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Wall Plates

Wall Plates

Wall plates are essential components to electrical and wiring installations because they protect the wall outlet and wires from outside contact. Wall plates are used in combination with motion sensors, dimmer switches, timers, fan controls, electrical switches and receptacles. Wall plates also have different openings and sizes to accommodate the correct lighting control or wiring device it is covering. Screw-in wall plates are the most commonly used, while screwless wall plates are used for a cleaner and more decorative look. There are also different color finishes for wall plates to match the color of the wall or the electrical device.

Screwless Wall Plates

Screwless wall plates come with a wall mounting kit for easy snap-on installation. The back subplate screws into the wall while the top plate simply snaps on for a clean and polished look. Decorator wall plates have different finishes like white, ivory, light almond, black and brown to match any wall color. Screwless wall plates are made of polycarbonate or thermoplastic that have an unbreakable feature for longer life and better protection of electrical switches, outlets or dimmers. These designer wall plates come in one gang, two gang, three gang, four gang, five gang and six gang combination for multiple electrical devices.

Screw-in Wall Plates

Standard wall plates are attached to the wall using screws that hold them into place and help protect the electrical controls and wires inside. Screw-in wall plates come in standard sizes and jumbo sizes to cover larger holes. Most wall plates are made of thermoplastic or polycarbonate material for a sturdy design that does not break easily. To match the color of dimmer switches, motion sensors and electrical switches, wall plates also have different finishes like white, black, brown, light almond and ivory. Decorator wall plates also offer glossy finishes for commercial applications. One gang and multi-gang wall plates come standard with regular and jumbo sizes.

Duplex Outlet Wall Plates

Wall plates for industrial receptacles feature round openings to accommodate the design of traditional wall outlets. Duplex outlet wall plates are made of thermoplastic material with a smooth finish and mount on the wall with screws. Standard size wall plates come in a variety of color finishes like ivory, light almond, brown, black and white. Duplex outlet cover wall plates are unbreakable and especially rated for industrial and commercial use. One gang, two gang, three gang and four gang designs are available for multiple receptacles.

Toggle Wall Plates

Toggle wall plates are paired with toggle switches for residential or commercial applications. Toggle wall plates are mounted to the wall using screws and are made of high-impact thermoplastic material that makes them unbreakable. The smooth finish gives it an attractive appearance as a decorator wall plate. Toggle cover wall plates come in ivory, light almond, black, brown and white finishes to match the wall. The standard size makes it ideal for one gang or multi-gang switch configurations.

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