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These are their better fence styles but still not as good as theLexington Style


Home Depot better quality

Lowes slightly better quality Brighton

True Price per ft, total

$14.95 Often Tax Free*

$22.11 Plus Tax

$19.10 Plus Tax

True price per section (8 ft)

$119.41 Often Tax Free*

$176.88 Plus Tax

$152.75 Plus Tax

True Price (100 ft, job)

$1495.00 Often Tax Free*

$2211.00 Plus Tax

$1910.00 Plus Tax

Price per panel

$94.66 Included 6 X 8

$125.00 6 X 8 ft Separate

$65.28 6 X 6 ft Separate

Price per post

$23.30 Included

$28.97 Separate-Required

$29.01 Separate-Required

Price per cap

$2.59 Included

$2.97 Separate-Required

$3.43 Separate-Required

Screws, Brackets, Glue $

None needed

$9.94 Separate-Required

$13.88 Separate-Required

Steel in bottom rail

Yes (Galvanized included)



Wood inside post

Not needed

$10.00 Separate-Required*

$10.00 Separate-Required

Post size

5 X 5 Stand alone

5 X 5

4 X 4 X 96 thin post cover

Attachment Method

Pre-Routed, Rails Lock in Posts


Screws, brackets and glue

Wind Load Rated




Available in Tan




Save Sales Tax*





Tongue and Groove

Tongue and Groove

Molded or Glued

Warranty by 100 yr. old Co.

Yes (Certainteed)



Warranty includes Labor




Transferrable to new owner




Quality overall


Middle of the road


Customer service

Best informed, polite, good follow up, personal

Well Intended, but little experience or information

Well Intended, but little experience or information

Installation Time

Fastest, easiest, pre-routed

Faster, pre-routed

Slowest, screws, drills bracket, glue

All the information contained here was accumulated on 6/6/11 from the actual stores in the Redding California area. The exact prices may vary in your area. Also, although the information is deemed accurate, it was provided by their well intended sales associates which may or may not be factually correct so please confirm the information before relying on it.


How Much Does PVC or Vinyl Fencing Cost to Install?

Vinyl Fence Cost

The average cost to install a PVC or vinyl fence is $15 to $30 per linear foot with most homeowners spending $2,848 to $5,696 for both materials and professional installation. A typical 6-foot vinyl privacy fence costs $3,702 to install on average. The final price you pay is calculated by the length of the fence in linear feet, the type, and if there are additional elements like gates, solar post cap lights, hanging flower boxes, or other accessories.

Vinyl Fence Cost Chart

National Average Cost $3,702
Minimum Cost $850
Maximum Cost $11,400
Average Range $2,848 to $5,696

Investing in a new vinyl or PVC fence is a long-term investment since the materials are generally maintenance-free and are much more durable than wood. There are many options when it comes to vinyl (PVC) fencing, and this guide will cover all the types, styles, colors, and average costs that can be selected. To compare more types of fences, check out our fencing prices cost guide.

Table of Contents

  1. Vinyl Fence Cost
  2. Vinyl Fence Installation Cost
  3. Vinyl & PVC Fence Pricing By Style
  4. Vinyl Fence Cost Calculator
  5. Vinyl Fence Cost vs. Wood
  6. Additional Vinyl Fence Costs
  7. Fence Installation Companies

Vinyl Fence Installation Cost

For a typical 1/5 acre yard, a 150-foot long vinyl privacy fence costs $4,272, while a picket fence runs $2,292 for both materials and professional installation. Vinyl picket fences are typically short at 4' high which has large gaps between each slat, whereas privacy fences typically range from 6' to 8' feet tall and don't allow neighbors to see in while also reducing noise.

Vinyl Fence Installation Cost (Picket, Privacy, Shadowbox, Rail, & Horse)

TypeAverage Cost By Linear Feet

Vinyl fencing costs $8 to $35 per linear foot to install with most homeowners spending $15 per linear foot for a picket fence and $28 per linear foot for a privacy fence for both materials and labor. The chart below compares the total cost of a vinyl fence per foot—using the national average for fencing materials and labor costs—for a picket fence, privacy fence, shadowbox fence, and a rail fence.

Vinyl Fence Cost Per Foot

TypeCost Per Linear Foot
Picket Fence$15.28
Privacy Fence$28.48
Shadowbox Fence$35.38
Rail Fence$8.42
Horse Fence$12.12

Vinyl Fence Labor Cost

Labor costs for vinyl or PVC fencing construction averages $4.68 per linear foot or around $936 to install a typical 200 linear foot privacy fence. These labor costs include preparation, professional installation, cleanup, and a warranty. If you need to remove an old fence first, expect to add $3.50 per linear foot to your final price.

8-Foot Tall Vinyl Privacy Fence With High-End Accents and Top Caps

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Vinyl & PVC Fence Pricing By Style

Once you've selected a type, there are a few picket colors and styles to pick from: white, wood grain, and black. White is the most popular and go-to choice for vinyl fencing and costs an average of $17 per linear foot, while wood grain look can run $40 per linear foot, and black being the least common can cost as much as $60 per linear foot.

Vinyl PVC Fence Pricing By Style Chart

Linear FeetWhiteWoodBlack

White Vinyl Fence Cost

White vinyl (PVC) fencing is the most popular choice and costs between $15 to $30 per linear foot or as much as $35 per foot for a shadowbox fence for both materials and the cost to install it.

Solid White Privacy Fence With New Gate Installation

Wood Grain Vinyl Fence Price

Wood grain vinyl fencing costs $40 per linear foot installed. A wood-look vinyl fence cost will about double the cost of a standard white fence at $111 to $235 per panel which is an 8-foot section. Many manufacturers charge more for a fence that has the appearance of wood grain either as a surface texture or with different colors.

Black Vinyl Fence Cost

Black vinyl fencing is not as commonly installed by homeowners as white or other light colors, and as a result, it carries a higher cost than the more traditional options you might see at up to $60 per linear foot. For example, one 8-foot-wide and 6-foot-high privacy fence panel in black vinyl costs $369 at Home Depot, while wood colors range from $185 to $285, and white panels start at $93.

Vinyl Fence Cost Per Panel

Vinyl fencing can also be built using panels which are usually 8-foot-wide and 6-foot-high. White vinyl fencing costs $111 per panel, wood-look costs $235, and black vinyl costs $369 per panel. The chart below shows the average fencing material prices for different color options in panel fence construction using average prices from home improvement centers like the Home Depot.

ColorPanel CostPost Cost

White Picket Vinyl Fence With Special Designs Arch And Top Caps

How Many Fence Panels & Posts Do I Need?

When using 8’ panels (96”) and a 5” fence post between each panel, you will need approximately 12 panels per 100 linear feet of fence.

Linear Feer# of PanelsWhiteWoodBlack

Long Residential Privacy Vinyl Fencing With Large Posts and Post Caps

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Vinyl Fence Cost Calculator

When estimating the costs of your vinyl fencing, one of the most significant factors is the type of fence you're building. With the most popular being a privacy fence, we've estimated the costs based on 4', 6', and 8' heights below.

Vinyl Privacy Fence Cost

For homeowners seeking to maintain privacy around their home, privacy vinyl fences are made of solid panels and cost between $20 and $35 per linear foot for the materials and labor. Most homeowners spend $2,848 to $5,696 depending on the size and height of the fence. A 4' vinyl privacy fencing runs $20 per linear foot, 6' costs $28, and an 8' tall averages $36 per foot.

Vinyl Privacy Fence Cost Chart

Linear Feet4' ($20/LF)6' ($28/LF)8' ($36/LF)

6-Foot Tall Shadowbox Vinyl Fencing For Semi-Privacy In Backyard

In regards to the price differences when comparing vinyl fencing, there is no national average as it varies so much between manufacturers, and then even, within their own product line. Some manufacturers have a price difference of between 25%–55% to go from white to cedar or chestnut, or as much as 95% for almond or Brazilian wood finishes.

Another style of privacy fence is called a shadowbox fence which costs between $31.55 and $35.38 per linear foot. Design features, like a trellis feature—at an average of $6 per linear foot—can offer a little more privacy from a distance when added on the top of a privacy fence.

Vinyl or PVC Picket Fence Cost

Picket vinyl (PVC) fencing costs $15.28 per linear foot installed, with most homeowners spending $3,056 for a 200-foot long fence. The most common height for a picket fence is 4’, and installation labor is less at $3.68 per linear foot. This fence style is perfect for homeowners who want to keep children and pets in a safe environment and create a boundary between the neighbor's property.

Linear feet4’ Picket Fence Installed

4-Foot Tall Vinyl Picket Fence With Gate In Front Yard

Vinyl Split Rail Fence Cost

Vinyl split rail fences cost $$6 to $8 per linear foot depending on the number of rails, and they are generally used to define property boundaries. Rail fencing does not give any privacy since you can see through the gaps between the rails. Labor costs to install a 2-rail fence is $3.68 per linear foot and $4.01/LF for a 3-rail fence.

Linear Feet2-Rail (42" high)3-Rail (48" high)4-Rail (54" high)

Vinyl Horse Fencing Cost

Vinyl horse fences costs between $8 and $14 per linear foot, with most spending between $964 and $1,212 per 100 feet depending on the number of rails. The materials in a horse fence are thicker and stronger than you see in a residential rail fence. This chart details the vinyl ranch fence price per foot installed.

Linear Feet2-Rail (42" high)3-Rail (48" high)4-Rail (54" high)

Split Rail Vinyl Fencing With 3 Rails Installed On Horse Ranch

Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence Cost

Vinyl-coated chain link fencing costs$10 to $34 per linear foot or between $1,000 and $3,400 per 100-feet for both materials and labor. A thicker gauge metal or going from a 4' to 6' height will increase your cost.

Vinyl Pool Fencing Cost

A permanent vinyl pool fence will cost an average of $15 per linear foot, with most homeowners paying somewhere between $13 and $18 per linear foot. The average pool size is around 600 square feet, so you can expect to pay between $1,273 and $1,763 for your pool fencing.

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Vinyl Fence Cost vs. Wood

Vinyl fencing ranges from $15 to $30 per linear foot installed, while wood fences cost$12 to $27 per linear foot. In many home wood fence installations, cedar is a popular material choice, and in comparing cedar vs. vinyl fence costs, cedar materials average $6 per linear foot, and vinyl privacy fence materials average $24 per linear foot.

Vinyl Fence Pros and Cons

  • Outlasts wood fencing
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Unlikely to warp
  • Does not rot or decay
  • Not susceptible to termites
  • Cannot catch fire easily
  • More expensive initially
  • More expensive to repair
  • Not as attractive as the appearance of natural wood
  • Cheaper to install
  • Cheaper to repair
  • Unpainted natural wood is regarded as more beautiful than vinyl
  • Maintenance takes time and costs money
  • Not as durable as vinyl
  • Inexpensive wood can warp in extreme temperatures
  • Can rot and decay
  • Susceptible to termites
  • Can catch fire

6-Foot Tall Privacy Fence Mixed With Spaced Out Slats And Post Caps

  • Durability – Within both product options, there will be outliers, and in the case of cheap vinyl, it may not last as long as expected. In the case of high-quality wood fencing that is professionally installed, and well maintained, in ideal climate conditions it could last as long as vinyl. In vinyl fence quality, the thickness is often touted by vendors as the measure to determine fence strength, but the materials used are more important factors for strength and durability.
  • Vinyl Quality – An important point to clarify with the installer is about the ingredients in the fence’s vinyl. Virgin vinyl is always going to yield a stronger product than PVC constructed from recycled scraps.
  • Longevity – The addition of UV inhibitors to protect from the damaging effects of daily exposure to the sun—causing the vinyl to become brittle or cracked—and stabilizers for the prevention of melting or sagging, should be in the product list of ingredients to ensure a long life. A good ratio of a UV blocker like titanium dioxide is ten parts TiO2 to 100 lbs of resin, and while lower-quality brands might list that they have it as an ingredient, it is essential to know the ratio to determine the quality of the product from a longevity perspective.

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Additional Vinyl Fence Costs

The other material costs with PVC fencing are additional elements like gates, lights, and other accessories.

Vinyl Fence Gates Cost

The typical vinyl fence gate will cost about $300 installed. Not every fence installation will have gates, but it does complete the look and is a valuable addition. Below is a chart which details vinyl fence gate hardware for five types of vinyl fence.

FenceVinyl sizeMaterialsLaborTotal Cost
Picket 4' high1 1/2" Pickets$271.00$33.44$304.44
Picket 4' high3 1/2" Pickets$262.00$33.44$295.44
Shadowbox 6'5 1/2" Pickets$476.00$40.13$516.13
Rail 48" high2" X 6"$250.00$33.44$283.44
Rail 60" high2" X 6"$280.00$33.44$313.44

Gate Hardware

Gates often come with hinges, or you can buy a fence gate kit which converts a fence panel to a gate and includes all necessary gate hardware and hinges for $77–$100.

Gate HardwareAverage Cost
Bolts and Rods$9–$23
Hinges$4–$5/each and up or $29–$30/pair
Latches$16–$24/set; child pool safety latch $65
Bracket or Gate Frame Kit$35–$120

Vinyl Fence Hardware

Choose from UV protected, vinyl coated, galvanized, or water-resistant fence hardware.

HardwareAverage Cost
Post Protection Guards$6–$20/pair
Bracket Clips$8–$11
On-fence Hooks$25–$46/pair
Post Caps$3 to $30 each

Post Caps

Post caps are added on top of vinyl posts as design elements, or even to hold plants or lights. Some fencing contractors include basic caps in their initial quotes and offer pricing details on a few upgrades.

Cost to Paint Vinyl Fencing

If you prefer something more unusual than the standard colors of white, red, beige, or brown, and it is allowed by local HOAs, epoxy paint usually averages around $45 per gallon. Expect to pay $135 for the paint, or an average of $350, including the labor, to have it painted.

Additional Fees

  • Digging Difficulties – Any challenges in the terrain will amount to a variation in the expense you should expect to pay for your project. An auger, or post hole digger, is required to install the vinyl posts. If there is rock just below the clay preventing holes from being dug or elevation changes, then additional time will be spent on that portion of the install.
  • Removing Old Fencing – Average cost of $3.50 per linear foot = $700 for 200 feet. 
  • HOAs – Before starting any fence project, check with your local HOA. Some authorities of homeowners’ associations may either not allow for any fencing, or have stipulations regarding their height or style.

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5 Ways we’re Different from Home Depot Fencing


Home Depot Fence

Who doesn’t like to save money?

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When it comes to purchasing your next set of fence materials, you can actually save 25% by choosing to shop at a local supplier rather than a big box store.

Not all local suppliers can give you those savings, but Rocky Mountain Forest Products sure can! As a locally-owned, “Mom and Pop” shop since 1974 we’ve created a business that differs from the big box stores and can give you much better options than say, Home Depot fencing.

But how exactly are we different? Here are 5 reasons:


1. True Whole Sale

One of the most important differences, is that Rocky Mountain Forest Products operates as a wholesaler of fence materials. Being a wholesale supplier means you’ll have access to the best pricing for the best value – hands down.

Plus, working with lumber mills for nearly 42 years has given us the opportunity to buy better materials at a lower cost. Ultimately, this will be reflected on your overall costs as your materials will be at a much lower cost without sacrificing quality.

Home Depot fencing, while competitive in pricing, may not contain the same level of quality. So take that into consideration when purchasing your fence supplies.


2. Mill Direct

Not only do our relationships with mills around the world allow us to buy our products at a lower price point, but it also gives us a wider selection of materials to sell.

How does that relate to home depot fencing?

We’ll carry products big box stores can’t!

We have the largest selection of not only fencing, but decking as well. You’ll have the widest and most diverse selection of products – right at your finger-tips.

3. Specialists

We’ve all been there.

Going into a big box store, trying to get help but can’t seem to find it.

You’ll ask one employee for help, who will walk you around the store, asking other employees if they know how to fix your problem. You’re essentially on a wild goose chase, just to get help for your project.

Never deal with this road block again.

At Rocky Mountain Forest Products you’ll get knowledge you can trust from experienced veterans in the industry. Our specialists carry a wealth of knowledge and experience, so struggling to get accommodations on your project is a thing of the past!

4. Help, whenever you need it.

Come in whenever to get help and you WILL be helped!

We even offer free consultations, so if you’d like to bring in your project’s blue prints or ideas our highly trained specialists will have no issue sitting down and answering your questions.

Maybe you already know your design but you aren’t sure of how many pickets or posts you’ll need? We can give you estimates as well as product recommendations, for free!

5. Invested inyour project!

As our motto states, “We’re not just building projects, but relationships, as well.” We’re invested in your project, so we’ll be more than happy to accommodate all of your needs throughout your project – from start to finish.


Cheap Horse Fence Ideas

Housing horses can be an expensive proposition, especially when it comes to adding fencing. A fence that is secure enough to contain a horse, without causing injury to the animal or becoming damaged when a horse runs into it, can take a large bite out of your bank account. Although you should never scrimp on safety for horses to save money, some less expensive choices exist.

Electric Wire or Rope Fencing

Electric wire or rope fencing is one of the cheapest horse fence materials, and it's also the easiest to install and remove. The cost for this type of fence is related to the type and number of strands used and the choice of energizer. A solar-powered fence, for instance, costs nothing to run, as it gets its energy from the sun. Electric fencing can be temporary or permanent, but a high-tensile wire is best for permanent installations. Look for a fence with contrasting colors to ensure they stand out visually for horses so they won't run into the fence.

High-Tensile Polymer Fences

A high-tensile polymer fence looks like a rail fence but is actually made of vinyl plastic panels 4 to 6 inches wide, with two or three high-tensile steel wires enclosed within. Wires are held in tension along posts spaced 16 to 90 feet apart. These fences are also quite strong, feature good visibility and are available in various styles so you can choose one that suits your style. They are also a cinch to clean, says Home Depot, if your horse likes to play or kick around any mud. The only downside is that the fences must be tightened periodically to maintain their tension.

Horse Fence Ideas: Rubber Fences

Rubber fencing is crafted from recycled tires and conveyor belts, so it's also environmentally friendly. Not only are such fences cheap, they are easy to set up and are soft and yielding, making them safer for horses. One drawback is the tendency for rubber fences to stretch and sag over time, especially in high heat. Avoid choosing rubber fencing that contains nylon threads, which can cause colic in horses that chew on them.

Horse Fence Wire

Woven wire fencing, which comes highly recommended by Tractor Supply Co., features a weave 2 inches wide by 4 inches high in a diamond mesh or square knot mesh pattern. Wire fencing is often covered with zinc, commonly called galvanizing, to protect it from rusting, and that may add a small amount to the cost. Although it's inexpensive, steer clear of barbed wire as it is potentially dangerous for horses.

Horse Fence Design Using Wood

Wood beams can be an expensive option, but such fencing is also relatively low-maintenance and long-lived, so it may ultimately be more cost-effective. Board fences vary in the thickness of the wood, with 1-inch-by-6-inch treated boards coming in as the cheapest type of wooden fence. Save money by using recycled fencing or lumber or purchasing fencing in large lot sizes and by installing the fence yourself.


Home depot fencing horse

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