Jewel tone wedding table

Jewel tone wedding table DEFAULT

25 Jewel-Toned Wedding Centerpieces Sure to Wow Your Guests

Whether you favor shades of emerald, sapphire, ruby, or turquoise, incorporating jewel tones into your color palette is an easy way to make your wedding feel more elegant. There's a reason why this color family is so popular—there's a way to include these tones at nearly any wedding reception, but we particularly love when couples use them in their centerpieces. From deep greens to vibrant reds, jewel tones represent a wide variety of shades, which means it couldn't be easier to add gemstone-colored blooms to your floral arrangements.

What we love most is how unexpected and romantic a jewel-toned centerpiece can be. Just look to this Molly Taylor + Co. arrangement—which featured stems in every color from fiery red to pale yellow—for serious jewel-toned inspiration. Even the glassware was selected for their gemstone hues, and they were a beautiful complement to the dahlia centerpieces.

What we like best about flowers done in jewel tones is that they're incredibly versatile. Depending on what you pair these gem-colored flowers with, the hues can brighten up a spring arrangement or feel moody enough for a fall or winter wedding. Another benefit of this color palette? Many different flowers are naturally available in these shades, which makes it easy to select the blooms that are right for your day. For a classic event, there's nothing more fitting than a traditional red rose. If you're throwing a modern wedding, look for vibrant blue anemones to feature in your reception arrangements. They even work well for nonfloral centerpieces. A statement candle or charger in one of these pretty hues will elevate any muted décor.

If you're excited about adding these rich, luxe tones for your reception, you're going to love the beautiful jewel-toned centerpieces ahead.


Styling a Jewel Toned Wedding

The Hottest Trend Coming in 2020

The jewel toned color palette is the hottest new wedding trend introducing itself into 2020. These rich and exotic colors are beginning to flourish in the wedding world creating a moody and dramatic look. I'm going to show you exactly how to style your wedding with this color palette.

Another really cool fact about this hot trend is that Pantone's color of the year is classic blue, and you can see that classic blue has been incorporated in with this jewel toned palette. By styling your wedding with this, you are going to have the most trendy and outstanding ceremony in the books!

The Color Palette

As you can see these colors together are so vibrant and stunning. Inspired by jewels and gems themself, you will shine like a jewel on your big day!

Table Decor

These jewel toned inspired table settings are moody, elegant, and romantic. Using the colors on the palette above, there are endless ways to style/decorate your table with.


Take a look at these florals put together. Their rich jewel colors add a pop of drama to your wedding day. This color scheme really shows off against the bride's white dress!

Other Decor

You can style with vintage couches, neon signs, florals, and ribbon. I love how moody yet elegant this photo below looks. The bride is absolutely rocking this color palette and you can too!


These beautiful cakes are an amazing way to utilize Pantone's color of the year! Adding classic blue to the jewel tones make it pop.

Bridesmaids Dresses

Groom & Groomsmen Attire

This jewel color scheme pairs nicely when the groom is sporting a navy, forest, or emerald green suit.

Hair Accessories & Ideas

There are so many unique ways to use jewel colors when accessorizing and styling your gown. Try getting a pop of color in your shoes or style with a flower crown.

If you are having your wedding this year, be sure to try out this stunning trend! If you are still searching for your dream dress, book an appointment today with us. Go to and request an appointment. Or you can call us at (480) 306-6634.

Have a beautiful day!


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Jewel Tone Wedding Colours For Any Season : Jewel-toned wedding colours are the hottest wedding colour theme and the most beautiful solution to any kind of wedding theme or a festive make-over. We’ve seen jewel tones have been using mostly in a chilly season but it doesn’t limit you to use in any season especially in summer that flowers are blooming so you have more choices of flowers.

jewel tone wedding colour, jewel tone wedding theme jewel tones wedding palette, jewel tones wedding, wedding colours, wedding colour palette

Bride & Bridesmaids : Photo by James Simmons

Jewel tone wedding colours

Emerald – More like a Caribbean ocean, emerald is in intoxicating shade of green that makes you want to dive in! This colour also seems to be hand-picked to grace the beachfront wedding. Or help bring the beach to your inland wedding for those of you who won’t be travelling but love the feel of that sweet sea air!

Hot Pink – This never seems to go out of style. Hot pink sets off so many other shades and works as a perfect accent for more subdued hues. Pair it with other citrus shades like oranges or yellows for a bright and happy feel, perfect for a wedding day!

Monaco Blue – Somewhere between navy and royal lies “Monaco blue”. Perfect for seaside or nautical-themed weddings, this shade is stellar when paired with crisp, clean whites or set off with a brighter shade.

Orange – This delicious hue is perfect for the outdoor wedding. Fresh and fun, this colour can be used everywhere including the dessert buffet. Imagine how tasty and stylish a table of fresh fruit and drinks will look at your reception with this lovely hue.

Purple – A popular wedding colour in any season. Purple looks like it should be as fragrant as it is lovely. Shades of purple is easily to incorporated into wedding bouquets, floral arrangements and overall of wedding decors. Another area to consider is bridesmaid dresses.

Jewel Tones Palette

What are jewel tonesJewel tones are colours and tones that are derived from gemstones such as amethyst, citrine,  Emerald,  Ruby and Sapphire.

shades of jewel tones, jewel tones palette, jewel tone colors

shades of jewel tones, jewel tones palette, jewel tone colors

Jewel-toned wedding ideas

Your flower arrangements, in decorations around your wedding ceremony or reception and your bouquet would also reflect the colour of your theme.

  • Your wedding dress and the attire of your guests, groomsmen { please see groom’s style below in velvet jacket }
  • Bridemaids would also reflect the colour of the theme, you could should , emerald, purple, hot pink or let them wear mismatched colours and styles.
  • You may also consider decorating the wall with grapevine wreaths to celebrate your theme. Candles and candleholders would also be a nice addition.
  • And at the reception at your wedding you may want to decorate each table with a centerpiece celebrating your theme. Try greenery along with colourful flowers as wedding centerpieces.
  • Wedding favors : There are hundreds of options to choose from when deciding on the wedding favors. Purchase several varieties of seed packets and tie a piece of twine in a bow shape, attach to the seed packet and place one at each place setting. You can do this with forced bulbs as well by placing a few in a small burlap bag with a ribbon and tag attaché.
  • The cake is the show stopper for many weddings and use bright flowers to decorate your cake. Choose naked wedding cake, chocolate, spice, or any your favorite.

Wedding Cake Ideas

Photo by Lucinda Lehman

naked wedding cake, wedding cake, wedding cake topped with bright flowers

Wedding cake, Photo by James Simmons

wedding cake and donuts, wedding cake topped with bright orchids

Wedding Decor Ideas

Photo by James Simmons

wedding seating chart display, wedding escort card display, wedding seating chart

Jewel tone Wedding invitation suites

If you are looking for dark mood wedding invitation idea, here is a beautiful wedding invite set. A burgundy shade, deep red peonies on matte black paper goods. The bloom was incorporated onto the actual invite more subtly, with an embossed version on its back. Photo by Jose Villa

dark mood wedding invitation suites, wedding invites, navy blue wedding invites

Photo by Alexandria Monette Photography

dark mood wedding invitation suites, wedding invites, green and gold wedding invites

jewel toned groom, velvet groom jacket, jewel toned groom suit

Photo by James and Lianne. Groom’s Attire was Gresham Blakes purple velvet jacket via Selfridges.

Jewel Toned Wedding Table Decors

Table number, Photo by Alexandria Monette Photography

wedding table ideas, wedding table number ideas

jewel toned wedding tablescape, jewel tones wedding table, autumn wedding table decors

Wedding Tablescape :

jewel toned boutonnieres, autumn boutonnieres

Photo :

Planning a wedding doesn’t always come easy – you’ll have a lot of choices to make. Your wedding is a reflection of you and your loved one. Whether or not you decide to follow one of this year’s wedding trends, remember to make it your own!



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Table jewel tone wedding

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Jewel Tones Color Palette

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