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Mark Henry Replies Ryback

The battle of words is turning out to be a never-ending one between Ryback and WWE legend Mark Henry. Earlier, Henry had made some remarks on the big guy, to which latter had responded. Post that, Henry once again had spilt some strong words after which the big guy too didn’t hold back.

Responding to Henry, Ryback (in now-deleted tweets) claimed that John Cena never wanted to work with the world’s strongest man as he wasn’t good inside the ring. As Cena denied to work, the big guy said that it was he who stepped up to wrestle. He also claimed that Henry fell asleep in Gorilla Position before Wrestlemania 29’s match. So after such words and some serious claims coming from the other side, it’s hard to not expect a reply from Henry.

Now giving it back hard, Mark Henry while talking on Busted Open Radio, said, “Sometimes the things that make you better and the things that make the world interesting is a conduit, something that’s in between greatness and talent and what do you do to bring them together? In pro wrestling, that is the most important thing in wrestling because you have to have a guy that can lead somebody that’s the sh*ts and make them somebody that’s great one day.”

Mark Henry added, “We’ve all had our moments. There was a day when, guys, I hate to say it, I was the sh*ts. It sucks to say it but I’ll tell you what. At the end of the day, I was pretty f*cking good. Even when I was working with people like Ryback, I could take a nap and be better than that mother f*cker any day of the week. Holla at you boy.”

Taking on sleeping before Wrestlemania 29’s match, Henry said, ” ‘Listen, I’m not saying that this happened, but at any point did you ever tell Ryback I was the sh*ts.’ I was famous for taking naps. I take naps every day. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s great. Vince McMahon himself has ribbed me, poured water on me, while I was sleeping because everybody would go, hey, is anybody got eyes on Mark Henry because he usually naps around this time. Find him. Oh yea, we had a lot of fun with my naps.”

What do you think about Mark Henry and Ryback’s war of words?

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Ryback Calls Mark Henry Fat, Says John Cena Thought He Sucked

Posted on by El Presidente


Greetings comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, reporting to you live from the planning committee for Joe Biden's inauguration. Your El Presidente has been put in charge of bringing the chip and dips, comrades, and it is a duty I take very seriously! But more importantly, I am also here today to tell you about a feud between two grown men in the professional wrestling business, Mark Henry and The Big Guy Ryback.

Screencap from "It's Feeding Time for Ryback: A Special Look at The Big Guy."

The latest drama involving the former WWE wrestler turned supplement-shilling podcast host began when Ryback complained about a WWE twitter poll asking about the best wrestler to never win the championship, noting that championships are decided by the company and not an indicator of a wrestler's value. In other words, championships are fake news, a claim similar to ones Ryback has made about coronavirus lockdown protocols, insisting instead that healthy eating and supplements — like the ones he sells on his website — are the true solution to the pandemic. Haw haw haw!

Ryback's comments on championships prompted a response by WWE Hall-of-Famer Mark Henry on Busted Open Radio, who said "Ryback, your name is not Ryback. I don't even know your real name. Skip, whatever it is, you're wrong. Every wrestler that sees your face should walk up to you and say, 'you're an asshole.' And I hope you know how to fight for real because you know and I know there's a lot of people that would whoop your ass." He went on to say that Henry's punches "taste like candy" and "a bunch of guys" feel the same way about Ryback for "talking shit" about the business.

Ryback wasn't pleased by this, my friends, and he let his followers known in a serious of several dozen tweets, just a few of which are represented below, comrades.

"I'm so disappointed in Mark for shitting on wrestlers who haven't won 'Championships.' So many men and women have sacrificed so much including their health for the business and to call them failures based off them playing roles is so upsetting to me. @bustedopenradio just [thumbs down emoji]," Ryback tweeted, adding, "I'm also going to say this. @themarkhenry was asleep in Gorilla prior to our WM Match. A producer came over to me and said 'good luck working that fat piece of shit' Mark didn't want to spend a lot of time coming up with a good match and we got what we got. #Facts"

Oh no he didn't, comrades! Haw haw haw haw haw!

"Let's also just fucking air it all out there," Ryback continued. "@johncena didn't want to work @themarkhenry on live events because he believed Mark was the shits, so I stepped up and offered to work with him, which was much harder on me physically, but knew we would get great reactions."

Ryback went on to wish Henry "nothing but happiness and success in his life" but soon returned to calling Henry's public statements "paid ads" by WWE, a company which Ryback has previously claimed is suppressing his social media reach. "If I'm a failure & have beaten him based off his claims of what makes someone successful or not in wrestling what does that make him losing to such a failure?" Ryback said. "I will break him apart like no other along with the shit company that doesn't care about him that that put him up to this."

And that is more or less where they left it, for now, comrades. Until next time: socialism or death!

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About El Presidente

After a successful fourteen-year career as a South American dictator, El Presidente faked his own death in 2013 in order to pursue his two true passions: rigging American elections for Joe Biden, and wrestling dirt sheet reporting. Since opportunities to rig the election for Joe Biden were few and far between until recently, El Presidente mostly focused on the wrestling dirt sheet reporting, where he became one of the best in the business. Unfortunately, the American CIA sabotaged his 1-900 hotline, the pinnacle of his country's wrestling news technology, and imperialist hacks like Meltzer, Johnson, Sapp, and Satin took all the credit on their stupid websites. Finally, El Presidente has found a way to break into the American market by becoming a Bleeding Cool contributor, so get ready for the spread of great wrestling news and socialism, comrades!
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Chris Jericho on Mark Henry-Ryback; Kofi Kingston's Injury; Shamrock's AEW Tease

Chris Jericho attends New York Comic Con to promote TNT's
Charles Sykes/Associated Press

Bleacher Report catches you up on the latest news from the WWE Universe.

Jericho Praises Mark Henry

AEW star Chris Jericho chimed in Monday night amid the ongoing war of words between Mark Henry and Ryback.

In a tweet, Jericho had nothing but good things to say about The World's Strongest Man:

Ryback, in a series of deleted tweets, claimed that John Cena didn't want to work with Henry because he thought Henry was "the s--ts" and that a WWE producer called Henry a "fat piece of s--t" when he saw him napping before the WrestleMania 29 match between Ryback and Henry, per's Marc Middleton.

Henry responded on SiriusXM's Busted Open Radio and debunked Ryback's accusations. Henry talked about how he was the one who helped get Cena noticed initially by bringing his rapping ability to the attention of WWE. He also said he would nap all the time and that his naps were a running joke within WWE.

Additionally, Henry said:

"Sometimes the things that make you better and the things that make the world interesting is a conduit, something that's in between greatness and talent and what do you do to bring them together? In pro wrestling, that is the most important thing in wrestling because you have to have a guy that can lead somebody that's the sh--s and make them somebody that's great one day. We've all had our moments. There was a day when, guys, I hate to say it, I was the s--ts. It sucks to say it but I'll tell you what. At the end of the day, I was pretty f--king good. Even when I was working with people like Ryback, I could take a nap and be better than that mother f--ker any day of the week. Holla at you boy."

Later in his response to Ryback's comments, Henry added:

"You start talking about cutting promos. I'm not cutting a promo. I'm saying this from my soul. I will tear your flesh off bro and that's a promise. I'm not threatening you. I'm just saying as a reactionary thing, if you hit me, there will be hospital time. I'll make sure of it. That's my response to Mr. Ryback and I will never speak on it again because it's a waste of my energy."

Ryback fired off several more tweets in response to Henry, including one in which he called Henry a "paid puppet" to WWE.

Henry has been part of WWE since signing with the company in 1996 at the age of 24, but he is a widely respected veteran, and it isn't often that a bad word is spoken about him.

Ryback has taken issue with WWE since departing the company in 2016, so perhaps the perception that Henry is a company man is something that rubs Ryback the wrong way.

Whatever the case, one of the most respected wrestlers in the business has chimed in on the matter, and he appears to be in Henry's corner.

Kofi Discusses Jaw Injury

During this week's episode of the New Day: Feel the Power podcast (h/t's Sai Mohan), Kofi Kingston revealed how he suffered a broken jaw.

Kofi noted that a member of The Hurt Business was the culprit:

"Back to when I injured my jaw, so I got kneed in the face by Cedric Alexander, three weeks ago. A couple of my teeth were chipped. It was fine. It was cool. The point of impact was really sore. So, I thought, 'Okay, it's a bruise or whatever'. The next week, we had a six-man match and everything was fine. A little pain, but not terrible."

Kingston tried to work through it, but he said the injury became a nuisance and expressed his belief that not having live fans in attendance hampered his ability to ignore the injury:

"Then, the next week, right before we went out, it just kept feeling like it was loose. As soon as we get out there to the ring, I'm moving around and now, I'm feeling it kind of come out of place and feel like it wasn't set in.

"I feel like if the fans were there, I wouldn't have felt that [pain]. Throughout the whole match, every time something would happen, where I would get hit or whatever, I would just grab my jaw. The entire match, I'm thinking about it the whole time, but if we had fans there, I'd been not necessarily injured, but been hurt in the match. You just feel the adrenaline of the crowd and it just makes you will your way through it. So, I don't know."

Kofi has not wrestled since the Jan. 4 episode of Raw when he and New Day teammate Xavier Woods defeated The Miz and John Morrison in a tag team match.

Last week, Woods wrestled a singles match against T-Bar of Retribution and came out on the losing end. He lost to Retribution's Mace this week as well.

Mustafa Ali cut a promo in which he said he wanted to further hurt Kofi by targeting one of his closest friends in Woods. That suggests New Day may feud with Retribution once Kingston returns.

Neither Kofi nor WWE have given a timetable for his return, but given his penchant for remarkable feats of athleticism in the Royal Rumble match, it would be a huge loss to not have him available for that bout in two weeks.

Shamrock Teases Potential AEW Involvement

Impact Wrestling star Ken Shamrock tweeted Monday about recently meeting AEW President Tony Khan:

AEW and Impact have been working together to some degree in recent weeks with AEW world champion Kenny Omega appearing on Impact and Don Callis and The Good Brothers appearing on AEW Dynamite.

It is unclear what the exact nature of the working relationship between the two companies is, but Shamrock's tweet suggests he may have some interest in working with AEW in the future.

The 56-year-old Shamrock returned to the wrestling limelight in 2019 when he signed with Impact Wrestling, and he has been a big part of the company ever since to the point that Impact inducted him into its Hall of Fame.

Shamrock is best known for starring in the infancy of UFC before moving on to a career in pro wrestling with WWE.

The World's Most Dangerous Man was a WWE Superstar from 1997-99, and he accomplished a great deal during his time in the company, winning the Intercontinental and Tag Team Championships as well as the 1998 King of the Ring tournament.

While Shamrock is nowhere close to being the same performer he was during his prime, he is still in impressive shape, and his name carries plenty of star power.

If AEW is going to bring in anyone else from Impact, Shamrock's name recognition alone could make him worth a look.

Listen toRing Rust Radiofor all of the hot wrestling topics. Catch the latest episode in the player below(warning: some languageNSFW).


WWE news: Mark Henry fires shots at 'dangerous' Ryback - says he owes the industry an apology

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry has laid into Ryback for his negative comments about pro-wrestling. 

'The Big Guy' recently suggested that the sport is 'fake', responding to a tweet from WWE on FOX:

"Wrestling is fake, guys, and the Championships are props to market entertainers as 'Champions.'

"Nobody has actually ever won or lost a prop, as scripted physical entertainment is incapable of that. This tweet explains so much though on your TV deal with them." 

Obviously, his comments went down badly with many fans and they even caught Henry's attention, who responded by firing back at Ryback. 

"A lot of his peers look at him as difficult," Henry said during an appearance on Busted Open Radio.

"A lot of his peers looked at him as dangerous. And yes, we talk about it on this show all the time.

"That [WWE] is a show, it's sports-entertainment. It is a reflection of sports. He don't use the term 'fake,' the championship is the championship.

"It's not a prop, and he's wrong. I've been a World Champion in three sports. And I consider pro wrestling one of those, but it was the politics that got me to the top.

"It was the fact that I'm a damn good entertainer because entertainment is in the name of the job description." 

Henry then suggested that there's a lot of guys that would like to 'whoop Ryback's a**'. 

"Every wrestler that sees your face should walk up to you and say, 'Hey, you're an a******,'" he continued. 

I hope you know how to fight for real because you know and I know there's a lot of people that would whoop your a**. 

"You owe the wrestling industry an apology. If you don't, I think that pro wrestlers all over the world should never give you respect."

You can hear Henry's full comments below:

That's quite a brilliant response to Ryback calling WWE 'fake'. We wouldn't want to be in The Big Guy's shoes right now. 

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Ryback Claims Mark Henry Stole His Silverback Gimmick

By Mark Lugris


Last year, Henry spoke about rejecting the gimmick, which WWE proposed in 2007, due to its racist undertones.

On Excuse Me: The Vickie Guerrero Show, Ryback, a one-time Intercontinental Champion who left WWE in 2016, recently spoke about the supposed origin of Mark Henry’s Silverback gimmick, which the wrestler eventually rejected.

“I was fired from WWE. True Story. I got fired. Mark Henry actually took my Silverback nickname. WWE gave it to him on TV and I was the Silverback Ryan Reeves, so I had to come up with a new wrestling name. I was watching Terminator 2. Quite a bit of alcohol had been consumed and I was really depressed,” Ryback said.

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“I had broken up with a girl that I was deeply in love with. It was just a horrible thing. That night, Ryan and Silverback, I came up with Ryback while watching Terminator 2. That was a pivotal point in my life and why Ryback was so important to me. That was when my mindset changed forever,” he added.

Last year, Henry spoke about rejecting the gimmick, which WWE proposed in 2007, due to its racist undertones. “The whole Silverback thing. I refused to continue to do that because I just thought it was kind of demeaning and being an African-American male and the history of people calling black people primates and monkeys and stuff, I said ‘I’m not going to be a part of that,’ and I said ‘I don’t like it and I want it to change.” he said.

On May 2, 2016, it was reported that WWE had sent Ryback home due to a contract dispute. He ended up not participating in a battle royal match he was promoted for. The following day, Ryback stated that he had decided to go home due to a lack of equal pay for talent and creative frustration. The 39-year old wrestler, who has since performed on the indie circuit, founded Feed Me More Nutrition, a dietary supplement company in 2016.

Meanwhile, Henry, who was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2018, took on a backstage mentoring role at the promotion in early 2019, advising talent work on their off-air attitude. On the January 4, 2021 episode of Raw, on its Raw Legends Night special, Henry appeared riding on a scooter and was subsequently humiliated by Randy Orton.

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Shinsuke Nakamura Demonstrates WWE’s Problem With Midcard Championships

WWE has poorly booked both Shinsuke Nakamura and the Intercontinental Championship in the past. And they're doing it again.

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