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Perform a free Medina County, OH public GIS maps search, including geographic information systems, GIS services, and GIS databases.

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Medina County Auditor County Maps Medina County Auditor tax maps by parcel number and city.

Medina County GIS Maps Medina County GIS maps, tax maps, and parcel viewers to search for and identify land and property records.

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Medina County GIS Maps are cartographic tools to relay spatial and geographic information for land and property in Medina County, Ohio. GIS stands for Geographic Information System, the field of data management that charts spatial locations. GIS Maps are produced by the U.S. government and private companies. Because GIS mapping technology is so versatile, there are many different types of GIS Maps that contain a wide range of information. These maps can transmit topographic, structural, hydrographic, historical, and population data, among other types of information.

Learn about GIS Maps, including:
  • Where to get Medina County GIS Maps online
  • How to access county parcel viewers
  • What types of GIS Maps are available
  • Which GIS Maps are available to the public
  • How GIS Maps are used by the public and local government

GIS Maps Search near Medina County

Medina County Public Records


Medina County Parcel Data

Medina County Ohio GIS Parcel Data Download Coverage


Total Parcels: 131,344 parcels

Last Updated: 2020-Q3

Total Population: 171,327

Medina County FIPS Code: 39103

Would you like to download Medina County gis parcel maps?

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Parcel data and parcel GIS (Geographic Information Systems) layers are often an essential piece of many different projects and processes. With the help of our parcel viewer, many characteristics of real estate and mineral properties can be visualized and analyzed over an area of interest.

Dynamo Spatial's Pinpoint Parcels product is a first-class parcel layer containing deep data attributes about property valuations, legal descriptions, land ownership, service areas, census statistics, environmental conditions and much more. Through spatial analysis, parcel gis may also be used to increase the value of other reference layers, with methods such as intersection, proximity, buffer and overlay functions. Many industries already require the use of parcel maps on a daily basis and many more are beginning to discover the benefits that this added insight provides.

Each day we help companies find new efficiencies and money saving advantages by providing the highest quality parcel GIS with our fast and easy download process. We provide the parcel data in the ESRI Shapefile (.SHP file) gis format but we can also convert it into a number of industry standard formats for easy import into virtually any third-party software application. Examples include: ESRI ArcMap, LandWorks GIS, Quorum Land System, OGSYS, P2 Tobin Products, Autodesk Map, LandBoss, Enertia Products, GeoGraphix, Petra, ILandMan and more.

Attributes available in the Medina County parcels download (ESRI Shapefile):

  • Parcel Id
  • Address
  • Owner Name
  • Trans Date
  • Sale Price
  • Building Area
  • Neighborhood
  • Land Use (Code)
  • Land Use (Class)
  • Zoning
  • Acreage
  • Area Meters
  • Perimeter Meters
  • Municipality
  • School District
  • Zip Code
  • Fld Zone
  • Zone Subty
  • Census Tract
  • Census Blkgrp
  • Census Block
  • Total Market Value
  • Land Market Value
  • Building Market Value
  • Story Height
  • Mail Address1
  • Mail Address3
  • Legal Description
  • Year Built
  • Eff Year Built
  • Exterior
  • Style
  • Total Rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Fullbath
  • Halfbath
  • Taxed Total
  • Delinquent
  • Attic
  • Condition
  • Addr Sec Unit Num
  • Addr Sec Unit Type
  • Place Gnis Code
  • Situs Parsed Geostreetaddressus
  • Land Cover
  • Elevation
  • Owner Occupied
  • Robust Id
  • Usps Residential
  • Here are some of the industries that have found our parcel viewer to be an indispensable resource in their daily operations:


    • Tax Appraisal and Assessment
    • Public Safety
    • Law Enforcement
    • Homeland Security


    • Right of Way
    • Call Before You Dig
    • Asset Management
    • Meter Reading Services

    Real Estate, Demographic Studies, Commercial

    • Owner Contact Information (Mailing Addresses)
    • Property Values
    • Legal Descriptions
    • Demographics Information
    • Assessment Information
    • Service Boundaries
    • School Districts
    • Aerial Imagery

    Financial Institutions - Banks, Lenders, Finance Companies, Title Companies

    • Return on Investment Research
    • Tax Liability Calculations
    • Loan Processing
    • Collateral Value Estimation

    Insurance - Flood Insurance, Fire Insurance

    • Flood Certification
    • Risk Assessment
    • Disaster Damage History
    • Underwriting Management
    • Property Tax Values
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    Appraisal Data

    Appraisal Data

    Members can search Medina County, TX certified property tax appraisal roll data by Owner Name, Street Address, or Property ID. TaxNetUSA members with a Medina County, TX Pro subscription can search appraisal data by Year Built, Square Footage, Deed Date, Value Range, Property Type, and many more advanced search criteria. All members have the ability to download search results *.

    Appraisal Data for Medina County is up to date as of Sep 7, 2021. Custom bulk data is available. Please contact us for a quote.

    GIS Maps

    Interactive GIS Maps

    Property GIS Maps are displayed on property detail pages in Medina County, TX for all registered members (where available).

    TaxNetUSA members with a Medina County, TX Pro subscription also have access to the Interactive GIS Map, which allows Pro members to map search results, select properties using easy drawing tools, download selected parcels as a Downloadable List, and print mailing labels. *

    Land Sketches

    Land Sketches

    Land Sketches, where available in Medina County, TX, are small drawings showing the outer dimensions of the property. Land Sketches are useful in determining the perimeter and square footage of a property, and are especially helpful to Surveyors, Appraisers, Foundation Repair companies, Lawn Care businesses, and Insurance Agents.

    Land Sketches cost 4 credits per sketch. See the pricing schedule for credits.

    Improvement Sketches

    Improvement Sketches

    Improvement Sketches, where available in Medina County, TX, are small drawings showing the outer dimensions of the improvement found on the property. These are usually residential homes, but sketches for some commercial buildings may be available. Sketches are useful in determining the square footage and footprint of a building or improvement. Sketches are useful to Residential Appraisers, Foundation Repair and Lawn Care businesses. View a sample sketch report.

    Improvement Sketches cost 4 credits per sketch. See the pricing schedule for credits.

    Delinquent Property Tax Data

    Delinquent Property Tax Data

    Contact Us

    TaxNetUSA offers solutions to companies that need Delinquent Property Tax Data in one or more counties, including Medina County, TX, and want the data in a standard form.

    Delinquent Tax Data products must be purchased over the phone. Call us at (877) 652-2707 for delinquent data pricing today. Or contact us and we’ll get back to you.

    * Downloadable Lists and mailing labels require Credits.


    Medina County GIS Data Downloads

    Medina County provides this geographic data "as is."
    Medina County makes no guarantee or warranty concerning the accuracy of
    information contained in the geographic data.
    Medina County further makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, as to
    the condition of the product, or its fitness for any particular purpose.
    The burden for determining fitness for use lies entirely with the user.
    No warranty, expressed or implied, is made by Medina County regarding the
    use of these data on any system, nor does the fact of distribution constitute
    or imply any such warranty.
    In no event shall Medina County have any liability whatsoever for payment
    of any consequential, incidental, indirect, special, or tort damages of any
    kind, including, but not limited to, any loss of profits arising out of use
    of or reliance on the geographic data.

    To Read this data you will need software which can read the provided formats.
    There are several free packages depending on your needs.
    Please See:

    OSGeo -> Desktop Applications
    OSGeo -> Web Mapping

    There are free conversion packages depending on your needs.
    Please See:

    OSGeo -> Geospatial Libraries

    There is a free projection package depending on your needs.
    Please See:










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