receive an FAA-certified description of weather conditions: these data comply with legal requirements and can be used in legal cases as legal evidence.

Additional pre-flight planning tools include access to the AOPA database: detailed information about the nearest airports, current fuel prices at various points along the way, and a built-in calculator to estimate fuel consumption.

With Garmin Pilot, a flight plan is always easily accessible: it can be opened, viewed on the map, edited. If the pilot often flies along a permanent route, Garmin Pilot makes it possible to save all the plans of previous flights in order to use them further as many times as necessary. Using an integrated GPS receiver or an optional external receiver compatible with a mobile device, Garmin Pilot provides full navigation along the entire route on a moving map.

Garmin Pilot app

Real-time weather information is provided via a satellite wireless connection device (purchased separately). The full electronic package of Garmin Pilot allows the pilot to almost completely get rid of the paper media needed to control the aircraft and navigation. All maps can be downloaded to the device in electronic form, both before the start of the journey, and already during the flight.

Downloads: +

Customers rating:  Stars ( / 5)

You can also check: 19 Best weather apps for Android

Air Navigation Pro

Air Navigation ProAir Navigation Pro is designed for route planning and navigation in flight, performed by the rules of visual flight (VFR). There is a bunch of useful functions:

  • In the BRIEFING section, the user can request the creation of an automatic briefing for the upcoming flight, specifying the airfield of departure, arrival, alternate and FIR, through which his route passes.
  • In the FLIGHTPLANS section, a user can create a flight plan and send it via Skyguide to Eurocontrol.
  • LIVE TRACKING section contains all your tracks, which your device records during flight operations and send to the server.
  • ADDONS. In this section, all products are sorted by country or by a group, that allows you to quickly find the map or 3D profile of any state you need.

In addition to planning and navigation, the program has a lot of other options, including recording (track) of the flight, NOTAM, 3D navigation and much more. Some services are paid.

Attention: the program isn&#;t designed to perform flights according to flight rules (IFR). Don&#;t attempt to replace the standard, certified navigation aids of your aircraft with this application.

Air Navigation Pro appAir Navigation Pro app review

Downloads: +

Customers rating:  Stars ( / 5)



2017 apps android aviation

Ten Popular Aviation Apps Used by Pilots and AvGeeks

The mobile expansion of real time information continues to increase as today&#;s pilot boards their aircraft with an electronic tablet loaded with the most useful navigation and weather apps &#; and may include a flight simulation game.

Flight schools and airport terminals world wide rely on the glass screens of their smart technology, including syncing with their digital watch, as the app updates software available through specialized servers.

In our research, over apps exist on both the iTunes and Android stores offering pilots, airport personnel, or an aviation journalist the ability to file flight plans, view cloud tops and winds aloft information, and to view airport closures in an instant.

Here are 10 great apps that we love:

Ten: Instagram Yes, the social media site has taken off and is the top place to receive updates and media from aviation&#;s top military and civilian pilots or airshow teams. has seen a strong increase in the way military, commercial, and private pilots have put their in-flight short videos, images, and while including updated information.

Sites such as the Navy&#;s Blue Angels, Air Force Thunderbirds, commercial airlines, and the aerobatic pilots, such as GEICO Skytypers, allow avgeeks the ability to stay connected in real time. Aviation news feeds such as Military_Flight, AVGeekery, or AirshowNewsbriefs are a few of the Instagram accounts which distribute real time news updates, and allow the public to communicate on current topics.

Nine: My Radar Weather Radar is likely the most used live radar we&#;ve seen by pilots and airport personnel across the United States, Europe, and Japan. My Radar displays animated weather, and its pinch and swipe display allows app owners the ability to zoom in on a two mile stretch of weather.

The app uses your phone&#;s gyros and GPS to accurately pinpoint your location first with a blue dot. My Radar is free, however My Radar Pro is a small fee, and are available on both iTunes and Android devices.


Eight: Periscope Want to watch Live video from the flight line of your favorite airshow or airport? This free app offers the user the ability to tune in to live events in the air or on the ground based on your search preference. Both civilian and military sides of aviation are &#;scoping&#; the airfields providing live video feeds.

&#;Periscope gives us the ability to share activities that people may not otherwise see,&#; explained Skytypers and airshow spokesperson Brenda Little. &#;We have shared what an air show looks like from the announcer’s stand and quick interviews with the maintenance team or pilots prior to takeoff.&#;

Periscope can sync with your Twitter account to promote your broadcast at the same time you go Live.

Seven: Flight Pilot Simulator 3D has been rated the top flight sim app for Android and iTunes. Colorful HD graphics highlight the feel of this game as you use easy to learn controls to maneuver your aircraft from take-off to landing. The app takes one to flight school as you learn the ease of the on screen controls, such as the throttle and brakes &#; including what angle to hold the device. Past players call it addictive. We call it a fun way to pass an hour at the terminal.

Free to install, there are in game fees based on your performance level.

Six: Flight Aware is likely the best application to keep an eye on your upcoming commercial flight. Simply input your airline name and flight number at the top of the screen, and FA will update with any changes to the flight time and gate number. Click on the brief flight details to open up a full page for in flight data and route map synced via GPS.

&#;Whether I&#;m flying my Beech Debonair at home or my A at work, I think my favorite app of the 8 or so that I use regularly is FlightAware,&#; said John Bowen, A Captain and active General Aviation instructor. &#;It allows me to preview my route with my expected ATC clearance, my friends and family can track my flights, and I can view my flight performance after I land.&#;

Five: Cloud Ahoy is the pilot in training&#;s debrief logbook. This app excels as it tracks your flight profile from takeoff through landing. For many pilots, the question of how nominal their approach and landing was is answered as the app offers an updated 3D model of the glide slope. Speed calculations and altitude is given with time stamps in GMT and local.

Today&#;s top aerobatic pilots love this app as they use Cloud Ahoy to review their airshow performance track, and learn just how they did that afternoon. This app is only available in iTunes.

Four: LiveATC is the only online application offering the most air traffic control feeds across America and the globe. Live audio (delayed forty seconds due to Internet routing) from the headset of pilots and controllers, LiveATC can help future pilots learn the right and wrong ways to deliver quick departure information to the tower. The average aviation geek interested in tuning in need not know the airport code, just the country; state; city.

LiveATC will draw you in with the ability to listen-in to most air shows and the conversation between the air boss and the aerobatic aircraft pilot.

This app even comes with a sleep timer to allow LiveATC to close after 60 minutes. One note, from time to time, a popular tower feed may be off line. Available on both iTunes and Android.

Three: Flight Radar 24 is one of the most popular air traffic radars on the planet. This app provides aircraft flight information with pinpoint accuracy across the globe. Tap on any aircraft to learn its flight details, or tap on an airport icon for arrival and departure boards, delays, and flight status plus weather conditions.

Flight Radar 24 is available free on both Android and iTunes. There are a few in app purchases, however the majority of the app is free.

Two: ForeFlight 9. It&#;s pricey for the individual but again, you get what you pay for, and this app is tops. ForeFlight takes flight planning to a new level. And, this app is not just targeted to civilian and commercial pilots. ForeFlight&#;s Military Flight Bag offers military pilots secured access to DoD flight publications.

&#;We use ForeFlight daily for just about everything,&#; noted pilot Steve Kapur of the GEICO Skytypers Airshow Team. &#;We get information about the local area, routing, and weather &#; both current and forecast. I use it daily to prepare information for our morning briefing and others use it to develop our cross country plans.&#;

ForeFlight is only available in the iTunes app store.

One: Garmin Pilot is the top GPS app for the open skies. File your flight plan, navigate around storms, and keep an accurate log book with this app. Pilots can view real time VFR/IFR charts and read new METARs, TAFs, Winds Aloft, PIREPs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, Area Forecasts, and NOTAM&#;s.

According to Garmin Pilot officials, &#;Turn your iPad or iPhone into the ideal cockpit companion. Garmin Pilot puts full-featured navigation — including our decades of experience with rich, interactive mapping, 3D Vision, aviation weather, global flight plan filing, electronic flight bag capabilities, optional traffic/weather, pilot logbook and more — right at your fingertips.&#;

A drop down icon at top left will allow pilots many options to navigate in flight. GPS-based course direction and altitude readings along with the real time map motion as the flight progresses is a top highlight of the Garmin app. Select Airport Info for local traffic patterns and elevation as you prepare for landing.

A standard annual subscription cost is $, while a premium subscription is $
Many other apps we use probably should have made our Top Ten. Let us know what favorite aviation apps you use and cannot live without. Use the chat thread below to exchange thoughts with fellow avgeeks and pilots.
My Top 7 Go To Apps for Flight Simming \u0026 VATSIM!
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