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Alpha World

  • Playing for Keeps

  • Alpha World, Book 4 ,
  • By: Daniel Schinhofen ,
  • Narrated by: Peter Berkrot ,
  • Length: 12 hrs and 17 mins
  • , Unabridged
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    4.5 out of 5 stars , 1,824 1,824 ratings,
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    4.5 out of 5 stars , 1,707 1,707 ratings,
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Alpha Company is embarking on a grand mission, crossing the Dead Lands to find and conquer Gwain’s Keep. Led by Alburet, most of the guild embarks on what could be an epic and memorable journey, as they aim at being the first Two-souled guild to capture a keep. Besides safeguarding the members of the guild, Alburet also has to worry about the natives that are with them on their journey. Deidre Crowley, Stacia’s sister, is the one he worries about most, having sworn to see her safely across the lifeless desolation of the Dead Lands. 

  • 1 out of 5 stars
  • Soft Core Teenage Polyamory

  • By Anonymous User on 09-17-18

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About Daniel Schinhofen

The American writer Daniel Schinhofen is an extremely well regarded author within his particular field, largely concerning himself with gaming in fiction. This is where literature role-playing games, or LITRPG as it’s more commonly known, comes in, making for an interactive reading experience for his audience. This allows his readers to really immerse themselves within his many worlds, letting them essentially become a part of the experience, feeling as if they’re one of the characters themselves. Giving the reader this sense of autonomy over the outcome of the novel has proven to be a massively invaluable experience for many readers worldwide. Moving the genre forwards, he has really shaped the way it has come to be thought of over the years, placing Schinhofen at the forefront of the industry as a whole.

It is also the stories themselves that really come to life as well, as he is a writer who definitely has a rich and extremely inventive imagination. This extends from his world-building to the characters themselves, as they manage to draw the reader in with their realistic and inventive personalities, the really come across as three-dimensional. As a writer of this specific genre, this is something that Daniel Schinhofen will continue to work on in following years to come, with plenty more novels planned on the horizon.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in America, Daniel Schinhofen would grow up with a keen passion for both video-games and literature. This fondness would focus itself particularly on RPGs, or role-playing games, as he would come to transfer this passion into his writing of fiction. Filling his imagination with stories of alternate worlds and the concept of virtual reality, he would write novels about characters finding themselves in the virtual worlds. These books would prove to be hugely popular, as he would write for a global audience, as his writing career carries on growing from strength-to-strength.

Writing Career

Starting out in 2016, Daniel Schinhofen would release his first title, which would be called ‘Last Horizon: Beta’. This would quickly be followed up with the sequel title ‘Lost Horizon: Live’ that very same year, along with an omnibus edition being released in 2018. He has also gone on to write various other series, including ‘Alpha World’ in 2017 and 2018, along with ‘Apocalypse Gates’ in 2017, and ‘Binding Worlds’ in 2018. All of this has led to a highly successful range of books, with each release being met with anticipation, something which will carry on for quite some time to come.

Alpha Company

Setting up the third title in the ongoing ‘Alpha World’ series of novels, this manages to continue the action at a similar pace to the first two. Building upon what came before, it advances the initial RPG concept, whilst also building the world as a whole, evolving the characters as well. Originally brought out on the 30th of September, this was initially released in 2017, and would also pave the way for further releases.

Set in an online gaming world, this series primarily focuses upon Seamus, a prisoner for life, who is given the option of entering an online gaming world. This sees him testing out the new world for the ‘Mindblown Entertainment’ company, a business that focuses upon creating virtual worlds for players to explore. Entering this environment, he must contend with all manner of foe, as it seems like a drastic improvement on the alternative, whilst it appears that nothing could go wrong with this deal. Following the tropes of the LitRPG genre, this features an interactive RPG world that is explored by the main protagonist, along with the reader.

Continuing his journeys through the Alpha World, the intrepid Alburet Two-Souled has a total of two quests that currently need completing. Dealing with the nobility is one of them, whilst, on the other hand, there’s the pressing issue of the Dark Lord that currently needs to be attended to. That’s when Mindblown goes about bringing down the server, leading to the launching of a mass-scale immersion phase for everyone being halted. With four more selected for the new testing phase, they must now get along, before they placed into the new world once it all goes back online. Will they manage to put their differences aside once and for all? Can they find themselves in this new world? Who will make the Alpha Company?

Last Horizon: Beta

Initially published in 2016, this was first released on the 2nd of October, coming out on the Kindle to much acclaim. Providing readers once again into the story of a virtual world, it really is an effective title, managing to do what it does well. Not only that, but it also provides a spin on the concept this time, with some older gamers looking to find themselves one final time here.

Working as another LitRPG novel, this carries on in a similar vein to the previous title, giving the protagonist, and reader, a first-hand account of a virtual world. Combining gaming and literature, it definitely allows the reader to feel as if they’re really there themselves, fighting alongside the characters. Whilst it’s not so gaming oriented as novels involving dice rolls, it makes up for with character development, allowing the readers to feel as if they actually know them. This makes for a much more emotionally investing experience, giving them the narrative they need when exploring such a story as this.

It appears that ‘Full Immersion Virtual Reality’ has finally arrived, as the advances of technology have fully progressed to successfully provide a virtual world. This then leads David and his group of friends to be the first to essentially beta test the first trials of the game, allowing these elderly gamers to live out one final adventure together. Entering the new world they will find themselves exploring its new and essentially alien terrain first-hand, giving them an insight quite unlike any other. It will also see them raising their statistics almost in real-time, becoming the characters and people that they always wanted to be. Can they make the most of it? Where will their journey take them? What will they discover over the last horizon: beta?

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Fantastic Fiction


How does Alburet feel about Stacia suddenly becoming his Succubus? How will her family react to her sudden change? While trying to handle this sudden transition, Mindblown is also going to take the server down for maintenance.
Alburet will have to deal with emotional turmoil, all while continuing to play the game he has been sentenced to play for life. What else is about to change in Alpha World?
Mindblown announces the ability to form guilds. Alburet sees an opportunity to form a guild himself and takes it.
This is a continuation of the Alpha World saga. It contains real life situations, including sensual scenes that don’t get fully graphic but might make you uncomfortable. It also contains hunting monsters and gaining levels, but not at a break neck pace.

(There are a number of hugs and kisses, numerous fade to black scenes that hint at sex, and three times where oral sex is found but not graphically described. Please remember, there is a Succubus in this story, aka a SEX DEMON, as such sex is referenced frequently.)

Genre: GameLit

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Audio Editions

October 2017 : USA Audio edition


Title: Forming the Company: Alpha World, Book 2
Author(s): Daniel Schinhofen
Publisher: Podium Audio
Availability: Amazon   

October 2017 : Australia Audio edition


Title: Forming the Company: Alpha World, Book 2
Author(s): Daniel Schinhofen
Publisher: Podium Audio
Availability: Amazon AU   

October 2017 : Canada Audio edition


Title: Forming the Company: Alpha World, Book 2
Author(s): Daniel Schinhofen
Publisher: Podium Audio
Availability: Amazon CA   

October 2017 : UK Audio edition


Title: Forming the Company: Alpha World, Book 2
Author(s): Daniel Schinhofen
Publisher: Podium Audio
Availability: Amazon UK   

Kindle Editions

June 2017 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition


Title: Forming the Company (Alpha World Book 2)
Author(s): Daniel Schinhofen
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA   Amazon AU   


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