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Samsung Keyboard is the official Android keyboard from the Korean manufacturer. Through a design conceived of to deliver ease of use, you can type any text in a matter of seconds and in a wide variety of options.

The official Samsung keyboard lets you save the words you use most to include in the predictive text dictionary. This means you often don't have to write the full word. In addition, Samsung Keyboard has a feature to change the input language with the tap of a button.

Another strength of Samsung Keyboard is that the keyboard has a tab you can use to share any emoji. Plus you can use the microphone to dictate text. Also noteworthy is that the design is fully customizable and has several themes to select.

With Samsung Keyboard you can type any text into your apps with no difficulty. Just familiarize yourself with this keyboard's intuitive features and start typing to let the app start learning how you express yourself.
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Gboard - the Google Keyboard

Gboard has everything you love about Google Keyboard—speed and reliability, Glide Typing, voice typing, Handwriting, and more

Glide Typing — Type faster by sliding your finger from letter to letter

Voice typing — Easily dictate text on the go

Handwriting* — Write in cursive and printed letters

Emoji Search* — Find that emoji, faster

GIFs* — Search and share GIFs for the perfect reaction.

Multilingual typing — No more switching between languages manually. Gboard will autocorrect and suggest from any of your enabled languages.

Google Translate — Translate as you type in the keyboard

* Not supported on Android Go devices
Hundreds of language varieties, including:
Afrikaans, Amharic, Arabic, Assamese, Azerbaijani, Bavarian, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Burmese, Cebuano, Chhattisgarhi, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, and others), Chittagonian, Czech, Deccan, Dutch, English, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hausa, Hindi, Igbo, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Kannada, Khmer, Korean, Kurdish, Magahi, Maithili, Malay, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Northern Sotho, Odia, Pashto, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Saraiki, Sindhi, Sinhala, Somali, Southern Sotho, Spanish, Sundanese, Swahili, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Tswana, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Xhosa, Yoruba, Zulu, and many more! Visit for the full list of languages supported

Pro tips:
• Gesture cursor control: Slide your finger across the space bar to move the cursor
• Gesture delete: Slide left from the delete key to quickly delete multiple words
• Make the number row always available (enable in Settings → Preferences → Number Row)
• Symbols hints: Show quick hints on your keys to access symbols with a long press (enable in Settings → Preferences → Long press for symbols)
• One handed mode: On large screen phones, pin keyboard to the left or the right of the screen
• Themes: Choose your own theme, with or without key borders

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Samsung lets you customize its keyboard in multiple ways. Often while playing with the customization settings of the Samsung Keyboard, you might not like the look of your keyboard later. You want to get it back to normal, and there’s no need to go through every setting. This post will help reset your Samsung Keyboard and get it back to normal.

How to Reset Samsung Keyboard

The best way to get your Samsung Keyboard back to normal is to reset its settings using the native feature. Doing so will completely reset all the keyboard settings, such as size, theme, mode, etc. You will have to have to change the required settings per your preferences after resetting it.

To reset your Samsung Keyboard, follow these steps:

1. Open Settings on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

2. Go to “General management,” and tap on Samsung Keyboard settings.

2. Scroll down and tap on “Reset to default” settings followed by “Reset keyboard settings.” Confirm when asked.

If you don’t find the Samsung Keyboard settings via the above steps, go to “Settings -> General Management -> Language and input -> On-screen keyboard -> Samsung Keyboard.” Alternatively, open the Samsung Keyboard while using any app, then tap on the Settings icon on the keyboard to go to its settings.

If you know the settings you want to return to, you don’t need to reset all the settings. Reset each setting individually. For instance, you can reset the size, themes, etc., and get the default keyboard back.

How to Reset Keyboard Size

Open the Samsung Keyboard settings as shown above. Tap on “Size and transparency.” On the next screen, tap on the Reset button.

How to Reset Keyboard Symbols

The Samsung Keyboard allows you to change the symbols on the keyboard and replace them with the symbols of your choice. If you want to bring the original layout of symbols back, open Samsung Keyboard settings and go to Custom symbols. Tap on Reset.

How to Reset Keyboard Theme

There are two ways to change the color of the Samsung Keyboard, depending on the method used to change the theme. First, open the Samsung Keyboard settings and go to Theme. Choose a theme other than your preferred option.

If that doesn’t reset the keyboard theme, you might have changed the theme of your phone, which in turn changes the keyboard’s theme. Here’s how to change that.

1. Open Settings on your phone and go to Themes. You will be taken to the Galaxy Theme story.

2. Tap on the three-bar icon at the top and select “My stuff.”

3. Tap on the Default theme option.

How to Disable High Contrast Keyboard

If you are seeing a yellow, black, or blue keyboard, you might have enabled the high-contrast setting. To disable it, go to the Samsung Keyboard settings and turn off the toggle next to “High contrast keyboard.”

How to Change Keyboard Mode

You can use your Samsung Keyboard in one-handed, floating, and split modes apart from the standard mode. All the modes show the keyboard in different sizes and positions. If resetting the keyboard’s size didn’t help, you should try changing the keyboard mode.

For that, open the Samsung Keyboard settings and tap on Mode. Choose Standard mode from the options.

That’s how easy it is to get your Samsung Keyboard back to normal. If you were thinking of switching your keyboard, you know longer need to, but if you’d still like to, check out these amazing keyboards for Android phones. If you don’t like on-screen keyboards, you can use a physical keyboard to type on your phone instead.

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How to Change the Keyboard on a Samsung

What to Know

  • Go to Settings > General management > Language and input > On-screen keyboard > Default keyboard. Select a keyboard.
  • Switch keyboards: Launch an app > tap the text field. Then tap the keyboard icon on the bottom right and choose the keyboard from the list.

This article covers how to change the default keyboard on Samsung smartphones and how to switch between keyboards. The directions below apply to Android 11, Android 10, and Android 9.0 (Pie).

How to Change the Default Samsung Keyboard

Most apps walk you through the process of setting up a keyboard, including setting it as the default, but you can change the default anytime. You can see what the default keyboard is in Settings.

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Tap General management.

  3. Tap Language and input.

  4. Tap On-screen keyboard.

  5. Tap Default keyboard.

  6. Select a keyboard.

How to Switch Keyboards on Samsung

Samsung smartphone users can download as many keyboard apps as they want, and you can switch between them easily. You can also switch to voice typing if you prefer or use a GIF keyboard or other specialized one.

  1. Launch the app you want to type in.

  2. Tap to display the keyboard.

  3. Tap the keyboard icon on the bottom right.

  4. Choose the keyboard from the list.

Viewing Samsung Keyboard Permissions

To see what permissions you've granted a keyboard app, go to Settings > Apps > Select a keyboard app from the list. Under Permissions, you'll either see a number or No permissions allowed. Tap Permission to see what they are.

Go to the Google Play Store listing or the company's website to find out more.


  • Tap on the Settings gear within the Samsung Keyboard, then tap Keyboard size and layout. Select Reset, then Done. Alternatively, you can try simply restarting your Samsung device.

  • Unfortunately, there's no good way to disable the Samsung keyboard if you have another preference. But you can install another keyboard, like Gboard, and make it the default by going to Settings > General Management > Language and input > On-screen keyboard > Default keyboard. Pick the one you want to use.

  • You can customize the size, language, layout, themes, and more easily within the Samsung keyboard's settings. With the keyboard open, tap on the Settings icon, then adjust the keyboard height. Also, if you have the keyboard in one-handed typing mode, consider turning it off, so you get a full-sized keyboard to type on.

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